IA  Famous biologist whose mind was stolen by Skagra at the Think Tank space station.  He died in the destruction of the station (5M).


IBBOTSON  Turlough's lumpish school friend at Brendon (6F).

IBRAHIM  Saracen bandit who attacked Ian, then reluctantly helped him against El Akir (P).
ICE AGES  The Martians scouted Earth during one of its prehistoric Ice Ages.  A squadron, led by Varga, was accidentally trapped and frozen in ice.  Another ice age caused by a drop in carbon dioxyde level and deforestation occurred in 3000 AD but was stopped thanks to the World Ioniser program (OO).  Also see ANTHROPOLOGY.

ICE FACE  A landmark of Iceworld's underworld (7G).

ICE GARDEN  A landmark of Iceworld's underworld.  In reality, it was a disguised star chart (7G).

ICE GODS  Divinities worshipped on Ribos.  They were said to live in the catacombs (5A).

ICE SOLDIERS  Four frozen warriors protecting one of the Keys of Marinus (E).

ICE TIME  Ribos' 32-year long winter, caused by the planet's elliptical orbit.  The Ribans thought it was a product of the war between the Sun Gods and the Ice Gods (5A).


ICE WARRIORS  Native Martians.  They were huge, green, scaly creatures, equipped with sonic guns (on their claws) and heavy armour.  Coming from a super-cold environment, the Ice Warriors were sensitive to heat, which was their only known weakness.  The leaders appeared to be slightly sleeker and less bulky than the warriors.
 The Martians scouted Earth during its first Ice Age.  A squadron led by Varga was accidentally trapped and frozen in ice.  Soon afterwards, possibly because they had not heard from Varga, the Martians decided to leave their dying planet and emigrate to another world in the galaxy (OO).
 The Second Doctor first came across the Martians when Varga and his men were found buried in a glacier in 3000 AD.  The name "Ice Warrior" was originally coined by Walters, but it was apparently close to the original Martian term, since they also referred to themselves by that name.  The Doctor foiled Varga's attempts at conquest and destroyed the Ice Warriors and their ship (OO).
 The Second Doctor met the Martians again when, towards the end of the 21st Century, a war-like party of Ice Warriors, under Slaar's leadership, returned to the Solar System and tried to conquer Earth by using the so-called "Seeds of Death".  Slaar's defeat seemed to have convinced the other Martians to abandon any further attempts at attacking the Solar System (XX).
 The Martians then built a small, presumably peaceful, empire of their own, and eventually joined the Federation.  Their ambassador to Peladon, Izlyr, helped the Third Doctor thwart Arcturus's plans (MMM).  A renegade Ice Warrior, Azaxyr, later betrayed the Federation to Galaxy 5 on Peladon, but was foiled by the Third Doctor (YYY).

ICELAND  North Atlantic island which was the seat of the peaceful Icelandic Alliance in the 51st Century.  After its Commissioner was assassinated by Greel's Peking Homunculus, World War Six erupted and the ruthless Supreme Alliance came into power.  It was finally overthrown at the battle of Reykjavik (4S).

ICELANDIC ALLIANCE  Peaceful 51st Century power which fell after its Commissioner was assassinated by Magnus Greel's Peking Homunculus (4S).

ICEWORLD  Space trading post located on the dark side of Svartos.  It was owned and controlled by the merciless Kane.  A living mechanoid in the shape of a dragon roamed its depths.  The Seventh Doctor discovered that the Dragon's body hid a powerful energy crystal known as "Dragonfire".  He also found that Iceworld was in reality a huge spaceship which needed the dragonfire to start up again.  After Kane's suicide, Iceworld fell into the possession of Glitz, who rechristened it Nosferatu II (7G).

ICTHAR  Silurian scientist and third member of the Silurian triad which included the Old and the Young Silurians.  He was in charge of reanimating the Silurians from Wenley Moor.  He helped the Young Silurian inoculate Major Baker with a virus meant to wipe out mankind, and later set up the Molecular Disperser to destroy the Van Allen Belt.  Tricked by the Third Doctor, he and his brethren went back into hibernation.  Their shelter was later blown up by UNIT (BBB).
 Icthar obviously survived since he returned in the year 2084 AD with his companions Scibus and Tarpok.  He then reanimated a Sea Devil commando led by Sauvix, and attacked Sea Base Four.  His plan was to launch nuclear missiles to provoke a war between the two blocs, and thus eradicate mankind (as had been the Young Silurian's last wish).  He died when the Fifth Doctor used deadly hexachromite gas (6L).  According to some reports, his Silurian name was also spelled K'to (BBB).

IDAS  One of the Trogs of the Underworld.  He helped the Fourth Doctor and Jackson's crew fight the Oracle and steal the Minyan Race Banks.  He and a number of his people escaped the Underworld's destruction by leaving aboard Jackson's ship (4Y).

IDMON  One of the Trogs of the Underworld, and Idas's father.  His wife and daughter were killed in a skyfall and he barely escaped being put to death by the Oracle. (4Y).


IKONA  Young Lakertyan who helped the Seventh Doctor and Mel defeat the Rani.  He was bethrothed to Sarn, and became the Lakertyans' new leader after Beyus' sacrifice.  He believed that, if his people were to survive, they had to meet their own challenges without outside help (7D).
IMAGE REPRODUCTION INTEGRATING SYSTEM  (IRIS)  Device built by the Third Doctor to translate thoughts into images (ZZZ).

IMMORTAL, THE  The citizens of the UK Habitat referred to Drathro as the Immortal (7A).

IMMORTALITY  The Time Lords' ability to regenerate was a form of immortality (see REGENERATION).  However, true immortality, as promised by Rassilon, was a trap (6K).  Other entities who were virtually immortal included: the Guardians of Time (q.v.), the Celestial Toymaker (Y), the Elders (AA), the Great Intelligence (q.v.), the Nestene (q.v.), Axos (GGG), the Daemons (JJJ), Kronos (OOO), the Osirians (4G), the Sisterhood of Karn (4K), the Mandragora Helix (4M), the Kastrians (4N), the Fendahl (4X), Cessair (5C), Meglos (5Q), the Vampires (5P), the Mara (q.v.), the Xeraphin (6C), the Eternals (6G), the Gods of Ragnarok (7J), Morgaine (7N), Light (7Q) and Fenric (7M).
 Queen Xanxia tried to keep her body alive by using the energies pillaged by Zanak (5B).  Monarch of Urbanka had devised an artifical form of immortality by storing memories on silicon chips, implanted in lifelike androids (5W).  Mawdryn and his fellow scientists were condemned to live in a horrible state of perpetual regeneration (6F).  The Time Lords prevented Crozier from developing a mind-transfer device which would have led to a form of immortality (7B).
 Barring destruction, the Cybermen were probably immortal since they could replace their body parts.  Many alien races, such as the Zygons (4F), the Ice Warriors (q.v.), the Silurians and the Sea Devils (q.v.), the Ogri (5C), the Tharils (5S), the Morlox (6Y), Kane of Proamon (7G), etc. had longer life spans than man.

IMPERIAL DALEKS (a.k.a. WHITE DALEKS)  A race of Daleks created by Davros to be totally subservient to him.  They were first created from the bodies kept in the Tranquil Repose mortuary (6Z).  Later christened Imperial Daleks, they were used by Davros to capture the Hand of Omega on Earth.  The Seventh Doctor used the Hand to destroy their ship.  They presumably perished in the explosion (7H).


INCA  South American people visited by the Exxilons (XXX).

INDIAN OCEAN  The S.S. Bernice was crossing the Indian Ocean en route to Singapore in 1926 AD when it was captured by Vorg's Scope (PPP).

INDUSTRIAL REVOLUTION  The Master almost prevented it from happening because he wanted to harness and kidnap the geniuses behind it (Sterphenson, Faraday, Watt, etc.) and harness them for his own ends.  The Sixth Doctor stopped him (6X).
INEER  One of the Sensorites (G).
INERTIA NEUTRALISER  Device used in the corridor leading to the Bridge of Zanak (5B).

INFERNO  Codename of one of the Daleks' operations against Earth during the Masterplan (V).

INFERNO  London discotheque where Polly met Ben Jackson (BB).

INFERNO  Nickname given to Prof. Stahlman's pet project, which consisted of drilling beneath the Earth's crust in order to tap pockets of Stahlman's gas, in theory a new, massive source of energy.  In addition to releasing a green slime which caused men to turn into Primords, the completion of Inferno would have released so much energy that the Earth would have been turned into a molten mass of gases.  Such was indeed the fate of a parallel Earth where the Third Doctor could not stop Inferno in time (DDD).

INGA  Lazar of Terminus who befriended Nyssa (6G).


INGRAM, RUTH (DR.)  One of the Master's assistants on TOM-TIT at the Newton Research Institute (OOO).
INNER CONSTELLATION CORRECTIVE AUTHORITY  Pletrac threatened to refer the Third Doctor to the CCA for coming illegally to Inter Minor (PPP).

INNER RETINUE  The Collector's special police force on Pluto (4W).

INNER SANCTUM  Karfel's ruling body (6Y).

INOKSHI  Urbanka's planetary system (5W).

INQUISITOR, THE  Time Lady who presided over the Trial of the Sixth Doctor.  She was eventually convinced of his innocence and dismissed all charges.  She tried to persuade the Doctor to again become President of the High Council, but he refused (7A-7C).

INSECTS  The miniaturized First Doctor encountered what to him seemed to be giant insects (J).  On Vortis, he encountered the giant ant-like Zarbi and the butterfly-like Menoptera (N).  The Third Doctor encountered giant maggots created by the "Green Death" (TTT) and giant, mutated, intelligent spiders on Metebelis 3 (ZZZ).  The Fourth Doctor helped free the Space Ark from the wasp-like Wirrn (4C).  The Chimerons' biology was similar to that of insects; their queen, Delta, was able to communicate with Goronwy's bees (7F).  The Rani used a swarm of deadly insects to control the Lakertyans (7D).

INTER MINOR  Alien planet which was once struck by a space plague (possibly the same plague that was eventually cured by parrinium (XXX)) and which, as a result, became very xenophobic.  Its president, Zarb, tried improving the lot of its slave population (called Functionaries) and opening the planet to aliens once again.  But his brother, Kalik, used Galactic showman Vorg's defective Scope to attempt to discredit him.  He was stopped by the Third Doctor (PPP).
INTERGALACTIC FLORA SOCIETY  The Fourth Doctor claimed to be honorary president of this organization (4L).
INTERGALACTIC NARCOTICS BUREAU  Interplanetary organization devoted to fighting drugs.  Rigg thought that the Fourth Doctor was one of its agents when he investigated vraxoin smuggling aboard the Empress (5K).

INTERGALACTIC PURSUIT SQUADRON  Earth-based space commando unit summoned to go after Romulus' and Remus' kidnappers.  Its chief, Commander Fabian, assigned that specific job to Lieutenant Hugo Lang (6S).

INTERNATIONAL CIRCUS  Name of Rossini's Circus (EEE).

INTERNATIONAL ELECTROMATICS  Secretive multinational corporation which had gained a virtual monopoly on computer and electronics equipment.  Its managing director, Tobias Vaughn, allied himself with the Cybermen to take over the world, using micro-monolithic circuitry hidden in transistor radios sold in a million units across the globe.  These would blanket the planet with a hypnotic signal.  The Invasion was eventually defeated by the Second Doctor and UNIT, with Vaughn himself turning against the Cybermen when he realized they planned to destroy all human life (VV).


INTERNATIONAL SPACE COMMAND  Geneva-based, multinational entity in charge of Earth's space program in general, and the Snowcap Space Tracking Station in particular.  Its Secretary-General was Wigner (DD).  In 2070 AD, Ringberg was controller of International Space Command when the Cybermen attacked the Moonbase (HH).


INTERPLANETARY MINING CORPORATION (IMC)  Ruthless corporation.  One of its employees, Captain Dent, tried to wrest planet Exarius from its legitimate occupants, Ashe's colonists.  His efforts were thwarted by the Third Doctor and Jo Grant (HHH).

INVASIONS  Various alien entities and races attempted to either enslave or destroy Earth (or its colonies), or take control of its resources.  Among these were: the Daleks (q.v.), the Cybermen (q.v.), the Master (q.v.), the Ice Warriors (q.v.), the Sontarans (q.v.), the Silurians and the Sea Devils (q.v.), the Great Intelligence (q.v.), the Macra (JJ), the Master-Brain of the Land of Fiction (UU), the Weed (RR), the War Lords (ZZ), the Nestene (q.v.), Axos (GGG), the Daemons (JJJ), the Spiders of Metebelis 3 (ZZZ), the Wirrn (4C), the Zygons (4F), Sutekh (4G), the Kraals (4J), the Krynoids (4L), the Mandragora Helix (4M), Eldrad (4N), the Rutans (4V), the Virus of the Purpose (4T), the Fendahl (4X), the Usurians (4W), Zanak (5B), Scaroth (5H), the Urbankans (5W), the Terileptils (5X), the Tractators (6N), the Destroyer (7N) and Light (7Q).  The Time Lords themselves nearly destroyed Earth because it sheltered the Andromedan Sleepers (7A).  Also see END OF THE WORLD.

INVERNESS  Scottish town from which Gray conducted his slave trade (FF).

INVESTIGATOR  Earth Imperial Council member sent to Solos to investigate the Marshal's activities.  The sight of one of the Solonian mutants convinced him to restore the Marshal to power (NNN).

INVINCIBLES  Name given by the Graff Vynda-K to his personal guard (5A).

INVISIBILITY  Among the creatures who were invisible were: the Visians of Mira (V), the Refusians (X) and the Spiridonians (SSS).  The Celestial Toymaker made the First Doctor invisible (Y).  Zeta Minor's anti-matter creatures (4H) and Xoanon's kinetic monsters (4Q) were mostly invisible.

ION AVALANCHE DIODE  Device used by the Sixth Doctor to overload the Valeyard's Particle Disseminator (7C).

IONISER  Device used in 3000 AD to prevent a new Ice Age.  It was also used by the Second Doctor to destroy the Ice Warriors (OO).

IPHITUS  Planet visited by Captain Cook (7J).
IRONGRON  Leader of a band of 12th Century Wessex brigands.  He allied himself with the stranded Sontaran, Linx, offering him shelter in exchange for modern weapons.  He was thwarted by the Third Doctor and eventually killed by Linx (UUU).

ISBUR  One of Varga's Ice Warrior crew who was brought back to life in 3000 AD (OO).

ISLAND OF DEATH  Name the Dulcian gave to the island which had once been contaminated by radiation.  It had been converted into a war museum, and was the site of the Dominators' landing (TT).

ISOP  Galaxy where Vortis was located (N).

ISOTOPE (a.k.a. WEB DESTRUCTOR)  Device designed by the Menoptera Invasion force to destroy the Animus.  It was eventually successfully used by Barbara Wright (N).

ISSIGRI, DOM  Pioneer of argonite space mining with his partner, Milo Clancey.  He founded the Issigri Mining Company, which owned giant argonite mines on planet Ta.  He was kidnapped and held hostage by space pirate Caven, who used him as a hostage to ensure his daughter Madeleine's cooperation.  He was freed thanks to the intervention of the Second Doctor, and was reunited with his daughter and partner (YY).

ISSIGRI, MADELEINE  Daughter of Dom Issigri and head of the Issigri Mining Company after her father's disappearance.  When she found out that Caven held her father hostage, she was forced to cooperate with him, but eventually turned against the space pirate.  She helped the Second Doctor defeat Caven, and was finally reunited with her father (YY).

ISSIGRI MINING COMPANY  Founded by Dom Issigri.  It owned vast argonite mines on Ta.  It was managed by Issigri's daughter, Madeleine (YY).

ITALY  The First Doctor visited Rome in the year 64 AD (M).  The Fourth Doctor was in Italy twice during the Renaissance, first in San Martino (4M), then in Leonardo Da Vinci's house (5H).

IVAR  One of the Viking raiders defeated by Wulnoth's Saxons (S).

IVO  Burly village headman on the Great Vampire's world.  He was Marta's husband and Karl's father.  He was secretly helping Kalmar's rebels.  He eventually led the attack on the Tower, where he killed Habris (5P).

IXTA  Chosen Warrior of the Aztecs.  He eventually fell to his death while trying to kill Ian (F).

IZLYR  Martian Ice Warrior Ice Lord.  He was one of the Federation's delegates to Peladon.  He and his warrior, Ssorg, helped the Third Doctor unmask Hepesh and Arcturus, and facilitate Peladon's accession to the Federation (MMM).