BACCU  Guardian chosen by Zentos to act as Prosecutor of the First Doctor and his Companions after Dodo's cold virus infected the Ark (X).

BACKGAMMON  Game played between the First Doctor and Kublai Khan (D).

BACON, FRANCIS (1561-1626)  English philosopher of the 16th Century.  His image was projected on the First Doctor's Space-Time Visualiser (R).
BADRA  One of the Zygons (4F).
BAINES  One of Lieutenant Scott's men (6B).
BAKER  Member of Dortmun's resistance against the Daleks during their 2164 AD invasion (K).

BAKER  Retired British army major, once forced to resign after an incident of recklessness.  He was hired as security officer at Wenley Moor and became increasingly paranoid during the Silurians' attack.  He refused to heed the Third Doctor's advice and wounded the Young Silurian.  He was later captured by the Silurians who infected him with a deadly virus to spread among mankind.  He eventually died from the virus (BBB).

BAKER, HOWARD  Sarah Jane Smith's Aunt Lavinia's neighbor in Moreton Harwood.  He and his wife, Juno, were among the few inhabitants who were not worshippers of Hecate (K9).

BAKER, JUNO  Howard Baker's wife (K9).

BALAN  Dulcian educator sent with Kando and Teel to check radiation levels on the Island of Death.  He first disbelieved Cully's story about the Dominators, but was later captured and put to work by the ruthless aliens.  Toba ordered him killed by a Quark (TT).

BALANCE  The universal balance between Chaos and Order is maintained by the Guardians of Time with the Key to Time (5A-5F).

BALARIUM  Stun gas used by the Company on Pluto (4W).

BALATON  Pralix's grandfather.  He was afraid of challenging the Captain of Zanak, and feared the Mentiads (5B).

BALAZAR  Young citizen from UK Habitat who had read the Books of Knowledge and was sent to the surface by Merdeen.  Balazar aided Katryca and Broken Tooth to invade the Habitat, and later helped the Sixth Doctor to save the Habitat from the black light explosion triggered by the destruction of Drathro's Maglem converter (7A).

BALDWIN  One of Prof. Sorenson's Morestran crew killed on Zeta Minor by the anti-matter creatures (4H).

BAMBERA, WINIFRED  UNIT brigadier.  Her initial assignment was to dispose of the Salamander 6-0 missile.  She fought alongside the Seventh Doctor and Lethbridge-Stewart against Morgaine's men at Carbury.  She became attracted to Ancelyn (7N).

BANDRAGINUS 5  Planet rich in Orlion which was destroyed by Zanak.  Its population was over a hundred million inhabitants.  The Captain had incorporated its shrunken remains in his trophy room.  The Fourth Doctor eventually used it to fill Zanak's hollow centre (5B).

BANDRIL  Neighboring planet of Karfel inhabited by intelligent reptilian aliens.  A peace treaty involving food shipments from Karfel to Bandril was negotiated by Makrif and the Third Doctor (in an unrecorded adventure).  The treaty was broken by the Borad who wanted to trigger a war between the two worlds to destroy Karfel's population.  His plans were thwarted by the Sixth Doctor, who again arranged for peace between Bandril and Karfel (6Y).

BANE  One of Lt. Scott's troopers.  She was killed by the Cybermen (6B).

BANNERMEN  Merciless galactic mercenaries who exterminated the Chimerons.  They were led by Gavrok.  They pursued the Chimeron Queen Delta to the 1959 Welsh Holiday Camp of Shangri-La.  There, they were thwarted by the Seventh Doctor, Billy and Ray, Goronwy and two U.S. secret agents, Hawk and Weismuller.  They were finally defeated by the young Chimeron Princess' ultrasonic powers, broadcast over Shangri-La's public address system.  They were taken prisoners by Delta and Billy (7F).


BARCLAY  Australian physicist at the Snowcap Space Tracking Station at the time of the Mondasian Cybermen invasion.  He helped the First Doctor, Ben and Polly defeat the Mondasian Cybermen and prevent General Cutler from using the Z-Bomb (DD).

BARCLAY  Guard at the prison where the Master was kept.  He was killed by the Sea Devils (LLL).

BARNES  Member of Lupton's psychic circle at K'anpo's Tibetan Monastery.  He was taken over by the Spiders, but was freed when the Great One died (ZZZ).

BARNETT, MICHAEL  Moreton Harwood resident and member of the cult of Hecate (K9).

BARNEY  Refreshing Department Supervisor on the Macra-dominated space colony (JJ).

BARNHAM, GEORGE PATRICK  Prisoner at Stangmoor who was subjected to the Keller Machine and was turned into an imbecile.  The Third Doctor discovered that, because his mind was now without any evil, his presence acted as a dampener on the Mind Parasite.  He was eventually killed by the Master (FFF).

BARRAS, PAUL (1755-1829)  French revolutionary who plotted with Napoleon and arrested Robespierre (H).

BARRINGTON  British army major who believed he was fighting against the Germans in World War I in 1917, near Ypres, under General Smythe.  In reality, he was part of the War Games.  He suspected the Doctor and his companions of being spies.  He was eventually returned to his proper place in time and space by the Time Lords (ZZ).

BARTHOLOMEW'S PLANETARY GAZETEER  Reference guide to planets in use at the time of the Alliance.  It listed Ribos as a Class-3 (or Grade-3) planet, and was quoted by Romana (5A).

BASS, TIM  19th Century British miner whose brain fluids were stolen by the Rani.  He was turned into a tree when he stepped on one of the Rani's deadly mines (6X).

BATES, EREGOUS  He and Stratton were space pilots who were captured by the Cybermen on Telos.  Their limbs were replaced by cybernetic parts.  The Cryons arranged for their escape, and plotted for them and Lytton to steal the Cybermen's time vessel.  Instead, they were killed by the Cybermen (6T).

BATES  Captain under Commander Millington's command in Northumberland.  He eventually joined forces with Vershinin (7M).
BATESON  Inventor of a polymerization process used by the Third Doctor and Professor Jones to defeat the Green Death (TTT).
BATS  On the Great Vampire's planet, bats were under the mental control of Aukon (5P).  Spectrox was refined from bat guano mined on Androzani Minor (6R).

BATTLE COMPUTER (DALEK)  Combination of a young human girl and a Dalek biomechanoid control centre.  The Battle Computer was used by the Daleks to supervise Ratcliffe in their fight against the Imperial Daleks and the Seventh Doctor for the Hand of Omega.  She/It provided the Daleks with the intuition and creativity they lacked.  Its technology was probably developed as a result of the Daleks' war with the Movellans.  After killing Mike Smith in an attempt to recover the Time Controller, the Battle Computer was destroyed.  The little girl who was part of it was then freed (7H).

BAX  Varos technician in charge of communications (6V).

BAXTER  Chief of the off-shore Euro-Sea Gas Control Rig.   His platform was surrounded and engulfed by the Weed.  He was eventually freed thanks to the intervention of the Second Doctor (RR).

BAXTER, RUTH  Doland's lab assistant.  While on Mogar, a speck of alien pollen had entered her body and turned her into a vegetable monster.  Lasky, Bruchner and Doland secretly carried her aboard the Hyperion III hoping to find a cure for her on Earth.  She was killed by the Vervoids (7C).

BAZIN  One of Kane's troopers on Iceworld.  He and McLuhan were sent after the Dragon.  Bazin was wounded.  After McLuhan shot the Dragon, they were both disintegrated by the Dragonfire crystal  (7G).

BEACON HILL  British Research Establishment whose radio-telescope dishes the Master used to contact the Nestene.  When the Third Doctor showed up to investigate, a Time Lord warned him about the Master's presence on Earth (EEE).

BEAM PULSER  Hypnotic device used by the Cybermen for their Invasion of Earth.  Tobias Vaughn helped the Second Doctor and UNIT destroy it (VV).

BEAST (OF FANG ROCK)  Mythical creature rumoured to have killed two men and left one mad, on the island of Fang Rock.  Reuben believed it existed and would someday return, while the Fourth Doctor explained it as nothing but murder and madness.  It was given mysterious reality by the arrival of a deadly Rutan (4V).

BEATLES, THE  Popular 20th Century British musicians.  Their image was projected on the First Doctor's Space-Time Visualiser (R).

BEAUCHAMP  Family name of the Marquess of Cranleigh (6A).  See CRANLEIGH.

BEAUS  Member of the Dalek Alliance in their Masterplan against Earth.  He was eventually betrayed by Mavic Chen and the Daleks, but returned home and joined the human forces (T/A, V).

BEAVIS (DR.)  Eccentric senior surgical consultant at Ashbridge Cottage Hospital called in by Dr. Henderson to look at the newly-regenerated Third Doctor.  The Time Lord stole his clothing and car when he escaped from the hospital (AAA).

BECKET, SAM  One of the Moonbase crew.  He discovered the Second Doctor's arrival (HH).

BEDFORSHIRE  Location of a fault which the Daleks planned to split, in order to drain Earth's core and replace it with giant starship engines during their 2164 AD invasion (K).



BELAZS  Young female who had been stranded on Iceworld when she was sixteen.  She fell under Kane's charm and agreed to work for him.  Twenty years later, she had become Captain of his guards and desperately wanted to leave.  She tried to get possession of Glitz's Nosferatu II, but Kane refused.  She enlisted Kracauer's help in an attempt to kill Kane.  It failed and Kane killed her instead (7G).

BELL  UNIT Corporal who helped the Brigadier with the security of the World Peace Conference (FFF), and then again against the threat of Axos (GGG).

BELLAL  One of the few Exxilons who had not reverted to savagery when cast out by the City.  His people lived underground.  Bellal helped the Third Doctor fight the Daleks and eventually destroy the City (XXX).

BELLBOY  He and Flowerchild were founding members of the Psychic Circus who tried to escape.  Bellboy was the master robot-builder who had designed the Bus Conductor and the robotic clowns.  He was recaptured by the Chief Clown and later killed by his own robots (7J).


BENDALYPSE  Weapon used by the Bandrils.  It could annihilate all lifeforms supporting a central nervous system.  If it had been employed on Karfel, as the Borad planned, it would have killed all the Karfelons but left the Morlox unharmed (6Y).

BENIK  Salamander's deputy and chief henchman.  He was eventually arrested for his crimes (PP).

BENNETT  25th Century spaceman who killed a crewmember on a ship en route to Astra.  When the ship crashed on Dido, he killed the other crewmembers, as well as most of the Didonians, to protect himself.  He then created the fake identity of Koquillion, planning to use Vicki to corroborate his story.  He was exposed by the First Doctor and fell to his death when he faced the ghosts of he Didonians (L).  Also see KOQUILLION.

BENNETT, JARVIS  Commander of the Wheel in Space.  He could not handle the attack of the Cybermen.  He became increasingly paranoid, and hampered the Second Doctor's investigations.  Finally, he broke down completely.  His second in command, Dr. Gemma Corwyn, took over.  After Dr. Corwyn's death, he reasserted himself but was killed by the Cybermen (SS).

BENOIT, JULES ROGER  French assistant to Hobson during the Cybermen attack on the Moonbase (HH).

BENSON, JOE  Physicist on the Moonbase during the Cybermen attack (HH).

BENTON  Assigned to UNIT soon after its foundation, he first served as a corporal under Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart and fought the Cybermen alongside the Second Doctor (VV).  He was then promoted to Sergeant, and became one of Lethbridge-Stewart's most trusted assistants.  He helped the Third Doctor and his companions, Liz Shaw, Jo Grant and Sarah Jane Smith, fight a number of threats as diverse as the Master (EEE, FFF, GGG, JJJ, OOO), the Nestene and their deadly Autons (EEE), General Carrington and his so-called "Ambassadors of Death" (CCC), Prof. Stahlman's Inferno Project (DDD) (during which the Doctor met Benton's counterpart from a parallel fascistic Earth, Platoon Under-Leader Benton), the Mind of Evil (FFF), Axos (GGG), the Daemons (JJJ), the Daleks (KKK), Kronos (OOO) (during which he was turned into a baby by TOM-TIT), Omega (RRR) (during which he met the First and Second Doctors), BOSS (TTT), an invasion of dinosaurs masterminded by Sir Charles Grover (WWW) (during which Mike Yates betrayed UNIT and Benton punched General Finch), and finally the Giant Spiders of Metebelis 3 (ZZZ).
 He was then promoted to RSM, and helped the Fourth Doctor defeat Prof. Kettlewell's Giant Robot and the Scientific Reform Society (4A), the Zygons (4F) and the Kraals (4J).  He retired in 1979, two years after Lethbridge-Stewart, and went on to open a car dealership (6F).

BER  A Thoros-Alphan who was one of Sil's bearers on Varos (6V).

BERESFORD  UNIT Major who was in charge when Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart was in Geneva.  He helped the Fourth Doctor destroy the Krynoid (4L)

BERGER  Captain Briggs' navigator.  She helped the Fifth Doctor fight the Cybermen and escaped to safety in the TARDIS (6B).

BERNALIUM  Element essential to power the X-ray laser of the Wheel in Space (SS).

BERNICE (S.S.)  The 1926 AD Indian Ocean liner which was en route to Singapore when it was captured by Vorg's Scope.  The Third Doctor's TARDIS rematerialized in its hull.  The S.S. Bernice was eventually restored to its proper place in space and time by the Third Doctor (PPP).

BERT  Landlord of the Cloven Hoof in Devil's End.  He served the Master and tried to kill the Third Doctor, but was cowed into surrendering when the Doctor demonstrated his remote control of Bessie.  He was captured by Benton, but later killed by Bok (JJJ).



BESSIE  Yellow roadster acquired by the Third Doctor during his stay on Earth.  Its license plate was "WHO 1".  The Doctor first used it to travel to Wenley Moor (BBB), then to the British Space Center (CCC), to the Inferno Project (DDD), to Beacon Hill Research Establishment (EEE), to Stangmoor Prison (FFF), to the Nuton Power Complex (GGG), to Devil's End (JJJ), to Cambridge (OOO) and to Llanfairfach (TTT).  Bessie was used on Omega's world (RRR) and on Gallifrey in the Death Zone (6K).  The Brigadier used it to rescue the Doctor from Reegan (CCC) and to pursue Lupton in the Whomobile (ZZZ).  The Doctor built remote control capabilities which once saved his life (JJJ).  The Fourth Doctor drove it once when he fought the Giant Robot (4A).  The Seventh Doctor drove it in Carbury when he fought Morgane (7N).

BETA  Nickname given by the Second Doctor to one of the three "humanized" Daleks (LL).

BETA  The Gonds' Controller of Science.  He argued against Eelek's insane plan to attack the Krotons.  Later, following the Second Doctor's advice, he prepared sulphuric acid and helped him destroy the Krotons (WW).

BETA DART  Type of space ship used by the Issigri Mining Company.  Caven used one to escape Ta, but was blown up by the International Space Corps (YY).

BETA TWO  Original destination of the Hydrax.  It was located in the Perugellis sector (5P).
BETELGEUSE  Planet which finished a close second behind Earth during the Intergalactic Olympic games of the 27th century (5J).
BETTAN  One of the Thal Minister's guards.  He organized the first resistance group against the Daleks (4E).

BETTS  UNIT soldier on duty in Llanfairfach (TTT).

BEYUS  Weak-willed leader of the Lakertyans, held hostage by the Rani.  He was Faroon's husband and Sarn's father.  He finally helped the Seventh Doctor fight the Rani, sacrificing himself to save his people and delay the launch of her rocket.  This caused it to miss the Strange Matter asteroid (7D).

BI-AL FOUNDATION  50th Century space centre for Alien Biomorphology orbiting in the asteroid belt on Asteroid K4067.  The Fourth Doctor, Leela, Prof. Marius and K9 fought the Nucleus of the Virus of the Purpose there (4T).



BIGON  Greek philosopher from Athens kidnapped by the Urbankans, probably circa 519 BC.  His memories were stored on silicon chips, and used to animate an android in his image.  After the Fifth Doctor defeated Monarch, he and his fellow androids decided to look for another planet on which to settle (5W).

BILL  One of Lytton's two bodyguards.  They were disguised as London policemen.  Bill and David came to Earth to capture or kill people who had escaped through the Daleks' time corridor.  They were eventually caught by the Sixth Doctor (6P, 6T).

BILLY  Young Welsh boy who fell in love with Chimeron Queen Delta.  He was Shangri-La's mechanic.  He and his would-be girlfriend Ray helped the Seventh Doctor defeat Gavrok's Bannermen.  Billy ingested a Chimeron substance which caused him to mutate and become more like a Chimeron.  He returned to Chimeria with Delta to help her repopulate her planet (7F).

BILTON, ANDREW  First Officer of the Concorde flight the Fifth Doctor used to rescue Flight 192.  He helped the Time Lord defeat the Master and free the Xeraphin in the Jurassic (6C).


BIN LINER  One of the Red Kangs of Paradise Towers.  She helped the Seventh Doctor and Mel defeat Kroagnon (7E).

BINRO  Riban astronomer who believed that the lights in the skies were stars and not ice crystals, and that the climactic changes on Ribos were caused the planet's elliptical orbit and not by the war between the Sun Gods and the Ice Gods.  Dubbed an heretic, Binro had his hands broken and was forced to live as a beggar.  He was killed by one of the Graff Vynda-K's men, but thanks to Unstoffe, he died knowing he had been right all along (5A).

BIRKETT (MISS)  Ace's computer studies teacher (7M).

BIROC  Leader of the time-sensitive Tharils.  While prisoner of Rorvik, he manipulated the privateer's ship to bring it and the TARDIS to the zero point between N-space and E-space.  He then escaped through the Gateway into E-Space and advised the Fourth Doctor to let events follow their natural course.  Rorvik eventually destroyed his own ship by trying to blast through the Gateway, thus allowing another Tharil, Lazlo, to free the other Tharils that were prisoners on board.  Romana and K9 Mark II stayed with Biroc to help free the other Tharils from slavery (5S).

BISHAM  He was kept prisoner in one of the Company's correction centres on Pluto because he had found an antidote for PCM gas.  He was freed by Leela and helped the Fourth Doctor and Mandrel overthrow the Company and free the Citizens (4W).

BLACK DALEK  Also known as Dalek Supreme.  The Black Daleks are the Daleks' warlords.  A Black Dalek took part in the 2164 AD invasion of Earth (K).  A Black Dalek ordered an assassination squad to chase the First Doctor through time and space (R).  A Black Dalek inspected the Dalek army hidden on Spiridon (SSS).  A Black Dalek sent Lytton on a raid to free Davros (6P).  Finally, another Black Dalek committed suicide, when the Seventh Doctor showed him the extent of the Daleks' defeat in London in 1963 (7H).  See also GOLD DALEK.

BLACK GUARDIAN  A conceptual entity embodying Darkness and Chaos.  He used the Shadow to stop the Fourth Doctor from claiming Princess Astra of Atrios, the sixth segment of the Key to Time.  After the Doctor defeated the Shadow, he assembled the Key and outwitted the Black Guardian, enabling the White Guardian to restore the universal balance (5F).  The Black Guardian swore revenge against the Doctor and, later, used Turlough to try to kill the Fifth Doctor (6F, 6G).  The White Guardian and the Black Guardian offered Enlightenment, symbolized by a crystal of unknown powers and great value, as the prize to the winner of a planet-spanning space race undertaken by the Eternals.  The Black Guardian hoped that, with such a prize, the Eternals might wreak havoc throughout the Universe.  Instead, the Fifth Doctor won the race but turned down Enlightenment, which was offered to Turlough.  The Black Guardian reminded Turlough that, to get the crystal, he had to kill the Doctor.  But Turlough refused and threw the crystal at the Black Guardian, who vanished in a burst of flames.  However, The White Guardian explained that the Black Guardian would exist as long as he did, and would continue to do so until neither were needed any longer (6H).

BLACK HOLES  The supernova created by Omega collapsed and turned into a black hole trapping the great Solar engineer in a universe of anti-matter (RRR).  Presumably, that black hole was the same black hole then captured by Rassilon, and which became known as the Eye of Harmony, and brought a constant supply of power to Gallifrey (4P).  Omega eventually returned through the Arc of Infinity, a collapsed star (6E).
 The Nimon travelled through space by using black holes created by hymetusite crystals (5L).  Bruchner almost caused the Hyperion III space liner to fall into the black hole of Tartarus (7C).



BLACK POOL  Name given by the Morestrans to the gateway on Zeta Minor which opened onto an anti-matter universe (4H).

BLACK SCORPION (TONG OF THE)  Chinese tong who served Magnus Greel in London.  It was disbanded after the Fourth Doctor defeated the criminal from the 51st Century (4S).


BLACK WALL  Giant cliff which featured the huge, sculpted face of the Fourth Doctor.  It was a three-dimensional illusion protecting Xoanon's ship (4Q).

BLACKBEARD (?-1718)  Real name: Edward Teach (or Thatch).  Notorious pirate.  His fictional counterpart was encountered by the Second Doctor, Jamie and Zoe in the Land of Fiction (UU).

BLADE  Chameleon Tours' chief pilot and controller of the Chameleons' operations at Gatwick Airport.  He was exposed by the Second Doctor.  Eventually, he proved willing to negotiate with the humans, but was arrested by the Director (KK).

BLAKE, JOSIAH  A King's revenuer.  He saved the First Doctor's life by killing Captain Pike in 17th Century Cornwall (CC).
BLAKE, RAY   Corporal in the army task force which fought the Great Intelligence in the London underground.  He was killed by a Yeti's web gun as he fought alongside Colonel Lethbridge-Stewart (QQ).

BLESSED (P.C.)  Liverpool Policeman (V).

BLINOVITCH LIMITATION EFFECT  One of the laws of Time Travel.  It dealt with a traveller meeting his other selves.  It was invoked by the Third Doctor.  The Fifth Doctor used it to explain the energy released when the 1977-Brigadier met the 1983-Brigadier in Mawdryn's ship (6F).

BLOC  As the 21st Century began, countries grouped themselves into Blocs, sometimes at odds with each other (6L).  Later, these grew into Zones (PP).

BLOCK TRANSFER COMPUTATIONS  Method of modelling space/time events through pure calculation.  The Logopolitans were masters of Block Transfer Computations, and used them to copy Earth's Pharos Project and to create Charged Vacuum Emboitements to get rid of entropy and prolong the life of the Universe (5V).  The Master used Adric to create Castrovalva through Block Transfer Computations (5Z).

BLOOD  Creatures who fed on blood included the Screamers of Desperus (V), the Ogri (5C), the Somno-Moths from Eden (5K), the Great Vampire and his ilk (5P), the Tetraps (7D) and the Haemovores (7M).

BLOODAXE  12th Century Wessex brigand and Irongron's second in command.  He fought the Third Doctor and presumably died when Linx' spaceship blew up (UUU).

BLOR  Queen Thalira of Peladon's Champion.  He was killed by Eckersley's Aggedor projector/heat ray device (YYY).

BLUCHER  Early steam-powered engine built by George Stephenson and used by the Sixth Doctor in his fight against the Master and the Rani (6X).

BLUE CRYSTAL  One of the perfect crystals of Metebelis 3.  It had the power to clear minds and amplify power.  The crystals of Metebelis 3 were responsible for the mutation of the Spiders.  They were also, to a degree, radioactive.  The Third Doctor picked up the Blue Crystal during his first visit to Metebelis Three.  It proved useful to cancel BOSS's mind control and enabled the Third Doctor to free Stevens' mind (TTT).  Afterwards, the Doctor gave the Blue Crystal to Jo Grant and Prof. Clifford Jones as a wedding present.  Jo eventually sent it back to the Doctor because the Amazonian natives were afraid of it.  The Great One of Metebelis 3 sent its Spiders to Earth because it wanted the Blue Crystal back to increase its mental power to infinity.  Instead, it destroyed her (ZZZ).


BLYTHE, JANE  Royal navy third officer and Captain Hart's secretary.  She helped the Third Doctor fight the Sea Devils (LLL).

BO  One of the Xeron rebels (Q).

BOAZ  Guerilla from an alternate 22nd Century, where the Daleks had successfully invaded Earth after World War Three.  He, Shura and Anat travelled back in time to kill diplomat Sir Reginald Styles, not realizing that it was their actions which caused the war.  His behaviour caused UNIT to call in the Third Doctor.  He eventually sacrificed himself to destroy the Daleks (KKK).

BOER WAR  A Boer army was kidnapped by the Warlords, using time technology stolen from the Time Lords.  The soldiers went on to take part in the War Games, until these were brought to a stop by the Second Doctor's intervention (ZZ).

BOHR, NIELS (1885-1962)  Danish physict and major contributor to the development of quantum physics.  One of the eleven geniuses kidnapped by the Rani to make up her giant Brain.  He was rescued by the Seventh Doctor, who returned him to his exact place in time and space (7D).

BOK  Gargoyle animated by the Daemon Azal's psionic powers.  It was eventually destroyed by UNIT (JJJ).

BOLLIT  One of the alien tourists who crashlanded in Wales in 1959.  She was killed by the Bannermen (7F).

BONARCHA ANARDA  Planet where, according to the Fourth Doctor, there were methane-catalysing refineries in every town (5E).
BONAR LAW  Conservative politician who made Skinsale nervous (4Y).

BOOKS OF KNOWLEDGE  Moby Dick, The Water Babies and The UK Habitats of the Canadian Goose were the three Books of Knowledge which survived the fireball and were kept at the UK Habitat on Ravolox (7A).

BOR  One of the Vanir.  He was the first to discover that Terminus's remaining engine was unstable, and was wounded while trying to repair it.  He and the other Vanir stayed on Terminus to help Nyssa run it as a real hospital (6G).

BORAD, THE  Karfelon scientist once called "Mad" Megelen.  He had been reported by the Third Doctor to the Inner Sanctum for his unethical experiments on the Morlox (in an unrecorded adventure).  Megelen later accidentally sprayed himself with M-80 while conducting further, unauthorized experiments on the Morlox.  As a result, he turned into a half-Karfelon, half-Morlox, gaining superior strength, powers and longevity.  He became known as the Borad and took over Karfel after killing the Maylin Makrif.  He used Kontron crystals to dabble in time research, designing a time acceleration beam and a time tunnel called "Timelash", which he used to banish the rebels to his rule.  He also cloned himself.  The Borad secretly planned to murder all the Karfelons by causing a war with their neighbors, the Bandrils.  He then planned to repopulate Karfel with creatures like himself, starting with Peri.  The Sixth Doctor used a Kontron Time Crystal to kill one of the Borad's clone.  He then made peace with the Bandrils.  Soon afterwards, the Doctor pushed the real Borad into the Timelash.  The Borad was transported to 12th Century Scotland, near Inverness.  He took residence in Loch Ness.  Presumably he was killed by the Zygons and their Skarasen when they took over the Loch in 1676 AD (6Y).

BORG  Crewmember of the Sandminer.  He thought the Fourth Doctor and Leela were ore raiders.  He was killed by the Robots of Death (4R).

BORKAR  One of Karlton's men (V).

BORLASE (DR.)  He surveyed the circle of the Stones of Blood in 1754 AD.  One of the stones fell on him and killed him (5C).

BORS  One of the criminals imprisoned on Desperus.  He tried to take over the First Doctor's ship, the Spar 7-40, but was felled by a stun charge (V).

BORUSA  Cardinal of the Time Lords and one of the most powerful figures in their history.  He was once the Doctor's (and presumably the Master's, the Rani's and Drax's) teacher at the Time Lord Academy.  According to the Doctor, he supposedly said "Only in mathematics will you find the truth".  A consummate politician, Borusa was, and undoubtedly always had been, one of the major movers in Gallifreyan politics.  He was very much concerned by the proprieties, legalities and appearances of things.  When the Fourth Doctor saved Gallifrey from the Master and Chancellor Goth, Borusa ordered Castellan Spandrell to prepare a cover-up story for the general poulation (4P).  Soon afterwards, a regenerated Borusa became Chancellor and helped the Fourth Doctor when Gallifrey was invaded by the Vardans and the Sontarans.  He came to express a grudging respect for his former pupil and surrendered the true Great Key of Rassilon, which enabled the Doctor to tap the power of Harmony to power the Demat Gun.  He was then made President of the High Council of Gallifrey in place of the Doctor (4Z).
 However, when Omega threatened to return to our universe by taking over the Fifth Doctor's body, a once-again regenerated Borusa did not let his sentiments interfere and voted to condemn the Doctor to death (6E).  Borusa regenerated again (which may have unbalanced his mind) and fell victim to a megalomaniacal passion.  He decided he wanted to rule forever and acquire the true immortality once promised by Rassilon.  In order to break through the Tomb of Rassilon, he used the Five Doctors and their companions, pitting them against various threats in the Death Zone.  Rassilon finally gave him the immortality he sought by turning him into a living statue (6K).

BOSCAWEN  British village where the alien Cessair of Diplos lived (5C).

BOSS (BIMORPHIC ORGANISATIONAL SYSTEMS SUPERVISOR) Global Chemicals computer.  BOSS was the first computer to be linked to a human brain -- that of Dr. Stevens.  From this, he learned that the secret of human success was inefficiency and illogicality.  BOSS then programmed Stevens to add those features to himself, and became sentient and self-controlling, not to mention megalomaniacal.  After the Green Death fiasco at the Llanfairfach Refinery, BOSS tried to take over the world, but was thwarted by the Third Doctor and UNIT.  The Third Doctor used the Blue Crystal to free Stevens, who destroyed BOSS (TTT).

BOSTOCK  Orcini's squire.  He was killed by one of Davros' Daleks after shooting off Davros's hand during the attack on Tranquil Repose (6Z).

BOSUN  Name attributed to one of the crew of the Mary Celeste (R).

BOTCHERBY, OSCAR  Butterfly collector, would-be actor and manager of La Piranella restaurant in Seville.  He and his girl-friend Anita helped the Sixth Doctor uncover Chessene's plans.  He was killed by Shockeye (6W).

BOVEM  Deputy Director of Dulkis.  He refused to believe that the Dominators were a threat to his planet (TT).

BOW SHIPS  Vessels designed by Rassilon to destroy the alien vampires.  They were swift spacecraft that fired bolts of steel to transfix the vampires through the heart (5P).

BOWMAN  Leading telegraphist at Captain Hart's navy base (LLL).


BOZE  One of General Chellak's men.  He was killed by the Magma Beast (6R).

BRAGEN  Treacherous head of security and rebel leader of the Vulcan colony.  He was exposed by the Second Doctor.  He tried to take over the colony with the help of the Daleks, which had been repowered by Lesterson, but they turned against the humans.  Bragen was eventually killed by Valmar (LL).

BRAIN TRANSFORMER  Device used by Crozier to enhance the size of the brain.  Eventually, its effect proved deadly to Lord Kiv (7B).

BRAINQUARTERS  Slang word used by the Kangs to designate their headquarters (7E).

BRAINS  The First Doctor fought the Brains who ruled Morphoton on Marinus; they were destroyed by Barbara Wright (E).  The Animus who controlled the Zarbi was like a giant spider-brain (N).  The Master-Brain of the Land of Fiction was a computer linked to a brain (UU).  The Mind Parasite, who fed on evil, was an alien brain (FFF).  Axos functioned as a giant brain (GGG).  The brain of the renegade Time Lord Morbius had been preserved by Solon (4K).  The Xeraphin had amalgamated into one, single collective intelligence (6C).  Crozier had invented a Brain Transformer which he used to enhance the Mentors' brains (7B).  Kroagnon's brain was secretly buried in Paradise Towers' basement after he tried to prevent people from living in his creation (7E).  The Daleks (q.v.) themselves were little more than brains with vestigial limbs inside a casing.
 The Rani kidnapped eleven of the greatest intellects of the universe: Bohrs, Centos, Darwin, Einstein, Panato and Pasteur, and combined them into a giant, made-up Brain.  She plotted to launch a Loyhargil rocket to blow up an asteroid made out of Strange Matter.  The resulting explosion would have turned the Brain into a planet-sized Time Manipulator with which she could have recreated the universe.  The Rani added the Seventh Doctor to the Brain, but he induced schizophrenia in it.  After the Rani's defeat, the Doctor tranported each of the geniuses back to his proper place in time and space (7D).

BRANWELL  Air force Major and squadron leader who fought the Cybermen Invasion (VV).

BRAUN  One of Prof. Sorenson's Morestran crew killed on Zeta Minor by the anti-matter creatures (4H).

BRAXIATEL COLLECTION  Alien art gallery (5H).

BRAZEN  Captain Revere's second-in-command and Chief Orderly of the human colony on Frontios.  He was obssessed with maintaining law and order and, at first, hampered the Fifth Doctor's investigations.  He later changed his mind and was killed by the Tractators' excavating machine (6N).

BREAK OUTS  The first Break Out occurred at the end of the 21st Century just after man had discovered faster than light propulsion (5K).  The Second (or Great) Break Out occurred at the end of the 50th Century and early in the 51st Century (4T, 4Q), when Earth had become increasingly polluted and had just emerged from the Supreme Alliance's wars (4S).  Also see FASTER THAN LIGHT and LOST SHIPS.

BRENDON  British public school attended by Turlough.  After his retirement from UNIT, the Brigadier worked there as a mathematics teacher.  In 1977, during the Mawdryn affair, Tegan visited the school.  The Fifth Doctor saw it in 1983 (6F).   Soon afterwards, the Brigadier left Brendon to enjoy true retirement with Doris (7N).

BRETT (PROF.)  Scientist who designed and engineered WOTAN, he was hypnotized by his creation, but survived the crisis (BB).

BRENT  Gia Kelly's assistant (XX).


BREWSTER  Lord Cranleigh's butler (6A).

BRIDGE  Citadel from which the Captain controlled the vast transmat engines which enabled Zanak to travel through space.  It also housed Xanxia's time dams and the Captain's trophy room.  It was blown up by the Fourth Doctor and the Mentiads (5B).

BRIDGE OF PERPETUAL MOTION  One of Kroagnon's buildings (7E).
BRIGGS  Captain of a 26th Century space freighter which had been infiltrated by the Cybermen.  The Cybermen planned to crash her ship on Earth to destroy an Alliance conference.  They were thwarted by Adric and the Fifth Doctor.  Briggs escaped to safety in the TARDIS (6B).

BRIGGS  Person to whom Richard Maynarde owed some money (7K).

BRIGGS, BENJAMIN  Captain of the Mary-Celeste (R).

BRIGGS, BRIAN  Samantha's brother, whose identity was taken over by the Chameleons on an alleged tour to Rome (KK).

BRIGGS, SAMANTHA  After her brother, Brian, was taken over by the Chameleons, Samantha Briggs tipped off the Police who sent Inspector Gascoigne to Gatwick Airport to investigate.  She then teamed up with the Second Doctor to expose and defeat the aliens (KK).

BRIGGS, SARAH  Captain Briggs' wife (R).

BRIGGS, SOPHIA MATILDA  Captain Briggs' daughter (R).

BRIGHT, THOMAS (REVEREND)  He surveyed the circle of the Stones of Blood in 1820 AD (5C).

BRIGHTON  Seaside resort on the South Coast of England.  The Fourth Doctor and Romana stopped there before travelling to the Leisure Hive.  K9 was damaged by sea water (5N).  Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart and Doris once spent some romantic time in a Brighton hotel (ZZZ).

BRIODE NEBULIZER  Component of the Kartz-Reimer transference module removed by the Sixth Doctor (6W).

BRISBANE  Magnus Greel was known as the Butcher of Brisbane (4S).

BRITANNICUS BASE  British base which tried to use the Ioniser to halt the ice's progress in 3000 AD.  It was under the command of Clent.  It was later invaded by Varga's Ice Warriors, and saved by the Second Doctor (OO).

BRITISH INSTITUTE OF DRUIDIC STUDIES (BIDS)  De Vries' group, which served Cessair (5C).

BRITISH ROCKET GROUP  British space research establishment during the late 1950s and early 1960s, run by Prof. Bernard Quatermass.  It was known to Rachel Jensen and Allison Williams (7H).

BROCK, AUGUSTUS  Earth tour agent who represented Argolis' interests.  He and his lawyer, Klout, were impersonated by members of the West Lodge Foamasi, who tried to pressure Mena to sell the Leisure Hive to the Foamasi.  Brock was finally exposed by a Foamasi Investigator.  He later escaped, but his ship was blown up by the Argolins (5N).

BROKEN TOOTH  Katryca's Councillor.  He once lived in the UK Habitat and was Balazar's friend.  He was saved from the Cullings by Merdeen and went to the surface to join the Free.  He was killed by Drathro when he and Katryca invaded the Habitat (7A).

BROMLEY  One of the Inferno project's technicians attacked by Slocum.  He mutated into a Primord (DDD).

BRONZE AGE BURIALS IN GLOUCESTERSHIRE  Book authored by Prod. Emilia Rumford (5C).

BROOK  Warmongering Earth congressman from the 26th Century who favored strong retaliation against the perceived Draconian attacks (QQQ).

BROOKS  One of Lieutenant Scott's men (6B).

BROTADAC  Gaztak lieutenant and General Grugger's second-in-command.  He was hired by Meglos to bring him an Earthling (George Morris) and then attack Tigella so Meglos could steal the Dodecahedron.  The Gaztaks eventually betrayed Meglos and were outsmarted by the Fourth Doctor.  Brotadac perished in Zolfa-Thura's explosion (5Q).


BROTHERS OF DEMNOS  Cult of Demnos worshippers supposed to have died out in the 3rd Century, but still active in San Martino in 15th Century Italy.  Its leader was Hieronymous.  It was taken over by the Mandragora Helix, and presumably disbanded by Giuliano after the Fourth Doctor banished the evil energy entity (4M).

BROTON  Warlord of the Zygons.  When he learned that the Zygon homeworld had been destroyed in a stellar explosion, and that his people's space fleet was looking for a new home, he decided to conquer Earth.  He used the Skarasen to sink three oil rigs and impersonated the Duke of Forgill to destroy a World Energy Conference.  His plans were thwarted by the Fourth Doctor and he was killed by the Brigadier (4F).

BROWN, PERPUGILLIAM (PERI)  Companion to both the Fifth and Sixth Doctors.  She was an American whom the Fifth Doctor met on a Greek island where her stepfather, Prof. Foster, had just located a Trion artefact.  She then travelled with the Fifth Doctor to Sarn, where she helped him defeat the Master.  She was infected with raw spectrox on Androzani Minor, and the Fifth Doctor sacrificed his life to give Peri the antidote.  She watched him regenerate and had to put up with the mood swings which immediately followed the regeneration.  She aided the Sixth Doctor defeat Mestor and the Cybermen.  On Varos, she was almost transmogrified into a bird and helped the Doctor defeat Sil.  She then helped him fight the Master and the Rani.  She encountered the Doctor's Second Incarnation and Jamie, and helped the two Doctors defeat the Sontarans.  She then fought alongside the Doctor against the Borad, Davros and his Daleks, and Drathro on Ravolox.  On Thoros-Beta, she was captured by the Mentors and almost killed by Crozier when he tried transferring Kiv's mind into her body.  (The Valeyard used a doctored version of this event, in which Peri was actually killed, during the Trial of the Doctor.)  In reality, Peri was saved by King Yrcanos of Krontep, whom she later married (6Q-7C)

BROWNROSE (MR.)  Pompous civil servant who asked UNIT to look into a mysterious wave of deaths by asphyxiation.  In reality, it had been caused by Nestene-controlled plastic items (EEE).

BRUCE, DONALD  Head of World Security apppointed by Salamander.  He was basically an honest man, and eventually helped the Second Doctor expose and defeat Salamander (PP).

BRUCHNER  One of Prof. Lasky's assistants.  He was partly responsible for the creation of the Vervoids.  When he realized the extent of the Vervoids' threat, he tried to destroy the Hyperion III space liner by causing it to plunge into the Black Hole of Tartatus.  He was killed by the Vervoids' poison gas (7C).

BRUNNER  Member of the Karfelon Inner Sanctum.  He served the Borad.  He tried to push the Sixth Doctor into the Timelash, but instead was himself consigned to that fate by Mykros (6Y).

BRUS  Planet incorporated into Tryst's CET (5K).

BRYSON  Gullible UNIT private who helped the Third Doctor during the Dinosaur Invasion (WWW).

BUCCANEER  Name of Captain Wrack's ship (6H).

BUCKINGHAM, JENNIFER (LADY)  British WVS officer and ambulance driver who believed she was fighting against the Germans in World War I in 1917, near Ypres.  In reality, she was part of the War Games.  With Lt. Carstairs, she helped the Second Doctor, Jamie and Zoe defeat the War Lords.  She was eventually returned to her proper place in time and space by the Time Lords (ZZ).

BUDAPEST  Capital of Hungary and location of Alexander Denes' headquarters (PP).

BULIC  Lieutenant of Sea Base Four.  He helped the Fifth Doctor fight the Silurians and the Sea Devils (6L).

BULLER, JOSEPH ALFRED  London cabdriver whose wife, Emma, had been kidnapped by Li H'Sen Chang.  Her life essence had been stolen by Magnus Greel.  He was murdered by Mr. Sin (4S).

BULLER, EMMA  London woman kidnapped by Li H'Sen Chang.  Her life essence had been stolen by Magnus Greel (4S).

BUNKER  Kaled citadel where Davros planned the creation of the Daleks (4E).

BUREAU OF POPULATION CONTROL  Official organization from 26th-century Earth (QQQ).

BURNING ONE  Nimrod's term of reverence for Light (7Q).

BURNS  British army Sergeant-Major who believed he was fighting against the Germans in World War I in 1917, near Ypres, under Major Barrington.  In reality, he was part of the War Games.  He was eventually returned to his proper place in time and space by the Time Lords (ZZ).

BURTON, BURTON  Welsh manager of the Shangri-La holiday camp.  He helped the Seventh Doctor defeat Gavrok's Bannermen, who were pursuing Queen Delta of the Chimerons, in particular, by arranging for the young Chimeron Princess' ultrasonic powers to be broadcast over Shangri-La's public address system (7F).

BUS CONDUCTOR  Murderous robot designed by Bellboy.  It guarded the original hippy bus which took the Psychic Circus to Segonax and the Gods of Ragnarok's medallion which cured Kingpin.  It was first disabled by the Seventh Doctor, and later destroyed by Ace (7J).

BUSH, MELANIE  Companion to both the Sixth and Seventh Doctors.  She originally came from Pease Pottage, Sussex, and had virtually total recall memory.  She met the Sixth Doctor in an unrecorded adventure.  Afterwards, she very likely experienced a number of other unrecorded adventures, which later became part of an alternate time line, after the Sixth Doctor was pulled out of time and space to be tried by a corrupt Time Lord High Council.  The only recorded adventure of that period was introduced as evidence by the Doctor at his Trial.  It showed the Doctor and Mel rematerializing aboard the Hyperion III space liner en route from Mogar to Earth.  There, they helped save its crew from the Vervoids.  The Master then pulled Mel out of time and space and sent her (with Sabalom Glitz) to the Trial to help the Doctor defeat the Valeyard.  Soon afterwards, the Rani caused the Doctor's TARDIS to crash on Lakertya, causing him to regenerate.  Mel then helped the Seventh Doctor defeat the Rani.  She fought alongside him against Kroagnon, Gavrok and his Bannermen and Kane, the evil master of Iceworld.  There, she met Ace, and Glitz again, and helped find the Dragonfire.  She then decided to go with Glitz on the Nosferatu II (7C-7G).

BUSINESS  Throughout Earth history, the Doctor has come across traders and businessmen, some good, others evil.  The First Doctor met some in Ancient Rome (M), in Palestine (P), in Asia, where he met Venetian trader Marco Polo (D), and in Tombstone, Arizona (Z).  In 1650 AD, the First Doctor exposed a ring of smugglers on the Cornish Coast (CC).  In 1746 AD, the Second Doctor put an end to Gray's slave traffic (FF).
 During the 20th Century, the First Doctor ran afoul of the evil industrialiat Forester (J).  The Second Doctor saved the Euro-Sea Gas Corporation from the Weed (RR) and fought Tobias Vaughn's International Electromatics (VV).  The Third Doctor exposed the Auton takeover of Autoplastics, Ltd (AAA) and Rex Farrel's plastics company (EEE) and fought Global Chemicals (TTT).  The Fourth Doctor encountered a number of successful, yet misguided businessmen, such as Harrison Chase (4L), Lord Palmerdale (4V) and Dr. Fendelman (4X).  Scaroth the Jagaroth had commissioned Da Vinci to paint several Mona Lisas in order to raise money to finance his time travel experiments (5H).  While stranded on Earth by the Daleks, Lytton took up a career of bank robbery (6T).
 In the future, Earth's multi-planetary corporations thrived, displaying a ruthlessness in the pursuit of their business objectives which made them formidable foes.  Anong those were the Issigri Mining Company (YY), the Interplanetary Mining Corporation (HHH), the company which owned the refinery on Delta Magna's moon (5E), Terminus, Inc. (6G) and the Sirius Conglomerate (6R).  Other multiplanetary corporations included the company which owned the Sandminer (4R), the Magellan Mining Company (5A), Galactic Salvage (5K), Amorb (6V) and Search-Conv Corporation (7B).
 Crooked businessmen of the future included con artists Garron and Unstoffe (5A), Dymond, the Vraxoin smuggler (5K), slave trader Rorvik (5S), Sabalom Glitz (7C, 7G) and Iceworld operator Kane (7G).
 Earth corporations had business competitors with cunning and rapacity to match their own, such as the Mentors of Thoros-Beta (6V, 7B) who used the Galatron Corporation to try to corner the market on Zyton-7 (6V).  Much later, the Usurian-run Company moved mankind to Mars, then to Pluto, around which it had built six artificial suns (4W).
 Among alien planets run as a businesses were the Leisure Hive (5N), the mortuary planet of Nekros (6Z) and the Iceworld trading post of Svartos (7G).

BUTCHER, THE  Nickname of General Smythe (ZZ).

BUTCHER (OF BRISBANE)  Nickname of Magnus Greel (4S).

BUTIU  Amazonian Indians who disfigured George Cranleigh because he had stolen a Black Orchid (6A).

BUTLER  Former London fireman who acted as Sir Charles Grover's henchman during the Dinosaur Invasion.  He was presumably arrested after the Third Doctor stopped Operation Golden Age (WWW).