J7 (a.k.a. CHIMERA)  Space Station located in the Third Zone, under Dastari's management.  It was the seat of Kartz and Reimer's unauthorized time experiments.  Chessene arranged for the Station to be attacked by the Sontarans to frame the Time Lords (6W).

JABEL  Captain of the Tesh, gifted with psionic powers.  He fought against the Fourth Doctor and Leela to protect Xoanon, his god.  Afterwards, he was left to argue with Calib over who would rule the reunited tribes of the Sevateem and the Tesh (4Q).

JABLIF  Member of the group of Shobogans who captured Leela and Rodan.  He helped them and the Fourth Doctor repel the Sontarans' Invasion of Gallifrey.  He was killed by a Sontaran (4Z).

JACKIJ (PROF.)  Scientist who discovered that the only antidote to spectrox toxaemia was the milk of a queen bat (6R).

JACKO  Shipwreck survivor laboring in Atlantis' mines.  He helped the Second Doctor defeat Prof. Zaroff, in particular by convincing the Fish Men to go on strike (GG).

JACKSON, BEN  Companion of the First and Second Doctors.  He was a young merchant sailor.  He and Polly Lopez helped the First Doctor against WOTAN.  Afterwards, they followed him in the TARDIS, and helped him fight 17th Century smugglers and the Cybermen.  They watched the First Doctor regenerate.  Ben and Polly then aided the Second Doctor against the Daleks, the Cybermen, Prof. Zaroff, and the Macra.  They first met Jamie in 1746 AD Scotland.  Finally, after defeating the Chameleons, they discovered they were back in London on the same day they had left, and chose to remain there (BB-KK).

JACKSON (MISS)  Prof. Watson's assistant at the Nuclear Research Complex attacked by Eldrad (4N).

JACKSON  Leader of the Minyan crew sent on a Quest to find the P7E and bring the Race Banks back to Minyos II.  With the help of the Fourth Doctor and Leela, he fought the Oracle in the Underworld, and was eventually able to take the Race Banks and a number of Trogs back to Minyos II (4Y).

JACKSON  Member of Captain Striker's crew (6H).

JACONDA  Fertile and peaceful planet once ruled by the retired Time Lord, Azmael.  It was almost destroyed by the gastropods, whose leader, Mestor, took over and planned to throw a planet into Jaconda's sun to spread his eggs throughout the universe.  He was defeated by the Sixth Doctor and Azmael (6S).

JACONDANS  Bird-like aliens who lived on Jaconda.  After Mestor's defeat and Azmael's death, Hugo Lang became the new Master of the Jacondans (6S).

JAEGER (PROF.)  Scientist who worked for the Marshal on Skybase One.  His job was to permanently alter Solos' atmosphere to make it habitable by humans.  He was killed in the explosion of his atmospheric regeneration machine (NNN).

JAFFA  The market city of Palestine.  The First Doctor and his Companions rematerialized nearby at the time of the Third Crusade (P).

JAGAROTH  Green-skinned, one-eyed alien race of conquerors.  The last survivors of the Jagaroth were forced to stop on Earth in 3.5 million BC in a crippled spaceship piloted by Scaroth.  The ship exploded while taking off, which inadvertently created life on Earth.  Scaroth returned in time to prevent the explosion from happening, but was stopped by the Fourth Doctor and Duggan.  The Jagaroth race perished with him soon afterwards (5H).

JAGO, HENRY GORDON  Bombastic owner of the 19th Century London Palace Theatre where Li H'Sen Chang performed his magic act and which, unbeknownst to him, also served as Magnus Greel's lair.  He and Prof. Litefoot helped the Fourth Doctor and Leela defeat Greel and save London from destruction (4S).

JALL  Passenger on a space ship captured by the Daleks, and taken to Skaro to become part of the slave labor force searching for Davros (5J).

JAMAICA  One of Captain Pike's pirates.  He was killed by Pike for allowing the First Doctor to escape (CC).

JAMES  Employee of Global Chemicals at the Llanfairfach Refinery.  He was controlled by BOSS's mental programming, but Mike Yates freed him with the Blue Crystal.  He was later killed by BOSS (TTT).

JAMES  Servant at Cranleigh Hall murdered by George Cranleigh while the latter was in a fit of insanity (6A).

JAMESON, DONALD  In 1870, he and his brother, Robert, went on Tulloch Moor cutting peat; Donald was driven mad by the Zygons, and Robert was killed (4F).

JANE'S BOOK OF SPACECRAFTS  Reference work quoted by the Fourth Doctor (5J).

JANET  Stewardess aboard the Hyperion III space liner.  She helped the Sixth Doctor and Mel avert a hijacking and defeat the Vervoids (7C).

JANIS THORN  Poisonous thorn found on the Sevateem planet and used as a weapon by Leela.  First, it induced paralysis, then death (4Q).

JANLEY  One of Lesterson's assistants on Vulcan.  She was one of Bragen's rebels and died saving Valmar from the Daleks' death ray (EE).

JANO  Leader of the Council of the Elders.  After absorbing the First Doctor's life essence, he made peace with the Savages, and ultimately convinced the Elders to put an end to their cruel lifestyle (AA).
JANOS  One of Denes' guards (PP).
JARL  Mondasian Cyberman working under Krang.  He invaded the South Pole Space Tracking Station and tried to destroy Earth with the Z-Bomb (DD).

JASKO  Member of the group of Shobogans who captured Leela and Rodan.  He helped them and the Fourth Doctor repel the Sontarans' Invasion of Gallifrey.  He was killed by a Sontaran (4Z).

JASONITE  Mineral with electro-magnetic boostering properties found on Crinoth.  It was used by Sezom to boost the power of his staff to attack the Nimon (5L).

JAVA  "Going to Java" was a euphemism used by Gwendoline Pritchard of Gabriel Chase, instead of the word "dying" (7Q).
JAY Perivale resident (7P).
JEAN  Frenchman working with James Stirling to help prisoners escape the guillotine (H).

JEAN  She and Phyllis were two East End refugees staying with Ms. Hardaker in Northumberland during World War II.  They were turned into Haemovores.  After helping secure Fenric's release, they were killed by the Ancient Haemovore (7M).

JEAN-PIERRE  Young French boy who told the First Doctor and his Companions they were in Eighteenth Century France and not Twentieth Century England (H).

JEK, SHARAZ  Once the partner of Morgus, whose Sirius Conglomerate provided the financial backing for the exploitation of spectrox.  Jek, a master roboticist, built the androids necessary to handle the poisonous substance.  Morgus arranged for him to be caught in one of Androzani Minor's deadly mud bursts.  Jek survived by locking himself inside a baking chamber, where he was horribly disfigured.  Seeking revenge against Morgus, Jek seized control of the caves of Androzani Minor, and thus controlled all the spectrox supplies.  Jek rescued the Fifth Doctor and Peri from General Chellak, and fell in love with Peri.  He was shot by Stotz just as he killed Morgus (6R).

JELLICOE  Think Tank public relations officer.  He and Miss Winters were also in charge of the Scientific Reform Society.  They used Prof. Kettlewell's Giant Robot and the threat of starting World War Three to blackmail the world into surrendering, but were thwarted by the Fourth Doctor.  Jellicoe was arrested by Harry Sullivan (4A).
JENKINS  One of Devil's End villagers (JJJ).
JENKINS  One of the crew on the Eternals' ships (6H).
JENKINS, STEVEN  Immigration officer at Gatwick Airport.  His identity was taken over by the Chameleons.  His alien double was killed when Gordon pulled the black armband off the original's arm (KK).

JENNY  Young, cynical woman who was part of Dortmun's resistance against the Daleks during their 2164 AD Invasion of Earth.  She helped the First Doctor defeat the Daleks (K).
JENSEN  One of Frontios' colonists (6N).
JENSEN, RACHEL (PROF.)  British scientist.  She and Allison Williams assisted Group Captain Gilmore and helped the Seventh Doctor fight the Daleks who had invaded the Coal Hill area in 1963 (7H).
JEREMY  Member of Professor Jones's commune (TTT).
JESSIE   Member of Professor Jones's commune (TTT).
JETHRIK  Rare mineral which was a vital component of space warp drives.  Galactic con artists Garron and Unstoffe plotted to use a lump of jethrik to con the Graff Vynda-K into buying Ribos.  That specific lump turned out to be a segment of the Key to Time.  The Fourth Doctor outwitted Garron and palmed the lump of jethrik before leaving Ribos (5A).

JHANA BOX  Device used by the Kinda to facilitate the mental merging between the members of the Earth Expedition Force and themselves.  It looked like an ordinary Jack in the Box.  The Fifth Doctor used it to cure Hindle and Sanders (5Y).
JIMMY  Reporter sent to Ashbridge Cottage Hospital (AAA).

JOANNA  Former Queen of Sicily and King Richard's sister. Richard wanted to arrange a marriage between her and Saphadin to seal peace in Palestine. But, as she was not in love with the Saracen leader, she obstinately refused (P).

JOBEL  Vain supervisor of the Tranquil Repose mortuary.  He tried to thwart the Sixth Doctor's investigations, but failed.  Davros arranged for him to be killed by Tasambeker, whom he had spurned and humiliated (6Z).
JODRELL BANK  Observatory whose radioscopes were used to fight the Daleks (7H).
JOEY THE CLOWN  One of the deadly pawns used by the Toymaker (in tandem with Clara) when he challenged the First Doctor, Steven and Dodo (Y).

JOHN (LACKLAND) (1167-1216)  King of England from 1199 to 1216 AD.  He lost almost all of England's French territories in a war with French King Philip II.  In 1215 AD, he was forced to sign the Magna Carta after a revolt of the Barons.  The Master used Kamelion to impersonate him to try to prevent the signing, but was thwarted by the Fifth Doctor (6J).

JOHN  Mineralogist aboard Captain Maitland's ship in orbit of the Sense-Sphere.  The ship was held captive by the Sensorites.  Thanks to the First Doctor's intervention, he was eventually allowed to return to Earth, after he promised to protect the secret of the Sensorites' existence (G).

JOHN  British Squire.  He, his daughter Elizabeth and his son Charles were killed by the Terileptils (5X).

JOHN  Black owner of a tea stall in 1963 London.  He had a philosophical discussion with the Seventh Doctor about destiny and sugar (7H).
JOHN SMITH AND THE COMMON MEN  Pop band Susan loved.  John Smith's real name was Aubrey Waites (A).
JOHNSON One of Reegan's henchmen (CCC).

JOHNSON  Warder in Stangmoor Prison's Special Wing.  He was in charge of the death row inmates (FFF).
JOHNSON  Crewmember on Ridgway's submarine (LLL).
JOHNSTON  British soldier who fought the Sea Devils (LLL).
JOKER  One of the deadly pawns used by the Toymaker (in conjunction with the Hearts family) when he challenged the First Doctor, Steven and Dodo (Y).

JONDAR  Varosian rebel.  He was rescued from the Punishment Dome by the Sixth Doctor.  He and Aleta helped the Time Lord defeat the evil schemes of Sil and the Chief Officer, who conspired to keep Zyton-7 prices low (6V).

JONES  One of the inhabitants of Devil's End under the Master's control (JJJ).

JONES, CLIFFORD (PROF.)  Nobel Prize winner for his study of DNA synthesis.  With his prize money, he established the commune of Nuthutch in Llanfairfach, Wales.  He was the first to warn the inhabitants of Llanfairfach about the dangers of the pollution caused by Global Chemicals.  He helped the Third Doctor and UNIT fight BOSS and the Green Death.  The giant maggots were killed by a fungus which he discovered.  He eventually married Jo Grant (TTT).  The two then went on an expedition to the Amazon to research a new fungus (ZZZ).
JONES, GORDON  Physics lecturer at Churchill College, Cambridge, who may have been involved with International Electromatics (VV).
JONES, MEGAN  London Board member of the Euro-Sea Gas Corporation.  She was Robson's friend, and helped the Second Doctor destroy the Weed which had attacked her refinery and off-shore rigs (RR).

JOS  Member of Rorvik's crew.  He died in the destruction of the privateer's ship (5S).

JOSH (a.k.a. OLD JOSH or PIGBIN JOSH)  Tramp who was captured, analyzed, then killed by Axos (GGG).

JOSH  One of the Rani's assistants in 19th Century England.  The Rani killed him when she no longer needed him (6X).


JOVANKA, TEGAN  Companion of the Fourth and Fifth Doctors.  She was an Australian air hostess who met the Fourth Doctor and Adric soon after the Master had killed her aunt, Vanessa.  She travelled with him to Logopolis and helped him defeat the Master.  She watched the Fourth Doctor regenerate, and fought the Master again on Castrovalva.  Afterwards, she helped the Fifth Doctor against Monarch, the Mara (which possessed her), the Terileptils, George Cranleigh, the Cybermen and the Master yet again (disguised as Kalid).  She was accidentally left behind when the TARDIS dematerialized in Heathrow, but rejoined the Fifth Doctor and Nyssa in Amsterdam, where she helped them free her cousin Colin and defeat Omega.  She then again fell under the Mara's control.  Soon afterwards, she met the Brigadier and Turlough (whom she mistrusted) as the Fifth Doctor fought Mawdryn.  She aided him in his battles against Terminus, Inc., the Eternals, the Master (disguised as Sir Gilles Estram) and Borusa, during which she teamed up with the First Doctor and met the Second and Third Doctors.  She then fought the Silurians and the Sea Devils.  When the Doctor took her to visit her grandfather, Andrew Verney, in Little Hodcombe, she was chosen to become the Queen of May, a human sacrifice to the Malus.  She fought the Tractators on Frontios, and finally the Daleks.  Tired of all the deaths and the violence, she left the TARDIS' crew right afterwards (5V-6P)
JUAN  Spanish driver met by the Sixth Doctor (6W).
JUDSON (DR.)  A crippled scientist who was the designer of the Ultima Machine, a 1940s computer.   He was also one of the "Wolves" of Fenric -- the descendents of the ancient vikings who had brought the evil entity's flask back to England.  He unwittingly helped arrange Fenric's release by feeding ancient runes to his machine.  Fenric took over Dr. Judson's body to challenge the Seventh Doctor at a game of chess.  The real Dr. Judson probably died at that moment (7M).

JUMPING JEHOSOPHAT  One of the Third Doctor's favorite interjections.

JUNIPER BERRY  Former member of the Psychic Circus (7J).
JUPITER  Guy Crayford's spaceship was captured by the Kraals near Jupiter (4J).

JURASSIC  It was during the Jurassic -- 195 to 136 million years ago -- that Eldrad's hand landed on Earth (4N).  Also see ANTHROPOLOGY.

JURGENS, MARTIN  Real name of the Earth Adjudicator killed and impersonated by the Master (HHH).