W3 (a.k.a. WHEEL IN SPACE)  Codename of the space station attacked by the Cybermen.  It was defended by the Second Doctor, who boosted its X-ray laser cannon to defeat the invaders, by using the TARDIS' Time Vector Generator (SS).

WADE  One of the crew on the Eternals' ships (6H).

WAGSTAFFE, MICHAEL  Defense correspondent of The Daily Chronicle.  He questioned the Brigadier about the occurrences at Oxley Moor and the Third Doctor's identity (AAA).

WAHED  One of Cully's tour party.  He was killed by the Dominators (TT)

WAINWRIGHT  Vicar of Saint Jude's church, in the Northumberland village later attacked by Fenric.  He was one of the "Wolves" of Fenric -- a descendent of the ancient vikings who had brought the evil entity's flask back to England.  His grandfather had been the first to translate the runes carved in the church's crypt.  Reverend Wainwright's actions eventually contributed to Fenric's release.  After the British bombed Germany, his faith wavered, and he was killed by the Haemovores (7M).

WAITES, AUBREY (HON.)  Real name of lead singer John Smith of John Smith and the Common Men.  He started off as Chris Waites and the Carollers (A).


WAKEFIELD, JOHN MICHAEL  Television journalist.  He reported the events at the British Space Centre when the Mars Recovery 7 spaceship was captured by the radioactive aliens, and again when General Carrington tried to call upon the world powers to launch an all-out attack against the aliens (CCC).

WALES  The Third Doctor went to the Welsh village of Llanfairfach to deal with the Green Death (TTT).  In 1959, the Seventh Doctor helped save Delta and the South Wales holiday camp of Shangri-La from the Bannermen (7F).

WALKER, ROBERT  Politician sent from London to deal with the Sea Devils affair.  He ordered Captain Hart to launch a depth charge attack, which jeopardized the Third Doctor's attempts to negotiate a peaceful settlement with the Sea Devils (LLL).

WALLARIANS  Alien race who loved gambling.  Vorg had won his Miniscope from the Wallarians (PPP).

WALLINGFORD  Ranulf Fitzwilliam's castle (6J).

WALLSCRAWLERS  Nickname for the Kangs who defaced the walls in Paradise Towers (7E).

WALTERS  Arden's assistant.  He was killed by the Ice Warriors (OO).

WALTERS  UNIT Sergeant.  He assisted Lethbridge-Stewart during the Cybermen Invasion (VV).

WALTERS  One of Lt. Scott's men.  His job was to monitor the progress of the underground expedition (6B).

WALTON  UNIT major.  He fought the Silurians (BBB).

WANG-LO  Chinese manager of the way station at Lan-Chow (D).

WAR  Historical wars: Among the various historical Earth wars which the Doctor visited were: the Trojan War (U), the Third Crusade (P), the French Wars of Religion (St. Bartholomew's Day Massacre) (W), the battle of Culloden (FF), and World War II (in Northumberland) (7M).  During the War Games, the alien War Lords used stolen Time Lord technology to kidnap soldiers from various Earth Wars, including and prior to World War I.  Among these were soldiers from WWI, the American Civil War, the Mexican Rebellion and the Punic Wars (ZZ).  In Little Hodcombe, under the Malus' influence, Sir George Hutchinson reconstructed the events of the English Civil War (6M).  The Rani admitted that she had visited several of Earth's wars (including the Trojan War and the American Civil War), making them worse by her draining of brain fluids (6X).  Lastly, on an alternate Earth, Morgaine had preserved the tenets of the war-like culture of King Arthur's times (7N).  Also see WORLD WAR I, II and III.
 Future wars: The threat of World War III was averted several times by the Doctor (FFF, KKK, 4A).  Future Earth wars included limited nuclear wars in the early 21st Century, which Salamander used to his own benefit (PP), and the 51st Century battle against Magnus Greel's Supreme Alliance (4S).  Future wars against aliens included several Dalek Wars (K, V, KKK, SSS, etc.), Cyber Wars (DD, HH, VV, 4D, 6B, 6T, etc.), the Space War against the Draconians, which was secretly engineered by the Master and the Daleks (QQQ), and the war against Galaxy 5 (YYY).  The inhabitants of Paradise Towers had left the place to take part in a war -- possibly the First Dalek War (7E).  Also see INVASIONS.
 Alien wars: Wars between aliens included: the so-called Thousand-Year War (or Neutronic Wars) between Thals and Kaleds, which resulted in the creation of the Daleks (4E, B).  The war between the two species continued (SSS), resulting in the destruction of Skaro (5J), and possibly the annihilation of the Thals.  Other wars between aliens included: that of the Menoptera against the Zarbi (N), the Drahvins against the Rills (T), The Xerons' rebellion against the Moroks (Q), the Sontaran-Rutan war (UUU, 4V), the war to the ultimate finish between Atrios and Zeos (5F), the war between Argolins and Foamasi (5N), the war between Karfelons and Bandrils (6Y) and the war of extermination led by the Bannermen against the Chimerons (7F).  Xeriphas had been devastated in the crossfire of the war between Vardon and Kosnax (6C).  The Kraals (4J), the Minyans (4Y) and the Zolfa-Thurans (5Q) are races who almost destroyed themselves in civil wars.  The Minyans later developed the Pacifier to quell their aggressive instincts (4Y).  The Graff Vynda-K was a warlike tyrant who was deposed by his people while he was off fighting in a war (5A).
 Peace-loving cultures included: the Thals, which ultimately had to forego their pacifism in order to survive and defeat the Daleks (B), the Didonians (L), the Rills (T), the Dulcians, who were similarly forced to face the Dominators (TT), the Anethians (5L), the Kinda (5Y) and the Lakertyans (7D).  War-loving cultures included the Daleks (q.v.), the Cybermen (q.v.), the Voord (E), the Moroks (Q), the Drahvins (T), the Martian Ice Warriors (q.v.), who eventually became more pacifist, the Dominators (TT), the Krotons (WW), the War Lords (ZZ), the Sea Devils (q.v.), the Sontarans (q.v.), the Zygons (4F), the Kraals (4J), the Vardans (4Z), the Movellans (5J), the Skonnans (5L), the Argolins (5N), the Gaztaks (5Q), the Terileptils (5X), the Kronteps (7B), and the Bannermen (7F).
 Dedicated war machines included WOTAN's mobile extensions (BB), the Cybermats (q.v.), the Yeti (q.v.), the Autons (q.v.), the Doomsday Machine (HHH), the Mentalis computer on Zeos (5F), the deadly Raston Robot (6K), a human child turned into a Dalek battle computer (7H), and the Silver Nemesis (7K).  Also see WEAPONS.

WAR CHIEF  Name given by the War Lords to the renegade Time Lord who brought them the secret of time travel (using inferior TARDISes known as SIDRATS) in exchange for power.  During the War Games, he recognized the Second Doctor and asked him to join forces.  His attempted betrayal was later exposed by the War Lords' Security Chief, whom he killed.  After the Doctor called the Time Lords, he tried to escape, but was shot and presumably killed by one of the War Lord's men (ZZ).

WAR GAMES  Vast operation launched by the alien War Lords and made possible by Time Lord technology stolen by the renegade known as War Chief.  It involved kidnapping thousands of Earth soldiers from various wars prior to, and including, World War I.  The soldiers were then subjected to hypnotic processing and told to carry on their wars on an artificial planet.  The purpose of the War Games was for the War Lords to conquer the galaxy using the best army ever trained.  Eventually, the War Games were discovered by the Second Doctor.  With the help of Jamie, Zoe, Lt. Carstairs, Lady Jennifer Buckingham and other Resistance fighters, the Doctor defeated the War Lords.  He then alerted the Time Lords, who put a final end to the War Games and returned every soldier to his proper place in time and space (ZZ).

WAR LORD  Leader of the War Lords.  With the help of Time Lord technology stolen by the renegade known as War Chief, he set up the War Games.  He later had the War Chief killed, after he had been exposed as a traitor by the Security Chief.  Captured by the Time Lords, he refused to acknowledge defeat.  He was tried and dematerialized by the Time Lords (ZZ).

WAR LORDS  Name given to the bellicose aliens who set up the War Games.  Their planet was eventually forever sealed inside a force field (possibly a time loop) by the Time Lords (ZZ).

WAR MACHINES  Mobile extensions of WOTAN.  The First Doctor used a powerful magnetic field to capture a War Machine and turn it against WOTAN (BB).

WARD, JACK  19th Century British miner whose brain fluids were stolen by the Rani.  He was Luke's father.  He fell under the Rani's influence, but was later cured by the Sixth Doctor (6X).

WARD, LUKE  George Stephenson's protege.  He was Jack Ward's son.  The Master used one of the Rani's parasites to enslave him and deceive the Sixth Doctor.  He was turned into a tree when he stepped on one of the Rani's deadly mines (6X).

WARLOCK (DR.)  Prof. Scarman's oldest friend.  He did not trust Namin, and was eventually killed by one of Sutekh's Mummies (4G).

WARMSLY, PETER  Archeologist who worked for ten years on the Carbury site.  He eventually uncovered Excalibur's scabbard.  His assistant was Shou Yuing.  Peter Warmsly was eventually evacuated by UNIT prior to their battle against Morgaine (7N).

WARNE, IAN  International Space Corps major serving under General Hermack.  He was ordered to follow Clancey, and eventually led the squad of minnow fighters which destroyed Caven (YY).

WARNER  Communications technician aboard Space Beacon Nerva.  He was infected by the Neutrope X virus and died (4).


WARP ELLIPSE  Condition of an object placed in a fixed orbit in time as well as in space.  Mawdryn's ship was in a warp ellipse above Earth (6F).
WARRA  Galsec colonist killed by Styre (4B).
WARRIEN  Member of the Dalek Alliance (V).


WATCHER, THE  Mysterious projection of the Doctor's future, intended to facilitate his regeneration from his Fourth to his Fifth Incarnation.  The Watcher first appeared to warn the Fourth Doctor of his impending doom at the hands of the Master.  He also transported Nyssa from Traken to Logopolis, and Adric and Nyssa back to Earth, before finally merging into the dying body of the Fourth Doctor (5V).  The Watcher was not unlike the Cho-Je projection of the Time Lord K'Anpo (ZZZ).

WATER BABIES, THE  Novel by Charles Kingsley.  One of the three Books of Knowledge which survived the fireball and were kept at the UK Habitat on Ravolox (7A).

WATERFIELD, EDWARD  19th Century professor whose static electricity time travel experiments, conducted with Theodore Maxtible, drew the Daleks to Earth.  They then took his daughter, Victoria, hostage.  Using the alias of "J. Smith", Prof. Waterfield helped the Daleks capture the Second Doctor, but he eventually gave his life on Skaro to save the Time Lord (LL).

WATERFIELD, VICTORIA  One of the Second Doctor's Companions.  She was Edward Waterfield's daughter.  She was taken hostage by the Daleks, then joined the TARDIS' crew on Skaro after her father's death.  Victoria helped the Second Doctor and Jamie against the Cybermen, the Yeti, the Ice Warriors, Salamander and intelligent sea weed creatures, which turned out to be vulnerable to the ultrasounds in her voice.  Victoria eventually left to stay with the Harris family, who took her in as a daughter (LL-RR).

WATKINS, ISOBEL  Prof. Watkins's niece and a photographer of talent.  She was staying at Prof. Travers's house when she met the Second Doctor, Jamie and Zoe.  She fought alongside them, and UNIT, to defeat the Cybermen Invasion plotted by Tobias Vaughn.  She fell in love with Captain Walters (VV).

WATKINS (PROF.)  Friend of Prof. Travers and uncle of Isobel Watkins.  He was the inventor of the Cerebration Mentor and was kidnapped by Tobias Vaughn of International Electromatics, who forced him to perfect his device as a weapon against the Cybermen.  Prof. Watkins was eventually rescued by the Second Doctor and UNIT (VV).

WATSON, OWEN (PROF.)  Director of the Experimental Nuclear Research Complex attacked by Eldrad.  The Kastrian took over Sarah Jane Smith's, then Driscoll's, minds to trigger a nuclear explosion, the energy of which he used to regenerate.  Prof. Watson attacked Eldrad, but was saved by the Fourth Doctor (4N).

WATSON, SUZY  Prof. Watson's daughter (4N).

WATT, JAMES (1736-1819)  Famous Scottish inventor who contributed to the development of the steam engine.  He had been invited to a meeting by George Stephenson.  The Master wanted to kidnap him to harness his genius, but was thwarted by the Sixth Doctor (6X).

WATTS  Royal navy lieutenant commander.  He fought the Sea Devils (LLL).
WAVERLEY FIELD  Geological field whose stability was checked by Huckle (4F).
WAXWORKS  The Autons were made to look like waxwork dummies.  When the Nestene began replacing important people, such as General Scobie, with replicas, the originals were put in their places in a waxwork exhibit (AAA).

WEAMS  Private in the army task force which fought the Great Intelligence in the London underground.  He was killed by the Yeti (QQ).

WEAPONS  Weapons devised by Mankind included: a variety of deadly missiles and rockets, such as the Thunderbolt (FFF), the Proton missiles (6L) and the Salamander 6-0 (7N), powerful bombs such as the Z-Bomb (DD) and various rayguns such as the Disintegrator (4A), Stelsons (5E0, etc.  Salamander used his Suncatcher to create earthquakes (PP).  Mankind used glitterguns (q.v.), the Cerebration Mentor (VV), the Gravitron (HH) and an X-Ray laser cannon (SS) against the Cybermen.  They used the Ioniser (OO) against the Martians.  Other miscellaneous weapons included WOTAN's War Machines (BB), the Varosian Cell Destructor (6V), Rorvik's MZ cannon (5S)
 Alien weapons included: For the Daleks, their exterminator sticks and the Time Destructor (V); for the Cybermen, the deathrays located in their helmets, cyberbombs (4D, 6T) and their deadly Cybermats (q.v.); for the Martian Ice Warriors (q.v.), the sonic guns on their claws; for the Yeti, their web guns (QQ); for the Silurians and Sea Devils, their third eye and deadly hand weapons (BBB, LLL), as well as their Molecular Disperser (BBB) and a particle suppressor (6L).
 Time Lord weapons included: Time Loops (q.v.), Time Scoops (q.v.), the Bow Ships (5P), the Hand of Omega (7H), Validium (7K), the Demat Gun (4Z), the Limbo Atrophier (7C), the particle disseminator (7C); smaller weapons included the Chancellery Guards' stasers (q.v.).  The Master preferred to use his Tissue Compression Eliminator (q.v.).  The Rani used mines which turned people into trees (6X) and swarms of deadly insects (7D).
 The Elders used light guns (AA), the Krotons used their Dynatrope (WW), the Interminorans used their Eradicator (PPP), the Vogans used their skystriker missile (4D), the Morestrans used a Neutron Accelerator (4H), the Bandrils used a Bendalypse (6Y).  The Kinda's Jhana Box was a psychic weapon (5Y).  The Doomsday Weapon (HHH) was among the most powerful weapons ever devised.
 Other, non-mechanical types of weapons included:
- crystals, such as the Key to Time (q.v.) and the Dodecahedron (5Q), etc.  Also see CRYSTALS;
- deadly gases, such as zaphra (Q), balarium (4W), hexachromite (6L), etc.  Also see GASES;
- mind-control devices, such as the Brains of Morphoton's Mesmeron (E), the Cybermen's Celensky capsules (SS) and hypno-beam pulsers (VV), the Rani's slugs (6X), the Coronet of Rassilon (q.v.), etc.  Also see HYPNOTISM;
- quasi-living entities, such as the Slyther (K), the Skarasen (4F), the Mykra (6L), the Silver Nemesis (7K), etc.  Also see CYBORGS;
- viruses and alien diseases (used by the Daleks, the Cybermen, the Kraals, the Movellans, etc.)  Also see DISEASES.  Also see WAR.

WEATHER CONTROL  Weather control on Earth was established by the first half of the 21st Century (circa 2050 AD).  It was achieved by controlling the tides with the Gravitron, which was located at the Moonbase, and probably using the Suncatcher satellite designed by Salamander (PP).  After the Moonbase proved vulnerable to a Cyberman attack (HH), the Weather Control systems were relocated on Earth.  It was there that Weather Control was later used by the Second Doctor to destroy the Ice Warriors' "Seeds of Death" (XX).



WEB GUNS  Guns emitting a thick, clinging substance used by the Great Intelligence in its attack on London (QQ).

WEBSTER  English prisoner at the Conciergerie during the French Revolution.  He gave a cryptic message to Ian for James Stirling before he died (H).

WEED  A form of intelligent sea weed, which fed on natural gas.  It had already been spotted by 18th Century North Sea mariners.  During its attack on the refinery and off-shore rigs of the Euro-Sea Gas Corporation, the Weed made a deadly use of its sting, foam and poison gas.  It also evidenced the ability to take control of humans and turn them into weed-covered mind slaves (such as Mrrs. Oak & Quill and, later, refinery controller Robson).  The Second Doctor eventually used the Weed's vulnerability to oxygen and certain types of sounds (such as Victoria Waterfield's high-pitched screams) to destroy it (RR).

WEEKES, BYRON  Moreton Harwood resident and member of the cult of Hecate (K9).

WEISMULLER, JEROME P.  He and Hawk were two U.S. secret agents.  They were on a mission in Wales to recover a satellite which had fallen near Shangri-La, after it collided with the galactic tour bus from the future that carried young Chimeron Queen Delta.  They helped the Seventh Doctor thwart Gavrok's Bannermen and save Delta.  They eventually recovered the satellite (7F).

WELLAND (P.C.)  Liverpool policeman (V).
WELLINGTON  Brendan Richards' school (K9).
WELLS, HERBERT GEORGE (1866-1946)  English novelist.  While vacationing in Scotland in 1885, he met Vena, who had been transported there by the Borad's Timelash.  He accompanied the Sixth Doctor to Karfel, where he helped the Time Lord expose and defeat the Borad.  Undoubtedly, his adventure inspired him to write his classic novel, ®MDUL¯The Time Machine®MDNM¯ (1895) (6Y).

WELLS  Section leader at the Daleks' Bedfordshire site during their 2164 AD Invasion of Earth (K).

WENCES  One of the Pipe People.  He helped Ace escape from the Happiness Patrol, and was hurt by Fifi (7L).

WENG-CHIANG  Chinese god impersonated by Magnus Greel.  His followers, the Tong of the Black Scorpion, believed he would return to rule the world.  Weng-Chiang had the power to blow poisonous fumes from his mouth, and could kill men with deadly eye beams.  God of abundance, he could also make living things grow bigger (4S).

WENLEY MOOR  Derbyshire site of a British atomic research station, built in a network of underground caves which were also the location of a Silurian shelter.  Power leaks from the station awakened the Silurians.  It was then plagued by losses of power and a high rate of mental breakdowns among its staff, all caused by the Silurians.  Its director, Dr. Lawrence, eventually called on UNIT to investigate.  The station was eventually saved from total destruction by the Third Doctor (BBB).

WEREWOLVES  The Lukoser was one of the pathetic results of Crozier's experiments (7B).  Mags was an alien werewolf from Vulpina who had become Captain Cook's protege (7J).  The humans infected by the Cheetah People presented certain werewolf characteristics (7P).

WESSEX  Sir Edward's lands and catle.  Irongron tried to take them over (UUU).

WEST LODGE  Foamasi clan who sabotaged the Leisure Hive in order to buy Argolis.  Their agents impersonated Brock and Klout.  Their efforts were thwarted by a Foamasi Investigator who exposed them.  The two agents were later destroyed by the Argolins (5N).

WESTER  One of the invisible Spiridonians who helped the Third Doctor and the Thals against the Daleks.  He saved Jo Grant's life and later, sacrificed his own life to stop the Daleks (SSS).


WHIPSNADE  Natural park located just outside London which Dodo once visited with her school (X).

WHITAKER (PROF.)  Inventor of a type of time scoop which he used at Sir Charles Grover's request to bring forward prehistoric monsters to clear the streets of London.  This became known as the Dinosaur Invasion.  Then, Grover and Whitaker planned to roll time back and return Earth to an age when it was yet unspoiled by pollution and technology.  After seeing his scheme fall apart because of the Third Doctor's intervention, Grover tried activating Prof. Whitaker's device, and the two men were sent back to prehistory (WWW).



WHITE GUARDIAN  The White Guardian was a conceptual entity embodying Light and Order.  He enlisted the help of the Fourth Doctor to gather the six segments of the Key to Time in order to restore the universal balance of the cosmos.  He also warned the Doctor about the Black Guardian (5A).  Eventually the Doctor succeeded, and assembled the Key, outwitting the Black Guardian and enabling the White Guardian to restore the balance (5F).  Later, the White Guardian and the Black Guardian offered Enlightenment, symbolized by a  crystal of unknown powers and great value, as the prize to the winner of a planet-spanning space race undertaken by the Eternals.  The Black Guardian hoped that, with such a prize, the Eternals might wreak havoc throughout the Universe.  Instead, the Fifth Doctor won the race but turned down Enlightenment.  The White Guardian banished the Eternals and offered the Enlightenment crystal to Turlough.  But Turlough refused, and threw the crystal at the Black Guardian, who vanished in a burst of flames.  However, The White Guardian explained that the Black Guardian existed as long as he did, and would continue to exist until they were both no longer needed (6H).

WHITE ROBOTS  Robotic servants of the Master of the Land of Fiction.  The Second Doctor, Jamie and Zoe fought them in order to regain their freedom (UU).

WHITMORE  Farrow's supervisor (J).

WHIZZKID  One of the contestants in the talent contest organized by the Psychic Circus to entertain the Gods of Ragnarok.  He died in the Ring (7J).

WHO 1  Bessie's license plate.

WHO 2M  License plate of the Whomobile (ZZZ).

WHOLEWEAL  Name of the community founded by Prof. Clifford Jones in Llanfairfach, Wales, with his Nobel Prize money.  It was nicknamed Nuthutch by the locals (TTT).

WHOMOBILE  Nickname given to a combination hovercraft and flying machine designed by the Third Doctor.  It made a brief appearance during the Dinosaur Invasion (WWW) and was later hijacked by Lupton after he stole the Blue Crystal (ZZZ).

WIGGS (MRS.)  One of the deadly pawns used by the Toymaker (in tandem with Sgt. Rugg) when he challenged the First Doctor, Steven and Dodo (Y).

WIGNER, ROBERT  Secretary-General of International Space Command at the time of the Mondasian Cybermen's attack on Earth (DD).

WILDS BEYOND THE WALLS  Term used by the citizens of Castrovalva for what existed outside of their city (5Z).
WILKIN  Porter at St. Cedd's College (5M).

WILKINS  One of the inhabitants of Devil's End under the Master's control (JJJ).

WILKS  Police constable (AAA).


WILLIAM I (THE CONQUEROR) (1028-1087)  Duke of Normany and king of England after he defeated King Harold at Hastings in 1066 AD (S).

WILLIAMS, ALLISON  Young Cambridge scientist sent to assist Rachel Jensen and Group Captain Gilmore in their fight against the Daleks, who had invaded the Coal Hill area in 1963.  She helped the Seventh Doctor and Ace defeat the Daleks (7H).

WILLIAMS, BLODWEN  Cleaning woman at Global Chemicals Refinery in Llanfairfach (TTT).

WILLIAMS, GLYN  Astronaut aboard Zeus IV.  He was killed when the capsule disintegrated under Mondas' gravitational pressure (DD).

WILLIAMS, PETRA  Prof. Stahlman's assistant.  She became attracted to Greg Sutton and eventually came to realize the threat posed by the Inferno Project.  She helped the Third Doctor put an end to it.  On a parallel earth, she died when the forces unleashed by Inferno destroyed the Earth  (DDD).

WILLIAMS  Earth General and military aide to the President during the Earth-Draconian conflict.  He feared the Draconians and had once been responsible for an attack on an unarmed Draconian envoy ship that had started a first war between Draconia and Earth.  Twenty years later, when the Daleks and the Master tried to foment a new war, Williams wanted Earth to strike back at the Draconians.  When the Third Doctor and the Draconian Ambassador presented him with evidence of his mistaken judgment in the first conflict, he changed his mind and personally led the expedition to the Ogron world which exposed the Daleks' plan (QQQ).

WILLIS  British army Sergeant who believed he was fighting against the Germans in World War I, in 1917, near Ypres.  In reality, he was part of the War Games.  He was eventually returned to his proper place in time and space by the Time Lords (ZZ).

WILLOUGHBY  Name attributed to one of the crew of the Mary Celeste (R).

WILLOW, JOSEPH  Sir George Hutchinson's land agent and henchman.  He became possessed by the Malus, but was rescued by the Fifth Doctor's intervention (6M).

WILSON  Guard at the prison where the Master was kept.  Trenchard used him to show the Third Doctor his men could resist the Master's hypnotic powers (LLL).

WILSON, MIKE  Crewmember of South Bend Antarctic base (4L).

WILSON ONE  Planet conducting business with the Mentors (7B).

WILSON, VINCE  Moreton Harwood Police Sergeant.  He was a member of the Cult of Hecate led by Commander Pollock and Lily Gregson (K9).

WINDSOR  Liverpool police inspector (V).

WINDSOR  Validium landed in Windsor in 1638 and was shaped into the Silver Nemesis by Lady Peinforte.  The Doctor launched the Silver Nemesis into space in a rocket-powered asteroid. The statue's bow became the Queen's property and was kept at Windsor castle, where it was stolen.  The Nemesis eventually returned to Windsor in 1988 AD and became the object of a war between the Seventh Doctor, the Nazis, led by De Flores, Lady Peinforte and the Cybermen (7K).

WINLETT, CHARLES  Scientist working at the Antarctica camp of the World Ecology Bureau expedition which discovered the Krynoid pods.  His body was taken over by one of the Krynoids, and he later died when the camp was blown up by Scorby (4L).

WINSER (DR.)  Head of research at the Nuton Power Complex.  He was so desperate to be the first to study Axonite that he ignored the Third Doctor's warnings.  When the Axonite sample's nutrition cycle was accidentally triggered by accelerating it in a particle accelerator, it burst out and absorbed Winser (GGG).

WINSTANLEY, MONTMORENCY  Squire of Devil's End.  He refused to serve the Master, so the evil Time Lord had Bok kill him (JJJ).

WINTERS, HILDA (MISS)  Director of Think Tank.  She and her assistant, Jellicoe, were also in charge of the secret Scientific Reform Society.  They used Prof. Kettlewell's Giant Robot and the threat of starting World War III to blackmail the world into surrendering, but were thwarted by the Fourth Doctor.  Miss Winters was arrested by the Brigadier and Sarah Jane Smith (4A).

WINTON, DAVID  Head of security of the Exarius colony.  He and Jo Grant were taken hostage by Dent.  Thanks to Caldwell, he escaped and, against Ashe's advice, urged the colonists to take arms against IMC.  He killed Norton, and eventually saved the colonists' life by helping them escape from their doomed spaceship (HHH).

WIRRN  Alien insectoid life form not unlike Earth wasps, in particular in that the Queens laid eggs inside living hosts.  When the Empire destroyed the Wirrn's breeding colonies on Andromeda Gamma Epsilon, the Wirrn swore revenge upon humanity.  One of their Queen eventually found the Terra Nova (Nerva) ark and laid her eggs inside Dune.  Eventually, the Wirrn took over the Ark's leader, Noah, but were destroyed when Noah's mind rebelled and he blew up the transport vessel in which he and the Wirrn swarm were travelling (4C).


WOLF WEEDS  Carnivorous plants especially grown in Lady Adrasta's nurseries and used to track down and kill criminals on Chloris.  They were controlled by the Huntsman.  They trapped K9 (Mark II) in a resin web.  Erato killed them (5G).

WOLSEY, BEN  Little Hodcombe farmer and Miss Hampden's friend.  He became a colonel in Sir George Hutchinson's war games, but later realized the madness of his actions.  He helped the Fifth Doctor defeat the Malus (6M).

WOLVES (OF FENRIC)  Nickname given to the descendents of the original viking settlers who brought Fenric's flask to Northumberland.  These included Ace, Commander Millington, Dr. Judson, Captain Sorin, the Sundviks and the Ancient Haemovore (7M).

WONDERS OF THE UNIVERSE  The Third Doctor claimed there were seven hundred of them, including the Exxilons' Perfect City (XXX).

WORLD ECOLOGY BUREAU  The Yeti invasion of 1969 (QQ) was, with the possible exception of the Daleks' brief attack of 1963 (7H), the first credible instance of an alien enemy attempting to invade or destroy Earth.  This convinced the powers-that-be of the necessity for an international, United Nations-backed entity to deal with such global threats.  This led to the formation of several multinational organizations such as UNIT and the World Ecology Bureau, charged with protecting the planet's ecological balance.  The head of WEB was Sir Colin Thackeray.  WEB assisted the Fourth Doctor and UNIT in destroying the two Krynoid pods found by one of its Antarctica exploration teams (4L).

WORLD ENERGY CONFERENCE  The Fourth International Energy congress took place at Stanbridge House.  Broton used the shape of the Duke of Forgill to try to destroy it.  It was saved by the Fourth Doctor (4F).

WORLD PEACE CONFERENCE  Conference held in London.  The Master planned to sabotage it and start a third World War.  He first arranged for the assassination of the Chinese Delegate.  Later, he used the Mind Parasite and the escapees of Stangmoor Prison to hijack a Thunderbolt Missile, which he proposed to aim at the Conference.  It was saved by the combined efforts of the Third Doctor and UNIT (FFF).  The World Peace Conference efforts were later continued by Sir Reginald Styles (KKK).

WORLD WAR I  French, British and Prussian World War One armies were kidnapped by the War Lords, using time technology stolen from the Time Lords.  The soldiers went on to take part in the War Games, until these were brought to a stop by the Second Doctor (ZZ).  The First Doctor claimed that he and Susan were once caught in a Zeppelin air raid during World War I (J).

WORLD WAR II  The Seventh Doctor visited Northumberland at the time of World War Two to defeat the Curse of Fenric (7M).

WORLD WAR III  The threat of World War Three was averted several times by the Third Doctor, who intervened to stop the Master and the Mind Parasite (FFF) and the Daleks (KKK) from starting it.  The Fourth Doctor prevented the Scientific Reform Society from triggering World War Three (4A).

WORLD WAR VI  It was set off in the 51st Century after the Peking Homunculus assassinated the Commissioner of the Icelandic Alliance and his family.  It brought Magnus Greel's Supreme Alliance into power (4S)

WORLD ZONES ORGANIZATION  Division of the World in the 21st Century (PP).

WOTAN (WILL OPERATING THOUGHT ANALOGUE)  Super-computer designed and engineered by Prof. Brett.  It became sentient and hypnotized its creators.  WOTAN then had itself linked to other telecommunications computer and designed mobile extensions (nicknamed War Machines) with which he tried to take over London.  WOTAN was defeated by the First Doctor, who used one of its own War Machines to destroy it (BB).

WRACK  One of the Eternals.  The Fifth Doctor met her in the guise of the captain of the Buccaneer, a ship engaged in a planet-spanning space race, the prize of which was Enlightenment.  She secretly served the Black Guardian.  The Fifth Doctor threw her and Mansell overboard (6H).

WRIGHT, BARBARA  One of the First Doctor's Companions.  History teacher at Coal Hill School, she and Ian Chesterton were drawn into the TARDIS by their curiosity at the advanced knowledge exhibited by one of their students, Susan.  They then accompanied the First Doctor on a series of adventures, during which Barbara met cavemen, the Daleks, Marco Polo, the Voord and the Sensorites.  She was hailed by the Aztecs as the reincarnation of Yetaxa, then became temporarily miniaturized to ant-size.  Later, she helped rescue Vicki, was captured by Roman slave traders, fought the Zarbi, and almost became part of El Akir's harem in Palestine.  After being pursued through time and space by the Daleks, she and Ian eventually decided to return to London in the Dalek Time Machine captured by the Doctor.  They arrived two years after they had left (A-R).

WRIGHT  UNIT private.  He was killed by the Silurians in gallery 5 under Wenley Moor (BBB).

WULFRIC  Leader of the Pipe People.  After the revolution supported by the Seventh Doctor overthrew Helen A's tyrannical regime, he was able to lead his people back to the surface  (7L).

WULNOTH  Elderly Saxon farmer whose village defeated a Viking raid (S).

WURGS  Type of Megropolis Three residents on Pluto (4W).

WYATT  UNIT private posted at the Inferno project.  He mutated into a Primord and later fell to his death (DDD).

WYLDA  One of the Savages whose life essence had been drained by the Elders (AA).