S to SK

S14  Earth Empire's nomenclature for Deva Loka (5Y).

S, ALEX  Trained sniper used by the Happiness Patrol against the Drones (7L).

S, DAVID  Trained sniper used by the Happiness Patrol against the Drones (7L).

SABETHA  Arbitan's daughter.  She accompanied the First Doctor on his quest for the missing Keys, and later married Altos (E).

SABOR  Arak and Tuar's father.  He gave himself up rather than allowing the Queen of the Spiders to take his son.  He was kept prisoner by the Spiders, awaiting his fate stoically, but was presumably freed when the Spiders died (ZZZ).

SACRED CHAMBER  Name the Tesh gave to Xoanon's control room (4Q).

SACRED FLAME  Volcanic flame on Planet Karn.  It was not unlike the Numismaton Flame of Sarn (6Q).  It produced the Elixir of Life.  The Sacred Flame, or Flame of Life, was guarded by the Sisterhood.  It appeared to be dying because of a geological obstruction.  But the Fourth Doctor cleared it with firecrackers (4K).

SADOK  Another name for Sutekh (4G).

SAFIYA  The daughter of Haroun Ed Diin.  He kept her hidden at home to save her from the clutches of the villainous El Akir (P).

SAFRAN  Captain of the Titan shuttle taken over by the Virus.  He turned the Titan base into a Hive for the Nucleus, and was later killed by Leela (4T).

SAGAN  Member of Rorvik's crew.  He was killed by Lazlo (5S).

SAGARO  Aridian desert where the First Doctor's TARDIS rematerialized (R).

SAINT BARTHOLOMEW'S DAY MASSACRE  This historical event began in Paris on 23 August 1572.  During the Massacre, all the leading Huguenots of Paris were slain.  Later, thousands more were killed throughout the rest of France.  The First Doctor and Steven visited Paris a few days before the Massacre, but could not affect its outcome (W).

SAINT CEDD'S COLLEGE  Cambridge college visited by the Doctor in unrecorded adventures in 1955, 1958, 1960 (when he took an Honorary Degree) and 1964.  It was there that Salyavin settled as Prof. Chronotis.  The Fourth Doctor fought Skagra on its premises (5M).

SALADIN (1138-1193)  Saracen leader during the Third Crusade.  He offered Ian safe passage to help him search for Barbara, who had been kidnapped by El Akir.  Saladin eventually made a truce with King Richard I ("The Lionheart"), and reclaimed Jerusalem (P).

SALAMANDER  Yucatan-born, megalomaniacal scientist.  He was the Second Doctor's double.  He invented the Suncatcher satellite, which he used to gain political power in the early days of the 21st Century.  He also used it to create earthquakes, intending to kill off Earth's population, then repopulate the planet with his own people, whom he kept in a secret, underground "Sanctum".  After his plans were thwarted by Giles Kent and the Second Doctor, he tried to pass himself off as the Doctor, but was eventually ejected into deep space from the TARDIS (PP).

SALAMANDER 6-0  Atomic missile.  Brigadier Bambera and Lieutenant Richards of UNIT were assigned to dispose of it.  Morgaine almost detonated it, but her sense of honor ultimately prevailed (7N).

SALAMAR  Young commander in charge of the Morestran spaceship sent to Zeta Minor.  When the anti-matter creatures began to attack his ship, he cracked under pressure and suspected the Fourth Doctor of being a murderer.  He finally had to be relieved by Vishinsky. He was later killed by Sorenson, when the scientist turned into a neanderthal-like monster (4H).

SALATEEN  Major in the Federation Army and aide-de-camp to General Chellak.  Sharaz Jek replaced him with an android replica.  Thanks to the Fifth Doctor, the real Salateen escaped with Peri.  He helped General Chellak launch a final assault against Jek, but was shot by an android.  The Salateen android later killed Stotz (6R).

SALOSTOPUS  Sabalom Glitz's home planet, located in Andromeda (7A).

SALYAVIN  Notorious Gallifreyan adventurer.  His mind-control powers turned him into a criminal.  Salyavin was captured and imprisoned by the Time Lords on Shada.  He secretly escaped and, to cover his tracks, stole The Ancient Law of Gallifrey, a valuable book, and caused the Time Lords to forget about Shada.  He then retired to St. Cedd's College in Cambridge, where he assumed the identity of Prof. Chronotis.  His room was, in reality, his TARDIS.  But he was found by Skagra, who used his Sphere to learn the location of Shada.  With the Fourth Doctor and Romana's help, Skagra was defeated.  The Doctor returned The Ancient Law to Gallifrey and swore to not reveal Salyavin's secret (5M).

SAM  One of the Moonbase crew.  He discovered the Second Doctor's arrival (HH).

SAMUELS  Warder in Stangmoor Prison's Special Wing.  He was in charge of the Death Row cells (FFF).
SAMUELSON (MRS.)  Wardrobe woman at Henry Gordon Jago's theatre (4S).
SAN MARTINO  Dukedom in 15th Century Italy.  Its rightful ruler, Giuliano, would have been killed by Count Federico if it had not been for the Fourth Doctor.  The Time Lord also prevented the Mandragora Helix from using the Dukedom as a beachhead to prevent Renaissance (4M).

SANCTUM  Name given by Salamander to the secret, underground installation, where he kept a small population captive, using lies and the pretense that a nuclear war raged on the planet's surface.  Salamander planned for the Sanctum's inhabitants to take over the Earth after he had destroyed its population (PP).

SAND BEASTS  Docile, vegetarian, Didonian bipeds who looked like a cross between a lizard and a snake.  Vicki had adopted a sand beast as a pet, but it was mistakenly killed by Barbara (L).

SANDERS  Commander of the Imperial Earth expedition force to Deva Loka.  The Kinda's attempts to have him and Hindle mind-meld with them caused them to become mentally unbalanced.  They were cured by the Fifth Doctor with the Kinda's Jhana Box.  Sanders recommended that Deva Loka be reclassified as unsuitable for colonization, although he planned to retire there (5Y).

SANDMINER  Giant, mobile factory for processing ores and minerals on a deserted, windswept planet.  Its crew, led by Commander Uvanov, would all have been killed by Dask's Robots of Death if it had not been for the Fourth Doctor's and Leela's intervention (4R).

SANTORIV  Famous parametricist whose mind was stolen by Skagra at the Think Tank space station.  He died in the destruction of the station (5M).

SAPAN  Oldest and wisest of the lamas of Det-Sen Monastery (NN).

SAPHADIN  Saladin's brother.  He was in love with Joanna, King Richard I's sister, and passionately wanted to marry her (P).


SARACENS  Any person who practiced the religion of Islam in the middle ages.  Originally, the Saracens were an Arab tribe living in the Sinai (Sarakenoi).  The First Doctor encountered Saracens during the Third Crusade (P).


SARCOPHAGUS  The Meddling Monk had disguised his TARDIS as a Saxon Sarcophagus (S).  The point of arrival of Sutekh's time-space corridor was an Egyptian sarcophagus (4G).
SARDON  One of the Tesh (4Q).

SARN  Volcanic planet.  At one time, it was a Trion colony, but proved to be too inhospitable because of its volcanic activity.  While the Trion used it for its regenerating Numismaton Flame, the planet's inhabitants slowly reverted to tribalism and superstition.  After the revolution, the Trions used Sarn as a dumping ground for their political prisoners.  The Sarns worshipped Logar, god of the Fire Mountain, and sacrificed any Unbelievers.  The Fifth Doctor defeated the Master on Sarn.  Turlough summoned Trion's help to evacuate the Sarns, who were threatened by a volcanic eruption (6Q).

SARN  Young Lakertyan female who assisted Beyus inside the Rani's ship.  She was Beyus' and Faroon's daughter.  She escaped and was killed by one of the Rani's protective bubbles (7D).

SASH OF RASSILON  One of the three symbols of power worn by the President of the High Council of the Time Lords of Gallifrey.  (The other two were the Coronet and the Rod of Rassilon.)  Its secret function was to protect its wearer from great sources of energy, such as the Eye of Harmony, and also to enable the wearer to convert that energy for his own use.  It was probably used by Rassilon himself when he entered a black hole to capture the Eye of Harmony.  The Master wore the Sash when he released the Eye of Harmony, and was able to absorb enough energy to prolong his life, almost dooming Gallifrey (4P).  The Fourth Doctor wore it when he was proclaimed President (4Z).

SATAN  The Fourth Doctor claimed it was another of Sutekh's names (4G).  The Daemons resembled the Christian Devil (JJJ).  Also see RELIGION.

SAUVIX  Leader of the Sea Devil commando which was reanimated by the Silurian Icthar.  The commando attacked Sea Base Four in 2084 AD.  Icthar's plan was to launch nuclear missiles to provoke a war between the two blocs, and thus eradicate mankind.  Their efforts were defeated by the Fifth Doctor, who used deadly hexachromite gas to wipe out the Silurians and the Sea Devils (6L).

SAVA  Planet visted by the First Doctor (X).

SAVAGES  Name the Elders gave to the allegedly primitive people with whom they shared their planet.  The "Savages" were artistically advanced, and lived a primitive lifestyle only because the Elders repeatedly drained their life essence.  They were freed from their servitude by the First Doctor's intervention, and Steven Taylor became the leader of the reunited species (AA).

SAVANT  The Tigellans' scientific caste (5Q).

SAVAR  Aged Time Lord who attended the induction of the Fourth Doctor as President of the High Council (4Z).

SAVE PLANET EARTH SOCIETY  Pollution-fighting organization founded by Sir Charles Grover (WWW).


SAXONS  The First Doctor helped a Saxon village thwart Viking invaders (S).

SAYO  Plateau where the Crater of Needles was located on Vortis (N).
SCALPOR  When the TARDIS ran out of Zyton-7, it was stalled between Cetes and Scalpor (6V).
SCARLATTI  Count Federico's torturer (4M).

SCARLIONI, CARLOS (COUNT)  Scaroth's alias in Paris in 1980.  He hired Prof. Kerensky to build a time machine.  To finance Kerensky's research, another of Scaroth's aliases, Captain Tancredi, had forced Leonardo Da Vinci to paint several Mona Lisas, which Scarlioni could sell on the black market.  The sight of Scaroth's real shape so frightened his henchman, Hermann, that he caused an explosion which killed them both (5H).  Also see SCAROTH.

SCARLIONI (COUNTESS)  Count Scarlioni's wife.  She was apparently unaware that her husband was in reality Scaroth, last of the Jagaroth, a green-skinned, one-eyed alien.  She was killed by Scaroth after she forced him to reveal his true identity (5H).

SCARMAN, LAURENCE  Prof. Scarman's brother.  He helped the Fourth Doctor fight Sutekh, but was killed by his own brother, who had become the evil Osirian's puppet (4G).

SCARMAN, MARCUS (PROF.)  Egyptologist who opened Sutekh's tomb.  The Fourth Doctor claimed that Prof. Scarman ceased to exist as a human being when he entered the evil Osirian's tomb.  He returned to the Priory under Sutekh's control, and even killed his broher, Laurence.  He travelled to Mars in the TARDIS with the Fourth Doctor, and died the final death when Sutekh released him after destroying the Eye of Horus (4G).

SCAROTH  Green skinned, one-eyed alien of the war-like Jagaroth race.  Circa 3.5 million BC on Earth, Scaroth's crippled spaceship, which contained all the survivors of the Jagaroth race, exploded while taking off.  The radiation caused by the explosion triggered a mutation in Earth's primordial "soup", creating life on the planet.  Scaroth was split into twelve fragments, scattered across different time periods, including: Ancient Egypt (where he posed as a god), Germany in 1455 AD (when the Gutenberg Bible was first printed), Renaissance Italy in 1505 AD (where he used the alias of Captain Tancredi), England in 1600 AD (when Shakespeare wrote Hamlet), and Paris in 1980.  There, as Count Scarlioni, Scaroth hired Prof. Kerensky to build a time machine.  To finance Kerensky's research, as Tancredi, he forced Leonardo Da Vinci to paint several Mona Lisas, which he sold as Scarlioni.  Eventually, in spite of the Fourth Doctor, Romana and Duggan's intervention, Scaroth was able to return to 3.5 million BC.  However, Duggan stopped him from preventing the destruction of his ship, therefore ensuring the creation of life on Earth.  Scaroth was then automatically returned to the 20th Century, where the sight of his real shape so frightened his henchman, Hermann, that he caused an explosion which killed them both (5H).

SCHLANGI  A race of space mercenaries (5A).



SCHULTZ, DAN  Astronaut aboard the Zeus IV space capsule.  He was killed when the ship disintegrated under Mondas' gravitational pressure (DD).

SCIBUS  Member of a Silurian Triad also comprised of Icthar (who had met the Third Doctor in the 20th Century) and Tarpok.  In 2084 AD, they reanimated a Sea Devil commando led by Sauvix and attacked Sea Base Four.  Their plan was to launch nuclear missiles to provoke a war between the two blocs, and thus eradicate mankind.  Scibus died when the Fifth Doctor used deadly hexachromite gas (6L).

SCIENTIFIC REFORM SOCIETY (SRS)  Secret organisation of elitist scientists who believed they should rule the world.  Their leader, Miss Winters, used another member, Prof. Kettlewell, and his Giant Robot, to obtain the means of threatening to start World War Three to blackmail the world in surrendering.  She was thwarted by the Fourth Doctor. (4A).

SCOBIE  British army general.  The Nestene replaced him with a replica to stop UNIT, and put him in a wax museum.  He was eventually freed when the Third Doctor short-circuited his replica (AAA).

SCOBIE, ROGER  Flight Engineer of the Concorde flight the Fifth Doctor used to rescue Flight 192.  He helped the Time Lord defeat the Master and the Xeraphin in the Jurassic (6C).

SCOPE (a.k.a. MINISCOPE)  A combination time scoop and peep show.  The Scope plucked living beings from their own time and space and kept them prisoner in a miniaturized state.  The Third Doctor claimed he had been instrumental in getting the time Lords to call for an Intergalactic Convention to ban the Scopes as being against the dignity of sentient life forms.  At least one Scope survived in the hands of Galactic showman Vorg.  It contained Ogrons, the S.S. Bernice and its crew, a plesiosaurus, and the savage Drashigs.  The Third Doctor rematerialized in Vorg's Scope on the planet Inter Minor.  There, a xenophobic official, Kalik, tried to use the Scope to discredit the President's liberal policies, but failed.  The Scope was eventually put out of commission by the Third Doctor, and its prisoners restored to their proper places in space and time (PPP).

SCORBY  Harrison Chase's murderous henchman.  He stole a Krynoid pod from the World Ecology Bureau's Antarctic base and took it back to England.  When he realized the full extent of the Krynoid's threat, Scorby fought it alongside the Fourth Doctor, but was eventually drowned by weeds which were under the Krynoid's control (4L).

SCOTLAND  The Second Doctor landed near Culloden in 1746 AD (FF).    The Borad, a Karfelon tyrant who had been defeated by the Sixth Doctor, was transported by his Timelash to 12th Century Scotland, near Inverness, and took up residence in Loch Ness.  Presumably he was killed by the Zygons and their Skarasen when they took over the Loch in 1676 AD (6Y).  The Fourth Doctor fought the Zygons in Tulloch in 1976.  By then, the Zygons' Skarasen had become the Loch Ness Monster (4F).

SCOTT  Commentator at an Oval test match between England and Australia, which was briefly interrupted by the TARDIS's materialization (V).

SCOTT  26th Century lieutenant in charge of the squadron protecting Prof. Kyle's underground explorations.  He helped the Fifth Doctor disarm a hidden Cyber-bomb, then traveled aboard the TARDIS to Captain Briggs' space freighter.  There, he helped the Doctor and Adric prevent the Cybermen from crashing the ship on Earth to destroy an Alliance conference.  Scott escaped to safety in the TARDIS (6B).

SCRAMPUS  Planetary system where Manussa was located (6D).

SCREAMERS  Vampire bats found on Desperus (V).

SCREENS  Five panels designed by Meglos to focus the power of the Dodecahedron into a single, powerful blast which could destroy any planet in the galaxy.  They were blown up, along with Zolfa-Thura, in the Dodecahedron explosion set up by the Fourth Doctor (5Q).

SCRINGE STONE  Name Unstoffe made up for his lump of jethrik (5A).

SCROLLS OF RASSILON  Borusa placed a chest containing the forbidden Black Scrolls of Rassilon in the Castellan's living quarters to frame him.  They were destroyed when the chest was opened without proper safety precautions (6K).  These are not to be confused with the RECORDS OF RASSILON.


SEA BASE FOUR  Underwater base attacked by the Silurians and the Sea Devils in 2084 AD.  Its commander was Vorshak.  After taking it over, the Silurians plotted to use its nuclear missiles to provoke a war between the two blocs, and thus eradicate mankind.  Their efforts were defeated by the Fifth Doctor, who used deadly hexachromite gas to wipe out the Silurians and the Sea Devils (6L).

SEA DEVILS  Intelligent reptilian lifeform which ruled the Earth during the Cretaceous (136 to 65 million years BC), and not the Silurian (430 to 395 million years BC).  They, and their "cousins" the Silurians, were eventually driven to hibernate in underground shelters by some undetermined cosmic event.  A commando of Sea Devils awoke from suspended animation in 1973 and began sinking ships in the British Channel.  They were contacted by the Master who offered to ally himself with them.  The Third Doctor and the Chief Sea Devil talked peace, but they were thwarted by the interference of the Master and Walker, a civil servant who ordered a depth charge attack.  In the end, the Doctor was forced to engineer an explosion which destroyed the Sea Devils' undersea base before any more Sea Devils could be awakened (LLL).
 The Silurian Icthar reanimated a Sea Devil commando led by Sauvix in 2084 AD, and used them to attack Sea Base Four.  His plan was to launch nuclear missiles to provoke a war between the two blocs, and thus eradicate mankind.  His efforts were defeated by the Fifth Doctor, who used deadly hexachromite gas to wipe out the Silurians and the Sea Devils (6L).  Also see SILURIANS.

SEA EAGLE  Inverness Inn where Gray and Trask conducted their slave trading business (FF).


SEAGRAVE, DONALD  Police constable killed by the Master (5V).

SEALS  The Seal of the High Council was given to the Master by Thalia to help him convince the Doctor he had been sent by the Time Lords (6K).  The Fourth Doctor (4P) and the Seventh Doctor (7H) used the Prydonian Seal to sign their correspondance.  The Great Seal of Diplos was, in reality, the third segment of the Key to Time.  It had been stolen by Cessair, and gave her the power to alter her shape and travel to hyperspace and back.  The Fourth Doctor used it to banish the Megara back to Diplos (5C).

SEAN  Shipwreck survivor who labored in Atlantis' mines.  He helped the Second Doctor defeat Prof. Zaroff's insane scheme (GG).

SEARCH-CONV CORPORATION  Interplanetary salvage company whose request for credit was approved by Sil on the Sixth Doctor's advice (7B).

SEASPITE (H.M.S.)  Name of Captain Hart's research establishment and naval base (LLL).

SECKER  Navigator of the Empress.  He was a vraxoin addict, in league with Tryst and Dymond.  His negligence caused the ship to crash into the Hecate when emerging from hyperspace above planet Azure.  Secker was killed by a Mandrel (5K).

SECURITY CHIEF  One of the War Lords.  He suspected the renegade Time Lord known as the War Chief to be in league with the Second Doctor to overthrow the War Lords.  The Security Chief eventually succeeded in exposing the War Chief's unreliability, but was later killed by the renegade Time Lord (ZZ).

SEEDS  The Martian "Seeds of Death" consumed oxygen, but were vulnerable to heat and water (XX).  The Krynoids traveled through space in seed-form (4L).  Prof. Lansky had designed Demeter Seeds which could grow food in the desert (7C).

SEEKER  Riban seeress who used primitive witchcraft.  The Captain of the Shrievalty asked her to find Unstoffe, who had stolen the jethrik and the Graff's money.  She was killed in the Catacombs by the Graff Vynda-K, after she had predicted that all but one would die.  That one turned out to be the Fourth Doctor (5A).

SEELEY, MEG  Sam's wife.  She found the Nestene swarm leader meteorite, which had been hidden by her husband, and was later attacked by an Auton (AAA).

SEELEY, SAM  Poacher who found the Nestene swarm leader meteorite in Oxley Woods.  He kept it hidden, thinking he could profit from it (AAA).

SEERS  Two Minyans whose heads had been replaced with a machine.  They ruled the Underworld, second in power only to the Oracle.  Their names were Ankh and Lakh.  They perished in an explosion caused by two fission grenades disguised as the Race Banks, which the Oracle had intended to use to destroy Jackson's ship (4Y).

SEGONAX  Planet where the Psychic Circus was located.  The Seventh Doctor defeated the Gods of Ragnarok there (7J).


SELECTION (TIME OF)  Time during which young victims were chosen to feed the Great Vampire (5P).

SELRIS  Leader of the Gonds Council, and Thara's Father.  He was deposed by Eelek.  Later, he sacrificed his life to help the Second Doctor destroy the Krotons (WW).

SELYNX  Rearbus and Selynx were the name of Karfel's twin suns (6Y).

SENEX  Director of Dulkis and Cully's father.  He eventually took the Second Doctor's side when the Time Lord urged for action against the Dominators (TT).

SENSE-SPHERE  The Sensorites' home planet.  It was rich in Molybdenum (G).

SENSORITES  Inhabitants of the Sense-Sphere.  They had bulbous heads and mind powers which included telepathy and the ability to control other minds at a distance.  The Sensorites used their powers to hold Captain Maitland's ship captive, because they were afraid of Earthmen.  When the First Doctor revealed that the survivors of a previous Earth expedition, led by an unnamed Commander, had secretly been poisoning the Sensorites, they agreed to let Maitland and his crew return to Earth.  However, the humans first had to swear to protect the secret of the Sensorites' existence (G).

SENTA  Chief Medic of the Elders' City.  She operated the life essence transferrence machines (AA).
SENTINEL-6  Earth orbital security device (6L).
SENTREAL  Member of the Dalek Alliance (V).

SERON  One of the five Consuls of Traken.  He was killed by Kassia under the Melkur's influence (5T).

SERVICE ROBOT  Robot which guarded Drathro's Castle in the UK Habitat.  It was shot by Katryca (7A).

SERVICERS  Another name for the Osirian Mummies (4G).

SERVO-ROBOT  Robot encountered by the Second Doctor and Jamie on the supply ship Phoenix IV (SS).

SET  Another name for Sutekh (4G).

SETH  Young Anethian prince who was part of the tribute requested by the Nimon, and which was exacted by the Skonnans from Aneth.  He helped the Fourth Doctor expose and defeat the Nimon.  He eventually married Teka (5L).

SEVATEEM  Name of Leela's tribe.  They were the descendents of a crashed Earth Ship, the Mordee.  Their name was a corruption of the words "Survey Team".  The mad computer Xoanon had manipulated the Sevateem into an endless war with the Tesh.  When the Fourth Doctor cured Xoanon, the Sevateem, led by Calib, were reunited with the Tesh (4Q).

SEVCHERIA  Cruel Roman slave-trader who, with his partner Didius, captured Ian and Barbara.  He was later killed by Delos (M).

SEVILLE  City in Spain where the Sixth Doctor rescued the Second Doctor from Chessene and the Sontarans (6W).

SEVRIN  One of Skaro's Mutos.  He befriended Sarah Jane Smith (4E).

SEVRIN  Trusted servant of Varos' Governor (6V).

SEZOM  Last survivor of Crinoth who revealed the workings of the Nimon to Romana.  He had unwittingly helped the Nimon destroy his world.  He sacrified himself to enable Romana to return to Skonnos (5L).

SEZON  Leader of the rebellion against the Borad on Karfel.  He and Katz helped the Sixth Doctor defeat the Borad (6Y).

SHADA  Prison planet of the Time Lords.  Salyavin was imprisoned there.  After he escaped, he caused the Time Lords to forget about Shada, and stole ®MDUL¯The Ancient Law of Gallifrey®MDNM¯, which contained the secret of its location.  Skagra found Shada, but was ultimately defeated by the Fourth Doctor (5M).

SHADOW  Mysterious servant of the Black Guardian who manipulated Atrios and Zeos into an unending space war against each other.  The Shadow hoped to capture Princess Astra, in reality the sixth segment of the Key to Time.  The Fourth Doctor exposed him and discovered his refuge, a small planetoid located between Atrios and Zeos.  The Doctor recovered the Key to Time, then redirected the Atrian Marshal's impending nuclear attack on Zeos against the Shadow's planetoid, which was destroyed (5F).

SHAKESPEARE, WILLIAM (1564-1616)  16th Century English playwright.  His image was projected on the First Doctor Space-Time Visualiser (R).  One of Scaroth's twelve fragments obtained the original draft of ®MDUL¯Hamlet®MDNM¯ from Shakespeare.  The Fourth Doctor claimed to have helped Shakespeare write it, and recognized bits of his own handwriting on it (5H).

SHANG-TU  Location of Kublai Khan's summer palace (D).

SHANGRI-LA  1959 Welsh holiday camp managed by Mr. Burton.  A galactic tour bus from the future was forced to land there after hitting a U.S. satellite.  It carried Chimeron Queen Delta, who was fleeing from Gavrok's Bannermen.  The Bannermen were thwarted by the Seventh Doctor, Billy and Ray, Goronwy, and two U.S. secret agents, Hawk and Weismuller.  They were finally defeated by the young Chimeron Princess' ultrasonic powers, broadcast over Shangri-La's public address system (7F).

SHAPE-CHANGING  Aliens capable of shape-changing included: the Chameleons (KK), the Zygons (4F), the Rutans (4V), the Usurians (4W), Cessair of Diplos (5C), Meglos (5Q), and the android Kamelion (q.v.).  Also see EVOLUTION, MUTATIONS.

SHAPP (MAJOR)  The Marshal of Atrios's aide.  He eventually joined forces with the Fourth Doctor to defeat the Shadow (5F).

SHARDOVAN  Castrovalva's librarian.  He helped the Fifth Doctor discover the true nature of his city.  After finding out the truth, he sacrificed himself to help free Adric (5Z).


SHARREL (COMMANDER)  Movellan commander in charge of the unit sent to Skaro to stop the Daleks from finding Davros.  Romana prevented him from destroying Skaro with a nova bomb (5J).

SHAV  One of the Mondasian Cybermen who invaded the Snowcap Space Tracking Station and fought the First Doctor (DD).

SHAW, LIZ  One of the Third Doctor's Companions.  She was a Cambridge scientist recruited by UNIT's Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart to investigate the first Nestene invasion.  She became the first assistant of the Third Doctor, whom she helped against the Silurians, the so-called Ambassadors of Death, and the forces unleashed by Prof. Stahlman's Inferno.  During that adventure, the Doctor met her alternate Earth counterpart, Section-Leader Shaw.  She left soon afterwards to continue her scientific career (AAA-DDD).  Her image was used by Rassilon to ward off the Third Doctor (6K).  The Seventh Doctor gave Liz's UNIT pass to Ace (7N).

SHEARD, DOUGLAS  Heathrow airport controller.  After Sir John Sudbury vouched for the Fifth Doctor, he gave him access to a Concorde to track down another, which had disappeared (6C).

SHEARS  Lieutenant who fought the Dinosaur Invasion (WWW).

SHEILA  One of the Earth President's secretaries (QQQ).

SHEPRAH  Captain of the Vogan City militia.  He rescued Sarah and Harry from Vorus' Guardians, and fought the Cybermen to save Voga (4D).

SHEYRAH  A serving woman in Saladin's camp (P).

SHIELDS, STANLEY  Moreton Harwood publican and member of the cult of Hecate (K9).

SHIP  Skagra's ship was controlled by an artificial intelligence.  The Fourth Doctor eventually gained control of it, and imprisoned Skagra inside the Ship (5M).

SHIRNA  Vorg's female assistant and companion (PPP).

SHOBOGANS  Name the Time Lords gave to those who refused the benefits of Gallifreyan civilization.  Castellan Spandrell thought of them as vandals (4P).  Some Shobogans preferred to live in the wilderness outside the Capitol; they were known as Outsiders, or Outcasts.  A group of them, led by Nesbin, helped the Fourth Doctor and Leela repel the Sontarans' invasion (4Z).

SHOCKEYE O' THE QUAWNCING GRIG  Savage androgum who worked as cook on Space Station J7.  He accompanied Chessene and Dastari to Earth.  His genes were temporarily transferred to the Second Doctor.  He wanted to sample the pleasure of eating a human, particularly Jamie or Peri.  He was killed by the Sixth Doctor (6W).

SHOLAKH  Graff Vynda-K's old battle companion.  He died in the Riban Catacombs in a rockfall which was when the Captain of the Shrievalty fired a cannon (5A).
SHONAR  According to Gharman, he was one of the Kaleds opposed to Davros (4E).
SHORT  Member of the Scientific Reform Society (4A).

SHOU YUING  Her full name was Li Shou Yuing (Shou Yuing meant Little Cloud.)  She was a young archeologist of Chinese descent who worked under Peter Warmsly on the Carbury excavation.  She became friend with Ace, and fought alongside her and the Seventh Doctor against Morgaine (7N).

SHREELA  One of Ace's friends from Perivale.  She was kidnapped by the Cheetah People, and eventually returned to Earth by Ace and the Seventh Doctor (7P).

SHRIEVALTY  Order of Riban guards.  They derived their name from the fierce Shrievenzales (5A).

SHRIEVENZALES  Fierce lizard beasts on Ribos.  They were used by the Riban Shrievalty as guard animals.  They hunted small animals and lived in the Catacombs (5A).


SHURA  Guerilla from an alternate 22nd Century where the Daleks had successfully invaded Earth after World War Three.  He, Anat, and Boaz travelled back in time to kill diplomat Sir Reginald Styles, not realizing that it was this very action which had caused the war.  Shura fought the Daleks alongside the Third Doctor.  He eventually blew himself up with the Daleks in Styles' empty house, thereby erasing the future that he had inadvertently helped to create (KKK).

SHURR  Principal city of Ribos.  It was there that the Fourth Doctor and Romana found the first segment of the Key to Time, and fought the Graff Vynda-K (5A).

SIDELIAN MEMORY TRANSFER  Technique which the Fourth Doctor used to transfer some of his knowledge into Xoanon in an attempt to repair it.  Instead, it turned the sentient computer schizophrenic (4Q).

SIDRATS  Inferior type of TARDISes used by the War Lords.  They were based on technology stolen from the Time Lords by the renegade known as the War Chief.  Their range and power supply were limited (ZZ).

SIGMA  All alien visitors to Terra Alpha were called Sigma (7L).

SIGMA, EARL  Medical student and blues music lover who was stuck on Terra Alpha.  He helped the Seventh Doctor escape from the Happiness Patrol, and supported the revolution which finally overthrew Helen A's regime.  He stayed on Terra Alpha, teaming up with Susan Q to teach the blues to the newly-liberated colony (7L).


SIGMA, TREVOR  Galactic census bureaucrat sent to Terra Alpha to investigate complaints about the colony (7L).

SIGMUS GAP  Sector of space explored by Tryst (5K).

SIGURD  One of the Vanir.  He and the other Vanir eventually stayed on Terminus to help Nyssa run it as a regular hospital (6G).

SIL  One of the Mentors from Thoros-Beta.  He was the Galatron Mining Corporation's agent on Varos.  He bribed the Chief Officer of Varos to keep the prices low, but he was thwarted by the Sixth Doctor.  He then attempted to take over the planet, but failed.  Sil's superior, Kiv, replaced him and negotiated fairer prices for Zyton-7 (6V).
 Sil again met the Sixth Doctor on Thoros-Beta, where Crozier was working on a process to transfer the mind of the dying Kiv into Peri's body.  At Sil's request, Crozier used his Cell Discriminator on the Sixth Doctor, causing him to act hostile and more erratically than usual.  Crozier's process was deemed too dangerous for the course of natural evolution by the Time Lords, so they manipulated events to arrange for King Yrcanos of Krontep to kill Crozier, Kiv and Sil and rescue Peri.  The Valeyard used a heavily doctored doctored version of this event, making it appear as if Peri had been killed (7B).

SILIGTONE  One of the hardest metals in the universe.  Drathro's Maglem converter was made of it.  Because siligtone was quite valuable, Dibber suggested that he and Glitz could make money by salvaging it (7A).



SILURIAN TRIAD  Silurian governing body.  The Wenley Moor triad comprised the Old Silurian, the Young Silurian and Icthar (BBB, 6L).


SILURIANS  Intelligent reptilian lifeform which ruled the Earth during the Cretaceous (136 to 65 million years BC), and not the Silurian (430 to 395 million years BC).  They, and their underwater "cousins", the so-called "Sea Devils", were eventually driven to hibernate in underground shelters by some undetermined cosmic event.  Theories about the nature of this event included: a wandering planetoid causing a change in the Van Allen belt; movements of the Moon; departure of Earth's twin planet, Mondas; or possibly the quasi-psychic awareness of the forthcoming crash of a space liner from the future (6B).
 The Silurians of Wenley Moor were reawakened from suspended animation in 1971 because of power leaks from the neighboring British atomic research center.  The Old Silurian met Dr. Quinn, then the Third Doctor, and became convinced that his people could share Earth peacefully with Mankind.  However, the Young Silurian tried to wipe out Mankind with a deadly virus.  After that had failed, he and the Silurian scientist, Icthar, attempted to use a molecular disperser to destroy the Van Allen Belt, and thus render Earth inhabitable for humans.  Thwarted by the Third Doctor, they returned to suspended animation.  Their shelter was then blown up by UNIT (BBB).
 Icthar survived, and reawakened in 2084 AD.  He reanimated a Sea Devil commando, led by Sauvix, and attacked Sea Base Four.  His plan was to launch nuclear missiles to provoke a war between the two blocs, and thus eradicate mankind (which had been the Young Silurian's last wish).  His efforts were defeated by the Fifth Doctor, who used deadly hexachromite gas to wipe out the Silurians (6L).  Also see SEA DEVILS.

SILVER CARRIER  Codename of the Phoenix IV supply ship on which the Second Doctor and Jamie rematerialized before travelling to the Wheel in Space.  Its only inhabitant was a Servo-Robot (SS).


SILVERSTEIN, EMIL JULIUS  Eccentric owner of a private museum.  He refused to heed Prof. Travers' warnings and return his Yeti to the Professor's custody.  Soon afterwards, he was killed by the reactivated Yeti (QQ).

SILVEY  Officer of the Titan shuttle who was taken over by the Virus.  He was shot by Lowe, before the latter was taken over by the Virus (4T).

SIN (MR.)  Name used by the Peking Homunculus when it posed as a ventriloquist's dummy, as part of Li H'Sen Chang's magic act (4S).  Also see PEKING HOMUNCULUS.

SINGING TREES  One of the landmarks of Iceworld's underworld (7G).

SINJU  Way station on the road to Peking (D).

SINKING SHIP ("VAISSEAU QUI COULE")  French tavern where Barras met with Napoleon to plot Robespierre's downfall (H).

SIRIUS  Planetary system with five planets.  The Master impersonated a Commissioner from Sirius Four (QQQ).  Veldan was a member of a Sirian colony (5J).  Androzani Major and Minor were located in the Sirian system (6R). The Academius Stolaris was a famous art gallery located on Sirius Five (5H).

SIRIUS CONGLOMERATE  Powerful corporation located on Androzani Major which controlled the supply of spectrox.  It had been established by Morgus and Sharaz Jek, and was later completely taken over by Morgus.  After Morgus was exposed as a traitor and had fled Androzani Major, the Sirius Conglomerate passed into the hands of Timmin, Morgus's personal assistant (6R).

SISTERHOOD  Select society of women on Karn dedicated the protection of the Sacred Flame, which produced the Elixir of Life.  They were gifted with vast psionic powers and virtual immortality.  After the Time Lords helped defeat Morbius, who had brought great ruin to Karn, the Sisterhood agreed to share the Elixir with them.  When the Sacred Flame appeared to be dying, the Sisterhood's High Priestess, Maren, suspected the Fourth Doctor of being a spy sent by the Time Lords to steal the remaining Elixir.  She felt too old to fight Morbius, and let a younger priestess, Ohica, destroy the Monster.  Maren later gave up her last ration of Elixir to save the Fourth Doctor's life.  Ohica then assumed the leadership of the Sisterhood (4K).

SITA  One of the Xeron rebels who fought with the First Doctor against the Moroks in the Space Museum.  She was killed by the Moroks (Q).

SKAAR  Planet where the Graff Vynda-K's men fought in the Alliance Wars (5A).

SKAGRA  Geneticist, astro-engineer, and multi-talented scientist from Dronid who stumbled upon the secret of Salyavin's existence.  Skagra plotted to use an electronic mind-transference device, known as the Sphere, which had been developed on the Think Tank space station, together with Salyavin's mind-control abilities, to imprint his mind on every living creature in the universe.  He stole ®MDUL¯The Ancient Law of Gallifrey®MDNM¯ from Prof. Chronotis to discover the secret of Shada's location.  On Shada, he found that Salyavin was pretending to be Prof. Chronotis.  Skagra was eventually defeated by the Fourth Doctor and Romana, then imprisoned on his own Ship (5M).

SKARASEN  Giant, reptilian monster which the Zygons claimed they brought to Earth in embryo form.  They depended on its lactic fluid to stay alive.  Grown to giant size, the Skarasen became known as the Loch Ness Monster.  The Zygons used it to destroy three oil rigs and threaten a World Energy Conference in their bid to take over Earth.  Freed by the Fourth Doctor, the Skarasen returned to Loch Ness, where it presumably lived a peaceful life afterwards (4F).

SKARO  The twelfth planet in a solar system not too far from Earth.  Skaro was the home world of both the Kaleds and the Thals.  It was ravaged by the neutronic wars between the two races, which made it largely radioactive.  The Kaled scientist Davros further developed some of the mutations, created a mobile casing for them and christened them Daleks.  The Time Lords sent the Fourth Doctor to Skaro to stop the development of the Daleks, but he failed, succeeding only in entombing them in the Kaled bunker, after they had turned against their creator (4E).
 Later, some crippled Kaled survivors discovered the remnants of Davros' early experiments and mutated themselves into new Daleks.  The First Doctor met the new Daleks in the Dalek City and foiled their attempt to destroy the surviving Thals by increasing Skaro's radiation levels.  Those new Daleks presumably perished when the Thals destroyed their power controls (B).
 The original Daleks ultimately resurfaced and took over Skaro, driving the Thals away.  They then ruled over Skaro (K, EE, KKK, XXX) until the planet was again reconquered and occupied by the Thals (QQQ, SSS).  Skaro was eventually ravaged by further warfare between the Thals and the Daleks, and became a dead planet.  By then, the Daleks had emigrated to another world (herein dubbed "Skaro II").  The ultimate fate of the Thals remains unknown.
 The Daleks returned to the original, ravaged Skaro to find their creator, Davros, so that he could help them in their fight against the Movellans (5J).  The Daleks and Davros then fought for control over the Dalek species (6P, 6Z).  Eventually, either the original Skaro's, or Skaro II's, sun was turned into a supernova when Davros, against the Seventh Doctor's advice, used the Hand of Omega (7H).
 However, the Daleks continued to plague Mankind from Skaro (or Skaro II?) (R, T/A, V).  It was there that the battle between the Daleks and the humanized Daleks engineered by the Second Doctor took place, putting a final end to the Daleks' history (LL).  The Varga plants (T/A) and the Slyther (K) were lifeforms indigenous to Skaro.

SKART  High Priest of the Swampies on Delta Magna's third moon.  He was killed by Kroll (5E).

SKINSALE, JAMES (COLONEL)  British M.P. (Thurley) and retired Indian Army Colonel, whose gambling debts had been cancelled by Lord Palmerdale in exchange for insider information.  He was shipwrecked on Fang Rock and helped the Fourth Doctor and Leela fight the Rutan.  He could not resist picking up Lord Palmerdale's diamonds, and was killed by the Rutan (4V).

SKONNANS (or SKONNONS)  Inhabitants of Skonnos.  They were once the leaders of a space empire which the Nimon had promised to restore to its former glory.  Their leader was Soldeed (5L).

SKONNOS  Planet that was once the seat of a mighty empire.  The Nimon promised to return it to its former glory if the Skonnans paid him a tribute of young men and women, and hymetusite crystals.  The Skonnans extracted the tribute from the peaceful Anethians.  They later discovered that they had been tricked by the Nimon, who were plotting to take over and destroy their world.  They were saved by the Fourth Doctor (5L).

SKORDA  Human settlement on Metebelis Three.  Its 269 inhabitants were killed by the Spiders (ZZZ).

SKYBASE ONE  Earth Imperial space station in orbit around Solos (NNN).

SKYSTRIKER  Name of Vorus's missile.  It destroyed the Cybermen (4D).

SKYTHRA  Planetary sector of the Cyrennic Empire to which Ribos belonged (5A).

SKYTHROS  Major planet in the Skythra star sector (5A).