P7E  Legendary lost ship which carried the Minyan Race Banks.  It drifted to the edge of the universe, where enough space matter accumulated around it that it became the center of an underground world known as Underworld.  Its computer, the Oracle, became sentient, and used the Race Banks to create a society comprised of the Seers, the Guards, and the Trogs to serve him.  Eventually, the P7E was found by Jackson and his crew.  With the help of the Fourth Doctor and Leela, they wrested the Race Banks away from the Oracle.  The P7E and the Underworld perished in an explosion caused by two fission grenades disguised as the Race Banks, which the Oracle had intended to use to destroy Jackson's ship (4Y).

P, ERNEST  Stage doorman at the Forum where Happiness Patrol auditions were held (7L).

P, PRISCILLA  Fanatical member of the Happiness Patrol.  She was in charge of the waiting zone where killjoys were kept before being executed.   After the revolution overthrew Helen A's regime, she was condemned to repaint the TARDIS in its original colour (7L).

P, SILAS  Undercover member of the Happiness Patrol of Terra Alpha.  He was responsible for the arrests of fourty-seven Killjoys.  After he tried to have the Seventh Doctor arrested, he was mistaken for a killjoy, and shot by the Happiness Patrol (7L).

PACIFIER  Device designed by the Minyans to quell aggressive instincts (4Y).

PACKARD  Helmsman on Rorvik's ship.  He died when the privateer's ship was destroyed (5S).

PACKER  Ruthless Chief of Security of International Electromatics.  He fought alongside his boss, Tobias Vaughn, against the Second Doctor and UNIT to make the Cybermen Invasion possible, although he did not completely trust the Cybermen.  He was eventually killed by the Cybermen (VV).

PADMASAMBHAVA  High Lama of Det-Sen Monastery.  He was gifted with extraordinary mental powers.  He met the Doctor for the first time in the 17th Century.  During one of his astral journeys, he later met the Great Intelligence, who promised him knowledge and long life, and ultimately took over his mind.  The Intelligence used him to manipulate its robot Yeti and protect its attempt at reincorporation.  Padmasambhava died after the Second Doctor challenged the Intelligence to a mental battle, enabling Jamie and Thomni to destroy its pyramid gateway (NN).

PAGET (MISS)  Sir Reginald Styles's secretary (KKK).

PALACE THEATRE  Henry Gordon Jago's theatre, and Magnus Greel's secret lair (4S).


PALESTINE  It was visited by the First Doctor and his Companions at the time of the Third Crusade (P).

PALMER  UNIT corporal who fought against Omega's gel creatures (RRR).  He also helped fight the Zygons (4F).

PALMERDALE, HENRY (LORD)  Crooked financier.  He tore up Colonel Skinsale's gambling debts in exchange for insider information, which he intended to use to profit on the stock market.  His insistence on a speedy return to London caused his ship to crash on Fang Rock.  In spite of the Fourth Doctor's efforts, he was eventually killed by the Rutan (4V).

PAMIR  Tibetan plateau where the First Doctor met Marco Polo in 1289 AD (D).

PANATO, ZA   One of the eleven geniuses kidnapped by the Rani to make up her giant Brain.  He was rescued by the Seventh Doctor, who returned him to his exact place in time and space (7D).

PANDAK THE THIRD  President of the High Council of the Time Lords of Gallifrey.  He ruled for nine hundred years (4P).

PANGOL  Argolin who was cloned by the Tachyon Recreation Generator from cells donated by other Argolins.  He saw himself as a new Theron, the leader of a new, warlike Argolis.  After Mena collapsed, and the West Lodge Foamasi plot to buy the Leisure Hive was exposed, Pangol planned to use the TRG to recreate millions of duplicates of himself.  His plans were thwarted by the Fourth Doctor and Hardin, who pushed him inside the TRG with Mena.  He was rejuvenated into a baby (5N).

PANNA  Ancient, blind, Kinda wise woman.  She felt that the Earth Expedition to Deva Loka was a threat to their way of life.  After she died, Karuna inherited all of her knowledge (5Y).

PANOPTICON  Heart of the Capitol of the Time Lords of Gallifrey.  The Eye of Harmony was secretly kept under the Panopticon (ZZ, RRR, 4P, 4Z, 6E, 6K).

PARADISE TOWERS  304-story luxury residence built by Kroagnon, the Great Architect.  Kroagnon's brain was secretly buried in the Towers' basement after he tried to prevent people from living in his creation.  The Towers fell into disrepair after most of its residents left to fight in (presumably) the First Dalek Wars.  The only people to remain were the Caretakers, the Old (or "Rezzies") and gangs of youths called Kangs.  Under Kroagnon's influence, the robotic Cleaners began to exterminate all human life inside the Towers.  Kroagnon eventually took control of the Chief Caretaker's body.  With the help of Pex and the Kangs, the Seventh Doctor managed to expose and destroy Kroagnon (7E).

PARALLEL UNIVERSES  (A.k.a. ALTERNATE REALITIES)  Worlds similar, but not identical, to the one where the Doctor's adventures took place.  More often than not, they occurred because of a significant temporal divergence: the near-future universe where the First Doctor and his companions ended up as exhibits in the Moroks' Space Museum was such an alternate reality (Q).  Other such parallel universes included: the world where the Daleks successfully invaded Earth after a Third World War was triggered by the assassination of diplomat Sir Reginald Styles (KKK), and the world where Sutekh destroyed the Earth after being released from his pyramid (4G).  More elaborate parallel universes included: the fascist England destroyed by Prof. Stahlman's "Inferno" project (DDD) and the altermate world ruled by Morgaine after she defeated King Arthur in the Middle Ages (7N).
 It has been argued that the Doctor's interventions in Earth's history contributed to changing its future, and therefore, many of the future Earths visited by the Time Lord were themselves parallel universes.  Certainly, some of the events reported during the so-called "Trial of the Time Lord", such as the Sixth Doctor's original, unrecorded encounter with Mel and a number of their adventures together (including the one where they saved the Hyperion III from the Vervoids), became part of a parallel universe after the Valeyard's defeat (7A-7C).

PARAPSYCHOLOGY SCHOOL  Earth school attended by Zoe.  It placed an emphasis on pure logic and intellectual achievements to the detriment of emotions (SS).  It may have developed into the founding institution of the Brotherhood of Logicians (MM).

PARASITES  Parasitic entities who depended on other living beings for their sustenance included: the Fendahl, who stole life itself (4X); vampiric lifeforms who fed on blood such as: the Ogri (5C), the Vampires (5P), the Tetraps (7D), and the Haemovores (7M); vegetal entities such as: the Weed (RR) and the Krynoids, who devoured animal life (4L); the Virus of the Purpose (4T) and the Wirrn (4C) who laid their eggs in humans.  The Elders (AA) and Magnus Greel (4S) drained the energy of others to survive.  The Krotons drained the Gonds' mental energies to repower their Dynatrope (WW).  Finally, the Chameleons tried to steal human identities (KK).
 Other parasites drained all energy and natural ressources from planets, leaving shriveled husks behind.  Among these were: Axos (GGG), the Usurians (4W), the Nimon (5L), the Tractators (6N) and the Gastropods (6S).   The Dominators (TT) and the Pirate Planet Zanak also thrived on other worlds' destruction (5B).
 Other parasitic entities who preyed on human emotions, such as evil or faith, included: the Mind Parasite (FFF), the Mandragora Helix (4M), the Mara (5Y, 6D) and the Malus (6M).  The Celestial Toymaker (Y), the Master-Brain of the Land of Fiction (UU), the Eternals (6H) and The Gods of Ragnarok all depended on humans to fill their craving for entertainment (7J).
 Parasites who simply wanted to rule and live at the expense of their victims included: the Animus (N), the Macra (JJ), the Nestene (AAA, EEE) and the Spiders of Metebelis 3 (ZZZ).   The Tharils once lived a parasitic lifestyle until they were killed by the Gundans or enslaved (5S).  All conquerors were, economically speaking, parasites.
   Isolated instances of parasitic actions occurred when: Meglos took over an Earthman's body (5Q); Omega tried to bond with the Fifth Doctor's body (6E) and Kroagnon's brain took over the Chief Caretaker's body (7E).  The Rani used a slug-like parasite to control her victims' will (6X).

PARIS  Capital of France visited by the First Doctor during the French Revolution (H) and at the time of St. Batholomew's Massacre (W).  The Fourth Doctor and Romana fought Scaroth there (5H).

PARIS  Son of King Priam of Troy.  He started the chain of events which eventually led to the Trojan War, by eloping with Helen, King Menelaus' wife. (U).

PARKER  UNIT private who was involved in the matter of the three radioactive alien Ambassadors (CCC).

PARKINSON  Blind vicar who performed religious rites when the Seventh Doctor had the casket containing the Hand of Omega buried.  He later performed the same services at Mike Smith's funeral (7H).

PARKINSON (MRS.)  Ace's art teacher (7N).
PAROLI  Sea Base Four crewmember.  He was killed by the Sea Devils (6L).

PARRAN  According to Gharman, he was one of the Kaleds opposed to Davros (4E).
PARRINIUM  A rare mineral found only on Exxilon, which proved to be the only cure for a space plague (XXX).

PARRY (PROF.)  Archeologist who discovered the Tomb of the Cybermen on Telos during an expedition financed by Logician Eric Klieg.  When he realized his mistake, Prof. Parry helped the Second Doctor defeat the Cybermen (MM).

PARSONS  Prof. Marius's assistant.  He was shot by Lowe (4T).

PARSONS, CHRIS  Young Cambridge student who graduated in 1975 with honors in chemistry.  He accidentally borrowed ®MDUL¯The Ancient Law of Gallifrey®MDNM¯ from Prof. Chronotis.  He and his friend, Clare Keightley, helped the Fourth Doctor and Romana defeat Skagra (5M).

PARTICLE DISSEMINATOR  Weapon with which the Valeyard plotted to kill the Time Lords attending the Trial of the Sixth Doctor.  The Doctor overloaded it with an Ion Avalanche Diode (7C).

PARTICLE SUPPRESSOR  Silurian weapon used on Sea Base Four.  It tuned an energy beam back on its sender (6L).

PASTEUR, LOUIS (1822-1895)  French chemist who discovered a vaccine against rabies.  One of the eleven geniuses kidnapped by the Rani to make up her giant Brain.  He was rescued by the Seventh Doctor, who returned him to his exact place in time and space (7D).

PATEL  Member of the Peace Party, and prisoner at the Luna Penal Colony.  He befriended the Third Doctor and Prof. Dale (QQQ).

PATERSON  Retired Sergeant teaching self-defense course in Perivale.  His creed was "survival of the fittest".  He was taken to the planet of the Cheetah People, but later refused to listen to the Seventh Doctor and believe in the reality of his experience.  He was eventually killed by Midge (7P).

PATREXES  One of the Time Lords' colleges.  Others include the Arcalians and the Prydonians.  The Patrexes' color was heliotrope (4P).

PATTERSON  Doctor employed by the Euro-Sea Gas Corporation at its North Sea Refinery.  When the Weed attacked, he was dispatched to Rig D (RR).

PATTERSON  One of the workers at the Inferno Project site (DDD).

PAYNE, JOE  Member of Lytton's gang of robbers.  He was killed by the Cybermen in the London sewers (6T).

PCM (PENTO CYLEINIC METHYL HYDRANE)  Anxiety-inducing gas pumped into the air of the Megropolises of Pluto by the Company, to prevent the Citizens from rebelling.  Bisham had found an antidote for it (4W).


PEACEPIPE  Former member of the Psychic Circus (7J).

PEASE POTTAGE  Mel came from Pease Pottage, Sussex (7C).

PEINFORTE (LADY)  British aristocrat from the 17th Century.  She shaped validium into a statue dubbed the Silver Nemesis.  It revealed many secrets about the Time Lords and the Doctor to her.  Lady Peinforte fought the Doctor for possession of the statue, but lost.  She then used the statue's arrow to travel forward in time to 1988 Windsor with her man-servant Richard, when the Silver Nemesis returned to Earth.  There, she fought the Seventh Doctor, the Nazis, led by De Flores, and the Cybermen.  Having failed to blackmail the Doctor with his secrets, she merged with the statue (7K).

PEKING (a.k.a. BEIJING)  Capital of China.  The First Doctor met Kublai Khan there (D).  Magnus Greel's Time Cabinet was brought to Peking by Emperor T'ungchi's soldiers, and later given to Prof. Litefoot's family (4S).

PEKING HOMUNCULUS  Devilish automaton devised by Magnus Greel.  It was operated by a series of magnetic circuits and a small computer with the cerebral cortex of a pig.  The Homunculus needed a human operator, but the mental feedback was so intense that its swinish instincts became dominant.  It hated humanity and reveled in carnage. It was supposed to be a toy for the children of the Commissioner of the Icelandic Alliance, but in reality it was an assassination weapon.  The Homunculus massacred the Commissioner and his family, setting off World War VI and enabling the Supreme Alliance to take over Earth.  After the Alliance had been overthrown, the Homunculus fled with Magnus Greel to 19th Century China.  It then traveled to London where, under name of Mr. Sin, it became part of Li H'Sen Chang's magic act.  The Homunculus' blood lust eventually caused it to turn against all humans, including Greel, whom he shot down with laser fire.  It was then disconnected by the Fourth Doctor (4S).

PELADON  King of Peladon who wanted his planet to join the Federation.  With the help of the delegate Arcturus, Hepesh conspired to stop Peladon, and eventually tried to take him hostage.  Peladon was indecisive, and was only saved by the Third Doctor and Jo Grant (whom he was very fond of) (MMM).

PELADON  Planet rich in trisilicate.  Circa 3700 AD, under King Peladon's reign, the Third Doctor helped it join the Federation and, with the help of Alpha Centauri and the Martian Ice Warriors, exposed an Arcturian plot (MMM).  Fifty years later, the Third Doctor prevented the hostile Galaxy 5 from using the traitor Eckersley to take over Peladon's trisilicate mines (YYY).

PENLEY, ELRIC  Senior Scientist of the Britannicus Base in 3000 AD who clashed with Clent over the latter's over-reliance on computers.  Penley joined Storr and became a scavenger.  He later helped the Second Doctor defeat the Ice Warriors, and eventually reconciled with Clent, after having proven the value of human initiative (OO).

PENN  International Space Corps technician serving under General Hermack (YY).

PENTALION DRIVE  Power source for transmats in the 25th Century (4D).

PEOPLE, THE  Name given by Sir Charles Grover to the volunteers he had recruited and tricked into believing they were on a spaceship en route to another planet named New Earth.  The People were supposed to become the occupants of the New Earth, which in reality, was to be merely the same "old" Earth, after time had been rolled back by Operation Golden Age (WWW).

PERCIVAL, CHARLES (DR.)  Director of the Newton Research Institute where the Master worked on TOM-TIT.  He fell under the Master's control and was eventually killed by Kronos (OOO).

PERFECT VICTIM  Name given by the Aztecs to the person who would be sacrificed to Huitzilipochtli by Tlotoxl (F).


PERIBOEA  Planet visited by Captain Cook (7J).
PERIERA (COLONEL)  Space raider nicknamed the Chief who trained Valgard and Olvir (6G).
PERIVALE  Ace's home town.  The Seventh Doctor took her back to confront her fears in the evil house, Gabriel Chase, in 1883 AD (7Q).  Eventually, Ace returned to modern-day Perivale to look up her friends, and helped the Seventh Doctor rescue several of its denizens who had been kidnapped by the Master and the Cheetah People (7P).

PERKINS  Gray's man-servant.  He finally elected to join McLaren and the other highlanders who sailed for France (FF).

PERKINS  Megan Jones's assistant (RR).

PERKINS  UNIT Private killed during the Cybermen Invasion (VV).

PERKINS  One of the soldiers under Commander Millington's command in Northumberland.  He was killed by the Haemovores (7M).

PERRY  Mr. Waterfield's assistant (LL).

PERRY (DR.)  Moreton Harwood G.P. (K9).

PERSEUS  Constellation where Mogar was located (7C).

PERSUASION  He and Enlightenment were Monarch's two Urbankan android ministers.  Persuasion was destroyed by the Fifth Doctor (5W).

PERUGELLIS  Star sector where Beta Two, the original destination of the Hydrax, was located (5P).

PETER  One of the Moonbase crew.  He was killed by the Cybermen (HH).

PETERS  Flight Lieutenant who fought the Cybermen Invasion (VV).

PETERSON  One of Prof. Cornish's assistants (CCC).

PETROSSIAN  Member of the Soviet commando, led by Captain Sorin, which infiltrated Northumberland to steal the Ultima Machine "core".  He was killed by the Haemovores (7M).

PETROV, BORIS IVANOVICH  1812 Russian soldier who, along with the Second Doctor, fought in the Resistance to put an end to the War Games.  He was eventually returned to his proper place in time and space by the Time Lords (ZZ).

PETTULLIAN, MAXIMUS  Famous Corinthian lyre-player who was in league with Tavius to assassinate Emperor Nero.  The First Doctor was mistaken for Pettullian after the latter was murdered by Ascaris (M).

PEX  Young man who lived in Paradise Towers.  He pretended to be a hero, but in reality was a coward who had stayed behind when the other residents had gone to fight in the wars.  He redeemed himself when he sacrificed himself to help the Seventh Doctor destroy Kroagnon (7E).

PHAESTER OSIRIS  Homeworld of the Osirians.  It was destroyed by Sutekh (4G).

PHAROS PROJECT  Earth project using a radiotelescope to search for intelligent lifeforms and transmit messages to remote planets.  The Logopolitans used block transfer computations to copy it, and broadcast the necessary calculations needed to keep the Charged Vacuum Emboitements open and prolong the life of the universe.  After the Master disrupted the workings of Logopolis, the CVEs began closing.  Fortunately, the Logopolitans had discovered an equation that would stabilize them.  In spite of the Master's attempts to stop him and blackmail the Universe, the Fourth Doctor succeeded in using the Pharos Project to broadcast the Logopolitans' final calculations.  However, the Master caued the Doctor to fall and almost die, triggering another regeneration (5V).  The Master kidnapped Adric before leaving the site of the Pharos Project (5Z).

PHILIPPINO ARMY  The Doctor claimed to have fought alongside the Philippino Army at the Battle of Reykjavik against the Supreme Alliance (4S).

PHILLIPS, GEORGE (PROF.)  Professor working at the Beacon Hill Research Establishment.  The Master took control of his mind, and left him at Rossini's International Circus.  Later, he tried to use him to kill the Third Doctor with an explosive device, but Phillips' mind rebelled and broke free.  He took the brunt of the explosion and died (EEE).

PHILLIPS  One of the Londoners caught up in the Dinosaur Invasion (WWW).
PHILLIPS  Member of the Think Tank staff (4A).
PHIPPS  T-Mat operator on the Moon when it was taken over by the Ice Warriors.  He was killed by the Ice Warriors as he tried increasing the temperature to disable the Martians (XX).

PHOENIX IV  The supply ship Silver Carrier was this class of ship (SS).

PHYLLIS  She and Jean were two East End refugees staying with Ms. Hardaker in Northumberland during World War II.  They were turned into Haemovores.  Then, after helping secure Fenric's release, they were killed by the Ancient Haemovore (7M).

PHYLOX SERIES  Andromedan planetary series which was supposed to be Castrovalva's location (5Z).
PICTOS  Planet where the Menoptera retrenched after they were driven away from Vortis by the Animus and the Zarbi (N).

PIERROT  Costume worn by both the Fifth Doctor and George Cranleigh during the Costume Ball at Cranleigh Hall (6A)



PIGS  The Peking Homunculus incorporated the cerebral cortex of a pig into a small computer (4S).

PIKE, SAMUEL  Infamous 17th Century pirate captain and smuggler who wore a hook at the end of his right arm.  He had once served under the notorious Captain Avery with fellow pirates Longfoot and Cherub.  Pike tried to find Avery's treasure, and even fought Cherub to the death, but was eventually thwarted by the First Doctor.  He was shot by Blake (CC).

PILOT  Second-in-command of the Macra-dominated space colony.  He eventually helped the Second Doctor expose and defeat the Macra (JJ).

PILOT  Captain of the Skonnan ship which carried the Anethan tribute to Skonnos.  His name was Sekkoth.  He was killed in a ship explosion (5L).

PING-CHO  Young Chinese girl from the 13th Century who was to marry an aged nobleman.  Her betrothed died during the First Doctor's visit to Peking, and she eventually married her true love, Ling-Tau (D).

PINTO  Nurse in charge of First Aid at Gatwick Airport.  Her identity was taken over by the Chameleons.  After Meadows killed her alien double, the real Pinto helped the Second Doctor defeat the aliens (KK).

PIPE PEOPLE  Original inhabitants of Terra Alpha driven underground by the human settlers.  Their real name was the Alpidae, but they had been nicknamed Pipe People because they had been relegated to living inside the colony's network of pipes.  They were slowly dying of starvation.  A tribe led by Wulfric and Wences helped the Seventh Doctor and Ace overthrow Helen A's tyrannical regime (7L).

PIRATES  The First Doctor fought Captain Pike's pirates on the Cornish coast in the 17th Century (CC).  The Second Doctor fought Caven's space pirates in the future (YY).  The Fourth Doctor fought the Captain of Zanak, dubbed the "pirate planet", who liked to surround himself with the trappings of piracy (5B), and Captain Rorvik, who held the time-sensitive Tharils captive (5S).

PIT  Former mine where Lady Adrasta kept Erato, the ambassador from Tythonus, prisoner.  She used him to kill the rebels to her despotic rule (5G).

PJX 18  Another name for quartz, found in abundance on Earth.  The Captain of Zanak was prepared to crush Earth to obtain it and replace his damaged Macromat Field Integrator (5B).

PLACE OF DEATH  Name given by Lady Adrasta to the landing spot of Erato's ship (5G).



PLANTAGENET  Captain Revere's son.  He became the leader of the Frontios colony after his father was kidnapped by the Tractators.  He, too, was captured by the Tractators who wanted to attach him to their excavating machine.  He was saved by the Fifth Doctor and restored as colony's leader (6N).


PLASMATONS  Random agglomeration of proteins assembled from the air and the passengers of the Concorde Flight 192, which were brought together by the evil Xeraphin's power.  They were used by the Master to do his bidding in the Jurassic (6C).

PLASTICS  The Nestene had a special affinity for plastics (AAA, EEE).

PLETRAC  Chairman of the Aliens' Admission Commission on Inter Minor in charge of investigating Vorg's Scope.  He was very loyal to the President, but clearly outwitted by Kalik (PPP).

PLINY  Name of Ta's star (YY).

PLIOCENE  It was during the Pliocene -- 2.5 to 12 million years in the past -- that the Fendahl Skull arrived on Earth (4X).  Also see ANTHROPOLOGY.

PLUTO  Ninth planet of the Solar System.  The Usurians' Company moved men to Pluto, around which they had built six small artificial suns.  There, mankind lived a heavily-taxed life until they were freed by the intervention of the Fourth Doctor and Leela.  (4W).

PLUTON  One of the Moroks under Lobos at the Space Museum (Q).

POACHER, THE  Unnamed peasant who was enslaved by the Terileptils (5X).



POL CORPS  Varosian police (6V).

POLICEMEN  A policeman patrolled in front of 76 Totter's Lane (A).  Bert Rowse was the policeman who arrested Forester (J).  The First Doctor was mistaken for a lunatic by Liverpool policemen; Steven had to disguise himself as a policemen from another precinct to rescue him (V).  Sgt. Rugg was one of the Celestial Toymaker's pawns (Y).  Autons dressed as policemen tried to kill the Third Doctor and Jo Grant (EEE).  PC Quick and Sgt. Kyle interrogated Leela in the matter of the Tong of the Black Scorpion in Victorian London (4S).  St. Cedd's College Porter summoned a policeman after Prof. Chronotis' room disappeared (5M).  The Master killed a Policeman near Heathrow Airport (5V).  Commander Lytton disguised two of his men as policemen to capture or kill people who had escaped through the Daleks' time corridor.  The two were eventually caught by the Sixth Doctor (6P, 6T).


POLLOCK, WILLIAM  Retired Navy Commander and Aunt Lavinia's partner in a market garden shop in Moreton Harwood.  In reality, he was the High Priest of Hecate.  He and Lily Gregson were arrested thanks to the efforts of Sarah Jane Smith and K9 Mark III (K9).

POLLUTION  The Third Doctor fought the threat of the Green Death in Wales (TTT).  Sir Charles Grover, the mastermind behind Operation Golden Age, was the founder of the Save Planet Earth Society (WWW).  Prof. Kettlewell agreed to join the Scientific Reform Society because he wanted to stop pollution (4A).
 Earth had become almost hopelessly polluted by the 52nd Century, when the alien Usurians offered to move the surviving population to Mars and, later, to Pluto (4W).  Others chose to emigrate in what became known as the Second (or Great) Break Out (4T, 4Q).  The Sons of Earth fought to make sure that other worlds would not become as polluted as Earth (5E).  During the thousands of years during which polluted Earth was left alone, a new life form arose on Earth: that of the Haemovores (7M).  Eventually, as the planet's ecological balance was restored, the Haemovores became extinct.  After the Fourth Doctor helped men break free from the Usurians' yoke, they reclaimed the planet (4W).


POLO, MARCO (1254-1324)  Venetian merchant and explorer of the 13th Century.  He wanted to present the TARDIS as a gift to Kublai Khan in the hope that the Khan would allow him to return to Venice.  He helped the First Doctor prevent Kublai Khan's assassination at Tegana's hands (D).

POLYPHASE AVATRON  Murderous machine in the form of a parrot which was the Captain of Zanak's pet, and which he used to discipline his crew.  It was destroyed by K9 (Mark II) (5B).

PONTI  Executive Officer aboard the Morestran spaceship sent to Zeta Minor.  He was one of Vishinsky's landing party, and helped the Fourth Doctor fight the anti-matter creatures (4H).

PONTON  Planet known for making battleships (5A).

POPPAEA  Emperor Nero's vain, vicious and greedy wife.  He married her in 62 AD, but she died three years later.  She tried to kill Barbara (M).

POPPLEWICK (MR.)  A Dickensian bureaucrat working at J.J. Chambers' Fantasy Factory -- in reality, an avatar of the Valeyard inside the Matrix (7C).

PORTER  St. Cedd's porter.  He called a policeman after noticing the disappearance of Prof. Chronotis's room (5M).

PORTON DOWN  The Brigadier told the Fifth Doctor that Harry Sullivan had been seconded to NATO, and was involved in a secret operation at Porton Down (6F).

PORTREEVE  Leader of Castrovalva.  In reality, he was the Master in disguise.  His tapestry showed scenes from the past (5Z).
POSIKAR  Planet conducting business with the Mentors (7B).
POST OFFICE TOWER  Famous London site which was the location of WOTAN (BB).

POUL  Chief Mover of the Sandminer crew.  In reality, he was an investigator sent by the Company, along with D84, to look for Taren Capel.  He eventually succumbed to robophobia and went insane (4R).

POWERS  Senior officer at Stangmoor Prison.  He was killed by Mailer (FFF).

PRAESIDIUM  Ruling body of Androzani.  It was under the control of the Sirius Conglomerate (6R).

PRALIX  Young man of Zanak, and Mula's brother.  He became a Mentiad after absorbing the life force released by Calufrax.  He led the Mentiads, and helped the Fourth Doctor and Romana defeat the Captain (5B).

PRAPILIUS  Old Menoptera who was enslaved by the Zarbi on Vortis.  He led the rebellion against the ant-like creatures, and enabled the Menoptera invasion force to succeed.  He helped the First Doctor defeat the Animus, and eventually became leader of the Menoptera (N).
PRATUS  Chlorisian astrological sign (5G).
PRAXSIS  The Fifth Doctor claimed to wear a celery stick because he was allergic to certain gases in the Praxsis range of the spectrum; if the gases were present, the celery would turn purple (6R).

PREBA  Young trisilicate miner of Peladon.  He was killed by the Ice Warriors when he tried to free Gebek (YYY).


PRESIDENT (OF ANDROZANI)  Leader of the Androzani Praesidium.  He was assassinated by Morgus (6R).

PRESIDENT (OF EARTH)  26th Century woman.  She was in power when the Master tried to foment a war between Earth and the Draconians.  She agreed to break off diplomatic relations, but steadfastly refused to be the first to launch an act of war (QQQ).

PRESIDENT (OF THE TIME LORDS)  The President of the High Council of the Time Lords of Gallifrey was the most powerful of all Time Lords.  He was elected by the High Council, sometimes based on a nomination from his predecessor.  The President wore the three symbols of power: the Coronet, the Sash and the Rod of Rassilon.
 The President was probably one of the three Time Lords who passed judgment on the Second Doctor and the War Lords (ZZ).  Then, the President (since no name was provided, and Time Lords have the ability to regenerate, it could have been the same President, or a different one) suggested teaming up the Three Doctors to defeat Omega (RRR).  When the President was about to resign, and Chancellor Goth found out that he would not be the chosen successor, he plotted with the Master to kill him and frame the Fourth Doctor for the murder.  In order to gain time and escape immediate execution, the Doctor offered himself as candidate for the Presidency.  After Goth's death, he automatically became President (4P).  When the Fourth Doctor found out that the Vardans had invaded the Matrix and were planning to take over Gallifrey, he returned to claim the Presidency, and used the symbols of the office to defeat them, and later, the Sontarans.  He then abdicated in favor of Borusa, who became President (4Z).
   When Omega threatened to return to our universe by threatening to take over the Fifth Doctor's body, a regenerated Borusa voted to condemn the Doctor to death (6E).  Borusa regenerated again (which may have imbalanced his mind) and fell victim to a megalomaniacal passion.  He decided he wanted to remain President forever and acquire the true immortality once promised by Rassilon.  In order to break through the Tomb of Rassilon, he used the Five Doctors and their companions, pitting them against various threats in the Death Zone.  Rassilon finally gave him the immortality he sought by turning him into a living statue.  This in turn led the Council to appoint the Fifth Doctor as President.  But he deputised Chancellor Flavia with his powers and left (6K).
 By the time the Sixth Doctor was put on Trial, Flavia had been deposed and a new, corrupt President elected.  It is that President who probably initiated the Ravolox Stratagem and used the Valeyard in an attempt to prevent the Doctor from finding out.  After he was exposed during the Trial of the Doctor, he too was deposed.  The Inquisitor tried to persuade the Doctor to become President again, but he refused (7A-7C).

PRESLIN, CHARLES  Famous apothecary and medical pioneer.  He was visited by the First Doctor a few days before the St. Batholomew's Day Massacre.  Preslin had incurred the wrath of the Abbot of Amboise and, with the Doctor's help, was able to flee to Germany (W).

PRESTA  Member of the group of Shobogans who found Leela and Rodan.  She helped them and the Fourth Doctor repel the Sontarans' Invasion of Gallifrey (4Z).

PRESTON  Sea Base Four Lieutenant.  She helped the Fifth Doctor fight the Silurians and the Sea Devils.  She sacrificed her life to save that of the Fifth Doctor; she was shot by Sauvix (6L).

PRIAM  King of Troy, and father of both Paris and Troilus.  He died during the fall of Troy (U).

PRICE  Communications officer at the Euro-Sea Gas North Sea refinery which was attacked by the Weed.  He helped Harris and the Second Doctor destroy the Weed (RR).

PRIME UNIT  Noah's title on the ark in Space (4C).

PRIMITIVES  Telepathic inhabitants of Exarius.  They were harmless savages who worshipped the Guardian of the Doomsday Machine, the sole survivor of the super-beings who once occupied Exarius.  They probably perished when the Guardian destroyed the Doomsday Machine (HHH).

PRIMORDS  Nickname given to men infected by a green slime released by the Inferno project.  Mere contact with the slime caused a regressive mutation of the body cells, turning the victim into a savage, snarling beast.  The first Primord was Harry Slocum.  Eventually, even Prof. Stahlman himself turned into a Primord.  The Primords needed intense heat to survive, and could be destroyed with cold (such as the frozen CO2 gas contained in a fire extinguisher) (DDD).

PRION  Planetary system of Tigella and Zolfa-Thura (5Q).

PRIORY (OLD)  Prof. Scarman's house.  It was burned down in the 1911 conflagration that followed the Fourth Doctor's battle with Sutekh (4G).  UNIT headquarters was later built on that site.

PRISONS  The First Doctor briefly visited the prison planet of Desperus (V).  Ian was imprisoned on Marinus (E).  The First Doctor also visited his companions, who were imprisoned at the notorious Conciergerie (H).  The First Doctor also saw the insides of Tombstone's jail (Z).  The Third Doctor was imprisoned in the Luna Penal Colony (QQQ) and in Atlantis (OOO).  The Master engineered a jailbreak at Stangmoor Prison to seize the Thunderbolt missile (FFF).  The evil Time Lord was later jailed in an island prison, but escaped thanks to the Sea Devils (LLL).  The Fourth Doctor visited a space prison; it was in the shape of a satellite orbiting Earth in hyperspace above the circle of the Stones of Blood (5C).  Sutekh was imprisoned inside a pyramid, guarded by a force field controlled from Mars (4G).  The mysterious Shada was the prison of the Time Lords (5M), but both the Fourth Doctor (4P) and the Fifth Doctor (6E) were imprisoned on Gallifrey.  The Fifth Doctor tried to prevent Davros from escaping from a space prison (6P).  Sarn was Trion's prison planet (6Q).

PRITCHARD, BERT  A Llanfairfach miner.  He died of the Green Death (TTT).

PRITCHARD, MARGARET  As Lady Pritchard, she was George Pritchard's wife and misteress of Gabriel Chase.  After Josiah Samuel Smith took over, she became Mrs. Pritchard, the night housekeeper, and served Smith.  She was eventually turned to stone by Light (7Q).

PRITCHARD, GEORGE (SIR)  Original master of Gabriel Chase.  He was the husband of Lady Margaret and the father of Gwendoline.  He was killed by Gwendoline, acting under Josiah Samuel Smith's control (7Q).

PRITCHARD, GWENDOLINE  Daughter of George and Margaret Pritchard.  After Josiah Samuel Smith took over Gabriel Chase, she fell under his control and became his ward.  She sent unwanted visitors "to Java" (a euphemism for killing them), including her own father.  She was eventually turned to stone by Light (7Q).

PROAMON  Kane and Xana's homeworld.  The Proamons had exiled Kane to Svartos, and entrusted the dragonfire crystal that could power his ship (Iceworld) to a mechanoid dragon.  Proamon's sun went nova a thousand years after Kane's exile.  When the Seventh Doctor told Kane, he chose to commit suicide (7G).

PROBE 6  British spaceship sent to Mars.  One crewmember, Jim Daniels, died.  The other, Carrington, met peaceful radioactive aliens, who asked him to pave the way for their Ambassadors.  But the xenophobic Carrington later used the Ambassadors to try to start a war between Earth and the aliens (CCC).

PROBE 7  British spaceship sent to Mars.  Its crew, astronauts Lefee and Michaels, were replaced by the radioactive, alien Ambassadors (CCC).

PROBIC VENT  One of the known weaknesses of the Sontarans.  It was a small aperture in the backs of their necks, needed to recharge their life-force when outside their regular environment.  Hal, a Wessex archer, killed Linx by shooting an arrow into his probic vent (UUU).  Leela killed a Sontaran by throwing a knife in his probic vent (4Z).

PROCTOR  Dr. Cook's assistant (OOO).

PROCTOR  Title borne by Neman of Traken (5T).

PRONDYN  First Elder of the Aridians.  He eventually yielded to the Daleks' threat, and agreed to hand over the First Doctor (R).

PROTON MISSILES  Missiles stored at Sea Base Four (6L).

PROZOROV  Sergeant in the Soviet commando, led by Captain Sorin, which infiltrated Northumberland to steal the Ultima Machine "core", he was killed by the Haemovores (7M).

PRYDONIANS  One of the Time Lords' colleges.  Others include the Arcalians and the Patrexes.  Their colors were red and gold.  The Doctor, Drax, Chancellor Goth and, presumably, Borusa and the Master, were Prydonians (4P).

PSYCHIC CIRCUS  Circus created by Kingpin, also known as the Greatest Show in the Galaxy.  On the planet Segonax, it was taken over by the Gods of Ragnarok, who used it to fill their unholy craving for entertainment.  It was held in a grip of fear by the evil Chief Clown and his robotic clowns, which had been designed by Bellboy.  Its founder, Kingpin, had become a brain damaged labourer called Deadbeat.  The Psychic Circus was rescued by the Seventh Doctor and Ace, who defeated the Gods of Ragnarok.  A cured Kingpin planned to launch a new circus with Mags (7J).

PSYCHIC INTERFERENCE TRANSMITTER  To counteract the Mentiads' psychic powers, Mr. Fibuli used Vollium and Madronite 1-5 crystals which, when refined, had the ability to interfere with mental power.  It was rendered ineffective when K9 Mark II set up a counterinterference on the wavelength of 337.98 microbars (5B).


PUDDING LANE  London street where the Fifth Doctor started the Great Fire of 1666 AD (5X).

PUDOVKIN  Member of the Nosferatu crew sold by Glitz.  He was killed by Kane after he went into the Restricted Zone (7G).


PUNISHMENT DOME  Place where the Varosian rebels were publicly tortured.  The Sixth Doctor, Jondar, and Areta succeeded in escaping from it (6V).

PURPLE ZONE  Section of the Varosian Punishment Dome where perceptions were distorted by deadly hallucinations (6V).

PURPOSE, THE   The overriding purpose of the Virus was to swarm and multiply (4T).

PYLE (GATHERER)  Company's senior tax collector for Megropolis Three on Pluto (4W).

PYRAMIDS  The First Doctor fought the Daleks and the Monk at the time of the construction of Kephren's Pyramid, circa 2600 BC (V).  The god-like Osirian Sutekh was prisoner inside a pyramid on Earth, somehow prevented from leaving by the Eye of Horus, which was kept inside a pyramid on Mars (4G).