V4  One of the Robots of Death.  It was disabled by Uvanov as it attacked the Fourth Doctor (4R).

V5  One of the Robots of Death.  It attacked Leela (4R).

V6  One of the Robots of Death.  It attacked Toos (4R).

V8  One of the Robots of Death.  It locked up the Fourth Doctor and Leela (4R).

V16  One of the Robots of Death.  It was at the controls of the Sandminer (4R).

V-41  Massive T-shaped spaceship used by General Hermack of the International Space Corps in his campaign against Caven's pirates.  It was equipped with Minnow fighters (YY).

V, HAROLD  Killjoy who was once Helen A's gag writer on Terra Alpha.  (He was then known as Harold F).  He was arrested by the Happiness Patrol after he went looking for his brother, Andrew X.  He was electrocuted by a rigged jackpot machine (7L).

VAAN  Incarnation of the evil side of the Xeraphin (6C).

VABER  One of the Thals sent to Spiridon to stop the Daleks.  He fought alongside the Third Doctor, but was eventually killed by the Daleks (SSS).


VALEYARD, THE  Title meaning "Learned Court Prosecutor".  The Valeyard was the amalgamation of the Doctor's darker side, between his twelfth and thiteenth regenerations.  Afraid that the Sixth Doctor would learn the truth about the Ravolox stratagem, the corrupt High Council of the Time Lords brought the Valeyard into being.  They offered him the Doctor's remaining regenerations if he would destroy his earlier Incarnation.  The Valeyard prosecuted the Doctor at his Trial, introducing false evidence from the Matrix concerning his adventures on Ravolox and Thoros-Beta, including a false account of Peri's death.  He later accused the Doctor of genocide for having destroyed the Vervoids.  Thanks to the Master's assistance, the Doctor eventually exposed the Valeyard, who then fled into the Matrix.  The Doctor followed him there to the Fantasy Factory, a Dickensian business owned by J.J. Chambers.  Hiding behind the identity of Mr. Popplewick, the Valeyard plotted to murder the Time Lords attending the Trial with a Particle Disseminator.  He also trapped the Master and Glitz by replacing the stolen secrets of the Matrix, which they sought, with a Limbo Atrophier.  The Doctor eventually thwarted the Valeyard's plans, but the evil Time Lord escaped again, taking over the body of the Keeper of the Matrix (7A-7C).

VALGARD  One of the Vanir.  He was ambitious and wanted to take over Eirak's leadership.  He entered the Forbidden Zone after Bor and the Fifth Doctor.  He and the other Vanir eventually remained on Terminus to help Nyssa run it as a regular hospital (6G).

VALIDIUM  Deadly living metal which was allegedly stolen by the Doctor before he left Gallifrey.  Validium was to be the Time Lords's ultimate defense.   After it was used in a series of unknown circumstances, which again involved the Doctor, validium landed on Earth in Windsor in 1638 AD.  There, it was shaped into a statue dubbed Silver Nemesis by Lady Peinforte.  The Nemesis revealed many secrets about the Time Lords and the Doctor to her.  The Seventh Doctor eventually used the Silver Nemesis to destroy the Cybermen's space fleet, then ordered it to reshape itself.  Also see NEMESIS, SILVER (7K).

VALLANCE, ARMAND  A member of the staff of the Wheel in Space.  He was taken over by the Cybermen and was later freed by the Second Doctor (SS).

VALMAR  One of Bragen's rebels on Vulcan.  After the Daleks murdered Janley, the girl he loved, he began to realize that Bragen was really a megalomaniacal madman.  He eventually killed him (EE).

VAMPIRES  Gigantic space aliens.  They may have been related to the Daemons.  They fed on blood and were nearly immortal.  They swarmed throughout the universe and became so powerful that one Vampire could suck the life from an entire planet.  Finally, they were hunted down by the Time Lords and destroyed with bow ships in a war so long and bloody that, afterwards, the Gallifreyans forswore violence.  However, the Vampires' leader, the Great Vampire, escaped into E-Space.  Although he was near death, he still had the strength to mentally attract the Earth ship Hydrax.  He offered its three officers, Aukon, Zargo and Camilla, vampiric immortality if they served him.  They fed him with the blood of the human colonists and their descendents for a thousand years, planning for the Time of Arising when they would swarm back into normal space.  The Great Vampire's plans were thwarted by the Fourth Doctor, who used one of the Hydrax scout ships like a stake to kill him (5P).
 On Earth, vampire-like creatures arose in the future, when Earth had become totally polluted.  They were called the Haemovores.  A number of them were transported back through time by Fenric, and gave rise to the legends about vampires.  Fenric used an Ancient Haemovore in his fight against the Seventh Doctor in 1943 Northumbria.  The Ancient Haemovore turned normal humans into pseudo-haemovores, who remained under his control.  The Doctor later convinced him that Fenric's plans would doom his race, so he mentally destroyed the pseudo-haemovores he had created and killed Fenric's host body (7M).
 The First Doctor once met a robotic version of the legendary vampire Dracula in a House of Horrors (R).  Other alien life-forms who fed on blood included: the Screamers (V); the Ogri (5C); the Somno-moths (5K) and the Tetraps (7D).  Psychic or life-energy vampires included: the Elders (AA); the Krotons (WW); the Mind Parasite (FFF) and Magnus Greel (4S).  Energy vampires included: Axos (GGG) and the Nimon (5L).  Also see PARASITES.

VAN ALLEN BELT  Doughnut shaped radiation belt surrounding Earth and protecting it from the Sun's more harmful rays.  The Young Silurian and Icthar attempted to destroy it with a molecular disperser in order to render Earth uninhabitable by Mankind.  They were stopped by the Third Doctor (BBB).

VAN DER POST  A top executive of the Euro-Sea Gas Corporation.  He was based in The Hague and was a friend of Van Lutyens (RR).

VAN GYSEGHAM (MRS.)  American tourist who befriended Peri's mother (6Q).

VAN LUTYENS, PIETER  Dutch Engineer.  He was dispatched by the Euro-Sea Gas Corporation to check up on the North Sea refinery which was attacked by the Weed.  He tried to convince its controller, Robson, to shut off the gas supply, and was eventually taken over by the Weed.  He was freed with the help of the Second Doctor (RR).

VAN LYDEN, CHARLES  British astronaut on board the Mars Recovery 7 spaceship.  He was captured by mysterious, radioactive aliens.  He was eventually returned to Earth due to the Third Doctor's assistance (CCC).

VANA  Thara's girl-friend.  She was a young Gond girl who had been selected to become a "companion" of the Krotons.  She was saved just in time by the Second Doctor's intervention.  After she had recovered from her ordeal, she helped the Time Lord to destroy the Krotons (WW).

VANCE  Crewman on Capt. Briggs' space freighter.  He was killed by the Cybermen (6B).

VANDAL OF THE ROADS  Nord's nickname (7J).

VANESSA  Tegan Jovanka's aunt.  She was killed near Heathrow Airport by the Master (5V).

VANIR  Personnel in charge of Terminus (6G).

VANTARIALIS  Name of the Captain of Zanak's great raiding cruiser, which crashed on Zanak (5B).

VAPORIZATION  Method of capital punishment used by the Time Lords.  The Fourth (4P) and Fifth (6E) Doctors were condemned to be vaporized, but were eventually spared.

VARAN  Elderly Solonian leader who betrayed his own people to the Marshal.  His son killed the Earth Administrator, but he later threatened to tell the truth and was shot by Marshal.  When Varan saw his dead son, he rebelled.  He was eventually killed by the Marshal (NNN).

VARDANS  Aliens with the ability to mentally travel along any wavelength.  The only obstacle to their power was lead.  When their planet was touched by one of the Time Lords' scan beams, they used it to invade the Matrix.  Being telepathic, they contacted the Fourth Doctor to help them in their plans to take over Gallifrey.  The Doctor pretended to help them in order to gain their confidence and force them to fully materialize (at which point it was revealed that their true form was fully humanoid).  The Doctor then placed their planet in a time loop.  But the Vardans had aactually been used as dupes by the Sontarans, who themselves invaded Gallifrey (4Z).

VARDON  Planet at war with Kosnax.  Their crossfire accidentally destroyed Xeriphas (6C).  One of the Trion agents was an agrarian commissioner on Vardon (6Q).

VARGA  Leader of a squadron of Martian warriors (the so-called Ice Warriors).  His ship had crashlanded on Earth during its First Ice Age, and he and his crew were accidentally entombed in ice.  Varga was found by Arden, and brought back to life in 3000 AD.  He tried to conquer the Earth, but failed.  He then attempted to return to Mars, but the Second Doctor used the ioniser to destroy his ship (OO).

VARGA  Vegetable lifeform indigenous to Skaro.  The Varga Plants had poisoned spines which induced dementia in their victims, whose bodies eventually turned into Vargas.  The Daleks had transplanted some Varga Plants on Kembel (T/A).

VARGOS  Argolin guide at the Leisure Hive (5N).
VARGOS  President on his way to Nekros for his wife's perpetual enstatement (6Z).

VARL  Sontaran field major.  He was the aide of Group Marshal Stike.  Chessene killed him with coronic acid (6W).

VARLIK  Young Swampie war chief on Delta Magna's third moon.  He did not believe Kroll was a god, and helped the Fourth Doctor and Romana save his people.  He killed Thawn and saved the Doctor's life (5E).

VARN  Chancellery guard.  He was appointed by Kelner to keep an eye on the Fourth Doctor during the Vardan invasion of Gallifrey (4Z).

VARNE  Cryon who welcomed Peri.  She was later killed by the Cybermen (6T).

VAROS  Mining planet inhabited by the descendents of a colony for the criminally insane.  It had set up a civilization which thrived on public torture, and provided "snuff" entertainment to the rest of the galaxy.  It was also a major producer of the rare mineral, Zyton-7.  Galatron's envoy, Sil, tried to keep Zyton's prices low, but was thwarted by the Sixth Doctor.  Sil then attempted to take over the planet, but failed.  Sil's superior, Kiv, replaced him and Varos' Governor then negotiated fairer prices for Zyton-7 (6V).

VARSH  Leader of the Outlers on Alzarius and Adric's older brother.  He was killed by the Marshmen while defending the Starliner (5R).

VASILIP  Gilbert M's planet of origin (7L).

VASOR  Trapper living in Marinus' icy wastes.  He tried to kill Ian and Barbara during their quest for the missing Keys (E).

VASTIAL  Highly explosive mineral that was only safe at sub-zero temperatures.  The Sixth Doctor gave the Cryon, Flast, a thermal lance which she buried in a box of vastial, thereby creating a huge explosion which destroyed the Cybermen (6T).

VAUGHN, TOBIAS  Managing Director of International Electromatics.  He allied himself with the Cybermen.  He planned to use them to take over the world, then discard them by using Prof. Watkins's Cerebration Mentor.  His body had already been partially converted to cybernetics.  When he realized the Cybermen were prepared to destroy all human life, he turned against them and sacrificed his life to help the Second Doctor and UNIT destroy the Cybermen's hypnotic beam pulser (VV).

VEET  One of Mandrel's rebels.  She helped the Fourth Doctor and Leela overthrow the Company on Pluto (4W).

VEGA NEXOS  A mole man from the Vega star-system.  He was one of the two Federation trisilicate mining engineers on Peladon.  (The other was Eckersley.)  He appeared to be struck down by Aggedor's ghost, but was in reality killed by Eckersley's Aggedor projector/heat ray device (YYY).

VEGETALS  Intelligent, vegetable liforms included: an Earth-based parasitic sea weed, which could take control of humans (RR); the alien Krynoids, who fed on organic lifeforms (4L); the cactus-like Zolfa-Thurans, like Meglos, who could assume other creatures' shapes (5Q); and the Vervoids, creations of Prof. Lasky (7C).  Beaus might have been a vegetable lifeform (V).
   Hostile, but nonintelligent, plants included the accelerated plants of Marinus (E); the hostile fungoids of Mechanus (R); the Varga plants of Skaro (T/A); the Martian "Seeds of Death", which consumed oxygen (XX); the hostile vegetation of Spiridon (SSS); the carnivorous Wolf Weeds of Chloris (5G); the aggressive vegetation of Tigella (5Q); and the deadly vines of Varos (6V).
 The Sixth Doctor showed the personnel of Tranquil Repose how to refine local flowers into protein (6Z).  The Rani created explosive devices which turned people into trees (6X).  The galaxy's largest flora collection was on Zaakros (5N).  The Fourth Doctor claimed to be Honorary President of the Intergalactic Flora Society (4L).  Also see SEEDS.

VELDAN  Member of a Sirian space colony.  He was captured by the Daleks and taken to Skaro to become part of the slave labor force looking for Davros (5J).

VENA  Karfelon girl bethrothed to Mykros.  When he was arrested, Vena seized the Borad's amulet, which Tekker wore, and plunged into the Timelash.  It transported her to 19th Century Scotland, where she met H. G. Wells.  The Sixth Doctor took her (and Wells) back to Karfel, where she helped him defeat the Borad (6Y).

VENDERMAN'S LAW  Law of physics which stated: "light has mass and energy intermixed; therefore energy radiated by photons and tachyons is equal to the energy absorbed" (R).

VENESSIA  Planet visited by the First Doctor (X).

VENEZUELA  George Cranleigh was disfigured while exploring the Orinoco portion of the Amazon in Venezuela (6A).

VENUS  Mavic Chen had prepared a secret army on Venus to fight the Daleks (V).  The Third Doctor claimed to be a master at Venusian Aiki-Do (q.v.) -- one of the rare two-armed beings having mastered that difficult art.

VENUSSA  Subject Guardian enslaved by the Ark's Monoids.  After the First Doctor helped defeat the Monoids, she and Dassuk led the Humans into an honorable peace with the remaining Monoids, so that they could all live in harmony on Refusis (X).

VERDUNA  Krontep heaven where warriors were thought to fight forever (7B).

VERNE (H.M.S.)  Ship attacked by the Sea Devils (LLL).

VERNEY, ANDREW  Tegan's grandfather.  He lived in Little Hodcombe and discovered the Malus in the local church.  He was then kept prisoner by Sir George Hutchinson.  After he was rescued, he helped the Fifth Doctor defeat the Malus (6M).

VEROS  Member of the rebellion against the Great Vampire (5P).

VERSHININ  Member of the Soviet commando led by Captain Sorin.  He infiltrated Northumberland in order to steal the Ultima Machine "core".  Vershinin later killed Commander Millington, after joining forces with Captain Bates (7M).

VERUNA  Planetary system where Frontios was located (6N).

VERVOIDS  Intelligent, mutant vegetal lifeforms created by Professor Lasky, Bruchner and Doland on Mogar.  They were mobile, could talk, were equipped with venomous stings and emitted poisonous marsh gas.   The Vervoids were dormant when they were loaded onto the Hyperion III space liner, but were awakenened by an electrical light burst.  They tried taking over the ship, but were destroyed by the Sixth Doctor, who used vionesium light bursts to cause them to wither and die.  He was charged with genocide by the Valeyard for this action (7C).

VESSILIUM  One of the minerals mined by Zanak (5B).

VETURIA  Planet visited by Captain Cook (7J).

VICKI  One of the First Doctor's Companions.  She was an eighteen-year old Earth girl (last name unknown) from the 25th Century, who found herself stranded on Dido after a space crash.  She was rescued by the First Doctor, Ian Chesterton and Barbara Wright, who helped her expose the evil designs of her companion, Bennett.  Vicki then accompanied the First Doctor, Ian and Barbara in their journeys.  She met the Romans, the Menoptera, the Crusaders, the Xerons and the Rills (whose robots she nicknamed "Chumblies").  She fought the Zarbi, the Saracens, the Moroks, the Daleks, the Meddling Monk and the Drahvins.  During the Trojan War, Vicki eventually fell in love with Troilus and, adopting the name of Cressida, followed him to found a new city after the fall of Troy (L-U).

VICTOR  British army major who helped the Third Doctor against the Mind of Evil (FFF).


VICTORIA (1819-1901)  Queen of England.  Josiah Samuel Smith plotted to use explorer Fenn-Cooper to kill her, hoping to thereby restore the British Empire to its former glory (7Q).
VIJ  Planet incorporated into Tryst's CET (5K).
VIKINGS  The Meddling Monk planned to sabotage a Viking raid just before 1066 AD in order to ensure King Harold's victory (S).  During the 9th Century, a group of Vikings -- later dubbed the "Wolves of Fenric" -- were manipulated by the evil entity to bring the flask containing it back from the Orient to Northumberland.  Their descendents settled the area (7M).

VILLAGE  Only name given to the sole human community on the Great Vampire's world (5P).

VILLAGRA  Mayan princess kidnapped by the Urbankans, probably circa 731 AD.  Her memories were stored on silicon chips, and used to animate an android in her image.  After the Fifth Doctor defeated Monarch, she and his fellow androids decided to look for another planet on which to settle (5W).

VILLAR, ARTURO  19th Century Mexican revolutionary who was immune to the War Lords' hypnotic processing.  He took charge of a pocket of resistance, and fought alongside the Second Doctor, Jamie and Zoe to put an end to the War Games.  He was eventually returned to his proper place in time and space by the Time Lords (ZZ).


VINER, JOHN  Prof. Parry's second in command on the expedition to Telos.  He was shot by Klieg when he tried to prevent the reawakening of the Cybermen from their Telosian Tombs (MM).

VINGTEN  Yrcanos was Lord of the Vingten (7B).

VINNY  Mr. Burton's assistant at Shangri-La.  He and Burton had once served together in the army (7F).

VINTARIC CRYSTALS  Common form of lighting used by the Terileptils (5X).

VIONESIUM  Magnesium-like metal found on Mogar.  Exposed to air, it released intense light.  The Sixth Doctor used it to destroy the Vervoids (7C).

VIRA  First Medtech aboard the Ark in Space.  She took command when it became clear Noah was under the Wirrn's control, and helped the Fourth Doctor fight the Wirrn (4C).

VIRUS (OF THE PURPOSE)  Space entity capable of making contact with other forms of intelligence and taking control of them.  It enslaved the crew of the Titan shuttle, and converted the Titan base into a Hive.  The Virus's Nucleus invaded the Fourth Doctor's body, but was later released, and enlarged to human-size, on the Bi-Al Foundation.  It returned to Titan and prepared to swarm, but was destroyed when the Doctor blew up the base (4T).

VIRUSES  The Fourth Doctor fought an intelligent viral lifeform, known as the Virus of the Purpose, on Titan (4T).  The Fourth Doctor also used an anti-metal virus to destroy Prof. Kettlewell's Giant Robot (4A).  Also see DISEASES.

VISHINSKY  Older senior officer of the Morestran spaceship sent to Zeta Minor.  When the mutated Prof. Sorenson and the anti-matter creatures began to attack his ship, he took over command from Salamar, and helped the Fourth Doctor collect the anti-matter and return it to its native universe (4H).

VISIANS  Giant, hostile, invisible inhabitants of Mira.  The First Doctor and his Companions were forced to hide from them in their fight against the Daleks' Masterplan.  The Visians eventually fought the Daleks, which enabled the Doctor to escape (V).

VISUALISER (SPACE-TIME)  Artefact found by the First Doctor in the Moroks' Space Museum.  It enabled him to see scenes throughout time and space, including a planned Dalek attack against him (Q, R).

VITA 15  Lytton's homeworld (6P, 6T).

VOCS  Middle class of robots who were used as labor force aboard the Sandminer.  They could speak (4R).

VOGA  It was nicknamed the Planet of Gold because its heart was almost pure gold.  In the 23rd Century, during the First Cyber Wars, Earth and its allies defeated the Cybermen by discovering that gold was fatal to their enemies.  Before their defeat, the Cybermen made an attempt to destroy Voga, but a fragment survived and ended up in orbit near Jupiter, where it became known as Neo Phoebus.  The Nerva Beacon was placed on a 30-year assignment to warn spaceships of its presence.
 Towards the end of the 25th Century, one of the Beacon's officers, Prof. Kellman, secretly working for the Vogan Vorus, summoned a small band of isolated Cybermen, remnants of the First Cyber Wars.  Vorus's plan was to destroy the Cybermen by using the Skystriker, a rocket of his own design.  The Cybermen used their cybermats and neurotropic X virus to take over the Beacon.  They eventually loaded cyberbombs aboard the Beacon and tried to crash it into Voga.  They were thwarted by the Fourth Doctor, Sarah Jane Smith and Harry Sullivan (4D).

VOGANS  High-domed aliens who lived on Voga.  After their planet was partially destroyed by the Cybermen after the First Cyber Wars, the survivors, led by Tyrum, lived in fear of being discovered by the Cybermen.  After Vorus's Skystriker missile destroyed the Cybermen, thanks to the Fourth Doctor's help, the Vogans were presumably free to reintegrate themselves in the galactic Alliance (4D).  Their assistance, and their gold, proved useful to fight the Cybermen again during the Second Cyber Wars (6T).

VOGEL  Kara's secretary.  He was killed by Davros's Daleks (6Z).

VOICE (GIFT OF)  In Kinda terminology, a man who communicated verbally rather than mentally.  Aris had been given the Gift of Voice by the Mara and, according to Kinda prophecies, had to be obeyed (5Y).

VOLANTE  Tryst's ship.  Its zoological expedition to Eden was comprised of Tryst, his assistant, Della, and Stott (5K).

VOLCANOES  Salamander triggered volcanic eruptions to take over the Earth (PP).  A volcanic eruption threatened the TARDIS on Dulkis (TT).  The Third Doctor used an ice volcano on Spiridon to freeze a Dalek army (SSS).  On Sarn, the volcanic Numismaton Flame could extend life (6Q).  Volcanic eruptions on the planet of the Cheetah People reflected the savagery of its inhabitants (7P).  Tigus was a mostly volcanic planet (V).
VOLDAK  Scientist who theorized that life in the universe was infinitely variable (PPP).
VOLTROX  Native lifeform found on Nekros (6Z).
VON VERNER (DR.)  Alias used by the Second Doctor in Inverness in 1746 AD (FF).

VON WEICH  One of the War Lords in charge of the War Games.  He posed as a German Major in the World War I sector and a Confederate Officer in the American Civil War sector.  He was eventually captured by the Resistance, and later killed by Private Moor (ZZ).

VOOLIUM  One of the minerals extracted from Calufrax by Zanak.  It was used by Mr. Fibuli to power the Psychic Interference Transmitter used by the Captain to stop the Mentiads (5B).

VOORD  Inhabitants of Marinus, with dark, rubbery skins and an enigmatic, snoutish face, they were immune to the Conscience's mind-control powers.  Under the leadership of Yartek, a Voord commando tried to take over the Conscience, but perished when the First Doctor and Ian Chesterton tricked them into destroying the machine (E).

VORG  Galactic showman from Lurma who owned the defective Scope where the Third Doctor rematerialized.  He helped him thwart Kalik's devious schemes, and used the Eradicator to destroy the rampaging Drashigs (PPP).

VORSHAK  Commander of Sea Base Four.  He helped the Fifth Doctor fight the Silurians and the Sea Devils.  He sacrificed his life to save that of the Fifth Doctor when he was aborting the missile launch.  Vorshak was shot by Icthar (6L).

VORTEX (SPACE-TIME)  Area beyond time and space through which the TARDIS travels.  Some entities, like the Guardians of Time (q.v.), the Kronavores (OOO) and the Mandragora Helix (4M), might be said to inhabit the Vortex.  The Tharils appeared to be able to travel through the vortex unaided (5S).

VORTIGERN'S LAKE  The Lake of the High King in Old English.  It was located near Carbury.  It was at its bottom that King Arthur's body and Excalibur were buried, inside a living spaceship (7N).

VORTIS  Cold, craggy planet of the Isop Galaxy.  Its native inhabitants, the butterfly-like Menoptera, were driven away by the normally peaceful, ant-like Zarbi, who were dominated by the evil Animus.  With the First Doctor's help, the Menoptera were eventually able to destroy the Animus and reconquer Vortis (N).
VORUM GAS  Sleeping gas used to protect Space Station J7's computer (6W).
VORUS  Leader of the Vogan Guardians.  He hired Prof. Kellman of Space Beacon Nerva to summon the Cybermen to Voga, where they could be destroyed by his Skystriker missile.  He wanted to free his people from the threat of the Cybermen, but ended up clashing with Tyrum.  He was shot by Tyrum when he launched his rocket but, thanks to the Fourth Doctor, it destroyed the Cybermen (4D).

VOSPER, LENNY  Prisoner at Stangmoor Prison who helped Mailer take over the Prison.  He and Charlie let the Third Doctor escape.  He was later killed by the Mind Parasite (FFF).

VRAXOIN  Deadly drug in use among humans in the early part of the 22nd Century.  It induced a state of warm complacency, followed by agonizing withdrawal symptoms, and eventually death.  The Fourth Doctor exposed two vraxoin smugglers, Tryst and Dymond, after the Empress crashed into the Hecate when emerging from hyperspace above the planet Azure.  He also discovered that vraxoin was derived from the essence of the Mandrels, savage creatures from the planet Eden (5K).

VRESTIN  Leader of the Menoptera invasion force on Vortis.  The First Doctor helped him defeat the Zarbi (N).

V-SHIP  See V-41.

VULCAN  Earth colony led by Governor Hensell.  It was almost taken over by the Daleks, but was rescued by the Second Doctor.  At that time, its inhabitants used a dating system indicating it was Year 2020 AD, although it was more likely at least one century later by standard Earth chronology (EE).

VULNIUM  One of the minerals mined by Zanak (5B).

VULPANA  Planet where Captain Cook had found Mags (7J).
VURAH  One of Prof. Sorenson's party (4H).
VURAL  One of the five Earth colonists from Galsec Seven stranded on Earth circa 15,000 AD, after their ship was destroyed while answering a fake mayday signal.  The Sontaran Styre performed cruel experiments on him to determine the limits of human resistance.  He betrayed his crew mates, but later sacrificed his life to save that of the Fourth Doctor (4B).

VYNDA-K (GRAFF)  Unscrupulous, warlike tyrant of Levithia.  While he went off to fight the Alliance Wars, he was deposed by his people and replaced by his half-brother.  He swore revenge, and offered to buy Ribos from Garron, hoping to turn it into a training ground for an army.  When he found out he had been conned, he tried to kill Garron and the Fourth Doctor.  He died in the catacombs, victim of his own explosive device (5A).

VYON, BRET  Agent sent by Space Special Security to Kembel after Marc Cory failed to return.  Vyon was born on Mars, on Colony 16.  He discovered the Daleks' Masterplan and, with the First Doctor's help, managed to return to Earth.  Bret Vyon was killed by his own sister, Sara Kingdom, another SSS agent.  Sara had been manipulated to believe that Bret was a traitor by her superior, Karlton, who was secretly in league with Mavic Chen and the Daleks (V).