A, HELEN  Ruler of the Terra Alpha colony.  She decreed that the colonists were to be happy, or they would be arrested by her Happiness Patrol and publicly executed.  The Seventh Doctor and Ace helped rebels overthrow her regime.  After her pet Fifi died, Helen A finally realized that happiness was nothing without sadness (7L).

ABBOTT, TOM  Foreman of a quarry's blasting crew.  He set up the explosion which brought Eldrad's hand back to the surface (4N).
ABIDOS  Argolin from the Leisure Hive (5N).
ABLIF  Leader of the hunting party of Shobogans who captured Leela and Rodan.  He and his leader, Nesbin, helped them and the Fourth Doctor repel the Sontarans' Invasion of Gallifrey.  (4Z).


ABU  Young Gond male selected to become one of the Krotons' "companion".  He was killed by the Krotons (WW).
ACADEMIUS STOLARIS  Art gallery located on Sirius Five (5H).
ACE  One of the Seventh Doctor's Companions.  A young British girl from Perivale who had been a problem child, she had run away after her experiments with home-made gelignite blew up parts of her school.  Her real first name was Dorothy.  She was one of the "Wolves" of Fenric, descendents of the ancient vikings who had brought the evil entity's flask back to England.  Fenric pulled her out of space and time and left her on Iceworld, where she took a job as a waitress.  She accompanied the Seventh Doctor (whom she called "Professor") on his quest for the Dragonfire and helped him defeat Kane.  She aided him against the Daleks, the Cybermen and the Gods of Ragnarok.  Ace held Excalibur and fought Morgaine at Carbury.  The Doctor then took her back to 1883 Perivale to confront her fears of the evil house, Gabriel Chase.  Afterwards, Ace became instrumental in Fenric's release in 1943 Northumberland.  There, she met her mother, Audrey, as a baby, and helped her grandmother, Kathleen Dudman, escape from the Haemovores.  She also fell in love with the Russian Red Army Captain, Sorin.  The Doctor and Ace then returned to Perivale, where she helped him fight the Master, and almost turned into one of the Cheetah People.  Ace's favorite weapon was explosives, in particular nitro-nine (7G-7P).  According to some accounts, Ace eventually left the Doctor to live in 1880 France, where she married one of Sorin's ancestors.
ACETENITE 455  One of the minerals mined by Zanak (5B).
ACHILLES  Brave Greek warrior fighting the Trojan War.  The First Doctor unwittingly helped him slay his enemy, Trojan warrior Hector.  He was later killed by Troilus (U).

ACOLYTE  Title used by the Tesh (4Q).

ACOMAT  Disfigured Tartar warrior in Tegana's employ (D).

ACTEON  Name of the star sector in which Metebelis 3 was located.  The term "galaxy" applied to it by the Doctor must be taken in a loose sense, as it is likely that the Acteon System is part of the Milky Way Galaxy (PPP, TTT, ZZZ).


ADAMS  Stangmoor prison officer (FFF).

ADAMS  UNIT corporal stationed in Devesham.  The Kraals made an android duplicate of him (4J).

ADJUDICATOR  Earth Government official whose job it was to sort out claims on newly-discovered planets.  The Master presumably killed and impersonated an Adjucator named Martin Jurgens, who had been sent to Exarius to arbitrate a dispute between Ashe's colonists and the Interplanetary Mining Corporation (HHH).

ADLON  One of the alien tourists who crashlanded in Wales in 1959.  He was killed by the Bannermen (7F).

ADMINISTRATOR  Treacherous Sensorite who became Second Elder of the Sense-Sphere.  He tried to kill the First Doctor and his Companions and was eventually exiled by his people (G).

ADMINISTRATOR  Envoy from the Earth Imperial Council to Skybase One.  He was prepared to negotiate independence for the Solonians.  The Marshal had him killed by Varan's son (NNN).

ADRASTA (LADY)  Tyrannical ruler of Chloris, a world rich in vegetable matter but poor in minerals.  She owned the only metal mine on Chloris, which was running out of metal.  When the Tythonian ambassador, Erato, arrived on Chloris to offer to trade chlorophyll for metal, to preserve her power, Adrasta kept him prisoner in the mines (which became known as the Pit) for fifteen years.  During that time, with the help of the Huntsman and his carnivorous Wolf Weeds, she prevented her people from rebelling.  The Fourth Doctor and Romana discovered Erato's true nature and exposed Adrasta's duplicity.  Her people turned against her and she was eventually killed by Erato (5G).

ADRIC  Companion of the Fourth and Fifth Doctors.  He was a young Alzarian who had earned a badge for mathematical excellence.  The Fourth Doctor met Adric on Alzarius in E-Space, where he helped him and Romana solve the mystery of the Marshmen.  Adric then stowed away on the TARDIS and helped the Fourth Doctor defeat the Great Vampire, and free the Tharils from Rorvik.  Back in normal space, he helped the Fourth Doctor fight the Master on Traken, Logopolis and Earth.  There, he watched the Fourth Doctor regenerate.  Soon afterwards he was kidnapped by the Master, who used his mathematical abilities to create Castrovalva.  He then fought alongside the Fifth Doctor, Nyssa and Tegan against Monarch, the Mara and the Terileptils and George Cranleigh.  After fighting the Cybermen, he sacrificed himself to save Earth by staying on board a doomed spaceship, taking it back through time 65 million years until it crashed on Earth (5R-6B).

AENEAS  Leader of the Trojan survivors who went on to found Rome (U).

AGAMEMNON  Brother of Menelaus and King of Mycene.  He started the Trojan War, some claimed, to control the trade routes to Asia Minor.  After the fall of Troy, Cassandra became Agamemnon's slave (U).

AGELLA  One of the Movellans serving under Commander Sharrel on Skaro.  She was disarmed and reprogrammed by Tyssan (5J).

AGGEDOR  Allegedly mythical beast protecting the planet Peladon and its rulers.  It turned out to be a very real creature, under the control of High Priest Hepesh, who used it to prevent his planet from joining the Federation.  The Third Doctor tamed it with a song and a mirror.  Later, when Hepesh tried to use Aggedor to kill the Time Lord, Aggedor killed the High Priest instead (MMM).  The traitor Eckersley used a machine which projected a holographic image of Aggedor with a heat ray to take over the trisilicate mines of Peladon for Galaxy Five.  The real Aggedor eventually killed Eckersley, who had taken Queen Thalira hostage, but was himself later killed in the battle (YYY).

AGNES  Saxon woman from Wulnoth's village (S).

AHMED  Prof. Scarman's Egyptian servant.  He warned him about not opening Sutekh's tomb (4G).

AIKIDO (VENUSIAN)  The Third Doctor used Venusian Aikido against a variety of people, including Prof. Stahlman (DDD), Mike Yates, a Stangmoor prisoner named Charlie (FFF), Colonel Trenchard's guards (LLL), the Marshal's men (NNN), Global Chemicals' thugs (TTT), Linx (UUU), Sergeant Benton (WWW), Ortron's guards (YYY), and the Spiders' field-guards (ZZZ).

AINU  Former miner and one of Torvin's band of rebels on Chloris (5G).

AIR DUCT  One of the Kangs of Paradise Towers (7E).
AJACKS  Nickname given to the Miners of Megropolis Three on Pluto (4W).

AKROTIRI  Famous scientist whose mind was stolen by Skagra at the Think Tank space station.  He died in the destruction of the station (5M).

ALBATROSS  Name of Captain Pike's pirate ship (CC).

ALCOTT  American Senator and delegate to the World Peace Conference.  He almost became a victim of Chin Lee, but was rescued by the Third Doctor (FFF).

ALDO  Member of Rorvik's crew.  He died in the destruction of the privateer's ship (5S).

ALEXANDER  Fierce, young Scot warrior, member of Colin McLaren's party after Culloden.  He was killed by the Redcoats (FF).
ALGOL  27th-century planet noted for galloping inflation (5J).
ALKARIM  Incarnation of the evil Xeraphin (6C).

ALLEN  IMC security guard and member of the expedition to Exarius.  He was killed by a Primitive (HHH).

ALLIANCE  The Alliance was a loose federation between Earth, some of its colonies (independent from it or not), and several alien powers, such as the Draconians (QQQ) and the Cyrennic Empire (5A), whose purpose was to fight the Cybermen and the Daleks.  The Alliance was probably formed during the First Cyber Wars early in the 23rd Century (4D).
 During the 25th Century, the Daleks tried to use a space plague against the Alliance (XXX).  The result was the Second Dalek War, which forced the Daleks away from Skaro.
 In the 26th Century, the Alliance met on Earth to discuss the renewed Cybermen threat.  The Cybermen tried to sabotage the conference, and a Second Cyber Wars followed (6B).
 The Daleks and the Master tried breaking apart the Alliance by fomenting a war between Earth and the Draconian Empire (QQQ).  They then prepared to attack the Alliance with a huge invisible army based on Spiridon, but that plot was averted by the Third Doctor and the Thals (SSS).  A Third Dalek War ensued.
 All these wars depleted the resources of the Alliance, and in particular that of the older Draconian Empire.  Under the pressure of Earth's growing imperialism, the Alliance eventually broke apart in the 27th Century.
 The Alliance is not to be confused with the SUPREME ALLIANCE and the ICELANDIC ALLIANCE (q.v.), both Earth political entities from the 51st Century (4S).

ALLIANCE (DALEK)  Gathering of aliens who joined forces with the Daleks to attack the Solar System in 4000 AD.  They included Mavic Chen, Zephon, Celation, Malpha, Trantis, Beau, Warrien, Sentreal and Gearon.  Most were either killed or betrayed by the Daleks (V).


ALPHA  Nickname given by the Second Doctor to one of the three "humanized" Daleks (LL).

ALPHA CENTAURI One-eyed, six-tentacled representative from the star-system Alpha Centauri.  He was one of the Federation's delegates to Peladon.  Even though he was a stickler for protocol and legalities, he helped the Third Doctor unmask Hepesh and Arcturus, and thereby facilitate Peladon's accession to the Federation (MMM).  Fifty years later, when the Third Doctor returned to Peladon, Alpha Centauri was Federation Ambassador there.  She vouched for his identity and helped him expose Azaxyr and Eckersley (YYY).

ALPHA FOUR  Space beacon attacked and destroyed by pirate Caven.  It had been guarded by Lt. Sorba of the Intl. Space Corps.  It was also where the Second Doctor's TARDIS rematerialized (YY).

ALPIDAE  Real name of the Pipe People who were the natives of Terra Alpha (7L).


ALTOS  A young inhabitant of Marinus.  He accompanied the First Doctor on his quest for the Keys of Marinus and eventually married Sabetha (E).

ALUMINIUM  The Fourth Doctor and Erato teamed up to weave an aluminium shell around a neutron star and redirect it (5G).

ALVIS  One of the Supervisors in charge of the work shifts in the gas mines of the Macra-dominated space colony (JJ).

ALYDON  Thal who gave Susan an anti-radiation drug soon after she landed on Skaro.  He was elected leader after Temmosus' death.  The First Doctor helped Alydon and his people defeat the branch of the Daleks who had survived in the City and were preparing to exterminate the Thals through increased radiation (B).

ALZARIANS  The native Alzarians were the Marshmen who had evolved from spiders.  A tribe of Marshmen further evolved into Terradonian-like humanoids, and forgot their origins.  Native Alzarians shared an empathic link with each other, which could be transmitted to other species.  Romana became thus affected after being bitten by an Alzarian spider (5R).

ALZARIUS  Planet located in E-space upon which a Terradonian starliner crashed.  Its original passengers were killed by the native Marshmen, who evolved into Terradonian-like humanoids, forgetting their origins.  Eventually, the Fourth Doctor helped the Starliner community rediscover the truth and leave Alzarius (5R).
AMAZONIA  Federation ambassador to Peladon who was impersonated by the Third Doctor (MMM).

AMBASSADORS OF DEATH  Nickname given to the three radioactive aliens who had been sent to Earth as peaceful ambassadors, after replacing the crews of the spaceships Mars Probe 7 and Recovery 7.  But the xenophobic General Carrington captured them and used them to try to create a war between Earth and their people.  Thanks to the intervention of the Third Doctor, Carrington was stopped and the Ambassadors were returned to their people (CCC).

AMBOISE (ABBOT OF)  Right-hand man of the Catholic leaders of France and lookalike of the First Doctor.  Tavannes blamed him for the failed assassination of Admiral De Coligny and had him executed.  His death was blamed on the Huguenots and used as a pretext to launch the Massacre (W).

AMBRIL  Director of Historical Research of Manussa.  He was the custodian of the Great Crystal of the Mara.  He disbelieved the Fifth Doctor's warnings about the Mara's return, and was manipulated by Lon into using the Crystal in a ceremony meant to recreate the Mara (6D).

AMDO  Goddess of the Atlanteans.  Her high priest, Lolem, tried to sacrifice the Second Doctor and his Companions to her, but was stopped by Prof. Zaroff (GG).


AMERICAN CIVIL WAR  An American confederate army was kidnapped by the Warlords, using time technology stolen from the Time Lords.  Those soldiers went on to take part in the War Games, until these were brought to a stop by the Second Doctor's intervention (ZZ).
AMEZUS  One of the Thals (B).
AMONG-WE  Term used by the Kinda to refer to themselves (5Y).

AMORB  Rival company of Galatron Mining Corporation (6V).


AMSTERDAM  Dutch city visited by the Fifth Doctor when he fought Omega (6E).

AMYAND  Sarn Unbeliever who climbed the Fire Mountain.  He, Sorasta and Roskal were arrested by Timanov and were condemned to be sacrificed to the Fire Mountain.  They helped the Fifth Doctor defeat the Master.  Amyand was mistaken for Logar because he wore a Trion vulcanologist's suit.  This enabled him to order his people to evacuate their village before the volcano destroyed it  (6Q).

ANAT  Guerilla leader from an alternate twenty-second Century where the Daleks had successfully invaded Earth after World War Three.  She, Shura and Boaz went back in time to kill diplomat Sir Reginald Styles, not realizing that it was their actions which caused the war.  She helped the Third Doctor defeat the Daleks (KKK).

ANATTA  One of the Kinda (5Y).

ANCELYN  His full name was Ancelyn ap Gwalchmai, nicknamed the Sperhawk.  He was Knight General of the Britons in another dimension ruled by Morgaine.  He came to Earth to recover Excalibur.  He fought alongside the Seventh Doctor and Brigadier Bambera of UNIT against Morgaine and Modred.  He was attracted to Bambera (7N).

ANCIENT HAEMOVORE  The last, surviving member of the Haemovore race.  One of the "Wolves" of Fenric, he was brought back in time by the evil entity to help it secure its release, and turned Northumbia villagers into pseudo-haemovores.  The Seventh Doctor succeeded in convincing him that Fenric's plans would ultimately doom his race, so he mentally destroyed the pseudo-haemovores he had created and killed Fenric's host body (Capt. Sorin's) with a deadly toxin (7M).  According to some accounts, his real name was Ingiger.

ANCIENT LAW OF GALLIFREY, THE  Gallifreyan book dating back to the days of Rassilon.  It had mysterious, physical properties and time ran backwards over it.  Because it contained the location of Shada, the prison planet of the Time Lords, it was stolen by Salyavin, who used his mental powers to make the Time Lords foeget about it.  Later, Salyavin (posing as Prof. Chronotis) summoned the Fourth Doctor because he wanted him to return the book to Gallifrey.  But the book had been mistakenly borrowed by Chris Parsons.  It was stolen by Skagra, who used it to find Shada.  It was eventually returned to Gallifrey by the Fourth Doctor (5M).

ANDALUSIA  Province of Spain where the Sixth Doctor rescued the Second Doctor from Chessene and the Sontarans (6W).

ANDERSON  Manager of a bar on Iceworld.  He fired Ace after she spilled a drink on a customer (7G).

ANDOR  Leader of the Sevateem.  He banished Leela and was later killed by one of Xoanon's invisible, kinetic monsters (4Q).

ANDRED  Commander of Gallifrey's Chancellery Guards.  He was wounded while helping the Fourth Doctor repel the Vardans' and the Sontarans' invasion.  He married Leela (4Z).
ANDREWS, JIM  Terminal One duty officer at Heathrow when Concorde Flight 192 disappeared (6C).

ANDREWS, JOHN  Lieutenant aboard the S.S. Bernice.  He was an unwitting prisoner of Vorg's Scope, but was eventually restored to his proper place in space and time by the Third Doctor (PPP).

ANDROGUMS  Extremely strong and savage denizens of a slightly radioactive planet in the Third Zone.  The Androgums were regrouped in tribes (named Grigs), linked to each other through blood ties and arcane rituals.  Their primary interest, other than violence, appeared to be food.  They were used as labor force by the more civilized races of the Third Zone (6W).

ANDROIDS  Robots in human form.  The Movellans were a race of sentient androids (5J).  The Dalek extermination team sent after the First Doctor used an android duplicate, which the Doctor destroyed (R).  The First Doctor also met realistic android versions of Dracula and the Frankenstein Monster (R).
 Among master android-makers were the Kraal scientist Styggron, who devised android duplicates of the Fourth Doctor, Harry Sullivan and an entire human village (4J); the Tarans (5D); Monarch of Urbanka, who built androids with real human memories stored on silicon chips (5W); Sharaz Jek, who built android duplicates of the Fifth Doctor, Peri and Salateen and used androids to harvest the deadly spectrox on Androzani Minor (6R); the Borad, who built a blue-skinned guardian (6Y); and Bellboy of the Psychic Circus, who designed deadly android clowns (7J).  The Cybermen also used faceless androids for menial surveillance work (6B).
 Other noteable androids included the Auton Replicas (AAA, EEE); the Terileptils' Grim Reaper (5X); the shape-changing Kamelion (6J, 6Q) and the Raston Robot (6K).  Also see DUPLICATES, REPLICAS, ROBOTS.

ANDROMEDA  Spies from Andromeda (later known as "Sleepers") successfully infiltrated the Gallifreyan Matrix, choosing Earth as their base of operations.  When they discovered the Andromedans' plan, the Time Lords struck back.  The actions they took against Andromeda itself are unknown, but they moved Earth out of the Solar System and rechristened it Ravolox.  The Ravolox Stratagem was eventually uncovered five hundred years later by the Sixth Doctor when he and Peri visited Ravolox (7A-7C).  The Wirrn's breeding colonies destroyed by the Empire were located on Andromeda Gamma Epsilon (4C).  Andromeda was famous for its bloodstones (5B).  Sabalom Glitz's home planet, Salostopus, was located in Andromeda (7A). Castrovalva was supposed to be located in the Andromedan Phylox Series (5Z).

ANDROMEDA GAMMA EPSILON  Homeworld of the Wirrn (4C).

ANDROZANI MAJOR  Planet located in the Sirius sector.  It was the headquarters of the Sirius Conglomerate which controlled the supplies of spectrox (6R).

ANDROZANI MINOR  Twin planet of Androzani Major.  It featured an intricate network of caves, where spectrox-producing giant bats lived.  The Fifth Doctor and Peri became involved in a conflict over spectrox between Sharaz Jek and General Chellak on Androzani Minor.  When the planet moved closer to Androzani Major, mud bursts rose from Androzani Minor's core (6R).

ANETH  Peaceful planet which paid tribute to Skonnos in the form of hymetusite crystals and seven young victims, to be sacrificed to the Nimon.  With the help of Seth, a young Anethian, the Fourth Doctor defeated the Nimon (5L).

ANGE  One of Ace's friends from Perivale (7P).

ANICCA  One of the Kinda (5Y).

ANIMUS  Large, spider-like parasite, concealing itself behind a blinding, white light.  He was literally the mind behind the Zarbi's attack on Vortis.  The First Doctor fought the Animus and its Zarbi.  Barbara Wright used a special isotope to destroy it (N).

ANITA  Oscar Botcherby's girl-friend.  She helped the Sixth Doctor uncover Chessene's plans (6W).

ANITHON  Incarnation of the good side of the Xeraphin.  Prof. Hayter's sacrifice enabled him to come to the fore and communicate with the Fifth Doctor (6C).

ANKH  He and Lakh were the two Seers who ruled the Underworld directly beneath the Oracle.  They were Minyans whose heads had been replaced by a machine.  They fought the Fourth Doctor and Jackson's Minyans.  They died in the destruction of the Underworld caused by two fission grenades disguised as the Race Banks, which the Oracle had intended to use to destroy Jackson's ship (4Y).


ANNABELLE  Captain Trask's slaving ship (FF).

ANTARCTIC  Location of the South Pole Space Tracking Station attacked by the Cybermen from Mondas (DD).  Two buried Krynoid pods were located near Antarctica Camp Three of the World Ecology Bureau expedition (4L).

ANTERIDES  Star sector known to the Morestrans in the far future (4H).

ANTHROPOLOGY  The study of Man and Man's history begins when Scaroth's ship exploded, creating life on Earth around 3.5 billion years ago (5H).  During the Jurassic era, the petrified hand of the Kastrian Eldrad landed on Earth and became a fossil (4N).  The various reptiles scooped up by Prof. Whitaker's time device were also taken from the Jurassic (WWW).  140 million years ago, towards the end of the Jurassic, the powerful alien Xeraphin visited Earth (6C).
 It was during the Cretaceous era that the (misnamed) "Silurians" (BBB) and their aquatic brethren, the "Sea Devils" (LLL), ruled the Earth.  Mammals must already have evolved into some kind of early primate, since on several occasions, members of both reptilian races indicated that they were familiar with this type of creature.
 At the end of the Mesozoic era (65 million years ago), the Silurians and the Sea Devils were driven underground by some, as yet unknown, cosmic event.  Members of the Silurian species encountered by the Third Doctor blamed it on a sudden change in the Van Allen radiation belt (BBB).  Some theories include other cosmic phenomenon such as movements of the Moon, or of Earth's twin planet, Mondas.  There is also a possibility that the Silurians somehow became aware of the forthcoming crash of a space liner from the future (6B).
 Near the beginning of the Pliocene era (40 million years ago), the Fendahl Skull landed on Earth and began to influence man's evolution (4X).  During the Paleolithic era, circa 100,000 BC, the First Doctor and his Companions, Susan, Ian Chesterton and Barbara Wright, helped a tribe of Neanderthal cavemen rediscover the secret of fire (A).  Around the same time, the alien being known as "Light" visited the Earth, intending to catalog its evolution (7Q).
 Between 50,000 and 30,000 BC, the Neanderthals became extinct and were replaced by early modern humans, thanks to the intervention of the awesome aliens known as the Daemons (JJJ).  Also, two alien, vegetable Krynoid pods landed in the Antarctic and buried themselves into the permafrost (4L).
 During the later part of the Paleolithic era (20,000 to 8000 BC), Earth was visited by the Mondasians, from Earth's twin planet, who left behind legends of Space Gods and Giants Who Walked The Earth (DD); and by a Martian ship whose crew became buried in a glacier (OO).  During the Neolithic era (between 6000 and 3000 BC), the powerful alien Osirians visited Ancient Egypt, creating a new pantheon of gods in their image (4G).  Another of the so-called Egyptian "gods" was, in reality, a splinter of Scaroth of the Jagaroth (5H).
 Circa 3000 BC, the alien villainess Cessair of Diplos, fleeing the Megara justice machines, landed on Earth and impersonated a Druidic goddess, the Cailleach. (5C).  Soon afterwards, the alien Urbankans visited Earth for the first time, kidnapping an Australian Aborigene named Kurkutji (5W).  During the late Neolithic era (1800-1400 BC), the Meddling Monk helped build Stonehenge (S).

ANTI-MATTER  The supernova created by Omega collapsed and turned into a black hole, trapping the great Solar engineer in a universe of anti-matter.  When Omega tried to escape, he found that anti-matter had totally destroyed his physical being and only his mind was left.  He was presumed dead in a matter/anti-matter explosion caused when his anti-matter being came in contact with the Second Doctor's positive matter recorder (RRR).
 Omega survived and returned from the anti-matter universe by using the Arc of Infinity, a region of space filled with Quad magnetism, the only thing capable of shielding anti-matter from positive matter.  He tried to bond physically with the Fifth Doctor to remain in our universe.  The Doctor then used a matter converter to destroy him before a huge anti-matter explosion could destroy Amsterdam (6E).
 A gateway into a universe of anti-matter existed on Zeta Minor.  When Prof. Sorenson of the Morestran Empire tried removing anti-matter from the planet, monstrous creatures attacked the Morestrans.  Sorenson himself was turned into a neanderthal-like monster, until the anti-matter was returned to its universe by the Fourth Doctor (4H).  Capt. Briggs' space freighter used anti-matter fuel (6B).

ANTIQUITY  Period of Earth History frequently visited by the First Doctor: Ancient Egypt circa 2600 BC (V), the Trojan War (1300 BC) (U), and Rome in 64 AD (M).

ANTODUS  A Thal from Skaro and Ganatus' brother.  He helped the First Doctor fight the Daleks.   He was terrified by the Lake of Mutations but ended up sacrificing his life to save Ian's (B).

ANTON  Hovercraft pilot who mistook the Second Doctor for Salamander (PP).

ANTORO  Name of a galaxy known to the Morestrans in the far future (4H).


AQUATRION  Chlorisian astrological sign (5G).

ARA  Atlantean servant girl whose father had once been one of King Thous' councillors and was killed by Zaroff.  She helped the Second Doctor and his Companions defeat the mad scientist (GG).

ARAK  Leader of the rebellion against the Spiders on Metebelis 3.  He was sought by the Queen Spider for having attacked Draga, one of her field-guards.  His father, Sabor, gave himself up to save Arak. In spite of the Third Doctor's help, he fell back under the Spiders' control, but was freed when the Great One died (ZZZ).

ARAK  Typical citizen of Varos.  He was Etta's husband.  He was against the Governor's policies (6V).

ARAM  Young Karfelon rebel.  She was killed by the Borad (6Y).

ARANA (DONA)  Elderly Spanish lady who was killed by Shockeye.  Her hacienda served as a base of operations for Chessene (6W).
ARANA, VINCENTE  Dona Arana's late husband (6W).
ARAR-JECKS  According to Turlough, they were natives of Heiradi, who had hollowed out a huge subterranean city under their planet during the twenty-aeon war (6N).

ARBITAN  Keeper of the Conscience of Marinus.  He blackmailed the First Doctor and his Companions into searching for its five missing Keys.  He was killed by Yartek (E).

ARC OF INFINITY  Name given to the region of space near Rondel, devoid of all stellar activity, because it was the location of a burned out Q star.  It was the perfect gateway to a universe of anti-matter.  Omega used it to try to take over the Fifth Doctor's body (6E).

ARCALIANS  One of the Time Lords' colleges.  Others include the Patrexes and the Prydonians.  The Arcalians' color was green (4P).

ARCHEOLOGY  A dangerous profession, demonstrated by the fates of Prof. Parry after he found the Tomb of the Cybermen on Telos (MM), Prof. Horner at Devil's End (JJJ), Prof. Scarman after he broke into Sutekh's tomb in Egypt (4G), Dr. Fendelman (4X), and the paleontologists who were murdered by the Cybermen in the 25th Century (6B).  Prof. Rumford, however, survived her investigation into the Stones of Blood (5C), and Peter Warmsly was evacuated before Morgaine's attack (7N).  The Daleks sent an archeological expedition to find Davros in the ruins of Skaro (5J).

ARCHER  Army colonel of the bomb disposal squad sent with Prof. Laird to investigate mysterious artefacts (cylinders containing the Dalek-killing Movellan virus buried at the end of a Dalek time corridor) in the London warehouse district.  He was killed by Lytton's men and replaced by a duplicate (6P).

ARCHIMANDRITE  Taran religious prelate who married Prince Reynart and Princess Strella (5D).


ARCTURUS  Multi-strand organism from the Arcturian star-system.  In order to survive in Earth-like environments, Arcturians needed to be placed inside a globe of their native lifefluids, mounted on a traction unit.  The Arcturians and the Martian Ice Warriors were deadly enemies.  An Arcturian was one of the Federation's delegates to Peladon.  He was secretly in league with Hepesh to prevent Peladon from joining the Federation.  He fought the Third Doctor and was killed by Ssorg (MMM).

ARDEN  Archeologist during the Ice Age of 3000 AD.  He found the body of Varga and was eventually killed by the Ice Warriors (OO).

ARETA  Varos rebel.  She helped the Sixth Doctor escape from the Punishment Dome.  Later, she and Peri were almost transmogrified (Areta into a reptile) by Quillam's nuclear beams, but she was rescued by the Sixth Doctor who stopped the process in time (6V).

ARGOLINS  Inhabitants of Argolis.  After their 20-minute war with the Foamasi, the Argolins became sterile.   The radiation also slowed down their metabolic rate, making them appear ageless for a long period of time, until they suddenly began aging and died in a matter of hours.  Thanks to the efforts of the Fourth Doctor, the Argolin leader, Mena, and her lover, the Earthman Hardin, the Argolins were able to use the Tachyon Recreation Generator to rejuvenate their race (5N).

ARGOLIS  First of the Leisure planets.  Argolis became radioactive after the Argolins' 20-minute war with the Foamasi.  The surviving Argolins then built the Leisure Hive, and abandoned their war-like culture to promote peace and understanding between alien races.  Thanks to the Fourth Doctor's intervention, Argolis' leader, Mena, was able to prevent the West Lodge Foamasi from taking over their planet (5N).

ARGONITE  Precious mineral which combined the incorruptibilitry of gold and the strength of titanium, found only in deep space.  Argonite mines were discovered and exploited by Dom Issigri and Milo Clancey.  It became the object of a battle between the International Space Corps and space pirate Caven (YY).

ARIDIANS  The inhabitants of Aridius were once an advanced amphibian race living in undersea cities.  As their world became ever drier, they faced increasing hardships, forced to recycle all their water, and living under constant attack by the Mire Beasts.  The Daleks blackmailed the Aridians into handing the First Doctor over to them (R).

ARIDIUS  An ancient world once covered by vast oceans.  After a dramatic change in orbit which caused the planet to move closer to its twin suns, the oceans slowly evaporated, leaving a desert planet, still inhabited by the Aridians and the Mire Beasts.  It was the first stop in the Daleks' pursuit of the First Doctor through time and space (R).

ARIEL  Chlorisian astrological sign (5G).

ARIS  Young Kinda who was possessed by the Mara and was the first of his kind to speak (in Kinda terminology: the gift of Voice).  Under the Mara's evil influence, he wanted to attack the Earth Expedition's Dome, which would have resulted in the destruction of Deva Loka.  He was freed of the Mara thanks to the Fifth Doctor's intervention (5Y).

ARISING (TIME OF)  Time when the Great Vampire was supposed to rise, after having been fed the blood and spirits of countless sacrifices by Aukon, Zargo and Camilla for a thousand years (5P).

ARK, THE  Giant spaceship built by Man in the 57th segment of Time (about 10 million years in the future) to save Earth's population before the planet plunged into the Sun.  It carried not only humans, but also the alien Monoids, as well as various samples of animal life.  The bulk of the population had been miniaturised on micro-cell slides.  The Ark was visited twice by the First Doctor during its 700-year long journey to Refusis: first, at the journey's onset, when Dodo's cold virus wreaked havoc on its population; then again, at the journey's end, when the Doctor helped save Mankind from the Monoids (X).


ARMAGEDDON   The Armageddon Convention was a galactic treaty which tried to ban the more powerful destruction devices such as the Cyberbombs.  But the Cybermen refused to subscribe to it (4D).  The Armageddon Factor was the mutual destruction war fought by Atrios and Zeos (5F).

ARNHEIM  Member of the Nosferatu crew sold by Glitz and frozen by Kane (7G).

ARNOLD  Staff Sergeant in the army task force which fought the Great Intelligence in the London underground.  He was secretly taken over by the Intelligence and sabotaged the Second Doctor's efforts.  His body withered to a husk when Jamie wrenched the Intelligence's mind draining device from the Doctor's head (QQ).

ARREX  One of Gavrok's Bannermen.  He was killed by the Chimeron Princess' ultrasonic powers (7F).

ART  The Fourth Doctor's TARDIS was once mistaken for a work of art in a Parisian gallery (5H).  The TARDIS' power station could assume the outward appearance of an art exhibit (4Z).  Scaroth the Jagaroth forced Leonardo Da Vinci to paint several Mona Lisas in order to finance his time travel experiments (5H).  A number of paintings portrayed the various identities taken by Cessair of Diplos throughout the ages (5C).  Kane commissioned a sculptor to sculpt an ice statue of Xana, his long-dead lover, on Iceworld (7G).

ARTHUR  Legendary King of England in the 8th Century.  In a parallel world, his wizard Merlin was an incarnation of the Doctor.  Arthur died during the final battle with Morgaine.  His body, holding Excalibur, was placed in a spaceship and buried in Vortegan's Lake near Carbury on our world by the Doctor, in an unrecorded adventure (7N).

ARTICLE 17  Article of the Time Lords' Constitution which enabled the Fourth Doctor to be guaranteed his liberty by offering himself as a candidate for the presidency while he sought to expose Goth (4P)

ARTRON ENERGY  Force said to help power TARDISES (4P, 5W).

ASCARIS  Mute assassin hired to kill Maximus Pettullian (M).

ASHBRIDGE COTTAGE  Hospital where the Third Doctor was taken soon after he arrived on Earth and collapsed (AAA).

ASHE, JOHN ROBERT  Leader of the Exarius colony.  Even though his colony was being attacked by Dent, he opposed any violence against the men from IMC.  He assisted the Third Doctor in his investigations.  He eventually sacrificed his life by taking off in the colonists' old spaceship, which he knew was likely to explode, to give the others a chance to recapture their world (HHH).

ASHE, MARY  John Ashe's daughter, and one of the Exarius colonists.  She helped the Third Doctor and Jo Grant (HHH).

ASHTON  Villain who smuggled food and people in and out of the Daleks' Bedfordshire site during their Invasion of Earth of 2164 AD.  He was killed by the Slyther (K).

ASSISSIUM  Roman town.  The First Doctor stayed in a villa near it (M).

ASTRA  Destination of Vicki and Bennett's ship (L).

ASTRA (PRINCESS)  Royal princess of Atrios who turned out to be the sixth and final segment of the Key to Time.  She was the sixth Princess of the sixth dynasty of the sixth Royal House of Atrios.  Astra was kidnapped by the Shadow and later transmuted to her true shape.  After the Fourth Doctor defied the Black Guardian, and the White Guardian had used the Key to restore the universal balance, Princess Astra was presumably restored to her human form, returning to a normal life, ruling her planet and presumably marrying Merak (5F).  Soon afterwards, Romana decided to adopt Princess Astra's shape when she regenerated (5J).

ASTRID  Assistant to Giles Kent who rescued the Second Doctor on an Australian beach (PP).

ASTRID  Wife of the only Viking survivor who arrived on the Northumbrian coast (7M).

ATLANTIS  Circa 1500 BC, the volcano on the island of Thera, in the Aegean Sea, erupted in a violent explosion, one of the most stupendous of all times.  According to ancient Egyptian records later rewritten by Plato, this was the site of a flourishing civilization, known as Atlantis, which perished in the cataclysm.  The eruption was triggered when the Master released -- in spite of the Third Doctor's intervention -- the time-devouring entity known as Kronos, which the Atlanteans had trapped in a crystal (OOO).
 The inhabitants of a lonely Atlantean outpost located south of the Azores in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean were cut off from their civilization and forced to eke out a miserable underground existence for nearly thirty-five centuries.  They were "discovered" by Prof. Zaroff in 1968 AD, and used in his insane plans to destroy the world.  Fortunately, Zaroff was ultimately defeated by the Second Doctor, Jamie, Ben Jackson and Polly (GG).
ATMOSPHERIC DENSITY JACKETS  Devices worn by the First Doctor and his companions on Vortis (N).


ATRIOS  Twin planet of Zeos, located at the edge of the Helical Galaxy, involved in an unending space war against its neighbor.  The Atrian Marshal was secretly controlled by the Shadow who desired to obtain Princess Astra, in reality the sixth segment of the Key to Time.  Atrios and Zeos were saved from mutual destruction by the Fourth Doctor, Romana and Drax (5F).
ATROPINE (aka NIGHTSHADE)  Substance used by the Commander to poison the Sensorites (G).

ATTWOOD  English colonel and Algernon Ffinch's Commanding Officer (FF).

ATZA  He and Ortezo were two Mogarians who had embarked on the Hyperion III space liner.  They prevented the ship from being plunged into the black hole of Tartarus, but then were used by Rudge to hijack it.  They wanted to recover its precious cargo of vionesium, which they deemed to have been "stolen" from their planet.  They were killed by Doland (7C).

AUDREY, JOHN  17th-century diarist whose scandalous stories included some about Druidism (5C).


AUKON (a.k.a. ANTHONY O'CONNOR)  Former Science Officer of the Earth ship Hydrax, which was drawn into E-Space by the Great Vampire.  Under his master's influence, O'Connor became High Councillor Aukon, one of the three immortal vampiric rulers of the Great Vampire's world.  (The others were Lord Zargo and Lady Camilla.)  Aukon tried to recruit Adric to become the Great Vampire's Chosen One, but died when the Fourth Doctor destroyed his master (5P).

AUSTERLY HOUSE  Sir Reginald Styles' House.  It was blown up by Shura (KKK).

AUSTRALIA  Country visited by the Second Doctor in the 21st Century during his encounter with Salamander (PP).  Magnus Greel was known as the Butcher of Brisbane (4S).  Kurkutji was an Australian Aborigene kidnapped by the Urbankans circa 3019 BC (Australian Aborigenes are estimated to have first populated Australia between 40,000 BC and 25,000 BC) (5W).  Tegan Jovanka (q.v.) was Australian.

AUTLOC  High Priest of Knowledge of the Aztecs.  Barbara succeeded in convincing him of the horrors of human sacrifice and he later abandoned his people (F).

AUTOPLASTICS, LTD.  Leading British manufacturer of plastics.  The company and its managing director, Hibbert, were taken over by the Nestene, who used it to manufacture Autons (AAA).

AUTONS  Androids made of plastics and inhabited by the Nestene consciousness.  The first generation of Autons were made to look like store dummies, and were equipped with deadly wrist-blasters.  A more advanced type of Auton were the human-like replicas (AAA).  During their second invasion, in addition to the deadly, dummy-like Autons, the Nestene also controlled a murderous range of plastic items such as a chair, a doll, a telephone cord and plastic daffodils activated by short-wave radio (EEE).

AVERY  Notorious 17th Century pirate, under whom Pike, Longfoot and Cherub served.  During a mutiny Longfoot and Avery absconded with Avery's treasure.  After Avery's death, Pike and Cherub tried to find the treasure but were thwarted by the First Doctor (CC).

AVON  Young man from the Elders' city.  With Flower, he acted as Steven and Dodo's guide (AA).

AXONITE  The very substance of Axos.  The Axons offered it to Mankind claiming that it would absorb, convert and transmit all forms of energy.  In reality, it would have reached its Nutrition Cycle seventy-two hours later, and would have drained Earth of all its energy (GGG).

AXONS  Axos first appeared on Earth as a trio of golden humanoids, who claimed to be the sole survivors of a world draimed of energy by solar flares.  Later, they were revealed to be tentacled monsters, members of a single collective intelligence which included their ship and Axonite (GGG).

AXOS  Axos was a space scavenger who captured the Master, who then took it to Earth.  There, Axos offered its Axonite to Mankind.   Once Axonite reached its nutrition cycle, Axos was planning to drain all of Earth's energy.  It also tried to force the Third Doctor to give it the secret of time travel.  It was eventually trapped in a time loop thanks to the combined efforts of the Third Doctor and the Master (GGG).

AXUS  Gond guard who fought Jamie (WW).

AYDAN (a.k.a AYDON)  Millenius Treasure Vault guard and Kala's husband.  He killed Eprin and, in cahoots with his wife and Eyesen, stole one of the Keys of Marinus.  He was later shot by his accomplices (E).


AZ  Insane Varosian morgue attendant.  He and Oza were supposed to dispose of the Sixth Doctor's body in an acid bath, but instead fell into it (6V).

AZAL  Last of the Daemons.  He was in a miniaturized state of suspended animation under Devil's Hump when he was brought back to life by the Master.  Azal planned to judge Man and pass on his power.  He offered it to the Third Doctor who refused.  Azal then tried to kill him, but Jo Grant threw herself in front of the Doctor.  The seeming irrationality of this action caused Azal to commit suicide (JJJ).

AZAXYR  Ice Lord of Mars and leader of the Federation troops sent to Peladon.  He turned out to be a member of a breakaway fraction eager to return to the Ice Warriors' former militaristic glories.  He became an agent of Galaxy Five and, with Eckersley's help, tried to take over the trisilicate mines of Peladon.  He was thwarted by the Third Doctor, and killed by Sskel's sonic weapon while fighting Gebek (YYY).

AZMAEL  Time Lord, and former mentor of the Doctor.  He left Gallifrey to become Master of Jaconda.  Later, the gastropod Mestor took over Jaconda from Azmael, whom he forced to do his bidding.  On Mestor's behest, Azmael kidnapped Romulus and Remus to force them to work out the equations that would have enabled Mestor to throw a planet into Jaconda's sun, in order to create an explosion that would spread its eggs throughout the universe.  Azmael eventually rebelled.  The Sixth Doctor destroyed Mestor's body while the gastropod was engaged in mental battle with Azmael.  Azmael then destroyed Mestor's mind by committing suicide through a last, fatal regeneration (6S).

AZTECS  Central American race who replaced the Mayans, and were eventually eradicated by the Spanish.  The First Doctor and his Companions visited the Aztecs in the 15th Century (F).

AZURE  Vacation planet.  The cruise line Empress crashed into the Hecate when both ships emerged simultaneously from hyperspace into its orbit (5K).