O'HARA  Morestran guard who was part of Vishinsky's landing party on Zeta Minor.  He was killed by the anti-matter creatures (4H).

OAK (MR.)  The Weed's mind-slave.  With his partner, Mr. Quill, he attacked Maggie Harris, and later tried to thwart the Second Doctor's efforts to destroy the parasitic intelligence (RR).

OBAN  Kastrian technician (4N).

OBERON (GRAND ORDER OF)  Quasi-religious order of space knights devoted to fighting evil.  Orcini had been a member, but was excommunicated (6Z).

OCULOID  Tracking probe used by the Morestrans (4H).

ODDA  Name of the Zygon who impersonated Sister Lamont.  He killed Angus McRanald (4F).

ODYSSEUS (a.k.a. ULYSSES)  Crafty King of Ithaca.  He was one of the Greek warriors involved in the Trojan War.  He suspected that the First Doctor was not really Zeus, and forced him to come up with the statagem of the Trojan Horse (U).

OFFICIAL  One of the Supervisors in charge of the gas mine work shifts on the Macra-dominated space colony (JJ).

OGDEN  Private who fought the Dinosaur Invasion (WWW).

OGREK  Lobos' second-in-command at the Moroks' Space Museum (Q).

OGRI  Aliens from Ogros who resembled stone megaliths and fed on a globulin found in human blood.  Three Ogri arrived on Earth with Cessair of Diplos, whom they served.  They became part of a Stone Circle which, at various times in history, became known as the Six, Seven or Nine Travellers.  One Ogri was destroyed by the Fourth Doctor, another by the Megara and the third one was returned to Ogros (5C).

OGRONS  Savage, primitive brutes used as henchmen by the Daleks.  The Third Doctor encountered them twice.  The first time, they were pursuing the guerilla from the future (KKK).  The second time, they were used by the Master in his attempts to foment a war between Earth and the Draconians.  The Doctor travelled to the Ogron homeworld, a barren, desolate place, inhabited by fierce, giant lizards which preyed on the Ogrons (QQQ).  Some Ogrons were prisoners of Vorg's Scope (PPP).

OGROS  Home world of the Ogri, located in the Tau Ceti star system.  It was covered in great swamps full of amino acids (5C).

OHICA  Priestess of the Sisterhood of Karn.  She helped the Fourth Doctor destroy the Morbius Monster.  She assumed the leadership of the Sisterhood after Maren's death (4K).

O.K. CORRAL (GUNFIGHT AT THE) (26 October 1881)  Famous gunfight between the Clanton brothers (and Johnny Ringo) on one side, and the Earp Brothers and Doc Holliday on the other.  It ended with the Clantons' deaths.  The First Doctor was mistaken for Doc Holliday, and almost took part in it (Z).


OLA  Chief of Police of the Macra-dominated space colony (JJ).


OLD MOTHER  Old cavewoman, member of the Tribe of Gum, and Za's mother.  She thought fire was evil.  She was later stabbed to death by Kal (A).

OLD SILURIAN  Leader of the Silurian triad of Wenley Moor, which included the Young Silurian and Icthar.  He had developed a relationship with Dr. Quinn.  The Third Doctor convinced him that the Silurians could share Earth peacefully with Mankind.  When he realized the Young Silurian was trying to wipe out humanity with a virus, he freed the Doctor and gave him the means to find an antidote.  He was then killed by the Young Silurian.  According to some reports, his Silurian name was Okdel (BBB).

OLLIS, ARTHUR  Game warden in an Essex bird sanctuary mistakenly kidnapped by Omega.  After helping the Three Doctors defeat the Renegade Time Lord, he was safely returned to Earth (RRR).

OLLIS (MRS.)  Arthur Ollis's wife (RRR).

OLVIR  He and Kari were space pirates who mistakenly boarded a ship enroute to Terminus.  His sister had died from Lazar disease.  He helped the Fifth Doctor save the universe and free Terminus (6G).


OMEGA  First and foremost of the ancient Gallifreyans' Solar Engineers.  Using his Stellar Manipulator (also known as the Hand of Omega), he detonated a star into a supernova, the tremendous energy of which was required for the Gallifreyans to achieve mastery of time travel and become Time Lords.  However, when the supernova suddenly collapsed into a black hole, Omega was trapped and projected into an anti-matter universe.  He blamed the Time Lords for his predicament, and swore revenge.  When Omega tried to escape, the Time Lords summoned the Three Doctors to fight him.  Omega then discovered that he could not leave the anti-matter universe, because anti-matter had totally destroyed his physical being, and only his mind was left.  He was presumed dead in a matter/anti-matter explosion caused when his anti-matter being came into contact with the Second Doctor's positive matter recorder (RRR).
 However, Omega survived and returned from the anti-matter universe by using the Arc of Infinity, a collapsed Q-star.  He allied himself with Councillor Hedin, invaded the Matrix, and tried to bond physically with the Fifth Doctor, so that he could remain in our universe.  The Doctor then used a matter converter to banish and, presumably, destroy Omega before a huge anti-matter explosion could annihilate Amsterdam (6E).

OMEGA  Nickname given by the Second Doctor to one of the three "humanized" Daleks (LL).

OMENS  Name given by the people of Zanak to the changes in the stars caused each time Zanak made a space jump (5B).

OMRIL  Bigoted Alzarian technician who was afraid of the Marshchild (5R).

OPEKS  Monetary unit used throughout the Cyrennic Empire.  Garron wanted ten million opeks for Ribos, but settled for eight (5A).

OPERATION GOLDEN AGE  Operation masterminded by Sir Charles Grover.  In the first stage, Prof. Whitaker used his time scoop to bring forward prehistoric monsters to clear the streets of London.  This became known as the Dinosaur Invasion.  Then, Grover and Whitaker planned to roll time back, and return Earth to an age when it was yet unspoiled by pollution and technology.  Grover had recruited volunteers, dubbed the "People", and had tricked them into believing they were on a spaceship en route to another planet, New Earth.  The People were supposed to become the occupants of New Earth, which would have been in reality the "old" Earth after time had been rolled back.  Operation Golden Age was exposed, and stopped, by the Third Doctor and Sarah Jane Smith (WWW).

ORACLE  Computer of the legendary lost ship P7E which carried the Minyan Race Banks.  The P7E drifted to the edge of the universe, where enough space matter accumulated around it that it became the center of an underground world known as Underworld.  The Oracle became sentient, and used the Race Banks to create a society comprised of the Seers, the Guards and the Trogs to serve it.  Eventually, the P7E was found by Jackson and his crew.  With the help of the Fourth Doctor and Leela, they wrested the Race Banks from the Oracle.  The Oracle and its Underworld perished in an explosion caused by two fission grenades disguised as the Race Banks, which the Oracle had intended to use to destroy Jackson's ship (4Y).
ORB  Fire god of the cavemen (A).
ORCHID, BLACK   George Cranleigh was disfigured by the Butiu Indians because he had stolen a black orchid, which they considered sacred.  ®MDUL¯Black Orchid®MDNM¯ was the title of the account he wrote of his journey.  Lady Cranleigh gave a copy to the Fifth Doctor (6A).

ORCINI  Former knight of the Grand Order of Oberon.  He was excommunicated and became a mercenary, accompanied by his squire, Bostock.  His right leg had been replaced by an artificial one.  Orcini was hired by Kara to kill Davros.  He fought Davros' Daleks alongside the Sixth Doctor.  He eventually sacrificed his life to blow up Tranquil Repose and Davros's Dalek "factory" (6Z).

ORDER  The concept of Order and Light were embodied by the White Guardian (5A, 6H).

ORDERLIES  Title borne by the officers of the colony of Frontios (6N).

ORFE  Member of Jackson's crew.  He fought the Oracle in the Underworld alongside the Fourth Doctor and Leela.  After the Quest was over, he returned to Minyos II (4Y).

ORGANIC MATTER DETECTOR SURVEILLANCE SYSTEM (OMDSS)  Security system installed aboard the Ark in Space (4C).

ORGANON  Lady Adrasta's Court astrologer.  She had him thrown into the Pit because he had foreseen Erato's real nature.  He helped the Fourth Doctor to expose Adrasta's duplicity, and reveal Erato's true nature (5G).


ORINOCO  Venezuelan Portion of the Amazon explored by George Cranleigh (6A).

ORLION  Precious mineral normally found only on Collactin, and Bandraginus Five, a planet destroyed by Zanak (5B).

ORTEZO  He and Atza were two Mogarians who had embarked on the Hyperion III space liner.  They prevented the ship from being plunged into the black hole of Tartarus, but then were used by Rudge to hijack it.  They only wanted to recover its precious cargo of vionesium, which they deenmed to have been "stolen" from their planet.  They were killed by Doland (7C).

ORTRON  Queen Thalira of Peladon's Chancellor.  He was opposed to the Federation's interference in Peladon's affairs.  He distrusted the Third Doctor, and was able to sway the Queen by his advice.  He eventually joined Gebek when Azaxyr's Ice Warriors took over Peladon, and was killed by Sskel while helping the Queen escape (YYY).

ORUM  Commissioner on the Aliens' Admission Commission on Inter Minor.  At first, he helped Kalik in his attempts to discredit the President's liberal policies, but then balked when Kalik attempted to free the Drashigs.  After Kalik was defeated by the Third Doctor and Vorg, Orum surrendered and confessed (PPP).

OSBORN  Crew member of the space penitentiary where Davros was kept.  He was killed during the Daleks' attack (6P).

OSEIDON  Homeworld of the Kraals, who had ruined it through internecine atomic wars.  It became increasingly radioactive, driving the Kraals to attempt the conquest of other planets.  Their efforts to invade Earth were thwarted by the Fourth Doctor (4J).

OSGOOD  Lunar controller of the T-Mat system.  After he was notified of the system's failure by Gia Kelly, he returned to the Moon.  He was killed by the Ice Warriors (XX).

OSGOOD  UNIT Sergeant who helped the Brigadier against Azal and Bok (JJJ).

OSIRIANS  Race of god-like beings who arose on Phaester Osiris.  They visited Earth in the days of Ancient Egypt.  Their leader, Horus, and seven hundred other Osirians, defeated Sutekh and imprisoned him inside a secret pyramid, where he was immoblized by a force field generated by the Eye of Horus.  The Eye was located in the Pyramids of Mars.  The Osirians then left the Solar System.  Their final fate is unknown (4G).

OSMIC PROJECTOR  Linx's rudimentary time machine used to kidnap 20th Century scientists (UUU).

OTHERS  Name given by the Citizens of Pluto to the rebels who lived in the Undercity: outlaws, tax criminals and escapees from the correction centres.  Mandrel was their leader (4W).

OTHRYS  First planet ever visited by the Psychic Circus (7J).


OUTLERS  Young Alazarians who refused to believe in the Deciders' rule, and chose to live outside the Starliner.  Varsh was their leader (5R).

OUTSIDER, THE  Mythical figure of Sarn's religion, inspired by their early contacts with the Trions.  The Sarns believed that if they submitted to the god Logar, the Outsider would come and bring them many gifts.  The Master pretended to be the Outsider (6Q).


OVERLORDS  Nickname given to the humans by the Solonians (NNN).

OXLEY WOODS  Landing site of the Nestene meteorites.  It was also where the Third Doctor's TARDIS rematerialized after his first trial by the Time Lords (AAA).


OZA  Insane Varosian morgue attendant.  He and Az were supposed to dispose of the Sixth Doctor's body in an acid bath, but instead fell into it (6V).