RAAGA  Location of the Tinclavic Mines where the Terileptils sent their Outcasts (5X).

RAAK  Monster whose brain had been enhanced by Crozier.  The  Sixth Doctor killed him to defend himself (7B).

RACE BANKS  Gold cylinders containing all the genetic heritage of Minyos, which had been placed aboard the P7E.  The ship's insane computer, the Oracle, used them to create the races of the Seers, the Guards and the Trogs to serve him in the Underworld.  Thanks to the Fourth Doctor's help, the Race Banks were taken away from the Oracle and returned to Jackson, who took them back to Minyos II (4Y).



RADIATION  Radiation is generally harmful to humans and most aliens.  Among its effects are death and, over a period of time, mutations.  For example, the radioactivity created on Skaro by the neutronic wars was ultimately responsible for many horrible mutations, as well as the final shapes of both the Daleks and the Thals (B, 4E).  The Mondasian Cybermen were especially vulnerable to radiation (DD).  The Kraals were forced to abandon their home planet of Oseidon because of radioactivity (4J).
 Some lifeforms, however, thrived on radiation.  The so-called "Ambassadors of Death" were radio-active aliens (CCC).  Radiation enabled Eldrad the Kastrian to regenerate (4N).  The Usurian Controller of Pluto maintained his pseudo-human form through stratified particle radiation (4W).  The Foamasi could live in highly radioactive environments (5N).
 The Time Lords had greater tolerance to radiation than humans, although the Third Doctor's regeneration was triggered by an over-exposure to radiation (ZZZ).  The Sash of Rassilon was designed to protect its wearer against the effects of the deadly energies generated by the Eye of Harmony (4P).
 Finally, the Dominators looked upon radioactivity as a natural resource and turned planets into radioactive waste in order to power their space fleet (TT).  Also see MUTATIONS, and MINERALS for various radioactive materials.

RADNOR  Commander in charge of the T-Mat system, and Gia Kelly's superior.  He assisted the Second Doctor in his fight against the Ice Warriors and their "Seeds of Death".  After the Martians' defeat, he agreed with Prof. Eldred that alternative methods of transport (such as rocketships) needed to be developed (XX).

RAGNAR  One of the Viking raiders defeated by Wulnoth's Saxons (S).

RAGNAROK, GODS OF  Three mysterious, powerful entities from the planet Segonax who took control of the Psychic Circus and used it to fill their unholy craving for entertainment.  They controlled the Circus under the avatar of a human family (Dad, Mum and the Little Girl), and through the evil Chief Clown and its deadly robotic clowns.  The Seventh Doctor defeated them by turning their own power against them with the help of the Gods' medallion (7J).

RAGO  One of the Dominators' Navigators.  He and his subordinate, Toba, were sent to Dulkis to turn the planet into radioactive waste to repower their fleet.  He perished in an explosion caused by their own atomic seeding bomb, which had been removed and placed on board of their ship by the Second Doctor (TT).

RAILTON, JACK RICHARD  Scientist who accompanied the Earth marine space corps expedition, which had been sent to Exxilon to bring back parrinium.  In spite of the Third Doctor's efforts, he was killed by the wild Exxilons (XXX)

RALPACHAN  One of Khrisong's men (NN).

RALPH  One of the Moonbase crew.  He was turned into a "zombie" by the Cybermen (HH).

RALPH  Squire John's elderly servant.  He was killed by the Terileptils (5X).

RAMLAH  Saladin's main city (P).

RAMO  Atlantean priest who backed the Second Doctor when he tried to expose Zaroff.  He was later stabbed by the mad scientist (GG).

RANDOM FIELD FRAME  The Fourth Doctor used the TARDIS randomizer to equip the Argolin's Tachyon Recreation Generator with a second random field frame, in order to achieve rejuvenating capabilities (5N).

RANDOM LASER BEAM EMITTER  Varosian torture device (6V).

RANDOMISER  Device built by the Fourth Doctor to randomise the TARDIS's jumps, and therefore escape the vengeance of the Black Guardian (5F).  The Doctor eventually removed and used it to re-engineer the Leisure Hive's Tachyon Recreation Generator so that it could rejuvenate the Argolins (5N).

RANGE  Chief Science officer of the Frontios colony, and Norna's father.  He helped the Fifth Doctor expose and defeat the Tractators (6N).

RANI, THE  Renegade Time Lady.  It is possible that she visited India at one time during her travels, since her name means "reigning queen".  She was a master biologist, completely amoral, interested only in the fate of her experiments.  She attended the same Time Lord university as the Doctor and the Master.  She allegedly turned mice into giant monsters who devoured the President's pet cat, which resulted in her exile from Gallifrey.
 The Rani eventually enslaved the population of Miasimia Goria.  Trying to increase their productivity, she gave them a drug which, instead, deprived them of sleep, and turned them into savages.  To cure the problem, she traveled to Earth to steal the brain fluids that enable humans to sleep, planning to feed them to the Miasimians.  By so doing, the Rani was indirectly responsible for causing a number of violent episodes throughout human history: the Trojan War, the Dark Ages, the American War of Independence and the Luddite Uprisings.  Her latter visit caused her to ran afoul of both the Sixth Doctor and the Master.  The two renegade Time Lords entered into an uneasy alliance, but were still outwitted by the Doctor, who sent them both spinning into the outer fringes of the universe in the Rani's TARDIS (6X).
 The Rani then took over Lakertya, controlling its weak-willed population with the help of her new allies, the four-eyed Tetraps.  She took the Lakertyans' leader, Beyus, and his daughter, Sarn, hostage and kept the other Lakertyans submissive by threatening to release a swarm of deadly insects if they did not obey her orders.  The Rani kidnapped eleven of the greatest intellects in the universe (including Einstein) and combined them into a giant Brain.  She also caused the Sixth Doctor's TARDIS to crash on Lakertya, triggering his regeneration.  She plotted to launch a Loyhargil rocket to blow up an asteroid made up of Strange Matter.  The resulting explosion would have turned the Brain into a planet-sized Time Manipulator, with which she could have recreated the universe.  The Seventh Doctor incited the Lakertyans to revolt, and tricked the Rani by inducing schizophrenia in the Brain.  He caused the rocket to miss the asteroid.  The Rani escaped in her TARDIS, but was taken prisoner by the Tetraps who wanted to use her genius to help their people (7D).

RANJIT  Senior crewman in charge of the solarium on the Morestran spaceship sent to Zeta Minor.  He was killed by Sorenson when the scientist turned into a neanderthal-like monster (4H).

RANQUIN  Leader of the Swampies on Delta Magna's third moon.  He hated the humans and bought guns from Rohm-Dutt to attack Thawn's methane refinery.  He fanatically believed in Kroll's divinity, but was eventually killed by the giant monster (5E).

RANSOM  British army captain who was aide de camp to General Smythe.  He believed he was fighting against the Germans in World War I in 1917, near Ypres.  In reality, he was part of the War Games.  He was eventually returned to his proper place in time and space by the Time Lords (ZZ).

RANSOME  Radar operator who first detected Axos (GGG).

RANSOME, HARRY  Head of Sales and Designs for AutoPlastics, Ltd.  He returned from the United States to find the company under Nestene control.  After he was fired by Managing Director Hibbert, he stumbled upon the Autons' secret.  He warned UNIT, but was later killed by an Auton (AAA).

RANSOME, THEA  Scientist who worked at the Fetch Priory with Dr. Fendelman.  She was used by Stael and turned into the Fendahl Core by the Fendahl.  She perished in that form when the Fourth Doctor set up a time implosion to destroy the Fendahl Core and the Fendahleen (4X).
RANX  Planet incorporated into Tryst's CET (5K).
RAPUNZEL  Fairy Tale princess encountered by the Second Doctor, Jamie, and Zoe in the Land of Fiction (UU).

RASK  One of the Guards who served the Seers and the Oracle in the Underworld.  He fought the Fourth Doctor and Jackson's Minyans.  He and the Underworld perished in an explosion caused by the fission grenades disguised as the Race Banks, which the Oracle had intended to use to destroy Jackson's ship (4Y).

RASSILON  Founder of the Time Lords of Gallifrey.  The legends around his life and deeds date back to the very origins of the Time Lords, and are shrouded in mystery.  Rassilon went into a black hole, the Eye of Harmony, presumably created by the collapse of Omega's supernova, captured it, and stored it under the Panopticon, thereby providing the Time Lords with a virtually inexhaustible source of energy, capable of meeting the huge demands of time travel (4P).
 Rassilon also created the Rassilon Imprimature, a symbiotic nucleus contained within the Time Lords' genes, that was somehow connected with their ability to withstand the molecular destabilization caused by time travel, and to achieve quasi-symbiotic control of their TARDISes.  Indeed, the Rassilon Imprimature was needed to "prime" a TARDIS (6W).  Lastly, Rassilon created the three symbols of power worn by the President of the Time Lords: the Coronet of Rassilon, which linked the President's mind to the Matrix and enabled it to bend other minds to his will; the Sash of Rassilon, which protected its wearer from the deadly energies released by the Eye of Harmony; and the Rod of Rassilon (or Great Key), which controlled the access to the Eye of Harmony itself.
 Rassilon later contributed various other artefacts to the defenses of Gallifrey: the Key of Rassilon, which harnessed the energy of the Eye of Harmony to power the Demat Gun (4Z) (another Key of Rassilon gave access to the Matrix (7C)); the force fields known as the Transduction Barrier, which protected Gallifrey (4Z); and the deadly Silver Nemesis, made of the living metal validium, and meant to be Gallifrey's ultimate defense (7K).  Rassilon is also credited with creating the bow ships which destroyed the Great Vampires (5P).  The book stolen by Salyavin, ®MDUL¯The Ancient Law of Gallifrey®MDNM¯, which contained the secret of Shada's location, was said to be an artefact created in the time of Rassilon (5M).
 Rassilon had much of the Time Lords' history preserved in documents such as the Black Scrolls (6K), and the Records of Rassilon, which used to be kept in all TARDISes (5P).
 The Harp of Rassilon was the secret key to the hidden room where the controls to the so-called Game of Rassilon were kept.  It is not known whether Rassilon was responsible for starting or ending this cruel habit of using the Time Scoop to snatch beings from various places and times and making them fight in the Death Zone for the Time Lords' amusement, but it is known that his body was later entombed in a tower located at the very center of the Death Zone.  However, his spirit lived on, and was able to protect Gallifrey from the megalomania of Borusa by tricking him into accepting the immortality of a living statue.  (An inscription in the Tomb of Rassilon promised true immortality to anyone who would take the Ring from Rassilon's fingers.) (6K).

RASSILON IMPRIMATURE  Symbiotic nucleus contained within the Time Lords' physiology that is somehow linked to their ability to withstand the molecular destabilization caused by time travel, and to achieve quasi-symbiotic control of their TARDISes.  Indeed, the Rassilon Imprimature was needed to "prime" a TARDIS.  Sontaran Group Marshal Stike allied himself with Chessene to capture the Second Doctor, whom they planned to dissect in order to obtain the secret of the Imprimature, but they were thwarted by the Sixth Doctor (6W).

RASTON WARRIOR ROBOT  One of the most efficient killing machines ever devised.  It had built-in javelins, sensors capable of detecting any movement, and could move with lightning speed.  A Raston robot transported by Borusa in the Death Zone decimated a squadron of Cybermen (6K).

RAT, GIANT  Magnus Greel mutated a rat to giant size (ten feet from whiskers to tail) to guard his lair inside the London sewers.  It was killed by the Fourth Doctor (4S).

RATCLIFFE, GEORGE  Leader of a British fascist group working with the Daleks.  He used Mike Smith, and dug up the Hand of Omega.  After the Daleks turned against him, he stole their Time Controller, but was killed by the Daleks' Battle Computer as he tried to escape (7H).


RAVENSWORTH (LORD)  Owner of the Killingsworth colliery where George Stephenson worked and for which he built the first steam-powered locomotive, the Blucher.  He rescued the Sixth Doctor from a gang of luddites and helped him fight the Master and the Rani (6X).

RAVOLOX  In order to obtain the Time Lords' secret of time travel, spies from Andromeda (the "Sleepers") successfully infiltrated the Gallifreyan Matrix, choosing Earth as their base of operations.  When they discovered the Andromedans' plan, the Time Lords struck back.  The actions they took against Andromeda itself are unknown, but they used a Magnotron to move Earth (and possibly the entire Solar System) by several light years to another part of space, and rechristened it Ravolox.  When the Sixth Doctor first set foot on Ravolox, and learned that it was Earth, he claimed that two million years had elapsed; however, historical and archeological evidence make this duration unlikely.  This action, which seems to have occurred c. 14,000 AD, resulted in considerable death and destruction, but was blamed on a freak cosmic phenomenon (a fireball).
 The Ravolox Stratagem was uncovered five hundred years later, when the Sixth Doctor and Peri visited Ravolox, and was publicly exposed during the Doctor's Trial.  Indeed, the Doctor was put on trial because the corrupt High Council of Gallifrey was afraid that he would find out what they had done.  On Ravolox, the Doctor met the tribe of the Free, led by Katryca.  He thwarted Sabalom Glitz's efforts to steal the secrets taken from the Matrix by the Sleepers.  He also destroyed Drathro, the immortal robot who guarded the Sleepers, and ruled an underground civilization of human slaves known as UK Habitat (7A-7C).
 Afterwards, the Time Lords probably moved the Solar System back to its original location in space, where it was "rediscovered".  The destruction caused by the planetary move was still being explained away as the result of a "fireball", or "solar flares", when Earth was reclaimed by the passengers of the space ark Terra Nova, and human colonists from other planets (4C-4B).

RAVON  Young Kaled general.  He died in the destruction of the Kaled dome (4E).

RAY  Young Welsh girl whose real name was Rachel, but preferred to be called Ray because she was a motorcycle and a rock 'n roll fan.  She was in love with Billy, who unfortunately preferred Delta, the young Chimeron Queen who was fleeing from Gavrok's Bannermen.  She nevertheless helped the Seventh Doctor defeat the Bannermen (7F).

RAYPHASE SHIFT  The Sixth Doctor triggered a rayphase shift to destroy the Valeyard's Particle Disseminator (7C).

RE 1489  Galaxy where Urbanka was located (5W).

REARBUS  Rearbus and Selynx were the names of Karfel's twin suns (6Y).

REBEC  One of the Thals sent to Spiridon to stop the Daleks.  She helped the Third Doctor freeze the Daleks' army.  She was romantically attracted to Taron (SSS).


RECORDS OF RASSILON  Set of ancient, emergency instructions which were once kept in every TARDIS.  Although the practice was later discontinued, the Doctor's TARDIS had a set, which the Fourth Doctor consulted to learn how to defeat the Great Vampire (5P).  These are not to be confused with the SCROLLS OF RASSILON (q.v.).

RECOVERY 7  British spaceship sent to investigate the disappearance of Probe 7.  Its pilot, astronaut Van Lyden, was replaced by a radioactive, alien Ambassador (CCC).

RECOVERY 8  British spaceship that was flown by the Third Doctor to allow him to make contact the radioactive aliens (CCC).

RECURSIVE OCCLUSION  Space-trap set by the Master in the form of Castrovalva, a block transfer computation created by Adric (5Z).


REDCOATS  The Second Doctor rescued Jamie from the Redcoats in 1746 AD (FF).  They later met a fictional Redcoat in the Land of Fiction (UU).  A Redcoat army was kidnapped by the Warlords, using time technology stolen from the Time Lords.  The soldiers went on to take part in the War Games, until these were brought to a stop by the Second Doctor's intervention (ZZ).

REDIMENSIONER  Device used by Meglos to shrink the Dodecahedron (5Q).

REDMAYNE, COLIN  One of the inhabitants of Salamander's Sanctum (PP).

REEGAN  Freelance criminal who was hired by General Carrington to kidnap the three radioactive alien Ambassadors.  He forced the aliens to do Carrington's bidding by denying them the radioactive isotopes they needed to survive.  Later, he wanted to use the aliens for his own gain.  He was eventually captured by Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart (CCC).

REEVES (DR.) Medical doctor of Devil's End (JJJ).

REFNAL  Young Alzarian Outler.  He was killed by the Marshmen (5R).

REFUSIANS  Race of super-strong, peace-loving, invisible aliens living on planet Refusis.  The Refusians' invisibility was the result of a mutation caused by solar flares.  The Refusians helped the Fist Doctor thwart Monoid One's plans to destroy the human race, and eventually welcomed both Humans and Monoids on their planet (X).

REFUSIS  Planet which was the destination of the Ark, and which ultimately became a new home to both Humans and Monoids, after the First Doctor helped put an end to the hostilities between the two races (X).

REGA  Sister of Arak and Tuar on Metebelis 3.  She was freed from the Spiders when the Great One died (ZZZ).

REGENERATION  The Time Lords of Gallifrey were able to regenerate their physical appearance, and thus extend their lives.  Regenerations could be triggered accidentally (e.g.: leading to the Doctor's fourth, fifth, sixth and seventh incarnations), as a result of the normal aging process (e.g.: leading to the Doctor's second incarnation), by Time Lord decree (e.g.: leading to the Doctor's third incarnation), or seemingly at will (e.g.: Romana's first regeneration).
 The number of regenerations appeared to be limited (perhaps arbitrarily?) to twelve.  The Master ran out of regenerations, but believed he could start a new cycle by tapping the power from the Eye of Harmony (4P).  Thwarted by the Doctor, he stole Tremas of Traken's body to continue his existence (5T).  However, since he was later offered a new cycle of regenerations by the Council of Time Lords when asked to rescue the Doctor from the Dead Zone (6K), the twelfth regeneration was, presumably, not necessarily the final end for a Time Lord.  The Valeyard was exposed as the amalgamation of the Doctor's darker side, between his twelfth and final regeneration (7C).
 Romana was able to switch between different forms rapidly during her regeneration before it became definitive, which indicates the Time Lords may have had a certain degree of control over the regeneration process (5J).  The trauma of regeneration has been known to affect Time Lords' mental balance: The Third (AAA), Fourth (4A), Sixth (6S) and Seventh (7D) Doctors behaved erratically after their regenerations.  The Fifth Doctor needed the isolation of the TARDIS' zero room after his regeneration (5Z).  Borusa may have become utterly megalomaniacal after a regeneration (6K).
 Certain Time Lords appeared to have the power to foresee their coming regeneration, and to create a solid, mental projection of themselves which was capable of independent action.  K'Anpo did this with Cho-Je (ZZZ), and the Fourth Doctor did the same with the Watcher (5V).
 Other races capable of regeneration included: Mawdryn and his fellow aliens, who had stolen a metamorphic symbiosis regenerator from the Time Lords and were doomed to live in a state of perpetual regeneration (6F); the silicon-based Kastrians, who could regenerate, provided they had enough energy and their genetic code (4N); the Minyans, who had obtained the technique from the Time Lords (4Y); the Xeraphin who had merged into one single collective intelligence (6C).  The Argolins used their Tachyon Recreation Generator to achieve an artificial form of regeneration (5N).  Also see IMMORTALITY.

REGISTERS  Sections of Logopolis.  The core was the Central Register, which was a copy of the Earth Pharos Project, while calculations were performed in the External Registers (5V).

REGRET  Alias used by Steven Taylor in Tombstone, Arizona (Z).

REIG  Crewman aboard the Morestran spaceship sent to Zeta Minor.  He was killed by Sorenson when the scientist turned into a neanderthal-like monster (4H).

REIMER (PROF.)  With Kartz, Reimer was scientist of the Third Zone.  They conducted unauthorized time experiments on Space Station J7, and built an operational time cabinet which only needed to be primed with the Rassilon Imprimature to function like a true TARDIS (6K).

RELIGION  The Doctor has come in contact with various Earth religions throughout history.  In the west, he was involved in the Third Crusade (P) and almost caught up in the infamous St. Bartholomew's Day Massacre in Paris (W).  The renegade Time Lord known as the Meddling Monk hid under the trappings of a Christian monk (S).  Sarah Jane Smith and K9 Mark III defeated a cult of witches who worshipped the pagan goddess Hecate in Moreton Harwood (K9).
 The Doctor visited Egypt during the construction of the Great Pyramid (V), and later fought Sutekh, one of the alien Osirians worshipped as gods by the ancient Egyptians (4G).  He was also mistaken for Zeus during the Trojan War (U).  The ourth Doctor defeated the Brothers of Demnos in San Martino (4M).
 The Doctor also came in contact with oriental religions while: defending the Tibetan monastery of Det-Sen against the Great Intelligence (NN), meeting his mentor K'Anpo, who was posing as a Tibetan lama (ZZZ), and fighting time traveller Magnus Greel, who was posing as the Chinese god Weng-Chiang (4S).
 In the Americas, Barbara tried to change the Aztecs' bloody religion but failed (F).  The ancient Atlanteans worshipped the alien Kronos (OOO), but their descendents had reverted to offering human sacrifices to the goddess Amdo (GG).  In the future, the Tribe of the Free worshipped Haldron, god of the Earth (7A).
 Other aliens worshipped on Earth as "gods" included the Mondasians (DD), the Daemons (JJJ), the ancient Exxilon (XXX), the Osirians (4G), the Mandragora Helix (4M), Scaroth (5H), Cessair of Diplos (as the celtic goddess the Cailleach) (5C), the Malus (6M), Light (7Q) and Fenric (7M).  Monarch of Urbanka wanted to travel back in time to meet God (5W).
 On alien worlds, the Doctor came in contact with a number of religions where primitive people worshipped powerful, often tyrannical, entities: the Krotons (WW), the Guardian of the Doomsday Machine (HHH), the Exxilon City (XXX), Xoanon (4Q), the Oracle (4Y), Kroll (5E), the Nimon (5L), the Mara (5Y, 6D) and the Gods of Ragnarok (7J).  The monster Aggedor was almost the object of a cult on Peladon (MMM, YYY).  The Sisterhood of Karn worshipped the Sacred Flame (4K).  The Minyans referred to the Time Lords as "gods" (4Y).  The Ribans worshipped the Ice Gods (5A).  The Tigellan Deons worshipped the Dodecahedron (5Q).  On Sarn, the Elders worshipped Logar, god of the Fire Mountain (6Q).  The Mentors praised the Great Morgo (7B).
 Finally, although they were not worshipped as such, the Celestial Toymaker (Y) and the Guardians of Time (q.v.) exhibited virtually god-like qualities.  Also see MAGIC.
REMINGTON, DOROTHEA  Lavinia P. Hackensack's ancestor, poisoned by Lady Peinforte for having "stolen" her cook (7K).

RENAISSANCE  In or around 1503 AD, the Fourth Doctor and Sarah Jane Smith defeated the Mandragora Helix in the Dukedom of San Martino, Italy, and helped save the Renaissance (4M).  A few years later, the same Doctor met one of Scaroth's twelve splinters, Captain Tancredi, in Leonardo Da Vinci's house (5H).  The Meddling Monk once discussed flying machines with Leonardo (S).

RENAN, DANIELLE  Jules Renan's sister (H).

RENAN, JULES  Frenchman working with James Stirling, who helped prisoners of the Conciergerie (including the First Doctor's Companions) escape the guillotine (H).

RENEGADE TIME LORDS  Name generally given to those Time Lords who refused to obey the rules of Gallifrey, and left it to pursue ambitions of their own.  Chief among those are the Doctor, the Master (q.v.) and the Rani (q.v.).  Other notorious Renegades include the Meddling Monk (S, V), the War Lords' War Chief (ZZ), K'Anpo (ZZZ), Drax (5F), Salyavin (5M) and Azmael (6S).  By refusing to return to Gallifrey and choosing to remain in E-Space, Romana (q.v.) became a Renegade Time Lord.
 Not all Renegade Time Lords were villains.  The Renegade known on Earth as K'anpo (ZZZ) and Prof. Chronotis (a.k.a. Salyavin) (5M) had chosen to retire on Earth.  Azmael had chosen to retire on Jaconda (6S).  The Shobogans, led by Nesbin, were Time Lords who had voluntarily renounced their position on Gallifrey (4Z).
 Evil Time Lords who betrayed their own race included: Omega (RRR, 6E), Morbius (4K), Chancellor Goth (4P), Castellan Kelner (4Z), Councillor Hedin (6E) and, sadly, President Borusa (6K).  Finally, the Valeyard was the amalgamation of the Doctor's darker side between his twelfth and final regenerations (7A-7C).

RENIS  Maylin of Karfel and Vena's father.  He was killed by the Borad and replaced by Tekker (6Y).

REPLICAS  Name given to the more perfected type of Auton who could pass off for real people.  Replicas included Channing, General Scobie and numerous other famous people (AAA).  Also see DUPLICATES.

REPTILES  Intelligent reptilian lifeforms encountered by the Doctor included: the Earth-born Silurians and Sea-Devils (q.v.), the Martian Ice Warriors (q.v.), the Monoids (X), the Draconians (QQQ), the Foamasi (5N), the frog-like Urbankans (5W), the Terileptils (5R), the Bandrils (6Y), the Lakertyans (7D) and the Thoros-Betans (or Mentors) (6V, 7B).  The Mara used the shape of a snake to materialise, but was primarily psychic in nature (5Y, 6D).
   Non-intelligent reptiles included the Didonian Sand Beasts (L), the Exarian lizards impersonated by the IMC robot (HHH), the Drashigs (PPP), the Earth-born dinosaurs (WWW), the Zygons' Skarasen (4F) and the Karfelon Morlox (6Y).
 Omega's Ergon appeared to share some reptilian features (6E).  The Borad was half-human, half-Morlox (6Y).  Josiah Samuel Smith appeared to have evolved from an alien reptilian lifeform (7Q).

RESNO  One of Lesterson's assistants on Vulcan.  He was killed by a Dalek when the scientist repowered it (EE).

RESTING PLACE  Name given by Aukon to the altar under the Tower, built just above where the Great Vampire lay buried (5P).

RESTRICTED ZONE  Where Kane lived on Iceworld (7G).

RETROGRADES  Name given to the Frontios colonists who had abandoned the colony to live on the outside.  Cockerill became their leader (6N).

REUBEN  Old lighthouse keeper of Fang Rock who believed in the return of the Beast.  He was killed by the Rutan, who took his form to fight the Fourth Doctor (4V).

REVERE  Captain of the Frontios colony.  He was kidnapped by the Tractators.  They attached him to their excavating machine, which eventually drained him of his life (6N).

REVOLUTIONS  The Doctor helped many human rebellions against human tyrants, such as: Salamander (PP), Magnus Greel (4S), Queen Xanxia (5B), Lady Adrasta (5G), Varos' Chief Officer (6V) and Helen A (7L).  The First Doctor visited France during its Revolution (H).  The Second Doctor fought alongside American civil war soldiers during the War Games (ZZ).
 The Doctor has also helped men overthrow alien oppressors such as: the Daleks (K, KKK), the Monoids (X), the Macra (JJ), the Warlords (ZZ), the Spiders of Metebelis 3 (ZZZ), Xoanon (4Q), the Sunmakers (4W), the Nimon (5L), the Great Vampire (5P), the Tractators (6N) and Drathro (7A).
 Occasionally, the Doctor has taken the aliens' side against men; he aided: the Sensorites (G), the Fishmen of Atlantis (GG), the Solonians (NNN), the Swampies (5E), the Tharils (5S) and the Kinda (5Y) to revolt against their human enslavers.
   In other cases, the Doctor has helped one race to fight the oppression of another race, or to overthrow a tyrannical entity; he aided: the Menoptera against the Zarbi (N), the Xerons against the Moroks (Q), the Savages against the Elders (AA), the Gonds against the Krotons (WW), the Spiridons against the Daleks (SSS), the Exxilon against the City (XXX), the Trogs against the Seers (4Y), the Jacondans against Mestor (6S), the Cryons against the Cybermen (6T), the Karfelons against the Borad (6Y), the Thoros-Alphans against the Mentors (7B) and the Lakershyans against the Rani (7D).
 The Shobogans were Time Lords who rebelled against the established order of Gallifrey (4Z).

REYKJAVIK  Capital of Iceland.  In the 51st Century, it was first the location of the peaceful Icelandic Alliance, then later the location of the battle in which the evil Supreme Alliance was overthrown.  The Doctor claimed to have taken part in that battle (4S).

REYNART (PRINCE)  Taran prince who was scheduled to be crowned King of Tara.  Count Grendel tried to kill him, but he was saved by the Fourth Doctor.  He ended up marrying Princess Strella (5D).

REYNOLDS  Police Superintendent at Gatwick Airport when the Second Doctor fought the Chameleons (KK).

REZZIES  Contraction of "residents".  It was the nickname used for the Old People who still lived in Paradise Towers (7E).

RHOS  Senior virologist aboard the Ark who helped the First Doctor find a cure for Dodo's cold virus (X).

RHYNMAL  He and Froyn were two Earth scientists involved in experimental matter transmission.  They sent the Fist Doctor to Mira (V).

RIBANS  Inhabitants of Ribos.  They were a medieval people, steeped in superstition, and had little knowledge of the Universe (5A).

RIBOS  Planet located in the constellation of Skythra; it was part of the Cyrennic Empire.  It was 116 parsecs away from Cyrennis Minima and three light centuries away from the Magellanic Clouds.  It took 64 local years to complete its elliptical orbit around its sun, which meant that its seasons (Ice Time and Sun Time) lasted 32 years each.  Because its civilization was still in the medieval stages, Ribos was classified by the Alliance as a Grade-3 planet, and was protected from alien interference.  Its principal city was Shurr.  Galactic con artists Garron and Unstoffe tried to sell Ribos for ten million opeks to the Graff Vynda-K, using a lump of jethrik which turned out to be a segment of the Key to Time for bait.  Eventually, Garron and the Fourth Doctor joined forces to defeat the Graff, who perished in the Riban Catacombs (5A).

RICHARD  Lady Peinforte's servant.  He travelled forward in time with her from 1638 to 1888 AD.  He reluctantly helped her fight the Seventh Doctor, the Cybermen, and De Flores' Nazis to gain control of the Silver Nemesis.  After Lady Peinforte merged with the statue, he killed the Cyber Leader.  The Doctor returned him to his proper time and place  (7K).

RICHARD I (a.k.a. THE LIONHEART) (1157-1199)  King of England, third son of King Henry II and Eleanor of Aquitaine.  He set out on the Third Crusade in 1189 AD, but lack of harmony between he and Philip II, King of France, eventually doomed the enterprise.  He returned to Europe after making a truce with Saladin, leaving Jerusalem in Saracens' hands.  He met with the First Doctor, and named Ian Knight of Jaffa (P).

RICHARDS, BRENDAN  Young boy who was Sarah Jane Smith's Aunt Lavinia's ward.  He lived in Moreton Harwood.  Because the local crops were not faring well, the cult of Hecate, led by Commander Pollock and Lily Gregson, wanted to sacrifice Brendan, but were stopped by Sarah Jane Smith and K9 Mark III (K9).

RICHARDS  UNIT lieutenant who served under Brigadier Bambera during the battle at Carbury against Morgaine.  She was heading the Salamander 6-0 convoy, and was killed by the Sorceress (7N).

RICHARDSON, ALBERT  First mate of the Mary Celeste (R).

RICHMOND, CAROL  Crewmember of Captain Maitland's ship in orbit around the Sense-Sphere.  They were held captive by the Sensorites.  Thanks to the First Doctor's efforts, she was eventually allowed to return to Earth, after having promised to protect the secret of the Sensorites' existence (G).

RIDGWAY, ROBIN  Royal navy lieutenant commander in charge of a submarine sent by Captain Hart to investigate the Sea Devils.  His boat was captured by them, but the Third Doctor helped him escape (LLL).

RIFTEN 5  Satellite around Vita 15 and Lytton's birthplace (6P, 6T).

RIGS  Rig D was one of the Euro-Sea Gas Corporation's off-shore rigs.  It was one of the first to feel the effects of the Weed's attack.  Its chief, Carney, called for Dr. Patterson (RR).  The Zygons' Skarasen destroyed three oil rigs off the coast of Scotland (4F).

RIGG  Captain of the Empress.  His ship crashed into the Hecate when both ships emerged simultaneously from hyperspace above the planet Azue.  Tryst hooked him on vraxoin.  Rigg later attacked Romana, and was killed by Fisk (5K).

RILEY  Confederate corporal who believed he was fighting in the American Civil War.  In reality, he was part of the War Games.  He was eventually returned to his proper place in time and space by the Time Lords (ZZ).

RILLS  Highly civilized, peaceful, telepathic aliens whose form looks very ugly to men.  A Rill ship was attacked by the Drahvins, led by Maaga.  Both ships crashlanded on a doomed planet in Galaxy Four.  With the help of their robotic "Chumblies" and the First Doctor, the Rills were able to escape in time (T).

RIMA  Peladonian trisilicate miner.  When Ettis proposed to destroy Queen Thalira's palace with the sonic lance, he tried to stop him, but Ettis killed him (YYY).

RINCHEN  One of the lamas of Det-Sen Monastery (NN).

RING OF RASSILON  An inscription in the Tomb of Rassilon promised true immortality to anyone who would take the Ring from Rassilon's fingers.  Borusa did, and was granted the immortality of a living statue (6K).

RINGBERG  Controller of International Space Command Headquarters who was in charge when the Moonbase was attacked by the Cybermen (HH).

RINGMASTER  Founding member of the Psychic Circus.  He was weakly following the Chief Clown's orders.  He and Morgana were eventually sacrificed to the Gods of Ragnarok by the Chief Clown (7J).

RINGO, JOHNNY  Western outlaw noted for his deadly fast draw.  He was hired by the Clantons to help them against Earp and Doc Holliday.  The First Doctor claimed that Holliday shot him during the gunfight at the O.K. Corral on 26 October 1881.  Ringo must have survived, since historical records show that he died nine months later, on July 14th (Z).

RINGWAY  Captain Briggs' manifest officer.  He was secretly in the Cybermen's pay, and brought them aboard the space freighter as cargo.  He was killed by the Cyber Leader (6B).

RINTAN  One of Varga's Ice Warrior crew brought back to life in 3000 AD (OO).

RITCHIE  Frontios Orderly (6N).

ROALD  Personnel at the Control Building of Space Special Security (V).

ROBBINS, THOMAS  Boatman who took the Third Doctor and Jo Grant to the island where the Master was kept prisoner (LLL).

ROBERTS  Wenley Moor technician who suffered a mental breakdown.  He was accidentally killed by Major Baker (BBB).

ROBERTS  Member of the Imperial Earth Expedition Force to Deva Loka who disappeared (5Y).

ROBESPIERRE, MAXIMILIEN FRANCOIS DE (1758-1794)  French lawyer, and one of the prime movers of the French Revolution.  The First Doctor and his Companions could not prevent his arrest.  He was guillotined on July 28th, 1794 (H).

ROBINS  UNIT private whose mental sanity was pertubed while fighting the Siliurians.  He died when he jumped into a chasm (BBB).

ROBINSON  One of Sir Charles Grover's assistants in Operation Golden Age (WWW).

ROBOMEN  Humans controlled by the Daleks through electronic pulses channeled to their brains through a headset.  The Daleks used them during their 2164 AD Invasion of Earth (K).

ROBOPHOBIA  Pathological fear of Robots, also known as Grimwold's Syndrome, which could cause catatonia and even suicide.  Its victims saw robots as walking dead men.  Poul and Zilda's brother succumbed to acute robophobia (4R).

ROBOTS  Sentient robotic races included: the human-created Mechanoids (R) and Super-Vocs (4R), the alien androids known as the Movellans (5J), and Monarch's androids (who all had real human memories stored on silicon chips) (5W).
 Sentient individual robots included: K-9 (q.v.), Prof. Kettlewell's K-1 Giant Robot (4A), the alien Kamelion (6J) and the Andromedan L-3, Drathro (7A).
 A number of androids were designed to impersonate sentient lifeforms and could therefore duplicate the appearance of independent thought, but were probably not "alive".  These included:  the Kraals' androids (4R), the Tarans' androids (5D), Sharaz Jek's androids (6R) and Bellboy's robotic clowns and Bus Conductor (7J).  Other androids in the same category included the Dracula and Frankenstein Monster robots (R), the Dalek-built replica of the First Doctor (R), the Terileptils' "Grim Reaper" (5X), the Raston Robot (6K), the Cybermen's androids (6B) and the Borad's blue-skinned Android (6Y).
 Non-sentient robots programmed only to serve their creators and incapable of sentience or independent thought included: the Rills' "Chumblies" (T), WOTAN's War Machines (BB), the Great Intelligence's Yeti (NN, QQ), the Dominators' Quarks (TT), the Servo-Robot (SS), the White Robots and Clockwork Soldiers of the Land of Fiction (UU), IMC's mining robot (HHH), Linx's robot knight (UUU), Styre's robot (4B), Sutekh's "mummies" (or servicers) (4G), the Captain of Zanak's parrot-like polyphase avatron (5B), the axe-wielding Gundans (5S), Drathro's Service Robot (7A), the Paradise Towers' Cleaners (7E) and Iceworld's Dragon (7G).  The so-called "Robots of Death" were divided into Dums, Vocs and Super-Vocs.  Only the last two categories could talk, and only the Super-Vocs could be said to have achieved sentience (4R).
 Robots who did not fit in any of the above categories included: the Hand of Omega (7H), the Kandy Man (7L) and the Silver Nemesis (7K).  See also ANDROIDS, COMPUTERS, CYBORGS, DUPLICATES, MONSTERS.

ROBSON, JOHN S.  Controller of the Euro-Sea Gas North Sea refinery which was attacked by the Weed.  He first mistook the Second Doctor for a saboteur, and constantly refused to heed Harris's and Van Lutyens's advice to turn off the gas supply.  He eventually fell under the Weed's mental control, but was freed by the Doctor's intervention (RR).

ROCK, JEAN  Charles Gordon's secretary at Gatwick Airport when the Second Doctor fought the Chameleons (KK).

ROD  Hovercraft pilot who mistook the Second Doctor for Salamander (PP).

ROD OF RASSILON (a.k.a. GREAT KEY)  An ebonite staff which was one of the three symbols of power worn by the President of the High Council of the Time Lords of Gallifrey.  (The other two were the Coronet and the Sash of Rassilon.)  Its secret function was to enable its bearer to release the Eye of Harmony.  The Master used it to absorb enough energy from the Eye of Harmony to prolong his life, and almost doomed Gallifrey (4P).  The Fourth Doctor held it when he was proclaimed President (4Z).

RODAN  Time Lady in charge of space-time traffic control when Gallifrey was invaded by the Vardans and the Sontarans.  She befriended Leela and helped the Fourth Doctor repel the invaders (4Z).

ROGA  Tower Guard on the Great Vampire's world (5P).

ROGERS, TED  Captain Hopper's ship engineer on Prof. Parry's expedition to Telos.  He was killed by the Cybermen (MM).

ROGIN  One of the Chosen on the Ark in Space.  He and Lycett helped the Fourth Doctor fight the Wirrn (4C).

ROHM-DUTT  Gun smuggler who was secretly paid by Thawn to deliver non-functional guns to the swampies, thus justifying Thawn's extermination policies.  He was killed by Kroll (5E).

ROKON  King of Kastria.  He ordered Eldrad's death after the Kastrian villain destroyed the force field barriers which protected his world.  He, like all the other Kastrians, then chose to die rather than someday be forced to submit to Eldrad's rule in the event of his return (4N).

ROMANA (ROMANADVORATRELUNDAR)  One of the Fourth Doctor's Companions.  She was a 140-year old Time Lady who was enlisted by the White Guardian (posing as the President of the High Council) to help the Fourth Doctor on his quest to gather the six segments of the Key to Time.  During that time, she fought the Graff Vynda-K on Ribos, the Captain of Zanak and Vivien Fay.  On Tara, she was captured by Count Grendel because she was an exact double of Princess Strella.  On Delta Magna's moon, she was offered by the Swampies as a sacrifice to Kroll.  Finally, on Atrios, she fought the Shadow and helped assemble the Key to Time (5A-5F).
 Romana then chose to regenerate and, after a short period of instability, settled on the form of Princess Astra of Atrios.  In that guise, she helped the Fourth Doctor fight the Daleks and the Movellans, Scaroth, Lady Adrasta, the Mandrels, the Nimon, Skagra, Pangol, the Foamasi, Meglos, the Marshmen and the Great Vampire.  Even though she was ordered to return to Gallifrey, she chose to remain in E-space with K9 (Mark II) to help the Tharils fight slavery (5N-5S).  Sometime during their fight against Skagra in Cambridge, Romana and the Fourth Doctor became trapped in a time eddy caused by the malfunctioning of Borusa's time scoop.  They were freed by Rassilon's intervention, after the other Four Doctors had exposed Borusa (6K).

ROME  The First Doctor visited the Eternal City in the year 64 AD, and even unwittingly inspired Nero to start the Great Fire of Rome (M).  A Roman Legion was kidnapped by the Warlords, using time technology stolen from the Time Lords.  The soldiers went on to take part in the War Games, until these were brought to a stop by the Second Doctor's intervention (ZZ).


RONDEL  Region of space also known as the Arc of Infinity because it was the location of a burned out Q Star, and thus capable of shielding anti-matter (6E).

RONDEL  Varosian guard.  He was secretly one of Jondar's rebels.  He was killed while helping the Sixth Doctor, Peri and Jondar escape from the Punishment Dome (6V).

RONES  Captain in the Federation squadron, led by General Chellak, sent to Androzani Minor.  He captured the Fifth Doctor and Peri, but was later killed in an ambush set up by Stotz (6R).

RONSON  Senior Kaled researcher.  He saved the Fourth Doctor from being killed by a prototype Dalek, and went on to betray Davros.  He was later killed by the Daleks (4E).

RORVIK  Captain of a privateer ship.  He traded in time-sensitive Tharil slaves.  His navigator, Biroc, took him to the Zero Point between N-Space and E-Space, then used the Tharil gateway to escape into E-Space.  Against the Fourth Doctor's advice, Rorvik tried to break through the Gateway.  He eventually used the backblast of his ship's engines, but the energy was bounced back by the Gateway's mirrors, and destroyed Rorvik and his ship (5S).

ROSKAL  Sarn Unbeliever who climbed the Fire Mountain.  He, Amyand and Sorasta were arrested by Timanov's men and were condemned to be sacrificed to the Fire Mountain.  He helped the Fifth Doctor defeat the Master (6Q).

ROSSINI, LUIGI  Phony Italian whose real name was Lew Russell.  He owned the International Circus where the Master rematerialized before preparing to fight the Third Doctor.  Under the Master's thrall, he helped the evil Time Lord summon the Nestene back to Earth.  Later, he and his men attacked the Doctor and Jo Grant (EEE).

ROSSINI  Captain of San Martino's guards.  He served Count Federico.  After Federico's death, he was arrested by his own men (4M).

ROST  Cryon who saved Peri from the Cybermen (6T).

ROTH  One of the five Earth colonists stranded on Earth circa 15,000 AD, after their ship had been destroyed while answering a fake mayday signal.  The Sontaran, Styre, performed cruel experiments on him to determine the limits of human resistance.  Styre left him to die of thirst (4B).

ROUVRAY  Frenchman who was trying to escape the guillotine when he stumbled upon the First Doctor and his Companions (H).
ROWLANDS, "TUBBY" (LORD)  Mr. Brownrose's superior (EEE).
ROWLINSON, ELIZABETH  Pat Rowlinson's wife.  She had been blind, until she was cured by Morgaine.  She was evacuated with her husband (7N).

ROWLINSON, PAT  Owner of The Gore Crow Hotel near Carbury.  He and his wife, Elizabeth, were evacuated by UNIT during the battle between the Seventh Doctor, UNIT and Morgaine (7N).

ROWSE, BERT  Policeman.  His wife, Hilda, became suspicious of the strange going-ons at Smithers' house, and sent him to investigate (J).

ROWSE, HILDA  Telephone operator.  She became suspicious of the strange going-ons at Smithers' house, and alerted her husband, Bert, a policeman (J).

ROYCE  Member of Rorvik's crew.  He died when the privateer's ship was destroyed (5S).

RUBEISH, JOSEPH (PROF.)  Kindly, eccentric, and very near-sighted scientist who was kidnapped and taken to the 12th Century by Linx, who wanted him and other scientists help him repair his ship.  He helped the Third Doctor defeat Linx and returned to his own time via Linx's Osmic projector (UUU).

RUDGE, SAM  19th Century British miner whose brain fluids were stolen by the Rani.  He was compelled by the Master to attack the Sixth Doctor, and fell to his death in a mine shaft (6X).

RUDGE  Security Officer of the Hyperion III space liner.  Because he knew he was soon to be retired, he plotted with the two Mogarians, Atza and Ortezo, to hijack the ship and steal its precious cargo of vionesium.  He was thwarted by the Sixth Doctor and Commodore Travers, and was later killed by the Vervoids (7C).

RUDKIN, KEMEL  A member of the staff of the Wheel in Space.  He was killed by a Cybermat (SS).

RUGG (SGT.)  One of the deadly pawns used by the Toymaker (in tandem with Mrs. Wiggs) when he challenged the First Doctor, Steven and Dodo (Y).

RUMFORD, EMILIA (AMELIA) (PROF.)  Elderly archeologist, author of Bronze Age Burials in Gloucestershire.  She helped the Fourth Doctor and Romana in their quest for the third segment of the Key to Time.  The alien Cessair of Diplos was posing as her friend and assistant, Vivien Fay.  Her big professional rival was Dr. Idwal Morris (5C).

RUNCIBLE  Fatuous news commentator on Gallifrey.  He had been to the Academy with the Doctor, and reported on the President's assassination.  He was killed by either the Master or Goth (4P).

RUNCIMAN (DR.)  Medical doctor at Brendon school (6F).

RUNDALL BUILDINGS  East End headquarters of the Tong of the Black Scorpion (4S).

RUSSELL  Boer sergeant who was immune to the War Lords' hypnotic processing, and took charge of the Resistance.  He fought alongside the Second Doctor to put an end to the War Games.  He was eventually returned to his proper place in time and space by the Time Lords (ZZ).


RUSSELL, VINCENT  Undercover policeman who was also Lytton's supplier of stolen electronic equipment.  He met the Sixth Doctor and Peri in the London sewers, but was later killed by the Cybermen (6T).

RUTANS  Green, blob-like aliens, engaged in an endless space war with the Sontarans.  Rutans liked the cold, had natural affinity for electricity, and were able to shift their shapes.  A Rutan scout became stranded on the Island of Fang Rock.  After killing Reuben, the Rutan planned to use Earth as a strategic point in the war with the Sontarans.  The Rutan eventually killed the other lighthouse keepers, Ben Travers and Vince Hawkins, as well as the survivors of a shipwreck: Lord Palmerdale, Adelaide Lesage, Colonel Skinsale and crewmember Harker.  The Fourth Doctor and Leela were finally able to destroy the Rutan with a rocket launcher.  The Doctor blew up his mother ship by using Lord Palmerdale's diamonds, and converting the lighthouse into a crude laser cannon (4V).

RUTH  Former politician active in ecological circles.  She was one of Sir Charles Grover's "People".  Her real name was Lady Cullingford.  She refused to believe Sarah and Mark when they told her that they were not on a spaceship en route to a New Earth.  Adam finally convinced her to at least listen to Sarah.  When the truth was exposed, she confronted Grover (WWW).

RUTHER  Citizen of Castrovalva.  He was uncreated by the Master (5Z).

RUTHERFORD (MISS)  Prof. Cornish's assistant at the British Space Centre (CCC).

RUTLIDGE, WILLIAM  Former military school mate of Brig. Lethbridge-Stewart who had become a Major-General at the Ministry of Defence.  He was in charge of supervising Lethbridge-Stewart's UNIT operations on British soil.  His mind was controlled by Tobias Vaughn, who used him to prevent UNIT from interfering with the Cybermen Invasion.  When Rutlidge later tried to rebel, Vaughn forced him to kill himself (VV).

RYAN, LEO  Communications officer of the Wheel in Space.  He was Tanya Lernov's boyfriend, and helped the Second Doctor defeat the Cybermen (SS).

RYNIAN  An Aridian who met the First Doctor (R).

RYSIK  Alzarian foreman who was saved by Tylos during the Marshmen's attack on the Starliner (5R).