U4  Drug Harris wanted to use on the Second Doctor and his companions to relieve the effect of tranquiliser darts (RR).

UK HABITAT  Name of the subterranean civilization built in the London Underground to protect a group of humans from the fireball (in reality, the Time Lords were moving the Earth during the Ravolox Stratagem).  The UK Habitat was taken over by Drathro to protect the secrets of the Andromedan Sleepers.  It was sealed from contact with the outside.  Water was rationed, and the population kept constant through the Cullings.  However, Merdeen secretly enabled some intended victims to escape to the surface.  The Sixth Doctor saved the UK Habitat from being destroyed by a black light explosion, accidentally triggered when Dibber blew up Drathro's Maglem converter.  With Drathro's destruction, the UK Habitat's population was free to return to live on the surface (7A).

UK HABITATS OF THE CANADIAN GOOSE  Pamphlet released by HM Stationery Office.  One of the three Books of Knowledge which survived the fireball and were kept at the UK Habitat on Ravolox (7A).

ULF  One of the Viking raiders defeated by Wulnoth's Saxons (S).

ULTIMA MACHINE  Early computer designed in the 1940s by Dr. Judson to break German naval cyphers.  Its precious "core" was booby-trapped by Commander Millington in a mad scheme to strike at the Russians.  In spite of the Seventh Doctor's efforts, the Ultima Machine was eventually used to release the evil Fenric (7M).

ULTRA-SOUND  The Second Doctor discovered that Victoria's screams were deadly to the parasitic Weed (RR).  The Sonic Lance (q.v.) and Sonic Screwdriver (q.v.) also relied on ultra-sound.  The Vanir controlled the Garm with an ultra-sonic box (6G).  The Young Chimeron Princess defeated the Bannerman with her ultrasonic powers, amplified by Shangri-La's public address system (7F).

ULTRA-VIOLET LIGHT  The Fifth Doctor used UV light to kill the Myrka (6L).


UNBELIEVERS  Citizens of Sarn who did not believe in the god Logar.  They were usually sacrificed to the volcano (6Q).

UNDERCITY  Location of the hideout of Mandrel's rebels, under Megropolis One on Pluto (4W).

UNDERSEA  The Second Doctor met Atlantean survivors who had built an undersea civilization (GG).  He also defeated a parasitic Weed which absorbed human brains and attacked a North Sea natural gas refinery and off-shore rigs (RR).  The bottom of the sea was also home to the Sea Devils (LLL), who were used by the Master against the Third Doctor.  They were defeated again by the Fifth Doctor when they attacked a human underwater base, Sea Base Four, in 2084 AD (6L).  The Fourth Doctor discovered that the Zygons used their Skarasen to attack off-shore platforms in the North Sea (4F).  The Rutans were blob-like creatures who could live under water (4V).  The Haemovores found the plasma-like substances they needed in fresh sea water off Maiden's Point (7M).

UNDERWORLD  Nickname for the underground world of matter that had accumulated over a hundred thousand years around the P7E.  It was ruled by the Oracle, assisted by two Seers.  The population was comprised of the Guards and the Trogs, all created from the Minyan Race Banks.  The Underworld was eventually invaded by Jackson's crew who, with the help of the Fourth Doctor and Leela, managed to wrest the Race Banks away from the Oracle.  The Underworld was destroyed in an explosion caused by two fission grenades disguised as the Race Banks, which the Oracle had intended to use to destroy Jackson's ship (4Y).

UNICORN  Mythical animal encountered by the Second Doctor, Jamie and Zoe in the Land of Fiction (UU).



UNITED NATIONS INTELLIGENCE TASKFORCE  Multi-national military force whose mission was to deal with alien or extraordinary Earth-based threats with the potential to endanger the whole planet.  UNIT was headquartered in Geneva and placed under the sole command of the United Nations.  In practice, however, it was subject to the supervision of various national ministers and local authorities.
 The concept of a special force to deal with alien threats probably first arose in Britain after the secret Dalek attack of 1963 (7H), and was undoubtedly reinforced by WOTAN's failed attempt to take over London with its War Machines in 1966 (BB).
 The Yeti invasion of 1969, thwarted by the Second Doctor and British Colonel Lethbridge-Stewart, was most likely the catalyst which resulted in the creation of UNIT.  Now promoted to the rank of Brigadier, Lethbridge-Stewart was put in charge of UNIT's British branch.  He was ably assisted by the competent Sergeant Benton and Captain Mike Yates.
 UNIT was extremely active during the early 1970s.  Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart and his men fought the Cybermen alongside the Second Doctor when they threatened to invade Earth (VV).  Soon afterwards, the Doctor was exiled to Earth by the Time Lords.  Then in his third incarnation, he became UNIT's scientific advisor.  With the help of his assistants, Liz Shaw, Jo Grant and, later, Sarah Jane Smith, the Third Doctor helped UNIT defeat the Autons (AAA, EEE), the Silurians (BBB), the so-called "Ambassadors of Death" (CCC), Prof. Stahlman's "Inferno" project (DDD), the Master (EEE, FFF, GGG, JJJ, LLL, OOO), Axos (GGG), Azal (JJJ), the Daleks (KKK), the Sea Devils (LLL), Kronos (OOO), Omega (RRR), BOSS (TTT), Linx (UUU), Sir Charles Grover's Operation Golden Age (WWW) and the Spiders of Metebelis 3 (ZZZ).  In the last case, the Doctor regenerated under the Brigadier's very eyes, and Captain Mike Yates, who had betrayed UNIT during the invasion of the Dinosaurs (WWW), redeemed himself.
 The Fourth Doctor, still assisted by Sarah Jane Smith, and joined by UNIT medical officer Surgeon-Lieutenant Harry Sullivan, then helped the Brigadier against Prof. Kettlewell's Giant Robot and the Scientific Reform Society (4A), and the Zygons (4F).
  At about that time, UNIT's British HQ was moved to a priory which had been Egyptologist Marcus Scarman's residence in 1911 AD (4G).  Soon afterwards, the Fourth Doctor, Sarah Jane Smith and Harry Sullivan returned to help UNIT Colonel Faraday defeat the Kraals' android invasion (4J).  The Fourth Doctor and Sarah also helped Sir Colin Thackeray of the World Ecology Bureau and Major Beresford of UNIT destroy a Krynoid (4L).
 In 1977, Lethbridge-Stewart retired from UNIT and took a job as a teacher at the Brendon School, leaving the British branch of UNIT in the capable hands of Colonel Crichton (6K).  Benton, who had been promoted to the position of RSM, also left, eventually to take over a car dealership (6F).  Later that year, Tegan and Nyssa, two of the Fifth Doctor's Companions, met the retired Brigadier at Brendon School and, together, they travelled forward to 1983 to fight Mawdryn.  The Brigadier emerged from the encounter with his future self with selective amnesia (6F).
 In 1983, the Fifth Doctor used his UNIT clearance to solve the mystery of the disappearance of a Concorde airplane at Gatwick Airport (6C).  Later, the Fifth Doctor met the retired Brigadier (who had forgotten their previous encounter) to defeat Mawdryn (6F).  The Brigadier recovered his memory and renewed his contacts with UNIT.  But Borusa snatched him and the Second Doctor (who had transgressed the Laws of Time to visit his old friend) one day before a planned UNIT reunion.  Together with various Companions (including Sarah Jane Smith and illusions in the form of Liz Shaw and Mike Yates), the Brigadier helped the Five Doctors defeat Borusa (6K).  Soon after that, he married his old flame, Doris.
 In 1992, the Seventh Doctor and Ace teamed up with Lethbridge-Stewart and met Brigadier Bambera of UNIT.  Together, they fought the sorcery of Morgaine, Queen of an alternate Earth (7N).

UNITED STATES OF AMERICA  During his first incarnation, the Doctor visited New York (R) and Hollywood (V), both very briefly, and, for a longer time, Tombstone, Arizona (Z).  A Confederate Army was kidnapped by the War Lords (ZZ).  Peri Brown (q.v.) was an American.  The First Doctor met American General Cutler at the South Pole Space Tracking Station (DD). The Third Doctor met American security agent Bill Filer (GGG).  The Seventh Doctor helped American security agents Hawk and Weismuller recover a lost satellite (7F).  Lady Peinforte was given a ride by American tourist Lavinia P. Hackensack near Windsor (7K).  The First Doctor met another American tourist, Morton Dill, at the top of the Empire State Building (R).  He later met Hollywood producer Steinberger P. Green (V).

UNSTOFFE  Garron's assistant.  He stole the Graff Vynda-K's million opeks and the lump of jethrik.  Thanks to Binro, he found refuge in the catacombs.  He was wounded by the Graff's men, but left Ribos safely with Garron and the Graff's treasure (5A).

UPTON  UNIT private.  He died fighting the Silurians (BBB).

URAK  Leader of the Tetraps serving the Rani on Lakertya.  He was impressed by her genius and, after her defeat at the hands of the Seventh Doctor, he kidnapped her to take her back to Tetrapyriarbus to help his people (7D).

URANUS  Taranium was found one one of the moons of Uranus (V).

URBANKA  Planet located in the system of Inokshi in galaxy RE 1489.  Its leader, Monarch, had exhausted all of its minerals, then polluted it with his technology until its ozone layer was utterly destroyed; it was all for his mad desire to travel faster than light and back through time to witness the creation of the Universe.  (Monarch believed himself to be God.) (5W).

URBANKANS  Reptilian aliens who resembled frogs.  They secreted one of the deadliest toxins in the universe in a gland.  After their leader, Monarch, had virtually destroyed their home world, the memories of all three billion Urbankans were stored on memory chips.  Monarch planned to poison the population of Earth and replace it with the Urbankans, reincarnated in android form (unlike their original "flesh time").  The Urbankans had visited Earth before.  When the Fifth Doctor met Monarch in 1981 AD, he claimed that it had taken him 2500 years to travel to Earth and back, and that he had doubled the speed of his ship from each previous visit.  The approximate dates of the Urbankans' visits to Earth would then have been 34481 BC, 14481 BC, 4481 BC, 519 BC, and 1981 AD.  However, historical information about the native Earthmen taken by the aliens contradicted the above dates.  It was therefore likely that the real time it took for the Urbankans to reach Earth was only about 1250 years, and that their visits occurred in 3019 BC, 1769 BC, 519 BC, 731 AD and 1981 AD (5W).

URQUHART  Captain of the Concorde flight which was taken to the Jurassic by the Master (6C).


USURIANS  Alien race who looked like greenish seaweed with eyes, although they were able to assume and retain human form thanks to stratified particle radiation.  The Usurians were greedy exploiters of other races.  In the 52nd Century, they used the Company to move Mankind from a highly-polluted Earth to Mars, in exchange for their labour.  Several centuries later, the Usurians moved men to Pluto, around which they had built six small artificial suns.  There, men lived a heavily-taxed life until they were freed through the intervention of the Fourth Doctor and Leela.  The Doctor exposed the Usurian Collector and created a deadly inflationary spiral to defeat him (4W).

USURIUS  The Usurians' homeworld (4W).

UTOBI  Amazon Indian tribe.  Latoni had once been their chief (6A).

UTOPIAS  Peace-loving races who had built, or tried to build, utopias included the Thals (B, SSS), the Sensorites (G), the Didoi (L), the Rills (T), the Dulcians (TT), the Gonds (WW), the people of Traken (5T), the Logopolitans (5V), the Kinda (5Y) and the Lakertyans (7D).
 Utopias that failed included the world of Marinus (E), the French Revolution (H), the world of the Elders and the Savages (AA), Sir Charles Grover's Operation Golden Age (WWW) and Helen A's Terra Alpha (7L).
 Apparent utopias which contained the proverbial snake in paradise included the human colony secretly controlled by the Macra (JJ), the pirate planet of Zanak (5B), the Union of Traken which was secretly destroyed from within by the Melkur (5T), Castrovalva, which was nothing more than a block transfer computation created by Adric (5Z) and Deva Loka, the planet of the Kinda, where the Mara lurked (5Y).  Also see its opposite, DYSTOPIAS.

UVANOV  Commander of the Sandminer.  Because of the Fourth Doctor's intervention, he and his aide Toos were the only survivors of the attack of the robots of Death.  He saved the Fourth Doctor's life by destroying SV7 (4R).