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Jean-Marc and Randy Lofficier are writers, editors and translators of screenplays, teleplays, books and comic books, mostly in the genres of science fiction, fantasy, animation and popular literature.

They have co-authored a dozen books about movies and television, several novels, as well as numerous comics and translations, including the
Moebius graphic novels. They have also contributed scripts to animated series such as The Real Ghostbusters and Duck Tales, among others. In 1990, in recognition of their distinguished career as comic book writers, translators and editors, Randy and Jean-Marc were presented with the Inkpot Award for Outstanding Achievement in Comic Arts.

Jean-Marc and Randy are co-founders of HOLLYWOOD COMICS, a Los Angeles-based company that represents comic-book properties in Hollywood, and LOFFICIER CONSULTANTS, a bilingual real estate/service company located in the South of France.

Jean-Marc has an MBA from the ESCP Paris Business School and a Law Degree from the Sorbonne. Randy is a member of the Writers Guild of America, West, and of Mystery Writers of America.

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Screenplays & Teleplays


Jean-Marc and Randy have contributed articles to a variety of American and foreign cinema magazines, including Starlog, Cinefex, Twilight Zone Magazine, American Cinematographer, Starburst and L'Ecran Fantastique.

The "Chat" is by Jean-Marc. Website Contents © 2015 Jean-Marc Lofficier

April 2015


APR: Hexagon: La Ruche Noire (Hexagon Comics, 2015)

MAR: The Vampire Almanac (Vol. 1) (Black Coat Press, 2015)

MAR: Strangers TPB 0 (Black Coat Press, 2015)

MAR: Strangers 3.12 (Hexagon Comics, 2015)

FEB: Bob Lance #1-#3 (translations) (Hexagon Comics / Branded Pictures Entertainment, 2015)

FEB: Strangers 3.11 (Hexagon Comics, 2015)

JAN: Kabur: L'Etoile Rouge (Hexagon Comics, 2015)

JAN: Strangers 3.10 (Hexagon Comics, 2015)

DEC: Tales of the Shadowmen 11 (Black Coat Press, 2014)

DEC: Garde Républicain Annual 2014 (Hexagon Comics, 2015)

DEC: Strangers 3.9 (Hexagon Comics, 2015)

NOV: Arsene Lupin: The Island of the Thirty Coffins (Black Coat Press, 2014)

NOV: Strangers 3.8 (Hexagon Comics, 2015)

OCT: L'Almanach des Vampires (Tome 1) (Riviere Blanche, 2014)

OCT: Strangers 3.7 (Hexagon Comics, 2015)

SEPT: Les Compagnons de l'Ombre 15 (anthology) (Riviere Blanche, 2013)

SEPT: Strangers 3.6 (Hexagon Comics, 2015)


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TONGUE * LASH website with a 3D Animation Quicktime Movie (10 MB).


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Jean-Marc interviewed on ACTUABD (IN FRENCH)!

Jean-Marc interviewed on FRANCE-COMICS (IN FRENCH)!

Jean-Marc interviewed on INTEMPOL (IN ENGLISH)!

interviewed on KASTERBOROUS!

interviewed on SCENEARIO (IN FRENCH)!

Jean-Marc interviewed on ACTU-SF (IN FRENCH)!

Jean-Marc interviewed on writing for The Real Ghostbusters!

Jean-Marc interviewed on the ULTRAZINE site (IN FRENCH, ENGLISH & ITALIAN)!

SWOF #30 -- Special issue devoted to Jean-Marc with interviews, articles, unpublished art (IN FRENCH)!


Photo of JM & Randy at the 2013 Chalabre Book Fest (photo by Noelle Danjou).

Photo of Ladronn & Jean-Marc at Comicon 2000 (photo by P. Charpenet).

Photo of Jean-Marc with Isaac Asimov

Photo of Jean-Marc with John Badham

Photo of Randy, Chris Malgrain & Jean-Marc

Sample Scripts

Cheers - "Knock on Woody"

Duck Tales - "Magica's Shadow War"

The Real Ghostbusters - "The Ghostbusters in Paris" and "The Headless Motorcyclist"

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