G3 ASSESSMENT SURVEY  Codename for the Sontaran intelligence division to which Styre reported (4B).

GABRIEL CHASE  Evil house located in Perivale.  Ace burned it down in 1983.  The Seventh Doctor took her back there in 1883.  They discovered the house was under the control of Josiah Samuel Smith, who kept explorer Redvers Fenn-Cooper prisoner and plotted to use him to assassinate Queen Victoria.  Gabriel Chase had been built on top of the spaceship of the powerful alien, Light, whom Fenn-Cooper had discovered and brought back to England, and whom Ace released.  After the Doctor defeated Light, Fenn-Cooper and two other occupants left in the alien's ship (7Q).

GABRIELIDES (DROGE OF)  According to the Fourth Doctor, this alien tyrant once offered a whole star system as a price for the Time Lord's head (4W).

GAEL  One of the Xeron rebels (Q).

GALACTIC CENSUS BUREAU  Terran bureaucracy set up to take the census of the colonies.  The Seventh Doctor encountered one of its agents, Trevor Sigma, on Terra Alpha (7L).

GALACTIC SALVAGE  Space insurance company, formed in London in 2068 AD, but disbanded in 2096 AD.  Several decades later, the Fourth Doctor betrayed himself on board the Empress when he pretended to be one of its employees (5K).

GALACTIC SERVICES COMMISSION  Company which had chartered Capt. Briggs' freighter (6B).

GALATRON MINING CORPORATION  Interplanetary mining corporation run by the Mentors of Thoros-Beta.  It was buying Zyton-7 from Varos.  Its agent, Sil, bribed the Chief Officer of Varos to keep the prices low, but he was thwarted by the Sixth Doctor.  He then attempted to take over the planet, but failed.  Sil's superior, Kiv, replaced him and negotiated fairer prices for Zyton-7 (6V).

GALAXY FOUR  Location of the doomed planet upon which the Drahvin-Rill confrontation occurred (T).

GALAXY FIVE  Militaristic space power located in a neighboring galaxy.  During the 38th Century, Galaxy Five went to war with the Federation.  It used Azaxyr and Eckersley to try to take over the trisilicate mines of Peladon.  When they failed, it was forced to sue for peace (YYY).  Later, Galaxy Five's self-proclaimed Master, Zephon, allied himself with the Daleks to attack the Solar System, but was killed by them (V).  Presumably, Galaxy Five's power was then totally crushed by the Federation.

GALLEIA  Queen of Atlantis  The Master charmed her into overthrewing King Dalios.  When she learned that the Renegade Time Lord had caused Dalios' death, she turned against him, but too late.  In spite of the Third Doctor's actions, the Master used the Kronos Crystal to summon the Kronavore, who destroyed Atlantis.  Galleia died (OOO).

GALLIFREY  Homeplanet of Time Lords.  It was located in the constellation of Kasterborus, 29,000 light years away from Earth.  Gallifrey was the location of the Trial of the Second Doctor, and was briefly invaded by the War Lords (ZZ).  Later, it was almost destroyed during the Omega crisis, but was saved by the Three Doctors (RRR).  It was threatened by the Master when he almost released the Eye of Harmony (4P).  It was then invaded by the Vardans and the Sontarans (4Z).  In both cases, Gallifrey was saved by the Fourth Doctor.  The Fifth Doctor was tried on Gallifrey when Omega threatened to take over his body (6E).  Finally, Borusa brought the Five Doctors to Gallifrey's Death Zone to help him unlock the secret of the Tomb of Rassilon (6K).
 Gallifrey was protected by impenetrable force fields known as transduction barriers.  It was the location of the Capitol, the Time Lords' seat of power.  A great deal of the surface of the planet was barren and wild, and inhabited by the Shobogans (or Outsiders) (4Z).  The Death Zone was a forbidden area, protected by force fields, at the center of which was the Tomb of Rassilon, known as the Dark Tower (6K).  The Third Doctor once mentioned that he lived on a mountainside in South Gallifrey (OOO).  (The name of Gallifrey was first mentioned by the Third Doctor when he was interrogated by Linx (UUU).)  Also see TIME LORDS.

GALLOWAY, DAN  Ruthless Earth marine lieutenant and member of the space corps expedition sent to Exxilon to bring back parrinium.  He met the Third Doctor and eventually sacrificed his life to destroy the Daleks (XXX).

GALLOWAY  Dalek prisoner who escaped with Stien through the time corridor to 20th Century London.  He was killed by one of Lytton's men (6P).
GALSEC SEVEN  Human colony from which the five humans captured by Styre originated (4B).
GAME OF RASSILON  Name given by the Time Lords to the process of using the Time Scoop to pull various creatures out of space and time, and dropping them off in the Death Zone on Gallifrey to watch them fight.  In spite of its name, it was said to have been banned by Rassilon.  Borusa played the Game of Rassilon with the Five Doctors, their companions (Susan, the Brigadier, Sarah Jane Smith, Tegan and Turlough) and their enemies (Daleks, Cybermen, Yeti) to find the secret of true immortality located in the Tomb of Rassilon (6K).

GAMES  The First Doctor lost the TARDIS playing backgammon with Kublai Khan (D).  The First Doctor defeated the Celestial Toymaker at his own Trilogic Game (Y).  The Second Doctor helped solve a series of riddles protecting the Tomb of the Cybermen (MM).  The Fourth Doctor also solved a series of riddles which protected the Eye of Horus on Mars (4G).  He later engaged in a fierce constest of minds known as "mind-bending" with Morbius (4K).  The Eternals played games with mortals to entertain themselves (6H).  The Seventh Doctor fought a deadly game of chess with Fenric (7M).  Romulus and Remus were brilliant chess players (6S).  Games played with living beings included the Romans' Circus Games (M), the War Games (ZZ) and the Game of Rassilon (6K).

GANATUS  A Thal from Skaro and Alydon's friend.  He was proved right in his mistrust of the Daleks.  He helped the First Doctor and led the expedition to the Daleks' city by way of the dreaded Lake of Mutations (B).

GANTRY, KERT  Agent sent by Space Special Security to Kembel with Bret Vyon.  He was killed by the Daleks (V).

GANYMEDE  Moon of Jupiter.  It was also the name of the Space Beacon which took over from Nerva after it had been quarantined (4D).

GAPTOOTH  One if Captain Pike's pirates (CC).

GARDEN OF THE AGED  Aztecs' home for senior citizens.  The First Doctor accidentally proposed to Cameca there (F).

GARDINER  Captain of the Earth battle cruiser who rescued Hardy and Stewart's C-982 cargo ship after it had been attacked by the Ogrons (QQQ).

GARGE  One of the criminals of Desperus.  He tried to take over the First Doctor's ship, the Spar 7-40, but was felled by a stun charge (V).


GARIF, JAYNIS  Alzarian Decider.  He was extremely indecisive, and relied on Login and the Fourth Doctor to fight the Marshmen (5R).

GARM, THE  Mysterious dog-headed alien who lived on Terminus.  He was quite strong, and cured some of the Lazars with controlled radiation.  His ministrations saved Nyssa from Lazar disease.  He helped the Fifth Doctor disable the unstable engine which threatened the universe.  In exchange, the Doctor freed him from the sonic box which enabled the Vanir to control him (6G).

GARRANT, DAL (MAJOR)  Combat pilot serving with the Third Galactic Fleet.  He was killed by the Daleks and died on Skaro (5J).

GARRETT, JANE (MISS)  Technician on Clent's team.  They tried to stop the progress of the ice in 3000 AD.  She helped the Second Doctor defeat the Ice Warriors (OO).

GARRON  Earth con artist originally from Hackneywick, Somerset.  He was forced to flee Earth because he refused to sell the Sidney Opera House to a rich Arab.  He and his younger assistant, Unstoffe, embarked on a career as galactic conmen, selling planets to unsuspecting victims.  Garron tried to sell Ribos to the Graff Vynda-K using a lump of jethrik, which turned out to be a segment of the Key to Time.  When the Graff found out the truth, Garron and the Fourth Doctor were forced to join forces.  Garron eventually ended up with the Graff's spaceship, filled with 18 years of plunder (5A).

GARVEY, JEFF  Spaceman who landed on Kembel with Marc Cory.  He was injured by a Varga plant, then killed by Cory to put him out of his misery (T/A).

GARVIN  The vicar's verger and the Master's henchman in Devil's End.  He kidnapped Miss Hawthorne, but was later incinerated by Azal's psionic powers (JJJ).

GASCOIGNE  Detective inspector shot in Gatwick by Spencer.  He was investigating the Chameleons after receiving a tip-off from Samantha Briggs (KK).

GASES   Mankind used poison gases during World War I (ZZ).  Poison gases were used as natural weapons by the parasitic Weed (which fed on natural gas) (RR), and by the alien Vervoids (7C).  Both were vulnerable to pure oxygen.  The Alzarians also used pure oxygen to drive the Marshmen away (5R).
 Oxygen (or, more accurately, the mixture of oxygen and azote called air) was one of the commodities necessary for the preservation of human life under water (GG, 6L), in space (V), on airless worlds such as Earth's Moon (HH, QQQ), and on worlds with other types of atmospheres such as Titan (4T).  The Sunmakers sold air to the Pluto colony and used a pacifying gas called PCM to maintain their domination.  They also used a stun gas called Balarium (4W).  The Moroks used a paralyzing gas named Zaphra (Q).  The Terileptils breathed a mixture of air and a gas named Soliton (5X).  The Marshal wanted to alter Solos' atmosphere to make it habitable by humans (NNN). Vorum gas was a sleeping gas used to protect Space Station J7's computer (6W).
 The First Doctor used a gas jet and a match to get rid of Forester (J).  The Fourth Doctor released helium in the Sandminer's atmosphere to trick the Robots of Death (4R).  The Fifth Doctor used hexachromite to destroy the Silurians and Sea Devils who had taken over Sea Base Four (6L).
 Planets Karn and Sarn both generated a volcanic gas which had, under certain local conditions, the power to extend life.  On Sarn, it was called the Sacred Flame (4K) and on Sarn the Numismaton Flame (6Q).  An unidentified green gas was part of the process leading to the creation of the Krargs (5M).  On Alzarius, periodic orbital shifts released non-toxic subterranean gases which boosted evolution (5R).

GASTROPODS  Half-humanoid, half-slug creatures, once considered mythical on Jaconda.  They destroyed most of the planet.  Their leader, Mestor, took over and planned to throw a planet into Jaconda's sun to spread his eggs throughout the universe.  He was defeated by the Sixth Doctor and Azmael (6S).

GATEWAY  Stone archway erected by the Tharils at the Zero Point between N-Space and E-Space.  The Zero Point, the archway, and the mirrors inside, formed the Gateway (5S).

GATWICK  One of London's airports.  In 1966, the Second Doctor fought the Chameleons there (KK).

GAVROK  Merciless leader of the Bannermen.  He exterminated the Chimerons and pursued the Chimeron Queen Delta to the 1959 Welsh Holiday Camp of Shangri-La.  There, he was thwarted by the Seventh Doctor, Billy and Ray, Goronwy and two U.S. secret agents, Hawk and Weismuller.  The Bannermen were finally defeated by the young Chimeron Princess' ultrasonic powers, broadcast over Shangri-La's public address system.  Gavrok was killed by his own sonic cone (7F).

GAYEV  Russian corporal whose mind snapped after seeing the Haemovores on the Northumbrian beach (7M).

GAZAK  Young Karfelon rebel.  He was banished through the Timelash by the Borad (6Y).

GAZTAKS  Space mercenaries hired by Meglos to bring him an Earthling (George Morris), then attack Tigella to help the Zolfa-Thuran steal the Dodecahedron.  They were led by Grugger and Brotadac.  The Gaztaks eventually betrayed Meglos.  They were outsmarted by the Fourth Doctor and perished in Zolfa-Thura's explosion (5Q).

GEARON  Member of the Dalek Alliance in their Masterplan against Earth.  He was eventually killed by Mavic Chen (V).

GEBEK  Reasonable leader of the trisilicate miners of Peladon.  At first allied with Ettis, because of his opposition to the Federation, he became receptive to the Third Doctor's wishes to help the miners.  He eventually helped the Time Lord expose Azaxyr and Eckersley.  At the Doctor's suggestion, he was eventually appointed new Chancellor after Ortron's death (YYY).

GEL CREATURES  Omega's mindless agents.  He used them to attack the Three Doctors (RRR).

GENERATION STARSHIPS  Man used generation starships for interstellar travel before the discovery of faster than light (or warp) propulsion.  The Ark (X) and Terra Nova (4C) could be considered Generation Starships.  Also see CRYOGENICS and SUSPENDED ANIMATION.

GENETIC ENGINEERING  Dastari had technically augmented the androgum Chessene, without changing her savage nature (6W).  The Vervoids were genetically engineered by Prof Lasky (7C).  Other master geneticists included the Rani (q.v.) and Davros (q.v.).  Also see CLONES.

GENOCIDE  The destruction of an entire species.  The Daleks (q.v.) were guilty of attempted genocide.  However, no matter what blows the Doctor dealt to the Daleks, he was never able (or willing) to completely eradicate them (LL, 4E, 7H).  Other aliens who were guilty of attempted genocide included: the Cybermen (q.v.), the Dominators (TT), the Krotons (WW), the Ice Warriors (XX), Axos (GGG), Sutekh (4G), the Kraals (4J), the Krynoids (4L), the Fendahl (4X), the pirate Planet of Zanak (5B), Scaroth (5H), the Nimon (5L), the Vampires (5P), Monarch of Urbanka (5W), the Terileptils (5X) and Mestor (6S).  The Silurians tried to cause the human race to exterminate itself (6L).  The Time Lords almost destroyed the human race when they moved Earth through space and renamed it Ravolox (7A-7C).
 A number of human villains almost caused the destruction of mankind: Forester (J), Prof. Zaroff (GG), Prof. Stahlman (DDD), Sir Charles Grover (WWW) and The Scientific Reform Society (4A).  The Master was responsible for the annihilation of many planets, including Traken, when he destroyed Logopolis (5V).
 The Sixth Doctor was accused of genocide by the Valeyard -- a criminal offense under Article 7 of Gallifreyan law -- for having destroyed the Vervoids (7C).  The human Empire almost committed genocide on races such as the Solonians (NNN) or the Wirrn (4C).  The Kastrians committed racial suicide rather than face Eldrad's return (4N).  Also see END OF THE WORLD, WAR.

GENTEK  Chief Acolyte of the Tesh.  He fought alongside Jabel against the Fourth Doctor and the Sevateem (4Q).


GER  One of the Thoros-Alphan rebels who followed Tusa and Yrcanos.  He was killed by the Mentors (7B).

GERN  Mondasian Cyberleader who took over the Geneva headquarters of the International Space Command and died after Mondas' destruction (DD).

GERRILL  One of Skaro's Mutos (4E).

GHANA  African country.  It was the location of the 1996 World's Fair, whose House of Horrors was briefly visited by the First Doctor and the Daleks (R).

GHARMAN  Davros' associate in the creation of the Daleks.  He eventually led a rebellion against the evil scientist, but was killed by the Daleks (4E).

GIANT ROBOT  Codenamed K-1, he was the creation of Prof. Kettlewell.  His purpose was to replace men in a variety of dangerous tasks and his prime directive was to serve humanity.  However, it was subverted by Miss Winters, Kettlewell and the Scientific Reform Society, who used him in their plan to become masters of the world.  The Robot inadvertently killed Kettlewell and went mad.  Fond of Sarah, he took her hostage and tried to start World War Three.  The Fourth Doctor destoyed him with an anti-metal virus (4A).

GIDU  Stormy planet incorporated into Tryst's CET (5K).
GIGANTISM  On Vortis, the First Doctor met the Zarbi, who were similar to gigantic Earth ants, and the Menoptera, who were like gigantic Earth butterflies (N).  The Second Doctor met the Macra, who were not unlike giant crabs (JJ).  The Third Doctor fought giant maggots and giant flies caused by the Green Death (TTT), and giant Spiders on Metebelis Three (ZZZ).  The Fourth Doctor fought a giant Robot (4A), a giant Krynoid on Harrison Chase's estate (4L), Weng-Chiang's giant rat in the London Sewers (4S), Kroll, the gigantic god of the Swampies, on Delta Magna's moon (5E), and, in E-Space, the Great Vampire who looked like a giant humanoid with bat-like features (5P).  The Fifth Doctor fought the Mara, who appeared as a giant snake (5Y, 6D).

GIL  One of the alien tourists who crashlanded in Wales in 1959.  He was killed by the Bannermen (7F).

GILMORE, IAN  Group Captain in charge of the British army squadron sent to fight the Daleks who had invaded the Coal Hill area in 1963.  He was assisted by Prof. Rachel Jensen, of whom he was fond, and helped the Seventh Doctor defeat the Daleks (7H).

GIRTON, TOM  One of the inhabitants of Devil's End under the Master's control.  He stole one of UNIT's helicopters and tried to kill the Third Doctor by driving him into Azal's heat barrier.  He ended up crashing into the barrier himself (JJJ).

GIRTON  Royal navy seaman who fought the Sea Devils (LLL).

GIULIANO  Rightful young ruler of the Dukedom of San Martino, in 15th Century Italy.  His uncle, Count Fedrico, tried to kill him to take over the Dukedom, but failed.  He was a man of science, an artesan of the Renaissance, and helped the Fourth Doctor banish the evil Mandragora Helix (4M).


GLITTERGUNS  Guns shooting gold particles developed during the Cyber Wars to fight the Cybermen (4D, 6T).

GLITZ, SABALOM  Galactic swindler from Salostopus in Andromeda.  He and his associate, Dibber, travelled to Ravolox.  Their goal was to steal the secrets previously stolen from the Time Lords' Matrix by the Andromedan Sleepers.  Glitz was sentenced to death by Katryca.  After Dibber destroyed the Maglem converter, Glitz conned Drathro into giving him the tape containing the Sleepers' secrets.  But the tape was later destroyed, along with Drathro, when the Sixth Doctor shut down the energy systems to prevent a black light explosion (7A).  Then, the Master sent Glitz, as well as Mel, to the Trial of the Doctor to help the Time Lord expose the Valeyard's secret identity.  The Valeyard fled into the Matrix, the Doctor hot in pursuit.  Glitz followed him and recovered the Sleepers secrets from the Valeyard for the Master.  However, the Valeyard had tricked him, giving him a Limbo Atrophier instead.  Glitz and the Master became trapped in the Matrix (7C).  Glitz was later stranded on Iceworld, because he owed money to Kane, to whom he had already sold the crew of his ship, the Nosferatu.  Kane manipulated him and the Seventh Doctor into looking for the Dragonfire.  After Kane's suicide, Glitz remained in charge of Iceworld (now a spaceship rechristened Nosferatu II), and left with Mel (7G).

GLOBAL CHEMICALS  Multinational corporation which owned and operated the Llanfairfach Refinery.  It was pumping chemical waste into the local mines, which eventually was the cause of the Green Death and its deadly swarm of giant maggots.  Its computer, BOSS, secretly controlled the minds of refinery director, Stevens, and other employees.  BOSS tried to take over the world, but was thwarted by the combined efforts of the Third Doctor and UNIT (TTT).

GOBI DESERT  The First Doctor and his Companions crossed it, along with Marco Polo and Tegana (D).



GOLD, KEITH (SIR)  Director of the Inferno project.  He made several attempts to slow down Prof. Stahlman's Inferno Project, such as calling in Greg Sutton and going over Stahlman's head to the Minister.  He would have failed to prevent the destruction of Earth if the Third Doctor had not intervened.  On a parallel world, Sir Keith was killed in a car accident arranged by Stahlman (DDD).

GOLD  Precious metal which was the cause of much evil among greedy men (CC, LL).  Gold was deadly to the Cybermen.  It was found in abundance on Voga, the so-called "planet of gold" (4D, 6B).

GOLD DALEK  Like the Black Dalek (of which he may be an avatar), he was a Dalek Warlord.  He led the invasion of Earth in the 22nd Century (KKK).

GOLD USHER  The Fourth Doctor used the robes of a Gold Usher to enter the Panopticon to try to prevent the President's assassination (4P).  A Gold Usher led the ceremonies when the Doctor was later proclaimed President (4Z).


GOLDEN AGE OF PROSPERITY  Expression used by the Captain of Zanak to signal that Zanak was about to crush another world and therefore replenish its mineral wealth (5B).

GOLDEN DEATH  Form of compassionate euthanasia used by the Company on Pluto.  Cordo's father died a deluxe Golden Death, which cost Cordo 117 talmars (4W).

GOLDEN DREAM PARK  One of Kroagnon's buildings (7E).

GOLF ALPHA CHARLIE  Concorde flight used by the Fifth Doctor to rescue Flight 192.  Its captain was Stapley (6C).

GOLF VICTOR FOXTROT  Concorde flight 192, which was hijacked to the Jurassic by the Master.  Its captain was Urquhart (6C).

GOLOBUS  Planet visited by Captain Cook (7J).

GOMER  Time Lords' Surgeon General who attended the induction of the Fourth Doctor as President of the High Council.  He was later expelled outside the Capitol, and joined the Shobogans and Leela in fighting the invaders of Gallifrey (4Z).

GONDS  Peaceful race who lived in an underground city enclosed by the machines of the Krotons, their unseen masters.  Every month, the two most intelligent Gonds were selected to become the Krotons' "companions".  In reality, two Krotons were draining their mental energy to recharge themselves.  The Second Doctor eventually used sulphuric acid to dissolve the Krotons and free the Gonds (WW).

GOODGE  Technician at the Beacon Hill Research Establishment.  He was killed by the Master's Tissue Compression Eliminator (EEE).

GORDON, CHARLES  Nicknamed "Commandant", he was the manager of Gatwick Airport when the Second Doctor fought the Chameleons (KK).

GORE CROW, THE  Pat Rowlinson's hotel in Carbury (7N).

GORONWY  Welsh bee keeper who helped the Seventh Doctor defeat Gavrok's Bannermen, who were pursuing Queen Delta of the Chimerons (7F).
GORSEDD  According to Welsh legends, a place of augurs.  The three Gorsedds in England were Stonehenge, Bryn Gwiddon and Boscombe Moor (5C).

GORTON  British colonel and prison camp commander who believed he was fighting against the Germans in World War I in 1917, near Ypres.  In reality, he was part of the War Games.  He was tricked by the Second Doctor into letting Zoe escape.  He was eventually returned to his proper place in time and space by the Time Lords (ZZ).

GOSSETT, NELLIE  Alfred Buller's mother-in-law (4S).

GOTAL  One of the subterranean Exxilons who had not reverted to savagery when cast out by the City (XXX).

GOTH  Chancellor of the High Council of the Time Lords.  He may have been one of the three Time Lords who passed judgment on the Second Doctor (ZZ).  When the President was about to resign, and Goth found out that he was not going to be his chosen successor, he plotted with the Master, whom he had discovered hiding on Tersurus, to kill the President and frame the Fourth Doctor.  Goth was eventually defeated by the Doctor in mental battle inside the Matrix, and killed by the Master (4P).

GOTTSCHALK, GOTTLIEB  One of the crew of the Mary-Celeste (R).

GOUDRY  One of Mandrel's rebels.  He helped the Fourth Doctor and Leela overthrow the Company on Pluto (4W).

GOVERNOR (OF LUNA)  Governor of the Luna Penal Colony to which the Third Doctor and Jo Grant were sent, after they were accused of being Draconian spies.  The Master tricked him into turning the Time Lord and his companion over to him (QQQ).


GOVERNOR (OF VAROS)  Forty-fifth leader of Varos.  He tried to negotiate higher prices for Zyton-7 from the Galatron Mining Corporation.  Sil bribed the Chief Officer of Varos to keep the prices low, but was thwarted by the Sixth Doctor.  The Governor would have died by the Cell Disintegrator if he had not been rescued by Meldak.  Sil's superior, Kiv, then replaced him and negotiated fairer prices for Zyton-7 (6V).

GRACHT  Count Grendel's Castle (5D).

GRADES  System of classification of the Company's Citizens on Pluto: A, B, C, D, etc.  Cordo was a D-grade citizen (4W).  Also see CLASSES.

GRAFF  Title given to the ruler of Levithia (5A).

GRANADOS  Planet destroyed by Zanak (5B).

GRAND MARSHAL  Title given by Slaar to the leader of the invading Ice Warrior space fleet.  The Second Doctor transmitted a fake guiding beacon which sent their fleet into the Sun (XX).

GRANT, DOUGLAS T.  Washington technician killed by the opening of a Martian seed pod (XX).
GRANT, JIM  Newsman who interviewed Mavic Chen (V).

GRANT, JOSEPHINE  One of the Third Doctor's Companions.  She was a UNIT agent fully trained in cryptology, explosives and safe-breaking, and owed her assignment to her uncle, a cabinet minister.  She helped the Doctor many times against the Master and twice against the Daleks (KKK, SSS).  She also fought the Nestene and their deadly Autons, the Mind of Evil, Axos and the evil designs of the Interplanetary Mining Corporation.  Her attempt to sacrifice her life to save the Doctor's led to the Daemon Azal's defeat (JJJ).  She then helped the Doctor fight the Sea Devils, the evil Marshal of Solos, Kronos and Omega.  She helped him escape from the Scope, and travelled with him to Peladon, where she was not insensitive to the charms of King Peladon (MMM).  But ultimately, she fell in love with, and married, Prof. Clifford Jones, who helped the Doctor defeat BOSS and the Green Death (EEE-TTT).  After her wedding, she sent the blue crystal from Metebelis 3 that the Doctor had given her back to him (ZZZ).  She also travelled with the Doctor to Karfel in an unrecorded adventure (6Y).

GRANT  Corporal in the British army squadron sent to fight the Daleks who had invaded the Coal Hill area in 1963 (7H).

GRAVIS  Leader of the Tractators.  He functioned like a Queen Bee.  Without his guiding intelligence, the Tractators were mindless burrowers.  The Gravis had tremendous powers of gravity control.  He had secretly drawn human colonists to Frontios because he needed to use their bodies and minds to power his excavating machines.  With these, he planned to turn Frontios into a hollow spaceship.  The Gravis was susceptible to flattery, and his desire for the TARDIS enabled the Fifth Doctor to cut him off from the other Tractators and render them helpless.  The Doctor then abandoned the Gravis on Kolkokron (6N).

GRAVITRON  A gravity-controlling machine located on the Moonbase, which helped control Earth's weather (via the tides).  In 2070 AD, it became the object of a Cyberman attack.  The Second Doctor used the gravitron to send the Cybermen and their ship hurtling off in space (HH).

GRAVITY  The gravitron was a machine built on the Moon, and which could control gravity.  It was used by the Second Doctor against the Cybermen (HH).  The Tractators had great natural powers of gravity control (6N).  The Crystal of the Mara was designed in a zero-gravity environment (6D).

GRAY (a.k.a. GREY)  Former solicitor who abused his position as Prison Commissioner to illegally sell Scottish rebels as slaves to be transported to the West Indies.  He was eventually captured by the Second Doctor and handed over to Ffinch (FF).


GREAT CRYSTAL (OF THE MARA)  Powerful stone created over eight hundred years ago by the Manussans.  Its perfect molecular structure was attuned to the exact wavelength of the human mind.  It had been designed by molecular engineering in a zero-gravity environment.  The Crystal absorbed the evil within the Manussans' minds, amplified it, and created the Mara.  When Tegan brought the Mara back to Manussa eight hundred years later, the Crystal was in Ambril's custodianship.  The Mara manipulated Lon into persuading Ambril to let him use it during the ceremony, when it planned to recreate itself.  It was eventually thwarted by the Fifth Doctor, who seized the Crystal and broke the spell (6D).  Also see CRYSTALS.

GREAT FIRE OF LONDON (1666 AD)  It was started by the Fifth Doctor in an effort to destroy the plague rats infected by the Terileptils (5X).

GREAT HALL OF BOOKS  Starliner room where the Deciders met.  In reality, it was the bridge of the ship (5R).

GREAT HEALER  Alias used by Davros at the Tranquil Repose mortuary (6Z).

GREAT INTELLIGENCE  Entity from another dimension, which was exiled into ours, and condemned to hover between the stars without physical substance.  It made contact with Padmasambhava's mind during one of the Lama's astral journeys, and promised him knowledge and long life.  The Great Intelligence eventually took over the Lama's mind.  It planned to reincorporate itself and conquer Earth, when its gelatinous substance flowed through a pyramid gateway.  In spite of its robot Yeti, which were controlled through telepathic, silver spheres, the Intelligence's plan was thwarted by the Second Doctor, Jamie, Victoria and Prof. Travers in the mid-1930s.  The entity was banished when the Doctor held it in check mentally, while Jamie and Thomni smashed its pyramid (NN).
 Thirty years later, Prof. Travers reactivated a robot Yeti's silver sphere, which led the Intelligence to launch a new attack, this time in the London Underground, using Yetis and web guns.  It was again opposed by the Second Doctor, with the help of Prof. Travers, Jamie, Victoria and Colonel Lethbridge-Stewart.  The Intelligence plotted to drain the Doctor's mind, but the Doctor secretly reversed the polarities of the device, and would have turned the tables on his enemy if Jamie had not unwittingly wrenched the device from the Doctor's head at the last minute, thereby releasing the evil entity (QQ).

GREAT JOURNEY OF LIFE  Name given by the Nimon to their travel from planet to planet (5L).

GREAT KEY (OF RASSILON)  Another name for the Rod of Rassilon (4P, 4Z).  Not to be confused with the Key of Rassilon (4Z, 7C).

GREAT ONE  Giant spider of Metebelis 3.  It had gathered all the crystals in the Cave of Crystals, and had grown to gigantic physical and mental size.  It needed the Blue Crystal to complete its crystal web and increase its mental power to infinity.  When the Third Doctor brought the Blue Crystal back, its feedback destroyed the Great One (ZZZ).

GREAT ONE  Title used by Aukon to refer to the Great Vampire (5P).

GREAT VAMPIRE  Leader of the alien vampires who were destroyed by the Time Lords.  Wounded and almost dying, he fled into E-Space, where he still had the strength to mentally lure the Earth ship Hydrax.  He offered its three officers, Aukon, Zargo and Camilla, vampiric immortality if they served him.  They fed him with the blood of the human colonists and their descendents for a thousand years, planning for the Time of Arising, when he would swarm back into normal space.  The Great Vampire's plans were thwarted by the Fourth Doctor, who used one of the Hydrax scout ships like a stake to kill him (5P).

GREATEST SHOW IN THE GALAXY  Nickname of the Psychic Circus (7J).

GREECE  The ancient civilization of Atlantis, located in the island of Thera in the Aegean Sea, was the object of stories written by Plato (OOO).  Ancient Greece was one of the protagonists involved in the Trojan War, in which both the First Doctor (U) and the Rani (6X) took part.  Bigon was a Greek philosopher kidnapped by the Urbankans, probably circa 519 BC (5W).  Delos was a Greek slave who befriended Ian aboard a Roman galley (M).  One of the Eternals wore the guise of Critas, the captain of a Greek galley (6H).  The Fifth Doctor and Turlough met Peri on a Greek Island, near which a Trion ship had crashed (6Q).

GREEL, MAGNUS  51st Century Australian dictator and scientist whose quest for eternal life led him to devise the flawed time travel method known as the Zigma Experiment.  He was responsible for hundreds of thousands of deaths, and was dubbed the Butcher of Brisbane.  Greel created the Peking Homunculus in order to assassinate the Icelandic Alliance Commissioner, an action which set off World War Six and helped him and other dictators take over the Earth as the Supreme Alliance.  Greel became the Alliance's infamous Minister of Justice. After the Alliance was overthrown at the Battle of Reykjavik, Greel and the Homunculus escaped to 19th Century China in the Zygma Time Cabinet.  But his metabolism was destroyed by temporal distortion.  Greel became horribly disfigured, and needed to absorb other humans' life essences in order to survive.  He was found by a Chinese peasant, Li H'Sen Chang, who took him to be the god Weng-Chiang.  While Greel was recovering, his Time Cabinet was seized by the Chinese Emperor T'ungchi, and eventually ended up in London in Prof. Litefoot's hands.  Greel and his worshippers, the Tong of the Black Scorpion, and the Homunculus, travelled to England to recover the Cabinet.  But their efforts were thwarted by the Fourth Doctor, Leela, Litefoot and Henry Gordon Jago.  After discarding Chang, Greel was eventually struck down by the Homunculus's laser fire and died of cellular collapse (4S).

GREEN, STEINBERGER P.  Hollywood director whose film the First Doctor interrupted (V).

GREEN  Post Office Tower security officer with the rank of Major.  He was hypnotized by WOTAN, but was freed when the First Doctor destroyed the War Machines (BB).

GREEN  Guard at Stangmoor Prison.  He was killed when Mailer took over the Prison (FFF).

GREEN, EDWIN  19th Century British miner whose brain fluids were stolen by the Rani.  The Rani killed him when he attacked the Master and endangered the phial of brain fluids the renegade Time Lord had stolen (6X).

GREEN DEATH  Lethal effects of the deadly swarms of giant maggots and poisonous, glowing green slime created by the chemical waste pumped into the local mines by the Global Chemicals refinery in Llanfairfach (TTT).
GREGARIAN ROCK  Substance out of which the Ark's commemorative statue was being built.  It was supposed to last forever (X).
GREGORY  International Electromatics' Chief Researcher.  Corporal Benton shot him before he could kill Prof. Watkins (VV).

GREGSON, JAMES (SIR)  United Nations' Plenipotentiary and Minister with special responsibility for T-Mat.  He assisted the Second Doctor in his fight against the Ice Warriors and their "Seeds of Death" (XX).

GREGSON, LILY  Gossipy Post Office clerk in Moreton Harwood.  In reality, she was the High Priestess of Hecate.  She and Commander Pollock were arrested thanks to the efforts of Sarah Jane Smith and K9 Mark III (K9).

GRELL  Chief Guard of UK Habitat.  He suspected Merdeen of helping people escape from the Cullings.  Merdeen shot him to prevent him from betraying him (7A).

GRENDEL (COUNT)  Taran knight, Lord of Castle Gracht, and Swordmaster of the Ninth Degree.  He desperately wanted to be King of Tara.  To achieve his ends, he tried to assassinate Prince Reynart and to use Romana's resemblance to Princess Stella.  His plans were thwarted by the Fourth Doctor, who defeated him in a sword fight.  Grendel managed to escape (5D).


GREY  British army sergeant under General Carrington's command (CCC).


GRIERSON  Chief technician of the Devesham Space Research Station.  He helped the Fourth Doctor fight the Kraals and was wounded by one of Styggron's androids (4J).

GRIFFIN  Denes' palace chief (PP).

GRIFFITHS, CHARLIE  Lytton's second-in-command.  He agreed to help his boss steal the Cybermen's time vessel for the Cryons for a price of two million pounds in diamonds.  He was killed by the Cybermen (6T).

GRIFFITHS, DAVE  One of the Llanfairfach miners (TTT).

GRIG  Androgum tribe (6W).

GRIGORY  Natasha's friend.  She convinced him to help her look for her father in the vaults of Tranquil Repose.  He was killed by one of Davros's Daleks (6Z).

GRIM REAPER  Terileptil android made to look like the figure of death (5X).

GRIMALKIN  Miss Hawthorne's cat (JJJ).
GRIMSHAW  Unit soldier saved by Sarah (4A).
GRIMWOLD'S SYNDROME  Another name for robophobia.  It was named after the psychiatrist who studied it (4R).
GRIOPHOS  According to the Seventh Doctor, it was a planet with a spectacular swimming pool, used exclusively by the Gulmeres (7E).
GROGAN  One of the crew on the Eternals' ships (6H).
GROLON  Planet visited by Captain Cook (7J).

GROOM  Police constable of Devil's End.  He was crushed by Azal's psionic powers (JJJ).

GROSE (MRS.)  Day housekeeper at Gabriel Chase.  She and her staff departed the house every day at six p.m., leaving it in the hands of Mrs. Pritchard.  She allowed Reverend Matthews in (7Q).

GROTZI  Form of galactic currency valued by Sabalom Glitz (7A, 7C).

GROVE, THE  Garden on Traken where Melkur was kept (5T).

GROVER, CHARLES (SIR)  Minister with Special Powers during the Dinosaur Invasion.  In reality, he was the mastermind behind the invasion, and Operation Golden Age, which consisted in rolling time back to restore Earth to an age when it was free of pollution and technology.  He was exposed by the Third Doctor.  After seeing his scheme fall apart, Grover tried activating Prof. Whitaker's device and the two men were sent back to prehistory (WWW).

GRUB  Creature with a venomous sting from Vortis (N).

GRUGGER  General of the Gaztak mercenaries.  He was hired by Meglos to bring him an Earthling (George Morris), then attack Tigella to help Meglos steal the Dodecahedron.  The Gaztaks eventually betrayed Meglos.  They were outsmarted by the Fourth Doctor and perished in Zolfa-Thura's explosion (5Q).

GRUN  King Peladon's Champion.  He was a mute soldier of considerable strength, and fiercely loyal to the King.  He first assisted Hepesh then, realizing he had been misguided, he helped the Third Doctor expose the High Priest (MMM).

GRUNDLE  The Drashigs' star-system of origin (PPP).

GUARDIAN  Sole survivor of the super-beings who once occupied Exarius and built the Doomsday Machine, whose radiation also kept him alive.  The Third Doctor convinced him that the Machine should not fall into evil hands -- specifically, the Master's -- and the Guardian destroyed it.  He perished with it (HHH).


GUARDIANS  Corps of humans responsible for the security aboard the Ark.  After Dodo's cold virus had sapped the will of the humans, the Guardians became the Monoids' servants (X).

GUARDIANS  Military elite of Voga.  Vorus was the Leader of the Guardians (4D).

GUARDIANS (OF TIME)  Immensely powerful conceptual entities who embodied the concept of Light/Order (White Guardian) and Darkness/Chaos (Black Guardian).  They maintained the universal balance through an artefact known as the Key to Time.  The existence of the Guardians was known to few.  Among those were the Time Lords' High Council, and the Eternals, who called them Enlighteners.  The White Guardian enlisted the help of the Fourth Doctor to gather the six segments of the Key to Time in order to restore the universal balance of the cosmos (5A).  Eventually the Doctor succeeded and assembled the Key, outwitting the Black Guardian and enabling the White Guardian to restore the balance (5F).
 The Black Guardian later used Turlough to try to kill the Fifth Doctor (6F, 6G).  The Guardians offered Enlightenment, symbolized by a crystal of unknown powers and great value, as the prize to the winner of a planet-spanning space race undertaken by the Eternals.  The Black Guardian hoped that, with such a prize, the Eternals might wreak havoc throughout the Universe.  Instead, the Fifth Doctor won the race but turned down Enlightenment.  When Turlough threw the crystal at the Black Guardian, he vanished in a burst of flames.  However, The White Guardian explained that the Black Guardian existed as long as he did, and would continue to do so until neither were needed any longer (6H).

GUARDOLIERS  Karfelon guards who served the Borad (6Y).

GUARDS  Specific name of the caste of Minyans who were in charge of controlling the Trogs in the Underworld.  They obeyed the Seers, who reported to the Oracle (4Y).

GUDULA (SAINT)  The Mother Superior of the Little Sisters of St. Gudula was another alias used by the alien Cessair of Diplos (5C).

GULLIVER, LEMUEL  Fictional character invented by Jonathan Swift.  He helped the Doctor, Jamie and Zoe in the Land of Fiction.  He could speak only words given to him by Swift (UU).
GULMERES  Flesh-eating octopi from Griophos (7E).
GULNAR  Young Alzarian Outler.  He was killed by the Marshmen (5R).

GUM  Tribe of cavemen who had lost the secret of fire (A).

GUMBLEJACK  According to the Sixth Doctor, it was the finest fish in the galaxy (6W).

GUNDANS  Axe-wielding robots built by the humanoid races once enslaved by the Tharils.  They were designed to face the time winds, enter the Gateway and slay the Tharils.  After they had broken the Tharils' power, the Gundans remained to guard the Gateway.  The Fourth Doctor tricked two Gundans into destroying each other (5S).


GUNNAR  Giant Viking raider.  He was slain by the Saxons from Wulnoth's village (S).

GURN  One of Prof. Sorenson's Morestran crew killed by the anti-matter creatures on Zeta Minor (4H).

GUTENBERG BIBLE  First book in the western world, printed with movable type.  It was produced in 1455 AD Germany by Gutenberg himself.  One of Scaroth's twelve fragments (possibly Captain Tancredi) obtained several copies.  These were sold by Count Scarlioni in 1980 to finance Prof. Kerensky's time experiments (5H).


GYAR  One of the Xeron rebels (Q).