K4067  Asteroid location of the Bi-Al Foundation (4T).

K9  K9 MARK I was a mobile computer in the shape of a dog, designed by Prof. Marius, to replace his real dog left behind on Earth.  K9 was a data bank of considerable capacity.  He was also equipped with a blaster for offensive and defensive actions.  His blaster could kill, stun or paralyze living beings, and melt or disintegrate metal.  K9 was shown tobe  capable of regeneration.  He could interface with the TARDIS, the Matrix and other machines.
 K9 MARK I helped the Fourth Doctor and Leela against the Virus of the Purpose, which briefly infected him.  When Prof. Marius found out that he could not take K9 back to Earth with him, he asked the Doctor to take him (4T).  K9 then accompanied the Doctor and Leela on their travels, and helped them fight the Sunmakers and the Oracle.  After helping the Doctor free Gallifrey from the invading Vardans and Sontarans, K9 MARK I chose to remain with Leela on the planet of the Time Lords (4T-4Z).
 The Fourth Doctor built a K9 MARK II, which had greater mobility and would respond to a silent dog whistle.  K9 MARK II accompanied the Doctor and Romana on the Quest for the Key to Time.  He fought the Graff Vynda-K, the Captain of Zanak's Polyphase Avatron, Vivien Fay's Ogri, and interfaced with the Mentalis machine, but was unable to take part in the battle on Delta Magna's moon because of its swampy terrain (5A-5F).  Later, speech circuit defects (or space laryngitis) prevented K9 from helping the Fourth Doctor and a newly-regenerated Romana against the Daleks and Scaroth.  But he soon joined them against Lady Adrasta, the Mandrels, the Nimon, Pangol and the Foamasi, Meglos, the Marshmen (who severely damaged it) and the Great Vampire (5J-5P).  K9 MARK II was gravely disabled by the Time Winds during the Doctor's battle with Rorvik and elected to stay in E-Space with Romana and the Tharils (5S).
 The Doctor sent an already assembled K9 MARK III as a present to Sarah Jane Smith.  He helped her defeat a coven of witches who worshipped the pagan goddess Hecate in Moreton Harwood (K9).  K9 MARK III tried to warn Sarah Jane of Borusa's time scoop, but was ignored (6K).

K, DAISY  Lieutenant in the Happiness Patrol of Terra Alpha.  She was outsmarted several times by the Seventh Doctor and Ace.  After the revolution overthrew Helen A's regime, she was condemned to repaint the TARDIS in its original colour (7L).

KAFTAN  Member of the Brotherhood of Logicians.  She was Eric Klieg's female companion on his expedition to the Tombs of the Cybermen on Telos.  She fought the Second Doctor in order to free the Cybermen.  Later, she was killed by the Cybercontroller (MM).
KAHN (DR.)  Dr. Kyle's assistant, killed by the Cybermen (6B).
KAL  Caveman member of the Tribe of Gum.  He was Za's rival for control of the Tribe, and kidnapped the First Doctor to gain the secret of fire.  He was expelled after killing Old Mother, and was later killed by Za (A).

KALA  Aydan's wife.  She, Eprin and Eyesen conspired to steal and sell one of the Keys of Marinus.  She was unmasked by the First Doctor (E).
KALAKIKI  Planet visited by Captain Cook (7J).
KALDOR CITY  Future city known to the Sandminer's crew (4R).

KALEDS  The Kaleds and the Thals were humanoid races from Skaro.  The Daleks were an offshoot from the Kaleds (4E).  See also DALEKS, DALS.

KALID  Arab sorcerer alias used by the Master during the Jurassic as a focus for the evil Xeraphin (6C).

KALIK  Brother of Inter Minor's President, and Commissioner of the Aliens' Admission Commission.  He was against his bother's liberal policies, and tried using Vorg's defective scope to discredit the President.  He arranged for the Drashigs to escape, but was thwarted by the Third Doctor and Vorg.  He was later killed by one of the creatures (PPP).

KALISTORAN  Incarnation of the evil side of the Xeraphin (6C).

KALMAR  Scientifically-minded leader of the rebellion on the Great Vampire's world.  He helped the Fourth Doctor and Romana destroy the Great Vampire (5P).

KAMELION  Shape-changing android which the Master took with him when he escaped from Xeriphas.  He was a tool, used by an earlier invader of Xeriphas.  The Master used Kamelion to impersonate King John of England in an attempt to prevent the signing of the Magna Carta, but was thwarted by the Fifth Doctor who took over control of the android in mental battle (6J).  Kamelion stayed with the Doctor in the TARDIS.  But the Master succeeded in re-establishing control of him and used the android to bring the Doctor to Sarn.  He first assumed Prof. Foster's likeness, then turned into the Master.  In the end, he begged the Fifth Doctor to destroy him with the Tissue Compression Eliminator (6Q).

KANDO  Dulcian student sent with Teel to check the radiation levels on the Island of Death under Balan's supervision.  He was captured and put to work by the Dominators.  Kando eventually helped the Second Doctor defeat the ruthless aliens (TT).

KANDOR  Executive who defrauded the Company of a million talmars.  He was apprehended, and survived three years in a correction centre (4W).

KANDY KITCHEN  Combination of a laboratory and candy factory where Gilbert M worked and the Kandy Man ruled (7L).

KANDY MAN, THE  Helen A's ultimate enforcer on the Terra Alpha colony.  He was an android created by Gilbert M out of sugar materials.  The Seventh Doctor immobilized him with lemonade.  He was eventually destroyed by a flow of his own, boiling candy in the pipes beneath the city (7L).

KANE  Megalomaniac ruler of Iceworld.  He could only exist in sub-zero temperatures, and could kill a man or freeze an object with his icy touch.  Kane manipulated the Seventh Doctor and Glitz into finding the Dragonfire, a powerful energy crystal which enabled him to repower Iceworld and turn it back into a spaceship.  Kane planned to return to his home planet, Proamon, from which he had been exiled 3000 years before, with an army of mercenaries to exact his revenge.  He and his lover, Xana, had been the leaders of a deadly gang of criminals.  Xana was killed while resisting arrest.  Kane had a sculptor sculpt an ice statue of her in the Restricted Zone of Iceworld.  When the Doctor revealed that Proamon's sun had gone nova 2000 years before, Kane commited suicide by exposing himself to direct sunlight (7G).

KANGS  Gangs of youths who lived in Paradise Towers, and who were being secretly exterminated by the robotic Cleaners.  When the Seventh Doctor met the Blue and the Red Kangs, the last of the Yellow Kangs had just been killed by the Cleaners.  The Doctor convinced the Kangs to join forces with the Caretakers and the Rezzies, and help him destroy Kroagnon (7E).

KANI (MATRONA)  Crozier's assistant.  She was killed by King Yrcanos when he rescued Peri (7B).

K'ANPO RINPOCHE  Abbot in charge of the Tibetan Monastery almost taken over by the Spiders of Metebelis 3.  In reality, he was a Time Lord.  When he reincarnated, he assumed the physical appearance of his projection, Cho-Je.  He later helped the Third Doctor's regeneration (ZZZ).  K'Anpo was once an old hermit, or guru, on Gallifrey, who taught the Doctor much about life, spirituality and the mind (OOO) and told him the legends of the Great Vampires (5P).

KANTRIA  Tropical planet and homeworld of Major Garrant, one of the Daleks' victims (5J).
KANVAL  Dorf's birthplace (7B).
KARA  Head of Nekros' protein factory.  She was in partnership with Davros, using the bodies at Tranquil Repose for source material.  She hired Orcini to kill Davros, while secretly setting him up to die instead.  She was exposed by the Sixth Doctor.  When Orcini learned the truth, he killed her (6Z).

KARELA  Lady Adrasta's vizier on Chloris.  She killed Torvin, but her dreams of power were thwarted by the Fourth Doctor (5G).

KARFEL  Planet orbiting around two suns called Rearbus and Selynx.  It was inhabited by the humanoid Karfelons and the savage Morlox, who lived underground.  It shared an uneasy relationship with its neighboring planet, Bandril.  It was visited by both the Third and Sixth Doctors (6Y).

KARFELONS  Humanoid inhabitants of Karfel.  Their master, the Borad, a half-Karfelon, half-Morlox freak, secretly planned to murder all the Karfelons by causing a war with their neighbors, the Bandrils.  He then planned to repopulate Karfel with creatures like himself, starting with Peri.  The Sixth Doctor made peace with the Bandrils and pushed the real Borad into the Timelash (6Y).

KARI  She and Olvir were space pirates who mistakenly boarded a ship enroute to Terminus.  She helped the Fifth Doctor save the universe and free Terminus (6G).

KARINA  Lieutenant on Sea Base Four.  She was killed by Maddox (6L).

KARKUS, THE  Fictional comic strip character from Zoe Heriot's time.  He appeared in The Hourly Telepress programme.  He helped the Doctor, Jamie and Zoe in the Land of Fiction (UU).

KARL  Ivo and Marta's son.  He unsuccessfully tried to escape the Selection and was killed by the vampires (5P).

KARL  Member of De Flores' Nazi gang.  He was killed by the Cybermen (7K).

KARLTON  Leader of Earth's Space Special Security.  He dispatched Marc Cory to Kembel.  Later, he turned out to be a traitor in league with Mavic Chen.  He ordered Sara Kingdom to kill her brother and fellow agent, Bret Vyon.  He failed to stop the First Doctor, and was possibly arrested after Chen's defeat (V).

KARN  Bleak, stormy planet where the evil Time Lord Morbius was eventually defeated, tried and executed.  It also housed the Sisterhood, guardians of the Sacred Flame.  The Time Lords sent the Fourth Doctor to Karn to restore the Sacred Flame and thwart Dr. Solon, who had built a monstrous new body to house the brain of Morbius (4K).

KARRA  One of the Cheetah People.  After Ace saved her life, she treated her as "sister".  She rescued Ace from Midge's gang and was killed by the Master.  After her death, she reverted to human form.  Her body was taken back to the Cheetah Planet (7P).

KARTZ (PROF.)  With Reimer, Kartz was a scientist of the Third Zone.  They conducted unauthorized time experiments on Space Station J7, and built an operational time cabinet which only needed to be primed with the Rassilon Imprimature to function like a true TARDIS (6K).

KARUNA  Young Kinda wise woman who inherited all of Panna's knowledge after her death.  She helped the Fifth Doctor free Aris and banish the Mara (5Y).
KARZENOME  Structure at the center of which was the Animus (N).
KASSIA  One of the five Consuls of Traken.  She was married to Tremas and was afraid of losing him if he became the new Keeper.  As a child she had been chosen to tend the Melkur, but fell under his evil influence.  After the Keeper's death, the Melkur (in reality, the Master) manipulated her into fighting the Fourth Doctor, and eventually becoming the new Keeper.  The Melkur then destroyed her and took her place (5T).

KASTERBORUS  Constellation where Gallifrey was located (4G).

KASTRIA  Bleak, deserted world, ravaged by cosmic winds, and exposed to the cold of space.  Life on its surface was only possible because of force field barriers designed, and ultimately destroyed, by Eldrad.  Kastria then returned to being a dead and desolate world (4N).

KASTRIANS  Natives of Kastria.  Their silicon-based forms were designed by Eldrad, who later destroyed the force field barriers which made life on the surface of the planet possible.  King Rokon and the Kastrians condemned Eldrad to death, then chose to die, after destroying their Race Banks rather than, one day, being forced to submit to Eldrad's rule in the event of his return.  The Kastrians had the power to regenerate and physically control various forms of energy (4N).

KATAKIKI  Planet visited by Captain Cook (7J).

KATARINA  Young Trojan woman who rescued Steven Taylor during the fall of Troy.  She took him back to the TARDIS, thus becoming one of the First Doctor's Companions.  Katarina sacrificed her life by ejecting herself and Kirksen into space so that the First Doctor and Bret Vyon could reach Earth and alert it to the Daleks' Masterplan (U-V).


KATRYCA  Leader of the Tribe of the Free on Ravolox.  She sentenced Glitz and the Sixth Doctor to death.  Later, she led an assault against the UK Habitat, but was killed by Drathro (7A).

KATURA  One of the five Consuls of Traken.  He was overly concerned by propriety, and would even have accepted the Melkur as new Keeper of Traken (5T).

KATZ  Sezon's second-in-command in the rebellion against the Borad on Karfel.  She was the daughter of the Maylin, Makrif, who had been overthrown by the Borad.  She helped the Sixth Doctor defeat the Borad (6Y).

KAUFMAN  Quartermaster-sergeant in the British army squadron sent to fight the Daleks who had invaded the Coal Hill area in 1963 (7H).

KAVELL  One of Davros's Kaled scientists, and later Gharman's co-conspirator.  He was killed by the Daleks (4E).


KEAVER  Member of Lupton's psychic circle at K'anpo's Tibetan Monastery.  His mind was taken over by the Spiders, but he was freed when the Great One died (ZZZ).

KEBBLE  One of the Vulcan colonists (EE).
KEDU  Tibetan encountered by the Second Doctor (NN).
KEEFAN  Ore processed aboard the Sandminer (4R).
KEEKS  Type of Megropolis Three residents on Pluto (4W).
KEELER, ARNOLD (DR.)  Harrison Chase's botanical adviser.  In spite of the Fourth Doctor's efforts, he and Scorbie stole a Krynoid pod from the Antarctica World Ecology Bureau Expedition camp and brought it back to England.  The pod eventually took over Keeler's body and grew to monstrous size.  His consciousness died when the Krynoid was destroyed by the Royal Air Force (4L).

KEEPER (OF THE MATRIX)  Also known as Coordinator.  Title given to the Time Lord in charge of the Matrix.  Engin was coordinator when the Master and Goth threatened Gallifrey (4P).  The body of another Keeper of the Matrix (name unknown) was eventually taken over by the Valeyard after his battle with the Sixth Doctor inside the Matrix (7C).

KEEPER (OF TRAKEN)  Individual who controlled the Source which kept the Union of Traken in a state of harmony.  Because of the channeling of such considerable energy through his person, the Keeper held great powers, including teleportation and energy manipulation.  When the Fourth Doctor met the Keeper of Traken, he was almost a thousand years old, and nearing the time of his Dissolution.  The Keeper asked the Doctor to come to Traken, fearing the Melkur's evil influence.  After he died, Tremas was meant to become the new Keeper but, thanks to the Melkur's schemes, Kassia was made Keeper instead.  Then, the Melkur (in reality, the Master) killed Kassia and took over the Keepership.  The Doctor, Adric and Nyssa tampered with the Source in order to expose the Master.  Afraid of destruction, the Master fled.  Luvic became the new Keeper (5T).  Traken was destroyed soon afterwards when the Master tampered with Logopolis (5V).

KEIGHTLEY, CLARE  Young Cambridge student, and Chris Parsons' friend.  Salyavin temporarily took over her mind to help repair his TARDIS and fight Skagra (5M).

KEILLOR  Galactic bounty hunter who was aboard the tour bus which crashlanded in 1959 Wales.  He told the Bannermen where Delta was, then tried to kill the Seventh Doctor, but was killed when Gavrok blew up his transmitter by remote control (7F).

KELIA  One of the Sisterhood killed by the Morbius Monster (4K).

KELLER, EMIL (PROF.)  The Master's alias when he posed as the Swiss inventor of a Machine which would remove evil impulses from hardened criminals.  He hoped to sabotage a Wold Peace Conference (FFF).

KELLER MACHINE  Device supposed to isolate and extract a man's evil impulses.  It was being tested at Stangmoor Prison when it came to the Third Doctor's attention.  In reality, it housed a Mind Parasite brought to Earth by the Master, who planned to use it to sabotage a World peace Conference.  It was destroyed when the Thunderbolt Missile was detonated (FFF).

KELLMAN (PROF.)  Scientist aboard Space Beacon Nerva.  Seduced by the Vogans' gold, he was hired by Vorus to summon a small band of isolated Cybermen, remnants of the First Cyber Wars, to Voga, where they could be destroyed by his Skystriker missile.  Under instructions from the Cybermen, Kellman used the cybermats to infect the beacon with the Neurotropic X virus.  He was eventually killed in a rock slide on Voga (4D).

KELLY, GIA  Scientist and senior supervisor of the T-Mat system.  She discovered that the Moon controls were no longer operational and alerted her superior, Commander Radnor.  She helped the Second Doctor defeat the Ice Warriors when they tried using T-Mat to spread their deadly "Seeds of Death" on Earth (XX).

KELNER  Cowardly Gallifreyan Castellan who betrayed the Time Lords by cooperating first with the Vardans, then with the Sontarans.  After the Fourth Doctor defeated the invaders, he was presumably demoted and punished by Borusa (4Z).


KEMBEL  (a.k.a. KEMBAL)  Planet used by the Daleks as their headquarters in their Masterplan against Earth, which was thwarted by the First Doctor.  Its Varga plants (originally from Skaro) made it very hostile.  Marc Cory died on Kembel.  All life on the planet was eventually destroyed by the Time Destructor (T/A, V).

KEMEL  Mute, Turkish strong man in Theodore Maxtible's employ.  After Jamie saved his life, he joined the Second Doctor in his fight against the Daleks.  He eventually fell to his death on Skaro, fighting Theodore Maxtible (LL).

KEMP  Lieutenant serving under Captain Gardiner (QQQ).

KENDRON  Weak-willed member of the Karfelon inner Sanctum.  He was accused of treachery by Tekker and killed by the Borad (6Y).
KENNEDY  Sir Charles Summers' chauffeur (BB).
KENNEDY  A burglar who tried breaking into Edward Waterfield's safe, but was killed by the Daleks (LL).

KENOWA  Australian location of Salamander's Sun Conservation Centre and secret underground Sanctum (PP).

KENT, GILES  Former Deputy Security Commissioner for Europe and North Africa.  He was dismissed at Salamander's instigation.  He fought Salamander, but in reality intended to assassinate him and take his place.  He was exposed by the Second Doctor.  He died in Salamander's Sanctum, in an explosion of his own making (PP).

KERENSKY, THEODORE (PROF.)  Misguided scientist who was hired by Scaroth (as Count Scarlioni) to build a time machine which, he thought, could be used to cure famine.  Scaroth used the sale of several Mona Lisas and other historical artefacts to finance his research.  Eventually, Kerensky succeeded, but rebelled when he found out the true nature of Scaroth's plans.  Scaroth trapped him in the time machine and accelerated Kerensky's time cycle until he aged and died (5H).

KERNIGHAN  Frontios Orderly (6N).

KERRIL  Crewmember of the Sandminer.  He was killed by the Robots of Death (4R).

KETTERING (PROF.)  Scientist in charge of the Keller Machine at Stangmoor Prison.  He refused to heed the Third Doctor's warnings, and was killed by the Mind Parasite (FFF).

KETTLEWELL, JEREMIAH P. (PROF.)  Idealistic, aging scientist interested in alternative technologies.  He wanted to stop pollution.  He was the creator of the giant robot, K-1, used by the Scientific Reform Society (of which he was secretly a member) to blackmail the world into surrendering under the threat of starting World War Three.  When Kettlewell discovered that Miss Winters intended to carry out her threats, he rebelled and was inadvertently killed by his robot.  K-1 went mad and was later destroyed by the Fourth Doctor (4A).

KEWPER, JACOB  Innkeeper in the 17th Century Cornish village where the First Doctor fought Captain Pike's pirates.  He was, in reality, one of the Squire's smugglers, and was later shot by Cherub (CC).

KEY OF RASSILON  Not to be confused with the Great Key, which was a rod, also known as the Rod of Rassilon (4P, 4Z).  The Key of Rassilon looked like an ordinary key and was secretly entrusted to the Cardinal of the High Council.  It served to tap the Eye of Harmony to power the Demat Gun.  Borusa entrusted it to the Fourth Doctor to defeat the Sontarans when they invaded Gallifrey, but took it back afterwards (4Z).  The Keeper of the Matrix claimed no one could enter it without the Key of Rassilon, which he kept (7C).  This key was presumably a more vulgar object, created to divert attention from the real Key.

KEY TO TIME  Immensely powerful, mythic artefact with which the Guardians of Time maintained the universal balance between order and chaos.  It was shaped in the form of a perfect, crystalline cube.   When the balance was upset, the White Guardian enlisted the help of the Fourth Doctor and Romana to gather the Key's six segments, which were disguised as follows: a lump of jethrik, taken to Ribos by Garron (5A); planet Calufrax, shrunk to football-size by the pirate planet Zanak (5B); the former Great Seal of Diplos, stolen by Cessair, a.k.a. Vivien Fay, which she kept in the form of a necklace on Earth (5C); a Taran statue (5D); a holy relic of the Swampies swallowed by Kroll on Delta Magna's moon (5E); and finally Princess Astra of Atrios (5F).  The Black Guardian used the Shadow to stop the Fourth Doctor from claiming the sixth segment.  After the Doctor defeated the Shadow, he assembled the Key and outwitted the Black Guardian, enabling the White Guardian to restore the universal balance.  The Key to Time was then broken apart and scattered throughout the Universe again, presumably assuming five new shapes, and restoring Princess Astra to her human form (5F).

KEYS OF MARINUS  Five micro-circuits which controlled the Conscience of Marinus.  Arbitan kept one Key and sent the First Doctor and his Companions to gather the other four: one was kept in Morphoton, one in the jungle, one in the ice wilderness, and the last was in the city of Millenius.  There, Darrius made a fake Key which Ian later gave to Yartek, and which was responsible for the destruction of the Conscience (E).

KHEPREN  Commander of a small elite army of Egyptian soldiers at the time of the completion of the Great Pyramid of Cheops (circa 2600 BC).  He met the First Doctor during his fight against the Daleks' Masterplan, and was killed by the Daleks (V).

KHRISONG  Leader of the warrior monks of Det-Sen Monastery.  He fought the Great Intelligence's robot Yeti alongside the Second Doctor, and was killed by Songsten, himself under the Intelligence's control (NN).

KILBRACKEN  Inventor of the technique of rapid holographic cloning which the Fourth Doctor used to track down the Nucleus (4T).

KILLINGSWORTH  Colliery owned by Lord Ravensworth where George Stephenson built the Blucher, an early steam-powered locomotive, and where the Sixth Doctor fought the Master and the Rani (6X).

KILLJOY  Term applied on Terra Alpha to people who were not happy.  They could be arrested and executed by the Happiness Patrol (7L).

KIMBER  Elderly passenger of the Hyperion III space liner.  He recognized Hallet from a previous investigation on granary shortages on Stella Stora.  He was later killed by the Vervoids (7C).

KIMUS  Pralix's friend and Mula's boy friend.  He helped the Fourth Doctor and Romana defeat the Captain of Zanak (5B).

KINDA  Peaceful, telepathic natives of Deva Loka who shared a gestalt-like society.  Their attempts to get the members of the Earth Expedition Force to mentally merge with them unbalanced the Earthmen's minds.  The Mara possessed one of them, Aris, and tried to create chaos by inciting the Kinda to attack the Earthmen's Dome.  The Mara was eventually banished by the Fifth Doctor.  The Kinda's Jhana Box helped restore Commander Sanders' sanity.  Thanks to Sanders' desire to protect the Kinda, Deva Loka was eventually reclassified as unsuitable for colonization (5Y).

KINGDOM, SARA  Space Special Security agent.  She followed Karlton's orders and killed her brother, Bret Vyon, whom she had been told was a traitor.  After Steven Taylor and the First Doctor told her the truth, she joined them in their fight to stop the Daleks' Masterplan.  Sara died on Kembel when the Time Destructor was activated (V).

KINGPIN  Founder of the Psychic Circus.  His brain was damaged by the Gods of Ragnarok, and he became a menial labourer known as Deadbeat.  He was rescued by the Seventh Doctor.  He and Ace found the Gods' medallion, which restored his sanity.  After the Gods' defeat, he planned to launch a new Circus with Mags (7J).

KIRKSEN  One of the criminals of Desperus.  He tried to force the First Doctor to return to Kembel by holding Katarina hostage in the Spar 7-40's airlock, but she foiled his plan by ejecting them both into space (V).

KISTON  One of Lytton's engineers.  His mind was taken over by Davros, and he was eventually killed by the Daleks (6P).

KITLINGS  A race of creatures virtually identical to Earth cats, but bred by the original Cheetah People.  The Kitlings had the power to teleport through space, and generate a symbiotic mind-link with their owners, thus enabling them to see and hear through their senses.  They fed on carrion left by their hunting masters (7P).

KITTY  Manageress of the Inferno discotheque (BB).

KIV  Reptilian leader of the Mentors of Thoros-Beta.  He had his brain expanded by Crozier's brain transformer.  He would have died if Crozier had not found a way to transplant his mind into another being.  (That being turned out to be Peri.)  The Valeyard used a heavily doctored version of this event, making it appear as if Peri had been killed by Yrcanos after Kiv's mind had been successfully transferred into hers.  In reality, Peri was saved by King Yrcanos of Krontep, who killed Crozier, Kiv and Sil before the mind transfer took place (7B).

KLIEG, ERIC  Megalomaniacal president of the Brotherhood of Logicians, and financial backer of Prof. Parry's expedition to Telos.  With Kaftan's help, he fought the Second Doctor to resurrect the Cybermen.  He planned to form an alliance with them, but was eventually betrayed and killed by the Cybermen (MM).

KLIMT  One of the Underworld's Guards.  He was killed by Herrick (4Y).

KLOUT  Brock's lawyer.  In reality, he was a West Lodge Foamasi saboteur.  He was exposed by a Foamasi Investigator.  He and Brock later escaped, but their ship was blown up by the Argolins (5N).

KNIGHT  Captain in the army task force which fought the Great Intelligence in the London underground.  He was killed by a Yeti (QQ).

KNIGHT COMMANDER  The leader of Morgaine's men.  He died during the battle against UNIT at Carbury (7N).

KNIGHTS  The First Doctor saved the life of King Richard during the Third Crusade (P).  The Master used the Kronos Crystal to scoop a medieval Knight out of time and use him against Mike Yates (OOO).  Linx built a robot knight for Irongron (UUU).  The TARDIS rematerialized during a joust in 1215 AD Britain (6J).  The parallel Earth from which Morgaine, Mordred and Ancelin came was a medieval world where knights still ruled (7N).

KNOPF, INGMAR  Danish-born Hollywood film director (V).

KOLKOKRON  Deserted rock planet where the Fifth Doctor dropped the Gravis (6N).

KONTRON CRYSTAL  Crystals found in certain areas of the space-time vortex which contained energies capable of harnessing space and time.  The Borad used Kontron crystals to dabble in time research, designing a time acceleration beam and a time tunnel called "Timelash", which he used to banish the rebels to his rule.  The Sixth Doctor used them to manufacture short, portable time loops, and bounce back the Borad's time acceleration beam (6Y).  The Kronos Crystal might have been a Kontron Crystal (OOO).  Kontron Crystals may be made of taranium (V).

KOQUILLION  Fake identity created by Bennett, using an imposing, Didonian sand-beast-like, spiked suit.  As Koquillion, Bennett was armed with a jewelled club that emitted a blasting ray.  He was exposed by the First Doctor (L).  See also BENNETT.

KOSNAX  Planet at war with Vardon.  Their crossfire accidentally destroyed Xeriphas (6C).

KRAALS  Inhabitants of Oseidon, a planet which they had ruined through internecine atomic wars.  The Kraals relied heavily on android technology.  They planned to abandon their increasingly radioactive world and conquer other planets.  Their chief scientist, Styggron, used astronaut Guy Crayford and human android duplicates to take over the Devesham Space Research Station.  He then planned to exterminate mankind with a special virus.  His efforts were thwarted by the Fourth Doctor (4J).

KRACAUER  Sergeant in Kane's forces on Iceworld.  Belasz enlisted his help in a conspiracy to kill Kane.  He failed and Kane killed him instead (7G).

KRAIL  Mondasian Cyberleader of the first team of Cybermen to invade the Snowcap Space Tracking Station.  He and his team were destroyed by Ben's actions (DD).

KRANG  Mondasian Cyberleader who took over from Krail at the Snowcap Space Tracking Station.  He killed General Cutler and planned to destroy Earth with the Z-Bomb, but was stopped by the First Doctor (DD).

KRANS  One of the five Earth colonists stranded on Earth circa 15,000 AD after their ship was destroyed when they answered a fake mayday signal.  The Sontaran Styre performed cruel experiments on him to determine the limits of human resistance.  He was saved by the Fourth Doctor (4B).

KRARGS  Crystalline life forms who served Skagra.  They were manufactured in generation chambers, by condensing crystals around a predesigned skeleton in a special gaseous atmosphere.  Romana used the same gas to dissolve the Krargs (5M).

KRASIS  High Priest of Poseidon in Atlantis.  He fell under the Master's control and helped him overthrow King Dalios.  He died when, in spite of the Third Doctor's warnings, the Master used the Kronos Crystal to summon the Kronavore, who destroyed Atlantis (OOO).

KRAU  Androzani equivalent of Mrs or Ms (6R).

KRAVOS  One of Davros's scientists.  He was killed by the Daleks (4E).

KRELPER  Stotz's whiny second-in-command.  He was killed by Stotz when he tried to defect (6R).

KRIMPTON (PROF.) Prof. Brett's assistant on the WOTAN project.  He was hypnotized by WOTAN, and died trying to save the computer (BB).

KRISTAS  A Thal from Skaro and Ganatus' friend (B).

KRIZ  Insectoid alien who crashed on Karn and was killed by Condo (4K).

KRO  One of the Graff Vynda-K's men.  He was stunned by K9.  The Fourth Doctor used his uniform to trick the Graff (5A).

KROAGNON  Great Architect of the Paradise Towers.  His previous designs includes Golden Dream Park, the Bridge of Perpetual Motion, and Miracle City, a forerunner of the Paradise Towers.  His brain was secretly buried in the Towers' basement after he tried to prevent people from living in his creation.  The Towers fell into disrepair after most of its residents went to fight in (presumably) the First Dalek Wars.  The only people left were the Caretakers, the Old (or "Rezzies"), and gangs of youths called Kangs.  Under Kroagnon's influence, the robotic Cleaners began to exterminate all human life inside the Towers.  Then, Kroagnon took over the Chief Caretaker's body.  With the help of Pex and the Kangs, the Seventh Doctor managed to expose and destroy Kroagnon (7E).

KROLL  Name given by the Swampies of Delta Magna's third moon to their god.  Kroll was a gigantic squid-like monster made up of many, smaller squid.  It had reached its gigantic size because it had once swallowed the Swampies' holy relic, in reality the fifth segment of the Key to Time.  When the Fourth Doctor and Romana recovered the segment, Kroll was broken aparts into hundreds of little squid (5E).

KRONAVORES  Time-eaters.  Mysterious creatures living inside the time vortex which fed on the very substance of time.  Kronos was a kronavore (OOO).

KRONOS  Possibly the most powerful of the kronavores.  His name gave rise to the legend of the Greek Titan who ate his children, one of whom was Poseidon, god of Atlantis.  Kronos was drawn from the time vortex by the priests of Atlantis, who imprisoned his essence in the Kronos Crystal.  The Master eventually released Kronos, and tried to control him, but failed, and the Kronavore destroyed Atlantis.  The Third Doctor engineered a Time Ram between his TARDIS and the Master's, which released Kronos and destroyed the Crystal (OOO).

KRONOS CRYSTAL  Giant crystal which existed transdimensionally both in the time vortex and in our space-time continuum.  It was almost indestructible.  The ancient Atlantean priests used it to draw Kronos from the time vortex and imprison its essence.  King Dalios came to realize that the short-term benefits that the use of the Kronos Crystal brought Atlantis would spell long-term doom, and forbade its use.  The Crystal was guarded by the Minotaur.  When King Dalios tried to have it destroyed, he only succeeded in splitting it into a smaller version, which survived throughout the 20th Century, where it was found by the Master and used in connection with TOM-TIT to summon Kronos.  It took a Time Ram between the Doctor's and the Master's TARDISES to eventually destroy the Crystal and release Kronos (OOO).  The Kronos Crystal may have been a Kontron Crystal (6Y), made of taranium (V).


KRONTEP  Name of King Yrcanos' homeworld.  The Mentors were selling laser weapons to Krontep and Thordon, and kept Yrcanos prisoner on Thoros-Beta to induce him to cooperate.  After his victory over the Mentors, Yrcanos presumably returned to Krontep with Peri as his queen (7B).

KROTONS  Crystalline beings made of tellurium.  Four Krotons who had been involved in an interplanetary war were shot down on the planet of the Gonds.  Exhuasted by the drain on their mental energies, two died.  The two which survived enslaved the Gonds and went into a form of suspended animation.  Every month, the two most intelligent Gonds were selected to become the Krotons' "companions".  In reality, the Krotons used their Dynatrope to drain their mental energy to recharge themselves.  The Second Doctor eventually used suplhuric acid to dissolve the Krotons and free the Gonds (WW).

KRYNOIDS  Hostile, vegetal life forms which preyed on animals.  Around 20,000 BC, two Krynoid pods landed in the Antarctic and buried themselves into the permafrost.  They were eventually dug up in 1977 by a World Ecology Bureau expedition.  One Krynoid took control of Winlett's body, but was later destroyed when Scorby blew up the camp.  The other pod was stolen by Harrison Chase.  It took control of Keeler's body and Chase's mind, and grew to monstrous size.  It began to turn plants against mankind, but was blown up by the Royal Air Force before it could germinate.  In both cases, the Fourth Doctor's intervention helped bring about the Krynoids' end (4L).


KUBLAI KHAN (1215-1294)  Mongolian general and statesman, grandson of Genghis Khan.  He conquered China and became the first emperor of the Yuan Dynasty.  He was Marco Polo's friend and met the First Doctor, from whom he won the TARDIS in a game of backgammon.  Later, the Doctor saved him from Tegana's assassination attempt (D).

KUI-JU  Chinese official working under Wang-Lo.  He was bribed by Tegana (D).

KURKUTJI  Australian Aborigene kidnapped by the Urbankans, probably circa 3019 BC.  His memories were stored on silicon chips, and used to animate an android in his image.  After the Fifth Doctor defeated Monarch, he and his fellow androids decided to look for another planet on which to settle (5W).

KURSTER  Count Grendel's henchman.  He was knocked unconscious by Romana and Princess Strella (5D).

KY  Young Solonian leader who distrusted Varan and the Earth Empire.  He was framed by the Marshal for the murder of the Earth Administrator, and fled back to Solos.  The Third Doctor helped him complete his mutation and turn into a super-being.  Ky then killed the Marshal, freed his friends and helped his people reach their final state (NNN).

KYLE (PROF.)  26th Century paleontologist.  Under the protection of Lt. Scott and his men, she was intent on exploring a network of underground caves where eight other scientists had been killed by Cybermen androids protecting a hidden Cyber-bomb.  She helped the Fifth Doctor disarm the bomb, then traveled aboard the TARDIS to Captain Briggs' space freighter, where she was killed by a Cyberman (6B).

KYLE (SGT.)  British police sergeant who interrogated the Fourth Doctor and Leela after they had been attacked by members of the Tong of the Black Scorpion (4S).