HABRIS  Captain of the Guards who served Lord Zargo on the Great Vampire's world.  He was eventually killed by Ivo (5P).

HACKENSACK, LAVINIA P.  American tourist who gave a ride to Lady Peinforte and Richard near Windsor.  Lady Peinforte had once poisoned her ancestor Dorothea Remington (7K).
HACKETT  Megropolis One resident on Pluto (4W).
HACKNEYWICK  Garron's hometown in Somerset (5A).

HADE (GATHERER)  Vane and greedy senior tax collector for the Company in Megropolis One on Pluto.  He fought against the Fourth Doctor and Leela, but was powerless to stop the rebellion.  He was thrown off a roof by the rebels and died (4W).

HADRON POWER LINES  Web of energy used by the Master to keep Adric prisoner while he created Castrovalva (5Z).


HAEMOVORES  An evolutionary offshoot of the human race, half a million years in the future.  The Haemovores were monstrous humanoids who, like the vampires of legends, were impervious to bullets and craved blood.  They were also repelled by the psychic barriers caused by a potential victim's strong faith.  Haemovores could survive under water, and had tremendous strength.  Fenric brought several Haemovores back through time, which gave rise to the vampiric legends.  He also used an Ancient Haemovore in his fight against the Seventh Doctor in 1943 Northumbria.  The Ancient Haemovore turned normal humans into pseudo-haemovores, who remained under his control.  The Seventh Doctor convinced him that Fenric's plans would doom his race, so he mentally destroyed the pseudo-haemovores he had created and killed Fenric's host body (7M).

HAFSA  Woman prisoner in El Akir's harem (P).

HAJES  Swampy high priest at the time of Kroll's third manifestation (5E).
HAKIT  B-grade technician who joined Mandrel's rebels and helped overthrow the Company on Pluto (4W).

HAKOL  The Fifth Doctor theorized that the Malus was a Hakol psychic probe (6M).

HAL  Archer serving Sir Edward of Wessex.  He helped the Third Doctor and Sarah Jane Smith defeat Irongron, and eventually killed Linx by shooting an arrow into his Probic Vent (UUU).

HALDRON  Earth divinity worshipped by the Free on Ravolox.  They thought that Drathro's Maglem converter was Haldron's totem (7A).

HALL, BOB  Mechanic at Gatwick Airport who tells the Second Doctor that his TARDIS was requisitioned and taken away by a certain "J. Smith" (alias used by Edward Waterfield) (LL).

HALL OF FIRE  Hall built by the Trions on Sarn to exploit the Numismaton Flame (6Q).

HALLET  Interplanetary investigator previously known to, and admired by, the Doctor.  He investigated the granaries shortage on Stella Stora, where he met Kimber.  The latter then recognized him when he embarked on the Hyperion III space liner under the identity of Grenville.  Hallet then decided to disguise himself as Enzu, a Mogarian who had boarded the ship at the last minute.  He summoned the Sixth Doctor with a Mayday call.  But he was recognized by his intended quarry, Doland, who poisoned him (7C).

HALLEY'S COMET  Famous comet which passed near Earth approximately every 76 years.  Cybermen from the future planned to crash it into the Earth in 1986, just after Mondas had re-energized itself, and thus save their homeworld.  The Time Lords' Celestial Intervention Agency manipulated the Sixth Doctor into thwarting their plans (DD, 6T).

HAMILTON, PETER  Earth marine lieutenant and member of the space corps expedition sent to Exxilon to bring back parrinium.  He helped the Third Doctor defeat the Daleks, and was attracted to Jill Tarrant (XXX).

HAMLET  Play written by William Shakespeare in 1600 AD.  One of Scaroth's twelve fragments obtained the original draft from Shakespeare.  The Fourth Doctor claimed to have helped Shakespeare write it, and recognized bits of his own handwriting on it (5H).

HAMPDEN, JANE  Little Hodcombe school teacher.   She was Ben Wolseys's friend.  She refused to participate in Sir George Hutchinson's war games, and helped the Fifth Doctor defeat the Malus (6M).

HAND OF OMEGA  Stellar manipulator created by Omega to turn a star into a supernova.  It was endowed with a rudimentary form of intelligence.  The First Doctor left the Hand of Omega on Earth in 1963, intending to bury it.  It was located by both the Daleks and the Imperial Daleks, who travelled back in time to fight for its possession.  The Seventh Doctor did manage to bury it, but it was dug up by Ratcliffe.  The Seventh Doctor allowed the Imperial Daleks to seize it, then manipulated Davros into using it.  The Hand of Omega turned Skaro's (or Skaro II's?) sun into a supernova and destroyed Davros's ship.  Its ultimate fate is unknown (7H).

HANDICOMBE, "SMUTTY"  Lord Cranleigh's friend from his schooldays (6A).

HAPPINESS PATROL  Police force of Terra Alpha organized by Helen A to force people to be happy.  Sad people, dubbed "killjoys" were arrested by the Happiness Patrol, then publicly drowned in boiling candy.  The Seventh Doctor and Ace helped organize a revolution which overthrew Helen A's regime (7L).

HARDAKER (MRS.)  Overprotective, prudish, middle-aged Northumberland woman who was Jean and Phyllis's guardian.  She was killed by the two girls after they were turned into Haemovores (7M).

HARDIMAN, GEORGE (SIR)  Head of the Nuton Power Complex.  He sacrificed his life to save the Complex from a power surge rechanneled by Axos (GGG).

HARDIN  He and Stimson were two confidence tricksters from Earth who pretended to be able to rejuvenate Mena with the Tachyon Recreation Generator in order to gain money.  Hardin fell in love with Mena, and eventually confessed the truth.  Thanks to the Fourth Doctor's help, he eventually reegineered the TRG and succeeded in rejuvenating Mena (5N).

HARDY  Space pilot of the C-982 cargo ship where the Third Doctor rematerialized in 2540 AD.  It was attacked by the Ogrons who were helping the Master foment a war between Earth and the Draconians (QQQ).

HARG  Methane refinery crew member on Delta Magna's moon.  He was killed by Kroll (5E).

HARGREAVES  Harrison Chase's butler.  He was killed by Krynoid-controlled plants (4L).
HARKAWAY, JACK (CAPTAIN)  Fictional character (UU).
HARKER  British army captain.  Following Chinn's orders, he placed the Brigadier and his UNIT men under arrest (GGG).

HARKER  Coxswain of Lord Palmerdale's lifeboat.  He was shipwrecked on Fang Rock, and killed by the Rutan (4V).
HARLEQUIN THREE  Planet of the Cyrennic Empire (5A).
HAROLD II (c.1020-1066)  Last Anglo-Saxon king of England.  He was killed at the Battle of Hastings by Norman invaders led by William the Conqueror.  The First Doctor stopped the Meddling Monk from preventing his defeat. (S).

HARP OF RASSILON  Musical instrument which, once a certain tune was played on it, revealed the hidden control room of the Game of Rassilon (6K).

HARPER, SETH  Gambler and gunfighter who had thrown in his lot with the Clantons.  He was shot by Doc Holliday when he tried to kill him (Z).

HARPER  Black confederate trooper who fought in the Resistance alongside the Second Doctor, Jamie and Lady Buckingham to put an end to the War Games.  He was eventually killed by one of the War Lords' guards (ZZ).

HARRIS, FRANK  Robson's second-in-command at the Euro-Sea Gas North Sea refinery which was attacked by the Weed.  His wife, Maggie, was taken over by the parasitic intelligence.  He opposed his superior and helped the Second Doctor destroy the Weed.  Victoria Waterfield eventually chose to stay with the Harris family (RR).

HARRIS, MAGGIE  Frank Harris's wife.  She was taken over by the Weed, but was eventually freed thanks to the intervention of her husband and the Second Doctor.  Victoria Waterfield eventually chose to stay with the Harris family (RR).

HARRIS  UNIT Private wounded during the Cybermen Invasion (VV).

HARROGATE  Location of the British Government during the Dinosaur Invasion (WWW).


HARRY  Radar operator who first detected Axos (GGG).

HARRY  Television floor manager in charge of covering Prof. Horner's excavation at Devil's Hump (JJJ).

HARRY  Guard working for George Stephenson.  He was killed by the Master (6X).

HARRY  Owner of Harry's Cafe, where Ace met Mike Smith (7H).

HART  UNIT sergeant killed by the Silurians (BBB).

HART, JOHN  Royal Navy captain.  He was in charge of the naval base which was investigating the ships that had been sunk by the Sea Devils.  His base was later taken over by the Sea Devils.  He helped the Third Doctor and Jo Grant repel the invaders (LLL).
HARTLEY  One of Harrison Chase's guards (4L).
HARTMAN  One of Dr. Fendelman's employees (4X).
HARVEY  One of the Moonbase staff, killed by the Ice Warriors (XX).
HARVEY  A grocery store employee in Perivale (7P).

HASHASHINS  Oriental sect of fanatic killers.  250 Hashashins were slain by Hulagu at the Cave of Five Hundred Eyes (D).
HASSAN  Saracen encountered by Ian (P).
HASTINGS (14 October 1066)  Battle that ended in the defeat of King Harold II by William the Conqueror.  The First Doctor prevented the Meddling Monk from changing the course of history (S).

HATHAWAY (DR.)  Medical doctor who was called in at Cranleigh Hall to investigate Digby's murder (6A).

HAWK, LEX  He and Weismuller were two U.S. secret agents.  They were on a mission in Wales to recover a satellite which had fallen near Shangri-La, after it collided with the galactic tour bus from the future that carried young Chimeron Queen Delta.  They helped the Seventh Doctor thwart Gavrok's Bannermen and save Delta.  They eventually recovered the satellite (7F).

HAWKINS  UNIT captain who fought the Silurians.  He was killed by the Young Silurian when he came to the Brigadier's rescue (BBB).

HAWKINS, VINCE  Young lighthouse keeper on Fang Rock.  He was killed by the Rutan (4V).

HAWTHORNE, OLIVE (MISS)  White witch who warned Prof. Horner not to open Devil's Hump.  She also resisted the Master's attempts to control her.  She saved the Third Doctor's life and helped him, Jo Grant and UNIT defeat the Master and Azal (JJJ).


HAYDON, PETER (a.k.a. HAYDEN)  Member of Prof. Parry's expedition on Telos.  He was killed by one of the murderous traps set in the Tombs of the Cybermen (MM).

HAYTER (PROF.)  Scientist from the University of Darlington, who specialized in hypnosis.  He was a passenger on the Concorde flight hijacked to the Jurassic by the Master, but refused to believe in the reality of his experience.  When he finally accepted the truth, he sacrificed himself to join the Xeraphin and help them communicate with the Fifth Doctor (6C).

HEAD, EDWARD WILLIAM  One of the crew of the Mary-Celeste (R).

HEADMAN, THE  Unnamed slave of the Terileptils (5X).

HEADMASTER  Unnamed Headmaster at Brendon School (6F).

HEADMASTER  Unidentified headmaster of Coal Hill Secondary School.  He was a thrall of the Imperial Daleks (7H).

HEARTS, KING OF  With the Queen and the Knave, one of the deadly pawns used by the Toymaker when he challenged the First Doctor, Steven and Dodo (Y).

HEARTS, KNAVE OF  With the King and the Queen, one of the deadly pawns used by the Toymaker when he challenged the First Doctor, Steven and Dodo (Y).

HEARTS, QUEEN OF  With the King and the Knave, one of the deadly pawns used by the Toymaker when he challenged the First Doctor, Steven and Dodo (Y).

HEATH  Galsec colonist killed by Styre (4B).
HEATHROW  One of London's airports.  Tegan was on her way there when she had a flat tyre and became involved in the Fourth Doctor's clash with the Master (5V).  The Fifth Doctor took her back to the Heathrow site, but in 1666 AD (5X).  Soon afterwards, he helped rescue a Concorde plane which had been hijacked to the Jurassic by the Master.  Tegan accidentally remained behind (6C).

HECATE  Spaceship which crashed into the Empress when it emerged from hyperspace above the planet Azure.  The Fourth Doctor and Romana exposed its captain, Dymond, as a vraxoin smuggler (5K).

HECATE  Pagan goddess worshipped by a cult led by Commander Pollock and Lily Gregson in Moreton Harwood.  Because the local crops were not faring well, the cult wanted to sacrifice Brendan, but were stopped by Sarah Jane Smith and K9 Mark III (K9).

HECTOR  Son of King Priam and the best warrior in Troy.  He was killed by Achilles, following the unwitting intervention of the First Doctor (U).

HEDGES  Doctor at the Bi-Al Foundation.  He and Cruikshank were taken over by Lowe's Virus.  He was blasted by K9 (4T).

HEDIN  Member of the Time Lords' High Council.  As a historian, he felt Omega had been wronged, so helped him invade the Matrix in an attempt to bond himself with the Fifth Doctor's body.  After he was exposed, he sacrificed his life to save that of the Doctor, in order to enable Omega to complete the bonding (6E)
HEIRADI  Homeplanet of the Arar-Jecks (6N).
HEKTIR  Young Alzarian Outler who died at the onset of Mistfall (5R).

HELDORF (PROF.)  Scientist working for General Carrington.  He was the first to examine the three, radioactive alien Ambassadors.  He was shot by one of Reegan's men (CCC).

HELICAL GALAXY  Atrios and Zeos were located at the edge of the Helical galaxy (5F).

HELIUM 2   The Big Bang produced Helium 2, which the Rani planned to use to turn her made-up Brain into a planet-sized Time Manipulator (7D).

HELLSTROM-2  Type of chassis used by Nostalgia Trips on their galactic tour buses (7F).
HELMET OF THERON  Named after the great Argolin leader, it was the symbol of Argolis' warlike past.  Pangol wore it when he went into the TRG (5N).

HENDERSON (DR.)  Medical doctor in charge of examining the Third Doctor during his stay at Ashbridge Cottage Hospital (AAA).

HENDERSON  UNIT Sergeant who helped the Fourth Doctor fight the Krynoid.  He was crushed, then turned into compost, by Harrison Chase (4L).
HENLOW DOWNS  British military installation whose resources were used to fight the Cybermen (VV).
HENRY  Footman at Cranleigh Hall (6A).

HENSELL  Ineffectual governor of the Vulcan colony who met the Second Doctor.  He was killed by a Dalek "working" for the treacherous head of security, and rebel leader, Bragen (EE).

HEPESH  High Priest of Peladon.  He genuinely believed that Peladon should not join the Federation, and allied himself with Arcturus to stop it.  He used Aggedor to kill Torbis, and even tried taking the King hostage.  After he was exposed by the Third Doctor, he tried using Aggedor to be rid of him, but the beast turned against him and killed him instead (MMM).

HERCULES 208  A star in Messia 13 that went nova as Zoe predicted.  Its gamma radiation flux deflected meteors towards the Wheel in Space (SS).

HERESIARCH  Official title of the Argolin leader (5N).

HEREWARD  Winstansley's dog (JJJ).

HERIOT, ZOE (a.k.a. HERRIOT or HERRIET)  One of the Second Doctor's Companions.  A former student of the Earth School of Parapsychology, which emphasized pure logic and science, at first she lacked emotions, but overcame this during her travels with the Doctor and Jamie.  She met the Time Lord on the Wheel in Space, where she was librarian and astrophysicist, and helped him defeat the Cybermen (SS).  She then helped him and Jamie fight the Dominators, the Cybermen (again), the Krotons, the Ice Warriors and Caven's Space Pirates.  She was particularly adept with computers, as she demonstrated against the Master-Brain of the Land of Fiction, the Kroton Machine, and by outsmarting Tobias Vaughn's security system.  Her computer-like mind worked out the firing plan that destroyed the invading Cyberfleet.  After taking part in the War Games, Zoe was returned to her own era by the Time Lords, just after the end of her first adventure with the Doctor (SS-ZZ).  Zoe's image was used by Rassilon to ward off the Second Doctor (6K).

HERMACK, NIKOLAI  International Space Corps General who led the fight against, and was ultimately responsible for the destruction of, the notorious space pirate Caven (YY).

HERMANN  Count Scarlioni's henchman who fought the Fourth Doctor and Romana.  He was unaware that his master was in reality Scaroth, last of the Jagaroth, a green-skinned, one-eyed alien.  When Scaroth returned to the 20th Century after failing to prevent his ship's explosion, the sight of his real shape so frightened Hermann that he caused an explosion which killed them both (5H).

HEROES (OF ATRIOS)  Role models used by the Marshal for his war effort propaganda (5F).

HERRET  One of the alien tourists who crashlanded in Wales in 1959.  He was killed by the Bannermen (7F).

HERRICK  Hotheaded member of Jackson's crew.  He fought the Oracle in the Underworld alongside the Fourth Doctor and Leela.  He was captured and interrogated by the Seers, but was eventually returned to Jackson and went back to Minyos II (4Y).



HESLINGTON  R.A.F. air controller who supervised the tracking of the Chameleons' plane (KK).

HETRA  Leader of the pygmy Menoptera who stayed behind to live an underground existence on Vortis.  He eventually rallied to help the First Doctor and the Menoptera defeat the Zarbi (N).

HEXACHROMITE  Gas used to seal underwater structures.  It was harmless to humans, but deadly to reptile and underwater life.  The Fifth Doctor reluctantly used it to kill the Silurians and Sea Devils who had taken over Sea Base Four (6L).

HIBBERT, GEORGE  Managing Director of AutoPlastics, Ltd.  He found the first Nestene meteorite and fell victim to its mind control.  He made the replica known as Channing, who took over his firm and used it to manufacture the deadly Autons.  He was eventually freed by the Third Doctor.  When he tried to destroy his handiwork, he was killed by an Auton (AAA).

HICKMAN  Maintenance employee on the Sea Fort attacked by the Sea Devils, who killed him.  The Third Doctor saved his crewmate, Clark (LLL).

HIERONYMOUS  Court astrologer in the Dukedom of San Martino in 15th Century Italy.  He was a charlatan who helped Count Federico try to assassinate his nephew, Giuliano.  He was also the secret leader of the Brothers of Demnos.  His body was taken over by the Mandragora Helix, which was eventually banished by the Fourth Doctor (4M).

HIGH-BRAINS  Nickname given by the Krotons to the Second Doctor and Zoe, whose great stores of mental energy were half the power needed to activate the Dynatrope's space travel capabilities (WW).

HIGH COUNCIL (OF ATLANTIS)  Ruling body of Atlantis.  It was presided by King Dalios (OOO).

HIGH COUNCIL (OF THE TIME LORDS)  Ruling body of the Time Lords of Gallifrey.  It was comprised of the President, the Chancellor and the various Cardinals (or head of colleges) and other high-ranking Time Lords.  The High Council passed judgment on the War Lords and the Second Doctor (ZZ), and summoned the Three Doctors to defeat Omega (RRR).  When the President was assassinated by Chancellor Goth, the High Council was thrown into disarray (4P).  This was also the case when the Vardans and the Sontarans invaded Gallifrey (4Z).  When Omega threatened to return to our universe by taking over the Fifth Doctor's body, the High Council, now led by Borusa, voted to condemn the Doctor to death (6E).  Against Borusa's wishes, the High Council voted to ask the Master to help the Five Doctors trapped inside the Death Zone (6K).  Afterwards, a new and corrupt High Council initiated the Ravolox Stratagem to strike back at the Andromedan Sleepers who had stolen secrets from the Matrix.  Afraid that the Doctor would find out, they used the Valeyard to prosecute the Sixth Doctor at a Trial.  After the Sixth Doctor exposed the Council's plot during the Trial, the High Council was deposed (7A-7C).

HIGH KING  King Arthur's title (7N).

HIGH LAMA  Padmasambhava's title (NN).

HIGH PRIEST  Unnamed Brother of Demnos, serving under Hieronymous.  He wanted to sacrifice Sarah to his god (4M).



HILIO  Captain of the Menoptera invasion force (N).

HILRED (a.k.a. HILDRED)  Young, eager and ultimately incompetent commander of the Chancellery Guards under Castellan Spandrell.  He tortured the Fourth Doctor, who had been framed for the assassination of the President, and was eventually killed by the Master (4P)


HINDLE  Young officer and member of the Imperial Earth expedition force to Deva Loka.  The Kinda's attempts to have him and Commander Sanders mind-meld with them caused them to become mentally unbalanced.  Spurred by the Mara, Hindle almost destroyed the planet.  He was cured by the Fifth Doctor with the Kinda's Jhana Box, and left Deva Loka purged of his inner fears (5Y).

HINKS  Stevens' henchman.  He tried to murder Jo and Bert, and was later killed by one of the Green Death maggots (TTT).

HIPPIAS  Young member of the Atlantean High Council to whom King Dalios entrusted the secret of the Kronos Crystal.  He wanted Dalios to use it to return the island to its former glories.  He was in love with Queen Galleia.  He saved Jo Grant's life, but was killed by the Minotaur (OOO).

HISTORICAL FIGURES  The First Doctor met Ulysses and the other Greek warriors of the Trojan War (U).  In AD 64, he met Roman emperor Nero and Poppaea (M).  In an alternate future, and unrecorded adventure, the Doctor became Merlin at King Arthur's court (7N).  In 1192 AD, the First Doctor met King Richard the Lionheart in Palestine (P).  In 1215 AD, the Fifth Doctor defeated the Master who used Kamelion to impersonate King John Lackland (6J).  In 1289 AD, the First Doctor played backgammon with, and saved the life of, Kublai Khan in China; he also met Marco Polo (D).
 The Fourth Doctor almost met Leonardo Da Vinci twice (4M, 5H).  The eponymous Renaissance Artist had, however, already met the Meddling Monk (S).  In 1572 AD, the First Doctor was almost caught in the infamous St. Bartholomew's Day Massacre in Paris (W).  The Fourth Doctor claimed to have helped Shakespeare write Hamlet (5H).
 In 1746 AD, the Second Doctor rescued Jamie after the battle of Culloden (FF).  In 1794 AD, the First Doctor accidentally returned to France during the French Revolution and just missed meeting young Napoleon Bonaparte (H).
 The Sixth Doctor met George Stephenson at the beginning of the Industrial Revolution (6X).  In 1872 AD, the First Doctor made a brief stop aboard the Mary-Celeste (R).  In 1881 AD, he fought alongside famous gunslingers Wyatt Earp and Doc Holliday in Tombstone, Arizona (Z).  Soon afterwards, the Sixth Doctor met young H.G. Wells who had been vacationing in Scotland (6Y).
 Albert Einstein and a bevvy of other modern scientific geniuses were kidnapped by the Rani, but returned to their proper places in time and space by the Seventh Doctor (7D).  The Beatles appeared on the First Doctor's visualiser (R).  The Seventh Doctor did not get to meet Queen Elizabeth II while at Windsor (7K).

HIVE  Name given by the Nucleus of the Virus to the place where it could swarm.  The Virus took over the Titan base and had its human hosts turn into a Hive, but it was blown up by the Fourth Doctor before the swarm could escape (4T).  The homeworld of the Wirrn was a Hive World (4C).  Also see LEISURE HIVE.

HLYNIA  Menoptera.  She was Prapilius' daughter (N).

HO  Chinese member of the Tong of the Black Scorpion who replaced Lee as Greel's main servant.  He was killed by Mr. Sin's laser fire (4S).

HOBSON, JACK  British commander of the Moonbase during the Cybermen attack.  At first, he disbelieved the Second Doctor's warnings about the Cybermen, but later came around and helped him save the base (HH).

HOLDEN, JIM  Exarius colony's electrician.  He and his Primitive assistant were killed by Norton (HHH).

HOLLAND  The Fifth Doctor fought Omega in Amsterdam (6E).

HOLLIDAY, JOHN HENRY ("DOC") (1852-1887)  Gambler, gunman and sometime dentist of the American West.  Suffering from consumption, he moved west, ending up in Tombstone, Arizona, where he established a dental practice.  Accused of killing Reuben Clanton, he was targeted for revenge by the Clanton family.  He first tried to pass off the First Doctor (who had come to see him to have a tooth removed) as himself, then fled to a neighboring town, but later returned to take part in the gunfight at the O.K. Corral alongside the Earp brothers.  He allegedly shot Johnny Ringo.  Married to saloon singer Kate Elder, he left Tombstone with a $2000 prize on his head (Z).

HOLLOW WORLDS  The Daleks planned to hollow out Earth's core and turn the planet into a spaceship (K).  The Tractators planned the same fate for Frontios (6N).  The pirate planet, Zanak, was already a hollow world which functioned as a spaceship (5B).

HOLLYWOOD  Entertainment capital of the world.  The First Doctor stopped there briefly during his flight from the Daleks' Masterplan (V).

HOLOGRAMS  In the 50th Century, Kilbracken developed the technique of holographic cloning.  Such clones only had a ten-minute life span (4T).
HOPKINS  UNIT corporal attacked by Lupton (ZZZ).

HOPPER  Captain of the ship which carried Prof. Parry's expedition to Telos.  He helped the Second Doctor defeat the Cybermen and reclose their Tombs (MM).

HORDA  Ferocious, white, snake-like creatures.  The Sevateem used the Test of the Horda to try those who did not believe in Xoanon (4Q).

HORG  One of the cavemen of the Tribe of Gum (A).

HORNER, GILBERT (PROF.) Archeologist who opened up Devil's Hump, in spite of Miss Hawyhorne's warnings.  He was frozen to death when he opened the barrow (JJJ).

HORTON, CLIVE  Heathrow air traffic controller who was on duty when Concorde flight 192 disappeared (6C).

HORUS  Egyptian god of light, and Sutekh's brother.  He was the leader of the god-like Osirians, who visited Earth in the days of Ancient Egypt.  He and the other Osirians defeated Sutekh and imprisoned him inside a secret pyramid.  Sutekh was held in a force field generated by the Eye of Horus, located in the Pyramids of Mars.  The final fate of Horus is unknown (4G).

HOSTILE ACTION DISPLACEMENT SYSTEM (HADS)  When the Krotons turned the power of the Dynatrope against the TARDIS, it dematerialized and rematerialized in a nearby, safer location (WW).
HOUDINI, HARRY  (1874-1926)  Famous magician whom the Doctor claimed to have met (ZZZ).

HOURLY TELEPRESS  Television programme from Zoe's time.  The Karkus was a fictional adventurer who starred in it (UU).
HOUSE OF THE DRAGON  Temple of Weng-Chiang in London.   The statue of the dragon housed a sophisticated and deadly laser cannon in its eyes (4S).
HOUSE OF HORRORS  The fourth stop in the Daleks' pursuit of the First Doctor through time and space.  It was located at the 1996 World's Fair in Ghana, and featured robotic version of Dracula and the Frankenstein Monster (R).

HRHOONDA  One of the Menoptera's landing party on Vortis.  He was suspicious of Barbara and advocated killing her (N).

HROSTAR  One of the Menoptera.  He was Vrestin's deputy on Vortis (N).
HUAR  Inhabitant of Metebelis 3 (ZZZ).
HUCKLE  Operations director of the oil company whose platforms were attacked by the Zygons' Skarasen (4F).
HUDSON (MRS)  Professor Litefoot's housekeper (4S).
HUGHES, TED  One of the Llanfairfach miners, and the first victim of the Green Death (TTT).

HUGUENOTS  Name given to the French Protestants who developed during the 16th Century Reformation (W).

HUITZILIPOCHTLI  The Aztecs' cruel god (F).

HULAGU  Mongol conqueror who slew 250 Hashashins (D).

HUMKER  He and Tandrell were twins from the UK habitat, selected to serve Drathro because of their intellectual abilities.  They thrived on contradiction.  After the Sixth Doctor destroyed Drathro, they escaped to the world outside (7A).

HUNGARY  Location of the Central European Zone's headquarters where Denes confronted Salamander (PP).

HUNTSMAN  Lady Adrasta's enforcer on Chloris.  He used his carnivorous Wolf Weeds to keep the population obedient.  After the Fourth Doctor revealed Adrasta's duplicity, he turned against her and refused to obey her orders (5G).

HUR  Young cavewoman of the Tribe of Gum.  She was in love with Za (A).

HUSAK  Czech UNIT major who evacuated the civilians and served under Brigadier Bambera during the battle at Carbury against Morgaine (7N).

HUTCHINSON, GEORGE (SIR)  Lord of the Manor of Little Hodcombe, who fought the Fifth Doctor.  His unbalanced mind awakened the Malus.  Under his evil influence, he began a series of deadly war games reenacting the English Civil War.  He eventually went completely mad, and became totally possessed by the Malus.  He died when Will Chandler threw him into the Malus's jaws (6M).

HYDE, STUART  The Master's assistant on TOM-TIT at the Newton Research Institute.  He was aged from 25 to 80 in a matter of seconds by Kronos, but was eventually cured by the Third Doctor (OOO).

HYDRAX  Earth exploration vessel to Beta Two.  Its captain was Miles Sharkey, its navigation officer was Lauren Macmillan and its science officer was Anthony O'Connor.  The Great Vampire drew it through E-Space to an unnamed world (5P)

HYDRAZINE  A hydrazine steam generator provided the Frontios colony with electricity (6N).

HYDROMEL  Pain-killing drug developed by Terminus, Inc. to control the victims of Lazar disease.  Nyssa planned to synthesize it, thereby freeing the men from Terminus, Inc.'s grip (6G).

HYKSOS  Khepren's first officer.  He was killed by the Daleks (V).

HYMETUSITE  Radioactive crystals which were part of the tribute requested by the Nimon, and exacted by the Sknonnans from Aneth.  The Nimon used them to power the black holes that enabled them to travel through space and invade unsuspecting worlds (5L).

HYPERION  Name of the spaceship bringing the Earth Investigator to Solos (NNN).

HYPERION III  Space liner under Commodore Travers' command which ferried between Mogar and Earth in 2986 AD.  It was almost hijacked by Rudge.  The Sixth Doctor saved its crew from being killed by the Vervoids (7C).

HYPERSPACE  Another dimension of space which was virtually a theoretical absurdity.  Yet, the Prison Ship which had transported Cessair of Diplos was stuck in hyperspace (5C).  Also see FASTER THAN LIGHT.

HYPNOTISM  The ability to impose one's will on others.  The Master (q.v.) was a supremely talented hypnotist.  Only humans with very strong wills could resist him.  He used his hypnotic techniques, amplified with ultrasonics, to try to foment a war between Earth and the Draconians (QQQ).  The Rani could enslave a man by making him swallow one of her deadly slugs (6X).  President Borusa used the Coronet of Rassilon to bend the Fifth Doctor's will (6K).
 Entities gifted with natural hypnotic powers included: the Brains of Morphoton (E); the Sensorites (G); the Animus (N); the Celestial Toymaker (Y); the Elders (AA); the Great Intelligence (q.v.); the Weed (RR); the Master-Brain (UU); the Mind Parasite (FFF); the Spiders of Metebelis 3 (ZZZ); Sutekh (4G); the Mandragora Helix (4M); Eldrad (4N); Xoanon (4Q); the Virus of the Purpose (4T); the Fendahl (4X); the Shadow (5F); the Great Vampire and his servants (5P); the Mara (q.v.); the Xeraphin (6C); the Eternals (6H); the Malus (6M); Mestor (6S); the Gods of Ragnarok (7J); Morgaine (7N) and Fenric (7M).  Also see TELEPATHY.
 A number of villains used artificial means to impose their will on others.  Among these were: the Daleks (q.v.); the Cybermen (q.v.), who relied on celensky capsules (SS) and their hypnotic beam pulser (VV); WOTAN (BB); the Macra (JJ); the Chameleons (KK); the War Lords (ZZ); the Nestene (q.v.); BOSS (TTT); Skagra, who used his mind-transference sphere (5M); the Terileptils (5X) and the Tractators (6N).