L-3  Drathro was an Andromedan L-3 robot (7A).


LA PIRANELLA  Seville restaurant managed by Oscar Botcherby.  The Second Doctor and Shockeye ate there (6W).

LABOUR CONTROLLER  Atlantean officer who assigned people to work in the mines (GG).

LAIRD (PROF.)  Professor sent with Colonel Archer's men to investigate mysterious happenings (in reality, the end of a Dalek time corridor) in the London warehouse district.  She was killed by the Dalek-duplicate, Archer (6P).

LAKE OF MUTATIONS  Horror-filled swamp on Skaro, which claimed the lives of Antodus and Elyon (B).

LAKE OF OBLIVION  One of the landmarks of Iceworld's underworld (7G).

LAKERTYA  Peaceful planet.  The Rani took it over when she detected an asteroid made up of Strange Matter in its orbit.  She planned to blow up the asteroid with a Loyhargil rocket.  Successful completion of her plan would have completely destroyed Lakertya, but she was thwarted by the Seventh Doctor (7D).

LAKERTYANS  Golden-skinned native of Lakertya.  They had evolved from reptiles and were committed to living a peaceful, indolent life.  Unfortunately, the Rani took over Lakertya, controlling its weak-willed population with the help of her new allies, the four-eyed Tetraps.  She took the Lakertyans' leader, Beyus, and his daughter, Sarn, hostage and kept the other Lakertyans submissive by threatening to release a swarm of deadly insects if they did not obey her orders.  They were rescued by the Seventh Doctor and Ikona (7D).

LAKH  He and Ankh were the two Seers who ruled the Underworld directly beneath the Oracle.  They were Minyans whose heads had been replaced by a machine.  They fought the Fourth Doctor and Jackson's Minyans.  They died in the destruction of the Underworld caused by two fission grenades disguised as the Race Banks, which the Oracle had intended to use to destroy Jackson's ship (4Y).

LAKIS  Queen Galleia's slave girl.  She perished when Kronos destroyed Atlantis (OOO).

LALEHAM, ELTON  A member of the staff of the Wheel in Space.  His mind was taken over by the Cybermen.  He was eventually killed (SS).
LAMERDINES  Remarkably gifted race and pioneers of steady-state micro welding.  According to the Third Doctor, they had nine opposable digits (EEE).

LAMIA (MADAME)  Count Grendel's surgeon-engineer and master android-maker.  She was secretly in love with Grendel, who only used her to further his ambition.  She was accidentally killed by one of Grendel's men (5D).

LAMONT (SISTER)  Tulloch nurse who took care of Harry Sullivan after he was shot by the Caber.  She was impersonated by the Zygon, Odda (4F).

LAN  One of the Movellans serving under Commander Sharrel on Skaro.  He was disarmed and reprogrammed by Tyssan (5J).

LANCELOT  Medieval knight of the Round Table.  The Second Doctor, Jamie and Zoe encountered his fictional counterpart in the Land of Fiction (UU).

LAND  Member of Lupton's psychic circle at K'anpo's Tibetan Monastery.  His mind was taken over by the Spiders, but he was freed when the Great One died (ZZZ).

LAND OF FICTION  Nickname given to a mysterious pocket universe where creations of the human mind could be materialized and given a semblance of life.  The Land of Fiction was ruled by the Master Brain, who used a human pawn, the Master (a copywriter from 1926 England), to fill its world with a variety of fictional characters.  Sensing the Master's imminent death, the Master Brain tried to replace him with the Second Doctor who, after using the TARDIS' emergency switch, had accidentally broken into his domain.  The Master Brain then planned to incorporate the Doctor within its computer and, through him, take over Earth, whose inhabitants would have provided it with enough "dream power" to take over other realities.  But it failed and was destroyed by Zoe.  The Land of Fiction disappeared with it (UU).

LANE  Corporal in the army task force which fought the Great Intelligence in the London underground.  He was killed by the Yeti's web (QQ).

LANE  Member of Rorvik's crew.  He died in the destruction of the privateer's ship (5S).

LANG, HUGO  Intergalactic Pursuit Squadron Lieutenant who was assigned the job of going after Romulus and Remus' kidnappers.  He crashed on Titan Three and was rescued by the newly-regenerated Sixth Doctor.  Lang travelled with the Time Lord in the TARDIS to Jaconda, where he helped defeat Mestor.  Stranded on Jaconda, he decided to remain there and help the natives rebuild their world (6S).

LANGUAGES  The Doctor and his Companions always seem to be able to speak the local languages of the places they visit.  The Fourth Doctor told Sarah that it was a Time Lord "gift" (4M).  This talent was undoubtedly the result of the Time Lords' telepathic abilities, possibly aided by the TARDIS.

LANISHA  Young Lakertyan who was Ikona's brother.  He chose to follow Beyus' orders rather than rebel against the Rani.  He was killed by the Rani's deadly insects (7D).

LARN  Officer of the Court of Millenius (E).
LARVAE GUNS  Weapon used on Vortis (N).
LASER  The Wheel in Space had an X-ray laser cannon (SS).

LASERSON PROBE  Device used by Dask to reprogram the Robots of Death (4R).

LASKY, SARAH (PROF.)  Thremmatologist (science dealing with the the breeding and propagating of animals and plants for domestication) who embarked on the Hyperion III space liner with her two assistants, Bruchner and Doland.  She was the individual primarily responsible for the creation of the Vervoids, but had never meant for them to become hostile lifeforms.  She helped the Sixth Doctor save the ship from Rudge's hijack attempt.  Later, she was killed by the Vervoids (7C).

LAST CHANCE SALOON  Tombstone saloon (Z).

LATEP  One of the Thals sent to Spiridon to stop the Daleks.  He helped the Third Doctor defeat the Daleks.  He was attracted to Jo Grant (SSS).

LATIMER  One of the individuals working at the Inferno Project site (DDD).

LATONI, DITTAR   Chief of the Utobi Indians who once saved George Cranleigh from the Butiu.  He accompanied him to England, and secretly lived with him at Cranleigh Hall (6A).

LAVEL, FRANCOISE  UNIT pilot lieutenant.  She flew Lethbridge-Stewart's helicopter to Carbury.  Morgaine caused her helicopter to crash.  She later stole Lavel's memories, then killed her (7N).



LAWRENCE, CHARLES (DR.)  Director of the Wenley Moor atomic research station, which was attacked by the Silurians.  His sole, overriding concern was to preserve his position.  He was no help to the Third Doctor, and was eventually killed by the Silurian virus spread by Major Baker (BBB).

LAZAR DISEASE  Reputedly incurable space disease.  Terminus, Inc. exiled its victims to Terminus, and kept them under its control with hydromel.  Nyssa planned to synthesize hydromel, thereby freeing the men from Terminus, Inc.'s grip (6G).

LAZARS  Name given to those afflicted with Lazar disease.  The company Terminus, Inc. promised them a cure, but instead shipped them to Terminus, where they were herded into the Forbidden Zone by the Vanir.  There, some of them were cured by the Garm, then shipped back to civilization (6G).

LAZLO  Time-sensitive Tharil who was selected by Aldo and Royce to replace Biroc.  He later escaped into E-Space with Romana, and eventually led his fellow Tharils to freedom (5S).

LEAD  Metal used by the Fourth Doctor as a shield to block the Vardans' powers (4Z).

LEE  Chinese member of the Tong of the Black Scorpion who replaced Li H'Sen Chang as Greel's main servant.  Greel forced him to commit suicide as a penalty for failure (4S).

LEELA  One of the Fourth Doctor's Companions.  She was a member of the Sevateem tribe who refused to believe Xoanon was a god.  She helped the Fourth Doctor fight the Tesh and cure Xoanon.  She then accompanied him in the TARDIS.  She helped him fight the Robots of Death, Magnus Greel, a Rutan on the island of Fang Rock, the Nucleus of the Virus of the Purpose (when she first met K9 Mark I), and to which she was naturally immune, the Fendahl, the Usurians, the Oracle and finally the Vardans and the Sontarans on Gallifrey.  There, she fell in love with Commander Andred of the Chancellery Guards.  She and K-9 Mark I elected to remain on Gallifrey.  She had a savage but trusting nature, and her favorite weapon was the poisonous Janis thorn (4Q-4Z).

LEESON, ERIC  Exarius colonist who brought the Third Doctor and Jo Grant to Ashe.  He was later killed by the IMC robot, which made it look like a lizard attack (HHH).

LEESON, JANE  Exarius colonist.  She was killed by the IMC robot, which made it look like a lizard attack (HHH).

LEETROBE  A species of giant flowering lettuce unique to Chloris (5G).

LEFAUVRE, BLOSSOM  Hollywood actress (V).

LEFEE, JOE  British astronaut on board the Mars Probe 7 ship who was captured by mysterious, radioactive aliens.  He was eventually returned to Earth thanks to the Third Doctor's intervention (CCC).

LEICESTER  The Earl of Leicester was a war-like Crusader deeply opposed to peace with the Saracens.  He would have killed the First Doctor if it had not been for Ian's timely intervention (P).

LEIGH  Army sergeant under Commander Millington's command in Northumberland.  He was killed by the Haemovores (7M).

LEISURE HIVE  Vast entertainment center built on Argolis for galactic tourists.  It contained different environments designed to produce physical and psychic regeneration.  Its key attraction was the Tachyon Recreation Generator.  The West Lodge Foamasi sabotaged the Leisure Hive, and impersonated Brock and Klout to try to buy it from its leader, Mena.  But they were exposed by the Fourth Doctor and a Foamasi Investigator.  The Fourth Doctor also thwarted Pangol's megalomaniacal dreams, and fixed the TRG so that the Argolins could be rejuvenated (5N).

LEMAITRE  Governor of the Conciergerie.  He was in reality British master spy James Stirling.  His path crossed that of the First Doctor and Ian during the French Revolution (H)

LEN  A grocery store employee in Perivale (7P).

LENNOX (DR.)  Renegade scientist who had been hired by Reegan to watch over the three radioactive alien ambassadors he had kidnapped.  In reality, he was working for General Carrington.  Filled with remorse, he turned himself in to UNIT, but was killed when Carrington arranged for radioactive isotopes to be delivered with his food (CCC).

LEOVONTOS  Planet visited by Captain Cook (7J).
LEPTONIC ERA  A period of time which took place a microsecond after the Big Bang.  It produced Helium 2, which the Rani planned to use to turn her made-up Brain into a planet-sized Time Manipulator (7D).

LERNOV, TANYA  Astronomer on the Wheel in Space.  She was Leo Ryan's girlfriend and helped the Second Doctor defeat the Cybermen (SS).  She met Zoe again after she was returned to her proper place in time and space by the Time Lords after the War Games (ZZ).

LEROY  Confederate soldier who believed he was fighting in the American Civil War.  In reality, he was part of the War Games.  He was eventually returned to his proper place in time and space by the Time Lords (ZZ).

LESAGE, ADELAIDE  Young French girl and Lord Palmerdale's confidential secretary.  She was shipwrecked on Fang Rock and, in spite of the Fourth Doctor's efforts, was later killed by the Rutan (4V).

LESTER  One of the officers aboard Space Beacon Nerva.  He helped the Fourth Doctor fight the Cybermen (4D).

LESTERSON  Chief Scientist of the Vulcan colony.  He believed the Daleks he had found in a crashed ship were robots who could be repaired to help the colony.  In spite of the Second Doctor's warnings, he repowered them.  Later, as the Daleks tried to take over the colony, he realized his mistake and sacrificed his life so that the Doctor could deactivate the Daleks again (EE).

LETHBRIDGE-STEWART, ALISTAIR  One of UNIT's "founding members".  He conceived the idea after he fought the Yeti and the Great Intelligence in London alongside the Second Doctor.  He was then a Colonel in the British army (QQ).  After UNIT's formation, he was promoted to Brigadier and became one of the heads of its British branch, reporting directly to a United Nations' Secretary in Geneva.  He and the Second Doctor then thwarted a Cybermen invasion of England (VV).
 Soon afterwards, Lethbridge-Stewart was among the first people to meet the Third Doctor, whom he made UNIT's Scientic Advisor (AAA).  He was always to remain slightly disturbed by the Doctor's regenerative abilities.  Together, with the help of Liz Shaw, Jo Grant, Sarah Jane Smith, Sgt. Benton and Mike Yates, they fought a number of threats as diverse as the Master (EEE, FFF, GGG, HHH, JJJ, OOO), the Nestene and their deadly Autons (AAA, EEE), the Silurians (BBB), General Carrington and his so-called "Ambassadors of Death" (CCC), Prof. Stahlman's Inferno Project (DDD) (when the Doctor met the Brigadier's counterpart from a parallel fascistic Earth, Brigade-Leader Lethbridge-Stewart), the Mind of Evil (FFF), Axos (GGG), the Daemons (JJJ), the Daleks (KKK), Kronos (OOO), Omega (RRR) (when he met the First and Second Doctors), BOSS (TTT), the Sontarans (UUU), an invasion of dinosaurs masterminded by Sir Charles Grover (WWW) (when Mike Yates betrayed UNIT), and finally the Giant Spiders of Metebelis 3 (ZZZ).
 It was then that the Brigadier watched the Doctor regenerate into his Fourth Incarnation, with whom he fought (with the new addition of Harry Sullivan) Prof. Kettlewell's Giant Robot and the Scientific Reform Society (4A) and the Zygons (4F).
   Lethbridge-Stewart's job became increasingly more political, and he was in Geneva during the Kraal Invasion (4J) and the Krynoid attack (4L).  Perhaps because of this, in 1977, Lethbridge-Stewart chose to retire.  He then went on to teach math at Brendon School.
   In 1977, during his meeting with the Fifth Doctor, the Brigadier encountered his own self from 1983, provoking an energy discharge which released Mawdryn and his fellow aliens from their unending life.  The discharge caused the Brigadier to suffer from amnesia from 1977 until 1983, when he recovered his memory (6F).  Soon afterwards, he left his teaching post to and marry Doris, one of his former UNIT colleagues.
 The day of the next annual UNIT reunion, he again met the Second Doctor, and became one of Borusa's pawns in the Game of Rassilon.  Together with the Doctor's other incarnations and various Companions, he helped thwart the megalomaniacal Time Lord's plans for immortality (6K).
 Lethbridge-Stewart eventually came out of retirement to fight alongside the Seventh Doctor, Ace, and Brigadier Bambera, against Morgaine's forces at Carbury.  During this battle, he nearly sacrificed himself to kill the Destroyer and save Earth (7N).

LETHBRIDGE-STEWART, DORIS  Alistair's wife.  She once worked for UNIT in an undisclosed capacity before marrying the Brigadier.  She saw him return to active duty to fight Morgaine (7N).  In 1964, before they were married, Doris spent some romantic time with Lethbridge-Stewart in a hotel in Brighton, where she gave him a gold watch (ZZZ).

LEVITHIA  Planet of the Cyrennic Empire, and homeworld of the tyrannical Graff Vynda-K.  When the Graff left Levithia to fight in the Alliance Wars, he was replaced by his half-brother, to the satisfaction of the Levithians (5A).

LEXA  High Priestess of the Deons on Tigella.  She worshipped the Dodecahedron and was vehemently opposed to any plans to reclaim the planet's surface.  After Meglos (using the Fourth Doctor's shape) stole the crystal, she almost had the Time Lord executed.  But she eventually saw the errors of her ways and was killed by a Gaztak while saving Romana's life (5Q).

LI H'SEN CHANG  Chinese peasant who found Magnus Greel and, mistaking him for the god Weng-Chiang, nursed him back to health.  Greel gave him hypnotic powers.  Chang followed his master to London, providing him with young girls whose life essences he needed to drain in order to survive, and assisting him in trying to locate his Time Cabinet.  He used his gifts and the Peking Homunculus to pose as a magician, and worked at Henry Gordon Jago's Palace Theater.  He fought the Fourth Doctor and Leela, but his repeated failures caused him to be dismissed by Greel.  Soon afterwards, he was fatally wounded by Greel's Giant Rat.  Finally realizing that Greel was not a god, Chang died warning the Doctor to beware of the Eye of the Dragon (4S).

LIBRI  One of the Chosen on the Ark in Space.  He was killed by Noah (4C).
LIEBERMAN MASER  Weapon used by the Minyans (4Y).
LIFE ESSENCE  The Elders had discovered a mechanical way to steal and transfer the life energy of the so-called Savages.  In time, the victims recovered, only to be drained again later (AA).

LIGHT  Powerful alien who landed on earth during the Paleolithic to catalogue all of its species.  He rescued Nimrod, a Neanderthal, and made him immortal.  He then slept in his spaceship until the 19th Century, when he was discovered by British explorer Redvers Fenn-Cooper, who became mentally unbalanced.  Acting under the influence of Josiah Samuel Smith, Light's Survey Agent who had evolved into a human, Fenn-Cooper took Light's ship back to England and buried it under Gabriel Chase.  Ace caused Light to reawaken.  When he learned that his catalogue had been made obsolete by evolution, Light tried to destroy mankind.  But he disintegrated when the Seventh Doctor showed him that no one, not even himself, could stop evolution (7Q).

LIGHT  The concept of Order and Light were embodied by the White Guardian (5A, 6H).


LIGHT GUNS  Weapons used against the Savages by the Elders' guards (AA).

LILT  One of the employees at of Tranquil Repose.  He joined Takis in calling in the Daleks from Skaro.  After Tranquil Repose's destruction, the Sixth Doctor showed him, Takis and the other employees how to make proteins out of local flowers (6Z).

LIMBO ATROPHIER  Device used by the Valeyard to trap the Master and Sabalom Glitz inside the Matrix (7C).
LIMUS FOUR  Recreational planet (5N).
LIN FUTU  Chinese mandarin from the so-called "Futu" dynasty, kidnapped by the Urbankans, probably circa 1769 BC.  (There is no trace of a "Futu" dynasty in China, however the Shang Dynasty (18th to 12th Century BC) would be consistent with Lin Futu, based on archeological discoveries made at the burial site of Fu Hao, a royal member of that dynasty.)  His memories were stored on silicon chips, and used to animate an android in his image.  After the Fifth Doctor defeated Monarch, he and his fellow androids decided to look for another planet on which to settle (5W).

LINCOLN, ABRAHAM (1809-1865)  Sixteenth President of the United States.  His image was projected on the First Doctor's Space-Time Visualiser (R).

LING-TAU  A Chinese Captain in Kublai Khan's army.  He was eventually promoted to Commander, and married Ping-Cho (D).

LINNA  One of the Thoros-Alphan prisoners on Thoros-Beta.  He was rapidly aged to death by Crozier's experiments (7B).

LINWOOD  First victim of the Mind Parasite at Stangmoor Prison (FFF).

LINX  Sontaran warrior whose ship was damaged by the Rutans and who was stranded in 12th Century Wessex.  He allied himself with Irongron, the local brigand, who offered him shelter in exchange for modern weapons.  Linx kidnapped scientists from the 20th Century to help him repair his ship, which brought him into conflict with the Third Doctor.  He died when a local archer, Hal, shot an arrow in his probic vent as his ship was ready to take off.  The ship exploded soon afterwards (UUU).


LITEFOOT (BRIGADIER)  Prof. Litefoot's father.  He went to China in 1860 AD as part of a punitive expedition, and stayed on in Peking as palace attache until his death (4S).

LITEFOOT (PROF.)  Brigadier Litefoot's son.  He was a dedicated medical doctor who had chosen to work in an East End London hospital.  He and Henry Gordon Jago helped the Fourth Doctor and Leela defeat Magnus Greel and save London from destruction.  Litefoot had grown up in China, where the Emperor T'ungchi had given Greel's Time Cabinet to his family as a present (4S).

LITTLE GIRL  Human avatar of one of the three Gods of Ragnarok at the Psychic Circus (7J).

LITTLE HODCOMBE  English Village destroyed during the English Civil War in 1643 AD.  It was where Tegan's grandfather, Andrew Verney, lived.  Verney discovered the alien Malus buried beneath its church.  The Malus was activated by Sir George Hutchinson's unbalanced mind.  Under their combined influences, a series of deadly war games reenacting the Civil War was launched.  The Fifth Doctor eventually found a way to cut the Malus off from the villagers' emotions.  After Sir George's death, the Malus destroyed itself, and peace returned to Little Hodcombe (6M).

LIVERPOOL  The First Doctor stopped there for Christmas during his flight from the Daleks' Masterplan (V).


LIZ 79  Milo Clancey's erratic, battered, old spaceship (YY).

LIZAN  Operator at Space Special Security's Control Building (V).

LLANFAIRFACH  Quiet, Welsh mining village.  It was the site of both the Nuthutch commune and the Global Chemicals refinery where the Green Death occurred (TTT).

LOBOS  Commander of the Moroks' Space Museum on Xeros.  He tried to turn the First Doctor and his Companions into exhibits.  He was killed during the Xeron rebellion (Q).

LOBOS  Planet where Milo Clancey's argonite mines were located (YY).


LOCH NESS  Circa 1179 AD, Loch Ness became the home of the Borad, a monstrous, quasi-reptilian alien from Planet Karfel, which had been banished through a time tunnel known as Timelash by the Sixth Doctor (6Y).  Circa 1676 AD, the crippled spaceship of the Zygons landed in Loch Ness.  The Zygons and their Skarasen presumably killed the Borad, and the Skarasen then became the Loch Ness Monster.  In 1976, the Zygons used the Skarasen to sink some oil rigs and sabotage a World Energy Conference.  Freed from the Zygons by the Fourth Doctor, the Skarasen returned to Loch Ness where, presumably, he lived peacefully forever afterwards (4F).

LOCKE  T-Mat operator on the Moonbase, when it was taken over by the Ice Warriors.  He was killed by Slaar, who caught him sending a warning to Earth (XX).

LOCUSTA  Official poisoner of Imperial Rome.  When one of her poisons failed, Poppaea ordered her thrown to the lions (M).

LODGE  One of the looters captured in London during the Dinosaur Invasion (WWW).

LOGAR  Lord of the Fire Mountain worshipped by the Sarns.  In reality, he was the deification of a Trion vulcanologist (6Q).

LOGICIANS, BROTHERHOOD OF  The greatest human-intelligence ever assembled.  The Logicians believed that logic and intelligence should have power over the destinies of Man and other species.  At the beginning of the 26th Century, the Logicians' megalomaniacal president, Eric Klieg, financed Prof. Parry's expedition to Telos, and resurrected the Cybermen (MM).  It is possible that the Brotherhood of Logicians evolved from the 21st Century Earth School of Parapsychology, which shared its emphasis on pure logic (SS).

LOGIN, HALRIN  Alzarian chief engineer and Keara's father.  He was appointed Decider after Draith's death.  More decisive than his two colleagues, he assumed leadership during the Marshmen's attack, and helped the Fourth Doctor discover the Alzarians' true nature (5R).

LOGIN, KEARA  Young Alzarian Outler and Login's daughter (5R).

LOGOPOLIS  Community of pure mathematicians who lived on an unnamed alien planet.  They spent their lives intoning calculations inside caves carved into the rock.  Their Block Transfer Computations had the power to affect reality itself.  The Logopolitans discovered that the universe had long ago passed the point of fatal collapse.  To dispose of the entropy, they used Block Transfer Computations to create Charged Vacuum Emboitements to open voids into other universes.  After the Master disrupted the workings of Logopolis, Logopolis itself fell apart and was destroyed.  The CVEs began closing.  Fortunately, the Logopolitans had discovered an equation that would stabilize the CVEs.  In spite of the Master's attempts to stop him and blackmail the Universe, the Fourth Doctor succeeded in using the Pharos Project on Earth to broadcast the Logopolitans' calculations (5V).

LOLEM  High priest of Amdo, the Atlanteans' goddess.  He hated Prof. Zaroff, whom he rightly saw as having destroyed their peaceful (but primitive) isolated life.  He fought the Second Doctor; then he died fighting with the mad scientist when the sea broke through Zaroff's laboratory (GG).

LOMAN  Leisure Hive visitor who suggested that the tachyonics display arranged by Pangol was a trick.  He was invited to step into the machine and was accidentally torn apart (5N).

LOMAND  Captain of the Trion rescue ship summoned by Turlough and sent to Sarn to evacuate its people (6Q).

LOMAX (DR.)  Medical doctor to whom Dr. Henderson had sent samples of the Third Doctor's blood for analysis (AAA).

LON  Son of Lady Tanha of Manussa.  His ancestor had banished the Mara five hundred years earlier.   He was possessed by the Mara, and persuaded Ambril to let him use the Great Crystal during the ceremony in which the Mara planned to recreate itself.  The Mara was destroyed by the Fifth Doctor, and Lon was freed (6D).

LONG  Exarius colonist.  He supported Winton's call to arms against Dent (HHH).

LONGFOOT, JOSEPH  Churchwarden in a small Cornish village.  He was once a pirate who had served under Captain Avery with fellow crewmembers Pike and Cherub.  Longfoot knew where Avery's treasure was hidden, but was killed by Cherub, not, however, before he had time to impart clues to the First Doctor (CC).

LOP  Rest stop on the First Doctor's road to China (D).

LOPEZ, POLLY  Companion of the First and Second Doctors.  She was Prof. Brett's secretary.  She and Ben Jackson helped the First Doctor against WOTAN.  Afterwards, they followed him in the TARDIS and helped him fight 17th Century smugglers and the Cybermen.  They watched the First Doctor regenerate.  Polly and Ben then aided the Second Doctor against the Daleks, the Cybermen, Prof. Zaroff, and the Macra.  They first met Jamie in 1746 AD Scotland.  Finally, after defeating the Chameleons, they discovered they were back in London on the same day they had left, and chose to remain there (BB-KK).

LORD OF DARKNESS  One of the Destroyer's names (7N).

LORELLS, THE  Billy's band at Shangri-La (7F).

LORENZEN, VOLKERT  One of the crew of the Mary-Celeste (R).

LORENZO  One of Prof. Sorenson's Morestran crew killed on Zeta Minor by the anti-matter creatures (4H).

LOST SHIPS  The first Lost Ships were launched before the discovery of faster than light propulsion, during the early part of the 21st Century.  They used volunteers placed in hibernation.  Among these was the ship which eventually landed on Vulcan (EE).  A second wave of Lost Ships occurred after the discovery of FTL propulsion, in the last days of the 21st Century and early part of 22nd Century.  Among these were the Hydrax, which was diverted into E-Space by the Great Vampire (5P), and the ship who crashed on Metebelis 3 (ZZZ).  Another wave of Lost Ships followed the Second (or Great) Break Out in the 51st Century.  Among these was the Mordee, whose computer became Xoanon (4Q).  Also see BREAK OUTS, COLONIZATION OF SPACE and FASTER THAN LIGHT.

LOVELL  Royal navy officer who fought the Sea Devils (LLL).

LOWE  Supervisor of the Titan base.  His mind was taken over by the Virus before Meeker died, and he fought the Fourth Doctor and Leela to save the Nucleus.  A miniaturised holographic clone version of him died within the Doctor's body.  He brought the Nucleus back to Titan, but was killed by K9 Mark I (4T).

LOWERY, GORDON  Captain of the ship which took Marc Cory to Kembel.  He was injured by a Varga plant, then killed by Cory to put him out of his misery (T/A).

LOYHARGIL  Special alloy devised by the Rani's made-up Brain, which the Rani loaded in her rocket to blow up the Strange Matter asteroid (7D).

LUCANOL  Ore processed aboard the Sandminer (4R).

LUCKE  German army lieutenant who believed he was fighting against the British in World War I in 1917, near Ypres, under Major Von Weich.  In reality, he was part of the War Games.  He was eventually returned to his proper place in time and space by the Time Lords (ZZ).

LUDDITE UPRISINGS  Violent attacks conducted by 19th Century handicraftsmen against machinery.  Some attacks were indirectly caused by the Rani's removal of human's brain fluids (6X).

LUGO  Member of the Sevateem tribe.  He was later killed by one of Xoanon's invisible, telekinetic monsters (4Q).

LUKOSER  Werewolf-like being who lurked in the caves of Thoros-Beta.  He was one of the pathetic products of Crozier's experiments.  Originally, he was Dorf, equerry to King Yrcanos of Krontep.  The Lukoser helped Peri and Yrcanos fight the Mentors.  He saved Yrcanos' life by taking a deadly blast meant for his King (7B).

LUMB, EDGAR  One of Prof. Sorenson's Morestran crew killed on Zeta Minor by the anti-matter creatures (4H).


LUPTON  Leader of the psychic circle which summoned the Spiders of Metebelis 3 to K'anpo's Tibetan Monastery.  He was once fired from his job, and wanted power and revenge.  He stole the Blue Crystal from UNIT, and allied himself with the Spiders.  His plans were thwarted by the Third Doctor, and he was killed by the Spiders when he rebelled and called them by their true name of Spiders instead of "Eight-Legs" (ZZZ).

LURMA  Vorg's homeworld (PPP).

LUVIC  The youngest of Traken's five Consuls.  He became Keeper after the Fourth Doctor defeated the Master (5T).


LYCETT  One of the Chosen on the Ark in Space.  He and Rogin helped the Fourth Doctor fight the Wirrn.  He was absorbed by the alien larvae (4C).

LYDDA  El Akir's home city (P).

LYTTON, GUSTAVE  Galactic mercenary with the title of commander.  He was born on Riften 5, a satellite of Vita 15 (star system 690), known to be a planet of warriors.  He first worked for the Daleks, commanding of a taskforce whose job it was to rescue Davros from a space penitentiary.  He fought the Fifth Doctor, and ultimately escaped through the Daleks' time corridor to 1984 London (6P).
 There, he turned to organizing robberies to provide him with the money to buy sophisticated electronics equipment, which he used to set up a transmitter broadcasting a distress call.  This was first picked up by the Cryons, and later by the Sixth Doctor.  The Cryons hired Lytton to steal back a time vessel stolen by the Cybermen.  Lytton met the Cybermen in the London sewers and pretended to help them, but was found out.  He was tortured, then the Cybermen began the conversion work to turn him into one of their own.  Before he lost his humanity, a partially-converted Lytton sacrificed himself to kill the Cybercontroller (6T).