C to CI

C19  British intelligence department in charge of the UNIT liaison.  Sir John Sudbury worked for it (6C).

C-982  Cargo ship where the Third Doctor and Jo Grant rematerialized in the 26th Century.  It was later attacked by the Ogrons, posing as the Draconians (QQQ).

C, JOSEPH  Helen A's companion.  After the Seventh Doctor helped a revolution overthrow Helen A's regime, he and Gilbert M fled Terra Alpha in a space shuttle originally intended for Helen A (7L).

CABER, THE  The Duke of Forgill's gamekeeper.  In reality, he was impersonated by a Zygon, who killed Munro and wounded Harry Sullivan.  The real Caber was eventually freed by the Fourth Doctor (4F).

CAILLEACH  Druidic goddess of war and magic, impersonated by the alien villainess, Cessair of Diplos.  She was worshipped by De Vries' Druids (5C).

CALDER  Army sergeant sent along with Colonel Archer's men and Prof. Laird to investigate mysterious artefacts in the London arehouse district.  (Cylinders containing the Dalek-killing Movellan virus, buried at the end of a Dalek time corridor.)  He was killed by the Daleks and replaced by a duplicate (6P).

CALDERA (DR.)  Famous neurologist whose mind was stolen by Skagra at the Think Tank space station.  The Fourth Doctor temporarily tapped Chris Parsons' mental energy to enable Caldera to reveal what he knew about Skagra.  Caldera died in the destruction of the station (5M).

CALDWELL  Mining engineer and member of the Interplanetary Mining Corporation expedition to Exarius.  After he discovered Dent's ruthlesness, he took the side of Ashe's colonists, and eventually stayed with them on Exarius (HHH).

CALIB  Practical and somewhat devious councillor of the Sevateem.  He did not believe Xoanon was a god, and helped the Fourth Doctor and Leela fight the Tesh and defeat the super computer.  Aftwerwards, he was left to argue with Jabel over who would rule the reunited tribes of the Sevateem and the Tesh (4Q).

CALIGARI (DR.)  Alias used by the First Doctor in Tombstone (Z).

CALLON  One of Gavrok's Bannermen.  He was disabled by the Chimeron Princess' ultrasonic powers, and taken prisoner by Delta and Billy (7F).

CALLUM, JIM  Captain Hopper's first officer on Prof. Parry's expedition to the Tombs of the Cybermen on Telos (MM).

CALUFRAX  Ice coated, uninhabited world which was captured by Zanak and reduced to a football-size husk.  In reality, it was the second segment of the Key to Time.  It was eventually recovered by the Fourth Doctor and Romana (5B).

CAMARA (SENHORA)  Another alias used by the alien Cessair of Diplos (5C).

CAMBRIDGE  The Cambridge univerity fiasco of 1959 was tied to an unsuccessful attempt to open Devil's Hump (JJJ).  The Master, posing as Prof. Thascales, worked at the Newton Research Institute in Cambridge on TOM-TIT and the Kronos Crystal (OOO).  The Fourth Doctor and Romana visited St. Cedd's College to see Prof. Chronotis.  During that visit, the Doctor fought Skagra and mentioned he had taken an Honorary Degree in 1960 (5M).  The Doctor and Romana were then kidnapped by Borusa's Time Scoop and became trapped in a time eddy (6K).

CAMECA  Elderly Aztec lady to whom the First Doctor unwittingly proposed, when he shared a cup of cocoa with her (F).

CAMELOT  Legendary capital of King Arthur.  The Doctor failed to save it in one of his future incarnations (as Merlin) (7N).

CAMFORD, VICTOR  Governor of Stangmoor Prison.  He was killed by Mailer (FFF).

CAMILLA (a.k.a. LAUREN MACMILLAN)  Former Navigation Officer of the Earth ship Hydrax, which was drawn into E-Space by the Great Vampire.  Under her master's influence, Macmillan became Lady Camilla, one of the three immortal vampiric rulers of the Great Vampire's world.  (The others were Lord Zargo and High Councillor Aukon.)  Camilla died when the Fourth Doctor destroyed her master (5P).

CAMPBELL, DAVID  Young Scottish member of Dortmun's resistance against the Daleks, during their 2164 AD Invasion of Earth.  He helped the First Doctor defeat the Daleks and fell in love with Susan.  She stayed behind and presumably married him (K).


CAMPBELL (MR.)  Scotsman working in UNIT's scientific supply section (EEE).

CANTHARES  Constellation where the Fourth Doctor found a super-nova in which to dump the Fendahl Skull (4X).


CAPITOL  Citadel of the Time Lords of Gallifrey.  Its heart was the Panopticon, under which the Eye of Harmony was kept (ZZ, RRR, 4P, 4Z, 6E, 6K).

CAPRIUS  Chlorisian astrological sign (5G).

CAPTAIN (OF THE SHRIEVALTY)  Leader of the Riban Shrieves Guards.  After one of his men was killed by the Graff Vynda-K, he used a cannon to trigger a rockfall, which killed Sholakh and the Graff's men (5A).

CAPTAIN (OF ZANAK)  Space raider and brilliant engineer who once commanded the ship Vantarialis.  After he crashed on Zanak, he was rebuilt into a half-man, half-machine cyborg by Queen Xanxia, who secretly controlled his machine self.  The Captain designed the huge transmat engines which turned Zanak into a pirate planet, stealing energy from the worlds it captured.  The stolen energy was used to maintain Xanxia's time dams and was to eventually enable her to reincorporate herself.  But the Captain secretly plotted to kill her, thanks to the energy gathered in his trophy room, which contained the shrunken remains of the worlds Zanak had plundered.  The Captain ruled his crew by fear, with the help of his murderous pet, the Polyphase Avatron.  With the Mentiads' help, the Fourth Doctor fought the Captain and prevented him from destroying Earth.  The Captain was killed by Xanxia as he tried to kill her to avenge the death of his loyal first officer, Mr. Fibuli (5B).


CARBURY  English village near which Vortigern's Lake was located.  The Seventh Doctor, Ace, Lethbridge-Stewart and Bambera fought Morgaine, Mordred and her men there (7N).
CARBURY TRUST  Organization sponsoring the excavations at Carbury (7N).
CARDINALS  Honorific title used by the Time Lords of Gallifrey.  Borusa was Cardinal before he became President (4P, 4Z).

CARETAKERS  Uniformed personnel who took care of Paradise Towers  (7E).

CARIS  Young Tigellan Savant who advocated reclaiming the planet's surface from its vegetation.  She and Deedrix helped the Fourth Doctor defeat Meglos (5Q).

CARNEY, MICK  Chief of Euro-Sea Gas's off-shore rig D.  His platform was attacked by the Weed.  He was eventually freed thanks to the intervention of the Second Doctor (RR).

CARR  Officer in charge of the arrangements for dumping the Thunderbolt Missile (FFF).

CARRINGTON  British general in charge of the Space Security Department.  As astronaut on Mars Probe 6, he met peaceful, radioactive aliens who asked him to pave the way for their Ambassadors.  After he returned to Earth, Carrington, in league with Sir James Quinlan, arranged for the aliens to replace astronauts of the Probe 7 and Recovery 7 ships with their Ambassadors.  But in reality, Carrington had become victim of acute xenophobia.  When the alien Ambassadors arrived, he kidnapped and used them to try to start a war between Earth and the aliens.  Carrington was eventually stopped thanks to the Third Doctor's intervention (CCC).

CARSON  Crewman aboard Capt. Briggs' space freighter.  He was killed by the Cybermen (6B).

CARSTAIRS, JEREMY  British army lieutenant who believed he was fighting against the Germans in World War I, in 1917, near Ypres, under General Smythe.  In reality, he was part of the War Games.  With Lady Buckingham, he helped the Second Doctor, Jamie and Zoe defeat the War Lords.  He was eventually returned to his proper place in time and space by the Time Lords (ZZ).

CARTER (DR.)  Pathologist who studied Eldrad's hand.  His mind was taken over by Eldrad, and he later fell to his death while attacking the Fourth Doctor (4N).

CARTER  Member of the Imperial Earth Expedition Force to Deva Loka.  He disappeared on the mission (5Y).

CARTER  One of Lt. Scott's men.  He was killed by the Cybermen (6B).

CARTER  Moreton Harwood Police constable.  He was not part of the cult of Hecate (K9).

CARTWRIGHT (MISS)  Llanfairfach resident whose cat was injured (TTT).

CASALI, ENRICO  A member of the staff of the Wheel in Space.  He helped the Second Doctor defeat the Cybermen (SS).

CASEY  Irish doorman who worked at Henry Gordon Jago's Palace Theatre.  He died of fright after seeing Magnus Greel's face (4S).

CASS  Crewmember of the Sandminer.  Leela found his body after he had been killed by the Robots of Death (4R).

CASS  Ensign in the Federation squadron sent to Androzani Minor and led by General Chellak.  He discovered that the bodies of the Fifth Doctor and Peri were android replicas (6R).

CASSANDRA  Daughter of King Priam and High Priestess of Troy, she was cursed with the gift of foretelling.  Unable to avert the fall of Troy, she was carried off by Agamemnon (U).

CASSIDY (MISS)  Matron at Brendon School (6F).

CASSIOPEIA  The Fourth Doctor once suggested to Sarah that they should go there for a vacation.  (Instead, the TARDIS returned them to Antarctica.) (4L).  It was also the star system where the CVE which the Master threaten to close was located (5V).

CASSIUS  Outer planet of the Solar System located beyond Pluto (4W).

CASTELLAN  Title given to the Chief of Security of the Time Lords of Gallifrey.  Castellan Spandrell helped the Fourth Doctor to prove his innocence in the murder of the President, and to defeat Goth and the Master (4P).  His successor, Castellan Kelner, was a coward who betrayed Gallifrey to the Vardans and the Sontarans (4Z).  When Omega threatened to take over the Fifth Doctor's body, the Castellan (no name provided) went along with the High Council's decision to terminate the Doctor.  He even tried to shoot him, although Hedin interposed himself and died as a result (6E).  The same Castellan was later framed by Borusa, who arranged for him to appear to be in possession of the Scrolls of Rassilon.  He was sentenced to being mind-probed, and was shot by one of the Chancellery Guards when he tried to escape (6K).

CASTLE, NIGEL  Famous novelist.  As Adam, he was one of Sir Charles Grover's "People".  He became suspicious, and after overhearing Grover's conversation with Sarah and Mark, helped convince the others that they were not on a spaceship en route to a New Earth (WWW).

CASTLE, THE  Drathro's dwelling in the UK Habitat (7A).

CASTROVALVA (DWELLINGS OF)  Peaceful city on an unnamed world located in the Andromedan Phylox Series where Tegan and Nyssa took the Fifth Doctor just after his regeneration.  It turned out to be a recursive occlusion -- a space-time trap engineered by the Master (who was disguised as Castrovalva's Portreeve) and created by Adric through Block Transfer Computations.  By freeing Adric, the Doctor doomed Castrovalva.  The Time Lord and his friends escaped, but the Master almost became trapped in its collapse (5Z).

CATACOMBS  Vast underground maze built by the ancient Ribans to house their dead.  The Ice Gods were said to haunt them.  Shrievenzales used them as their lair.  The Fourth Doctor and Garron fought the Graff Vynda-K in the Catacombs (5A).

CATHAY  Name given to ancient China (D).

CATS  The Cheetah People and the Kitlings were alien felines with powers of teleportation (7P).  The Tharils had feline ancestry (5S).

CAVE OF CRYSTALS  Abode of the Great One on Metebelis 3.  Because of the crystal concentration, it was radioactive and destroyed the Third Doctor's body.  It eventually exploded after the Great One's death (ZZZ).

CAVE OF THE SNAKE (a.k.a. CHAMBER OF THE MARA)  Location of the Ceremony, taking place every ten years, in which the Manussans celebrated the Mara's banishment.  It was there that the Fifth Doctor eventually destroyed the evil entity (6D).

CAVEMEN  The First Doctor met the Tribe of Gum in the year 100,000 BC (A).  Also see NEANDERTHALS.

CAVEN, MAURICE  Notorious space pirate who preyed on argonite shipments.  He captured Dom Issigri and held him hostage to ensure his daughter Madeleine's cooperation.  After he was exposed by the Second Doctor, he threatened to destroy Ta.  Instead, Caven and his lieutenant, Dervish, were blown up by the International Space Corps (YY).

CEDRIC  Ranulf Fitzwilliam's gaoler (6J).

CELATION  Member of the Dalek Alliance in their Masterplan against Earth.  He was eventually betrayed by Mavic Chen and the Daleks, but returned home and joined the human forces (V).

CELENSKY CAPSULES  Device used by the Cybermen to place the staff of the Wheel in Space under their hypnotic control.  The Second Doctor countered it by attaching a metal plate and a transistor to the head of the victims (SS).

CELERY  The Fifth Doctor claimed to wear a celery stick because he was allergic to certain gases in the Praxsis range of the spectrum; if the gases were present, the celery would turn purple (6R).

CELESTIAL INTERVENTION AGENCY (CIA)  Covert intelligence agency used by the Time Lords, in spite of their official policy of non-intervention in galactic affairs, to protect their own interests.  The CIA was presumably under the direct control of the President and the High Council.  Among known CIA operations which predated the Doctor's involvement were the time looping of the Fifth Planet of the Solar System, in an attempt to destroy the Fendahl (4X), and the resolution of the Morbius affair (4K).
 Early on, the CIA decided to use the Doctor as their agent.  They had the power to control the TARDIS from Gallifrey, and therefore may have been responsible for a large number of the First and Second Doctor's unforeseen landings, in particular those which forced the First and Second Doctors to deal with issues concerning Gallifreyan security such as the Daleks (q.v.), the Cybermen (q.v.), the Monk (S), the Celestial Toymaker (Y), the Great Intelligence (NN, QQ), etc.
  More specifically, the CIA took part in the Trials of the Second Doctor and the War Lords (ZZ).  The Tribunal's indulgence might be explained by the fact that the CIA had pulled the Second Doctor and Jamie out of their normal time lines to send them to Space Station J7 to deliver a warning to Dastari about unauthorized time experiments.  The Second Doctor's memories of that mission were laer erased (6W).  The CIA pulled the same trick when it convinced the President to bring the Three Doctors together to defeat Omega (RRR).
 The CIA probably warned the Third Doctor about the Master's arrval on Earth (EEE).  Then, it used him to go after the Master when it was discovered that the Renegade Time Lord had acquired knowledge of the Doomsday Weapon (HHH), to help Peladon's entry in the Federation (MMM), and to help the Solonians achieve their super-human form, possibily in an effort to bring down Earth's Empire (NNN).
 The CIA sent the Fourth Doctor back in time to prevent the creation of the Daleks (4E), which may have been only one of the many steps it took to ensure their final destruction.  It also sent him to Karn to deal with the Brain of Morbius (4K).
 The role of the CIA in the Ravolox Stratagem was not known, but it was very likely (in light of their use of two and then three Doctors in simultaneous incarnations) that they were behind the creation of the Valeyard, in an effort to prevent the Sixth Doctor from exposing the corruption of the High Council (7A-7C).


CELL DISCRIMINATOR  One of Crozier's devices.  It affected the Sixth Doctor's behaviour, making him hostile, cowardly and even more erratic than usual (7B)

CELL DISINTEGRATOR  Deadly device used in the voting process on Varos.  The Governor was tied to a chair beneath the Cell Disintegrator; if a majority of people voted against him, he took increasingly deadly blasts.  The Governor and Peri would have been killed by it if Meldak had not rescued them (6V).

CELL PROJECTOR  Device used by Queen Xanxia of Zanak to recreate a younger self.  The Fourth Doctor used it to trick the Captain into believing he had made him walk the plank (5B).
CELLULAR PROJECTOR  Experimental teleportation machine used by Froyn and Rhynmal to send the First Doctor and his companions to Mira (V).
CENTAURI SEVEN  The Seventh Doctor claimed he had to go there just after he regenerated (7D).

CENTOS, ARI  One of the eleven geniuses kidnapped by the Rani to make up her giant Brain.  He was rescued by the Seventh Doctor, who returned him  to his exact place in time and space (7D).

CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE AGENCY  U.S. intelligence agency.  Bill Filer, who helped the Third Doctor defeat Axos, may have been a CIA agent (GGG).  Hawk and Weismuller may have been CIA agents too (7F).

CERBERUS  Prof. Warmsly's dog (7N).

CEREBRATION MENTOR (a.k.a. CEREBRATRON MENTOR)  A device capable of generating emotional impulses.  Its inventor, Prof. Watkins, originally devised it as a sophisticated teaching aid.  When the Cybermen learned of its existence, they asked their ally, Tobias Vaughn, to destroy it.  But Vaughn, eager to use it as a weapon against the Cybermen, kidnapped Prof. Watkins and forced him to perfect the device.  Although Vaughn was prevented from mass-producing the Cerebration Mentor, he ended up using Prof. Watkins's prototype against the Cybermen (VV).


CESSAIR  Alien villainess from Diplos, who had killed to steal the Great Seal of Diplos, which was in reality the third segment of the Key to Time.  The Seal gave Cessair immortality, as well as the power to alter her shape and to travel to hysperspace and back.  She used it to escape from the Megara justice machines, and found refuge on Earth circa 3000 BC with her three Ogri, which became part of a native stone circle.  Cessair first impersonated the Druidic goddess Cailleach.  Throughout the ages, she assumed a number of identities, such as the Mother Superior of the Sisters of St. Gudula, Lady Montcalm, Senhora Camara, Mrs. Trefusis and, finally, Vivien Fay, which was the alias under which she fought the Fourth Doctor.  The Doctor exposed her true identity and she was turned to stone by the Megara (5C).


CETES  When the TARDIS ran out of Zyton-7, it was stalled between Cetes and Scalpor (6V).

CHACAWS  Fiercely-spiked fruits grown on the penal plantations of Androzani Major (6R).

CHAL  Leader of the Savages.  He helped Steven and Dodo rescue the First Doctor and was there when Jano destroyed the life transference machines.  He asked Steven to become their new leader (AA).

CHALLIS  One of the Menoptera who invaded Vortis (N).


CHAMBERS, JOSEPH  Junior Cabinet Minister who was killed by the Giant Robot.  His safe held the atomic missiles destructor codes which Miss Winters used to almost start World War Three (4A).

CHAMBERS, J.J.  Unseen proprietor of the Fantasy Factory, the Valeyard's base inside the Matrix (7C).

CHAMELEON CIRCUIT  Device which enabled the TARDISes' outer plasmic shell to alter their appearances to blend with their surroundings.  The Doctor's TARDIS' chameleon circuit first became stuck  in the form of a London Police Box when the First Doctor stopped in Totter's Lane in 1963 London to dispose of the Hand of Omega (A, 7H).  The Fourth Doctor tried to use the Logopolitans' Block Transfer Computations to repair it, but the Master thwarted him (5V).  The Chameleon Circuit was repaired briefly, again in Totter's Lane, when the Sixth Doctor fought the Cybermen.  The TARDIS then assumed the shape of an organ (6T).
 The Master's TARDIS' chameleon circuit has caused his TARDIS to assume, at various times, the appearance of a horse box (EEE), a Corinthian column (OOO, 5V, 6C), a grandfather clock (4P, 5T), a statue of the Melkur (5T), the Portreeve's fireplace (5Z), a Concorde airplane (6C), an Iron Maiden (6J), and even another police box (5V).  Without the chameleon circuit, a TARDIS looks very much like a large box with a door (ZZ).  The Rani's TARDIS looked like a cabinet (6X), then a pyramid (7D).  The Monk's TARDIS looked like a sarcophagus (S).  On Tigus, it looked like a boulder.  Then, in Ancient Egypt, it took the shape of a stone block.  Then, the First Doctor made it take the successive shapes of an Ionic column, a stage coach, a tree, an igloo, a rocket, a Sopwith Camel and an alien artefact, before turning it into a duplicate of his own TARDIS (V).

CHAMELEON TOURS  Cover used by the Chameleons for their kidnapping operations (KK).

CHAMELEONS  An atomic explosion caused a genetic mutation, resulting in a race of faceless aliens threatened by extinction.  These, the so-called "Chameleons", then launched a secret operation using holiday tours to kidnap humans, take them to a space station to steal their identities and, ultimately, their lives.  They depended on black armbands (while their human "original" wore white ones) to maintain their human appearance after transferrence.  They were ultimately exposed and defeated by the Second Doctor, who threatened to remove the white armbands from the humans kept at Gatwick Airport, and thereby doom the Chameleons.  The Chameleons then agreed to release their prisoners and return to their planet.  The Doctor gave them a formula for the solution to their problem (KK).

CHAMPION  UNIT corporal who was involved in the matter of the three radioactive alien Ambassadors (CCC).

CHANCELLERY GUARDS  Name given to the security guards of the Capitol of Gallifrey.  They reported to the Castellan, who probably reported to the Chancellor (4P, 4Z, 6E, 6K).

CHANCELLOR  The highest-ranking member of the High Council of the Time Lords of Gallifrey after the President.  The Chancellor (no name provided) was one of the three Time Lords who passed judgment on the Second Doctor (ZZ).  During the Omega crisis, the Chancellor objected to violating the laws of time and bringing the Three Doctors together, until he was countermanded by the President (RRR).  That Chancellor was later replaced by Goth.
 When Goth discovered that he would not be the President's chosen successor, he plotted with the Master to kill him and frame the Fourth Doctor for the murder.  The Master eventually killed Goth after his defeat (4P).  Borusa succeeded Goth as Chancellor, a title he held when he helped the Fourth Doctor defeat the Vardans and the Sontarans (4Z).
 When Borusa became President, Thalia became Chancellor.  She voted to condemn the Fifth Doctor to death when Omega threatened to return to our universe by taking over his body (6E).  Thalia was presumably killed in the Death Zone, and was replaced by Flavia.  After Rassilon turned Borusa into a living statue, Flavia and the High Council reappointed the Fifth Doctor as President, but he deputised her to carry out his powers, and managed to escape (6K).

CHANDLER, WILL  Villager of 1643 AD Little Hodcombe.  He was transported to 1984 by the power of the Malus.  He helped the Fifth Doctor fight the Malus and threw Sir George Hutchinson into the evil entity's jaws (6M).

CHANDLING (LADY)  Amelia Ducat claimed to have been visiting her as an excuse to show up on Harrison Chase's doorstep (4L).

CHANG  A member of the staff of the Wheel in Space.  He was murdered by the Cybermen (SS).


CHANNING  Superior type of Auton known as a Replica.  He was actually made by Hibbert, managing director of AutoPlastics, Ltd., whose mind was controlled by the Nestene.  Channing took over the firm and used it to manufacture more Autons.  He was eventually defeated by the Third Doctor and Liz Shaw, and ceased functioning (AAA).

CHAOS  The concept of Chaos and Darkness were embodied by the Black Guardian (5F, 6F-6H).

CHAPLET, DOROTHEA ("DODO")  One of the First Doctor's Companions.  She might have been a descendent of Anne Chaplette through her French grandfather.  Dodo first rushed into the TARDIS in Wimbledon Common in 1966, looking for a telephone.  She unfortunately carried a cold virus, which then infected the Ark's human population on their next stop.  Dodo later helped the Doctor and Steven against the Celestial Toymaker, Tombstone's gunfighters and the Elders.  Upon her return to London, she was hypnotized by WOTAN and sent to the country to convalesce.  She later sent Ben Jackson to tell the Doctor she no longer wished to travel through time and space (W-BB).

CHAPLETTE, ANNE  Young servant girl who ran away from her Catholis masters, after overhearing a conversation about the forthcoming Massacre of the Huguenots on St. Bartholomew's Day.  Thanks to Steven's help, she managed to escape the Abbot of Amboise's men, but was left behind as the Massacre was about to begin.  Her ultimate fate was unknown, although Dodo Chaplet's existence was taken as evidence that at least one male member of her family survived the Massacre (W).

CHARGED VACUUM EMBOITEMENTS  Holes in space leading into E-Space.  While on its way back to Gallifrey, the Doctor's TARDIS went through a CVE and ended up on Alzarius (5R).  The Doctor later learned that the CVEs were a mathematical creation of Logopolis.  The Logopolitans had discovered that the universe had long ago passed the point of fatal collapse.  To dispose of the entropy, they used block transfer computations to create CVEs to create voids into other universes.  After the Master disrupted the workings of Logopolis, the CVEs began closing.  Fortunately, the Logopolitans also discovered an equation that would stabilize the CVEs.  In spite of the Master's attempts to stop him and blackmail the Universe, the Fourth Doctor succeeded in using the Pharos Project on Earth to broadcast the Logopolitans' calculations (5V).
CHARING CROSS  London underground station invaded by the Web of Fear (QQ).

CHARLES  Squire John's son.  He was killed by the Terileptils (5X).

CHARLES IX (1550-1574)  King of France and son of Catherine de Medici.  He first gave his support to the Protestant Admiral de Coligny.  After de Coligny's failed assassination, and the news of the Abbot of Amboise's death, Charles IX became afraid of the Huguenots' reprisals.  Acting under his mother's influence, he authorized the Massacre of St. Bartholomew's Day (W).

CHARLIE  Barman of the Last Chance Saloon in Tombstone.  He was shot by Johnny Ringo (Z).

CHARLIE  One of the prisoners at Stangmoor Prison.  He and Vosper let the Third Doctor escape.  He was later killed by the Mind Parasite (FFF).

CHARLIE  Nickname given to the IMC robot (HHH).
CHASE, BOTHWELL  Harrison Chase's ancestor.  He was executed in 1572, and his ghost is supposed to haunt Chase Manor (4L).

CHASE, HARRISON  British millionaire who had assembled the world's largest collection of plants.  He sent Scorbie and Keeler to Antarctica to steal the Krynoid pod.  The pod opened and took over Keeler's body.  Chase went mad and fought the Fourth Doctor to ensure the Krynoid's victory.  He was eventually crushed and turned into compost, a fate he had planned for Sarah Jane Smith (4L).

CHEDAKI  Marshal in charge of the Kraal invasion of Earth.  He had little patience for Styggron's delays in proceeding with the invasion of Earth.  He and his space fleet presumably returned to Oseidon after Syggron's defeat at the hands of the Fourth Doctor (4J).

CHEETAH PEOPLE  Savage race of cat-like humanoids who were the descendents of the ancient civilized race who had bred the kitlings, and were obssessed with hunting.  The Cheetah People had the ability to teleport through space to find their prey, and back home again.  They eventually reverted to brutal savagery.  The Cheetah People were presumably destroyed along with the Cheetah Planet in the final combat between the Seventh Doctor and the Master (7P).

CHEETAH PLANET  A mysterious symbiotic relationship between the Cheetah People and their planet triggered volcanic phenomenon as the degree of violence increased.  The Master became trapped on the Cheetah Planet, and used the Seventh Doctor and Ace to escape.  But like the humans from Perivale, he too fell under the Cheetah People's curse and lost control to his animalistic side.  The Cheetah planet was presumed to be destroyed in the final combat between the Doctor and the Master (7P).

CHELA  Ambril's assistant.  He believed the Fifth Doctor's warnings about the Mara's return (6D).

CHELLAK  General of the Federation troops sent to Androzani Minor to force out Sharaz Jek.  Morgus forced him to order the execution of the Fifth Doctor and Peri, who were saved by Jek when he replaced them with android replicas.  Chellak led a final assault against Jek, and unmasked him in physical combat, but was carried away in a mud burst (6R).
CHELSEA AIRPORT  One of London locations where the First Doctor fought the Daleks during their invasion of Earth in AD 2164 (K).
CHEN, MAVIC  Guardian of the Solar System at the time of the Daleks' Masterplan.  He was later revealed to be a power-hungry megalomaniac, in league with the Daleks.  He delivered the taranium core the Daleks needed to power their Time Destructor.  After the First Doctor stole the core, Chen tried to stop him, but failed.  He was driven mad by his failures, and his discovery of the Daleks' intention to betray him.  He was eventually killed by the Daleks (V).

CHENCHU  Chinese manager of the way station at Tun-Huang (D).

CHENG TEIK  Chinese General in charge of the Chinese delegation to the World Peace Conference.  He was killed by Chin Lee, under the Master's control (FFF).

CHENG-TING  Also called the White City.  It was a rest stop on the road to Peking (D).

CHERUB  Pike's first mate.  Pike sent him to intimidate Longfoot and make him tell where Avery's treasure was hidden.  Instead, Cherub mistakenly killed Longfoot.  He was later killed by Pike when the two men fought for the treasure (CC).

CHESS  The Doctor once defeated Fenric at a game of chess (in an unrecorded adventure), and trapped him in a Chinese flask.  Towards the end of World War II, Fenric took over Dr. Judson's body to challenge the Seventh Doctor to another game of chess.  Ace unwittingly helped him win it (7M).  Romulus and Remus Sylvest were brilliant chess players (6S).

CHESSENE O' THE FRANZINE GRIG  Androgum who had been technologically augmented by Dastari.  She allied herself with Sontaran Group Marshal Stike to capture the Second Doctor.  Dastari was to dissect him to obtain the secret of the Rassilon Imprimature, and give Chessene the ability to travel through time.  Her plans were eventually thwarted by the Sixth Doctor.  She betrayed the Sontarans, killed Dastari, and died of molecular disintegration when she tried to escape in the Kartz-Reimer time cabinet (6W).

CHESTER (DR.)  Medical doctor from South Bend.  He rescued the Fourth Doctor and Sarah after the destruction of Antarctic camp that had been taken over by the Krynoid (4L).

CHESTERTON, IAN  One of the First Doctor's Companions.  Science teacher at Coal Hill School, he and Barbara Wright were drawn into the TARDIS by their curiosity about the advanced knowledge exhibited by one of their students, Susan.  They then accompanied the First Doctor on a series of adventures, during which Ian showed how to make fire to Za, and met the Daleks and Marco Polo.  Ian was accused of murder on Marinus, then went on to encounter the Aztecs and the Sensorites.  He became temporarily miniaturized to ant-size, then helped to rescue Vicki.  Ian was later captured by Roman slave traders and fought the Zarbi.  After being pursued through time and space by the Daleks, he and Barbara eventually decided to return to London in the Dalek Time Machine captured by the Doctor.  They arrived two years after they had left (A-R).

CHICKI  Member of the Macra-dominated space colony (JJ).


CHIEF CARETAKER  Head of the Caretakers of Paradise Towers.  He mistook the Seventh Doctor for the Great Architect and tried to have him killed.  Later, Kroagnon took over the Chief Caretaker's body.  With the help of Pex and the Kangs, the Seventh Doctor managed to expose and destroy Kroagnon (7E).

CHIEF CLOWN  Evil henchman of the Gods of Ragnarok who controlled the Psychic Circus with the help of the deadly robotic clowns designed by Bellboy.  He fought the Seventh Doctor and was eventually killed by one of Bellboy's rogue robots while battling Ace and Kingpin (7J).

CHIEF ENGINEER  Employee of the Euro-Sea Gas refinery attacked by the Weed.  He worked under Robson and Harris, and assisted the Second Doctor in his efforts to destroy the parasitic intelligence (RR).

CHIEF OFFICER  Varosian official in charge of security and administration.  He was secretly employed by Sil to keep Zyton-7 prices low.  When the Sixth Doctor revealed the true value of Zyton, he tried to have him killed.  He also tried to have the Governor executed with the Cell Disintegrator.  He was killed by the Punishment Dome's deadly vines while pursuing the Doctor (6V).
CHIMA  One name of the Chimeron Princess (7F).

CHIMERIA (a.k.a. CHUMERIA)  Known as the garden planet, it was the homeworld of Delta.  It was almost destroyed by the Bannermen (7F).

CHIMERONS  Peaceful natives of Chimeria.  They were exterminated by Gavrok's Bannermen.  Their queen, Delta, managed to escape to 1959 Wales with the egg of a young Chimeron Princess.  There, she defeated the Bannermen with the help of the Seventh Doctor, Billy, Ray, Goronwy and two U.S. secret agents, Hawk and Weismuller.  Billy ingested a Chimeron substance which caused him to mutate and become more like a Chimeron.  He returned to Chimeria with Delta to help her repopulate her planet.  While on Earth, Delta found she could communicate with Goronwy's bees (7F).

CHIMES  Gateway of the Mara on Deva Loka.  The evil entity used them to take over Tegan (5Y).

CHIN LEE  Captain of the Chinese People's Army.  She was secretly controlled by the Master, who equipped her with a telepathic amplifier, then used her and the Mind Parasite to sabotage the World Peace Conference.  She was eventually exposed and freed by the Third Doctor (FFF).

CHINA  Country visited by the Doctor on several occasions.  Lin Futu was a Chinese mandarin from the so-called "Futu" dynasty, kidnapped by the Urbankans, probably circa 1769 BC  (There is no trace of a "Futu" dynasty in China, however the Shang Dynasty (18th to 12th Century BC) would be consistent with Lin Futu, based on archeological discoveries made at the burial site of Fu Hao, a royal member of that dynasty.)  Lin Futu met the Fifth Doctor aboard Monarch's ship (5W).  In an unrecorded adventure, the Doctor fought Fenric in China in the 3rd Century AD and trapped him inside a flask (7M).
 The First Doctor then visited the court of Kublai Khan in the 13th Century (D).  In 19th Century London, the Fourth Doctor fought against the Chinese Tong of the Black Scorpion, led by Magnus Greel, a war criminal from the 51st Century, who impersonated the Chinese god Weng-Chiang (4S).
 In the 20th Century, China was a key participant in a World Peace Conference threatened by the Master and saved by the Third Doctor, who claimed to have met Mao Tse Tung during the Long March (FFF).  Afterwards, the Chinese wanted to pull out of a similar conference, but Sir Reginald Styles convinced them to change their minds (KKK).  Li Shou Yuing was a young archeologist of Chinese descent who fought alongside Ace against Morgaine at Carbury (7N).

CHINN, HORATIO  Ministry of Security civil servant in charge of UNIT supervision.  He wanted to investigate the Third Doctor.  When Axos landed on Earth, he first tried to obtain the exclusivity of Axonite for England.  Foiled by Axos, he was then put in charge of distributing it throughout the world.  He was presumably discredited after the real nature of Axos' threat had been exposed (GGG).
CHIPPING NORTON  Neighbouring village of Moreton Harwood (K9).

CHLORIS  World rich in vegetable matter but extremely poor in minerals.  It was ruled by the despotic Lady Adrasta.  When the Tythonian ambassador, Erato, arrived on Chloris to offer to trade chlorophyll for metal, to preserve her power, Adrasta kept him prisoner in the mines (which became known as the Pit) for fifteen years.  The Fourth Doctor and Romana eventually discovered Erato's true nature and exposed Adrasta's duplicity.  The Doctor and Erato then saved Chloris from total destruction by a Neutron Star which had been diverted by the Tythonians as a form of reprisal (5G).

CHLOROPHYLL  The green coloring material of plants.  Because the Tythonians needed chlorophyll, they sent an ambassador, Erato, to Chloris (5G).

CHO-JE  Venerable monk in charge at K'anpo's Tibetan Monastery.  In reality, he was a projection of K'anpo.  When K'anpo regenerated, he assumed Cho-Je's physical appearance (ZZZ).

CHORLEY, HAROLD  Publicity-hungry TV journalist who proved a hindrance to the army task force which fought the Yeti in the London underground.  He was wrongly suspected of being a traitor, but survived to expose the real traitor (Sgt. Arnold), and help the Second Doctor defeat the Great Intelligence (QQ).

CHOSEN, THE  Name given to the 100,000 people chosen to be preserved in the Ark in Space (4C).

CHOSEN ONE  Title borne by Malkon on Sarn (6Q).

CHOSEN ONES  Name used by Aukon for the future servants of the Great Vampire.  Adric was meant to become the first of the Chosen Ones (5P).

CHRONIC HYSTERESIS  Time loop employed by Meglos to trap the Fourth Doctor (5Q).


CHRONODYNE  Crystalline substance used by the Fourth Doctor to make a substitute sixth piece for the Key to Time (5F).

CHRONOTIS (PROF.)  Alias used by Salyavin in St. Cedd's College in Cambridge (5M).

CHUB  Meteorologist and crewmember of the Sandminer.  He was the first victim killed by the Robots of Death (4R).

CHUMBLIES  Nickname given by Vicki to the Rills' wobbling robots (T).


CHUNG-SEN  Chinese scientist from the future involved in time travel research (WWW).



CINETHON  Planet visited by the Psychic Circus before it went to Segonax (7J).


CIRCUSES  The Master rematerialized in Rossini's International Circus before preparing to face the Third Doctor (EEE).  The Gods of Ragnarok had taken over the Psychic Circus on Segonax (7J).

CITIES  Great cities of Earth visited by the Doctor included Rome in 64 AD, when the First Doctor became instrumental in its burning by Nero (M).  Coincidentally, the Fifth Doctor was responsible for the Great Fire of London in 1666 AD (5X).  Other famous cities visited by the Doctor included: Amsterdam (6E), Beijing (D), New York (R), Paris (H, W, 5H), Seville (6W), Tombstone, Arizona (Z), and the legendary cities of Atlantis (GG, OOO) and Troy (U).
 Futuristic cities included the Dalek city on Skaro (B), Morphoton on Marinus (E), Mechanus (R), the sentient, computer-controlled Perfect City of the Exxilons (XXX), the Megropolises of Pluto (4W), the Argolins' Leisure Hive (5N), the underground city of the Tigellans (5Q), Kroagnon's Miracle City and the Paradise Towers (7E) and the colony of Terra Alpha (7L).
 Logopolis was a city which functioned as a living computer (5V).  Castrovalva was a Block Transfer Computation created by Adric at the Master's behest (5Z).
CITIZENS  Name given by the Company to the human workers (or work-units) on Pluto (4W).

CITY  Computer-controlled complex built by the Exxilons that thought itself so perfect that it eventually cast out its creators.  It was supposed to be one of the 700 Wonders of the universe.  It had the ability to drain power from passing spaceships to sustain itself, and send tendrils into the ground to look for metal to replace its damaged parts.  The Third Doctor and Bellal fought the Daleks there, and ultimately succeeded in reprogramming the computer and destroying the City (XXX).
CIVIC TRANSPORT MUSEUM  One of London locations where the First Doctor fought the Daleks during their invasion of Earth in AD 2164 (K).