by Jean-Marc Lofficier

First Season:
A   The Tribe of Gum
B   Dr. Who and the Daleks (a.k.a. Dr. Who and the Survivors)
C   The Hidden Planet (a.k.a. Beyond the Sun)
D   Dr. Who and a Journey to Cathay
E   The Red Fort
F   The Aztecs
G   Dr. Who and the Robots (a.k.a. The Masters of Luxor)
H   Guests of the Guillotine

Second Season:
J   The Miniscules
K   Daleks' Invasion Earth 2150 A.D.
L   Dr. Who and Tanni
M   Britain 408 AD
N   The Mega
P   The Saracen Hordes
Q   The Four Dimensions of Time
R    The Pursuers
S    The Monk

Third Season:
T     The Chumblies
AC   Aquarius Cutaway
U     The Trojan War
V     The Herdsmen of Aquarius
W    The Massacre
X     The Hands of Aten
Y     The Trilogic Game
Z     The Gunslingers
AA    The White Savages
BB    The Computers

Fourth Season:
CC    The Nazis
DD    The New Armada


Fourth Season (cont'd.):

EE    The Destiny of Dr. Who
FF    Culloden
GG   The Fish People
HH   The Imps
JJ    The Spidermen
KK    The Chameleons
LL    The Evil Eye

Fifth Season:
MM    The Cybermen Planet
NN    The Abominable Snowmen
OO    The Heavy Scent of Violence
PP    Operation Werewolf
QQ    The Web of Fear
RR    Colony of Devils
SS    The Space Wheel

Sixth Season:
TT    The Beautiful People
UU    The Fact of Fiction
VV    Return of the Cybermen
WW  The Space Trap
XX    The Lords of the Red Planet
YY    The Prison in Space
ZZ   The Dream Spinner


Seventh Season:
AAA   Facsimile
BBB   Dr. Who and the Monsters
CCC   The Carriers of Death
DDD   The Mo-Hole Project

Eighth Season:
EEE   The Spray of Death
FFF   The Pandora Machine
GGG   The Gift
HHH   Colony
JJJ   The Demons

Ninth Season:
KKK   The Daleks in London
MMM   The Shape of Terror
LLL   The Sea Silurians
NNN   The Emergents
OOO   The Ghost Hunters

Tenth Season:
RRR   The Black Hole
PPP   Peepshow
QQQ   The Space War
SSS   Destination: Daleks
TTT   The Mutant

Eleventh Season:
UUU   The Time Fugitive
WWW   Bridgehead from Space
XXX   The Exxilons
YYY   The Automata
ZZZ   The Final Game

Dr. Who and the Daleks in The Seven Keys of Karn


Twelfth Season:

4A    The Giant Robot
4C    The Ark in Space
4B    The Destructors
4E    Daleks - Genesis of Terror
4D    The End of the Cybermen

Thirteenth Season:
4F    Loch Ness
4H    The Nightmare Planet
4G    Pyramids of Mars
4J    The Kraals
4K    The Haunting
4L    The Angurth

Fourteenth Season:
4M    The Catacombs of Death
4N    The Hand of Time
4P    The Dangerous Assassin
4Q    The Day God Went Mad
4R    The Storm Mine Murders
4S    The Talons of Greel

Fifteenth Season:
4V    The Witch Lords
4T    The Enemy Within
4X    The Tower of Imelo
4W   The Sun Makers
4Y    Underground
4Z    The Killer Cats of Geng Singh

Sixteenth Season (The Key to Time):
5A    The Galactic Conman
5B    The Pirate Planet
5C    The Nine Maidens
5D    The Prisoner of Zend
5E    The Moon of Death
5F    Armageddon

Seventeenth Season:
5J    Destiny of the Daleks
5H    The Gamble with Time
5G    Erinella
5K    Nightmare of Evil
5L    The Doomsday Project
5M    Sunburst
(not televised)

Eighteenth Season:
5N    The Argolins
5Q    The Golden Star
5R    The Planet That Slept
5P    The Wasting
5S    The Dream Time
5T    Secret Orders
5V    Logopolis
--    One Girl and Her Dog
(50-minute special)


Nineteenth Season:

5Z    Project Zeta-Sigma
5W   Day of Wrath
5Y    The Kinda
5X    Invasion of the Plague Men
6A    The Beast
6B    Sentinel
6C    Zanaddin

Twentieth Season:
6E    The Time of Neman
6D    Snakedance
6F    The Parasites
6G    The Space-Whale
6H    The Enlighteners
6J    The Android
6K    The Six Doctors
(90-minute special)

Twenty-First Season:
6L    May Time
6M    War Game
6N    The Wanderer
6P    The Return of the Daleks
6Q    Planet of Fear
6R    Chain Reaction


Twenty-First Season (cont'd.):

6S    A Stitch in Time

Twenty-Second Season:
6T    The Cold War
6V    Children of Seth
6X    Enter the Rani
6W   The Kraalon Inheritance
6Y    Volvok
6Z    The End of the Road

Twenty-Third Season (The Trial of a Time Lord):
7A    Wasteland
7B    The Planet of Sil
7C    Paradise Five
7C2   Pinacotheca

Twenty-Fourth Season:

7D    Strange Matter
7E    Paradise Tower
7F    The Flight of the Chimeron
7G    Pyramid in Space

Twenty-Fifth Season:
7H    Nemesis of Dr. Who
7L    The Crooked Smile
7K    The Harbinger
7J    The Greatest Show in the Galaxy

Twenty-Sixth Season:
7N    Storm Over Avalon
7Q    Life-Cycle
7M    Wolf Time
7P    Blood Hunt

Fathers and Brothers