E-SPACE  Exo/Space Time continuum.  Pocket universe located outside normal space (N-Space).  The TARDIS became trapped in E-Space after going through a Charged Vacuum Emboitement.  While in E-Space, the Fourth Doctor and Romana stopped on Alzarius (5R), then defeated the Great Vampire, who had escaped to E-Space after fleeing from the Time Lords (5P).  Romana helped free the Tharils from Rorvik and elected to stay in E-Space with K9 (Mark II) (5S).  The Doctor later found that the Logopolitans used E-Space to save the Universe from heat death (5V).

EARP, MORGAN  One of Wyatt Earp's brothers (Z).
EARP, VIRGIL (1843-1906)  Marshall of Dodge City.  He came to Tombstone to help his brother, Wyatt, in the gunfight at the O.K. Corral.  Later, he became Tombstone's sheriff (Z).

EARP, WARREN (1855-1900)  Youngest of the Earp brothers.  He came to Tombstone to help his brother, Wyatt, but was killed by the Clantons when they came to free Phineas Clanton from jail (Z).

EARP, WYATT (1848-1929)  Legendary frontiersman of the American West, who met the First Doctor.  He had four brothers: James, Virgil, Morgan and Warren.  In 1878, Earp became Marshall of Tombstone, Arizona, where his friend Bat Masterson was town sheriff.  In 1881, after the Clantons had killed his brother Warren, he challenged them to a gunfight at the O.K. Corral from which, with Doc Holliday's help, he emerged victorious (Z).


EATER OF WORLDS  One of the Destroyer's names (7N).

ECHO, THE  Moreton Harwood's newspaper.  Sarah Jane Smith's Aunt Lavinia wrote a letter to its editor, Henry Tobias, about witchcraft (K9).

ECKERSLEY  One of the Federation trisilicate mining engineers on Peladon.  (The other was Vega Nexos.)  He turned out to be a traitor hired by Galaxy Five to help Azaxyr take over the mines.  To do so, he used a machine to project a holographic image of Aggedor, which was also a heat ray.  After he was exposed by the Third Doctor, he fled, taking Queen Thalira hostage.  He was killed by the real Aggedor, whom he murdered (YYY).


ED DIIN, HAROUN  Resident of Lydda who swore vengeance on El Akir after he killed his wife and son, and ravished one of his two daughters.  He helped save Barbara from El Akir's clutches, and eventually killed the evil Emir (P).

EDAL  Captain of the Elders' city.  He almost took over after Jano's defection, but became paranoid and was finally stopped by Steven (AA).

EDEN  Savage world where the deadly Mandrels originated.  Tryst used his CET machine to capture several Mandrels to supply Dymond with vraxoin.  Stott had been left to die on Eden (5K).

EDGEWORTH (PROF.)  Alias used by Azmael (6S).

EDITH  Saxon woman from Wulnoth's village.  She was Wulnoth's wife, and was later wounded in a Viking raid (S).

EDU  Former miner and one of Torvin's band of rebels on Chloris (5G).

EDUCATION  Susan attended the Coal Hill Secondary School (A,  7H).  Ian Chesterton (q.v.) and Barbara Wright (q.v.) were teachers.  Adric (q.v.) won a star as a badge of excellence at mathematics.  The Doctor took an Honorary Degree at St. Cedd's College in Cambridge in 1960 (5M).  Among the students who attended the Time Lords' Academy at the same time as the Doctor were the Master (q.v.), the Rani (q.v.) and Drax (5F).  Borusa (q.v.) was one of their teachers.  Zoe attended the School of Parapsychology, which placed emphasis on pure logic (SS).
EDWARD THE CONFESSOR  (1003-1066)  King of England who, on his deathbed, named Harold as his successor, even though he allegedly had already promised the crown to William the Conqueror (S).
EDWARD OF WESSEX (SIR)  Lord of Wessex Castle.  He sent his messenger Eric to ask for assistance in crushing Irongron, who was pillaging his lands.  He and his wife, Lady Eleanor, helped the Third Doctor to defeat Linx (UUU).

EDWARDES  Communications Officer of the Hyperion III space liner.  He was electrocuted in the hydroponic centre by a booby trap set up by Doland.  The resulting light burst awoke the Vervoids (7C).

EELEK  Ambitious Gond Deputy Council Leader.  He deposed Selris, and plotted to attack the Krotons, but almost wrecked the planet.  Later, he agreed to hand the Second Doctor and Zoe over to the Krotons.  He was totally discredited after their defeat (WW).

EGYPT  The First Doctor visited Egypt at the time of the construction of Kephren's Pyramid, circa 2600 BC (V).  Later, the Fourth Doctor found himself trapped in Sutekh's Pyramid.  Sutekh was the last of the Osirians, an alien race who were the source of the Ancient Egyptians' mythology (4G).  Scaroth the Jagaroth was mistaken for a god by the Ancient Egyptians (5H).

EIGHT-LEGS  Name that the Spiders of Metebelis Three called themselves.  They hated the word Spider, which reminded them of their humble origins (ZZZ).

EINSTEIN, ALBERT (PROF.) (1879-1955)  German-American physicist who developed the theory of relativity.  One of the eleven geniuses kidnapped by the Rani to make up her giant Brain.  He was rescued by the Seventh Doctor, who returned him to his exact place in time and space (7D).

EIRAK  Watch commander of the Vanir on Terminus.  He was in control of the hydromel.  He agreed to step down in favour of Valgard if the latter brought the Fifth Doctor back from the Forbidden Zone.  He and the other Vanir eventually remained on Terminus to help Nyssa run it as a regular hospital (6G).

EL AKIR  Scarfaced Saracen leader.  He tried to capture King Richard I, but was duped by William des Preaux and Barbara.  He later captured Barbara and took her to Lydda, his fortress city, but she was rescued by Ian.  El Akir was killed by Haroun Ed Diin, a man whose wife and son he had killed (P).

ELDER, KATE  Doc Holliday's wife.  She was a singer at the Last Chance Saloon in Tombstone (Z).

ELDERS  Title given to the Sensorites in charge of the Sense-Sphere.  The First Elder was courteous and peaceful.  The Second Elder was replaced by the City Administrator, who proved treacherous and hostile to humans (G).

ELDERS  Leaders of an advanced, yet sterile civilization which relied on stealing the life essence of the so-called "Savages" and transferring it to its own people, to give them greater energy and talent.  The Elders were able to chart the TARDIS's travels through time and space.  Jano was their Council Leader, and after absorbing the First Doctor's life essence, he made peace with the Savages and ultimately convinced the Elders to put an end to their lifestyle.  The new society then chose Steven as their leader (AA).

ELDERS  Name used by the leaders of Sarn (6Q).

ELDRAD  Kastrian genius and arch-villain who designed the Kastrian silicon-based life forms, and the force field barriers which made life on the Kastrian surface possible.  Eldrad destroyed the barriers when the Kastrians would not submit to his rule, thus dooming all Kastrian life.  King Rokon had him placed in a space capsule and obliterated.  But Eldrad's hand landed on Earth during the Jurassic and became a fossil.  It was dug up in 1977.  It used Sarah Jane Smith, then Driscoll, to create a nuclear explosion, the energy of which enabled him to regenerate.  (Eldrad carried his genetic code in a ring.)  He then tricked the Fourth Doctor into taking him back to Kastria.  When Eldrad found out that Kastria was a dead world, he tried to return to conquer Earth, but was foiled by the Doctor, who abandoned him there (4N).

ELDRED  Saxon farmer from Wulnoth's village.  He was wounded in a Viking raid (S).

ELDRED, DANIEL  Retired professor and rocket engineer.  He established a museum dedicated to space travel, feeling that Earth's total reliance on T-Mat was dangerous.  He was instrumental in helping the Second Doctor defeat the Ice Warriors and their "Seeds of Death" (XX).

ELEANOR OF WESSEX (LADY)  Sir Edward of Wessex's wife.  She helped the Third Doctor against Linx (UUU).

ELENA  Member of the Intergalactic Pursuit Squadron (6S).

ELGIN, MARK  Public Relations officer of Global Chemicals at the Llanfairfach Refinery.  He helped his friend Fell fight off BOSS's programming, and saved the Third Doctor's life.  He was eventually processed by BOSS (TTT).

ELGIN  Employee of the Nuclear Research Complex attacked by Eldrad (4N).

ELITE  Alzarian class of citizens who received superior education (5R).

ELITE GROUP ONE  Name of Sauvix's Sea Devil Commando (6L).

ELIXIR OF LIFE  Substance produced by the Sacred Flame of Karn.  It had the power to extend life and boost psionic powers.  After the Time Lords defeated Morbius, the Sisterhood agreed to share the Elixir with the High Council.  The Time Lords presumably used it to facilitate difficult regenerations, increase their mental powers and, possibly, boost-start a new cycle of regenerations, as evidenced by the fact that the High Council once offered one such cycle to the Master (4K).

ELIZABETH  Squire John's daughter.  She saw the Terileptils' ship crash to Earth and was killed by them (5X).

ELIZABETH I (1533-1603)  Queen of England.  Her image was projected on the First Doctor's Space-Time Visualiser (R).

ELIZABETH II  Contemporary Queen of England.  Her path almost crossed that of the Seventh Doctor at Windsor (7K).

ELLIS (SGT.)  Liverpool policeman (V).

ELYON  A Thal from Skaro.  He was killed by a creature from the Lake of Mutations (B).

EMBERY  Sergeant in the British army squadron sent to fight the Daleks, who had invaded the Coal Hill area in 1963 (7H).

EMMETT ELECTRONICS  Electronics firm robbed by the Giant Robot (4A).


EMPEROR DALEK  The supreme leader of the original Daleks.  He was not to be confused with the alias used by Davros to lead his own Imperial Daleks (7H).   The Emperor Dalek was destroyed in the fighting between humanized and unchanged Daleks on Skaro (EE).  He may have been an even further evolved version of Davros.

EMPEROR (OF DRACONIA)  Supreme Leader of the Draconian Empire.  In the 26th Century, when the Daleks and the Master tried to foment a war beween Earth and the Draconians, the Emperor's son was ambassador to Earth.  That Emperor spared the Third Doctor's life and helped him avert the war.  In the 21st Century, the fifteenth Emperor of Draconia made the Doctor a noble of Draconia (QQQ).

EMPIRE (EARTH)  The Earth Empire arose sometime in the 26th Century, just before the end of the Alliance and the Dalek-Movellan Wars.  After the disappearance of the rival Draconian Empire, it grew to rule a large portion of the Milky Way galaxy until the end of the 30th Century, mercilessly crushing and exploiting alien races to serve its own needs.
 The First Doctor prevented the Sensorites from becoming one of the Empire's victims (G).  The Fifth Doctor helped preserve the Kinda (5Y).  Other races were not so lucky: the Wirrn (4C) and the Mogarians (7c) were ruthlessly exploited by the Empire.  The Empire was presumably responsible for the defeat of the Movellans, who had won a pyrrhic victory against the Daleks (5J, 6P).
 It is possible that the Time Lords were secretly afraid of the Empire, since one of the factors that brought about its downfall was the Solos Crisis, which occurred near the end of the 30th Century.  This took place when the Time Lords sent the Third Doctor to help the Solonian Mutants reach their true, super-human form (NNN).  The Solonians then went on to lead a series of revolutions which severely damaged the Empire.  Other factors having contributed to the Empire's Fall were an unprecedented string of solar flares from Earth's sun (4C), followed by the advent of a new ice age (OO).  The Empire was replaced by the Federation.

EMPIRE STATE BUILDING  Until 1954, this was the highest skyscraper in New York City.  It was completed in 1931, and was the second stop in the Daleks' pursuit of the First Doctor through time and space (R).

EMPRESS  Spouse of Kublai Khan (D).

EMPRESS  Interstellar cruise liner which crashed into the Hecate when emerging from hyperspace above the planet Azure.  The Fourth Doctor and Romana exposed one of its passengers, Tryst, as a vraxoin smuggler (5K).

END OF THE WORLD   Man-made disasters which could have brought about the end of the world included: Forester's deadly insecticide DN6 (J); WOTAN's war machines (BB); Prof. Zaroff's plan to drain the ocean into the Earth's core (GG); Salamander's volcanic disaster (PP); Prof. Stahlman's "Inferno" project (DDD); and Sir Charles Grover's Operation Golden Age (WWW).
 World War III was almost provoked by the Master (FFF); the Daleks (KKK); the Scientific Reform Society (4A); the Silurians and the Sea Devils (6L).  Pollution threatened Earth in the form of the Weed (RR) and the Green Death (TTT).  Also see WORLD WAR III, POLLUTION.
 Natural disasters that could have spelled out the end of the world (or of its civilization) included: a new ice age (OO); solar flares (4C); and finally the sun going nova (X).
 Aliens who would have liked to destroy Earth (instead of conquering it) included the Daleks (K), the Cybermen (DD, 6B, 6T), Axos (GGG), Sutekh (4G), the Krynoids (4L), the Fendahl (4X), the Captain of Zanak (5B), Monarch (5W), Omega (6E), the corrupt High Council of the Time Lords, when they decided upon the Ravolox Stratagem (7A-7C), the Destroyer (7N), and Light (7Q).  Also see INVASIONS.

ENDERHEID (WITCHES OF)  The Sixth Doctor claimed his trial was the most preposterous travesty of justice since theirs (7B).

ENERGY  Conventional sources of energy used on Earth included: coal, oil (TTT, 4F); natural gas (RR); nuclear energy (BBB, GGG, 4N); and even good, old-fashioned fire (A).  A world Energy Conference was almost sabotaged by the Zygons (4F).  Solar energy was captured in the 21st Century by Salamander, who used his Suncatcher satellite (PP).  Prof. Stahlman almost destroyed Earth when he tried to break the Earth's crust to tap Stahlman's Gas (DDD).  Much later, the Usurians kept a portion of humanity enslaved on Pluto by providing it with the energy of small, artificial suns (4W).
 Aliens relied on various other sources of energy: The Time Lords used the energy of a captive black hole (4P); the Daleks used static electricity and solar power to move around (B), and taranium to power their Time Destructor (V).  The Elders used the Savages' life force an an energy source (AA).  The Dominators did not hesitate to turn a planet into a radioactive mass for their fuel supply (TT).  The Master-Brain of the Land of Fiction needed men's creative energy (UU).  The Krotons used their Dynatrope to convert mental energy into power (WW).  The Axons' Axonite was both a source of energy and part of Axos (GGG).  Prof. Sorenson tried to use anti-matter, but failed (4H), although anti-matter fuel powered Captain Briggs' ship (6B).  The Union of Traken was held together by the bioelectronic Source (5T).  Varos was an important supplier of Zyton-7 (6V).
 Many types of crystals were sources of energy: the Nimon needed hymetusite crystals (5L).  The Tigellan civilisation was powered by the Dodecahedron (5Q).  Voolium and Madronite 1-5 crystals found on Calufrax could be used to power a Psychic Interference Transmitter (5B).  The Terileptils used Vintaric crystals to provide lighting (5X).  Quarb Crystals were used in hyperspatial engines (7F). The Dragonfire was a powerful energy crystal (maybe hymetusite?) (7G).  Also see CRYSTALS, MINERALS.
 Intelligent entities made of energy included: the Great Intelligence (q.v.); the Nestene (q.v.); Omega (q.v.); the Mandragora Helix (4M); the Mara (q.v.); the Xeraphin (6C) and possibly the Guardians of Time (q.v.); the Fendahl (4X) and Fenric (7M).

ENGIN  Coordinator in charge of the Gallifreyan Matrix.  He helped the Fourth Doctor and Castellan Spandrell expose Goth and defeat the Master (4P).  Also see KEEPER OF THE MATRIX.

ENLANDIA  Water world visited by the First Doctor (X).
ENLIGHTENERS  Name used by the Eternals to refer to the Guardians of Time (6H).

ENLIGHTENMENT  A crystal of unknown powers and great value offered by the Guardians of Time as the prize to the winner of a planet-spanning space race undertaken by the Eternals.  The Black Guardian hoped that, with such a prize, the Eternals might wreak havoc throughout the Universe.  Instead, the Fifth Doctor won the race but turned down Enlightenment.  When Turlough threw the crystal at the Black Guardian, he vanished in a burst of flames.  The Fifth Doctor explained that Enlightenment was not the crystal but the moral choice (6H).

ENLIGHTENMENT  She and Persuasion were Monarch's two Urbankan android ministers.  Enlightenment was destroyed by Adric (5W).

ENSIGN, THE   British boy's magazine.  The Master of the Land of Fiction was one of its copywriters (UU).

ENTROPY  Waste energy that builds up in any system.  According to the Second Law of Thermodynamics, it must inevitably increase.  The Logopolitans discovered that the universe had long ago passed the point of fatal collapse.  To dispose of the entropy, they used block transfer computations to create Charged Vacuum Emboitements, thus opening voids into other universes.  After the Master disrupted the workings of Logopolis, the CVEs began closing.  Fortunately, the Logopolitans had discovered an equation that would stabilize the CVEs.  In spite of the Master's attempts to stop him and blackmail the Universe, the Fourth Doctor succeeded in using the Pharos Project on Earth to broadcast the Logopolitans' calculations (5V).


EPHEMERALS  Term used by the Eternals to refer to all other living species (6H).

EPRIN  Altos' friend.  He was sent by Arbitan to Millenius on a quest for the Keys of Marinus.  He was killed by Kala, Aydan and Eyesen, who tried to frame Ian for his murder (E).
EPSILON FOUR ZERO GAMMA  Planet targeted by the Dominators (TT).
ERADICATOR  Device used by the Inter Minorans to try to kill all the life forms contained in Vorg's Scope.  Vorg ended up using it to kill the rampaging Drashigs (PPP).

ERAK  One of the five Earth colonists stranded on Earth circa 15,000 AD after their ship was destroyed while answering a fake mayday signal.  The Sontaran, Styre, performed cruel experiments on him to determine the limits of human resistance.  He was saved by the Fourth Doctor (4B).

ERATO  Tythonian ambassador to Chloris who looked like a giant, green brain.  He had been sent to Chloris to trade chlorophyll for metal.  To preserve her power, Lady Adrasta kept him prisoner for fifteen years, in the mines (where he became known as the Creature from the Pit).  There, she used him to kill the rebels to her despotic rule.  The Fourth Doctor and Romana eventually discovered Erato's true nature, and found a way to communicate with him.  Erato killed Adrasta, then helped the Doctor save Chloris from total destruction by a Neutron Star, which had been diverted by the Tythonians as a form of reprisal (5G).

ERGON  Reptilian-like creature who served Omega when he tried to bond with the Fifth Doctor's body in Amsterdam.  His origins, as well as his ultimate fate, remain unknown (6E).

ERIC  Sir Edward of Wessex's messenger.  He was captured by Blooadxe and later freed by Hal (UUU).

ERICSON  Hardiman's assistant at the Nuton Power Complex.  He helped the Third Doctor and UNIT defeat Axos (GGG).

ERICSON  One of Prof. Sorenson's Morestran crew killed on Zeta Minor by the anti-matter creatures (4H).

ESTO  One of the Sensorites (G).
ESTRAM, GILLES (SIR)  Alias used by the Master.  Under the guise of King John's Champion, he tried to turn the Barons against the King and prevent the signing of the Magna Carta (6J).

ETERNALS  Race of powerful beings who existed outside of time, and lived forever in eternity.  Even though they were gifted with great mental powers, their minds had grown devoid of emotions.  The Guardians of Time offered them Enlightenment, a crystal of unknown powers and great value, as the prize of a planet-spanning space race.  The Black Guardian hoped that, with such a prize, the Eternals might wreak havoc throughout the Universe.  Instead, the Fifth Doctor won the race but turned down Enlightenment.  The Eternals were banished to their eternal void by the White Guardian (6H).
ETERNITY PERPETUAL COMPANY  Interplanetary company which used the Miniscopes before they were outlawed (PPP).
ETHNON  One of the alien tourists who crashlanded in Wales in 1959.  He was killed by the Bannermen (7F).

ETNIN  One of Cully's tour party, he was killed by the Dominators (TT).

ETTA  Typical citizen of Varos.  She was Arak's wife.  She supported the Governor's policies (6V).

ETTIS  Extremist leader of the trisilicate miners on Peladon.  He hated the Federation and tried to destroy Queen Thalira's palace with the sonic lance.  But a self-destruct mechanism caused it to explode when activated, and it killed Ettis instead (YYY).

EUDAMUS  Planet visited by the Psychic Circus before it moved on to Segonax (7J).

EURO-SEA GAS CORPORATION  Company whose North Sea refinery and off-shore rigs were attacked by the Weed.  It supplied natural gas to England and Wales.  Its London Board member, Megan Jones, helped the Second Doctor destroy the Weed and free the refinery controller, Robson (RR).

EVANS (DR.)  Moonbase doctor who was the first to succumb to the Cybermen's neurotropic virus.  Turned into a "zombie", he nearly used the Gravitron to flood the Earth (HH).

EVANS  Private in the army task force which fought the Great Intelligence in the London underground.  He survived the destruction of the ammunition convoy he was driving, and helped the Second Doctor fight the Yeti (QQ).

EVANS, DAI  One of the Llanfairfach miners.  He died from the Green Death (TTT).

EVERETT (MISS)  Employee of the Brittanicus Base (OO).
EVIL  The lesser villains encountered by the Doctor were usually motivated by the basic evil of greed -- but this did not make them less dangerous.  Human men included: Kal the caveman (A); Aydan and Eyesen (E) Forester (J); Bennett (L); Sevcheria (M); El Akir (P); Johnny Ringo (Z); Gray (FF); Caven (YY); Pike (CC); Theodore Maxtible (LL); Caven (YY); Dent (HHH); Irongron and Bloodaxe (UUU); Eckersley (YYY); Lupton (ZZZ); Dr. Kellman (4D); Count Federico (4M); Lord Palmerdale (4V); Count Grendel of Tara (5D); the Graff Vynda-K (5A); Tryst and Dymond (5K); Rorvik (5S); Morgus and Stotz (6R); the Chief Officer of Varos (6V); Doland (7C) and Keillor (7F).  Human women included: Kala (E); Queen Xanxia (5B); Vivien Fay (5C); Lady Adrasta (5G); Kara (6Z) and Lady Peinforte (7K).  Aliens included: the Usurians (4W); the Gaztaks (5Q); the Mentors (6V, 7B) and the Bannermen (7F).
 Misguided fanatics were also formidable opponents.  Among these were: Tegana (D); Tlotoxl (F); Robespierre (H); Klieg and Kaftan (MM); General Carrington (CCC); Prof. Stahlman (DDD); Hepesh (MMM); Colonel Trenchard (LLL); Sir Charles Grover (WWW); Prof. Kettlewell and Miss Winters (4A); Sorenson (4H); Harrison Chase (4L); Hieronymous (4M); Dask (4R); Stael (4X); Kassia of Traken (5T); Timanov (6Q); Sir George Hutchinson (6M); Dastari (6W) and Helen A (7L).
 On a greater scale were villains motivated by sheer megalomania and/or an unquenchable thirst for conquest.  Among these were: renegade Time Lords such as the Master (q.v.), the Rani (q.v.), Borusa (q.v.) and Morbius (4K); alien tyrants such as the Animus (N), Eldrad (4N), Meglos (5Q), Monarch (5W), Mestor (6S), the Borad (6Y), Kroagnon (7E) and Kane (7G); alien races such as the Ice Warriors (q.v.), the Voord (E), the Drahvins (T), the Macra (JJ), the Dominators (TT), the Krotons (WW), the War Lords (ZZ), the Nestene (q.v.), Axos (GGG), the Zygons (4F), the Kraals (4J), the Krynoids (4L), the Virus of the Purpose (4T), the Movellans (5J), the Nimon (5L), the Terileptils (5X) and the Tractators (6N).  Earth megalomaniacs included: the mad computers WOTAN (BB) and BOSS (TTT); Prof. Zaroff (GG); Salamander (PP); Tobias Vaughn (VV); Magnus Greel (4S) and Morgaine (7N).  Grander examples of a xenophobic desire for total domination over all other species include the Daleks (q.v.), the Cybermen (q.v.) and the Sontarans (q.v.).
 Finally, there were cosmic entities, who could almost be called evil incarnate, such as: the Celestial Toymaker (Y); the Great Intelligence (q.v.); Sutekh (4G); the Mandragora Helix (4M); the Fendahl (4X); the Black Guardian (q.v.) and his servant, the Shadow (5F); the Great Vampire (5P); the Mara (q.v.); the Gods of Ragnarok (7J); the Destroyer (7N) and Fenric (7M).
 Some entities were driven to become villains by a cruel twist of fate, such as: Omega (q.v.); the Wirrn (4C); Xoanon (4Q); Scaroth (5H); Mawdryn (6F); Sharaz Jek (6R) and the Silurians and Sea Devils (q.v.).
 At last, there were entities whose action may appear evil to humans, but who were ultimately motivated by factors beyond human notions of good and evil.  For example: the Daemons (JJJ); Kronos (OOO); the Xeraphin (6C) and the Eternals (6H).

EVIL ONE  Nickname given to the Fourth Doctor by the Seveteem because his face was carved on the Black Wall behind which their god, Xoanon, was believed to be held prisoner (4Q).

EVOLUTION  The powerful alien Light once catalogued all of Earth's species, but when he learned that his catalogue had been made obsolete, he wanted to destroy Earth.  He disintegrated when the Seventh Doctor showed him that no one, not even Light, could stop evolution (7Q).  Both the Fendahl (4X) and the Daemons (JJJ) were believed to have affected Man's evolution.
 The Marshmen of Alzarius evolved into replicas of the Terradonians (5R).  The Thoros-Betans evolved into the Mentors (7B).  Sergeant Paterson honestly believed in the "survival of the fittest" adage (7P).  Also see ANTHROPOLOGY, MUTATIONS.

EXAMINER  Earth examiner sent to Vulcan to investigate governor Hansell's handling of the rebels.  He was murdered by Bragen and impersonated by the Second Doctor (EE).

EXARIUS  According to some reports, it was the name of the planet which, in the years 2972 AD, was coveted by both Ashe's colonists and Captain Dent from the Interplanetary Mining Corporation, who wanted its duralinium resources.  It was also inhabited by primitives and non-humanoid priests, all of whom worshipped the Guardian of the Doomsday Machine, the sole survivor of the super-beings who had once occupied Exarius.  The Doomsday Machine (which was responsible for the poisoning of the colonists' crops) was coveted by the Master, but was eventually destroyed the Guardian.  Thanks to the intervention of the Third Doctor and Jo Grant, the colonists defeated Dent's evil schemes and kept their planet (HHH).

EXCALIBUR  King Arthur's sword.  It was buried with his body in a spaceship under Vortigern's lake.  It was drawn by Ace and became the object of a fierce battle between the Seventh Doctor and Morgaine (7N).

EXCHANGE HALL  Vast amphiteatre used by the Company on Pluto for its executions and other public functions (4W).

EXORSE  Captain of the Elders' city.  He was captured by Steven, and kept prisoner by the Savages, but eventually escaped.  However, Nanina's words had shaken his beliefs (AA).

EXTERMINATE  Dalek credo.

EXXILON  Hidden, mist-shrouded planet once inhabited by a highly advanced race of silicon-based beings.  The Exxilon visited Earth and were mistaken for space gods by the Incas.  They created the City, a computer-controlled complex that thought itself so perfect, that it cast out its creators, who then reverted to savagery.  A group of Exxilon, led by Bellal, stopped worshipping the City.  They helped the Third Doctor fight the Daleks and, ultimately, destroy the City.  The mineral parrinium, the only antidote to a space plague, was found only on Exxilon (XXX).

EYE OF HARMONY  Name given to the black hole captured by Rassilon and brought back to Gallifrey.  It had probably been created by the collapse of Omega's supernova (RRR).  The Eye of Harmony was encased in an hexagonal, monolithic structure, and secretly located under the Panopticon.  It could only be accessed with the Great Key (or Rod) of Rassilon.  The Eye of Harmony was the virtually inexhaustible source of energy which powered Gallifrey and made time travel possible.  The Master was able to absorb enough energy from the Eye of Harmony to prolong his life, almost dooming Gallifrey in the process (4P).

EYE OF HORUS  Device built by Horus to imprison his evil brother Sutekh on Earth.  The Eye of Horus was housed inside the Pyramids of Mars, and was protected by various traps and guardians.  Sutekh forced the Fourth Doctor to take him to Mars and used the body of Prof. Marcus Scarman to destroy it (4G).

EYE OF ORION  For some it was the most tranquil place in the Universe.  The Fifth Doctor was there when he fell victim to Borusa's playing of the Game of Rassilon (6K).
EYE PLANTS  Native plants of Spiridon (SSS).
EYER, L.D.  One of Skagra's Think Tank colleagues (5M).

EYESEN (a.k.a EYSON)  Representative for the Court of Millenius.  He, Aydan, Kala and Eprin conspired to steal a Key of Marinus.  Later, he attempted to frame Ian for Eprin's murder, but was finally unmasked by the First Doctor (E).

EYE-SPY  Name given by the Kangs to their scouts (7E).

EZRETH  Tigellan who fought the Gaztaks (5Q).