N-SPACE  Normal space (by opposition to E-Space) (5R-5V).

NAIA  One of the Trogs of the Underworld.  She helped the Fourth Doctor and Jackson's crew fight the Oracle.  She and a number of her people escaped the Underworld's destruction by leaving aboard Jackson's ship (4Y).

NAMIN  Sutekh's Egyptian worshipper.  He prepared Prof. Scarman's house for his master's return.  He was killed by Sutekh (4G).

NANCY  Member of Prof. Clifford Jones' commune.   She discovered that Jones' fungus killed the Green Death maggots (TTT).

NANINA  Female "Savage" who was captured by Exorse, and whose life essence was drained by the Elders.  After she recovered, she prevented Tor from killing Exorse, and eventually succeeded in shaking Exorse's own belief in the Elders' lifestyle (AA).

NAPOLEON (1769-1821)  One of the French Revolution's greatest military commanders.  He plotted with Barras to eliminate Robespierre, and almost met the First Doctor.  He eventually proclaimed himself Emperor of France (H).

NAPOLEONIC WARS  A French army was kidnapped by the Warlords, using time technology stolen from the Time Lords.  The soldiers went on to take part in the War Games, until these were brought to a stop by the Second Doctor's intervention (ZZ).

NARG  Currency used in the Third Zone (6W).

NATASHA  Daughter of Stengos, a wealthy man who had been cryogenically frozen at Tranquil Repose.  When she suspected that something was wrong, she went with her friend Grigory to investigate.  She discovered that Davros was secretly using the bodies' heads to make new Daleks.  She helped the Sixth Doctor thwart Davros's plans, and survived the destruction of Tranquil Repose (6Z).

NATIONAL SPACE MUSEUM  The Master and Rossini stole the Nestene energy unit from the National Space Museum (EEE).

NAVARINO  Non-humanoid alien species from Navarro.  Galactic tour bus driver Murray, as well as most of his passengers, were Navarinos.  They were all killed by the Bannermen (7F).

NAVARRO  Homeworld of the Navarinos (7F).

NAZIS  A gang of Nazi refugees in South America, led by De Flores, tried to seize control of the Silver Nemesis.  They were killed by the Cybermen (7K).

NEANDERTHALS  Between 50,000 and 30,000 BC, the Neanderthals became extinct and were replaced by early modern humans, due to the intervention of the awesome aliens known as the Daemons (JJJ).  There is still considerable disagreement as to whether the Neanderthals were a step in the evolutionary process leading to modern humans, or were simply an offshoot branch that became extinct, while modern humans evolved in parallel.  Nimrod, a Neanderthal, was rescued and made immortal by the powerful alien, Light (7Q).  The First Doctor helped a tribe of Neanderthals rediscover the secret of fire (A).
 Certain experiments could cause an evolutionary regression in their victims.  A green slime brought to the surface of the Earth by Prof. Stahlman's Inferno project turned men into the Neanderthal-like Primords (DDD).  On Zeta Minor, Prof. Sorenson's body became infected with anti-matter, and he turned into a Neanderthal-like monster (4H).  Also see ANTHROPOLOGY, EVOLUTION.


NEEVA  Sevateem witch-doctor and Xoanin's priest.  Acting on Xoanon's instructions, he tried to kill Leela and the Fourth Doctor.  When he found that Xoanon was not a god, but was in fact his tribe's enemy, he became mentally unbalanced and tried to kill the schizophrenic computer with a sonic cannon, but was killed by Xoanon instead (4Q).

NEFRED, RAGEN  Alzarian Decider who became First Decider after Draith's death.  He was extremely indecisive, and died when the Marshmen attacked the Starliner (5R).

NEKROS (a.k.a. NECROS)  Planet where the Tranquil Repose Mortuary and Kara's protein factory were located.  The factory's output helped feed the galaxy.  The Sixth Doctor exposed Davros's and Kara's plot to turn Tranquil Repose's bodies into protein.  After Orcini destroyed the mortuary, the Sixth Doctor showed the Tranquil Repose employees how to convert local flowers into protein (6Z).

NEMAN  Proctor of the Fosters of Traken.  After the Master (disguised as a Melkur) became the new Keeper, Neman served him and was even made into a Consul.  But he failed to prevent the Fourth Doctor from thwarting the Renegade Time Lord's plans.  As a demonstration of his power, the Melkur forced Tremas to execute him (5T).

NEMESIS, SILVER  Statue made of the deadly, living metal, validium.  It had landed on Earth in Windsor, in 1638 AD.  There, it was shaped into a statue dubbed the Silver Nemesis by Lady Peinforte.  After an untold battle with Lady Peinforte, the Doctor (presumably in his Second Incarnation) launched the Silver Nemesis into space in a rocket-powered asteroid.  However, its bow and arrow remained behind.  The bow became the Queen's property and was kept at Windsor castle where, in 1788 AD, it was stolen.  Eventually, it fell into the Nazis' hands.  Lady Peinforte used the arrow to travel forward in time to 1988, when the Silver Nemesis returned to Earth.  (Its orbit had brought it near Earth every 25 years, each time influencing disasters.)  It then became the object of a contest between the Seventh Doctor, the Nazis, led by De Flores, Lady Peinforte and the Cybermen.  Lady Peinforte eventually merged with the statue.  The Doctor then used the Silver Nemesis to destroy the Cybermen's space fleet.  Also see VALIDIUM (7K).

NEMINI  Pygmy Menoptera who was Hetra's deputy (N).

NEO PHOEBUS  Name given by Earthmen to the fragment of Voga in orbit near Jupiter (4D).

NEOGORGON  Planet visited by Captain Cook (7J).

NEPTUNE  Prof. Zaroff's pet octopus (GG).

NERO (37-68)  Mad Roman emperor who reveled in violence, and eventually started the Great Fire of Rome.  He fell in love with Barbara, and mistook the First Doctor for the famous lyre-player, Maximus Pettullian (M).

NERVA  Space beacon placed on a 30-year assignment in orbit near the remains of Voga, which was itself orbiting near Jupiter, at the end of the 25th Century.  Its function was to warn spaceships of Voga's presence.  Prof. Kellman, secretly working for the Vogans, summoned the Cybermen, who used their Cybermats and Neurotropic X virus to take over the beacon.  The Cybermen eventually loaded cyberbombs aboard the beacon, and tried to crash it into Voga.  They were thwarted by the Fourth Doctor, Sarah Jane Smith, and Harry Sullivan (4D).
 In the 30th Century, an unprecedented string of solar flares threatened Earth.  Some scientists theorized that the flares, which at the time were estimated to last 10,000 years, would cause permanent damage to the human genoplasm.  In the greatest secrecy, Space Beacon Nerva was converted into a Space Ark, named Terra Nova, where 100,000 specimens of "pure" humanity were stored.  All records of the Ark were then carefully hidden, and its existence became almost a legend.
 The Ark's passengers were supposed to remain in suspended animation for the next 10,000 years, but remained in that state for several thousand years too long.  When they awoke, they found that Nerva had been infiltrated by the vengeful Wirrn.  It was only the intervention of the Fourth Doctor, Sarah Jane Smith and Harry Sullivan, and the sacrifice of the Ark's leader, Noah, which enabled them to survive (4C).
 Spacemen from Earth's colonies began to return to Earth.   Like the passengers of the Ark, they assumed it to be lifeless because of the solar flares.  Unlike Nerva's inhabitants, however, they believed the flares to have happened when the Time Lords had moved the planet, at the time of the Ravolox Stratagem, and not during the 30th Century (4C, 4B).

NESBIN  Leader of the group of Shobogans who captured Leela and Rodan.  He then helped them and the Fourth Doctor repel the Sontarans' Invasion of Gallifrey (4Z).

NESKA  Wife of Sabor and mother of Arak and Tuar on Metebelis 3.  She worried about her sons' lives, but was freed from the Spiders when the Great One died (ZZZ).

NESTENE  A billion-year old collective intelligence who abandoned their physical bodies to become a single entity of pure mind, made of energy.  The Nestene's original shape was a tentacled creature, with a large, single eye, combining features of the crab and the octopus.  The Nestene first arrived on Earth in plastic meteors.  (They have a special affinity for plastics.)  They took over the mind of the managing director of Autoplastics, Ltd., Hibbert, and used him to manufacture deadly Autons, as well as replicas of VIPs.  Their invasion failed because the portion of their consciousness which had been incorporated on Earth was short-circuited by the Third Doctor and Liz Shaw (AAA).
 The Nestene were summoned back to Earth by the Master, who helped them take over the Farrel plastics factory.  During their second invasion, in addition to the deadly, dummy-like Autons, the Nestene also controlled a murderous range of plastic items, such as a chair, a doll, a telephone cord and millions of plastic daffodils, which needed the arrival of more Nestene before they could be activated.  The Third Doctor managed to convince the Master that the Nestene would destroy him too, and the two Time Lords cooperated to banish them back to outer space before they could fully materialize (EEE).

NESTOR  Member of Rorvik's crew.  He died when the privateer's ship was destroyed (5S).
NETHERCOTT (MISS)   Astrologer whom Adelaide Lesage consulted regularly (4V).
NEUROTROPE X  Virus used by the Cybermen to attack the Moonbase (HH) and Space Beacon Nerva (4D).  In the first instance, it was carried in the sugar; in the latter, by the Cybermats.

NEUTRON ACCELERATOR  Salamar tried to use a neutron accelerator to kill Prof. Sorenson (4H).

NEUTRON FLOW  One of the Third Doctor's favorite solutions was to reverse the polarity of the Neutron Flow.

NEUTRON STAR  The Tythonians diverted a Neutron Star and aimed it to collide with Chloris' suns.  They wanted to avenge the kidnapping of their ambassador, Erato, by Lady Adrasta.  The Fourth Doctor and Erato teamed up to weave an aluminium shell around the star and redirect it (5G).

NEUTRONIC WARS  The culmination of the initial wars between the Kaleds and the Thals on Skaro (B, 4E).

NEVIN  UNIT corporal who helped the Brigadier against Azal and Bok (JJJ).

NEW EARTH  Supposedly, it was a planet like Earth, but unspoiled by pollution and technology.  It was the goal of the ship carrying the "People" selected by Sir Charles Grover.  In reality, because of Operation Golden Age, New Earth would have been the same "old" Earth, but time would have been rolled back by Prof. Whitaker's machine (WWW).

NEW HEIDELBERG  Prof. Marius was a specialist in extra-terrestrial, pathological endomorphisms at New Heidelberg University in the 50th Century (4T).

NEW SARUM  Space beacon destroyed by pirate Caven (YY).

NEWTON RESEARCH INSTITUTE  Cambridge scientific establishment where the Master, posing as Prof. Thascales, worked on TOM-TIT and the Kronos Crystal (OOO)

NEXOS  Trisilicate miner on Peladon who died as a result of Eckersley's schemes (YYY).

NIASH  Member of the Ark who was sentenced to be miniaturized (X).

NILS  Danish astronomer on the Moonbase during the Cybermen attack (HH).

NILSON  Sea Base Four's Controller, and Vorshak's second-in-command.  He was secretly in the employ of a rival Bloc and, with Dr. Solow's help, brainwashed Maddox.  He was killed by the Sea Devils (6L).

NIMON  Bull-headed race of aliens who could be likened to a plague of galactic locusts.  They used black holes to travel through space.  Their mode of operation was to send a single Nimon ahead to promise wealth and power to an unsuspecting race, then build a Complex which enabled the other Nimon to infiltrate, take over and eventually drain the host planet from its resources.  They called it the Great Journey of Life.  The Nimon tricked Soldeed into erecting such a complex on Skonnos.  The Fourth Doctor and Seth exposed the Nimon and destroyed the Complex, leaving the Nimon stranded on the dying world of Crinoth.  They tried using an energy chain reaction to reach another planet, and perished in the ensuing catastrophe (5L).

NIMON COMPLEX  Huge labyrinthine complex erected by the Nimon on Skonnos.  At its center was a black hole leading to Crinoth.  It was destroyed by the Fourth Doctor and Seth (5L).

NIMROD  Neanderthal who had been rescued and made immortal by the powerful alien Light.  He became Josiah Samuel Smith's servant.  At Gabriel Chase, Nimrod helped the Seventh Doctor thwart Smith's plans.  After Light's defeat, he left in the alien ship with Control and Fenn-Cooper (7Q).
NINODS  Unit of Tythonian time scale (5G).
NITRO-NINE  Powerful explosive which was Ace's favorite weapon (7G-7P).

NO EXIT  One of the Red Kangs of Paradise Towers.  He was killed by the Cleaners (7E).

NOAH  Prime Unit, or Leader, of the Chosen on the Ark in Space.  He fought the Fourth Doctor because his body had been taken over by the Wirrn, but his mind eventually found the strength to rebel.  He sacrificed his life to save the Ark and destroy the swarm (4C).

NOGHAI  Tartar Khan whose capital was Karakorum.  He was a fierce rival of Kublai Khan's, and, with Tegana's help, tried to take over China.  His plans were thwarted by the First Doctor (D).

NOLA  One of King Thous' advisers in Atlantis (GG).

NOMA  One of the Jacondans serving Azmael.  She worked for Mestor, and was killed by Hugo Lang (6S).

NORD  Also known as the Vandal of the Roads.  He was one of the contestants in the talent contest organized by the Psychic Circus, to entertain the Gods of Ragnarok.  He died in the ring (7J).

NORM  Alzarian class of citizens who received normal education (5R).

NORNA  Frontios colonist, and Mr. Range's daughter.  She helped the Fifth Doctor expose and defeat the Tractators (6N).

NORTH SEA  It was the home of a parasitic, intelligent Weed, which attacked off-shore rigs belonging to the Euro-Sea Gas Corporation (RR).  The Zygons' Skarasen also traveled through an underground passage from Loch Ness to the North Sea to attack several off-shore rigs (4F).

NORTHCAWL  Copper mine owned by the Sirius Conglomerate on Androzani Major (6R).

NORTHUMBERLAND  Ancient vikings buried Fenric's flask in a small village on the coast of Northumberland.  The Seventh Doctor eventually fought the Wolves of Fenric there during World War II (7M).

NORTHUMBRIA  The First Doctor fought the Meddling Monk there in 1066 AD (S).

NORTON, WILFRED  IMC agent who claimed to be a colonist whose colony had been wiped out by lizard attacks, and whose survivors had been killed by the Primitives.  He killed Holden, but was later exposed and killed by Winton (HHH).

NORTON  Corporal who fought the Dinosaur Invasion (WWW).

NOSFERATU  Sabalom Glitz's ship.  Its crew had been sold by Glitz and frozen by Kane.  In order to manipulate Glitz into looking for the Dragonfire, Kane threatened to confiscate it.  Kane wanted the Nosferatu destroyed, but Belasz thwarted him.  The ship was used in the evacuation of Iceworld, but was blown up by Kane.  After Kane's suicide, Glitz rechristened Iceworld Nosferatu II (7G).

NOSTALGIA TRIPS  Company which had charted the galactic tour bus to 1959 Disneyland, but which was forced to land in Wales instead.  According to the Seventh Doctor, they had been plagued with endless disasters (7F).

NOT-WE  Term used by the Kinda to refer to the Earthmen who were not a part of their mental gestalt (5Y).

NOVA DEVICE  Movellan bomb capable of annihilating an entire planet.  Sharrel planned to use it on Skaro, but was stopped by Romana (5J).

NOVAS  In the very far future, the First Doctor watched Earth plunge into the Sun, which may have triggered a nova-like explosion (X).  The Fourth Doctor jettisoned the Fendahl Skull near a supernova to destroy it (4X).  Proamon's sun had gone nova a thousand years after Kane's exile (7G).
 The Hand of Omega was a stellar manipulator created by Omega, which could turn a star into a supernova.  The Seventh Doctor used it to turn Skaro's sun into a supernova (7H).  The supernova created by Omega collapsed and turned into a black hole trapping the great Solar engineer inside a universe of anti-matter (RRR).  Presumbly that black hole was the same black hole later captured by Rassilon, and which became known as the Eye of Harmony (4P).  Omega eventually returned through the Arc of Infinity, a collapsed star (6E).

NUAL  One of the Swampies killed by Kroll (5E).

NUCLEAR ENERGY  The Third Doctor saved the Wenley Moor atomic research station from the Silurians (BBB), and the Nuton Power Complex from Axos (GGG).  The Fourth Doctor saved the Experimental Atomic Energy Complex from Eldrad (4N).  The alien Dominators did not hesitate to turn a planet into a radioactive mass for their fuel supply (TT).

NUCLEAR WARS  The threat of World War III was averted several times by the Third and Fourth Doctors (FFF, KKK, 4A).  Future Earth wars included limited nuclear wars in the early 21st Century, which Salamander used to his own benefit (PP), and the 51st Century battle against the Alliance led by Magnus Greel (4S).  Alien nuclear wars included the so-called Thousand-Year War between the Thals and the Kaleds, which resulted in the creation of the Daleks (4E, B), the Dulcian wars (TT), the Atrios-Zeos war (5F), the Argolin-Foamasi war (5N) and the Karfel-Bandril war (6Y).  Also see WAR.

NUCLEUS  Noetic core entity of the Virus of the Purpose.  It was a blood-red, crustacean-like, tentacled monster.  The Nucleus used the Fourth Doctor's body as host, lodging itself in his mind-brain interface.  The Doctor placed himself in a self-induced coma to cut off the mental activity which nourished the Nucleus.  Miniaturized clones of the Doctor and Leela were then dispatched by Prof. Marius to kill the Nucleus, but the alien entity escaped and enlarged to human-size.  Lowe took the Nucleus back to its Hive on Titan, where it would be able to swarm.  It was eventually destroyed when the Doctor blew up the base (4T).

NUMISMATON  Volcanic Flame produced by the Fire Mountain of Sarn.  It was a rare catalytic reagent which could cure deadly ills, and extend an individual's life and powers.  The Fifth Doctor used it to save Malkon's life, and the Master was almost destroyed in it (6Q).  The Numismaton Flame of Sarn may have been caused by the same phenomenon which created the Sisterhood's Sacred Flame on Karn (4K).


NUTHUTCH  Derogatory nickname given by the inhabitants of Llanfairfach to Prof. Clifford Jones' Wholeweal Community (TTT).

NUTON POWER COMPLEX  Nuclear research centre which was under the direction of Sir George Hardiman.  In spite of the Third Doctor's efforts, it was attacked and destroyed by Axos (GGG).

NUTTING  UNIT corporal who set up the explosives who eventually destroyed the Silurian shelters at Wenley Moor (BBB).

NYDER  Sadistic Kaled Security Commander.  He interrogated the Fourth Doctor and his companions when they arrived on Skaro.  Nyder was fiercely loyal to Davros, and helped him plot the destruction of his own people.  He was eventually killed by the Daleks (4E).

NYSSA  One of the Companions of the Fourth and Fifth Doctors.  She was Tremas of Traken's daughter.  She helped the Fourth Doctor defeat the Master on Traken, then went in search of her father, whose body had been taken over by the Renegade Time Lord. She followed the avatar of the Doctor, known as the Watcher, to Logopolis, then Earth, where she watched the Fourth Doctor regenerate.  She then helped the Fifth Doctor fight the Master, Monarch, the Mara and the Terileptils.  During a visit at Cranleigh Halt, she discovered she was a perfect double for Ann Talbot, Charles Cranleigh's fiancee.  Alongside the Fifth Doctor and Tegan, she fought the Cybermen, the Master again (disguised as Kalid), Omega, the Mara again, and Mawdryn.  Finally, she found her calling when she chose to remain on Terminus to synthesize hydromel and help the victims of Lazar's disease (5T-6G).