CJ to CZ

CLANCEY, MILO  Old space traveler.  With his partner, Dom Issigri, he was a pioneer of argonite space mining.  Nearly ruined by space pirates, he later fought Caven alongside the Second Doctor.  Thanks to the Time Lord's intervention, Clancey was eventually reunited with his partner.  His ship was the erratic LIZ 79 (YY).

CLANTON, BILLY  One of the Clanton brothers.  He died during the gunfight at the O.K. Corral (Z).

CLANTON, IKE  The oldest of the Clanton brothers.  He was intent on getting revenge on Doc Holliday for allegedly killing his brother Reuben.  This eventually led him to confront Wyatt Earp and kill his brother, Warren, which in turn led to the gunfight at the O.K. Corral, where he died (Z).

CLANTON, "PA"  Head of the Clanton family, a gang of cattle rustlers in Arizona.  He could not stop his sons from taking part in the gunfight at the O.K. Corral (Z).

CLANTON, PHINEAS  One of the Clanton brothers.  He was locked up in jail after trying to hang Steven.  He later died during the gunfight at the O.K. Corral (Z).

CLANTON, REUBEN  One of the Clanton brothers, allegedly killed by Doc Holliday (Z).

CLARA THE CLOWN  One of the deadly pawns used by the Toymaker (in tandem with Joey) when he challenged the First Doctor, Steven and Dodo (Y).

CLARK, ALAN  Maintenance employee on the Sea Fort attacked by the Sea Devils.  He was saved by the Third Doctor, but his crewmate, Hickman, was killed (LLL).

CLASSES  The Alliance classified planets (such as Ribos) which had not yet reached Earth's 20th Century scientific level as Class-3 (or Grade-3) and protected them from alien interference.  Planets could be contacted only when they reached Class-2 level.  Bartholomew's Planetary Gazeteer provided a comprehensive listings of all known worlds' classes (5A).

CLEANERS  Robotic Self-Activating Megapodic Mark 7Z cleaners which were supposed to keep Paradise Towers clean, but which were secretly killing the Kangs under Kroagnon's influence (7E).

CLEGG, HUBERT (PROF.)  Self-proclaimed "Mind Reader Extraordinaire".  He found, to his surprise, that he was developing real mind powers.  He was inadvertently killed by the Spiders of Metebelis 3 as he was focusing his powers on the Blue Crystal (ZZZ).

CLEMENTS, ERNIE  Poacher on Prof. Scarman's land.  He was killed by Sutekh's Mummies (4G).

CLENT  Leader of the Britannicus Base team trying to stop the ice's progress in 3000 AD.  He dared not make a decision without the computers, and had alienated his chief scientist, Penley.  He helped the Second Doctor defeat the Ice Warriors and eventually reconciled himself with Penley (OO).

CLIFFORD, ANGELA  One of the crew on the Concorde flight which was hijacked to the Jurassic by the Master.  She was rescued thanks to the Fifth Doctor's efforts (6C).

CLOCKWORK SOLDIERS  Mechanical creatures encountered by the Second Doctor, Jamie and Zoe in the Land of Fiction (UU).

CLOISTER BELL  The TARDIS' equivalent of an alarm system, signaling vast and impending danger (5V).

CLONES  Cloning began to be successfully practiced on Earth in the year 3922 AD.  Thanks to the Kilbracken technique of rapid holograph cloning, the Fourth Doctor had himself cloned and miniaturized, along with Leela, to defeat the Nucleus (4T).  The Daleks cloned people, transferring their mental patterns to the newly-created "Duplicates" (in theory, loyal to the Daleks), and destroying the originals.  Among such duplicates were Stien and Col. Archer (6P).  The Sontarans (q.v.) were a race of clones.  The Borad had created twenty-four clones of himself (6Y).  Also see DUPLICATES.

CLOVEN HOOF  Bert's Pub in Devil's End (JJJ).

CLOWNS  The Celestial Toymaker used Clara and Joey the Clowns against Steven and Dodo (Y).  Bellboy designed robotic clowns for the Psychic Circus.  The Chief Clown used these to hold the Circus in a grip of fear (7J).

COAL HILL SCHOOL  London school attended by Susan while the First Doctor was on business connected with the Hand of Omega.  There, she met the two teachers, Ian Chesterton and Barabara Wright, who became the Doctor's Companions (A).  The school was later invaded by the Imperial Daleks, who took control of its Headmaster and established a transmat base in its cellar, in an effort to obtain the Hand of Omega (7H).

COCKERILL  Frontios orderly.  He deserted and became the leader of the Retrogrades.  After Brazen's death, he took over his role as Chief Orderly of the colony (6N).

COCOMOLE  Varosian animal (6V).

CODAL  One of the Thals sent to Spiridon to stop the Daleks (SSS).

COLANO BETA  Planet where the Fourth Doctor claimed to have first seen a Sandminer (4R).

COLBERT, LEON  Frenchman pretending to be working with James Stirling to aid prisoners escape the guillotine, but in reality a spy for the Revolution.  He helped the First Doctor and his Companions.  He was eventually killed by Jules Renan (H).

COLBERT, ROGER  French Catholic Nobleman working for the Abbot of Amboise (W).

COLBY, ADAM (PROF.)  Paleontologist who worked at the Fetch Priory with Dr. Fendelman and Thea Ransome.  He helped the Fourth Doctor and Leela defeat the Fendahl (4X).

COLLACTIN  Planet rich in Orlion (5B).

COLLECTOR  In appearence, he was a small, bald man sitting in a wheeled chair hooked up to the Company's computers.  In reality, he was the Usurian in charge of the Company's operations on Pluto.  He retained human form through the use of stratified particle radiation.  The Fourth Doctor exposed him and created a deadly inflation spiral which caused him to revert to his normal form and slink back inside his chair, where he was imprisoned (4W).

COLLEGES  Chapters regrouping the Time Lords of Gallifrey.  The most notorious were the Prydonians, the Arcalians and the Patrexes (4P, 4Z).

COLLIER  Member of Captain Striker's crew (6H).

COLLINS  Prof. Scarman's old manservant.  He was killed by one of Sutekh's Mummies (4G).
COLLINS  One of Lieutenant Scott's men (6B).

COLLINSON  British army private under General Carrington's command.  He was taken prisoner by UNIT, but later freed (CCC).

COLONDIN  Hard metal used in the construction of the methane refinery (5E)

COLONIZATION OF SPACE  In the early days of the 21st Century, men launched robot probes and several interstellar sub-light ships (some of which became lost).  At the end of the 21st Century, Mankind discovered Faster Than Light propulsion and launched a second wave of ships (some of which were also lost).  That period became known as the First Break Out.  Colonies from this period include Vulcan, which was almost overtaken by the Daleks (EE); another colony (unnamed), which was secretly controlled by the Macra (JJ); and Metebelis 3, which was taken over by mutated spiders from Earth (ZZZ).
 During the 24th Century, after the First Dalek and Cyber Wars, Mankind pursued its expansion into space.  Ruthless Interplanetary Corporations such as Interplanetary Mining Corp, the Magellanic Mining Company, Terminus, etc. thrived.  On Exarius, a new colony was almost torn apart by a conflict between the colonists and the IMC (HHH).  As a result, colonies became increasingly independent.  Varos was a colony originally inhabited by the criminally insane (6V).  The Terra Alpha colonists were forced to be happy under threat of death (7L).  The resurgence of the Dalek and Cyber Wars eventually resulted in the creation of the Alliance.
 After the disbanding of the Alliance, and the birth of the Empire, in the 27th Century, a new period of aggressive colonization began.  The robotic Mechanoids were launched (R).  Because of man's increasing appetite for natural resources, human colonies were not always welcome: because of their rich supply of molybdenum, the Sensorites were (rightly so) afraid of being colonized by Earth (G).  The Wirrn (4C) and the Mogarians (7C) were ruthlessly exploited.  On Deva Loka, the evil Mara tried to engineer a conflict between the native Kinda and an Imperial Earth Exploration Force (5Y).  Desperus was a colony used as a prison planet (V) (like Sarn was for the Trion (6Q)).  Solos was an inhabited planet whose atmosphere and civilization were almost totally destroyed by Earth's colonization process (NNN).  This, and other factors, eventually led to the Fall of the Empire and the beginning of the Federation by the 31st Century.
 After the Fourth Dalek War and the end of the Federation, Earth fell prey to many civil wars; the planet itself was increasingly polluted.  A second, or Great, Break Out occurred (with more lost ships).  The Sons of Earth made their appearance.  These did not want to see other worlds become as polluted as Earth.  They fought human colonists who had relocated the natives of Delta Magna to a moon (5E).  In the solar system, man was forced to move to Mars, then Pluto, a colony secretly run by the Usurians (4W).
 After the Ravolox interlude (blamed on solar flares), circa 15,000 AD, Earth was reclaimed by space colonists, who rallied to rebuild the planet (4B, 4C).
 Considering Earth's track record, it is understandable that, in the far future, the Refusians were somewhat reluctant to the idea of sharing their planet with the Monoids and the last humans from the Ark (X).  Also in the far future, on the colony of Frontios, the Tractators used humans as living power batteries (6N).  Earth itself was almost colonized by would-be invaders (See INVASIONS).  Also see ALLIANCE, BREAK OUTS, EMPIRE, FASTER THAN LIGHT, FEDERATION, LOST SHIPS.

COLONY 16  Martian colony where Bret Vyon was born (V).

COLVILLE  Crewmaster of Nerva Beacon who died from Neurotrope X (4D).


COMMANDER  Insane leader of a failed Earth expedition to the Sense-Sphere.  With two other survivors, he tried poisoning the Sensorites with nightshade.  He was exposed by the First Doctor (G).

COMMANDER  Title given to the leader of the Guardians aboard the Ark.  He was severely affected by Dodo's cold virus, but later recovered (X).

COMPANY  By the 52nd Century, Earth had become so polluted that it was virtually uninhabitable.  The Company, a front for the alien Usurians, offered to move Mankind to Mars, in exchange for their labour.  Several centuries later, the Company moved men to Pluto, around which they built six, small, artificial suns.  There, men lived a heavily-taxed life until they rebelled and overthrew the Company, thanks to the intervention of the Fourth Doctor and Leela (4W).


COMPUTERS  The Doctor encountered a number of giant computers who had developed artificial intelligence and sentience, such as: WOTAN (BB); the Master-Brain who ruled the Land of Fiction (UU); BOSS (TTT); the computer who controlled the Perfect City of the Exxilons (XXX); the schizophrenic Xoanon (which the Doctor himself had reprogrammed with a Sidelian Memory Transfer) (4Q) and the Minyan Oracle (4Y).  Skagra's ship was piloted by an artificial intelligence computer (5M).
 Other giant computers, such as the Conscience of Marinus (E); the Ark in Space's computer (4C) and the Mentalis machine of Zeos (5F) were not sentient.
 The city of Logopolis was a living computer (5V).  The Daleks used a young girl hooked to a computer as a battle computer (7H).  Also see ROBOTS.

CONCIERGERIE  Notorious French prison used during French Revolution.  Ian, Barbara and Susan stayed there (H).

CONCORDE  Supersonic airplane.  Golf Victor Foxtrot Flight 192 was hijacked to the Jurassic by the Master.  The Fifth Doctor used a second Concorde to rescue the first (6C).

CONDENSED CHRONICLE OF CASTROVALVA, THE  Series of thirty books purporting to tell the history of Castrovalva, which gave the Fifth Doctor his first clues as to its real nature (5Z).

CONDO  Misshapen, dimwitted servant of Dr. Solon.  Solon claimed to have dragged Condo from the wreck of a Dravidian spaceship.  Solon had stolen his arm to graft it onto the Morbius Monster.  Condo eventually saved Sarah Jane Smith's life, rebelled against Solon and was killed by the Morbius Monster (4K).


CONSCIENCE  Giant computer which eliminated evil from the minds of the inhabitants of Marinus.  It was under Arbitan's keepership, and could be controlled by five micro-circuits called "Keys".  Arbitan sent the First Doctor and his Companions on a mission to gather the four, missing Keys.  The Conscience was later destroyed by the Voords, whom Ian had tricked into using a fake Key (E).

CONSULS  Title borne by the five rulers of the Union of Traken.  At the time the Fourth Doctor visited Traken, these were Tremas, Kassia, Seron, Katura and Luvic.  The five consular rings were needed to perform certain operations, such as the resetting of the Source Manipulator (5T).

CONSUMBANK  Company's financial institution on Pluto.  The Fourth Doctor was arrested when he tried to rob one with an Ajack credit card (4W).

CONTINUOUS EVENT TRANSMITTER (CET)  Machine invented by zoologist Tryst and Prof. Stein to capture and study specimens of alien fauna and flora.  It functioned an a primitive version of the Scope.  It converted samples of planetary ecology into electro magnetic signals, stored on event crystals.  The image projection enabled the operator to study the specimens.  Tryst used the CET to capture and transport the savage Mandrels, which were the source of the drug vraxoin, from the planet Eden.  After the hyperspace crash of the Empress and the Hecate above Azure, the CET became unstable and the Mandrels escaped.  The Fourth Doctor eventually used the CET to capture Tryst and his fellow vraxoin smuggler, Dymond (5K).

CONTROL  Alien from Light's ship who evolved into a woman.  She helped the Seventh Doctor thwart Josiah Samuel Smith's plans.  After Light's defeat, she left in his ship with Fenn-Cooper and Nimrod (7Q).

CONTROLLER  Leader of the Macra-dominated space colony, seen only as a still picture on a broadcast system.  In reality, he was a frail old man under Macra's control.  He was exposed by the Second Doctor (JJ).

CONTROLLER  One of the appointed rulers of the alternate 22nd Century where the Daleks had successfully invaded Earth after World War Three.  He eventually came to realize he had been a traitor to his own race, and helped the Third Doctor defeat the Daleks, who killed him (KKK).

CONVOLUTE FORCE FIELD  A neutron barrier used to protect the Wheel in Space.  It could not, however, deflect meteors of more than 200 tons (SS).

COOK, HUMPHREY (DR.)  Chairman of the Grants Committee.  He went to Cambridge to investigate TOM-TIT (OOO).

COOK (CAPTAIN)  Boastful and untrustworthy space explorer.  He came to the Psychic Circus to compete in a talent contest with his protege, Mags, who turned out to be a werewolf.  In reality, he was trying to make a deal with the Gods of Ragnarok.  He was killed by Mags as he was trying to force her to murder the Seventh Doctor.  His body was briefly reanimated by the Gods of Ragnarok to prevent Ace and Mags from helping the Doctor (7J).


CO-PILOT  Skonnan space pilot whose ship carried the Anethan tribute to Skonnos.  His name was Sardor.  The Fourth Doctor helped him repair his ship, but the co-pilot then left him stranded and kidnapped Romana.  He was sent by Soldeed into the Nimon Complex where he was killed by the Nimon (5L).

CORDO  D-grade citizen of Pluto who was almost driven to suicide because he could not pay the Company his father's death taxes.  He was rescued by the Fourth Doctor and took him to Mandrel's Others.  He eventually triumphed over his fears, and bravely helped the Doctor and Leela overthrow the Company (4W).

CORE LOCATOR  Wand-like device given to Romana by the White Guardian to help her and the Fourth Doctor identify the six segments of the Key to Time and return them to their true shape (5A-5F).

CORELLIS  Alzarian scientist who had studied the events leading to Mistfall (5R).

CORFIELD (DR.)  One of Prof. Foster's colleagues (6Q).

CORNISH, RALPH (PROF.)  Director of the British Space Centre who monitored the Mars Probes and Recovery missions.  He helped the Third Doctor and UNIT solve the puzzle of the radioactive alien Ambassadors, and tried to stop General Carrington's insane plan (CCC).

CORNWALL  The First Doctor, Ben and Polly fought Captain Pike's pirates in 17th Century Cornwall (CC).
CORNWALL GARDENS  One of London locations where the First Doctor fought the Daleks during their invasion of Earth in AD 2164 (K).
CORONET OF RASSILON  One of the three symbols of power worn by the President of the High Council of the Time Lords of Gallifrey.  (The other two were the Sash and the Rod of Rassilon.)  Its function was to link the President's mind to the Matrix.  It was worn by the Fourth Doctor when he was proclaimed president (4Z).  Later, Borusa used it to bend the Doctor to his will (6K).

CORPERA  On Trion, people blew through two-corpera coins for luck (6N).


CORWYN, GEMMA (DR.)  Second in command of the Wheel in Space.  She had lost her husband in a space accident on the asteroid belt.  She saved the Second Doctor's life by stopping Bennett from destroying the Silver Carrier ship.  After Bennett's mental breakdown, she took over and eventually sacrificed her life to prevent the Cybermen from poisoning the air in the Wheel's Operations Room (SS).

CORY, MARC  Agent of Space Special Security dispatched to Kembel to check into a Dalek buildup.  He was eventually killed by the Daleks, but not before he had time to discover the details of their plot and record it on a tape, which was later found by the First Doctor (T/A).

COSTA  Officer of the Azure Customs and Excise Service.  He and Fisk were sent aboard the Empress to investigate vraxoin smuggling after the ship crashed into the Hecate, when they both emerged from hyperspace simultaneously.  They first suspected the Fourth Doctor, but later arrested the real smugglers, Tryst and Dymond (5K).

COSWORTH  British army Major who assisted UNIT in retaking Stangmoor Prison and destroying the Tunderbolt Missile (FFF).

COTTON  One of the Marshal's men on Solos.  He and Stubbs agreed to help the Third Doctor defend the Solonians.  After the Marshal's death, Cotton became Acting Marshal of Solos (NNN).
COVENT GARDEN  London underground station invaded by the Web of Fear (QQ).
CRAB NEBULA  Its creation was the result of the use of the Doomsday Machine (HHH).
CRABSHAW (PROFESSOR)  Scientist who dismissed the possibility of time travel (UUU).

CRADDOCK, BILL  Victim of the Daleks during their 2164 AD Invasion of Earth.  He was turned into a Roboman (K).

CRANE  British army lieutenant who believed he was fighting against the Germans in World War I, in 1917, near Ypres.  In reality, he was part of the War Games.  He was eventually returned to his proper place in time and space by the Time Lords (ZZ).

CRANE  Over-protective nurse in charge of Dr. Judson.  She was killed by the Haemovores (7M).

CRANLEIGH, CHARLES PERCIVAL BEAUCHAMP (LORD)  Younger of the two Cranleigh sons.  After his brother, George, was supposed to have died in the Amazon, he became Marquess of Cranleigh and was about to marry Ann Talbot, when the Fifth Doctor discovered the truth about George (6A).

CRANLEIGH HALL  Residence of the Cranleighs (6A).

CRANLEIGH HALT  Railway station located near Cranleigh Hall (6A).

CRANLEIGH, GEORGE  Older of the two Cranleigh sons and Charles' brother.  He explored the Orinoco portion of the Amazon and was horribly disfigured by the Butiu Indians because he had stolen a sacred Black Orchid (also the title of his book).  He was saved by Latoni and brought back to Cranleigh Hall, where his existence was known only to his mother.  Driven mad with jealousy at the news of his former fiancee Ann Talbot's wedding to his brother, he escaped and killed two servants, James and Digby.  Exposed by the Fifth Doctor, George kidnapped Nyssa (Ann's look-alike) but fell to his death (6A).

CRANLEIGH, MADGE (LADY)  Dowager Marquess of Cranleigh and mother of George and Charles.  When George returned disfigured from the Amazon, she secretly hid him at Cranleigh Hall, and even covered up for him after he had murdered James and Digby in a fit of insanity (6A).

CRATER OF NEEDLES  Location of the Zarbi headquarters on Vortis (N).

CRAWFORD (DR.)  Medical doctor in charge of manufacturing the antidote against the Silurian virus (BBB).

CRAYFORD, GUY  Earth astronaut who was thought to have died when his experimental spaceship, XK5, disappeared near Jupiter.  In reality, he was captured by the Kraals, who brainwashed him into believing that Earth had sent him off in a faulty rocket which was destroyed, and that the Kraals rebuilt him (minus one eye).  He helped Styggron plot the invasion of Earth.  When the Fourth Doctor showed him that the Kraals had lied to him (his missing eye was still in its socket), and were planning to exterminate mankind with a virus, Crayford rebelled.  He was killed by Styggron (4J).

CREACH, ROSEMARY  Moreton Harwood resident and member of the cult of Hecate (K9).

CREATION  The TARDIS's "Fast Return" jammed and almost took the First Doctor beyond "Event One" (C).  The Master engineered the same plan to destroy the Fifth Doctor at the beginning of his regeneration (5Z).  The Fifth Doctor later defeated Monarch of Urbanka, who had exhausted his planet's resources in pursuit of his mad dream of going back to the beginning of time to meet, or to become, God (5W).  The Rani planned to blow up an asteroid of Strange Matter in order to recreate the conditions of the Leptonic Era, a period of time which took place a microsecond after the Big Bang.  This would have produced Helium 2, with which the Rani planned to turn her made-up Brain into a planet-sized Time Manipulator (7D).
 The Fifth Doctor discovered that the Big Bang had been caused by explosion of one of Terminus' giant engines, and barely averted a second explosion (6F).  The evil entity known as Fenric probably originated at the beginning of time (7M).

CREATURE (FROM THE PIT)  Nickname given by the people of Chloris to the Tythonian ambassador Erato (5G).


CRESTUS  Planet where the Graff Vynda-K's men fought in the Alliance Wars.  After the battle, Sholakh planted the Graff's flag in the body of the Crestan general (5A).

CRETACEOUS  It was during the Cretaceous -- 136 to 65 million years ago -- that the Dinosaurs, the Silurians and the Sea Devils ruled the Earth (BBB, LLL).  Their reign ended when a space freighter from the 24th Century crashed on Earth (6B).  Also see ANTHROPOLOGY, SILURIANS.

CRICHTON, CHARLES  UNIT colonel who succeeded Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart after he retired.  He briefly met the Second Doctor, who had come to shake hands with the Brigadier the day of an annual UNIT reunion.  The Doctor found him "unpromising" (6K).

CRICHTON, JOHN  Former athlete.  As Mark, he was one of Sir Charles Grover's People.  He was the first to believe Sarah when she revealed they were not aboard a spaceship en route to a New Earth (WWW).

CRIME  Crime is the act of breaking the law.  Among the petty crooks and thieves were: poacher Seeley (AAA), circus owner Rossini (EEE), crooked financier Lord Palmerdale (4V) and con artists Garron, Unstoffe (5A) and Sabalom Glitz (7A, 7C, 7G).  Lytton turned to bank robbing while stranded in 20th Century England (6T).  Smugglers included: the Cornish smugglers (CC), gun runners Rohm-Dutt (5E) and Stotz (6R), drug smugglers Tryst and Dymond (5K).
 Murderers included: Eyesen (E), Bennett (L), and Doland (7C); hired killers: Johnny Ringo (Z), the Bannermen and Keillor (7F); pirates: Pike (CC), Caven (YY) and the Captain of Zanak (5C); and slave traders Sevcheria (M), El Akir (P), Gray (FF) and Rorvik (5T).  Other ruthless murderers-for-profit included: Captain Dent of IMC (HHH) and the medieval warlords Irongron and Bloodaxe (UUU).  Ian Chesterton was accused of murder on Marinus, but was cleared by the First Doctor (E).  The Sixth Doctor took part in a murder investigation on the ship Hyperion III (7C).
 Traitors to the human race included: evil industrialist Forester (J); would-be dictator Salamander (PP); General Carrington (BBB); Mavic Chen (V), Theodore Maxtible (LL) and Ratcliffe, who served the Daleks; Klieg, Kaftan (MM), Tobias Vaughn (VV) and Dr. Kellman (4D), who helped the Cybermen; Fewsham (XX) and Eckersley (YYY), who assisted the Ice Warriors; Dr. Quinn (AAA), who cooperated with the Silurians; Stevens (TTT), who served BOSS; Lupton (ZZZ), who helped the Spiders of Metebelis 3; Harrison Chase (4L), who worshipped the Krynoids; Stael (4X), who summoned the Fendahl; and Aukon, Zargo and Camilla (5P), who served the Great Vampire.
 On alien planets, crime could be defined differently than on Earth.  On Interminor, immigration of any alien lifeforms was severely prohibited (PPP); on Pluto, the Usurians had set up a repressive taxation society (4W); on Terra Alpha, to be unhappy was a crime punishable by death (7L).  Varos was inhabited by the descendents from a colony for the criminally insane, who thrived on public torture as a form of punishment (6V).
 Alien justice was as different as alien crimes, and creative forms of execution (or exile) remained a constant.  The Megara justice machines found their creators in contempt and destroyed them (5C).  Eldrad was sentenced to death by the Kastrians (4N).  On Leela's world, deviants were sentenced to the deadly test of the Horda (4Q); on Pluto, criminals were steamed alive (4W); on Chloris, they were thrown into a Pit (5G); on Tigella, blasphemers were crushed under a rock (5Q); on Traken, criminals were turned into stone statues known as Melkur (5T).  Both Cessair of Diplos (by the Megara) (5C) and Borusa (by Rassilon) (5K) were turned into living statues.  On Trion, political prisoners were exiled to Sarn (6Q); on Varos, criminals were sent to the Punishment Dome and their executions were recorded an broadcast (6V); on Karfel, the Borad sentenced rebels to be exiled into the past through the Timelash (6Y); on Proamon, Kane was exiled to Svartos (7G); on Terra Alpha, criminals were drowned in boiling candy (7L); in the UK Habitat, water thieves were stoned (7A); etc.
 The Time Lords considered interfering in other planets' development a crime.  They sentenced the Second Doctor to exile on Earth, and executed the War Lord for it (ZZ).  The Fourth Doctor was later framed for the murder of the President (in reality committed by Goth) and condemned to death by vaporization (4N).  (The Fourth Doctor was also condemned to death for a technicality by the Megara (5C).)  The Fifth Doctor was again sentended to a similar death when Omega bonded with him (6E).  The Sixth Doctor was tried for genocide (7C).

CRINOTH  Planet destroyed by the Nimon, who then prepared to invade Skonnos.  When the Fourth Doctor closed down the black hole the Nimon used to travel through space, they were stranded on dying Crinoth.  The Nimon used an energy chain reaction to reach another planet, and perished in the ensuing catastrophe, which totally destroyed Crinoth (5L).

CRITAS  One of the Eternals.  He wore the guise of the captain of a Greek galley to engage in a planet-spanning space race, the prize of which was Enlightenment.  His ship was destroyed by Captain Wrack, but he himself returned to eternity (6H).

CRITO  Elder of the High Council of Atlantis.  He was killed when queen Galleia overthrew King Dalios (OOO).

CROSS  Guard at the Luna Penal Colony.  He pretended to help the Third Doctor and Prof. Dale to escape, but was in fact preparing to kill them (QQQ).

CROSSLAND  Detective Inspector in charge of investigating Gascoigne's disappearance.  His identity was taken over by the Chameleons' Director, but he was freed by Jamie (KK).

CROVASSI  One of the alien tourists who crashlanded in Wales in 1959.  He was killed by the Bannermen (7F).

CROWN  Currency unit used on Iceworld (7G).

CROZIER  Scientist working for the Mentors of Thoros-Beta.  He had devised a brain transformer which enhanced brains and which he had used on Lord Kiv.  But Kiv was dying, so Crozier experimented with a a process to transfer the dying Mentor Lord's mind into another body (Peri's).  At Sil's request, he used his Cell Discriminator on the Sixth Doctor, causing him to act hostile and more erratically than usual.  Crozier's mind-transfer process was deemed too dangerous for the course of natural evolution by the Time Lords, so they manipulated events to arrange for King Yrcanos of Krontep to kill Crozier, Kiv and Sil, and rescue Peri.  The Valeyard used a heavily doctored doctored version of this event, making it appear as if Peri had been killed (7B).

CRUIKSHANK  Doctor at the Bi-Al Foundation.  He and Hedges were taken over by Lowe's Virus.  He was shot by K9, but managed to infect him temporarily with the Virus before he died (4T).

CRUSADES  Military expeditions undertaken by Western European Christians between 1095 and 1270 AD to recover Jerusalem from Saracen control.  The First Doctor helped King Richard Lionheart towards the end of the Third Crusade (circa 1191 AD) (P).

CRUSHING  Method of execution for blasphemers on Tigella.  The Fourth Doctor was almost crushed to death after being accused of stealing the Dodecahedron (5Q).

CRYOGENICS  Method of preservation of bodies involving the use of extremely cold temperatures.  The Tranquil Repose mortuary used cryogenics to preserve dying millionaires and politicians (6Z).  Cryogenics were used to keep Davros prisoner (6P).  The Cryons' civilisation was based on cryogenics (6T).
 Aliens who have used cryogenics to keep a supply of captive soldiers include the Daleks (SSS), the Cybermen (MM, 6T), the Ice Soldiers of Marinus (E), the Ice Warriors (OO), and Kane (7G).  Also see GENERATION STARSHIPS and SUSPENDED ANIMATION.

CRYONS  Elfin-like natives of Telos.  They originally evolved when Telos was a sub-zero, frozen planet, and consequently, could only exist in sub-zero temperatures.  When the temperatures of Telos' surface rose (for reasons as yet unknown), the Cryons were driven underground, where they built giant refrigerated cities.  Later, the Cybermen took over these cities, and converted them into vast storage facilities for their own kind (MM).  Later, the Cybermen returned to Telos with a hijacked time vessel.  The Cryon survivors, who had retreated deep inside the planet, then hired space mercenary Lytton to steal the time vessel.  The Sixth Doctor helped a Cryon prisoner, Flast, set up an explosion which destroyed the Cybermen.  The Cryons retook control of their planet (6T).

CRYPTOZOIC  Life began on Earth during the Cryptozoic, circa 3.5 billion years ago, when Scaroth's spaceship exploded while taking off (5H).  (Note: This was incorrectly reported by the Fourth Doctor as having happened 400 million years ago.)  Also see ANTHROPOLOGY.

CRYSTALS  Crystalline lifeforms included the Krotons (WW), the Kastrians (4N) and the Krargs (5M).  Many crystals encountered by the Doctor were stones of great power:  The Key to Time was a perfect, crystalline cube (5A-5F).  Later, Enlightenment was offered by the White Guardian in the form of a crystal (6H).
 The priests of Atlantis captured the essence of the powerful kronavore Kronos and imprisoned it in the Kronos Crystal (OOO).  Kontron crystals were found in certain areas of the space-time vortex and contained energies capable of harnessing space and time.  The Borad used them to power a time tunnel called "Timelash" (6Y).  The Kronos Crystal might have been a Kontron Crystal.  Kontron crystals may be made of taranium (V).
  The Zolfa-Thuran Dodecahedron powered the underground Tigellan civilization (5Q).  The Manussan Great Crystal created the Mara from the evil within the Manussans' minds (6D).  The crystals of Metebelis 3 had the power to clear minds and amplify power.  They were responsible for the mutation of the Spiders and were also, to a degree, radioactive (TTT, ZZZ).
 Radioactive hymetusite existed in natural, crystalline form.  It was paid as a tribute by Aneth to Skonnos; Jasonite was an electro-magnetic boosting crystal found only on Crinoth (5L).  The secret of the Dragonfire was a powerful energy crystal (which may have been hymetusite) (7G).  The Third Doctor helped the Solonian Ky achieve his final mutation into a super-being with a radioactive crystal (NNN).
 Voolium and Madronite 1-5 were crystals found on Calufrax which could be used to power a Psychic Interference Transmitter (5B).  Tryst's Continuous Event Transmitter recordings were on crystals (5K).  The Terileptils used Vintaric crystals to provide lighting (5X).  Quarb Crystals were used in hyperspatial engines (7F).  See also MINERALS.

CULLINGS  Selection process which Drathro used to keep the population of the UK Habitat constant.  Merdeen helped some intended victims to escape the Cullings by letting them out to the surface to live with the Free (7A).

CULLODEN (6 April 1746)  The last battle of the "Forty-five Rebellion", when the Jacobites under Charles Edward, the Young Pretender (Bonnie Prince Charlie), were defeated by the English army, led by the Duke of Cumberland.  The Second Doctor met Jamie soon afterwards (FF).

CULLY  Son of Dulcian leader Senex.  Unlike other Dulcians, Cully sought excitement and ran an illegal tour business.  He discovered the Dominators when he took a party of clients to the Island of Death.  Afterwards, he tried convince the Dulcian council of the threat posed by the aliens, but failed.  He eventually helped the Second Doctor, Jamie and Zoe save his planet (TT).

CULSHAW, DAVE  One of the crew on the Concorde flight which was hijacked to the Jurassic by the Master.  He was rescued thanks to the Fifth Doctor's efforts (6C).

CUMMINGS  Police Constable who wanted to book the Fifth Doctor for Digby's murder at Cranleigh Hall (6A).

CURLY  Hovercraft pilot who mistook the Second Doctor for Salamander (PP).

CURRY (MR.)  Official involved with the Thunderbolt Missile (FFF).

CURT  Prof. Foster's assistant (6Q).

CUSTODIANS  Trion's political police (6Q).

CUTLER  American General in charge of the Snowcap Space Tracking Station at the time of the Mondasian Cybermen's invasion.  He refused to listen to the First Doctor's advice.  Desperate to save his son's life, Cutler became mentally unbalanced and threatened to use the Z-Bomb against Mondas, unable to realize that it would also endanger Earth.  He was eventually killed by Cyberleader Krang (DD).

CUTLER, TERRY  Lieutenant and son of General Cutler.  He piloted the Zeus V space capsule threatened by the Cybermen (DD).


CYBERBOMBS  Powerful explosive devices that the Cybermen tried to use to blow up the fragment of Voga.  They had been banned by an Armageddon Convention, to which the Cybermen had not subscribed (4D).  The Fifth Doctor disarmed a Cyberbomb hidden in an underground network of caves in the 26th Century (6B).

CYBERCOMMUNICATOR  Communications device used by Tobias Vaughn to communicate with the Cybermen (VV).

CYBERCONTROLLER  Supreme leader of the Cybermen.  He was distinguishable by his enlarged cranium.  The Cybercontroller first appeared in the Tombs of the Cybermen on Telos, where he eventually seemed to have been destroyed in a fight with Toberman (MM).  However, a Cybercontroller (claiming to be the same entity) later masterminded the return of the Cybermen to Telos and their plan to change history.  He was killed by Lytton (6T).

CYBERLEADER  Cyberman in charge of a Cyberman expedition (4D, 6B, 6K, 6T, 7K).

CYBERLIEUTENANT  The Cyberleader's deputy (6B, 6K, 6T, 7K).

CYBERMATS  Rodent-sized, quasi-robotic creatures, capable of detecting humans by their brainwaves, and programmed to leap upon and sting their preys.  They were used by the Cybermen to attack the Second Doctor and his Companions on Telos (MM).  They were also used on the Wheel in Space to destroy the bernalium supply.  The Second Doctor destroyed them by broadcasting high current phase contrasts (SS).  They were later used by Dr. Kellman to infect space beacon Nerva with the Cybermen's Neurotrope X virus (4D).

CYBERMEN  The Cybermen originally evolved from the inhabitants of Mondas, Earth's twin planet.  The Mondasian civilization developed more quickly than Earth's and Mondasians may have visited our planet in prehistoric times.  At one point in ancient history, for reasons yet unknown, Mondas left the Solar System.  It was during that period of wandering that the Mondasians evolved into creatures of ruthless logic; their organs were replaced by cybernetic parts until they became Cybermen.  The Cybermen are virtually immortal, their only recorded weaknesses being gold (which crippled their breathing mechanisms) and high susceptibility to gravitation and certain forms of radiation.  The Cybermen have evolved into numerous forms, including that of Cybercontrollers, cybermen with higher brain capacity.
 It has been surmised that, at a certain point during their space journey, some Cybermen left Mondas to form a planetary empire, enslaving other civilisations and turning them into Cybermen.  This empire included planets such as Planet 14.  Eventually, these "galactic" Cybermen began to feel threatened by Earth's technological advance and forays into outer space.  They launched an invasion of Earth in 1970, with the help of Tobias Vaughn, head of International Electromatics.  They recognized the Second Doctor as a hostile alien from a so-far unrecorded encounter on Planet 14.  The Doctor and a newly-formed UNIT thwarted their plans, and most of their space fleet was destroyed (VV).  In 1988, the same Cybermen launched yet another attack against Earth, but this time, they were defeated by the Seventh Doctor; the remains of their fleet were destroyed by the Silver Nemesis (7K).
 Meanwhile, two years earlier, in 1986, Mondas had returned to the Solar System.  Its Cybermen planned to steal Earth's energy to replace their own depleted resources.  The Mondasian Cybermen launched an attack on the planet, planning to drain it of its energy to repower Mondas.  They were thwarted at the South Pole by the First Doctor.  Mondas absorbed too much energy and was destroyed (DD).  Cybermen from the future, using a hijacked time vessel, secretly travelled back in time to 1985 and tried to crash Halley's Comet into Earth to save Mondas.  They were defeated by the Sixth Doctor and Lytton (6T).
 In 2030 AD, the galactic Cybermen launched another attack against Earth, this time planning to use the Wheel in Space (SS).  In 2070 AD, they invaded the Moonbase (HH).  In both cases, they were defeated by the Second Doctor.
 Finally, Earth's expansion into space brought Mankind in direct conflict with the Cybermen.  Humanity found itself on the side of those alien species who had been fighting the Cybermen, and formed the Alliance.  During the First Cyber Wars, the Alliance discovered that gold, which existed in abundance on Voga, was fatal to their enemies, and began using glitterguns.  Driven from their worlds, the Cybermen had no choice but to flee.  Before they did, they made an attempt to destroy Voga, but were only partially successful.  A fragment survived and began to drift towards the Solar System (4D).  Soon afterwards, the Cybermen conquered the planet Telos and drove its native Cryons underground.  They turned the Cryons' cities into "Tombs", in an attempt to heal and preserve their species for future assaults (MM, 6T).
 Towards the tail end of the 25th Century, the Fourth Doctor, Sarah Jane Smith and Harry Sullivan thwarted the efforts of a small band of isolated Cybermen who were trying to destroy the remains of Voga, which had drifted near Space Beacon Nerva in Earth's Solar System (4D).
 At the beginning of the 26th Century, the insane Logician Klieg attempted to resurrect the Cybermen, whose "Tombs" had been located on Telos.  His plans were foiled by the Second Doctor, Jamie, and Victoria Waterfield (MM).  Once the Tombs had been opened, either the Cybermen continued to be reactivated, or other Cyber Forces drifting in space were summoned to complete the job Klieg had begun.  In any event, the Cybermen had time to regroup, and reemerged as a serious galactic threat.
 In 2526 AD, made aware of this new Cyber menace, the Alliance agreed to meet on Earth in a Galactic Congress to decide what steps to take.  The Cybermen then attempted to destroy the Congress by causing a space freighter to crash on the planet, but their scheme was thwarted by the Fifth Doctor and his Companions.  The young Alzarian Adric sacrificed himself, perishing in the destruction of the freighter, which he had sent back through time to 65 million years BC (6B).
 A second series of Cyber Wars ensued.  Having found Voga, the Alliance was again in possession of a vast supply of gold.  The result was yet another defeat for the Cybermen.  Just before the Alliance's forces made a final attack on Telos, the Cybermen's stronghold, the Cybermen used a hijacked time vessel to launch a final, desperate attack.  They tried to not only save themselves, but alter the course of history (see above).  The time vessel may have been of Morok origins, as they were one of the few species with limited time travel capabilities at that time (Q).  However, the Cybermen were defeated by the Sixth Doctor and the courageous Cryons, who had secretly survived and contacted Commander Lytton, stranded in Earth's past (6T).
 At one point in time, a crew of galactic Cybermen were used by Borusa as pawns in the Game of Rassilon (6K).

CYBORGS  A combination of man and machine.  Among the most notorious species of cyborgs are the Daleks (q.v.) and the Cybermen (q.v.).  Individual cyborgs include Davros (q.v.), the Captain of Zanak (5B) and a number of humans converted by the Cybermen (such as Toberman (MM), Tobias Vaughn (VV) and Lytton (6T)) or the Daleks (the Robomen (K) and the little girl turned into a battle computer (7H)).  Also, the Oracle's Seers (4Y) and the colonists of Frontios captured by the Tractators (6N) could be considered cyborgs.  Animal cyborgs included the Zygons' Skarasen (4F) and the Silurians' Myrka (6L).  Also see ROBOTS.

CYCLOPS  Dumb servant of Odysseus during the Trojan War (U).


CYRENNIC EMPIRE  Small galactic empire to which planets such as Ribos, Levithia, Skythros and Cyrennis Minima belonged.  It was allied to the Alliance and fought alongside it against the Daleks and the Cybermen (5A).

CYRENNIS MINIMA  Planet of the Cyrennic Empire.  Garron and Unstoffe stopped there before traveling to Ribos (5A).

CYRIL THE SCHOOLBOY  Perhaps the deadliest of all the pawns used by the Toymaker when he challenged the First Doctor, Steven and Dodo (Y).

CYTRONICS  Sutekh powered his Mummies with a cytronic particle accelerator (4G).