• Arsene Lupin: 813

    Novel. 813, written in 1910, is Arsene Lupin's greatest adventure, taking him from the prison of La Santé in Paris to the corridors of the great powers of Europe.

  • Arsene Lupin vs Countess Cagliostro

    Two novels. At long last, Arsène Lupin's greatest epic battles are presented in English in a single omnibus volume.

  • Arsene Lupin vs Sherlock Holmes - The Hollow Needle

    Novel. The secret of the Treasure of the Kings of France and an ancient riddle pit Arsène Lupin against Sherlock Holmes and Paris' youngest detective Isidore Beautrelet.

  • Bel Demonio

    Novel. Bel Demonio (1850) was retroactively linked by Paul Féval to his saga of the Black Coats, functioning as the backstory of that vast criminal conspiracy.

  • Belphegor - The Phantom of the Louvre

    Novel. Written in 1927 by Arthur Bernède, the author of Judex, this classic of French criminal literature spawned no less than three motion pictures, one television series and one animated show. 

  • La Dimension des Miracles Revisitée

    Novel. La Dimension des Miracles Revisitée est le dernier roman rédigé par Robert Sheckley avant sa mort en 2005. On y retrouve le vagabond cosmique Tom Carmody, qui retourne au Centre Galactique, et se trouve, malgré lui, impliqué dans un complot visant à renverser le Roi de l'Espace Infini. 

  • Dimension Skylark (Tome 1)

    Novel. Les Skylark, c'est l'histoire de l'inventeur Richard Ballinger Seaton qui, après avoir découvert le secret de la libération contrôlée de l'énergie nucléaire, part avec sa fiancée et ses amis à la conquête de l'espace à bord d'un astronef nommé Skylark.

  • Doc Ardan - The City of Gold and Lepers

    Novel. A prophetic science fiction / adventure novel written by Guy d'Armen in 1928, adapted and retold by JM & Randy Lofficier.

  • Doctor Omega

    Novel. A classic novel of space/time travel by Arnould Galopin from 1906 adapted and retold by J-M. & R. Lofficier; Foreword by Terrance Dicks.

  • Harry Dickson - The Heir of Dracula

    Three original stories. When inhuman monsters walk the Earth, threatening the good and the helpless, Justice has no stronger defenders than Harry Dickson and his assistant Tom Wills, who fight the forces of evil and cast them back into the Darkness from whence they came.

  • Harry Dickson vs The Spider

    Anthology. This book includes two original Harry Dickson episodes, The Spider Society and The Phantom Executioners,  plus 15 short stories assembled and edited by Randy & J.-M. Lofficier.

  • Harry Dickson - The Man in Grey

    Novel. The Man in Grey was first published in France in 1911. It is one of the first Holmesian pastiches ever crafted. Penned by the creator of Doctor Omega, it is now being adapted and retold by Jean-Marc & Randy Lofficier and features a unique crossover between three legendary figures of popular fiction.

  • The Ice Company

    Novel. The Ice Company series is the sprawling saga of a future Earth in a new Ice Age. Mankind lives in domed cities, connected by extended rail networks, controlled by powerful companies which effectively rule the world.

  • The Many Faces of Arsène Lupin

    Anthology. Arsène Lupin, the prodigious gentleman-burglar created in 1905 by Maurice Leblanc, has become an enduring myth. This collection offers two, never before translated Arsène Lupin tales by Leblanc, plus nineteen other stories, assembled and edited by J/-M. & Randy Lofficier.

  • Night of the Nyctalope

    Anthology. Ac ollection of 17 stories featuring Leo Saint-Clair, France's premier pulp superhero from the 1920s and 1930s. 

  • The Nyctalope Steps In

    Anthology.  A collection of 15 stories featuring France's premier pulp superhero from the 1920s and 1930s.