D5 GAMMA Z ALPHA  Skaro's identification in the Movellan star charts (5J).

D84  Robot who masqueraded as a Dum, but was actually a semi-sentient Super-Voc sent aboard the Sandminer with Poul to look for Taren Capel.  He helped the Fourth Doctor expose Dask and sacrificed his life to save the Time Lord's (4R).

DA VINCI, LEONARDO (1452-1519)  Italian painter, sculptor, architect, engineer, whose genius epitomized the Renaissance.  About 1503 AD, the Fourth Doctor and Sarah Jane Smith defeated the Mandragora Helix in the Dukedom of San Martino, Italy, and helped save Leonardo Da Vinci's life and the Renaissance (4M).  A few years later, the same Doctor met one of Scaroth's twelve splinters, Captain Tancredi, in Leonardo Da Vinci's house.  The Jagaroth had commisioned the painter to create several Mona Lisas, in order to enable his future self to finance his time travel experiments (5H).  The Meddling Monk claimed to have met Leonardo and discussed the possibilities of powered flight with him (S).

DAD  Human avatar of one of the three Gods of Ragnarok at the Psychic Circus (7J).

DAEMONS  Immensely powerful aliens from Demos, who looked like giant, goat-like, horned humanoids, and were masters of psionic science.  They arrived on Earth circa 100,000 BC, and started mankind on the road to civilization.  It is likely that the Daemons were partly responsible for the mysterious extinction of the Neanderthals and their replacement by early modern humans.  The Daemons made a deep and everlasting impression on the native cavemen, and contributed to shaping their mythology.  The Daemons revisited Earth at irregular intervals to check on the results of their evolutionary experiments.  When they finally departed, the Daemons left one of their own, Azal, behind, in a miniaturized, suspended animation state to eventually judge mankind and pass on his power.  Azal was summoned back to life by the Master, but was eventually defeated by Jo Grant's willingness to sacrifice her own life to save that of the Third Doctor (JJJ).

DAHEER, BEN  A merchant of Jaffa (P).

DAILY CHRONICLE  Newspaper which published an article about the Third Doctor's non-human origins during his stay at Ashbridge Cottage Hospital (AAA).

DAKO  One of the Xeron rebels who fought the Moroks alongside the First Doctor in the Space Museum (Q).

DALE (PROF.)  Notorious member of the Earth Peace Party, opposed to war with the Draconians, and kept prisoner on the Luna Penal Colony.  He and the Third Doctor were almost killed by Cross when they tried to escape (QQQ).


DALEKENIUM (a.k.a. DALEKANIUM)  Very dense, synthetic substance presumably created by Davros and used in the making of the Daleks' mobile casings.  Under certain conditions, it is also a powerful explosive (KKK).

DALEKS  Created by Davros, the Daleks were the mutated descendants of the Kaleds (a.k.a. Dals), one of the two races living on the planet Skaro.  The Daleks lived inside a mobile casing which was equipped with sensor discs, a unique iris and lens, a sucker-stick arm and a special extermination weapon.  Their natural form appeared to be small, green, blob-like, octopods with claws.  They had one purpose: to exterminate all other life-forms and become the dominant species in the universe.  The Emperor Dalek was the supreme Dalek leader.  Mention was made of a Dalek Council, presumably reporting to the Emperor.  Beneath it were warlords such as the Black or Gold Daleks.
 The Daleks' history is subject to different interpretations.  It is said that the Daleks began as a humanoid race first known as Dals, then later as Kaleds, on planet Skaro.  Their enemies were the Thals, with whom they engaged in fierce warfare, lasting a thousand years, culminating with the neutronic wars which destroyed most of Skaro and made it radioactive.  The Kaled scientist Davros studied and further developed some of the mutations resulting from the wars, then created a mobile casing for them and christened his new creatures Daleks.  The Daleks' mobile casing was based on Davros's own life support chair.  Earlier versions were powered by static electricity.  Later versions used various forms of energy, including solar power.
 The Time Lords sent the Fourth Doctor to Skaro to stop the development of the Daleks, but he failed, succeeding only in entombing them in the Kaled bunker, after they had turned against their creator (4E).
 Later, some crippled Kaled survivors discovered the remnants of Davros' early experiments and mutated themselves into new Daleks.  The First Doctor met the new Daleks in the Dalek City and foiled their attempt to destroy the surviving Thals by increasing Skaro's radiation levels.  Those new Daleks presumably perished when the Thals destroyed their power controls (B).
 The original Daleks ultimayely resurfaced and took over Skaro, driving the Thals in exile.  Their ruthlessness enabled them to conquer their space sector.  Mankind's slow but steady space expansion attracted the Daleks' attention.  By 2160 AD, the Daleks launched a secret plan to invade Earth.  First, they spread virulent plagues through a swarm of meteorites.  As a result, the solar system was quarantined by the other human colonies.  The Daleks struck in 2164 AD, invading an almost depopulated Earth.  Any attempt at space intervention was firmly dealt with by the Daleks' space fleet.  This became known as the First Dalek War.  The Daleks planned to extract Earth's molten core and turn the planet into a giant spaceship.  But, in 2167 AD, the First Doctor, Susan, Ian Chesterton and Barbara Wright helped freedom fighters Dortmun, Tyler and David Campbell defeat the invaders (K).
 (The same invasion succeeded on a parallel Earth where World War Three had occurred, but was eventually erased from the time continuum when the Third Doctor prevented the death of 20th Century diplomat, Sir Reginald Styles (KKK).)
 Some Daleks who had survived this First Dalek War crashed on Vulcan and later tried to take over the human colony there, but were defeated by the Second Doctor, Ben Jackson and Polly (EE).
 Earth fought the Daleks again after they tried to blackmail the galaxy by controlling the only supply of parrinium (a mineral found only on Exxilon), the cure to a space plague, which the Daleks had probably started.  They were thwarted by the Third Doctor, Sarah Jane Smith and Earth's Marine Space Corps (XXX).  Once the Daleks' role in  the space plague became known, several galactic races (including the Draconians), probably stirred up by the exiled Thals, united to attack and punish the Daleks.  Thus was born the Alliance.  The war that ensued became known as the Second Dalek War.  The Daleks were then driven from Skaro, which was retaken by the Thals.  The Daleks were forced to relocate to another world which, out of pride, they christened Skaro (herein dubbed "Skaro II").
 Circa 2540 AD, the Daleks decided that their best tactic would be to create a split between the Alliance's two most powerful members: Earth and Draconia.  They engaged the services of the Master to foment a war between the humans and the Draconians, even offering him the use of their Ogron slaves.  But the Master's scheme was exposed and defeated by the efforts of the Third Doctor and Jo Grant (QQQ).
 The Daleks then plotted to attack the Alliance with the secret of invisibility and a 10,000-strong Dalek army, kept frozen on Spiridon.  The Third Doctor and Jo, with the help of a Thal commando unit that had been monitoring the Daleks' moves from Skaro, thwarted them again (SSS).  The Thals notified the Alliance of the Daleks' activities, and the Alliance struck back, leading to the Third Dalek War.  At one point during this war, a Dalek casing was put on exhibit in the Moroks' Space Museum, and provided a hiding place for the First Doctor (Q).  Also, a Dalek was used by Borusa as a pawn in the Game of Rassilon (6K).
 The Daleks eventually took advantage of the Alliance's slow disintegration during the 26th Century to launch an attack on Skaro.  They succeeded in exterminating most of the Thals, but the planet itself was turned into a bombed-out ruin of no further use to them -- or so they thought.  Towards the end of the 26th Century, the Daleks encountered the equally aggressive robotic Movellans, which they could not crush.  Caught between the still powerful Alliance and the undefeated Movellans, the Daleks felt trapped.  So, as the 27th Century began, they returned to Skaro to recover their long-buried creator, Davros.  But their efforts were thwarted by the Fourth Doctor and Romana.  Davros was taken to Earth where he was sentenced to life in suspended animation (5J).
 Deprived of Davros' help, the Daleks lost their war against the Movellans, who used a special virus to decimate them.  While striving to defeat the Movellans, the Daleks had become aware of the Time Lords' existence and discovered the rudiments of time travel technology, involving the use of time corridors.  Ninety years after Davros' trial, the Daleks hired Lytton to free Davros from the space penitentiary where he was kept.  They also captured the Fifth Doctor and plotted to use him against the Time Lords, who had presumably tried to stop the Daleks' discovery of time travel.  The Doctor defeated the Daleks but Davros escaped, now intent on creating new Daleks, subservient only to him (6P).
  Davros secretly relocated to Nekros where, posing as the Great Healer, he used the bodies stored in the mortuary known as Tranquil Repose to create his own White (or Imperial) Daleks.  But he was exposed and defeated by the Sixth Doctor.  Davros was taken back to Skaro II by the Daleks (6Z).
 Davros presumably escaped, since he and the Daleks fought again in or about 2963 AD.  The two camps used their time corridor technology to travel back in time to 1963 London to capture the Hand of Omega.  As a result of the Seventh Doctor's intervention, both Dalek races were utterly devastated.  Either Skaro's, or Skaro II's, sun was destroyed.  However, Davros, who had already taken to calling himself the Emperor Dalek, escaped (7H).
 A long period of inactivity ensued.  Sometime between the 32nd and 38th Centuries, the Daleks restored Skaro (or Skaro II?)  to its former glory.  They also refined their time travel technology.  Using taranium, they were now able to build crude time machines.  One of their first enterprises was to send an exterminating team to chase the First Doctor, Vicki, Ian and Barbara through time and space.  The Dalek squad was eventually destroyed by the Mechanoids (Q).
 Circa 4000 AD, the Daleks again tried to take over the Solar System which they perceived (possibly blinded by their centuries-old feud with mankind) as the Federation's lynchpin.  This time, they allied themselves with other space races (including Galaxy 5).  This became known as the Fourth Dalek War.
 The Dalek invasion plans were first discovered on planet Kembel by Space Security Agent Marc Cory, who was murdered by the Daleks (T/A).
 Soon afterwards, the First Doctor, Steven Taylor and Katarina arrived on Kembel, and discovered a tape left by Cory.  With the help of another space Security Agent, Bret Vyon, they decided to warn Earth of the impending Dalek attack, and of the treachery of Mavic Chen, the Guardian of the Solar System.  Chen had given the Dalek the replacement taranium they needed to activate their supreme weapon: the Time Destructor.
 The time travellers stole the Daleks' taranium core, and fled Kembel.  In the course of their escape, Katarina sacrificed herself to save her companions.  Bret Vyon was killed by his sister, Sara Kingdom, who later found out the truth and helped the Doctor.  When the Time Destructor was finally activated, it was on Kembel, which put a stop to the Dalek invasion.  Unfortunately, its deadly effects also killed Sara Kingdom (V).
 Presumably, the Federation then retaliated, and the Daleks were again driven back to Skaro, their power and influence severely curtailed.
 A Century or so later, however, the Daleks managed to obtain some more taranium, and decided again to use their time travel capabilities to attack Earth.  By then, they were ruled by an Emperor Dalek, who could very well have been Davros, after possibly subjecting himself to further mutations.
 Resorting again to their favorite weapon, the biological one, the Daleks planned to infect humanity with the Dalek factor.  Having detected Prof. Waterfield's early time travel experiments, the Daleks travelled to 1866 AD Earth.  The Emperor's efforts were thwarted by the Second Doctor, Jamie and Victoria Waterfield.  Instead of infecting Mankind, it was the Daleks themselves who became contaminated with the Human Factor.  A "civil war " in which the Dalek race perished erupted on Skaro (LL).
 However, some humanized Daleks may have survived, thereby making the Fourth Doctor's prophecy that eventually a greater good would come of the Daleks' creation come true (4E).  The fact that the Daleks eventually become extinct, thanks mostly to the intervention of the Doctor (often manipulated by the Celestial Intervention Agency), may be evidence of Time Lord intervention.

DALIOS  King of Atlantis who lived for 537 years.  He had realized that the short-term benefits brought to Atlantis by the use of the Kronos Crystal would spell long-term doom, and forbade its use.  His Queen, Galleia, betrayed him to the Master, who overthrew him and had him beaten.  He died in the Third Doctor's arms, having foreseen his kingdom's impending doom (OOO).

DALS  Another name for the original humanoid race from Skaro from which sprang the Daleks (B).  See also KALEDS.

DALY  Retired British major and passenger of the S.S. Bernice.  He was an unwitting prisoner of Vorg's Scope, but was eventually restored to his proper place in space and time by the Third Doctor (PPP).

DALY, CLAIRE  Major Daly's daughter.  She was a passenger of the S.S. Bernice.  She was an unwitting prisoner of Vorg's Scope, but was eventually restored to her proper place in space and time by the Third Doctor (PPP).

DAMON  Atlantis' chief surgeon who converted people into Fish Men.  He eventually reformed (GG).

DAMON  Gallifreyan technician who reported the transmission of the Fifth Doctor's bio data to Omega.  He helped the Doctor expose Omega (6E).

DANIELS, JIM  British astronaut on board the Mars Probe 6 ship who was accidentally killed by a radioactive alien.  His crew-mate was Carrington (CCC).

D'ARGENSON  Frenchman who was trying to escape from the guillotine when he stumbled upon the First Doctor and his Companions (H).


DARKNESS  The concept of Chaos and Darkness were embodied by the Black Guardian (5F, 6F-6H).

DARLINGTON UNIVERSITY  Prof. Hayter worked there (6C).

DARP  Planet incorporated into Tryst's CET (5K).

DARRIUS  Old scientist who was guarding one of the missing Keys in the jungles of Marinus, and who had accelerated its flora's evolution with DE 302 (E).

D'ARTAGNAN  Notorious French swordsman and musketeer.  His fictional counterpart was encountered by the Second Doctor, Jamie, and Zoe in the Land of Fiction (UU).

DARTH  A friend of Ace.  According to Ange, he married Flo (7P).

DARWIN, CHARLES (1809-1882)  English naturalist who first formulated the theory of evolution.  One of the eleven geniuses kidnapped by the Rani to make up her giant Brain.  He was rescued by the Seventh Doctor, who put him back in his exact place in time and space (7D).  Following the publication of his seminal book, On The Origin Of Species, Josiah Samuel Smith wrote several articles endorsing Darwin's views (7Q).

DASK  Chief Fixer of the Sandminer crew.  In reality, he was Taren Capel, a scientist who had been raised by robots and thought of them as his brothers.  He wanted Robots to take control of Mankind, and used a Laserson Probe to reprogram the Robots aboard the Sandminer to kill his crewmates.  He was killed by SV7 when the Fourth Doctor released helium in the atmosphere, changing his voice and therefore making it impossible for the Robot to recognize him (4R).

DASSUK  Subject Guardian enslaved by the Ark's Monoids.  After the Monoids' defeat, he and Venussa led the Humans into making an honorable peace with the Monoids and living in harmony on Refusis (X).

DASTARI, JOINSON  Scientist and head of projects on Space Station J7.  He had technologically augmented Chessene and helped her capture the Second Doctor.  He was prepared to dissect him to obtain the secret of the Rassilon Imprimature, and give Chessene the ability to travel through time.  When he realized she was still a bloodthirsty androgum, he rebelled and refused to kill the Doctor.  Chessene shot him (6W).


DAVEY   One of the Eternals.  He wore the guise of the captain of a 19th Century clipper to engage in a planet-spanning space race, the prize of which was Enlightenment.  His ship was destroyed by Captain Wrack, but he himself returned to eternity (6H).

DAVID  One of Lytton's two bodyguards.  They were disguised as London policemen.  Bill and David came to Earth to capture or kill people who had escaped through the Daleks' time corridor.  They were eventually caught by the Sixth Doctor (6P, 6T).

DAVIDSON, ANN  One of the Chameleons' tour operators (KK).

DAVIS  Arden's assistant.  He was killed in an ice avalanche (OO).

DAVIS  Wenley Moor technician who died of fright while spelunking in the Silurian caves.  His friend Spencer had a nervous breakdown (BBB).

DAVIS  Police constable who investigated Aunt Vanessa's murder (5V).

DAVIS, DAVE  One of Llanfairfach's miners (TTT).
DAVROS  Great, but twisted and crippled, Kaled scientist.  Davros was permanently attached to a mobile, lifesupport chair.  His vision, and probably his other senses as well, were replaced by mechanical aids.  He had also lost the use of his left arm.  Davros was Chief Scientist of the Kaleds and the person responsible for the creation of the Daleks.  He studied and further developed some of the mutations resulting from the Neutronic Wars, then created a mobile casing for them and christened his new creatures Daleks.  The Daleks' mobile casing was based on Davros's own life support chair.
 Davros fought against the Fourth Doctor, who had been sent by the Time Lords to Skaro to stop the creation of the Daleks, and even plotted the destruction of his own people to further his creations.  Davros was eventually blasted by the Daleks, who turned against him, and was left for dead in the Kaled bunker (4E).
 The Daleks brought Davros back to life in the 27th Century, when they needed his help against the robotic Movellans.  But, thanks to the Fourth Doctor's intervention, Davros was captured and sent to Earth to be tried (5J).  Davros was then sentenced to life in suspended animation in a space prison.  Ninety years after his trial, Davros was freed by galactic mercenary Lytton, who had been hired by the Daleks, who again needed their creator's help against a Movellan-designed virus.  Davros then decided to create a new race of Daleks, subservient only to him.  But his plans were thwarted by the Fifth Doctor.  Afflicted with the Movellan virus, Davros was thought to have died in the destruction of the space penitentary (6P).
 However, Davros had survived.  Under the identity of the Great Healer, he took over the Tranquil Repose mortuary on Nekros, where he used human bodies in suspended animation to finally create his own army of White (or Imperial) Daleks.  But the Sixth Doctor defeated him.  Betrayed by an employee of Tranquil Repose, Davros was captured by the Daleks and taken back to Skaro (or Skaro II) (6Z).
 Davros resurfaced again, about 2963 AD.  Leading his White Daleks, and using the identity of the Emperor Dalek, Davros used the Daleks' time corridor technology to travel back in time to 1963 London to capture the Hand of Omega.  There, he fought the regular Daleks, led by a Black Dalek.  As a result of the Seventh Doctor's intervention, both Dalek races were utterly devastated.  Either Skaro's, or Skaro II's, sun was destroyed.  However, Davros escaped again (7H).
 It is possible that Davros finally achieved his dream of reclaiming control over his creations.  The Emperor Dalek of later years may very well have been an evolved version of Davros (LL).

DAVY, HUMPHRY (1778-1829)  Famous English chemist.  He had been invited to a meeting by George Stephenson.  The Master wanted to kidnap him to harness his genius, but was thwarted by the Sixth Doctor (6X).

DAWSON, MOLLY  Theodore Maxtible's maid (LL).

DAWSON, PHYLLIS (MISS)  Dr. Lawrence's assistant at Wenley Moor.  She was fond of Dr. Quinn, who had confided in her his secret relationship with the Silurians.  After Dr. Quinn's death, she told the Third Doctor all she knew about the Silurians (BBB).

DAXTAR  Earthman who owned an experimental plant where Bret Vyon chose to land the Spar 7-40 when he and the First Doctor were trying to stop the Daleks' Masterplan.  Vyon thought Daxtar was his friend, but Daxtar betrayed him to Karlton, and Vyon killed him (V).

DAY OF THE FEAST  Day when the Gundans slew the Tharils (5S).

DE 302  Chemical created by Darrius to accelerate the evolution of Marinus' plants (E).

DE BERGERAC, CYRANO (1619-1655)  Notorious French swordsman, poet and writer. His fictional counterpart was encountered by the Second Doctor, Jamie and Zoe in the Land of Fiction (UU).

DE COLIGNY (1519-1572) Admiral of France and leader of the Huguenots.  Wary of his growing influence on the King, he had been targeted for death by Catherine de Medici.  A first assassination attempt was made against him on 22 August 1572, but failed thanks to Steven and Anne Chaplette's intervention.  De Coligny was killed two days later during the St. Bartholomew's Day Massacre (W).

DE FLORES  Leader of a gang of Nazi refugees in South America.  He had managed to obtain the Silver Nemesis' bow.  After the statue landed back at Windsor, he fought the Seventh Doctor, Lady Peinforte and the Cybermen to gain control of it.  He was killed by the Cybermen (7K).

DE HAAN  Officer aboard the Morestran spaceship sent to Zeta Minor.  He was a member of Vishinsky's landing party, which found the Fourth Doctor.  He was later killed by Sorenson when the scientist turned into a neanderthal-like monster (4H).

DE LACEY, GEOFFREY (SIR)  Ranulf Fitzwilliam's cousin.  He was captured by the Master after he brought news that the real King John was in London.  He was rescued by the Fifth Doctor (6J).

DE LERAN, GASTON  French Huguenot working for Admiral de Coligny.  He refused to believe Steven and Anne Chaplette when they told him of the plot against his master's life (W).

DE MARUN, REYNIER  One of King Richard I's knights.  He was killed during El Akir's ambush (P).

DE MEDICI, CATHERINE (1519-1589)  Queen Mother of France during Charles IX's reign.  Worried about the growing influence of Huguenot leader Admiral de Coligny on the King, she plotted his assassination and, later, the St. Barthlomew's Day Massacre (W).

DE TORNEBU, WILLIAM  One of King Richard I's knights.  He was wounded during El Akir's ambush, but rescued by the First Doctor and his Companions (P).

DE VRIES  Leader of the British Institute for Druidic Studies.  He fought the Fourth Doctor in the service of the alien Cessair of Diplos, and was killed by an Ogri (5C).

DEACTIVATOR  Device assembled by the Fourth Doctor to destroy the robots of Death.  It was used by D84 to save the Doctor's life, at the cost of his own (4R).

DEADBEAT  Brain-damaged labourer at the Psychic Circus. He was revealed to be Kingpin, the Circus' founder (7J).

DEATH ZONE  Early in their history, the Time Lords created the Death Zone, where creatures scooped from various places in time and space were forced to fight for their amusement.  Eventually, Rassilon closed the Death Zone and banned the Time Scoop.  The Tomb of Rassilon was later erected at the center of the Death Zone.  When President Borusa decided he wanted to rule the Time Lords forever, he had to gain the secret of true immortality promised by Rassilon and located in his Tomb.  In order to break through the Tomb of Rassilon, he used the Five Doctors and their companions (Susan, the Brigadier, Sarah Jane Smith, Tegan and Turlough), pitting them against various threats in the Death Zone (such as a Daleks, several Cybermen, a Yeti and the Raston Robot).  Rassilon finally gave him the immortality he sought by turning him into a living statue (6K).

DEAUVILLE  French city on the Channel coast.  Colonel Skinsale lost a large sum of money to Lord Palmerdale in its casino before becoming shipwrecked on Fang Rock (4V).

DECIDERS  Ruling council of three Alzarian citizens, comprised of Draith, Nefred, and Garif.  After Draith's death, the more decisive Login was appointed Decider.  The First Decider (Draith, then Nefred) was the only one who knew the truth about the Alzarians.  He also knew that the Starliner was fully repaired, and ready to leave at any time.  After the Fourth Doctor saved the Alzarians, Garif asked him to become a Decider, but he refused (5R).

DEEDRIX  One of the inner group of Tigellan Savants.  He and Caris helped the Fourth Doctor defeat Meglos, and led their people to reclaim Tigella's surface (5Q).

DEEMSTER SCALE  Scale used to measure storms on Delta Magna (5E).

DEFLECTION BARRIER  Force-field used by Sutekh to seal the Old Priory (4G).

DELL  Alzarian scientist who had studied the events leading to Mistfall (5R).

DELLA  Tryst's assistant on the Volante zoological expedition.  She was in love with her fellow expedition member, Stott.   She was aboard the Empress when it crashed into the Hecate, when both ships emerged from hyperspace above the planet Azure.  After she found that Tryst and Dymond were smuggling vraxoin, she was shot by Dymond, but was rescued by the Fourth Doctor (5K).

DELOS  Greek slave whom Ian met on a Roman galley.  He fought Ian as a gladiator.  Later, he killed Sevcheria, then escaped during the Great Fire and returned to his homeland (M).

DELPHON  According to the Third Doctor, it was a planet where natives used their eyebrows to communicate (AAA).

DELTA  Young queen of the Chimeron.  After her people were exterminated by Gavrok's Bannermen, she managed to escape to the 1959 Welsh holiday camp of Shangri-La, with the egg of a young Chimeron Princess.  There, the Bannermen were thwarted by the Seventh Doctor, Billy and Ray, Goronwy and two U.S. secret agents, Hawk and Weismuller.  They were finally defeated by the young Chimeron Princess' ultrasonic powers, broadcast over Shangri-La's public address system.  Billy, who had ingested a Chimeron substance, mutated and became more like a Chimeron.  He returned to Chimeria with Delta to help her repopulate her planet (7F).

DELTA MAGNA  Planet whose third moon had become a reservation for its green-skinned natives known as "Swampies", who worshipped the god Kroll.  The third moon also housed a methane refinery whose controller, Thawn, tried to exterminate the Swampies.  The Fourth Doctor and Romana defeated Thawn, saved the Swampies, and recovered the fifth segment of the Key to Time which had been swallowed by the gigantic Kroll (5E).

DEMAT GUN  One of the ultimate weapons created by Rassilon to protect Gallifrey.  It was a powerful disintegrator powered by the energy of the Eye of Harmony and activated by the Great Key.  Rassilon had forbidden its use, but the Fourth Doctor recreated it to destroy the Sontarans who had invaded Gallifrey.  After it had been used, the Demat Gun vanished and its knowledge was erased from the Doctor's memory (4Z).

DEMETER SEEDS  Mutant seeds developed by Lasky, Bruchner and Doland.  They could grow on desert sands and yield increased food returns (7C).

DEMNOS  Roman deity worshipped by the Brothers of Demnos.  He required human sacrifices (4M).


DEMOS  Homeworld of the Daemons, supposedly located about sixty thousand light years away from Earth, on the other side of the Milky Way galaxy (JJJ).

DENES, ALEXANDER  Controller of Central European Zone and Giles Kent's last ally in his fight against Salamander.  Salamander had him imprisoned.  He was shot while trying to escape (PP).

DENT  Captain in charge of the Interplanetary Mining Corporation expedition to Exarius.  Because the planet was rich in Duralinium, he was determined to wrest it from Ashe's colonists.  He and his first officer, Morgan, used all kinds of tricks against the colonists, including using a mining robot equipped to simulate lizard attacks, taking hostages, and forcing the colonists, at gunpoint, to take off in a ship likely to explode.  But they were foiled by the Third Doctor, Ashe and, Winton.  Dent and his men were eventually sent back to Earth (HHH).

DEONS  Tigellans who worshipped the god Ti and the Dodecahedron.  They were led by Lexa and were vehemently opposed to any study of the Dodecahedron, or any plans to reclaim the Tigellan surface (5Q).

DEPUTY CHIEF CARETAKER  Right-hand man of the Chief Caretaker of Paradise Towers.  When he came to the realization that Kroagnon had taken over the Chief, he joined forces with the Seventh Doctor, the Kangs, and the Rezzies, to destroy the Great Architect (7E).

DERBYSHIRE  Location of the British atomic research station of Wenley Moor, and of the Silurians' shelters (BBB).

DEREK  One of Ace's friends from Perivale.  He was kidnapped by the Cheetah People, and eventually taken back to Earth by Ace (7P).

DERVEG  One of the Trion agents was a tax inspector on Derveg (6Q).

DERVISH  Space pirate and Caven's lieutenant.  He once worked for Earth, but was caught stealing.  He fought the Second Doctor and perished with his boss when their Beta Dart ship was blown up by the International Space Corps (YY).

DES PREAUX, WILLIAM  One of King Richard I's knights.  To save the King, he impersonated him during El Akir's ambush.  He and Barbara were captured and taken to Saladin, who saw through the imposture (P).

DESPERUS  An Earth prison world where incorrigible criminals were dumped to fend for themselves or die.  The First Doctor crashed there on the Spar 7-40 while trying to stop the Daleks' Masterplan (V).

DESTROYER, THE  Also known as the "Lord of Darkness" or the "Eater of Worlds".  He was a mysterious other-dimensional entity of great magical power.  He was bound in chains of silver by Morgaine, who released him on Earth.  He intended to "devour" the planet, but was shot (and presumably killed) by the Brigadier, who used silver bullets (7N).

DET-SEN  Tibetan monastery which the Doctor first visited in the 17th Century in an unrecorded adventure.  The Second Doctor returned there in the mid-1930s to fight its High Lama, Padmasambhava, whose mind had been taken over by the Great Intelligence, and the robot Yeti (NN).

DEVA LOKA  Beautiful planet inhabited by the peaceful, telepathic Kinda.  The evil Manussan entity known as the Mara used Tegan, then Aris, to try to create chaos by stirring up the natives against an Earth Imperial Expedition Force led by Sanders.  The Mara was banished by the Fifth Doctor and, thanks to Sanders' desire to protect the Kinda, Deva Loka was eventually reclassified as unsuitable for colonization.  In Earth nomenclature, it was known as S14 (5Y).

DEVESHAM  British village copied by the Kraals to serve as testing ground for their android invasion of Earth.  It was near a Space Research Station, later invaded by the Kraals' androids (4J).

DEVIL'S END  Village where Devil's Hump was located (JJJ).

DEVIL'S HUMP  Barrow mound where Azal was buried (JJJ).

DEXETER  Alazarian chief scientist.  He was strangled by the Marshchild as he was preparing to dissect him alive (5R).

DIBBER  Galactic swindler who accompanied Sabalom Glitz to Ravolox.  Their goal was to steal the secrets previously stolen from the Time Lords' Matrix by the Andromedan Sleepers.  He destroyed Drathro's Maglem converter, and unwittingly triggered an explosion that would have endangered the entire universe, if the Sixth Doctor had not stopped it.  After Drathro's destruction, he suggested he and Glitz could make money from selling the converter's siligtone (7A).

DICKS  One of Llanfairfach's miners (TTT).
DIDIUS  Roman slave-trader and Sevcheria's partner (M).

DIDO  Mountainous planet which was sparsely inhabited by a few, peaceful humanoids, and some Sand Beasts.  It was there that the First Doctor, Ian and Barabara rescued Vicki from the murderous Bennett (L).


DIDONIANS (a.k.a. DIDOI)  A gentle, peaceful race of humanoids, who had once been visited by the First Doctor.  Later, most of the Didonians were murdered by Bennett in his mad scheme to save himself from a murder charge.  Two Didonians later reappeared and caused Bennett to fall to his death (L).

DIGBY, RAYMOND  Servant hired by Lady Cranleigh to care for her son, George.  George killed him during a fit of insanity (6A).

DILL, MORTON  American tourist who met the First Doctor on top of the Empire State Building, when the Time Lord and his Companions were being pursued through time and space by the Daleks (R).


DINGLE, MAXWELL (SIR)  Scientist who told Prof. Rubeish that the real Lavinia Smith was in America (UUU).


DINOSAURS  The Third Doctor and UNIT fought dinosaurs who were used by the Silurians to protect their shelters (BBB).  They later fought dinosaurs scooped up by Prof. Whitaker's time device, to help Sir Charles Grover's Operation Golden Age (WWW).  The Third Doctor encountered a plesiosaurus in Vorg's Scope (PPP).  The Sixth Doctor sent the Master and the Rani spinning into the outer fringes of the universe at the mercy of a growing Tyrannosaurus Rex embryo (6X).
 At the end of the Mesozoic (65 million years ago), the Dinosaurs became extinct due to an as yet unknown, cosmic event.  Members of the Silurian species encountered by the Third Doctor blamed it on a sudden change in the Van Allen radiation belt (BBB).  Some theories include other cosmic phenomenon such as movements of the Moon, or of Earth's twin planet, Mondas.  Lastly, the extinction of the Dinosaurs may have been caused by the crash of a space liner from the future (6B).  Also see ANTHROPOLOGY.

DIOMEDI  Fallen Greek warrior impersonated by Steven during the Trojan War (U).

DIOSCUROS  Planet visited by Captain Cook (7J).

DIPLOMACY  The Third Doctor helped rescue the peaceful, radioactive aliens known as "Ambassadors of Death" from General Carrington (CCC).  He also helped save a Chinese delegate from the Master at the World Peace Conference (CCC), and Sir Reginald Styles from the twin menace of the Daleks and guerilla from the future (KKK).  The Third Doctor impersonated an Earth Federation delegate to Peladon (MMM).  During the Earth-Draconian conflict, the Master impersonated a commissioner from Sirius Four; the Draconian Ambassador on Earth was the son of the Draconian Emperor (QQQ).  Erato was sent as the ambassador from Tythonus to Chloris to exchange metals for chlorophyll, but was kept in a Pit by Lady Adrasta (5G).  The Third and Sixth Doctors mediated the conflicts between Karfel and the Bandrils (6Y).

DIPLOS  G-type planet in the Tau Ceti star system.  It was the homeworld of Cessair, who had stolen its Great Seal (5C).

DIPTEK  One of the alien tourists who crashlanded in Wales in 1959.  He was killed by the Bannermen (7F).

DIRECTOR  Leader of the Chameleons' expedition to Earth.  He took over Crossland's identity, but refused to bargain with the humans.  He disintegrated when Jamie removed the real Crossland's white arm band (KK).


DISCURUS  Planet visited by Captain Cook (7J).

DISEASES  Three insane Earthmen were using nightshade to poison the Sensorites, who blamed the deaths on a plague (G).  The insecticide DN6 would eventually have killed off the human race because of its stable molecules (J).  The Cybermen used a neurotropic virus to attack the Moonbase (HH) and Space Beacon Nerva (4D).  A space plague was cured by parrinium found on Exxilon (XXX).  The Daleks (K), the Silurians (BBB), the Kraals (4D), Monarch of Urbanka (5W) and the Terileptils (5X) all planned to exterminate Mankind with viruses (in the case of the Terileptils, the Black Plague).  The Movellans designed a virus that would only kill Daleks (6P).  The Fifth Doctor used hexachromite to kill the Silurians who attacked Sea Base Four (6L).  The pollutants generated by Global Chemicals created the Green Death, which could have destroyed Earth (TTT).
  Radiation sickness threatened the Doctor and his companions on Skaro, until the Thals gave them an antidote (B).  Jo Grant was similarly rescued from deadly spores on Spiridon (SSS).  Dodo's simple cold virus upset the entire civilisation of the Ark, enabling the Monoids to gain power (X).  Terminus was a space station used as a final home for the victims of the incurable lazar disease (6G).  The Fifth Doctor and Peri were poisoned by raw spectrox (spectrox toxaemia), a substance so deadly that only androids could harvest it (6R).
 The Rani was a master of genetic engineering and could create monstrous diseases (6X, 7D).  The Fourth Doctor used an anti-metal virus to destroy Prof. Kettlewell's Giant Robot (4A).
 The Virus of the Purpose (4T) and the Nimon (5L) were lifeforms who behaved like cosmic diseases.  Also see DRUGS.


DISINTEGRATOR GUN  Experimental gun stolen from UNIT and used by Prof. Kettlewell's Giant Robot (4A).

DISNEYLAND  Famous amusement park located in Anaheim, California.  A company operating a hyperspatial tollport offered a trip to 1959 Disneyland as a prize to selected customers.  Chimeron Queen Delta joined the trip, trying to escape Gavrok's Bannermen.  The bus hit a satellite, forcing it to land in 1959 Wales instead (7F).

DISSOLUTION  Time of death for the Keeper of Traken.  It occurred about every thousand years (5T).

D.J.  Disc Jockey employed at the Tranquil Repose mortuary to play music to, and keep the people frozen in suspended animation informed.  He patterned his style after that of the famous D.J.s of 20th Century Earth.  He was killed by the Daleks (6Z).

DN6  Powerful insecticide discovered by Smithers, a scientist financially backed by Forester.  Because its molecules were permanently stable, in time, it would have destroyed the whole of mankind (J).

DOBBS  One of Lord Ravensworth's guards (6X).

DOBSON  Computer scientist who helped Liz Shaw crack the coded messages of the radioactive aliens.  He was secretly working for General Carrington (CCC).

DODECAHEDRON  Powerful, five-sided energy crystal originally created on Zolfa-Thura.  Meglos wanted to use it for warlike purposes, but it was taken by the Zolfa-Thuran peace party leader to Tigella.  Eventually, it was found by the Tigellan Deons who worshipped it as a gift of the god Ti.  The Tigellans used it to power their civilization.  Ten thousand years later, Meglos used the shape of the Fourth Doctor to steal the Dodecahedron and take it back to Zolfa Thura.  He planned to use it in connection with the Screens he had designed to make himself master of the galaxy.  But he was betrayed by the Gaztaks and thwarted by the Fourth Doctor.  The Dodecahedron destroyed itself, along with Zolfa-Thura (5Q).


DODRIUM  A mineral mined on Zanak (5B).
DOJJEN  Last of the Manussan Snakedancers.  He taught the Fifth Doctor the rituals which enabled him to destroy the Mara (6D).

DOLAND  One of Prof. Lasky's assistants, partly responsible for the creation of the Vervoids.  Once aboard the Hyperion III space liner, he murdered Edwardes, Hallet, and later the two Mogarians Atza and Ortezo, in an effort to protect the fortune that he thought he could make by selling the Vervoids as slave labour.  He was exposed by the Sixth Doctor, and killed by the Vervoids (7C).

DOLLS, DANCING  Deadly pawns used by the Toymaker when he challenged the First Doctor, Steven and Dodo (Y).

DOME  Name given to the structure erected by the Earth Expedition Force to Deva Loka (5Y).

DOMINATORS  Ruthless spacefaring race of warriors, so-called master of ten galaxies.  They sent Rago, Toba and their deadly robotic servants, the Quarks, to Dulkis to turn the planet into radioactive waste to power their fleet.  They were thwarted by the Second Doctor (TT)

DOOMSDAY MACHINE  Extremely powerful device built by a race of super-beings who once lived on planet Exarius.  It had been responsible for the formation of the Crab Nebula.  Its radiation had eventually caused the death of its creators, and kept Exarius barren.  The information concerning the Doomsday Machine's existence was stolen from the Matrix by the Master.  But the Third Doctor convinced the Guardian that the Machine should not fall into evil hands, and the Guardian destroyed it (HHH).

DORAN  He and Tollund were Lady Adrasta's scientists on Chloris.  She had him thrown into the Pit because he had failed to detect any sign of life in the remains of Erato's ship (5G).

DORANT  Argolin guide (5N).



DORTMUN  Crippled genius who led the resistance against the Daleks during their 2164 AD Invasion of Earth.  He helped the First Doctor defeat the Daleks, but was killed by the invaders (K).

DRACONIA  Draconian homeworld and seat of a powerful space empire (QQQ).

DRACONIANS  Advanced reptilian aliens who ruled a vast space empire.  Men came into contact with the Draconians in the 24th or 25th Century.  They fought beside them in the Alliance during the Second Dalek and Cyber Wars of the 25th and 26th Century.  However, conflicts between Earth and the Draconians about their respective areas of colonization began to erupt as Earth's influence grew.  One such conflict was started by General Williams.  Twenty years later, the Daleks engaged the services of the Master and the Ogrons to try to foment a war between Earth and the Draconians, even offering him the use of their Ogron slaves.  But the Master's schemes were ultimately exposed and thwarted by the Third Doctor (QQQ).  After the revelation of the existence of a 10,000 Dalek army poised to attack the Alliance on Spiridon, the Draconians teamed up with Earth and the Thals to strike back at the Daleks (SSS).  After the Third Dalek War, the Draconian Empire, its resources depleted, unable to compete with Earth, entered into a long period of stagnation.

DRACOWLIS  Known as the flower of many faces.  Probably from Bandril (6Y).

DRACULA  The First Doctor met this robotic version of the legendary vampire in a 1996 House of Horrors.  It then fought the Daleks (R).

DRAGA  Field-guard of the Queen Spider of Metebelis Three.  He had been attacked by Arak (ZZZ).

DRAGON  Living mechanoid who roamed the depths of Iceworld.  The Seventh Doctor discovered that his body hid a powerful energy crystal known as "Dragonfire".  He was Kane's guardian.  He was eventually destroyed by McLuhan and Bazin (7G).  "Dragons" was a derogatory nickname humans used for the Draconians (QQQ).

DRAGON (HOUSE OF THE)  Temple of Weng-Chiang in London.  The statue of the giant dragon housed a sophisticated and deadly laser cannon in its eyes (4S).

DRAGONFIRE  Powerful energy crystal hidden inside the dragon-shaped mechanoid which roamed Iceworld.  The Seventh Doctor traded it to Kane to save Ace's life.  Kane used it to turn Iceworld back into a spaceship (7G).
DRAGONS  A derogatory human nickname for the Draconians (QQQ).
DRAHVA  Planet located in Galaxy Four, and homeworld of the Drahvin.  Its sun was cooling and its vegetation was dying, so the Drahvin had to find another inhabitable planet.  The Drahvin population was almost exclusively female, men being cultivated in test tubes as, and when, called for (T).

DRAHVINS  Beautiful, amazon-like, emotionless women from Drahva.  A team of Drahvins, led by Maaga, attacked the Rills and caused both ships to crashland on a doomed planet in Galaxy Four.  They were eventually defeated by the First Doctor (T).

DRAITH, EXMON  Alzarian Decider.  He was killed at the onset of Mistfall, but had time to give Adric a clue about the peculiar nature of evolution on Alzarius (5R).

DRAK  One of the Jacondans serving Azmael.  Mestor killed him by using his brain to spy on Azmael (6S).

DRASHIGS  Savage swamp monsters captured in Vorg's Scope.  They orginated on one of Grundle's satellites.  They had powerful clawed legs, sinuous necks and jaws filled with razor-sharp teeth, and were capable of eating virtually anything.  Thanks to Kalik's machinations, they were allowed to pursue the Third Doctor through the Scope and finally escape to rampage on Inter Minor, until Vorg destroyed them with the Eradicator.  One of the Drashigs had previously killed Kalik (PPP).

DRATHRO  Andromedan L-3 robot whose mission was to guard the three Andromedan Sleepers who had stolen secrets from the Time Lords' Matrix, and had found refuge on Earth.  After the Time Lords moved Earth and rechristened it Ravolox, Drathro took over the UK Habitat, and ruled it as the Immortal.  Drathro was powered by a Maglem converter.  After Dibber blew up the converter, Drathro was conned by Glitz into giving him the tape containing the Sleepers' stolen secrets.  He was finally destroyed when the Sixth Doctor shut down its energy system (7A).

DRAVID  Solon claimed to have dragged Condo from a the wreck of a Dravidian spaceship (4K).

DRAX  Renegade Time Lord and mechanical genius who had been at the Time Lord Academy at the same time as the Doctor.  Drax built the Mentalis computer of Zeos.  He was recued from the Shadow by the Fourth Doctor and helped disable Mentalis before the computer could trigger the armageddon factor that would have destroyed both Zeos and Atrios.  After the war was over, he helped the Marshal rebuild Atrios (5F).
DRAYTON COURT  Perivale location 7P).
DREW  Guard at the prison where the Master was kept.  He was killed by the Sea Devils (LLL).
DRILL FLY  Insect from Delta Magna's Third Moon (5E).
DRINKING FOUNTAIN  One of the Red Kangs of Paradise Towers.  She helped the Seventh Doctor and Mel defeat Kroagnon (7E).

DRISCOLL  Number two in charge of the Nuclear Research Complex headed by Prof. Watson.  His mind was taken over by Eldrad.  He died when he stepped into an atomic furnace whose energy Eldrad needed to regenerate (4N).

DRONES  Workers from the flatlands of Terra Alpha.  They launched a revolution which, thanks to the Seventh Doctor's support, overthrew Helen A's regime (7L).

DRONID  Skagra's native planet.  In the Gallifreyan past, after a schism with the Cardinals, a rival President temporarily elected to relocate to Dronid (5M).

DRUGS  Radiation sickness threatened the First Doctor and his companions on Skaro, until the Thals gave them an antidote (B).  Jo Grant was similarly rescued from deadly spores on Spiridon (SSS).  A space plague was cured by parrinium found on Exxilon (XXX).
 The Sisterhood's Elixir (4K) and spectrox, prepared from Androzanian bat guano (6R) were life-prolonging drugs.  The Chinese Tong of the Black Scorpion also trafficked in Opium (4S).  The Usurians released PCM gas in Pluto's megropolises' atmosphere to keep the humans pacified (4W).  Vraxoin was one of the most dangerously addictive drugs in the Universe; it was made from the very essence of the Mandrels (5K).   Terminus, Inc. controlled the victims of lazar disease through their pain-killing hydromel drug (6G).
 Three insane Earthmen used nightshade to poison the Sensorites (G).  The Fifth Doctor used hexachromite to kill the Silurians who attacked Sea Base Four (6L).  A Chimeron drug helped Billy mutate into a consort for Queen Delta (7F).  Also see DISEASES.

DRUIDS  The British Institute for Druidic Studies was led by De Vries and served the alien Cessair of Diplos (5C).  The Master recreated a Druidic-like cult to awaken Azal (JJJ).  Sarah Jane and K9 (Mark III) defeated a coven of Druids led by Commander Pollock and Lily Gregson in the village of Moreton Harwood (K9).

DRYFOOT  Nickname the Swampies used for the humans (5E).

DU PONT  French soldier who fought in the Resistance to put an end to the War Games.  He was eventually returned to his proper place in time and space by the Time Lords (ZZ).

DUBAR, SIMON  French Catholic henchman of Marshall Tavannes (W).

DUCAT, AMELIA  One of the world's leading flower artists.  She was paid a thousand pounds by Harrison Chase for a painting (4L).

DUCHESS  Nickname given by to Polly by Ben.

DUDMAN, AUDREY  Ace's mother's maiden name.  Ace met her as a baby, and helped save her from the Haemovores (7M).  However, Ace grew up as a problem teenager and claimed to hate her mother.

DUDMAN, FRANK  Ace's grand-father, and Kathleen's husband.  A merchant navy officer, he was reported missing in action during World War Two (7M).

DUDMAN, KATHLEEN  Ace's grand-mother.  She was one of Commander Millington's radio operators in charge of monitoring German transmissions during World War Two.  Ace helped her escape from the Haemovores when the Curse of Fenric struck her Northumberland village.  She then moved to 17, Old Terrace, Stratton (7M).

DUFFY  Sergeant who fought the Dinosaur Invasion (WWW).

DUGDALE  Manussan barker who owned the hall of mirrors and thus was  responsible for Lon becoming possessed by the Mara.  He was killed by the Mara after he had served his purpose (6D).

DUGEEN  Crew member of the methane refinery on Delta Magna's moon.  He was secretly a member of the Sons of the Earth, and was killed by Thawn as he tried to prevent the launch of a deadly rocket that would have wiped out the entire Swampie race (5E).

DUGGAN, BILL  A member of the staff of the Wheel in Space who discovered that the Cybermats were eating the Station's bernalium supply.  He was blamed for Rudkin's death, and later died as a victim of the Cybermen's Celensky capsules (SS).

DUGGAN  English detective who was investigating Count Scarlioni's art sales in Paris in 1980.  He helped the Fourth Doctor and Romana expose the Count's true nature as Scaroth, last of the Jagaroth.  He travelled back with them in time to 3.5 million BC where, with a well-placed punch, he stopped Scaroth from preventing his ship's destruction and thereby ensuring the creation of life on Earth (5H).

DUKKHA  One of the Kinda (5Y).

DULCIANS  Gentle, peace-loving race of Dulkis.  After atomic weapons destroyed one of their islands (since then nicknamed "Island of Death"), the Dulcians banned such arms and turned to peace.  The island was converted into a museum.  Because they were prone to too much talking and not enough action, they almost allowed their planet to be destroyed by the Dominators, and were saved only by the intervention of the Second Doctor (TT).

DULKIS  Peaceful planet which was visited twice by the Doctor.  On his return visit, the Second Doctor saved Dulkis from the Dominators, who wanted to turn it into radioactive waste to power their fleet (TT).

DULLES  Member of Rorvik's crew.  He died in the destruction of the privateer's ship (5S).

DUMS  Lower class of robots who were used as labor force aboard the Sandminer.  They could not speak (4R).

DUNBAR, RICHARD   Employee of the World Ecology Bureau who sold information about the Krynoid pods to Harrison Chase.  He tried to make up for his treachery, but was killed by the Krynoid (4L).

DUNE  Power technician and one of the Chosen in the Ark in Space.  He was the original host for the Wirrn Queen's eggs (4C).

DUPLICATES  The Dalek extermination team sent after the First Doctor used a robotic duplicate, which was destroyed by the Doctor (R).  The Daleks later perfected that method by cloning people, transferring their mental patterns to the newly-created "Duplicate" (in theory, loyal to the Daleks), and destroying the originals.  Among such duplicates were Stien and Col. Archer (6P).
 The Kraal scientist Styggron devised android duplicates, in particular of the Fourth Doctor and Harry Sullivan (4J).  Sharaz Jek made android duplicates of the Fifth Doctor and Peri (6R).  The Tarans were master android builders (5D).
 The Fourth Doctor had himself cloned and miniaturized, along with Leela, to defeat the Nucleus (4T), and was again duplicated by the Leisure Hive's Tachyon Recreation Generator (5N).  Omega adopted the the appearance of the Fifth Doctor, but the bonding was incomplete and would have caused a huge explosion (6E).  The Borad had created twenty-four clones of himself (6Y).
  Duplicates also occur naturally: At the time of St. Bartholomew's Massacre, the Abbot of Amboise was a striking duplicate of the First Doctor (W).  Would-be dictator Salamander was an equally striking duplicate of the Second Doctor (PP).  Princess Strella of Tara was a natural duplicate of Romana-I (5D) who, when she regenerated, chose the form of Princess Astra of Atrios (5F).  The Zygons had the ability to duplicate other people's forms.  Their leader, Broton, impersonated the Duke of Forgill (4F).  Meglos later assumed the appearance of the Fourth Doctor to steal the Tigellan Dodecahedron (5Q).  The Chameleons (KK), the Rutans (4V) and the android Kamelion (q.v.) also had the ability to duplicate other people's form.
 The Alzarian Marshmen evolved into duplicates of the Terradonians (5R).  The sentient computer Xoanon was a mentally twisted duplicate of the Fourth Doctor (4Q).  K-9 (q.v.) was duplicated twice by the Fourth Doctor.  Also see CLONES, REPLICAS.

DURALINIUM  Metal used in the construction of building units on Earth in the year 2972 AD.  Because planet Exarius was rich in it, Captain Dent of the Interplanetary Mining Corporation was determined to wrest it away from Ashe's colonists (HHH).

DURANIUM  Hard metal used on the Terra Nova Ark (4C).
DURILIUM  Metal used by the Federation (QQQ).
DWARF STAR ALLOY  Very dense metal which was the only substance that could keep the time-shifting Tharils prisoner.  The hull of Rorvik's ship was made of Dwarf Star Alloy, which had an unstabilizing effect on the Zero Point where the ship had rematerialized (5S).


DYMOND  Captain of the Hecate.  His ship crashed into the Empress when it emerged from hyperspace above the planet Azure.  He was exposed by the Fourth Doctor and Romana as a vraxoin smuggler, in league with Tryst, and was eventually arrested (5K).

DYNASTREAM  Chambers' safe was made of case hardened dynastream, which was nevertheless disintegrated by the Giant Robot (4A).

DYNATROPE  Kroton machine with the capability of draining and converting mental energy into other kinds of power.  It was used by the Krotons on the Gonds.  When the Dynatrope was used on the Second Doctor and Zoe, it generated enough power to grow and give life to new Krotons.  It needed at least four "high-brains" to work at full capability (including space flight) (WW).

DYNOMORPHIC GENERATOR  TARDIS component exhausted by the Master.  Stranded on Jurassic Earth, he planned to replace it with the Xeraphin intelligence (6C).

DYONI  A young Thal woman and Alydon's lover.  By threatening to take her to the Daleks, Ian forced Alydon to forego his pacifism (B).

DYSON, ERNEST JOHN  British chief engineer at the Snowcap Space Tracking Station.  He helped the First Doctor, Ben and Polly defeat the Mondasian Cybermen (DD).

DYSTOPIAS  The opposite of Utopias: a world where chaos or evil reigned, and normal values were twisted.  Among these were the human colony secretly controlled by the Macra (JJ), the planet of the Gonds, exploited by the Krotons (WW), the Usurian-dominated colony of Pluto (4W), the planet of E-Space ruled by the Great Vampire (5P), the former penal colony of Varos (6V), the weird society of Paradise Towers (7E) and Helen A's Terra Alpha, where unhappiness could lead to death (7L).  Also see UTOPIAS.
DYSTRONIC EXPLOSIVE  Explosive used on Skaro (4E).