"Magica's Shadow War"
Script by

  "Magica's Shadow War" (1986)
Animated television series produced by Walt Disney.
Story editor: Patsy Cameron.
The adventures of Scrooge McDuck and Donald's nephews. Magica deSpell finds a way to bring shadows to life.


[Note: this is not in standard animation script form.]




ESTABLISHING SHOT of MAGICA's volcano lair. It looks like the proverbial "dark and stormy night."

We hear CACKLING and LAUGHTER over the ominous rumbles of a "Night On Bald Mountain"-like SCORE.

CAMERA PUSHES IN to the window.


It is bathed in a sinister, reddish glow. Magica is gleefully dancing around a cauldron. Next to her is a pulpit on which sits a very ancient-looking tome.

MAGICA Iz perfect! Iz be-ootifool!

CLOSER ANGLE ON MAGICA She pauses to check something in the book.

MAGICA (squinting) I have everysing I need, no? Black cat viskers. Yes. Essence of Midnight. Yes. Howling Volf Breath? Ah, no, I need Howling Volf Breath...

MEDIUM ANGLE She makes a legerdemain gesture towards one of the shelves, and a jar comes WHOOSHING into her hand.

ANGLE ON MAGICA She uncaps the jar and empties its contents over the cauldron.

As she does this, we hear the HOWL of a wolf. The cauldron HISSES, GARGLES and boils.


MAGICA Oh, such a be-ootifool idea. I zo glad I tink it.

MR. POE (VO) You didn't... Squawk!...

CAMERA PANS TO THE RIGHT to reveal a black raven sitting perched on a shelf -- MR. POE.

MR. POE (sadly) I did! And not even a thanks. Squawk! Nevermore!

ANGLE ON MAGICA Her eyes narrow. She looks mean, and points at the book.

MAGICA (threateningly) It say here -- ingredient: tongue of gabby crow. Mebbe ve can substitute blebbermout raven, no?

ANGLE ON MR. POE He GULPS visibly, having learned his lesson.

ANGLE ON MAGICA She returns to her preparations. She throws a few more things into the cauldron, the HISS of which grows louder.

MAGICA (gleefully) Ah, Ah, Scrooge, you hed bedder be vatching out! Zis time, Magica hes finally found perfect vay to steal lucky Dime! Ah! Ah! Ah!

CAMERA PULLS BACK to encompass the entire room.

Magica waves her arms and begins CHANTING.

MAGICA (chanting) Bleck as night, tick as light By ze eternal fire...

CAMERA PUSHES IN dramatically on the wall, where Magica's shadow makes a dark outline against the b.g.

MAGICA (VO - CONT) Vich lits ze halls of fright Let my shadow grows higher!

ANGLE ON SHADOW The Shadow seems to become animated by its own unholy life. It begins leaping and dancing, while Magica erupts in fiendish, high-pitched LAUGHTER.

MAGICA (VO - CONT) Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah!



ESTABLISHING SHOT of Scrooge's mansion. All looks quiet outside.

CAMERA PUSHES IN and then begins a SLOW PAN over the rows of windows. We HEAR the noise of paper being TORN and ribbons being SHREDDED.

NEPHEWS (VO) (ad libs) What is it? Open it! Quick! Lemme! Get your hands off. Watch out!...

Suddenly, a brilliant light FLASHES from all the windows of the mansion as we hear the characteristic "ZZTAK!" (SFX) sound of a photographer's flash.

NEPHEWS (ad libs) Wow! Gosh! Yippeee!



THE NEPHEWS are huddled together around an unseen object. Next to them is a big open box, with torn gift wrapping.

HUEY Hey, this is really neat!

CLOSER ANGLE They move apart, and we see that Huey is holding a kind of camera, while Dewey is reading a note. The camera is tiny with a big spotlight on top that looks like the klieg lights used by movie companies. At the bottom of the camera is a slot.


DEWEY (reading the note) It's from Unca Gyro. He says it's a birthday present for all of us... (a beat, then looking up, puzzled) But our birthdays aren't for six months yet!


LOUIE That's okay. Last year, he gave us our Christmas presents in June, remember?


DEWEY (completely satisfied) Oh, yeah. (back to reading) He says it's a new kind of instant camera he invented. He hopes we like it.

MEDIUM ANGLE Dewey and Louie bend forward to examine the camera.

CLOSE-UP ON CAMERA Suddenly out of the camera's slot POPS a photo.

CLOSE-UP ON PHOTO It is a view from below of the three nephews grabbing towards the camera when they opened the box.

Dewey's hand COMES INTO FRAME and snatches the photo away.

DEWEY (VO) Lemme see that! Lemme see!

MEDIUM ANGLE Dewey holds the photo while Louie looks over his shoulder.

LOUIE Wow! Great stuff. Let's take another one!

LARGER ANGLE There is a short flurry of activity as Louie and Dewey pose, standing on their heads, making funny faces, while Huey adjusts the camera.


HUEY (aiming the camera) Say, Wucca Wucca Woodchucks!


DEWEY/LOUIE (in unison) Wucca Wucca Woodchucks!

There is a BLINDING FLASH -- FADE TO WHITE for a brief instant -- and the "ZZTAK!" SFX.

When the picture goes back to normal, Dewey and Louie's eyes are very round, and full of bright little red and yellow dots. Their smiles seem stuck on their faces.

We hear the "POP" of the photo coming out.

HUEY (VO) Wow! This is super!

LARGER ANGLE Dewey and Louie rush to congregate around Huey who still holds the camera in one hand, and proudly displays the photo he just took in the other.

DEWEY Yeah, that's great! Look at me!


LOUIE I have an idea! Let's surprise everyone by taking pictures of them around the house!

LARGER ANGLE Huey and Dewey jump with joy at the idea.

HUEY/DEWEY Wow! Great idea! Super neat! Let's go!

They rush out of the room.



ESTABLISHING SHOT of the hall leading to MRS. BEAKLEY's room. Behind the closed door, we hear Mrs. Beakley quietly SINGING an opera aria to herself -- a bit of Gounod's "Faust" for instance.

CAMERA PANS to the left to reveal the Nephews approaching, camera in hand. They are CHUCKLING mischievously.

ANGLE ON LOUIE He knocks on the door.

LOUIE Yoo hoo! Mrs. Beakley! We've got a surprise for you!

ANGLE ON DEWEY He stands in front of the door, CHUCKLING, camera ready.

ANGLE ON DOOR Mrs. Beakley opens the door. She is holding a hairbush and is dressed in a robe. Her hair is in big, pink, spongey curlers.

MRS. BEAKLEY Yes, boys, what do you...

The deadly FLASH/ZZTAK FX happens again, as, simultaneously, we hear the Nephews SHOUT.

NEPHEWS (VO) Smile! You're on Woodchuck's Camera!

Mrs. Beakley looks like if she is undergoing electro-shock therapy. Her curlers EXPLODE, her hair unrolls with an audible ZAP and stands on end.


LARGER ANGLE The Nephews run along the hall.

Louie looks at the photo.

DEWEY Ya think she liked having her picture taken?


LOUIE Sure she did! (beat) Don't you think she looked excited?



DUCKWORTH is polishing Scrooge's limousine with a can of car wax and a piece of cloth. The car already looks all bright, shiny and squeaky clean.

ANGLE ON DUCKWORTH He bends to take a closer look at the hood.

DUCKWORTH Hmm. I say, there still seems to be a speck of dust here...

He starts vigorously rubbing wax on the offending spot.

Suddenly, there is the blinding FLASH of the Boys' camera, while we hear the now-familiar "ZZTAK!" sound.

The car picks up the light and reflects it in an ultra-shiny haze.

Duckworth stands back, looking pleased at what he believes to be his handiwork.

DUCKWORTH My, my, my! The gentleman on the telly was right. It does shine with the brilliance of the sun...




SCROOGE (VO) Ahh! Nothing like a little spring cleaning to start the day off right!




SCROOGE is happily house cleaning. On his head is a scarf tied in the fashion of "Aunt Jemimah." He is wearing a very frilly, very silly looking pink bib-style apron, which has a feather duster sticking out of a pocket.

CLOSER ANGLE He picks up gold coins, one at a time, and looks at them with a huge magnifying glass.

SCROOGE (concerned) It may be time to take drastic measures. They look like they're getting waxy yellow buildup...

He then pulls a bottle of blue window cleaner fluid out of his pocket, and squirts the coins with a bit of liquid, before wiping them carefully.

SCROOGE This should do the trick!

He then begins dusting off bank notes with the duster.

SCROOGE There's nothing in the world that smells better than clean money...

He sticks a bunch of bank notes in his face and SNIFFS.

SCROOGE (ecstatic) Hmmmmm...

CAMERA PANS to the right to reveal the Nephews entering the Bin, camera at the ready.


NEPHEWS Smile, Unca Scrooge! You're on Woodchuck Camera!

ANGLE ON SCROOGE He looks up as Huey snaps a picture.

Same blinding LIGHT, etc. For a beat, everyone looks like a negative.

When the light fades, Scrooge looks slightly dazed, with the same spots in his eyes that we saw earlier in Louie and Dewey's. He quickly changes to looking really angry.

SCROOGE What do you think you're doing! Don't you know that bright lights are dangerous for all my beautiful money!

He pauses to look at the bank notes he was still holding (OUT OF FRAME), and his eyes bulge out in horrified anger.

SCROOGE Aaark!!!


They've faded from their usual nice, crisp green to white!


SCROOGE (furious) Look what you've done! Get out of here, you... you...

ANGLE ON THE NEPHEWS They turn tail and run out of the Bin as fast as they can.

HUEY Boy, some people around here just aren't photogenic!

ANGLE ON SCROOGE He heads out of the Bin, looking sad and discomforted. He pats the notes as if they were a sick pet.

SCROOGE Maybe I can find someone to do a quick emergency dye job...




CAMERA PANS to the right to show a brightly orange-colored jumbo jet, prominently labeled "AIR CANARD" landing on the tarmac. Use appropriate SFX over a bit of TENSE MUSIC.



CLOSE-UP on a big sign that reads "CUSTOMS - DOUANE - ZOLL" over a kind of obvious logo -- e.g: a red circle with a black suitcase in it.

CAMERA PANS down to reveal Magica standing in front of an ordinary-looking customs counter. She holds Mr. Poe (no costume!) in a cage. Behind Magica is a line of tourist- looking TRAVELERS waiting for their turn. Behind the counter is a CUSTOMS OFFICER, who is presently rummaging through Magica's cauldron-shaped suitcase.


OFFICER (blase) Lizards tails, bat shrieks, pickled worms. No fruit. All seems in order...

He puts a chalk mark on the suitcase.


LARGER ANGLE Magica walks away from the counter, as the next TOURIST in line approaches it. But suddenly, his wallet mysteriously leaps from his pocket and falls to the ground.


ANGLE ON MAGICA She looks at the ground where the wallet "fell" with a peeved, but not too surprised expression.

CAMERA PUSHES IN to show the wallet lying EXACTLY where Magica's shadow's hand is -- It is almost as if the shadow was holding the wallet (hint, hint).

She bends to pick it up.

MAGICA Plize, allow me...

She pulls and pulls on the wallet, but the latter refuses to budge, as if it was being held down by some magical force.

LARGER ANGLE Everyone GAWKS at this strange phenomenon but, after a brief struggle, Magica succeeds in picking up the wallet and returns it to its owner.

MAGICA Zis is very steecky floor. Very bad.

ANGLE ON MAGICA She then walks out onto a sidewalk where a row of taxis are lined up, while whispering to the ground, where her shadow lies.

MAGICA (hissing) Don't forget who is zee boss here! I von't hef zis kind of behavior from you. You're noting but a shade...

As Magica hails a taxi, CAMERA PUSHES IN to reveal the Shadow (the head is turned to the side, in profile, to make this visible) sticking her tongue out at Magica behind her back!



ESTABLISHING SHOT of a very spooky, crumbling Victorian house, set on a lonely hill. Gnarled trees, tombstones in the unkempt garden, lots of bats, cobwebs, etc. tell us that this is a VERY unpleasant place.

MRS. Q. (VO) (upper class, haughty) accent) Personality, dahling, that's the word I'd use. This house reeks of, er, breathes with personality!

CAMERA PANS to the left to reveal Magica and realtor MRS. QUACKENBUSH, a very plump and snobbish-looking lady.

MRS. Q. (CONT) I'm afraid we don't have much available for rent at the moment, But this house is a real treasure...


More bats, rats, spiders and eyes of unmentionable things shining in dark, damp hollow places. No one in his right mind would ever get closer to the place.

MRS. Q. (VO-CONT) It used to be quite a, er, haunt for all the right crowd...

ANGLE ON SKELETON Inside a dark cellar, a skeleton, wearing ball and chain, is attached to a wall, a pot of water beyond his reach.

MRS. Q. (VO-CONT) (growing discouraged) The previous owner was very attached to it. He had quite a ball here...

ANGLE ON MAGICA AND MRS. Q. Magica claps her hands, a joyous expression on her face.

MAGICA I am lovink it! Iz just what I always wanted! Iz great! Iz be-ootifool!

MRS. Q. (amazed) Iz true? Er, I mean, you do? Wonderful! I happen to have all the papers here with me...

ANGLE ON MRS. Q. She puts a pen in her beak, and starts pulling a thick sheaf of papers out of her handbag.

MRS. Q. (muffled) Gnet's Gnee, Gnease Gnagreegnent...

MEDIUM ANGLE Magica's Shadow creeps up behind the portly realtor.

MRS. Q. (CONT) (still muffled) Gnhere gnid I gnut gnat gnarned gnease gnagreegnent...

CLOSER ANGLE Magica's Shadow rises up and gently taps Mrs. Q. twice on the shoulder.

MRS. Q. Gnes, gnat?

She turns and SHRIEKS in horror as she faces Magica's Shadow who, in the meanwhile, has turned herself into a horrible wraith-like silhouette (using her "hands" to simulate horns, etc.)

LARGER ANGLE Mrs. Q. runs away, pen falling from her mouth, leaving a billow of papers behind her.

MRS. Q. I'll find the lease. I'll send it to you. Later...

Meanwhile, Magica is standing up, arms crossed, tapping her foot, looking down at her shadow with disapproval.

CAMERA PUSHES IN on the shadow, who doubles up with laughter.



CAMERA PANS around the room to reveal many partially unpacked bags, and piles of witch artifacts -- bat wings, eyes of newt, breath of toad, duck-like voodoo dolls, etc. There should be a rolled map on a wall; a large, half- open, walk-in closet somewhere in the room and Mr. Poe, sleeping, making little SNORING NOISES, on a perch.

Finally, we come to Magica, who is setting up her cauldron, and her spell book on its stand, in the middle of the only uncluttered corner. Her Shadow is looking on.

MAGICA (to shadow) Now iz time to start. No more silly jokes. I don't give you life to vaste time playing pranks...

ANGLE ON SHADOW It assumes a contrite (head bent, etc.) attitude.


MAGICA Ve hef traveled here vis only one goal: to steal Scrooge's first dime. Now, ve vill rehearse...

She takes a phony-glass case with a round piece of wood inside and sets it up on the pulpit.

MAGICA (CONT) Zis is dime simulacrum. Take it.

ANGLE ON SHADOW She attempts to take the "dime" but her hands glide all over the case without effect.

LARGER ANGLE The Shadow stands there helpless. Magica, furious, points at the shadow-covered wall behind the Shadow.

MAGICA (furious) No, No! Iz all wrong! Zee shadow! You are shadow. For zee spell to vork, you must grab zee shadow of zee ting, not zee ting itzelf!

ANGLE ON SHADOW She's gotten it. She flips over to the wall and grabs the "dime" case's shadow and moves away with it. And -- lo and behold!

CAMERA TRUCKS BACK to show that the real "dime" case is now floating through the air, following the Shadow's course.

LARGER ANGLE MAGICA Iz good! Iz good! Now drop zat und come here!

ANGLE ON SHADOW AND MR. POE The Shadow, who is close to Mr. Poe's perch, is still playing with the object, making it do twists in the air.


MAGICA (screaming) I zed: DROP ZAT und come here!

ANGLE ON SHADOW AND MR. POE She drops it, and zips back OUT OF FRAME. The fake dime case CRASHES to the ground, waking up Mr. Poe.

MR. POE Squawk? Squawk? Evermore?...

ANGLE ON MAGICA AND SHADOW Magica, hand rubbing chin, looks suspiciously at the Shadow, who tries her best to look like a good shadow.

MAGICA Zometimes, I vonder if I vas right to animate you, you leettle imp... (beat) Vell, you hef to do.

Magica unfolds the rolled map on the wall, revealing a map of Duckburg. There is a picture of Scrooge's Bin as a top insert, with an arrow pointing at a location on the map.

Magica points at it with a stick.

MAGICA (patronizing) Zis iz vere Scrooge kips Dime. Memorize ze location. Understood?

ANGLE ON SHADOW Eager to please, she nods visibly and repeatedly.

LARGER ANGLE Magica walks to the shadow and puts the stick on her.

MAGICA (threatening) Und remember: no tricks und no jokes. You hef one hour to complete your mission...

CAMERA PUSHES IN to Magica's face, eyes narrowing, looking merciless,

INTERCUT in the same angle with the Shadow's "face," shaking a little and looking terrified.

MAGICA (CONT) Efter zat time, you vill start losing your strength. Your shape vill grow formless und you vill DISINTEGRATE und zen...

ANGLE ON MAGICA She makes a dispersing gesture.

MAGICA (CONT) Pooof! Notink! No more! Zo you better succeed... Now, go!

ANGLE ON SHADOW She exits the room meekly, having visibly been cowed by Magica's threat. We segue into


But as she starts wandering into the streets, we can see that her spirits lift and her gait becomes progressively lighter. The MUSIC should also change to a gay waltz, conveying the feeling that it feels great to be free!

During this BEAT, the Shadow dances from place to place, as if she was playing some hide-and-seek game. She merges with the shadows of fire hydrants and lamp posts, then elongates, changes shape, and once again becomes herself. Then, she comes to a fruit stand. She pilfers the shadow of an apple from the cart -- the real apple follows.

A CLOSER ANGLE shows the real apple having huge bites appear in its surface, while Magica's Shadow eats its shadowy counterpart, until nothing more than the core is left, which she tosses away. Finally, we arrive at


Where the Shadow slides stealthily under the door and into


Now, funtime is over and both the MUSIC and the Shadow's "body language" should reflect this. She moves cautiously through a number of different rooms, carefully examining every object that looks like it could be the Dime in its glass case, e.g: She "looks" into the shadow of a fish bowl -- we hear GURGLE GURGLE sounds; She tries to figure out an abstract glass statue by lifting up its shadow and looking at it from every possible angle, then she puts it back -- upside down; She lifts up the glass case of a clock and looks at the clock, just to be scared away when it CHIMES; etc. Suddenly we hear voices.

MRS. BEAKLEY (VO) It can't go on! This... This photo mania is driving me crazy! I'll have to have a word with Mr. McDuck...

ANGLE ON SHADOW She looks in panic for a place to hide.

ANGLE ON MRS. BEAKLEY AND DUCKWORTH They walk INTO FRAME, and OUT OF FRAME again, absorbed in their conversation. In the b.g., we see a roman column pedestal with a little duck statue on it.

DUCKWORTH I say, it's that infernal flash of theirs. It completely ruined the Earl of McDuck portrait in the Grand Gallery. Now, it looks like his ghost...

MRS. BEAKLEY And what it does to my cooking! They made my souffle into a pancake! No, it can't go on like this!

ANGLE ON SHADOW After they're gone, we see the Shadow extricating herself from the statue's shadow, pulling itself back into shape, and resuming its search. Finally -- O, joy, O, delight! (show this by expressive body language) -- the Shadow succeeds in finding the Dime!

She grabs the glass case and heads for the door.

But she is so excited that she "trips" over the shadow of a vase, causing the real object to fall to the floor with a resounding CRASH!

Everything stops for a micro-second. The MUSIC (cymbals?) marks the importance of this moment. From now on, the pace will be frantic. All hell breaks loose!

LARGE ANGLE Scrooge and the Nephews (Huey is wearing the camera around his neck) run into the room to find out what happened.

At first, they don't see anything other than the broken vase. They all look around.

ANGLE ON THE NEPHEWS They point at the Dime floating in the air in a corner.

HUEY Unca Scrooge! There! Look!

ANGLE ON SCROOGE He jumps in the air at the horrifying sight.

SCROOGE Yikes! Squawk! My precious Dime! Thief! Thief!

LARGER ANGLE They all rush towards the Dime, which starts moving away.

ANGLE ON SCROOGE AND THE NEPHEWS Suddenly, Scrooge SCREECHES to a halt, causing the Nephews to collide into him.

He points at the wall (OFF SCREEN).

SCROOGE Do you see what I see? Do you see what I see?

NEPHEWS (all together) You mean, you see it too?

ANGLE ON WALL There is the Shadow, carrying the Dime's shadow.

LARGER ANGLE The pursuit resumes frantically.

The Shadow runs down the stairs, towards the entrance hall.

SCROOGE It's a shadow thief! After him!

DEWEY Yeah, but how do we stop a Shadow?

The Shadow arrives at the front door, but can't slip underneath because it is carrying the glass case.

One of the Nephews jumps at her -- and passes harmlessly through.

The Shadow zips through the hall into a room with a big fireplace, and heads for it.

SCROOGE (heartbroken) Oh, no! It's going to escape up the chimney!

ANGLE ON THE NEPHEWS Huey grabs the camera.

HUEY I've got an idea. A shadow's gotta be afraid of light...

DEWEY/LOUIE Brilliant! Neat-O! Super! Huey points the camera and "fires." (Usual SFX.)

ANGLE ON SHADOW The Shadow SCREAMS, drops the Dime and escapes up the chimney, terrified.

ANGLE ON SCROOGE He too SCREAMS and dives for, and catches, the glass Dime case just before it hits the fireplace, causing a small cloud of dirt and ashes to rise.


LOUIE Good catch, Unca Scrooge!

ANGLE ON SCROOGE He sits up, covered in soot and ashes, clutching his precious Dime to his chest.

SCROOGE (thoughtfully) That shadow reminded me of someone -- but who?... (A beat, then, it hits him) Magica! Magica De Spell!

He jumps to his feet, and runs out of the room, leaving soot prints behind him.

SCROOGE (CONT) That witch will be back! Alert! Everyone to their positions!

The Nephews run after him.



Magica's shadow, now weak and less crisp than it was earlier, slides in. She acts dejected and contrite. She reports her failure in mime, assuming various shapes and mimicking SFX as she goes (for the flash, for instance, she'll assume a crazy expression, while almost blowing herself up, like an explosion, with black "spikes.")

ANGLE ON MAGICA She almost has a fit.

MAGICA (furious) You... You, vortless imp! Incompetent leettle beet of a blot!

ANGLE ON SHADOW She acts hurt and angry at Magica's abuse.

LARGER ANGLE Magica starts pacing and turns her back to the Shadow as she rants on.

The Shadow grabs the shadow of a big scroll to hit her over the head, but Magica turns back around in time. The Shadow quickly drops the scroll.

MAGICA You, stupeed sprite! Vat hef I done to deserve zis! You couldn't steal ze shadow of a lullipup!...

Sheepishly, the Shadow reconnects herself to Magica.

ANGLE ON MAGICA She walks to her spell book and begins studying it.

MAGICA Zis iz no good et all. Mebbe iz sometink I forget. Let's zee. Ah-ha! Here iz spell to make shadow more powerful...

LARGER ANGLE TO INCLUDE SHADOW She rises above Magica to look at the book. For the first time, her eyes GLOW a soft, intermittent red.

MAGICA (CONT) (thinking aloud) Zis not good idea. I hef enough troubles es it iz...

She keeps flipping through the book.

MAGICA (CONT) But zis udder spell, here. Now, zat iz idea. But I need zome zalamander roots. I tink I hef zome in closet...

She walks to the closet.

Her Shadow still looks at the book for a couple of seconds, before following Magica.

Then, as Magica walks into the storage closet, her Shadow gives her a firm push and locks her in!

Magica BANGS repeatedly on the heavy wooden doors.

MAGICA (VO) Vhat iz dis? Lemme out!

ANGLE ON THE SHADOW She zips back to the ancient tome and starts throwing things into the cauldron, as she begins reciting in SHADOW SOUNDS. At one point, as she throws in a handful of stuff, the noises turn into real speech. From now on, her eyes are ALWAYS a pulsating, glowing red.

SHADOW (noises then...) From the deepest of the deeps I sound the mystic call! While my mistress sleeps Let her Shadow grow tall!

LARGER ANGLE There is a THUNDERCLAP (SFX). Magica's Shadow seems to grow taller, straighter and stronger, as she acquires a life of her own.

Magica keeps BANGING on the door.

SHADOW Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!

MAGICA (VO) Vat iz going on? Vat you doink?

ANGLE ON SHADOW She slinks to the closet door to gloat.

SHADOW I am free of you, now, "Mistress"!

MAGICA (nervous) But you are only shadow. Vitout me, you are notink!

SHADOW (triumphant) Soon, I'll free all the other Shadows as well. We will no longer be mistreated, forced to exist under your very feet...

MAGICA (VO) You crezy! Zat can't be done! Let me out!

The Shadow slithers back to the pulpit.

SHADOW Yes, it can! I WILL steal Scrooge's Dime, but instead of using it to get rich, it will be the final ingredient of my spell!

The Shadow laughs and dances across the wall, red eyes flickering in the dark.

SHADOW (CONT) We will be the masters, and you will be the shadows! Ah, ah, ah, ah!

We HEAR Magica BANGING loudly on the closet door.

Then CAMERA PUSHES IN to meld with the Shadow's substance as we






ESTABLISHING SHOT. It is very obvious that Scrooge has taken this latest threat to his Dime very seriously. The mansion looks as if it is in a state of siege. It's surrounded by tons and tons of lights of all kinds.

LAUNCHPAD and DOOFUS, one wearing goggles, the other a welding helmet, patrol the grounds with flashlights, searching for suspicious shadows.

DOOFUS I dunno, Mr. Launchpad. All that business about shadows... It's kind of... spooky!

LAUNCHPAD Why, kid, it's nothing...

ANGLE ON LAUNCHPAD He stops, preparing to launch into a long story.

LAUNCHPAD I remember, one day, over the Khyber Pass, I...

LARGER ANGLE Scrooge arrives, rushing. He is carrying a huge box, full of lamps and extension cords.

SCROOGE Come on, come on! Don't stay there! You're making shadows! Move! Move!

Launchpad and Doofus hurriedly exit.

ANGLE ON SCROOGE He starts placing lamps haphazardly, trying to get rid of all the shadows. But the more he uses, the more shadows he creates!

He runs back to the house.

SCROOGE Light! I need more light! I need more lamps!

CAMERA PANS to the right to reveal a lonely tree at the edge of the property.

CAMERA PUSHES IN on the tree's shadow, which starts changing shapes, as if someone or something was trying to leave it. It is, of course, Magica's Shadow who comes out, pulling herself back into shape, as a person coming out a crowded room would.

ANGLE ON SHADOW She takes a good look at the House.

SHADOW (muttering) How am I going to get past this maniac's lights? I need something big, plain, ordinary, like a garbage can, or...

At that point, we hear someone WHISTLING O.S.

CAMERA PANS QUICKLY to the right to reveal that it is Mrs. Beakley who is coming back from doing her grocery shopping. She is pushing a cart full to the brim.

ANGLE ON SHADOW Her expression seems to say "That's it!"

LARGER ANGLE The Shadow slinks discreetly behind Mrs. Beakley and merges into her shadow. Mrs. Beakley's pace slows down markekdly, as if she was suddenly dragging more weight.

ANGLE ON MRS. BEAKLEY Wiping the sweat off her face.

MRS. BEAKLEY Oof! Is it me, or is this cart getting heavier? Maybe Launchpad is right. I should exercise more often...

LARGER ANGLE Launchpad and Doofus are back, having completed a full round. They notice poor Mrs. Beakley huffing and puffing as she struggles to get the cart up the little flight of steps leading into the Mansion.

LAUNCHPAD Hi, Mrs. B. You look like you could use some help!

ANGLE ON MRS. BEAKLEY Her feelings hurt, she straightens up and valiantly pushes the cart up a few steps.

MRS. BEAKLEY I'll have you know, young man, that I'm just taking a page out of Jane Fonduck's home exercise tips!


LAUNCHPAD If you say so, Mrs. B. But be careful not to hurt yourself!

Launchpad and Doofus walk away as Mrs. Beakley, in a last burst of energy, gets the cart up to the front door.


MRS. BEAKLEY (exhausted but proud) Exercise, Shmeckcercise...

She then enters the mansion, trailing an abnormally long shadow behind.



The Shadow quickly dissociates herself from Mrs. Beakley, and begins exploring the Mansion again. But this time is not as easy as the last. There are bright lights and spots all over, forcing her to move quickly from object to object (like a soldier running for cover).

First, the Shadow must shrink and force herself into the shadow of a potted petunia to avoid being caught by an angry Scrooge, still carrying his box full of lamps, stopping to put one here and there.

SCROOGE More lights! We need more lights!

Then, the Shadow is forced to play a game of hide-and-seek with Duckworth, trying to be always behind the butler, as he flashes his flashlight into any dark corner he sees. The MUSIC marks the tempo of their shifts in positions.

Then, it's a repeat of the previous beat with Scrooge, but in another room. Hearing Scrooge coming, the Shadow hides inside a Trophy's shadow. But then, Scrooge scrutinizes that shadow by flashing light on it from several angles. Satisfied, he exits.

The Shadow goes "oof!" and POPS back into existence, massaging herself as any person would after being forced into a small space.

Later yet, the Shadow must hide again, this time inside the shadow cast by a duck-like suit of armor in the Grand Gallery, to avoid discovery by the Nephews on patrol.




MAGICA (VO) (ranting and raving) I'm not trou yet! I'll hef my revenge! Accursed shadow!


Magica is pacing inside the walk-in closet, full of mystic paraphernalia, clothes, open suitcases, etc.

MAGICA I hef to get out of here!

She shakes the door, but it doesn't budge.

MAGICA Ah, if only I could get zome help! (beat) Poe, come here!


MAGICA (VO-CONT) Poe, vake up! Come here! Mr. Poe opens an eye, shakes himself, and flies next to the closet.

MR. POE Squawk? What? Squawk?

MAGICA (VO) Go und get help! Quack, er, Quick! Remember, you don't vant to spend your life es bird, no?


MR. POE (vigorously) Squawk! Nevermore!

MAGICA (VO) So, go! Find zomeone to get me out ov here!

The raven flies out of the house.



Magica's Shadow turns around a corridor and jumps for joy.

SHADOW'S POV Right in front of her, on a table, sits Scrooge's Dime in its glass case, but it is protected by an impressive barrage of lights, spots, etc.

CLOSE-UP of Shadow, thinking hard about the problem.

CAMERA PANS to Dime and PUSHES IN, then FOLLOWS the web of electric wiring that links the lights closest to the Dime to the plug near the door of the room.

CAMERA PANS BACK to Shadow, who looks triumphant. She then stretches herself into a thin black line.

CAMERA FOLLOWS her as she "travels" along the shadows cast by the electric wires.

When she gets to the table, we see her hand emerging from the thin shadow of the lamp, ready to grasp the Dime case's shadow.

Suddenly, CAMERA PULLS BACK quickly to reveal the terrifying SHADOW OF A HUGE, TOOTHY BEAST, while we hear a stupefying ROAR (SFX).


CAMERA FOLLOWS the Shadow as she zips back to the door, reverts to her normal shape and flees.

CAMERA then PANS BACK to the "Beast." We hear OS laughter.

NEPHEWS (VO) We got her! Sure did! That'll teach her!

CAMERA PUSHES BACK to reveal the Nephews, hiding behind a sofa. The "Beast" is nothing more than hand-shadows made by Louie.

LOUIE Yeah, but did you see her eyes? She looks different...

DEWEY You're right. Let's go and tell Unca Scrooge!

Huey grabs the Dime case and the three of them leave.



Mr. Poe is flying haphazardly -- a picture of indecision.

MR. POE Get help... Squawk... Friends? (shaking his head) Magica has no friends. I'm her only friend. Squawk. Evermore... (thinking hard) Squawk, squawk, squawk...

QUICK CUT to MR. POE'S POV -- his attention is drawn to Scrooge's Mansion, all lit up in the distance.

MR. POE (hit by the idea) Scrooge McDuck! Squawk! He knows Magica! He's victim of Shadow too... Squawk! He will help! Squawk!

Now with a purpose, he flies towards the Mansion.


Scrooge is trying to position a variety of lamps around a potted palm tree in order to get rid of its shadow, when Mr. Poe comes flying in to perch on it.

MR. POE Squawk! Magica needs help! Quick! Come!

ANGLE ON SCROOGE Scrooge is so furious to see Mr. Poe that he does not listen, but tries to chase him away by throwing lamps.

SCROOGE Get away, you bird of ill omen! Get away, I say!

ANGLE ON MR. POE He easily avoids Scrooge's "missiles."

MR. POE Squawk! I tell you, Magica is trapped! Evermore! Squawk!

LARGER ANGLE As Scrooge prepares to throw yet another lamp, the Nephews come running out of the house.

HUEY Unca Scrooge! We chased the Shadow away...

DEWEY But she doesn't look the same...

LOUIE Yeah! Her eyes glow in the dark!

Hearing this, Scrooge stops right in his tracks.


MR. POE That's what I said. Squawk! Shadow took over! She locked Magica in a closet! You have to come and free her! Squawk!


SCROOGE Free that... that witch! Never! It's serves her right to have her spells backfire. As far as I'm concerned, she can stay locked in till Doomsday!

ANGLE ON THE NEPHEWS They surround Scrooge and plead with him.

HUEY But Unca Scrooge, you can't leave Magica locked in there. What's she going to eat?!

DEWEY We've gotta free her...

LOUIE Yeah, it's the Woodchuck thing to do!

ANGLE ON SCROOGE He automatically grabs the glass case Huey was holding.

SCROOGE (stubborn) She's no Woodchuck!


HUEY But she's the only one that can help us get rid of that pesky shadow...

DEWEY We can't keep all these lights on forever!

LOUIE Think of the electric bill!

ANGLE ON SCROOGE AND MR. POE This mollifies Scrooge, who yields.

SCROOGE You have a point. Okay, let's go!

MR. POE (joyous) Squawk! I'll take you!

LARGER ANGLE We see Duckworth, Launchpad and Doofus join the little group. They all leave.

After a second or so, Magica's Shadow ENTERS FRAME.

SHADOW They tricked me! And now they have taken MY dime. But I'll show them. Soon, I'll control all the shadows of Duckburg!...



The Ducks enter, Mr. Poe flying in front of them. The Nephews are impressed by all the magical paraphernalia scattered around the room.

NEPHEWS (ad libs) Wow! Loot at that! Rad!

MR. POE Here! Squawk! The closet!

ANGLE ON CLOSET Scrooge and Duckworth watch as Launchpad breaks the lock (KRAK!) and opens the door.

Magica steps out.

MAGICA Scrooge!

She looks at Mr. Poe with a nasty gleam.

MAGICA Zis iz ze best you could do?

MR. POE (apologetic) Squaaawk!

ANGLE ON SCROOGE He pushes Launchpad and Duckworth aside, and steps in.

SCROOGE So, you thought your silly shadow play could get my dime! Never!

ANGLE ON MAGICA She regains her composure quickly.

MAGICA Let's not vaste time. Zere iz rogue shadow on ze loose... Whoze it iz, or how it came to be iz not metter now...


SCROOGE Iz metter to, er, uh... It matters to me!


MAGICA (ignoring his remark) Only I know ze megic to stop it. Or else it vill plague you for ze rest of your life...

MEDIUM ANGLE SCROOGE So, hurry up. Do your spell!

MAGICA (evil smile) For zis, I need your Dime. Mejor ingredient in formula. Oui.

ANGLE ON SCROOGE He explodes, and clutches his Dime even closer to his chest.

SCROOGE My First Dime! Never! Never!

LARGER ANGLE All the Ducks look at him disapprovingly.

SCROOGE Can't you see it's another trick of hers! She probably wasn't really a prisoner in the first place...

ANGLE ON MAGICA Magica makes an unsuccessful grab for the Dime.

MAGICA You fool! I need zat Dime, or ve vill never get rid of zat Shadow!


HUEY She looks like she's tellin' the truth, Unca Scrooge.

DEWEY Yeah, maybe you should listen to her...

SCROOGE Uh-uh! She's too dangerous to trust, or leave loose. (to Duckworth) Stay here and keep an eye on her. Everyone else, follow me. We'll get rid of this Shadow my way.

He walks towards the door. The others follow him.


HUEY Where are we going, Unca Scrooge?

SCROOGE Duckburg Stadium!


NEPHEWS (looking at each other) Duckburg Stadium?

LAUNCHPAD This is a heck of a time to go to a ball game!



ESTABLISHING SHOT, followed by a TRACKING SHOT onto Scrooge, who stands in the middle of the football field, Dime case in one hand and the switch of an extension cord in the other. He is surrounded by the Nephews. Launchpad is nearby, rigging a bunch of electric cables.


SCROOGE This is absolutely foolproof. I've had Launchpad link all the Stadium's lights to this switch...


SCROOGE (CONT) Now, I'm going to put my Dime in the center here as bait...

He does so.

SCROOGE (CONT) When the Shadow comes to take it, I press the switch...

LARGER ANGLE He does so, and a flood of bright lights swamps the scene.

SCROOGE (CONT) And that's it! That Shadow will be blasted into moonbeams! Gone forever!


HUEY It's a magic Shadow, Unca Scrooge.

DEWEY Yeah, what if it doesn't work?

LOUIE Maybe you should have listened to Magica.

ANGLE ON SCROOGE SCROOGE Rubbish! I'm the richest duck in the world. I made it by being smarter than the smarties and tougher than the toughies. And that includes the SHADOWS of toughies! My plan can't fail. Now, let's go!

LARGER ANGLE They all run off the field, to go and hide in a corner.

Time passes. The Dime glints in the light.

Suddenly, the Shadow comes sliding out from the shadow of a refreshment stand. She is CACKLING with glee.

ANGLE ON SHADOW She glides over to the Dime and, as she touches its shadow, she rises up and lifts off of the ground.

ANGLE ON SCROOGE At that exact second, he flips the switch.

LARGER ANGLE The place is again flooded in light. But instead of destroying the Shadow, each light contributes to the formation of a new shadow -- until a dozen or so shadows stand in a spoke, radiating from the original.

They all rise, CACKLING gleefully, and dance wildly as we






ESTABLISHING SHOT of the Stadium, followed by a RECAP of the very end of the last act, showing Magica's Shadow being duplicated in the center of the field.

ANGLE ON THE DUCKS They're hiding in a corner. Scrooge is in a state of shock. He can't believe his plan flopped.

SCROOGE Oh, no! That witch of a shadow got my Dime! I've got to stop her!

He runs out onto the field.

SCROOGE Stop! Thief! Stop!


NEPHEWS (ad libs) Wait! Unca Scrooge! Come back! It might be dangerous!

LAUNCHPAD Yeah, come back, Mr. McD. It's fulla Shadows out there!

ANGLE ON THE SHADOWS They stop dancing and focus their attention on Scrooge. There is a feeling of menace in the air.

ANGLE ON MAGICA'S SHADOW She brandishes the Dime case in the air.

SHADOW You dumb duck! You played right into my hands! Your precious Dime is mine! Ah! Ah! Ah!

ANGLE ON SCROOGE He rushes towards Magica's Shadow, unconcerned about the peril in which he may be placing himself.

SCROOGE You darned Shadow! Give me back what's mine! You've got no right!

ANGLE ON THE NEPHEWS They see Scrooge running towards the Shadow.

They look at each other wondering what to do.

HUEY We've got to do something. But what?

Suddenly, the same idea strikes them simultaneously.

NEPHEWS (together) The light switch!

They turn around and run back to where they came from, passing Launchpad on the way.

ANGLE ON LAUNCHPAD He turns around too.

LAUNCHPAD What's going on? No one tells me anything in this outfit!

ANGLE ON THE NEPHEWS Huey grabs the switch, which was lying on the grass.

HUEY Gotcha!

He presses the switch.

ANGLE ON SCROOGE AND MAGICA'S SHADOW All the lights go out at the exact moment that Scrooge jumps at the Shadow, grabbing her in his arms.

She's flustered by this sudden behavior, and Scrooge is able to wrest the Dime case out of her grasp.

SHADOW What? Who turned off the lights?

ANGLE ON SCROOGE Dime in hand, he takes off as fast as he can.

ANGLE ON THE SHADOW She gesticulates furiously, red eyes pulsating with anger.

SHADOW He got the Dime! After him!

LARGE ANGLE The Shadows rise up and give chase.

ANGLE ON THE DUCKS Scrooge reaches the Stadium exit. He runs past the place where the Nephews and Launchpad are waiting.

SCROOGE (panting) Let's get out of here!! I've got the Dime. Do I have to think of everything?

They all run after him and OUT OF FRAME.

A few seconds later, the Shadows run by, in hot pursuit, while we HEAR the shrilly voice of Magica's Shadow. The pack of shadows flows over the ground, giving an almost eerie effect.

SHADOW (VO) After them! Bring me the Dime of Scrooge McDuck!



There are long shadows everywhere. The sky is darkening. The streets are deserted. An October wind blows bits of junk and scraps of paper everywhere. It feels OMINOUS. The Ducks ENTER THE FRAME and run into an alley.

SCROOGE (peering) I think we lost them...

HUEY I don't think so, Unca Scrooge! They've been pretty good at shadowing us. Look!...

They peer out of the alley, then quickly, all flatten their backs against the wall as

ANGLE ON STREET Several Shadows slink by. TENSE MUSIC plays.


HUEY They're gone!

LOUIE (wiping his brow) Whew! That was close!

LAUNCHPAD Hey, kids, is any of you holding something big, round, kind of like a garbage can?...

DEWEY No, why?

ANGLE ON LAUNCHPAD He silently points at the wall in front of them.

ANGLE ON WALL Magica's Shadow looms very big above their own shadows, holding the shadow of a garbage can, preparing to strike.


SCROOGE It's uncanny! Magica's Shadow found us! Scram! Quick!

LARGE ANGLE Magica's Shadow brings the garbage can down with a LOUD CRASH, but the Ducks are already gone.



By now, there are long, bizarrely formed shadows everywhere. The Ducks are moving cautiously, because it is difficult to tell when they are near a real shadow or a live one.


LOUIE (pointing) More Shadows! Quick, hide!

LARGE ANGLE They all hide behind a tree, but then, another Shadow leaps out of the tree's shadow, brandishing a club.

DUCKS (ad libs) Aie! Another one! It's a trap! Let's go!

ANGLE ON SCROOGE He points towards a large, well-lit Department Store.

SCROOGE Look! I know this place! We'll lose them in there!

LARGE ANGLE They all run towards the store and enter it, except Launchpad who stops with a SCREECH in front of the window.


LAUNCHPAD Wow! We're in luck! They're havin' a sale on chocolate covered zots!

Scrooge's cane comes in from OUT OF FRAME and yanks Launchpad into the store by the neck.



The store is brightly lit and full of attractive stuff. Think Macy's in New York. Of course, the dummies are ducks, etc. At first, the Ducks run a little haphazardly into the store, going down stairs, up escalators, past all sorts of aisles, until they stop to catch their breath.

HUEY (looking around) We'll be safe in here. Too much light for the Shadows.

P.A. (VO) Attention, Duck Mart shoppers! The Store will be closing in five minutes...

Lights start being turned off in various corners of the store.

The Ducks look at each other meaningfully.

ANGLE ON SCROOGE He acts cheery.

SCROOGE Don't worry. I know this store like the back of my hand. There's a little side exit by the black- smith shop...


DEWEY The... blacksmith shop?

LOUIE How long has it been since you've been in this store, Unca Scrooge?

ANGLE ON SCROOGE He genuinely never thought about it.

SCROOGE It's been a while, I suppose. (beat -- optimistic) But it can't have changed that much. I remember now. It was in the basement...

LARGE ANGLE The Ducks follow Scrooge through the Store.

The more he goes on, the more confused he becomes by what he sees. Finally, he stops at an intersection. By now, most of the Store's lights have been turned off.


SCROOGE Television, let's see, that's where oil lamps used to be, computers must be where the saddles were and...


LOUIE You sure you know where we're going, Unca Scrooge?

SCROOGE I don't have a shadow of a doubt. Follow me!

They start running again.


LAUNCHPAD At least, we seem to have lost those Shadows!

LARGER ANGLE As they run past the clothing aisle, Shadows leap from the store dummies and attempt to grab them.

LAUNCHPAD Well, then, maybe not!

Now, they have to run faster to escape the Shadows.

ANGLE ON SCROOGE As he runs past an aisle that advertises undersea diving equipment, he stops and grabs several black wet suits, which he gives to the others.

SCROOGE You know, these Shadows don't look too bright to me...

ANGLE ON THE OTHERS They look at him, like, "is it really a good time to be punning around?"


SCROOGE If we put these on, we'll look like Shadows -- at least from a distance. It's worth a try.

LARGER ANGLE They all put on the suits in a hurry. Once they're totally on, they do look a lot like shadows.

The real Shadows arrive, and look around, confused.

The "Scrooge Shadow" points silently in a direction, and the Shadows rush towards it.

ANGLE ON SCROOGE He pulls his mask off.

SCROOGE That won't keep them forever. But now I remember where the exit is.

LARGER ANGLE They run through various sections of the Store, until Scrooge points at a small door with a green "EXIT" sign.


SCROOGE Eureka! I've found it!

ANGLE ON LAUNCHPAD Closing up the rear.

LAUNCHPAD Yeah, but so did they!

LAUNCHPAD'S POV - ANGLE ON A BUNCH OF SHADOWS furiously chasing the Ducks.

LARGER ANGLE They make it out the exit and onto


with the Shadows still in pursuit behind them.

ANGLE ON THE DUCKS Our heroes spot the barrier of lights erected by Scrooge to protect his mansion, and run towards their safety.

ANGLE ON SHADOWS The Shadows cringe at the sight of the lights, much like vampires, and slink back into darkness.



The atmosphere is that of a war council. CAMERA PANS around the room to reveal that everyone is there, and all are wearing odd bits of spare army supplies, with lots of lit-up lamps hanging on their helmets, fatigues, etc. Sitting in the middle of the table is the dime case.

CAMERA STOPS on Scrooge facing Magica. MAGICA (enjoying it) I em vaiting.

SCROOGE (embarassed) Well, it seems that, er, due to a small miscalculation of mine... (small, even more embarassed pause) Well, my plan didn't quite work out, so, well, we...

ANGLE ON MAGICA Her arms are crossed and she is tapping her foot.



SCROOGE (angry at himself) Zo, er, So, I'm sorry. There. I've said it. Now, can we work out something to get rid of these darned shadows!

ANGLE ON MAGICA She walks to the windows.

MAGICA Vell, if I can reverse ze zpell und force my Shadow into being a normal, old, everyday Shadow, then all ze other shadows vill disappear too...

She looks through the window.

MAGICA'S POV The Shadow Army is gathering around Scrooge's Mansion. Beyond, the view of Duckburg is ominous.

MAGICA (VO - CONT) But ve must act fast, or else ze shadows vill take over ze whole city!

ANGLE ON MAGICA She turns around to face Scrooge.

MAGICA To vork ze right spell, I need Dime. Vizout it, ze zpell von't vork...

ANGLE ON SCROOGE He goes through all the colors of the rainbow.

SCROOGE I knew it. Of all the dirty, rotten tricks! I'll never...


ALL OF THEM (shouting together) Oh, yes, you will!

ANGLE ON SCROOGE Defeated, he gently lifts the glass cover off the Dime case and, almost reverently, takes the Dime out, fingering it lovingly.

SCROOGE Well, okay, then...

He then proceeds to hand it to Magica, not quite letting it out of his grasp.

SCROOGE But don't get attached to it. I'm not letting it out of my sight for a single minute!

We end with a shot of Magica at long last holding Scrooge's Dime. Then we



ESTABLISHING SHOT of the Money Bin, completely surrounded by an army of Shadows.

SCROOGE (VO) (wailing) We give up!

CAMERA PUSHES IN to the door of the Bin where Scrooge and Launchpad are hamming it up to the hilt.

SCROOGE We can't take this running and hiding anymore! You might as well come and get us! And my lucky Dime too!

ANGLE ON MAGICA'S SHADOW leading the rest of the Shadow army. Her red eyes glint evilly, but she is not yet quite convinced.

ANGLE ON LAUNCHPAD He sobs and beats the ground with his fists.

LAUNCHPAD Yes! We're lost! We're doomed! We're defeated! We're vanquished! We're through! We're canned!...

ANGLE ON SCROOGE SCROOGE (whispering) Hey, don't overdo it. It's just an act, remember?

ANGLE ON LAUNCHPAD LAUNCHPAD Oh, yeah! I always get carried away. That's my problem. I'm too involved in what I'm doing.

ANGLE ON THE SHADOWS Magica's Shadow is now convinced. She creeps gleefully towards the Bin, leading the other Shadows in her wake.



CLOSE UP on Scrooge's Dime.

CAMERA PULLS BACK to reveal that it is being held over a bubbling cauldron by Magica. Fumes swirl up around it. The light has a red, eerie glow.

MAGICA (chanting) Ze zpell iz cast/Ze zong begun/ Ze first iz last/Ze deed iz done!

CAMERA PANS to the side to reveal Shadows entering the room. They streak and dance around.

Then, Magica's Shadow enters the room and confronts Magica.

SHADOW You have lost, ex-Mistress! Soon the Shadows will rule the World!

ANGLE ON MAGICA She brings up the Dime.

MAGICA No, it iz you who hef lost! You bumbling failure! (she starts chanting) Bleck as night, tick as light By ze eternal fire...

ANGLE ON SHADOWS They are all inexorably drawn towards Magica and into the cauldron, except the original Shadow, who is strong enough to resist. The wave of shadows flows eerily, like a reverse of the ending scene of "Raiders of the Lost Ark."

SHADOW You haven't won yet, Magica!


MAGICA Vich lits ze halls of fright Let my shadow EXPIRE!

ANGLE ON SHADOW She still resists Magica's spell.


LARGER ANGLE Suddenly, Scrooge and the Nephews come out from behind the stacks of money, each holding one of Gyro's cameras and wearing super dark sunglasses.

They all FLASH simultaneously.

There is an EXPLOSION of pyrotechnical light. Everything turns negative for a second.

When the light goes back to normal, Magica's Shadow is nowhere to be seen, until the CAMERA PANS DOWN to show it attached to Magica's feet, once more a normal shadow.

ANGLE ON MAGICA She smiles a rather nice and pleasant smile.

MAGICA Good vork, dahlinks!

ANGLE ON DUCKWORTH He just opened the door.

DUCKWORTH I just took the liberty of checking outside, Sir! All the Shadows seem to be gone. It's a fine night as usual...


SCROOGE Well, I guess that did it then! With plenty of bright lights and lots of reflective surfaces...

He looks lovingly at the piles and piles of coins.

SCROOGE The Shadow couldn't escape. Now, I'd like my Dime back!

ANGLE ON MAGICA Her smile quickly turns to an evil leer.

MAGICA Now zat I am hefing lucky Dime in zis hot little hand, I am never letting go!

She turns around and goes for the door.

LARGER ANGLE Before she can reach the door, a giant menacing shadow falls in front of her.

Magica SCREAMS, drops the Dime, races around the shadow and disappears into the night.

The other Ducks are about to beat it too, when suddenly, we HEAR the Nephews' laughter.

CAMERA PANS to the right to reveal the Nephews making hand shadows behind a big bagful of money.


HUEY Ha! Ha! I guess that means that Magica's still afraid of her own shadow!

They all shout

NEPHEWS Wucca Wucca Woodchuck!

As they aim their cameras at each other and press the shutter releases, causing a blinding white flash as we