FABIAN  Commander of the Intergalactic Pursuit Squadron who was notified by Prof. Sylvest of the disappearance of Romulus and Remus.  He assigned Lieutenant Lang to go after the kidnappers (6S).

FAGIROS  Planet visited by Captain Cook (7J).

FANG ROCK  Remote rocky island a few miles off the Channel coast.  It was the location of a lighthouse, and was rumoured to be haunted by a mysterious Beast.  In the early 1900s, the Fourth Doctor and Leela destroyed a stranded Rutan who had taken the shape of Reuben, the old lighthouse keeper.  In addition to Reuben, the Rutan killed the other two keepers, Ben Travers and Vince Hawkins, as well as the survivors of a shipwreck: Lord Palmerdale, Adelaide Lesage, Colonel Skinsale and crewmember Harker (4V).

FANTASY FACTORY  The Valeyard's Dickensian base inside the Matrix.  Its proprietor was supposed to be one J. J. Chambers.  It was there that the Sixth Doctor defeated the Valeyard (7C).

FARADAY  UNIT colonel who was in charge of the Devesham Space Research Station while Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart was in Geneva.  The Kraals made an android duplicate of him.  He helped the Fourth Doctor defeat them (4J).

FARADAY, MICHAEL (1791-1867)  Famous English physicist who discovered many of the principles of electromagnetism.  He was invited to a meeting by George Stephenson.  The Master wanted to kidnap him to harness his genius, but was thwarted by the Sixth Doctor (6X).

FARIAH  Salamander's official food taster (among other duties).  She left with Astrid, but was later killed by Benik (PP).
FARLEY  One of the crew on the Eternals' ships (6H).
FARMINGDALE  British military installation whose resources were used to fight the Daleks (7H).
FAROON  Lakertyan female.  She was Beyus's wife and Sarn's mother.  She helped the Seventh Doctor defeat the Rani (7D).

FARRAH  Taran swordsman who served Prince Reynart (5D).

FARREL, JOHN (SR.)  Former owner of the Farrel plastics factory.  He retired to let his son, Rex, take over.  Alerted by McDermott to the changes introduced by the Master, he successfully resisted the renegade Time Lord's hypnotic commands.  The Master had him killed by a Nestene-controlled plastic doll (EEE).

FARREL, MARY  John Farrel's wife.  She almost saw her husband murdered by the Nestene-controlled plastic doll (EEE).

FARREL, REX  Son of John and Mary Farrel.  His father had retired, leaving him in charge of the Farrel plastics factory.  The Master placed him under his hypnotic control and used his factory to manufacture Autons and other murderous Nestene-controlled plastic products.  After the Nestene's defeat at the hands of the Third Doctor, the Master used him as a decoy to escape (EEE).

FARROW, ARNOLD  Government inspector who discovered that the insecticide DN6 would eventually kill the human race.  He was murdered by Forester before he could report to his superiors (J).

FAST RETURN SWITCH  TARDIS console instrument which, once jammed, nearly sent the TARDIS and its crew back to the very beginning of time (C).

FASTER THAN LIGHT PROPULSION (a.k.a. FTL, HYPERSPACE or WARP)  Man discovered FTL propulsion at the end of the 21st Century.  A notorious FTL accident occurred when the Empress and the Hecate crashed into one another when simultaneously emerging out of hyperspace above the planet Azure (5K).  The Megaran (5C) and Mawdryn (6F)'s ships were both in stationary hyperspace (or warp ellipse) orbits above Earth.  Planet Zanak had been equipped with massive transmat engines enabling it to travel through space (5B).  Quarb crystals were used to power hyperspatial engines (7F).  Also see BREAK OUT, LOST SHIPS, TELEPORTATION.

FATIMA  Indian woman prisoner in El Akir's harem (P).

FAY, VIVIEN  Alias the alien Cessair of Diplos used when she fought the Fourth Doctor (5C).  Also see CESSAIR.

FEDERATION  Political entity which emerged sometime in the 32nd Century to replace the Earth Empire (which had ended circa the 30th Century), after a period of solar flares and a new Ice Age on Earth.  The Federation was a loose combine of human and alien races, including the Alpha Centauri, the Arcturians, the newly-peaceful Martian Ice Warriors, and presumably the Draconians.
 Circa 3700 AD, the Third Doctor helped Planet Peladon join the Federation, and exposed an Arcturian plot (MMM).  Fifty years later, he prevented the hostile Galaxy 5 from using the traitor Eckersley to take over Peladon's trisilicate mines (YYY).
 The Federation later evolved into a more militaristic entity, perhaps due to the challenge of the Daleks in 4000 AD, and the ensuing, Fourth Dalek War (V), as well as the discovery of life-extending Spectrox (6R).  The Federation eventually disintegrated into new empires, and could be considered as extinct by the beginning of the 50th Century.

FEDERATOR  Ruler of Manussa and husband of Lady Tanha (6D).

FEDERICO  Count of the Dukedom of San Martino in 15th Century Italy.  He coveted the Dukedom of its rightful ruler, his nephew Giuliano, whom he plotted to kill.  He was thwarted by the Fourth Doctor, and was eventually killed by the Mandragora Helix after it had taken over Hieronymous's body (4M).

FEDORIN  Denes' deputy.  Salamander poisoned Fedorin because he couldn't bring himself to kill Denes (PP).

FELL, RALPH ARNOLD (DR.)  Scientific officer of Global Chemicals at the Llanfairfach Refinery.  He was controlled by BOSS's programming, but broke free after Elgin begged him to save the Third Doctor's life.  When BOSS found that he could not reprogram him, he ordered him to jump to his death (TTT).

FENDAHL  The Fendahl was an entity who fed on the full spectrum of life itself.  It originated on the Fifth Planet of the Solar System, which was time looped by the Time Lords in an attempt to contain it.  But it escaped and travelled to Mars, then, 12 million years ago, to Earth, where it arrived in the form of a skull.  It was buried in a volcanic eruption, but secretly affected human evolution.  The Fendahl Skull contained a pentagram-shaped neural relay where the Fendahl Energy was stored, waiting to be reactivated.  In the late 20th Century, the Skull was found by Dr. Fendelman, who brought it to the Fetch Priory, where it was studied by Thea Ransome, Colby and Stael.  Stael turned out to be the leader of a coven which recreated the Fendahl.  The Fendahl turned Ransome into a Fendahl Core, and its other victims into Fendahleen.  It needed twelve Fendahleen to be complete, but failed to obtain them.  The Fourth Doctor eventually used Fendelman's Time Scanner to set up a time implosion which destroyed the Fendahl Core and the Fendahleen.  He later jettisoned the Fendahl Skull near a supernova, where it was presumably destroyed (4X).

FENDAHL CORE  The Fendahl turned Thea Ransome into a Fendahl Core.  In that guise, she became a golden, Medusa-like woman with writhing hair and huge, deadly eyes.  She perished when the Fourth Doctor set up a time implosion which utterly destroyed the Fetch Priory (4X).

FENDAHLEEN  The Fendahleen were large, snake-like entities with no eyes and with a mass of writhing tentacles where their mouths should have been.  They had the power to freeze their victims psychically.  The Fendahl needed twelve Fendaleen to be complete, and turned the members of Stael's coven into Fendahleen.  But the Fourth Doctor killed one with rock salt, and Stael's suicide saved him from becoming one, thus keeping the Fendahl gestalt incomplete.  The Fendahleen perished when the Fourth Doctor set up a time implosion which utterly destroyed the Fetch Priory (4X).

FENDELMAN (DR.)  One of the richest and most powerful man in the world, thanks to his firm, Fendelman Electronics.  His twin hobbies, archeology and electronics, led him to develop a Time Scanner with which he studied the origins of man.  He found and brought the Fendahl Skull to the Fetch Priory, where it was studied by Thea Ransome, Colby and Stael.  He eventually realized that he had only been a pawn of the Fendahl, and was murdered by Stael (4X).

FENN-COOPER, REDVERS  Famous British explorer who first discovered Light's ship.  He became mentally unbalanced when he first beheld Light, and fell under the control of Josiah Samuel Smith.  He was kept prisoner at Gabriel Chase by Smith, who plotted to use him to assassinate Queen Victoria.  Once he recovered his sanity, he helped the Seventh Doctor defeat Light.  He then left in the alien ship with Control and Nimrod (7Q).

FENNER  Thawn's second in command at the methane refinery on Delta Magna's moon.  After Thawn's death and Kroll's destruction, he sent an SOS to Delta Magna, and helped feed the Swampies (5E).

FENRIC  Name given by the ancient Vikings to an evil entity from the dawn of time.  In the Far East of the 3rd Century, the Doctor (in an unrecorded adventure) successfully challenged Fenric to solve a chess problem.  As a result, Fenric was imprisoned in a shadow dimension, while his earthly essence was trapped inside a flask.  That flask was brought to Northumberland by the Vikings, who first wrote of the Curse of Fenric.  From his prison, Fenric succeeded in manipulating the descendents of the Vikings, whom he dubbed his "Wolves" into engineering his return.  (Ace was one of the Wolves of Fenric.)  Fenric's eventual release took place in Northumberland in the 1940s, just before the end of World War Two.  He planned to release a deadly toxin which would have destroyed mankind, but was again defeated by the Seventh Doctor.  Fenric's host body (Captain Sorin's) was killed by the Ancient Haemovore (7M).

FERGUS, ALASTAIR  TV personality in charge of covering Prof. Horner's excavation at Devil's Hump (JJJ).

FERRIER, ASTRID  Assistant to Giles Kent, whose father had been murdered by Salamander.  She helped the Second Doctor defeat Salamander (PP).

FERRIER, JEAN  Astrid's father and Finance Deputy of the European Zone.  He was murdered by Salamander (PP).

FERRIGO, LUIGI  Genoese trader who hoped to establish trade contact with Saladin.  He helped El Akir capture Barbara (P).

FETCH PRIORY  Location of Dr. Fendelman's laboratory.  It was utterly destroyed by the time implosion set up by the Fourth Doctor to destroy the Fendahl Core and the Fendahleen (4X).

FETCHBOROUGH  English village where the Fetch Priory was located (4X).

FEWSHAM  T-Mat operator on the Moon when it was taken over by the Ice Warriors.  Fearing for his life, he reluctantly cooperated with the Ice Warriors, but eventually redeemed himself by sacrificing his life to stay on the Moon and betray the Martians (XX).

FFINCH, ALGERNON THOMAS ALFRED  Elegant lieutenant and commanding officer of the Redcoats patrol who arrested the Second Doctor after Culloden.  Polly and Kirsty McLaren blackmailed him into helping them.  Later, he was handed Gray as a prisoner (FF).

FIBULI (MR.)  Loyal First Officer to the Captain of Zanak.  He was killed when Zanak's Bridge controls exploded as the Fourth Doctor used the TARDIS to prevent Zanak from rematerializing around Earth (5B).


FIFI  Helen A's pet.  A mean and aggressive creature, known as a stigorax, from Terra Alpha.  Fifi hunted killjoys for Helen A and was ultimately killed by an avalanche of candy crystals caused by the Seventh Doctor.  His death made Helen A finally realize that happiness is nothing without sadness (7L).

FIFTH PLANET  Planet of the Solar System where the Fendahl originated.  It was time looped by the Time Lords in an attempt to contain the evil entity (4X).

FILER, BILL  American intelligence agent sent to liaise with UNIT about the Master.  He was kidnapped and duplicated by Axos, but managed to escape.  He helped the Third Doctor and UNIT defeat Axos (GGG).

FINCH  British general in charge of military operations in London during the Dinosaur Invasion.  In reality, he was working with Sir Charles Grover on Operation Golden Age.  He was eventually exposed by the Third Doctor, arrested by Benton and later court-martialed (WWW).

FINDECKER  51st Century scientist who discovered the double nexus particle, which sent human science into a technological cul-de-sac, explaining the failure of the Zigma Experiment (4S).

FIRE ESCAPE  One of the Red Kangs of Paradise Towers.  He helped the Seventh Doctor and Mel defeat Kroagnon (7E).

FIRE MOUNTAIN  Sarnian sacred volcano which produced the Numismaton flame.  It was said to be the home of the god Logar.  In reality, the Trion had equipped it with a seismic control centre, which was sabotaged by the Master (6Q).

FIRES, GREAT  The First Doctor unwittingly inspired the Great Fire of Rome in 64 AD (M).  The Fifth Doctor was responsible for the Great Fire of London in 1666 AD (5X).

FIRST SECRETARY  Draconian officer serving in the Draconian Embassy on Earth (QQQ).

FISH MEN  Men converted into amphibious scaly creatures whose job it was to produce food for the Atlanteans.  Jacko convinced them to go on strike to help defeat Zaroff (GG).

FISK  Officer of the Azure Customs and Excise Service.  He and Costa were sent aboard the Empress to investigate drug smuggling after the ship crashed into the Hecate, when they both emerged simultaneously from hyperspace.  They first suspected the Fourth Doctor, but later arrested the real smugglers, Tryst and Dymond (5K).

FITZROY SQUARE  London location where the TARDIS was "parked" during the First Doctor's confrontation with WOTAN (BB).

FITZWILLIAM, RANULF  Lord of Wallingford and one of King John's faithful Barons.  He became increasingly distraught as he watched the evil deeds of Kamelion, who had assumed King John's likeness at the Master's behest.  He eventually helped the Fifth Doctor defeat the Master (6J).

FITZWILLIAM, HUGH  Ranulf and Isabella's hot-tempered son, who was easily manipulated by the Master (6J).

FITZWILLIAM, ISABELLA  Ranulf's wife (6J).

FIVE HUNDRED EYES  Name given to a quartz-filled cave where 250 Hashashins had once been slain by Mongol conqueror Hulagu.  Tegana used it to trap Barbara (D).
FIZZADE  Drinks dispenser used by the Kangs as a way of communication (7E).

FLANAGAN (a.k.a. FLANNIGAN), SEAN  Engineer on the Wheel in Space.  He suceeded in repairing the X-ray laser sabotaged by Jamie.  He was taken over by the Cybermen, but later freed by the Second Doctor.  He then helped defeat the invaders (SS).


FLASH  Drunken customer of the Inferno discotheque who bothered Polly and was chased away by Ben Jackson (BB).

FLAST  Cryon prisoner of the Cybermen.  The Sixth Doctor gave her a thermal lance, which she buried in a box of vastial.  The Cybermen then exposed her to above-zero temperatures, which killed her.  But the thermal lance triggered the vastial's explosion, which destroyed the Cybermen and freed Telos (6T).

FLAVIA  Chancellor of the High Council of the Time Lords of Gallifrey who replaced Thalia.  When the Death Zone was reactivated, she voted in favor of sending the Master to help the Five Doctors, against Borusa's wishes.  After Rassilon had turned Borusa into a living statue, Flavia and the High Council reappointed the Fifth Doctor as President, but he deputised his powers to her and managed to escape (6K).

FLAVIUS, GISKARD  Owner of the Roman villa where the First Doctor and his companions stayed (M).

FLESH TIME  Name given by Monarch to what he deemed to be the time of primitive, fleshy existence, as opposed to android life with silicon chip memories (5W).

FLEUR DE LIS  Name of the Devesham pub (4J).

FLIGHT 192  Transatlantic Concorde flight which was hijacked to the Jurassic by the Master.  Its captain was Urquhart (6C).

FLINT, PERCIVAL (SIR)  He led an unsuccessful attempt to open Devil's Hump in 1793.  His miners returned to Cornwall, leaving him for dead (JJJ).
FLO  A friend of Ace and Perivale resident.  According to Ange, she married Darth (7P).
FLORANA  According to the Third Doctor, it was a planet covered with flowers, one of the most beautiful in the galaxy (WWW).

FLOWER  Young woman from the Elders' city.  With Avon, she acted as Steven and Dodo's guide (AA).

FLOWERCHILD  She and Bellboy were founding members of the Psychic Circus.  They tried to escape, but she was killed by the Bus Conductor (7J).

FLOWER FOREST  Landmark of Vortis (N).

FLUTTERWING  Native Gallifreyan bird (or insect).  Romana suggested studying its life cycle as an alternative to studying vintage TARDISes (like the Doctor's) (5B).

FLYING SAUCERS  Type of spaceship used by the Daleks in their 2164 AD Invasion of Earth (K).

FLYNN, TOM  Reegan's henchman.  He was killed by the Brigadier (CCC).

FOAMASI  Reptilian race who fought a deadly 20-minute war of mutual extermination with the Argolins.  After the war, the Foamasi survivors became resistant to radioactivity.  One of their clans, the West Lodge Foamasi, impersonated Brock and Klout, and tried to sabotage the Leisure Hive so that they could then buy Argolis.  They were exposed by a Foamasi Government Investigator.  The saboteurs later escaped, but were destroyed by the Argolins.  The Argolin leader, Mena, rejuvenated thanks to the Fourth Doctor's efforts, made a lasting peace with the Foamasi (5N).

FOOD  The methane refined on Delta Magna's third moon was turned into a source of protein (5E).  Kara's protein factory on Nekros used the bodies stored at Tranquil Repose as a source of protein.  Later, the Sixth Doctor showed the Tranquil Repose employees how to convert local flowers to protein (6Z).  One of the Androgums' chief interests was food; Shockeye tried to kill and eat Peri and Jamie (6W).  Oscar Botcherby was the manager of La Piranella restaurant in Seville (6W).
 Marsh Minnows were a delicacy praised by the Mentors (q.v.).  According to the Sixth Doctor, the gumblejack was the finest fish in the galaxy (6W).  Inspector Mackenzie was turned into protein soup by Light (7Q).  Billy was mutated by a Chimeron's food-like substance (7F).  A peace treaty involving food shipments from Karfel to Bandril was negotiated by the Third Doctor (6Y).  Also see PARASITES, VAMPIRES.
FOOD MACHINE  The TARDIS's food dispenser (B, C, Q).
FORBES  UNIT Corporal who was killed by an Auton (AAA).

FORBIDDEN ZONE  Part of Terminus where the Vanir did not dare to go.  It was there that the Garm lived (6G).

FOREMAN, I.M.  Scrap merchant who owned the junkyard located at 76 Totters Lane.  The "Private - Keep Out" sign did not prevent the First and Sixth Doctors from using it as rematerialisation points (A, 6T).  Foreman's Yard was also the site of a battle between British soldiers and the Daleks (7H).


FORESTER  Ruthless financial backer of Smithers, the scientist who discovered the deadly insecticide, DN6.  He was prepared to go to any lengths to market it.  The First Doctor and his Companions improvised an explosive device to stop him (J).

FORESTER  Donald Bruce's deputy (PP).

FORGILL  Scottish Duke who was also president of the Scottish Energy Commission.  He was impersonated by Broton, leader of the Zygons, who used his form in an attempt to destroy a World Energy Conference.  The real Duke was eventually rescued by the Fourth Doctor (4F).
FOSTER  One of Lieutenant Scott's men (6B).
FOSTER, HOWARD (PROF.)  American archeologist on a field trip on a Greek Island.  He discovered a Trion beacon on the neighboring sea bed.  He was Peri's stepfather.  Kamelion assumed his shape when the Fifth Doctor travelled to Sarn (6Q).

FOSTERS  Union of Traken's guards.  Several of them were killed by the Melkur.  Their Proctor was Neman (5T).
FOUGOUS, CORNISH (DR.)  Archeologist mentioned by Professor Rumford (5C).
FOUNDATION FOR THE STUDY OF ADVANCED SCIENCES  Space station nicknamed Think Tank where Skagra stole the Sphere (5M).
FOUNTAIN OF HAPPINESS  Landmark of Paradise Towers (7E).
FRAG  One of the alien tourists who crashlanded in Wales in 1959.  He was killed by the Bannermen (7F).

FRANCE  Country visited by the First Doctor during the French Revolution, allegedly his "favourite period in history" (H), and at the time of the St. Batholomew's Day's Massacre (W).  The Fourth Doctor and Romana fought Scaroth in Paris (5H).  A French Napoleonic army was kidnapped by the Warlords during the War Games (ZZ).  Lord Palmerdale had just returned from Deauville when his ship crashed on Fang Rock (4V).  The Second Doctor met Frenchman Jules Benoit on the Moonbase (HH).  After being freed by the Second Doctor, Colin McLaren and his supporters salied to France (FF).  According to some accounts, Ace eventually chose to live in 1880 France, where she married one of Sorin's ancestors.
FRANK  One of the Devil's End villagers (JJJ).
FRANKENSTEIN'S MONSTER  The First Doctor met this robotic version of the legendary monster (created by Mary Shelley) in a 1996 House of Horrors.  It then fought the Daleks (R).

FRANZ  One of the Moonbase crew "zombified" by the Cybermen (HH).

FRANZINE GRIG  Chessene's tribe (6W).

FRAX  Thoros-Alphan faithful to the Mentors.  He was the commander of the guards at Lord Kiv's citadel on Thoros-Beta.  He was killed by Yrcanos (7B).

FRAZER, COLIN  Tegan's cousin.  While im Amsterdam, he was captured by Omega and later rescued by the Fifth Doctor (6E).

FREE, THE  Tribe of humans living on the surface of Ravolox (a.k.a. Earth).  They worshipped the god Haldron.  A number of them (such as Broken Tooth) were intended victims of the UK Habitat's Cullings, but were saved by Merdeen.  The Free were ruled by Katryca, who eventually led an assault on the Habitat.  After the Sixth Doctor destroyed Drathro, the population of UK Habitat joined the Free (7A).

FRENCH REVOLUTION  Name given to the revolutionary movement that overthrew the French Monarchy and shook France between 1787 and 1799 AD.  The First Doctor called it his "favourite period in history" (H).

FRENTON  According to Gharman, he was one of the Kaleds opposed to Davros (4E).

FREYTUS  Labyrinth planet where two legions of the Graff Vynda-K's army fought in the Alliance Wars (5A).

FRIEND  Nickname given by the "humanized" Daleks to the Second Doctor (LL).


FRONTIOS  Planet located in the Veruna system.  After Earth's sun suffered a cosmic collision, a group of survivors, led by Captain Revere, relocated there.  The planet was secretly infected by the Tractators who had drawn the colonists to Frontios because they needed to use their bodies and minds to power their excavating machines.  Their leader, the Gravis, planned to turn Frontios into a hollow spaceship with which the Tractators could roam the Universe.  The Fifth Doctor defeated him and restored the colony in the hands of Capt. Revere's son, Plantagenet (6N).

FROYN  He and Rhynmal were Earth scientists involved in experimental matter transmission.  They sent the First Doctor to Mira (V).


FU PENG  Chinese delegate to the World Peace Conference who replaced Cheng Teik, who had been murdered by Chin Lee.  He developed a friendly relationship with the Third Doctor (FFF).

FULLER  One of the prisoners of Stangmoor Prison.  He helped capture the Third Doctor and Jo, but was presumably shot or recaptured when the prison was retaken by Benton (FFF).

FUNCTIONARIES  Name given to slave workers on Inter Minor.  A rebel functionary was shot by Kalik.  President Zarb tried to improve their lot (PPP).

FUNGOIDS  Hostile plants of Mechanus (R).
FUSION BOOSTER  Devise used by the Fifth Doctor to defeat Omega (6E).