MANSELL  Captain Wrack's First Mate.  The Fifth Doctor threw him and Wrack overboard (6H).
MANUS  One of the Dulkian directors who initiated research into atomic energy (TT).
MANUSSA  Planet located in the Scrampus system.  It was once the seat of two powerful, interplanetary empires: the Sumaran and the Manussan Empires (6D).

MANUSSANS   The Manussans' once great technology enabled them to produce the Great Crystal, which amplified the evil inside their minds and created the Mara.  The Mara became the driving force behind the Sumaran Empire.  Three hundred years later, thanks to the Snakedancers and Lon's ancestor, the Manussans banished the Mara into a dark dimension.  Five hundred years after that, Tegan returned it to Manussa.  It possessed Lon, and planned to recreate itself with the Great Crystal during a ceremony celebrating its original exile.  But it was eventually destroyed by the Fifth Doctor, who had learned the Snakedancing rituals from Dojjen.  The Doctor seized the Crystal and broke the Mara's spell on Manussa (6D).

MANYAK  Mellium's friend.  He defended the First Doctor when Dodo's cold virus infected the Ark (X).

MARA, THE   Evil entity which was the sum of the evil within the Manussans' minds.  It was absorbed, reflected and given independent life by the Great Crystal.  The Mara manifested itself in the form of a snake.  It led the Sumaran Empire.  Three hundred years after its creation, thanks to the magic of the Snakedancers, it was banished by the Manussans into a dark dimension of the collective mind.  It was somehow drawn to the telepathic Kinda of Deva Loka, but only found a passage back into the real world when it possessed Tegan.  Then, it took over the young Kinda, Aris, and sought to plunge Deva Loka into chaos by inciting the Kinda to attack the Dome of an Earth Expedition Force, which would have prompted the insane Hindle to start a massive explosion.  The Fifth Doctor trapped the Mara inside a circle of mirrors, and banished it once more (5Y).
 But the evil entity had secretely remained in contact with Tegan and compelled her to return it to Manussa, five hundred after its original exile.  There, the Mara possessed Lon, and planned to recreate itself with the Great Crystal during a ceremony celebrating its original exile.  But it was eventually destroyed the Fifth Doctor, who had learned the Snakedancing rituals from Dojjen.  The Doctor seized the Crystal and broke the Mara's spell on Manussa (6D).

MARAT  One of the Thals sent to Spiridon to stop the Daleks.  He fought alongside the Third Doctor, but was killed by the Daleks (SSS).

MARB STATION  Deformed version of Marble Arch Station.  It was one of the stations in the UK Habitat, the underground civilization ruled by Drathro (7A).

MARCO  Giuliano's friend and confident.  He helped the Fourth Doctor defeat the Mandragora Helix (4M).


MAREN  High priestess of the Sisterhood of Karn.  When the Sacred Flame appeared to be dying, she suspected the Fourth Doctor of being a Time Lord spy, sent to steal the remaining Elixir.  She felt too old to fight Morbius, and let Ohica destroy the Monster.  Later, she gave up her own, last ration of Elixir of Life to save the Fourth Doctor's life, and died in the Sacred Flame (4K).

MARINE SPACE CORPS  Earth's elite space commandos.  A unit led by Commander Stewart was sent to Exxilon to bring back parrinium, and fought the Daleks alongside the Third Doctor (XXX).

MARINUS  Planet whose population was mind-controlled (to ensure good behaviour) by a giant computer called the Conscience, located on an island of glass-like sand, surrounded by a sea of Acid.  The Conscience's Keeper, Arbitan, blackmailed the First Doctor and his Companions into searching for four of its five Keys.  The island was invaded by the Voord, and the Conscience was later destroyed, freeing Marinus (E).

MARIUS (PROF.)  New Heidelberg University specialist in extra-terrestrial, pathological endomorphisms.  He worked at the Bi-Al Foundation in the 50th Century.  He helped the Fourth Doctor and Leela defeat the Nucleus of the Virus, and was himself briefly infected.  He was also the designer of K9 Mark I, which he gave to the Doctor when he found he could not take him back to Earth (4T).


MARKHAM  Police Sergeant who was called in at Cranleigh Hall to investigate Digby's murder.  The Fifth Doctor gave him and Sir Muir a tour of his TARDIS (6A).

MARN  Gatherer Hade's assistant.  She eventually elected to join the rebellion against the Company (4W).

MARNE  Mentor of Thoros-Beta working for Lord Kiv.  He had a strong aversion to loud noises (7B).

MARPESIA  Planet visited by the Psychic Circus before it went to Segonax (7J).

MARRINER  One of the Eternals.  The Fifth Doctor met him in the guise of the First Mate on Captain Striker's space yacht, which was engaged in a planet-spanning space race, the prize of which was Enlightenment.  He discovered love from contact with Tegan, but was banished by the White Guardian (6H).

MARS  Fourth planet from the Sun.  During Earth's prehistoric times, Mars was the home of the Ice Warriors (OO).  The Fendahl attacked Mars, but was driven away, presumably by the Ice Warriors, and moved on to Earth (4X).   When their planet began to die, the Martians sent Varga and a scouting expedition to Eath, but they were frozen inside a glacier and never returned (OO).  Because of this, or possibly as a consequence of the Fendahl's devastating attack, the Martians decided to leave their dying world and emigrated to another part of the galaxy.
 The god-like Osirian Horus later chose a relatively deserted corner of Mars to build a pyramid housing the Eye of Horus, which somehow kept his brother Sutekh prisoner on Earth (4G).
 During the late 20th Century, Mankind sent the Probe spaceships to Mars.  Probes 6 and 7 made contact with peaceful, radioactive aliens who had elected to inhabit the planet.  After the alien Ambassadors were kidnapped and used by General Carrington, the aliens left the Solar System (CCC).
 In the 21st Century, a fleet of the original Martians returned to the Solar System and tried to take over Earth by using the "Seeds of Death".  They were defeated thanks to the intervention of the Second Doctor (XX).
 In the far future, Mars was terraformed by Mankind.  Bret Vyon was born on Colony 16 on Mars (V).  Much later, under Usurian influence, a segment of Humanity temporarily moved to Mars, then on to Pluto, after the depleting Earth's natural ressources (4W).

MARS PROBE PROJECT  British space project which sent the Probes ships to Mars, and later, the Recovery 7 and 8 (CCC).


MARSH MINNOWS  Delicacies enjoyed by the Mentors (7B).

MARSHAL (OF ATRIOS)  War chief of Atrios who was secretly under the Shadow's mental command.  He led his planet in a fanatical, unending space war against Zeos.  He launched a final assault, unaware that it would trigger Mentalis to destroy both planets.  The Fourth Doctor placed him in a time loop, and eventually redirected his attack to destroy the Shadow's planetoid.  After the war was over, the Marshal helped Drax rebuild Atrios (5F).

MARSHAL (OF SOLOS)  Sadistic Imperial Earth agent on Solos.  His plan was to permanently alter the planet's atmosphere to make it habitable for humans.  He loved to hunt and kill Solonian mutants.  He used Varan's son to kill the Earth Administrator, then framed Ky.  He fought the Third Doctor, until he was killed by Ky after the latter had turned into a super-being (NNN).

MARSHAL (SONTARAN)  Styre reported to a Sontaran Marshal (4B).


MARSHCHILD  Young marsh creature who followed the Fourth Doctor into the Starliner.  It killed Dexeter as the scientist was about to dissect it alive.  The Marshchild died of electrocution as he tried to escape (5R).

MARSHMEN  Extremely adaptable and intelligent native Alzarian lifeforms.  They originally evolved from spiders.  After the Terradonian Starliner crashed on Alzarius, Marshmen killed its original passengers.  Over the course of four thousand generations, they then evolved into Terradonian-like humanoids who forgot their true origins. Eventually, at Mistfall, new Marshmen rose to again attack the Starliner.  The Fourth Doctor helped the Starliner community rediscover the truth and leave Alzarius (5R).

MARTA  Village woman on the Great Vampire's world.  She was Ivo's wife and Karl's mother (5P).

MARTENS, ARIEN  One of the crew of the Mary-Celeste (R).

MARTHA  High Priestess of the Cult of the Cailleach.  In reality, she and De Vries served the alien Cessair of Diplos.  She was killed by an Ogri (5C).

MARTIN  Exarius colonist who first saw the lizards and wanted to return to Earth (HHH).

MARTIN (MRS.)  Martin's wife.  Exarius colonist who supported Ashe's desire to stay on Exarius (HHH).

MARTIN  Assistant to the undertaker to whom the First Doctor entrusted the casket containing the hand of Omega.  The Seventh Doctor came to collect it (7H).

MARY  Servant girl at Irongron's Castle (UUU).

MARY-CELESTE  Brig which left New York on 4 November 1872.  It was found, completely deserted, on 4 December, 600 miles off the Portuguese coast.  It was the third stop in the Daleks' pursuit of the First Doctor through time and space.  The Daleks panicked the crew, who jumped overboard (R).


MASTER, THE  Renegade Time Lord.  He studied, with the Doctor, under Borusa, at the Time Lord Academy (apparently getting better grades than the Doctor), where he also met the Rani and, presumably, Drax.  He gloried in chaos and destruction, and sought ultimate control of the universe.  Like all Time Lords, he was partly telepathic, and had also developed incredible hypnotic powers.  His favorite weapon was his Tissue Compression Eliminator.  His TARDIS was a more advanced model than the Doctor's, with an operable chameleon circuit.
 Having led a dangerous life, the Master was already in his twelfth incarnation when he escaped from Gallifrey and arrived on Earth, at Rossini's International Circus, his TARDIS taking the shape of a horsebox.  Under the alias of Colonel Masters, the Master took over the Farrel plastics factory and helped the Nestene to launch a second invasion, but ended up helping the Third Doctor to banish them (EEE).  Under the alias of Prof. Emil Keller, the Master brought a Mind Parasite to Earth and tried to use it to sabotage a World Peace Conference (FFF).  The Master then became Axos' prisoner, whom he brought to Earth.  He and the Doctor were eventually forced to work together to imprison Axos in a time loop (GGG).  The Master stole the location of the Doomsday Machine from the Matrix and impersonated an Earth Adjudicator in order to misappropriate it, but the Doctor convinced its Guardian to destroy it (HHH).  Under the alias of Mr. Magister, the Master posed as a vicar, and the leader of a black magic coven, in Devil's End in order to summon the Daemon Azal back to life, and to ask to be granted his power.  He failed and was arrested by UNIT (JJJ).
 While in prison, the Master found a way to trick his warden, Colonel Trenchard, and ally himself with the Sea Devils.  After they were defeated by the Doctor, he escaped (LLL).  Posing as Prof. Thascales, the Master used the Kronos Crystal and TOM-TIT to summon and control Kronos.  He caused the fall of Atlantis, but was otherwise foiled by the Doctor, who interceded on his behalf with Kronos (OOO).  The Master then allied himself with the Daleks, and used the Ogrons to try to foment a war between Earth and the Draconians in the 26th Century, but was again thwarted the Doctor (QQQ).
 Having reached his twelfth and final regeneration, the Master turned into a decaying corpse.  He was dying when Chancellor Goth found him hiding on Tersurus.  The Master promised Goth power and convinced the Chancellor to secretly bring him to Gallifrey.  There, he helped Goth assassinate the President and frame the Fourth Doctor for the murder.  But what he really wanted was access to the unlimited energy of the Eye of Harmony to boost-start a new regeneration cycle.  He was thwarted by the Doctor, but managed to steal enough energy to prolong his life and escape (4P).  Still a decaying husk, the Master travelled to Traken where his TARDIS assumed the shape of a Melkur, enabling the Renegade Time Lord to influence Kassia.  As Melkur, the Master eventually became the new Keeper of Traken.  He planned to use his control of the Source to turn the Union of Traken into an all-conquering force, and seize another body for himself.  After he was exposed and prevented from remaining Keeper by the Fourth Doctor, the Master seized and took over the body of Council Tremas (5T).  Because Tremas's body was not that of a Time Lord, however, it could not regenerate, but would age instead, eventually forcing the Master to steal another body to survive.
 The Master next killed Tegan's Aunt Vanessa, and tried to trap the Doctor inside his TARDIS.  He followed the Doctor to Logopolis, and was responsible for its destruction, thereby endangering the whole universe.  The Master tried to use the Logopolitans' final calculations, meant to save the Universe from collapsing, to blackmail the Universe into submission, but was thwarted by the Doctor.  However, he caused the Doctor to fall and almost die, triggering another regeneration (5V).  The Master then kidnapped Adric and forced him to use Block Transfer Computations to create the seemingly peaceful city of Castrovalva, in reality a space-time trap for the newly-regenerated Fifth Doctor.  The Doctor discovered the true nature of Castrovalva, exposed the Master (who was disguised as Castrovalva's Portreeve) and freed Adric.  The Time Lord and his friends escaped, but the Master was almost trapped in Castrovalva's collapse (5Z).
 After escaping from Castrovalva, the Master exhausted the dynomorphic genetrator of his TARDIS and became stranded in the Jurassic.  He discovered the powerful alien Xeraphin, and planned to use their nucleus intelligence in his TARDIS.  Posing as the Arab magician Kalid, he drew a Concorde flight through a time contour in order to draw the Doctor and his TARDIS, which he needed to break down the Xeraphin's barriers.  He then seduced the evil side of the Xeraphin and succeeded in incorporating them as part of his TARDIS.  But the Fifth Doctor secretly reprogrammed the Master's TARDIS and exiled him to Xeriphas (6C).  The Master later escaped from Xeriphas, taking with him the shape-changing android, Kamelion.  Posing as Sir Gilles Estram, the Master forced Kamelion to assume the likeness of King John in an attempt to turn the Barons against him, and prevent the signing of the Magna Carta, but he was thwarted by the Doctor (6J).
 When the Death Zone was reactivated, the High Council summoned the Master and offered him a full pardon, as well as a new cycle of regenerations, if he helped the Five Doctors.  The Master tried to seize Rassilon's secret of immortality, but was stopped by the Brigadier.  He was eventually banished by Rassilon (6K).
 The Master then accidentally shrank himself to doll-size with his Tissue Compression Eliminator.  He again took over Kamelion, and travelled to Sarn.  There, he plotted to bathe himself in the volcanic Numismaton Flame to restore his size and extend his powers.  The Fifth Doctor caused him to be trapped inside the flame as it was turning caloric.  It seemed as if the Master was vaporized (6Q).  But he managed to escape and set a trap for the Sixth Doctor in 19th Century England, where he tried to alter history by preventing the industrial revolution for his own ends.  Instead, he ran afoul of the Rani, who was conducting her own biological experiments on the locals.  The two renegade Time Lords entered into an uneasy alliance, but were still outwitted by the Doctor, who sent them both spinning into the outer fringes of the universe in the Rani's TARDIS (6X).
 The Master eventually regained his TARDIS.  He hired Sabalom Glitz to gain possession of the secrets of the Matrix, which had been stolen by the Andromedan Sleepers.  After Glitz failed, the Master entered the Matrix.  Worrying about competing with the Valeyard in evil, he dispatched Glitz and Mel to testify at the Trial of the Doctor and expose the Valeyard.  The Valeyard fled into the Matrix, pursued by the Doctor.  The Master hoped the Valeyard and the Doctor would destroy each other, and tried to use Glitz to recover the Matrix's secrets.  The Doctor eventually defeated the Valeyard, but the latter had replaced the secrets with a Limbo Atrophier, which trapped the Master and Glitz inside the Matrix (7C).
 The Master again managed to escape, this time seemingly without his TARDIS, but was trapped on the savage, quasi-living world of the Cheetah People.  He began to turn into one of the Cheetah People, and used their teleportational abilities to escape back to Earth, where he fought the Seventh Doctor.  Eventually, their conflict took them back to the dying Cheetah Planet, where the Master reverted to savagery.  It is uncertain whether he managed to recover his sanity in time to escape the destruction of the Cheetah World (7P).

MASTER BRAIN  A combination of a giant brain and a computer.  It was the true ruler -- and possibly creator -- of the pocket universe known as the Land of Fiction.  It first tried to replace its servant, the so-called Master (a copywriter from 1926 England), with the Second Doctor.  It then attempted to incorporate the Time Lord within its computer to take over Earth.  It failed and was destroyed by Zoe (UU).

MASTER (OF THE LAND OF FICTION)  A former copywriter on The Ensign boys' magazine who was spirited away from 1926 England by the Master Brain who ruled the Land of Fiction.  The Master Brain hoped he would provide it with enough creative energy to fill its pocket universe with fictional characters.  The Master became a virtual prisoner, even though he denied it to himself.  Sensing the Master's imminent death, the Master Brain tried to replace him with the Second Doctor, but failed and was destroyed by Zoe.  When the Land of Fiction was destroyed, the Master was presumably restored to his proper place in time and space (UU).

MASTERS, EDWARD FREDERICK  Permanent Under Secretary responsible for the supervision of the Wenley Moor atomic research station.  He was an old school mate of Dr. Lawrence's.  He was eventually killed by the Silurian virus spread by Major Baker (BBB).

MASTERS  One of Reegan's henchmen (CCC).

MASTERS (COLONEL)  Alias used by the Master in his dealings with Rex Farrel (EEE).

MASTERSON, BAT (1853-1921)  Gambler and gunfighter in the American West, and Wyatt Earp's friend.  He was Tombstone's sheriff at the time of the gunfight at the O.K. Corral, and the First Doctor's visit (Z).

MATRIX   Huge communal electronic brain made up of trillions of electro-chemical cells arranged in a continuous matrix pattern.  The Matrix (also known as the Amplified Panatropic Computations Network) contained the sum total of the knowledge of all the Time Lords.  At the instant of a Time Lord's death, an electrical scan was made of his brain, transferring its pattern and information to the Matrix.
 The Time Lords used the Matrix to monitor various events throughout time and space.  The Matrix could even predict future events.  The President of the Time Lords was linked to the Matrix through the Coronet of Rassilon.  The Matrix was the responsibility of the Keeper of the Matrix, also known as Coordinator.
 The Matrix was invaded by the Master and Goth, who used it to frame the Fourth Doctor for the assassination of the President.  The Fourth Doctor then entered the Matrix and defeated Goth (4P).  The Matrix was later invaded by the Vardans, aliens with the power to travel along wavelengths, after one of the Time Lords' scan beams hit their planet.  The Fourth Doctor plugged K9 Mark I into the Matrix in order to find the Vardans' home planet, then placed the latter in a time loop (4Z).  The Matrix was invaded by Omega, thanks to the help of Councillor Hedin, when he was trying to take over the body of the Fifth Doctor (6E).  The Matrix was further invaded by the Andromedan Sleepers, who stole various secrets from it, which led the then-corrupt High Council of the Time Lords to adopt the Ravolox Stratagem.  Afraid the Doctor would find out, they used the Valeyard to put the Sixth Doctor on trial (7A).  The Valeyard used falsified evidence from the Matrix, including a false account of Peri's death, to accuse the Doctor (7B).  The secrets from the Matrix were recovered for the Master by Sabalom Glitz.  The Matrix then became the theater of a titanic battle between the Sixth Doctor, the Master and the Valeyard.  The Master ended up trapped inside the Matrix, but the Valeyard escaped by taking over the body of the Keeper of the Matrix (7C).


MATTHEWS  Devesham Space Research Station employee (4J).

MATTHEWS  British soldier killed while fighting the Daleks in Totters Lane in 1963 (7H).

MATTHEWS, ERNEST (REVEREND)  Clergyman and dean of Mortarhouse College.  He was fiercely opposed to Darwin's Theory of Evolution and went to Gabriel Chase to discuss it with Josiah Samuel Smith.  He met the Seventh Doctor.  Later, he was devolved into a monkey by Smith, then killed by Gwendoline (7Q).

MATTHEWS  Police Sergeant involved in the investigation of Commander Pollock's disappearance (K9).

MAWDRYN  Leader of a team of eight alien scientists who stole a Metamorphic Symbiosis Regenerator from Gallifrey.  This created an unending life of perpetual mutation, their bodies eternally renewed into vile travesties of their former selves.  Their ship was caught in a warp ellipse but, every seventy years, space beacons guided it within transmat distance of Earth.  Mawdryn claimed that only the life force of a Time Lord's incarnation could put an end to their misery.  The Fifth Doctor was ready to sacrifice his remaining regenerations, however, the energy released by the meeting between the 1977 and 1983 Brigadiers was enough to end the lives of Mawdryn and his fellow aliens (6F).

MAXIL  Trigger-happy commander of Gallifrey's Chancellery Guards at the time when Omega tried to bond himself with the Fifth Doctor.  He arrested the Doctor (6E).

MAXTIBLE, RUTH  Theodore Maxtible's daughter.  She was engaged to Arthur Terral (LL).

MAXTIBLE, THEODORE  Scientist whose time travel experiments with Edward Waterfield were used by the Daleks, who promised him the secret of turning lead into gold.  He became their willing agent, and fought the Second Doctor.  Maxtible was eventually turned into a human Dalek, and fell to his death while fighting Kemel on Skaro (LL).

MAY POLE  The Third Doctor was almost burned at one in Devil's End (JJJ).

MAY QUEEN  Tegan was designated to become Queen of the May, a human sacrifice, during the deadly war games renacted in Little Hodcombe by Sir George Hutchinson (6M).

MAYA  Civilization that ruled Central America before the Aztecs, between 250 and 900 AD.  Villagra was a Mayan princess kidnapped by the Urbankans, probably circa 731 AD (5W).

MAYLIN, THE  Title borne by the ruler of Karfel (6Y).

McCRIMMON, JAMES ROBERT (a.k.a. JAMIE)  One of the Second Doctor's Companions.  He was the Laird Colin McLaren's piper.  The Second Doctor met him soon after the Battle of Culloden in 1746 AD.  He then helped the Time Lord, Ben and Polly escape from Gray's sinister clutches.  He stayed with the Second Doctor throughout the rest of his incarnation, travelling first with Ben and Polly, then with Victoria, and finally with Zoe.  Jamie helped the Doctor fight Prof. Zaroff, the Cybermen, the Macra, the Chameleons, the Daleks, the Great Intelligence and its Yeti, the Ice Warriors, Salamander, and the Weed (FF-RR).  Just after that, when the Doctor had left Victoria with the Harris', the Time Lords (or, more likely, the Celestial Intervention Agency) pulled the Doctor and Jamie out of their normal timelines and sent them off to Space Sation J7 to deliver a warning to Dastari about unauthorized time experiments.  Jamie helped the Sixth Doctor and Peri to fight Chessene and the Sontarans, and became the target of Shockeye's antrophagous lust.  Afterwards, memories of this mission were erased by the Time Lords (6W).  During his travels with Zoe, Jamie helped the Doctor fight the Cybermen, the Dominators, the Master-Brain of the Land of Fiction (who altered Jamie's physical appearance), the Krotons, and Caven's space pirates.  After taking part in the War Games, Jamie was returned by the Time Lords to his own era, just after the end of his first adventure with the Doctor (SS-ZZ).  Jamie's image was used by Rassilon to ward off the Second Doctor (6K).

McDERMOTT, GEORGE  Head of production at the Farrel plastics factory.  He did not like the changes introduced by the Master, nor did he trust the renegade Time Lord himself.  The Master had him killed by a Nestene-controlled plastic chair (EEE).

McLAREN, COLIN  Scottish Laird, injured at Culloden.  He, Ben and Jamie were captured by Ffinch, then taken by Gray to be sold into slavery.  They were eventually freed thanks to the Second Doctor's intervention.  He, Kirsty, and the other highlanders eventually sailed for France and freedom (FF).

McLAREN, KIRSTY  Colin McLaren's daughter.  She helped the Second Doctor and Polly free her father, Jamie, and Ben from Gray's clutches.  She, her father, and the other highlanders eventually sailed for France (FF).

McLUHAN  Sergeant in Kane's forces on Icworld.  She and Bazin were sent after the Dragon.  After she shot the Dragon, they were both disintegrated by the Dragonfire crystal (7G).

McRANALD, ANGUS  Landlord of the Tulloch inn.  He was killed by the Zygon who impersonated Sister Lamont (4F).

MEADOWS, GEORGE  Gatwick airport traffic controller.  His identity was taken over by the Chameleons (KK).

MECHANOIDS (a.k.a MECHONOIDS or MECHONS)  Large, spherical, intelligent robots designed and built by Earth to prepare alien worlds for colonization.  A group of Mechanoids abandoned on Mechanus had built their own city, and were awaiting human settlers.  When Steven Taylor crashed on the planet, the Mechanoids kept him prisoner because he did not know the proper control codes that would have identified him as a colonist.  They captured the First Doctor and his companions in the same fashion, and later fought with the Dalek extermination team sent after them.  The Mechanoids and the Daleks eventually destroyed each other (R).

MECHANUS  The fifth and last stop in the Daleks' pursuit of the First Doctor through time and space.  It was a world overgrown with hostile vegetation, including the Fungoids.  It was first settled by the Mechanoids.  After the Mechanoids and the Daleks destroyed each other, it returned to its original inhabited status (R).





MEDOK  Member of the Macra-dominated space colony.  He was the first to expose the Macra threat and thought to be mad.  He was killed by the Macra, but only after he had time to alert the Second Doctor (JJ).

MEDUSA  Mythological character encountered by the Second Doctor, Jamie, and Zoe in the Land of Fiction (UU).  The Fendahl Core looked like a golden, Medusa-like woman (4X).
MEDUSOIDS  Aliens who look like hairy jelly fishes with claws, teeth and legs.  The Third Doctor claimed they captured him while he was en route to an Intergalactic Peace Conference (QQQ).
MEEKER  Officer of the Titan shuttle taken over by the Virus.  He was killed by Leela in self-defense (4T).

MEG  Cook at Irongron's Castle (UUU).

MEGA-PHOTON DISCHARGE LINK  Component of Zanak's transmat engines.  It was smashed by a spanner wrench psychically operated by the Fourth Doctor and the Mentiads, in order to prevent the pirate planet from crushing Earth (5B).

MEGARA  Justice machines which looked like small, shiny, floating spheres.  They acted as judge, jury and executioner.  The Fourth Doctor claimed they had once found their creators in contempt and destroyed them.  The Doctor freed two Megara from a Prison Ship stuck in hyperspace, but by so doing committed an infraction.  He was judged by the Megara and condemned to death.  However, during his trial, he succeeded in exposing Cessair of Diplos, the Megara's first target, who was then turned into stone.  The Doctor then used the third segment of the Key to Time to banish the Megara back to Diplos (5C).

MEGASHRA (a.k.a. MEGESHRA)  Mountains of Peladon.  They were the location of the trisilicate mines (MMM, YYY).



MEGLOS  Last of the Zolfa-Thurans.  He was a xerophyte, i.e.: a cactus-like being who was able to take over other bodies and change his shape.  Meglos designed the Screens of Zolfa-Thura to use the Dodecahedron as a weapon, but the crystal was taken to Tigella by the Zolfa-Thuran peace party leader.  Eventually, it was found by the Tigellans who worshipped it, and used it to power their civilization.  Ten thousand years later, Meglos hired the Gaztaks to bring him the body of an Earthling (George Morris).  He then used the shape of the Fourth Doctor to steal the Dodecahedron and take it back to Zolfa Thura, where he intended to use it to make himself master of the galaxy.  He was betrayed by the Gaztaks, and thwarted by the Fourth Doctor.  Meglos was destroyed, along with Zolfa-Thura, in the Dodecahedron explosion (5Q).

MEGRO-GUARDS  Ordinary police force of the Pluto Megropolises (4W).

MEGROPOLIS  Name given by the Company to its human settlements on Pluto.  There were six megopolises.  The rebellion engineered by the Fourth Doctor took place in Megropolis One (4W).


MELAGOPHON  Planet visited by Captain Cook.  The Seventh Doctor also claimed to be familiar with the planet (7J).


MELKUR  Name given by the citizens of Traken to the evil beings whom the Source turned into calcified statues.  (It meant "a fly caught by honey".)  The Master's TARDIS assumed the shape of a Melkur, enabling the Master to influence Kassia.  Later, the Master became the new Keeper of Traken, and planned to use his control of the Source to turn the Union of Traken into an all-conquering force and seize another body for himself.  He was exposed and prevented from remaining Keeper by the Fourth Doctor, Adric, Nyssa and Council Tremas (5T).

MELLIUM  Daughter of the Ark's Commander, and Manyak's friend.  She defended the First Doctor when Dodo's cold virus infected the Ark (X).

MEMORY WINDOW  One of the Toymaker's devices (Y).

MENA  Argolin leader who replaced Morix.  She believed Hardin's TRG could rejuvenate her and her race, and refused to sell the Leisure Hive to the West Lodge Foamasi.  When she began aging rapidly, she was overthrown by Pangol.  Her Earth lover, Hardin, pushed her and Pangol inside the TRG, which had been repaired by the Fourth Doctor.  She was rejuvenated and made peace with the Foamasi (5N).

MENELAUS  King of Sparta and Agamemnon's brother.  When his wife, Helen, eloped with Paris, it led to the Trojan War (U).

MENOPTERA (a.k.a. MENOPTRA)  Butterfly-like humanoids from Vortis.  They were driven away from their homeworld by the ant-like Zarbi, controlled by the evil Animus.  Some of the Menoptera remained on Vortis, and became pigmy Menoptera.  They were led by Hetra.  The other Menoptera survived on the planet Pictos, until they were ready to launch an invasion force, led by Vrestin, to reconquer Vortis.  With the First Doctor's help, the Menoptera were able to destroy the Animus and regain their planet.  Prapilius became leader of the Menoptera (N).

MENSCH  Swampie spy who worked at the methane refinery on Delta Magna's third moon.  He was killed by Kroll (5E).

MENTALIS  Powerful pyramid-shaped computer on Zeos.  It had been built by Drax.  Mentalis conducted an unending space war against Atrios.  When threatened with destruction by the Marshal, Mentalis was programmed to destroy itself and both planets (the so-called "Armageddon Factor").  The computer was eventually disabled by Drax and the Fourth Doctor (5F).

MENTIADS  Gestalt of Zanak telepaths.  They started to appear when the latent telepaths began to absorb the lifeforce released by the planets crushed by Zanak.  Led by Prolix, they helped the Fourth Doctor defeat the Captrain and blow up the Bridge (5B).

MENTORS  Rapacious, cunning amphibians from Thoros-Beta.  Their mobility was severely restricted, and they required frequent watering in order to breathe.  In their primitive forms, they also bore a tail sting with deadly venom.  The Mentors were the evolved Thoros-Betans who had become the leaders of a vast business empire, which included the Galatron Mining Corporation and other businesses.  They had virtually enslaved the Thoros-Alphans, who had become their bearers and guards.  The Sixth Doctor defeated Mentor Sil's attempts to control Zyton-7 prices on Varos (6V).  Later, he met Sil and dying Mentor Lord Kiv on Thoros-Beta where, in spite of his modified behaviour, he contributed to thwarting Crozier's scheme for transferring Kiv's mind into Peri's body (7B).

MERAK  Chief Surgeon of Atrios.  He helped the Fourth Doctor and Romana defeat the Shadow, and eventually married Princess Astra (5F).

MERCER  Survivor of the Dalek raid on the space penitentiary where Davros was kept.  He was killed by Lytton's men (6P).

MERCURY  Element necessary for the proper functioning of the TARDIS' Time Vector Generator.  The First Doctor replenished its supply on Skaro (B).  Later, the Second Doctor and Jamie had to look for more on the Wheel in Space (SS).  Planet Vulcan contained mercury swamps.  The Earth Examiner was killed in them before Quinn and Bragen found the Second Doctor and his companions (EE).

MERDEEN  Drathro's senior servant in UK Habitat.  He secretly helped people escape the Cullings and reach the surface to live with the Free.  He and Balazar helped the Sixth Doctor destroy Drathro and save the population of the UK Habitat from the black light explosion triggered by the destruction of Drathro's Maglem converter (7A).

MEREDITH (DR.)  Medical doctor at the Wenley Moor atomic research station (BBB).

MERGRAVE  Physician and exercise devotee on Castrovalva.  He perished in the collapse of its city (5Z).

MERK  One of the Xeron rebels (Q).

MERLIN  Famous wizard of King Arthur's court.  He was one of the Doctor's future incarnations in an alternate dimension.  Merlin fought alongside King Arthur against Morgaine, and eventually buried his body with Excalibur in a living spaceship left under Vortigern's Lake, near Carbury, on the Seventh Doctor's Earth (7N).

MESMERON  Mind-controlling device used by Morphoton's Brains to enslave the residents (E).

MESSIA 13  Star sector in which the Hercules 208 star went Nova, as Zoe predicted.  Its gamma radiation flux deflected meteors towards the Wheel in Space (SS).

MESTOR  Giant leader of the Gastropods.  He took control of Jaconda from Azmael, whom he forced to do his bidding.  He had Romulus and Remus kidnapped to force them to work out the equations that would have enabled him to throw a planet into Jaconda's sun.  He planned to create an explosion that would spread his eggs throughout the universe.  His plan was thwarted by the Sixth Doctor and Hugo Lang.  While in mental battle with Azmael, the Doctor destroyed Mestor's body.  Azmael then destroyed Mestor's mind by committing suicide through a last, fatal regeneration (6S).

METAL VIRUS  The Fourth Doctor used it to destroy the Giant Robot (4A).


METAMORPHIC SYMBIOSIS REGENERATOR  Machine used by the Time Lords in cases of acute regenerative crisis.  It was stolen from Gallifrey by Mawdryn and seven alien scientists.  Used by them, it created an unending life of perpetual mutation, their bodies eternally renewed into vile travesties of their former selves.  Mawdryn claimed that only the life force of a Time Lord's incarnation could put an end to their misery.  The Fifth Doctor was ready to sacrifice his remaining regenerations.  However, the energy released by the meeting between the 1977 and 1983 Brigadiers was enough to end the lives of Mawdryn and his fellow aliens (6F).

METEBELIS THREE  A blue planet with a blue sun located in the Acteon star sector.  The Third Doctor first tried to take Jo Grant there soon after he was pardoned by the Time Lords (RRR, PPP).  He eventually visited it alone, but found the planet full of hostile life forms.  From that visit, he brought back a Blue Crystal which enabled him to cancel BOSS's hypnotic powers (TTT).  Metebelis Three was later settled by a Lost Ship launched in the 22nd Century, which crashlanded there.  Under the influence of its crystals, the Earth spiders which the ship carried mutated and ended up ruling the colonists.  Approximately four hundred thirty years later, circa 2530 AD, the Spiders of Metebelis Three plotted to conquer Earth.  They used Lupton's psychic circle to send one of their own to Earth to fetch the Blue Crystal required by the Great One.  Their plans were thwarted by the Third Doctor, who eventually returned to give the Blue Crystal to the Great One.  It killed her, and the Spiders, finally freeing the colonists (ZZZ).

METEORITES  The Nestene intelligence arrived on Earth in the form of a shower of meteorites (AAA).  The Daleks used meteorite bombardments as a prelude for their 2164 AD Invasion of Earth (K).  The Tractators used meteorite bombardments in their war against the Frontios colonists (6N).  Crashing alien spaceships were often mistaken for meteorites (UUU, 4V, 5X).

METHANE  Natural gas found in abundance on Delta Magna's third moon, where it was refined and turned into a source of protein.  The Fourth Doctor and Romana saved the refinery from the power of Kroll (5E).

METROPOLITAN  One of the magazines for which Sarah Jane Smith worked (ZZZ).

METTULA ORIONSIS  Space sector where the Union of Traken was located (5T).  It was destroyed when the Master tampered with Logopolis (5V).

MEXICAN REVOLUTION  Mexican rebels were kidnapped by the Warlords, using time technology stolen from the Time Lords.  Those soldiers went on to take part in the War Games, until these were brought to a stop by the Second Doctor's intervention (ZZ).


MIASIMIA GORIA  Planet enslaved by the Rani (6X).

MIASIMIANS  Inhabitants of Miasimia Gora.  They had been enslaved by the Rani who, trying to increase their productivity, gave them a drug of her own design.  Instead, it deprived them of sleep and turned them into savages.  To cure the problem, the Rani travelled to Earth, plotting to steal the brain fluids that enable humans to sleep.  She planned to feed these to the Miasimians.  She was thwarted by the Sixth Doctor (6X).

MICHAELS, FRANK  British astronaut aboard the Mars Probe 7 ship.  He was captured by mysterious, radioactive aliens, but was eventually returned to Earth thanks to the Third Doctor's intervention (CCC).

MICHAELS  Sea Base Four synch operator who died soon before the Fifth Doctor's arrival.  He was replaced by Maddox (6L).

MIDGE  One of Ace's friends from Perivale.   He was kidnapped by the Cheetah people.  After he savagely murdered one of the Cheetahs, his animal nature overtook him, and he gained the power to teleport back to Earth.  The Master used him to get revenge on the Doctor.  Midge's creed of "survival of the fittest" led him to die after he was wounded in a motorcycle accident (7P).


MILLENIUS  (a.k.a. MILLENIUM)  Highly civilized city on Marinus, where the First Doctor had to clear Ian of a murder charge during his quest for the Keys of Marinus (E).

MILLER, THE  Unnamed slave of the Terileptils (5X).

MILLINGTON, A.H.  Commander of a secret naval base on the Northumberland Coast in the 1940s.  He was obssessed by Norse mythology, and plotted to strike at the Russians by letting one of their commandos steal the "core" of the Ultima Machine, which he had booby-trapped with a deadly natural toxin.  Millington was also one of the "Wolves" of Fenric -- descendents of the ancient vikings who had brought the evil entity's flask back to England, and was instrumental in his release.  He was killed by Vershinin (7M).
MILLINGTON, MARY ELIZA  Daughter of one of Commander Millington's ancestors.  She lived only 13 days (7M).

MIND BENDING  Deadly mind game played by the Time Lords.  The Fourth Doctor defeated Morbius in a mind-bending contest (4K).



MIND PARASITE  Evil, brain-like entity who was brought to Earth by the Master, who planned to use it to sabotage a World Peace Conference.  It was housed in the Keller Machine, and fed on evil.  It could kill by using people's deepest fears, and later developed the ability to teleport.  The Parasite eventually turned against the Master, who was forced to enlist the Third Doctor's help to destroy it.  With Barnham's help, the Doctor was able to control the Parasite, which was finally destroyed when the Thunderbolt Missile was detonated (FFF).


MINERALS  Mineral lifeforms included: the Krotons (tellurium-based) (WW), the Exxilons (XXX), the Kastrians (4N), the Ogri (5C), the Krargs (5M) and the Silver Nemesis, which was made of deadly validium (7K).  Both Cessair of Diplos (5C) and Borusa (6K) were turned into living statues.  On Traken, criminals turned into calcified statues dubbed Melkurs (5T).
          Planets rich in mineral resources included: the Sense-Sphere, with its abundant supply of Molybdenum (G); the space colony coveted by IMC, which was rich in Duralinium (HHH); Solos, which was rich in Thaesium (NNN); Exxilon, with its supply of Parrinium, the only known antidote to a space plague (XXX); Peladon, rich in Trisilicate (YYY); Voga, the planet of gold, deadly to Cybermen (4D); Zanak, the pirate planet, whose entire economy revolved around plundering minerals (5B); Tythonus (5G); and Varos, rich in Zyton-7 (6V).  On the other hand, Chloris was a planet almost devoid of minerals (5G).  The Sandminer was a mobile ore processing plant; among the precious ores it mined were lucanol, zelanite and keefan (4R).  Acetenite 455, Dodrium, Vessilium and Vulnium were among the minerals mined on Zanak (5B).  Hard metals included Duralinium (HHH, YYY), Durilium (QQQ) and Duranium (4C).
   Rare minerals included: Taranium, found on Uranus, one of the rarest minerals in the Universe, used by the Daleks to power their time machine and time destructor (V); Argonite, which combined the incorruptibility of gold and the strength of titanium (YY); Dalekenium, a super-dense metal used by the Daleks for their mobile casing and as a super-powerful explosive (KKK); Jethrik, used in space warp drive engines (5A); Madronite 1-5 and Voolium, found on Calufrax; Orlion, found on Collactin and Bandraginus 5 (5B); Hymetusite, a type of radioactive crystals required as a tribute by the Nimon, and found on Aneth (5L); and Jasonite, an electro-magnetic booster found only on Crinoth (5L).
          A mineral compound of anti-matter was found on Zeta Minor (4H).  Hulls made of dwarf star alloy blocked the Tharils' natural time travelling capabilities (5S).  The Fourth Doctor used an anti-metal virus to destroy Prof. Kettlewell's Giant Robot (4A).  The mineral PJX 18 (quartz) could be used to replace a Macromat Field Integrator (5B).  Vastial was a highly explosive mineral that was only safe at sub-zero temperatures (6T).  Siligtone was one of the hardest metals in the universe; it was employed by the Andromedans in the manufacture of Maglem converters (7A).  Vionesium was a magnesium-like metal found on Mogar; exposed to air, it released intense light.  The Sixth Doctor used it to destroy the Vervoids (7C).  Loyhargil was a special alloy devised by the Rani's made-up Brain, with which she planned to blow up a Strange Matter asteroid (7D). Dynastream (4A) and Colondin (5E) were other types of hard metals.  Gregarian rock was supposed to last forever (X).
    The Fourth Doctor used chronodyne to make a substitute sixth piece for the Key to Time (5F).  The Time Lords used machonite in their courtroom.  According to Glitz, it was worth quite a few grotzis (7C).  The Jacondans' matter transporter left behind a dust-like deposit of Zanium (6S). Also see CRYSTALS.

MINIATURIZATION  A TARDIS malfunction resulted in an accidental miniaturization of the First Doctor and his companions (J).  Earth's population was miniaturized and carried on micro-cell slides in the Ark (X).  The Chameleons kept their human prisoners miniaturized (KK).  The Daemon Azal, as well as his spaceship, existed in a miniaturized state under Devil's Hump (JJJ).  The Third Doctor and Jo Grant were miniaturized within Vorg's Scope on Inter Minor (PPP).  The Fourth Doctor cloned and miniaturized himself and Leela to track down the Nucleus of the Virus of the Purpose within his own body (4T).  He and Drax miniaturized themselves to defeat the Shadow (5F).
 Whole areas of land, along with their fauna and flora, could be removed and stored on laser crystals inside a Continuous Event Transmitter (5K).  The Tissue Compression Eliminator (q.v.) used by the Master reduced its victims to doll-size.  The Master once accidentally shrank himself with it, but used the Numismaton Flame to restore himself (6Q).  Meglos used a Redimensioner to miniaturize the Dodecahedron (5Q).


MINISTERS   Major-General Rutlidge was in charge of supervising Lethbridge-Stewart's UNIT operations on British soil at the Ministry of Defence.  His mind was controlled by Tobias Vaughn, who forced him to kill himself (VV).  The Third Doctor dealt with various British Ministers, including: Sir James Quinlan, Minister of Technology and Space Development (CCC), the Minister who appointed Chinn (GGG), and the Minister of Ecology (TTT).  Sir Charles Grover, the mastermind behind Operation Golden Age, was Minister with Special Powers during the Dinosaur Invasion (WWW).  Jo Grant (q.v.) owed her position at UNIT to her uncle, a cabinet minister.  The Giant Robot killed Cabinet Minister Joseph Chambers (4A).  The Brigadier spoke with the P.M. (Mrs. Thatcher) during the Zygons' attack (4F).  The Seventh Doctor used a forged authorization by the P.M. to see Dr. Judson (7M).

MINNOW FIGHTERS  Short range spaceships used by the International Space Corps for deep space fighting against pirates such as Caven (YY).

MINORANS  Inhabitants of Inter Minor.  Their planet had once been devastated by a space plague and, as a result, they had become highly xenophobic.  Their president, Zarb, tried improving the lot of its slave population (called Functionaries) and opening the planet to aliens once again, but his brother, Kalik, tried using Vorg's Scope to discredit him.  He was stopped by the Third Doctor (PPP).

MINOTAUR  Mythological character encountered by the Second Doctor, Jamie, and Zoe in the Land of Fiction (UU).  The Third Doctor encountered a real Minotaur in a labyrinth in Ancient Atlantis.  It was the Guardian of the Kronos Crystal, and a friend of King Dalios, who had been turned into a man-beast by Kronos (OOO).  The extra-terrestrial race of the Nimon had certain features in common with the Minotaur (5L).
MINSBRIDGE  Wildlife sanctuary where Mr. Ollis found Omega's energy blob (RRR).
MINYANS  Humanoid race from Minyos.  Early in the history of their civilization, the Time Lords discovered the Minyans and helped them progress by giving them scientific secrets, such as knowledge of the atom, for which they were not ready.  The Minyans eventually rejected the Time Lords, then destroyed each other and their planet in nuclear war.  This dramatic event led the Time Lords to adopt their policy of non-interference.  However, a few Minyans escaped and moved to a new world that they christened Minyos II.  They developed the pacifier to quell aggressive instincts, and gathered the genetic heritage of their race in a race bank which they placed aboard the ship P7E en route to Minyos II.  However, the P7E became lost.  Another ship, captained by Jackson, was sent to find it.  That quest lasted over a hundred thousand years.  Eventually, with the help of the Fourth Doctor and Leela, Jackson found the P7E and was able to bring the Race Banks back to Minyos II, where they were presumably used to recreate the Minyan race (4Y).

MINYOS  Homeworld of the Minyans.  It was destroyed by nuclear wars caused by the Minyans' lack of maturity and their inability to handle the scientific knowledge the Time Lords had given them (4Y).

MINYOS II  New homeworld set up by a few survivors from Minyos.  They had sent Jackson on a Quest to find the missing ship, P7E, which contained the Minyan Race Banks.  Thanks to the Fourth Doctor's help, Jackson completed his Quest successfully and the Race Banks were eventually brought to Minyos II (4Y).

MIRA  Planet inhabited by the Visians, giant, hostile, invisible creatures.  The First Doctor was sent there from Earth by an experimental matter transmitter during his fight to stop the Daleks' Masterplan (V).

MIRABILIS  Planet fraudulently sold by galactic con artist Garron (5A).

MIRACLE CITY  One of Kroagnon's designs.  It was supposed to be his masterpiece.  He loved it so much that he refused to move out, and had to be evicted.  As revenge, he booby-trapped it and several lives were lost.  It was a forerunner of what Kroagnon did with the Paradise Towers (7E).

MIRE BEASTS  The other inhabitants of Aridius, an ancient world once covered by vast oceans, turned into a desertic planet.  They were tough, nearly indestructible predators who progressively drove the Aridians out of their sealed cities (R).

MISEUS  Young member of the High Council of Atlantis.  He perished when Kronos destroyed Atlantis (OOO).

MISOS TRIANGLE  Two interlocked triangles tattoed on the arms of the Trion Imperial Family sent in exile.  Turlough and Malkon bore that mark (6Q).

MISTFALL  Periodic orbital shift which affected Alzarius every fifty years.  It released non-toxic subterranean gases which boosted evolution (5R).

MITCHELL, HARRY  Leader of the security team hired by Dr. Fendelman to guard the Fetch Priory.  He was killed by a Fendahleen (4X).

MITCHELL, TONY  Royal navy sub-lieutenant who served under Ridgway aboard the submarine captured by the Sea Devils.  The Third Doctor helped them escape (LLL).

MITCHELL  Sergeant under Lt. Scott's command.  She was killed by the Cybermen's androids during Prof. Kyle's underground exploration (6B).

MOBERLEY, DEREK  Scientist working at the Antarctic camp of the World Ecology Bureau expedition which discovered the Krynoid pods.  In spite of the Fourth Doctor's efforts, he was killed by the Krynoid who had taken over Winlett's body (4L).

MOBILLIARY  Medical laboratory aboard Monarch's ship (5W).

MOBY DICK  Novel by Herman Melville.  One of the three Books of Knowledge which survived the fireball and were kept at the UK Habitat on Ravolox (7A).

MOGAR  Oxygen-free planet located in Perseus.  It was a rich source of rare minerals, including vionesium.  It was severely exploited by the Earth Empire (7C).

MOGARIANS  Gentle and peaceful natives of Mogar.  They had to wear airtight masks and suits, as well as translating devices, to interface with mankind.  Two Mogarians, Atza and Ortezo, were used by Rudge in an attempted hijack of the Hyperion III space liner, but they were killed by Doland.  Galactic investigator Hallet posed as a Mogarian named Enzu, but the Sixth Doctor unmasked him (7C).

MOGRAN (a.k.a. MOGREN)  Kaled councillor who the Fourth Doctor alerted to Davros' creation of the Daleks.  He perished in the destruction of the Kaled City (4E).


MOLECULAR DISPERSER  Micro-wave producing device that Icthar and the Young Silurian plotted to use to destroy the Van Allen Belt (BBB).

MOLLIE  Kitchen maid in Gray's prison (FF).

MOLYBDENUM  Metal found in abundance on the Sense-Sphere (G).

MONA LISA   The Fourth Doctor met one of Scaroth's twelve splinters, Captain Tancredi, in Leonardo Da Vinci's house.  The Jagaroth had commissioned the painter to paint several Mona Lisas to enable his future self to finance his time travel experiments (5H).

MONARCH  Leader of the Urbankans.  He had exhausted all the ressources of his home planet in his mad desire to travel faster than light, and back through time, to witness the creation of the Universe.  (Monarch believed himself to be God.)  He stored the memories of the three billion Urbankans on silicon chips and travelled to Earth, which he had previously visited four times.  During these visits, he had kidnapped Kurkutji, Lin Futu, Bigon and Villagra, and transformed them into androids.  He planned to poison the population of Earth and replace it with the Urbankans, who would be reincarnated in android form.  He intended to strip the planet of its resources in the pursuit of his obssession.  His plans were thwarted by the Fifth Doctor, who used his own toxin to kill him.  It was then revealed that Monarch had remained in the "flesh time" and not joined his android brethren (5W).

MONDAS  Earth's twin planet.  It was the Cybermen's homeworld.  It had orbited around the Sun millions of years in the past.  The Mondasian civilization developed more quickly than Earth's and Mondasians visited our planet in prehistoric times.  Later, for reasons yet unknown, Mondas left the Solar System.  It was during that period of wandering that the Mondasians evolved into creatures of ruthless logic; their organs were replaced by cybernetic parts until they became Cybermen.  At a certain point during their space journey, some Cybermen left Mondas to form a planetary empire, enslaving other civilisations and turning them into Cybermen.
 The Mondasian Cybermen eventually returned to the Solar System in 1986, planning to drain energy from Earth and turn its population into Cybermen.  When they saw that Mondas was absorbing too much energy and thus risked destruction, the Cybermen then decided to destroy Earth with the Z-Bomb.  However, their plan was thwarted by the First Doctor, and Mondas was destroyed, along with its inhabitants (DD).
 Galactic Cybermen from the future tried to prevent Mondas' destruction by attempting to launch Halley's Comet into the Earth before the above events took place, but they were defeated by the Sixth Doctor and the Cryons (6T).

MONEY  Among the various alien and future currencies encountered by the Doctor at one time or another were: talmars (4W), opeks (5A), nargs (6W), grotzis (7A), crowns (7G) and even a curious insectoid creature (7N).  On Trion, people blew through two-corpera coins for luck (6N).

MONIA  Guerilla leader from an alternate 22nd Century where the Daleks had successfully invaded Earth after World War Three.  She helped the Third Doctor return to the past and defeat the Daleks (KKK).

MONITOR, THE  Leader of Logopolis.  He tried helping the Fourth Doctor, but perished along with Logopolis after the Master tampered with the workings of his city (5V).

MONK, THE  (a.k.a THE "MEDDLING" MONK)  Renegade Time Lord whom the First Doctor met in England in 1066 ADD.  Disguised as a monk, he tried to change the course of history by destroying a fleet of Viking raiders, thus leaving King Harold's army fully rested and able to defeat William the Conqueror at Hastings.  The Doctor stranded him by tampering with his TARDIS (S).  However, the Monk managed to repair his ARDIS and resurfaced on Tigus, where he tried to get revenge by locking the Doctor out of his TARDIS, but failed.  He then followed the Doctor to Ancient Egypt where he got involved in the Doctor's fight against the Daleks' Masterplan.  The Monk switched sides and eventually escaped.  He found himself again stranded, this time on an unnamed ice world, because the Doctor had managed to snatch his TARDIS' directional unit (V).  The Monk claimed to have helped the early Britons build Stonehenge with anti-grav units, and met Leonardo Da Vinci to discuss flying machines.

MONOID ONE  Leader of the Monoids.  He planned to relocate his people to Refusis, and detonate a fission bomb on the Ark, thus destroying the human race.  He was thwarted by the First Doctor, and died during a rebellion led by Monoid Four (X).

MONOID TWO  Monoid leader who landed on Refusis, and killed Yendom.  He died in the explosion of his Launcher (X).

MONOID THREE  Monoid leader who died during the battle between Monoids One and Four (X).

MONOID FOUR  Monoid leader who questioned Monoid One's decision to relocate on Refusis.  He died during his battle against Monoid One (X).

MONOIDS  One-eyed, reptilian aliens with no visible facial features who arrived on Earth after their own world had died.  They offered their servitude for shelter.  They were taken aboard the Ark when the Earth plunged into the Sun.  After Dodo's cold virus sapped the will of the humans, they took over the Ark (using a speech box to communicate).  The First Doctor prevented the Monoid leader, Monoid One, from destroying the human race.  The remaining Monoids learned to live in peace with the humans on Refusis (X).
MONOPTICON  Floating spheres used by Monarch to spy on what was happening inside his ship (5W).
MONSTERS  The Doctor exposed a number of legendary creatures and/or supernatural monsters as being aliens, machines, or creatures out of time.
 Aliens: The Daemons were powerful aliens (JJJ).  The Loch Ness Monster was a Zygon Skarasen (4F), although in 1179 AD, it probably was the Borad (6Y).  The creature assembled by Solon to house the brain of Morbius was a Frankenstein-like creature made up of various alien parts (4K).  Whatever the real Horror of Fang Rock was, the monster destroyed by the Fourth Doctor was a stranded Rutan (4V).  Giant, alien vampires were once destroyed by the Time Lords (5P).  Mags was an alien werewolf (7J).
 Machines:  The First Doctor once met a robotic version of Dracula and the Frankenstein Monster (R).  The Yeti were the robotic agents of the Great Intelligence.  The real Yeti were harmless (q.v.).  The Mummies were Osirian robots (4G).  The legendary Dragon of Iceworld was a mechanoid (7G).
 Creatures out of time: The Silurians and Sea Devils were a reptilian lifeform predating Man (q.v.).  The Minotaur of Atlantis was Kronos' creation (OOO).  On Earth, the vampires were Haemovores from the future transported back in time by Fenric (7M).  Morgaine's Destroyer came from a parallel Earth (7N).
 On alien worlds, monsters were not always what they seemed:  Aggedor, the Monster of Peladon, was a peaceful animal (q.v.).  The giant squid-like Kroll of Delta Magna's third moon was a hidden segment of the Key to Time (5E).  On Chloris, the Creature from the Pit was an ambassador from the neighboring planet, Tythonus (5G).  The Nimon were a plague of space locusts (5L).  On Terminus, the Garm was also a well-meaning alien (6G).  Also see MAGIC.

MONTCALM (LADY)  Nicknamed Wicked Lady Montcalm, she was another alias used by the alien Cessair of Diplos (5C).

MOON  The Cybermen hid their Invasion Fleet on the dark side of the Moon during the 20th Century (VV).
 A Moon Base was established in the early part of the 21st Century, under the International Space Command's jurisdiction.  In 2070 AD, it was attacked by the Cybermen, who wanted to use its gravitron to destroy Earth through weather control.  They were defeated by the Second Doctor, and Moon Base's scientists, Hobson and Benoit (HH).  Half a Century later, the Moon Base became the location of the controls of T-Mat, and was taken over by the Ice Warriors who, under Slaar's leadership, plotted to conquer Earth using the "Seeds of Death".  They were defeated by the Second Doctor (XX).
 In the 26th Century, the Moon had become the seat of the Luna Penal Colony, to which the Third Doctor and Jo Grant were sent when they were accused of being Draconian spies (QQQ).

MOOR  Soldier who fought in the War Games.  He eventually broke free of Von Weich's hypnotic control and killed him.  He was returned to his proper place in time and space by the Time Lords (ZZ).
MOOTHI  (a.k.a. HOOTHI)  Race which used silent gas dirigibles to approach Karn, but were still detected by the Sisterhood (4K).

MORBIUS  Morbius was a member of the High Council of Gallifrey.  He sought to lead the Time Lords on a path of conquest.  Rejected by his peers, he left Gallifrey and raised an army of followers, promising them time travel and immortality, using the Elixir of Life produced by the Sisterhood of Karn's Sacred Flame.  Eventually, Morbius and his army were defeated by the Time Lords on Karn.  The Renegade Time Lord was placed in a disposal chamber and his body was vaporized.
 Several years later, the Celestial Intervention Agency found out that the Brain of Morbius had been secretly preserved by one of his followers, Dr. Solon.  They sent the Fourth Doctor and Sarah Jane Smith to Karn.  There, the Doctor destroyed the brain of Morbius, now housed in a monstrous new body created by Solon, in a mental battle.  The body itself was later destroyed by Ohica of the Sisterhood (4K).  The Morbius Crisis was probably one of the factors which led to the Time Lords' increasing lack of control over their secrets and, ultimately, to the Ravolox Stratagem (7A).

MORDAAL  Incarnation of the evil side of the Xeraphin (6C).

MORDEE  The Mordee was one of the ships which left Earth at the time of the great Break Out of the 52nd Century.  It crashed on a nameless planet.  In an unrecorded adventure, the Fourth Doctor, fresh from his regeneration, tried to fix Xoanon, its sentient computer, but instead made it schizophrenic.  The Doctor eventually returned and cured Xoanon (4Q).

MORDRED  Extra-dimensional knight and Morgaine's son.  He came to our Earth on the trail of Ancelyn, to recover Excalibur.  He was eventually defeated by the Seventh Doctor and remanded to UNIT's custody (7N).

MORELLI  Science officer aboard the Morestran spaceship to Zeta Minor.  He was later killed by Sorenson when the scientist turned into a neanderthal-like monster (4H).

MORESTRA  Space-faring empire of the far future.  The continued existence of the Morestran civilization was threatened by their dying sun.  Prof. Sorenson went to Zeta Minor looking for a new, inexhaustible source of energy, and thought he had found it in anti-matter.  The Fourth Doctor eventually steered him towards researching the kinetic force of the planets' movements (4H).

MORESTRANS  Circa 37,166 AD, the Fourth Doctor and Sarah Jane Smith rescued the crew of a Morestran spaceship from anti-matter creatures.  These had been sent to check on Prof. Sorenson's expedition to Zeta Minor (4H).

MORETON HARWOOD  Small British village where Sarah Jane Smith's Aunt Lavinia lived.  Sarah and K9 Mark III exposed and defeated a sect of the worshippers of the pagan goddess Hecate.  These were led by Commander Pollock and Lily Gregson, who wanted to sacrifice Brendan because the local crops were not faring well (K9).

MORGAINE  Powerful, immortal sorceress who ruled a parallel dimension.  She claimed to be of the "Fey" (or faerie) people.  She loved, yet hated, King Arthur, whose fall and ultimate death she caused.  She fought Merlin, an incarnation of the Doctor.  She eventually became the Dominator of the Thirteen Worlds, Sunkiller, and the Battle Queen of the S'Rax.  She and her son, Mordred, met the Seventh Doctor, Lethbridge-Stewart, and Bambera upon the "battlefield" of Carbury, on the Doctor's Earth.  She freed the Destroyer, but her sense of honor prevented her from detonating the Salamander 6-0 missile.  She was eventually remanded to UNIT's custody (7N).

MORGAN  Ruthless First Officer of the Interplanetary Mining Corporation's expedition to Exarius.  With Captain Dent, he used a variety of tricks against Ashe's colonists, including using a mining robot equipped to simulate lizard attacks.  He was foiled by the Third Doctor and Winton, and was eventually killed in a battle with the colonists (HHH).

MORGAN  Landlord of the Devesham pub.  The Kraals made an android duplicate of him (4J).

MORGANA  Founding member, and fortune teller, of the Psychic Circus.  She and the Ringmaster were eventually sacrificed to the Gods of Ragnarok by the Chief Clown (7J).

MORGO  The Great Morgo was a divinity praised by the Mentors (7B).

MORGUS  Chairman and Chief Director of the Sirius Conglomerate of Androzani Major.  He was once Sharaz Jek's partner, providing financial backing for the exploitation of spectrox, while Jek, a master roboticist, built the androids necessary to handle the poisonous substance.  Morgus arranged for Jek to become caught in one of Androzani Minor's deadly mud bursts and, subsequently, horribly disfigured.  After Jek seized control of the caves of Androzani Minor, and the supply of spectrox, Morgus secretly used Stotz to supply him with guns.  He was thus able to prolong the conflict and cause spectrox prices to rise.  Fearful of being exposed, Morgus assassinated the President, then fled to Androzani Minor, planning to seize Jek's private spectrox hoard.  He was thwarted by the Fifth Doctor.  He was replaced by his assistant, Timmin, and was later killed by Jek (6R).

MORIX  Heresiarch of Argolis who died of old age just as Brock tried to convince him to sell the planet to the Foamasi.  He was succeeded by Mena (5N).


MORLOX  Race of savage reptiles who lived underground on Karfel.  The Third Doctor had reported a Karfelon scientist called Megelen to the Inner Sanctum for his unethical experiments on the Morlox (in an unrecorded adventure).  Later, Megelen accidentally sprayed himself with M-80 while conducting further, unauthorized experiments on the Morlox.  As a result, he became half-Karfelon, half-Morlox.  He was then known as the Borad and took over Karfel.  The Borad secretly planned to murder all the Karfelons and repopulate the planet with creatures like himself, beginning with Peri.  He was defeated by the Sixth Doctor.  The Morlox were undoubtedly the source of H. G. Wells' inspiration for The Time Machine (6Y).

MOROKS  Once the conquerors of a vast galactic empire which eventually fell.  One of the remnants of the Morok Empire was the Space Museum on Xeros, which was eventually closed due to the First Doctor's intervention.  The Moroks had limited time travel capabilities; therefore, the fall of their Empire may be attributed to Time Lord interference (Q).  The Cybermen may have stolen a Morok Time Vessel to save Mondas and alter history (6T)

MORPHOS  Inhabitants of Morphoton (E).

MORPHOTON  City on Marinus and location of the first Key.  It was ruled by Giant Brains who kept its population enslaved with a mind-controlling device.  They were defeated by the First Doctor (E).


MORRIS, GEORGE  Earthling abducted by the Gaztaks.  His body was taken over by Meglos.  He was eventually freed, thanks to the Fourth Doctor's intervention, and returned to Earth (5Q).

MORRIS, IDWAL  Archeologist rival of Prof. Rumford's (5C).

MORRIS DANCERS  Dancers who paraded around the May Pole at Devil's End.  Bert disguised himself as one to entrap the Third Doctor (JJJ).
MORRISON (PROF.)  Scientist kidnapped by Linx (UUU).
MORTARHOUSE COLLEGE  Oxford college.  Its dean was Reverend Matthews (7Q).

MORTIMER  British town where K'anpo's Tibetan Monastery was located (ZZZ).
MORTON  Member of Wenley Moor's staff (BBB).
MORTON  Megropolis One resident (4W).
MOSS  Member of Lupton's psychic circle at K'anpo's Tibetan Monastery.  He was afraid of being discovered, and struck Mike Yates.  He was eventually controlled by the Spiders, but was freed when the Great One died (ZZZ).

MOSS, TED  Fetchborough farmer who was secretly a member of Stael's coven.  He was turned into a Fendahleen by the Fendahl and, in that form, perished when the Fourth Doctor used the Time Scanner to destroy the Fetch Priory (4X).


MOVELLANS  Race of androids who resembled beautiful humanoids.  Their power source appeared to be small energy packs they carried on their belts.  The Movellans found themselves at war with the Daleks when they tried to invade human space.  Both species became locked in a stalemate caused by their over-reliance on logic and computers.  The Daleks tried to win the war by recovering Davros, but were thwarted by the Fourth Doctor, Tyssan, and Movellan commander, Sharrel (5J).  The Movellans eventually designed a virus which almost wiped out the Daleks (6P).  The fate of the Movellans is unknown, but it is likely that their over-reliance on logic caused them to be defeated by the Empire when they actually attempted their invasion of the human space.

MUD BURST  Deadly natural phenomenon caused when Androzani Minor moved closer to Androzani Major.  Heated mud from Androzani Minor's core rose to the surface, sweeping away everything in its path (6R).

MUIR, ROBERT (SIR)  The Cranleighs' friend.  He was also Chief Constable of the area, and investigated James' and Digby's murders.  The Fifth Doctor gave him and Sgt. Markham a tour of the TARDIS to prove the veracity of his story (6A).

MULA  Pralix's sister and Kimus' girlfriend.  She helped the Fourth Doctor and the Mentiads defeat the Captain of Zanak (5B).

MULLINS  Ashbridge Cottage Hospital porter who overheard a report about the Third Doctor's blood samples, and sold the news to Wagstaffe (AAA).

MUM  Human avatar of one of the three Gods of Ragnarok at the Psychic Circus (7J).

MUMMIES  Osirian service robots, also called Servicers, used by Sutekh, and powered by a cytronic particle accelerator (4G).  The Monk was trussed up as a mummy by the First Doctor (V).

MUNRO  UNIT Captain who cordoned off Oxley Woods after the second fall of Nestene meteorites.  He was the first to come across the TARDIS and the Third Doctor.  He later helped the Time Lord defeat the first Auton invasion (AAA).

MUNRO  Radio operator on an oil rig attacked by the Skarasen.  He managed to escape only to later be shot by the Zygon who impersonated the Caber (4F).

MURDERS  Ian was framed by Eyesen, on Millenius, for Eprin's murder (E).  The murderer Bennett hid behind Koquillion's Didonian disguise (L).  Dask, a member of the Sandminer crew, turned out to be mad roboticist Taren Capel (4R).  Dolland, one of Prof. Lasky's assistants, turned out to be the elusive killer aboard the Hyperion III (7C).

MURRAY  Driver of the galactic tour bus which crashed in 1959 Wales after hitting a U.S. satellite.  Murray was killed by the Bannermen, along with the rest of his tour group, when they blew up his bus  (7F).

MUSCOLANE  Planet visited by Captain Cook (7J).

MUSIC  The Second Doctor played the recorder.  The Third Doctor charmed Aggedor with music (MMM).  The Fourth Doctor used a dog whistle to summon K9 and, once, charmed the Mandrels with music (5K)

MUSKATOZENE-80  Unstable element.  The Borad accidentally sprayed himself with M-80 while conducting unethical experiments on the Morlox.  As a result, he turned into a half-Karfelon, half-Morlox freak (6Y).

MUSS, NICHOLAS  French Huguenot working for Admiral De Coligny (W).


MUTATIONS  Mutations on Skaro included the Thals (in their beautiful, blond humanoid form) and the Daleks, which were mutated Kaleds (B)  Other, more grotesque mutants, were called Mutos (4E).  The Solonian Mutants ("Mutts") were blamed on the Marshal's artificially-induced atmospheric changes.  In fact, they were only a transitional stage leading to a super-being lifeform, reflecting Solos' five-hundred year long seasons (NNN).  The Refusians' invisibility was the result of a mutation caused by solar flares (X).
 Artificial mutations included the Chameleons, mutated by an atomic explosion (KK); the Primords, mutated by a mysterious substance under the Earth's crust (DDD); the giant maggots, mutated by the Green Death (TTT); the Spiders, mutated by the crystals of Metebelis 3 (ZZZ); Prof. Sorenson, mutated by anti-matter (4H); Kroll, an aquatic monster mutated by a segment of the Key to Time (5E); Mawdryn and his fellow aliens, mutated by the Time Lords' Metamorphic Symbiosis Regenerator (6F); Chessene, artificially augmented by Dastari (6W); the Vervoids and the Demeter Seeds, mutations engineered by Prof. Lasky (7C); and Billy, who mutated into a Chimeron-like alien by ingesting a Chimeron substance (7F).  Also see EVOLUTION.

MUTOS  Derogatory nickname given to the Kaleds and Thals mutated by the neutronic wars on Skaro (4E).

MUTTS  Derogatory nickname given to the Solonian Mutants (NNN).

MUTTER'S SPIRAL  Name given by the Time Lords to the sector of the Milky Way Galaxy where Earth is located (4P, 4Z).

MYERS  Royal navy petty officer.  He killed the Chief Sea Devil, then let the Master escape (LLL).

MYKROS  Vena's fiance.  He plotted against the Borad with Renis, and was arrested.  He later helped the Sixth Doctor defeat the Borad (6Y).

MYRKA  Sea dragon bred and modified into a cyborg by the Silurians and used by Icthar in its attack on Sea Base Four.  The Fifth Doctor used ultra-violet light to kill it (6L).

MZ  Powerful weapon of destruction which Rorvik used in an attempt to break through the Gateway, but which failed (5S).