Q CAPSULES  Drug which enabled the Company's workers to do without sleep (4W).

Q STAR  On burn-out a Q star creates Quad magnetism, the only force with the ability to shield anti-matter (6E).  Also see ARC OF INFINITY.

Q, SUSAN  Young member of the Happiness Patrol on Terra Alpha.  She was once known as Susan L and liked blues music.  She befriended Ace, and helped her and the Seventh Doctor support the revolution which finally overthrew Helen A's regime.  She and Earl Sigma then began teaching the blues to the newly-liberated population (7L).

QUAD MAGNETISM  The only force capable of shielding anti-matter.  It was generated by a Q Star burning out, but decayed rapidly.  Omega used it to try to take over the Fifth Doctor's body (6E).

QUANTUM ACCELERATOR  TARDIS component exchanged by the Master and the Fifth Doctor (6C).

QUARB CRYSTAL  Component of the hyperspatial engine which propelled Murray's galactic tour bus.  It was broken in the crash, but the Seventh Doctor grew a replacement (7F).

QUARKS  Deadly robot servants used by the Dominators.  Rago and Toba used them in their plan to turn Dulkis into radioactive waste, but they eventually ran out of power after trying to capture or destroy the Second Doctor and his Dulcian friends (TT).


QUATERMASS, BERNARD (PROF.)  Famous British rocket scientist, head of the British Rocket Group.  He had several close encounters with alien phenomena.  He was known to Rachel Jensen and Allison Williams (7H).

QUAWNCING GRIG  Shockeye's tribe (6W).

QUEEN SPIDER  Queen of the Spiders of Metebelis 3.  She plotted against the Great One, and took control of Sarah Jane Smith to get the Blue Crystal.  She died when the Third Doctor and K'anpo freed Sarah (ZZZ).

QUEST  Name given by Jackson's crew to their mission of finding the P7E and the Minyan Race Banks.  Their motto was: "The Quest is the Quest" (4Y).

QUESTA  Member of the Macra-dominated space colony.  He was Medok's friend (JJ).

QUICK (P.C.)  Police constable who assisted the Fourth Doctor in his battle against Magnus Greel and the Tong of the Black Scorpion (4S).

QUILL (MR.)  The Weed's mind-slave.  With his partner, Mr. Oak, he attacked Maggie Harris, and later tried to thwart the Second Doctor's efforts to destroy the parasitic intelligence (RR).

QUILLAM  Sadistic Varosian arch-interrogator, and designer of the Punishment Dome.  It was he who had designed a nuclear bombardment technology capable of transmogrifying a human body into an animal shape.  He had become partially disfigured as a result of his dangerous experiments.  Quillam conspired with the Chief Officer to help Sil keep Zyton-7 prices low.  He was killed by deadly vines while pursuing the Sixth Doctor (6V).

QUINLAN, JAMES (SIR)  Minister of Technology and Space Development.  He had secretly conspired with General Carrington to keep the arrival of the radioactive alien Ambassadors secret, because he wanted Britain to be the first to benefit from such a contact.  Carrington later forced one of the aliens to kill him (CCC).

QUINN  Deputy governor of Vulcan.  He helped the Second Doctor save the colony from the Daleks.  He was eventually made governor after Hensell's death (EE).

QUINN, MATTHEW (DR.)  Dr. Lawrence's deputy at the Wenley Moor atomic research station.  He was the first to discover the Silurians, and developed a relationship with the Old Silurian.  Because he wanted to become a famous scientist, he kept it a secret, except from Miss Dawson, hampering the Third Doctor's investigations.  He later rescued the Young Silurian, who eventually killed him (BBB).

QUINNIS  A planet visited by the Doctor (C).

QUIQUAEQUOD  Wizardly name conferred upon the Third Doctor by Miss Hawthorne (JJJ).