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SLAAR  Leader of the Martian commando which took over the Moonbase.  He tried to destroy human life on Earth by using the T-Mat system to spread the deadly, oxygen-absorbing "Seeds of Death".  After he was outsmarted by the Second Doctor, who caused the Martian fleet to plunge into the Sun, he died when he was accidentally hit by one of his own Warriors' sonic blast (XX).

SLAVERY  The First Doctor met Roman slave traders Didius and Sevcheria (M), and Saracen slaver El Akir (P).  The Second Doctor defeated slave trader Gray in Scotland (FF).  The Fourth Doctor helped the Tharils escape from slaver Rorvik (5T).  Also see  REVOLUTIONS.

SLEEPERS  In order to obtain the Time Lords' time travel secrets, spies from Andromeda (the "Sleepers") successfully infiltrated the Gallifreyan Matrix, choosing Earth as their base of operations.  When they discovered the Andromedans' plan, the Time Lords struck back.  The actions they took against Andromeda itself are unknown, but they moved Earth out of the Solar System and rechristened it Ravolox.  The Sleepers went underground, protected by their robotic guardian, Drathro.  In all likelihood, they died.  Drathro took control of UK Habitat to protect their secrets.  Five hundred years later, Glitz conned Drathro into giving him the tape containing the Sleepers' secrets, but it was destroyed, along with Drathro, when the Sixth Doctor shut down the energy systems to prevent a black light explosion (7A).  Later, acting on the Master's behest, Glitz followed the Doctor into the Matrix and recovered the Sleepers' secrets from the Valeyard.  However, the Valeyard had tricked him and used a Limbo Atrophier to trap the Master and Glitz inside the Matrix (7C).

SLOCUM, HARRY  One of the Inferno complex's drill head riggers.  He was the first man to be turned into a Primord (DDD).

SLYTHER  Huge mutated creature from Skaro which was used by the Daleks to guard their Bedfordshire site during their 2164 AD Invasion of Earth.  It was tricked by Ian, and fell to its death in a mine shaft (K).

SMALLWOOD (CANON)  Vicar of Devil's End.  He was replaced by the Master in unknown, but probably nefarious, circumstances (JJJ).

SMEDLEY  Royal navy chief petty officer under Captain Hart's command.  He was struck by the Master when he caught him stealing electronic components (LLL).


SMITH, JOHN (DR.)  Alias given by the Third Doctor to the Brigadier after the first Nestene invasion (AAA).

SMITH, JOSIAH SAMUEL  Reptilian alien from Light's ship who had been his Survey Agent.  While Light slept, Smith evolved into a human.  He controlled Gabriel Chase and plotted to use explorer Fenn-Cooper to kill Queen Victoria to restore the British Empire to its former glory.  The Seventh Doctor thwarted his plans.  After Light's defeat, Smith was devolved by Control (7Q).

SMITH, LAVINIA  Sarah Jane's aunt and a renowned virologist and anthropologist.  She lived in the village of Moreton Harwood (UUU, K9).

SMITH, MARY  One of the inhabitants of Salamander's Sanctum (PP).

SMITH, MIKE  Sergeant in the British army squadron sent to fight the Daleks which invaded the Coal Hill area in 1963.  He befriended Ace, but turned out to be secretly passing information to Ratcliffe.  After being exposed, he realized the nature of his actions and confronted Ratcliffe.  He took the Daleks' Time Controller, which Radcliffe had stolen, and was later killed by the little girl who was part of the Daleks' Battle Computer (7H).

SMITH (MRS.)  Mike Smith's mother.  She ran a boarding house, which was off limits to "coloured" people.  Ace stayed there when she and the Seventh Doctor fought the Daleks (7H).

SMITH, SARAH JANE  Companion of the Third and Fourth Doctors.  She was a spunky British journalist.  Among the magazines for which she worked was the Metropolitan.  Posing as her aunt Lavinia, she infiltrated UNIT to look into the mysterious disappearances of several important scientists.  She then stowed away in the TARDIS and found herself in the 12th Century, where she helped the Third Doctor defeat the Sontaran, Linx.  Afterwards, Sarah Jane helped the Third Doctor defeat Sir Charles Grover's Operation Golden Age, the Daleks, the Ice Warriors and the Spiders of Metebelis 3.  She watched as the Doctor regenerated into his fourth incarnation (UUU-ZZZ).
 Along with UNIT medical officer Surgeon-Lieutenant Harry Sullivan, she helped the Fourth Doctor against Prof. Kettlewell's Giant Robot (who developed a fondness for her), the Wirrn, another Sontaran named Styre, the Cybermen and the Zygons.  She was there when Davros created the Daleks.  After Harry's departure, she continued her travels with the Fourth Doctor, helping him against the anti-matter monsters of Zeta Minor, Sutekh, the Kraals, Morbius, the Krynoids, the Mandragora Helix and Eldrad the Kastrian.  She announced she was fed up with travelling and wanted to leave the TARDIS, but when she heard that the Doctor had just been summoned to Gallifrey, she changed her mind and wanted to go with him.  However, the Doctor wouldn't take her and dropped her back in her own time (1977), and more or less her own space (in a place which was not South Croydon) (4A-4N).
   In 1981, Sarah Jane, and a third version of K9, sent to her by the Doctor, defeated a coven of witches who worshipped the pagan goddess Hecate in Moreton Harwood (K9).  Later that year, Sarah Jane was kidnapped by Borusa to take part in the Game of Rassilon.  She teamed up with the Third Doctor and, together with the Doctor's other incarnations and various Companions, helped thwart the megalomaniacal Time Lord's plans for immortality (6K).

SMITHERS  Idealistic scientist who, using Forester's financial backing, discovered the deadly insecticide, DN6.  He later became Forester's reluctant accomplice in Farrow's murder (J).

SMYTHE  One of the War Lords in charge of the War Games.  He posed as a British General in the World War I sector, where he was nicknamed the Butcher.  He was the first to expose the threat of the Second Doctor, and tried to have him shot.  He was eventually killed by the Resistance (ZZ).

SNAKEDANCE  Manussan ceremony used to banish the Mara.  Dojjen taught it to the Fifth Doctor (6D).


SNOWCAP SPACE TRACKING STATION  International Space Command base located in the Antarctic.  It was in charge of tracking the Zeus IV space capsule.  It was under the command of General Cutler and housed the deadly Z-Bomb.  Snowcap was invaded by Cybermen from Mondas, who tried to use the bomb to destroy the Earth, but were ultimately defeated by the First Doctor (DD).

SNYDER  One of Lt. Scott's troopers.  She was killed by the Cybermen's androids during Prof. Kyle's underground exploration (6B).

SOFTEL NEBULA  One place where Quarb Crystals were found (7F).

SOLAR FLARES  An unprecedented string of solar flares threatened Earth in the 30th Century.  Some Imperial scientists theorized that the flares, which at the time were estimated to last 10,000 years, would cause permanent damage to the human genoplasm.  In the greatest secrecy, Space Beacon Nerva was converted into a Space Ark dubbed Terra Nova, where 100,000 specimens of "pure" humanity were stored.  All records of the Nerva Ark were then carefully hidden, and its existence became almost a legend.  The Ark's passengers were supposed to remain in suspended animation for the next 10,000 years (4C).
 However, this strain on the Empire's resources proved to be the breaking point, and the Empire fell.  Surprisingly, the solar flares came and abated.  They did not damage the human genoplasm, but triggered a new Ice Age, which was which was fought off with the help of ionisers (OO).
 Circa 14,000 AD, the Time Lords moved Earth out of the Solar System because it had sheltered the Andromedan Sleepers, and rechristened it Ravolox.  This action caused considerable death and destruction, but was blamed on freak cosmic phenomenon (a fireball).
 Five hundred years later, the Sixth Doctor exposed this stratagem during his Trial.  The Time Lords were forced to move Earth back to its original location, where it was finally rediscovered, sometime between the years 15,000 and 20,000 AD.
 The passengers of the Space Ark Nerva awoke, having overslept by several thousand years.  They found that Nerva had been infiltrated by the vengeful Wirrn.  It was only the intervention of the Fourth Doctor, Sarah Jane Smith and Harry Sullivan, and the sacrifice of the Ark's leader, Noah, which enabled them to survive (4C).
 Spacemen from Earth's colonies began to return to Earth.   Like the passengers of the Ark, they assumed it to be lifeless because of the solar flares (or fireball).  Unlike Nerva's passengers, however, they believed the flares to have happened when the Time Lords had moved the planet, and not during the 30th Century.  The Fourth Doctor, Sarah and Harry helped the colonists thwart an attempt by the Sontarans to take over the space sector (4B).

SOLAR SYSTEM  The Solar System included, at one time or another, the following planets (satellites not included):
 The nine known worlds: (1): Mercury; (2): Venus (the mention of Venusian aiki-do by the Third Doctor undoubtedly refers to human colonies eventually set up on Venus); (3): Earth; (4): Mars (homeworld of the so-called Ice Warriors, later terraformed by Man); (5): Jupiter; (6): Saturn; (7): Uranus; (8): Neptune; and (9): Pluto, home of a segment of mankind during the era of the Sunmakers.
 To this list of known worlds can be added: (10): Mondas (Earth's twin planet, homeworld of the Cybermen, destroyed in 1986); (11): the so-called Fifth Planet (homeworld of the Fendahl, time looped by the Time Lords); (12): another, as yet unnamed planet, which broke up and whose remains formed the asteroid belt; (13): Cassius, a planet beyond Pluto's orbit; and finally (14): the so-called Planet 14, where the Cybermen fought the Second Doctor and Jamie.
SOLARIUM PANATICA  Art gallery located on Stricium (5H).
SOLDEED  Leader of Skonnos and high priest of the Nimon.  He was the one who thought of exacting the Nimon tribute from Aneth.  He sent the Fourth Doctor and his friends into the Nimon Complex.    When he found he had been tricked by the Nimon, he went mad and died in the explosion he had caused (5L).

SOLE  Councillor of the Sevateem and Leela's father.  He died in the test of the Horda (4Q).

SOLIS  Old Time Lord who testified against the Fourth Doctor after the President's assassination (4P).

SOLITON  Gas required by the Terileptils to breathe.  It was inflammable when mixed with oxygen.  The Fifth Doctor used it to start the fire which destroyed the Terileptils and their plague rats.  The fire grew out of control and caused the Great Fire of London (5X)

SOLON, MEHENDRI (DR.)  Disreputable galactic surgeon and author of a famous paper on micro-surgical techniques in tissue transplants.  He was a follower of Morbius, and had saved the brain of the evil Time Lord.  He made a monstrous new body to house it, but was ultimately thwarted by the Fourth Doctor and the Sisterhood (4K).

SOLONIANS  Inhabitants of Solos.  They started mutating after the Marshal began to alter their planet's atmosphere.  In reality, it was a change reflecting their world's five-hundred year-long seasons.  Due to the Time Lords' and the Third Doctor's intervention, a radioactive crystal helped one of their leaders, Ky, to complete his mutation and turn into a super-being.  The Solonians went on to shake off the yoke of the Earth Empire, and became a model for other resistance movements (NNN).

SOLOS  Planet under the Earth Empire's control.  Its atmosphere was unbreathable by humans, because nitrogen isotope in its soil combined with ultra-violet rays to generate a poisonous mist.  Solos was, however, rich in thaesium, a mineral coveted by the Empire.  With Prof. Jaeger's help, the sadistic Marshal tried to alter its atmosphere.  He also took pleasure in hunting and killing Solonian Mutants.  From the Time Lords' records, and Prof. Sondergaard's research, the Third Doctor found out that the mutations were in fact caused by Solos' five-hundred year-long seasons.  (The planet took two thousand years to orbit around its sun.) (NNN).

SOLOW (DR.)  Sea Base Four's psycho-surgeon.  She, like Nilson, was secretly in the employ of a rival Bloc.  She brainwashed Maddox, and was later killed by the Myrka (6L).

SOMNO-MOTH  Native creature of Eden which rendered its victims unconscious with a mild narcotic, before taking some of their blood.  A somno-moth from Tryst's CET escaped and attacked Romana aboard the Empress (5K).

SONDERGAARD (PROF.)  Scientist who studied the Solonians and was forced by the Marshal to flee and live in exile on Solos.  He saved the Third Doctor's life, translated the ancient Solonian records provided by the Time Lords, and helped solve the mystery of the mutations.  After the Marshal's defeat, he remained on Solos to help Ky take care of his people (NNN).

SONDLEX CORPORATION  Interplanetary corporation involved in business dealings with the Mentors (7B).

SONGSTEN  Abbot of Det-Sen Monastery.  His mind was taken over by Padmasambhava (or, more accurately, the Great Intelligence).  Under the evil entity's control, he killed Khrisong.  He was eventually freed by the Second Doctor (NN).

SONIC CONE  Device used by Gavrok to booby trap the TARDIS.  He died when he fell into its deadly beam (7F).

SONIC LANCE  Equipment offered to the trisilicate miners of Peladon by the Federation.  It was eventually stolen by Ettis, who tried to use it to destroy Queen Thalira's palace.  But a self-destruct mechanism caused it to explode when activated, killing Ettis instead (YYY).

SONIC SCREWDRIVER  Multi-purpose instrument first used by the Second Doctor to open a gas pipeline junction box on the North Sea Coast (RR).  It was later used by the other incarnations of the Doctor to open a variety of locks (YY, NNN, QQQ, TTT, 5A, 5B, etc.) and disarm a variety of enemies (ZZ, LLL, 4B) or bombs (4A, 4D), etc.  The Third Doctor even used it once to test Prof. Clegg's mind powers (ZZZ).  It was finally destroyed by the Terileptil Leader (5X).

SONS OF THE EARTH  Nonviolent political group of the future which tried to prevent mankind from polluting other worlds the way it had polluted Earth.  They were active in support of the Swampies on Delta Magna (5E).

SONTAR  Homeworld of the Sontarans.

SONTARANS  Militaristic aliens who looked like short, stubby humanoid trolls.  Their homewold, Sontar, had a gravity superior to Earth's, which gave them superhuman strength.  The Sontarans were a cloned species (although they had once had a primary and secondary reproductive system), capable of hatching millions of warriors, and therefore of sustaining huge military losses in their millenia-long war with their galactic foes, the Rutans (q.v.).  The Sontarans' weaknesses included a small aperture in the back of their neck called a Probic Vent, and the need to recharge their life-force when outside of their regular environment.  They were also vulnerable to coronic acid.
 The Third Doctor first met the Sontarans in 12th Century Wessex when the stranded Sontaran, Linx, kidnapped scientists from the 20th Century to help him repair his starship.  Linx was shot in the Probic Vent by the archer Hal, and his ship exploded (UUU).
  Then, circa 15,000 AD, the Fourth Doctor, Sarah Jane Smith and Harry Sullivan met another Sontaran, Styre, who performed cruel experiments on captured humans to discover mankind's ability to resist a planned Sontaran invasion.  They defeated Styre who, drained of energy, perished (4B).
 The Sontarans used the Vardans to deactivate Gallifrey's transduction barriers and, under Stor's leadership, a Sontaran commando invaded the Capitol of the Time Lords.  They were defeated when the Fourth Doctor used the Demat Gun (4Z).
   Finally, Sontaran Group Marshal Stike allied himself with the androgum Chessene and the scientist Dastari to obtain the secret of the Rassilon Imprimature, but was defeated by the combined efforts of the Second and Sixth Doctors, as well as Chessene's betrayal (6W).

SORAK  Captain of the Skonnos military.  He was in charge of guarding the Nimon Complex.  After it was destroyed, he became leader of Skonnos (5L).

SORASTA  Leader of the Unbelievers of Sarn.  She, Amyand and Roskal were arrested by Timanov's men, and were condemned to be sacrificed to the Fire Mountain.  She helped the Fifth Doctor defeat the Master (6Q).

SORBA, JOE  International Space Corps lieutenant in charge of Space Beacon Alpha Four.  He was captured by Caven and later killed by a space pirate (YY).

SORENSON (PROF.)  Morestran scientist who travelled to Zeta Minor to find a new source of energy to save his planet.  He discovered a gateway into a universe of anti-matter.  Disregarding the Fourth Doctor's advice, Sorenson carried some anti-matter with him on board Salamar's Morestran spaceship when he left Zeta Minor.  But his body had been infected by the anti-matter, and he turned into a neanderthal-like monster.  Sorenson was saved when the Fourth Doctor returned the anti-matter to Zeta Minor (4H).

SORIN  Captain of the Soviet Army.  He led a secret commando on a mission to steal the core of the British Ultima Machine.  One of the "Wolves" of Fenric, Sorin was the descendent of one of the ancient vikings who had brought the evil entity's flask back to England.  He became attracted to Ace, but died at the hands of the Ancient Haemovore after Fenric had taken control of his body (7M).  According to some accounts, Ace eventually married one of his ancestors in 1880 AD France.

SORN  One of the Thoros-Alphan rebels who followed Tusa and Yrcanos (7B).

SOURCE, THE  Powerful bioelectronic device which brought together the energy of the million minds that comprised the Union of Traken.  It was controlled by the Source Manipulator, and channeled through the mind of the Keeper, whose duty it was to regulate the system.  The Source held the Union of Traken in a state of peace and harmony for thousand of years.  After the Keeper's dissolution, the Master (disguised as the Melkur) temporarily became the new Keeper.  He planned to use the Source to turn the Union of Traken into an all-conquering force, and seize another body for himself.  He was exposed and prevented from remaining Keeper by the Fourth Doctor, Adric, Nyssa and Council Tremas (5T).

SOURCE MANIPULATOR  Mechanical device which organized and refined the Source and placed its power in the single hands of the Keeper.  It was sabotaged by Adric in an effort to prevent the Melkur from remaining Keeper of Traken (5T).

SOUTH BEND  Antarctic base whose personnel came to the Fourth Doctor's rescue after the destruction of the camp which had been taken over by the Krynoid (4L).

SPACE CORPS (INTERNATIONAL)  Military organization which patrolled the space lanes during one of Earth's early expansion periods.  General Hermack of the Space Corps was responsible for the destruction of the notorious pirate, Caven (YY).  Major Stott was on a drug smuggling assignment for the Intelligence Section of the Space Corps when he was shot on Eden by Tryst (5K).

SPACE MUSEUM  The creation of the Moroks, it was located on Xeros.  The Museum's last commander was Lobos.  It was eventually dismantled by the Xerons after their successful rebellion against the Moroks.  In an alternate future, the First Doctor and his Companions ended up as exhibits there (Q).



SPACE SPECIAL SECURITY  Headed by Karlton, this corps of elite agents was formed by Earth to check on threats against its security -- in particular, the Daleks.  Among its most notorious agents were Marc Cory, who was killed by the Daleks, Bret Vyon, Sara Kingdom and Kert Gantry (T/A, V).



SPAIN  The Sixth Doctor rescued the Second Doctor from Chessene and the Sontarans in Seville (6W).  One of Captain Pike's pirates was known as the Spaniard (CC).

SPANDRELL  Castellan of Gallifrey.  He helped the Fourth Doctor expose Chancellor Goth as the assassin of the President of the High Council, and save Gallifrey from the Master.  He retired soon after (4P).

SPANIARD  One of Captain Pike's pirates (CC).

SPAR 7-40  Mavic Chen's ship.  It was hijacked by the First Doctor and his companions on Kembel, but later crashed on Desperus (V).

SPECIAL INCIDENT ROOM  Headquarters of the Intergalactic Pursuit Squadron where Commander Fabian briefed Lieutenant Lang soon after the kidnapping of Romulus and Remus (6S).

SPECIAL WEAPONS DALEK  Specially engineered Dalek with extra fire power.  It was used by the Imperial Daleks to fight the Daleks for possession of the Hand of Omega (7H).

SPECTROX  Life-extending drug refined from poisonous bat guano found only on Androzani Minor.  It was so deadly that it could only be harvested by androids.  In his drive for revenge against Morgus, Sharaz Jek seized control of the caves of Androzani Minor and the entire spectrox supply (6R).

SPECTROX TOXAEMIA  Deadly infection caused by exposure to raw spectrox.  Its stages were: rash, followed by cramps, spasms, a slow paralysis of the thoracic spinal nerve, ending in thermal death.  The Fifth Doctor and Peri became infected on Androzani Minor.  Prof. Jackij discovered that the only antidote was the milk of a queen bat from the species which produced spectrox.  The Doctor sacrificed himself to give Peri the last of the antidote, then regenerated (6R).
SPEELSNAPE  Native lifeform found on Nekros (6Z).

SPENCER  Chameleon Tours' pilot working under Blade.  His identity had been taken over by the Chameleons. He shot Gascoigne and kidnapped Polly (KK).

SPENCER  Soldier who fought in the Resistance to put an end to the War Games.  He was eventually returned to his proper place in time and space by the Time Lords (ZZ).

SPENCER  Wenley Moor technician who had a mental breakdown while spelunking in the Silurian caves.  His friend Davis died of fright (BBB).

SPERHAWK, THE  Title borne by Ancelyn (7N).

SPHERE  Electronic mind-transference device designed on Think Tank, and stolen by Skagra.  He planned to use it, together with Salyavin's mind-control abilities, to project his mind into that of every other living being in the universe.  The Sphere later fragmented into numerous, smaller versions of itself.  The Fourth Doctor eventually gained control of it and used it to defeat Skagra (5M).

SPIDERS  When a Lost Ship launched in the 22nd Century crashlanded on Metebelis 3, the Earth Spiders which it carried mutated under the influence of the planet's crystals.  The Spiders (who preferred to call themselves "Eight-Legs") ended up ruling the colonists for four hundred thirty years.  Circa 2530 AD, the Spiders decided to conquer Earth.  They used Lupton's psychic circle to send one of them to Earth in the 20th Century to retrieve the Blue Crystal required by their true leader, the Great One.  They were thwarted by the Third Doctor, who eventually returned to give the Blue Crystal of his own free will to the Great One.  The energy feedback killed the Great One, and the Spiders died with her (ZZZ).

SPIDERS  Alzarian spiders evolved into the Marshmen.  Their bite infected Romana and temporarily made her part of the Alzarian eco-system (5R).

SPIRIDON  Planet whose inhabitants had the gift of invisibility.  Spiridon contained hostile vegetal lifeforms, as well as spores deadly to humans.  The planet also featured ice volcanoes.  The Daleks stored ten thousand of their own kind there in preparation for an invasion, but were entombed due to the intervention of the Third Doctor and the Thals (SSS).
SPREER, HENK  Galsec colonist killed by Styre (4B).
SQUEAK  Midge's little sister (7P).

SQUIRE  Local authority in the 17th Century Cornish village where the First Doctor, Ben, and Polly fought Captain Pike's pirates.  He was in reality the leader of a local smuggling ring, in league with Pike.  The Squire was later wounded by Pike, and redeemed himself by helping save his village (CC).

SQUIRE  Farmer who attacked the Young Silurian and was killed by him (BBB).

SQUIRE, DORIS  Farmer Squire's wife.  She had a nervous breakdown after her encounter with the Young Silurian (BBB).


S'RAX  Morgaine was Battle Queen of the S'rax (7N).


SSKEL  Ice Warrior serving under Azaxyr on Peladon.  He was killed by a blast from Azaxyr's sonic weapon, which had been redirected by Gebek (YYY).

SSORG  Ice Warrior serving under Izlyr on Peladon.  He killed Arcturus (MMM).


STAEL, MAXIMILIAN  Megalomaniacal scientist who worked at the Fetch Priory with Dr. Fendelman and Thea Ransome.  He was the secret leader of a coven who worshipped the Fendahl, and was instrumental in recreating him.  But the Fendahl would not be controlled and turned against him.  The Fourth Doctor eventually let Stael have a gun with which he committed suicide, to save himself from being turned into a Fendahleen (4X).

STAHLMAN, ERIC (PROF.)  Mad scientist responsible for the Inferno project.  Because he could not bear to see any delay in his obssession to penetrate the Earth's crust, he fought anything and anybody who stood in his way, including Project Director Sir Gold, drilling consultant Greg Sutton, and the Third Doctor.  He eventually became contaminated by the green slime released by Inferno and turned into a Primord.  He died when the Doctor and Sutton sprayed him with frozen CO2 (DDD).

STAHLMAN'S GAS  Potential source of energy discovered by Prof. Stahlman, who claimed it existed under the Earth's crust.  The purpose of Project Inferno was to tap Stahlman's gas.  Instead, it released a mutagenic green slime, and almost destroyed the Earth (DDD).

STALLHOLDER  Unnamed merchant who welcomed the Seventh Doctor and Ace to Segonax (7J).

STANBRIDGE HOUSE  Location of the World Energy Conference threatened by Broton and his Skarasen (4F).

STANGMOOR  British prison.  Its governor was Victor Camford.  It was the testing place of the Keller Machine.  Later, the Master helped the prisoners, led by Mailer, to take over the Prison, and used its inmates to hijack the Thunderbolt Missile.  Stangmoor was finally recaptured by Benton (FFF).
STANHAM  Location of the deserted airfield where the Master his the Thunderbolt Missile (FFF).
STAPLEY  Captain of the Concorde flight the Fifth Doctor used to rescue Flight 192 from the Jurassic Era.  He helped the Time Lord defeat the Master and free the Xeraphin.  With the good Xeraphin's help, Stapley piloted the Doctor's TARDIS, and sabotaged the Master's TARDIS, thus ensuring the Fifth Doctor's victory (6C).

STARK  Member of Stotz's gang of gun-runners.  He was killed by Stotz when he tried to defect (6R).

STARLINER  Terradonian spaceship which crashed on Alzarius.  Its original passengers were killed by the native Marshmen.  Then, in the course of four thousand generations, these evolved into Terradonian-like humanoids, who forgot their true origins.  (They thought only 40 generations had elapsed.)  Eventually, at Mistfall, new Marshmen rose to again attack the Starliner.  The Fourth Doctor helped the Starliner community rediscover the truth about themselves.  He made them realize the Starliner was already repaired, and they could leave Alzarius at any time, which they did (5R).

STASERS  Arms used by the Chancellery Guards on Gallifrey (4P, 4Z, 6E).
STATENHEIM REMOTE CONTROL  The Second Doctor used it to call the TARDIS (6W).
STATIONMASTER  Official of the Cranleigh Halt railway station (6A).

STEAMING  Method used by the Company for its capital executions on Pluto.  Leela was condemned to death by steaming (4W).

STEIN  Professor who helped Tryst create the CET machine (5K).
STELLA  Dr. Stevens' secretary at Global Chemicals (TTT).
STELLA STORA  Planet where Hallet had investigated granaries shortages and met Kimber (7C).

STELLAR  Female child who wandered throughout Iceworld during the confrontation between the Seventh Doctor and Kane (7G).


STELSONS  Brand of guns smuggled by Rohm-Dutt (5E).

STENGOS  One of the Sixth Doctor's friends.  His daughter, Natasha, became suspicious of his apparent desire to be cryogenically frozen at Tranquil Repose.  Upon investigation, she later discovered that her father's head was being turned into one of Davros' new Daleks.  Fortunately, Stengos was mercifully killed before his transformation was completed (6Z).

STEPHENSON, GEORGE (1781-1848)  English engineer and principal inventor of the railroad locomotive.  In 1813, he was chief engineer at the Killingsworth colliery, owned by Lord Ravensworth, for which he built the first steam-powered locomotive, the Blucher.  The Master wanted to kidnap a number of scientists who had been invited by invited by George Stephenson (Faraday, Watt, etc.) and harness their genius for his own ends, but was thwarted by the Sixth Doctor (6X).

STERLING, JOHN  Moreton Harwood resident and member of the cult of Hecate (K9).


STEVENS, JOCELYN THOMAS (DR.)  Director of the Global Chemicals' Llanfairfach Refinery.  His brain was linked to the computer BOSS, which learned from it that the secret of human success was inefficiency and illogicality.  BOSS then programmed Stevens to add those features to himself, and became sentient and self-controlling, not to mention megalomaniacal.  With BOSS's help, Stevens tried to stop the Third Doctor, UNIT, and Prof. Clifford Jones from shutting down the Llanfairfach Refinery, following the Green Death effects.  Then, BOSS tried to take over the world, but the Third Doctor used the Blue Crystal to free Stevens, who destroyed BOSS (TTT).

STEVENS  Gravedigger who buried the casket containing the Hand of Omega (7H).

STEVENSON  Commander of Space Beacon Nerva.  He helped the Fourth Doctor fight the Cybermen, and saved Nerva from total destruction by redirecting the Skystriker missile at the Cybermen's ship (4D).

STEVENSON, JOHN  Scientist working at the Antarctic camp of the World Ecology Bureau expedition which discovered the Krynoid pods.  He was killed by the Krynoid who had taken over Winlett's body (4L).

STEWART  Younger space pilot of the C-982 cargo ship where the Third Doctor rematerialized in 2540 AD.  The ship was attacked by the Ogrons, who were helping the Master foment a war between Earth and the Draconians (QQQ).

STEWART  Commander of an Earth marine space corps expedition sent to Exxilon to bring back parrinium, the antidote to a deadly space plague.  Injured when his ship crashed, he died soon afterwards (XXX).

STIEN  A Dalek duplicate whose task was to lure the Fifth Doctor to a Dalek ship, where he could be duplicated.  The Doctor succeeded in helping Stien overcome his conditioning.  He eventually sacrificed his life to trigger the explosion that destroyed both the Dalek ship and the space penitentiary where Davros had been kept (6P).

STIGORAX  Helen A's pet, Fifi, was a Stigorax, a vicious lifeform from Terra Alpha (7L).

STIKE  Sontaran Group Marshal who allied himself with Chessene in order to capture the Second Doctor, dissect him, and obtain the secret of the Rassilon Imprimature.  Chessene betrayed him and he died in the explosion of his ship (6W).

STIMSON  Hardin's assistant.  He was killed by the West Lodge Foamasi saboteur masquerading as Klout (5N).

STIRLING, JAMES  British master spy posing as Lemaitre, Governor of the Conciergerie during the French Revolution.  His mission was to save prisoners from the guillotine.  He teamed up with the First Doctor (H).

STONE  Member of the Imperial Earth Expedition Force to Deva Loka who disappeared (5Y).
STONE, ROY  New York Sketch correspondent (BB).
STONEHENGE  The Meddling Monk claimed to have helped the natives build Stonehenge with antigrav lifts (S).



STOR  Sontaran commander who used the Vardans to invade Gallifrey.  He and his force were destroyed by the Fourth Doctor when the Time Lord the Demat Gun (4Z).

STORR  Trapper and scavenger during the Ice Age of 3,000 AD.  He was Penley's companion, and was later killed by the Ice Warriors (OO).

STOTT  Third member of Tryst's Volante zoological expedition.  In reality, he was a Major in the Intelligence Section of the Space Corps on a drug-running assignment.  He was in love with Della.  Tryst shot him and left him to die on Eden, but he was caught up in the CET.  He escaped after the Empress crashed into the Hecate above the planet Azure, and helped the Fourth Doctor and Romana expose Tryst and his fellow vraxoin smuggler, Dymond (5K).

STOTZ  Leader of gun-runners supplying Sharaz Jek.  He was secretly in the employ of Morgus, the Chairman of the Sirius Con-glomerate.  He fought the Fifth Doctor.  Stotz and Morgus returned to Androzani Minor to try to steal Jek's personal spectrox hoard.  He was shot by the Salateen android (6R).

STRANGE MATTER  Extra-dense matter.  Mankind became aware of it when it was discovered by a Princeton physicist in 1984.  The Rani plotted to launch a Loyhargil rocket to blow up an asteroid made up of Strange Matter in orbit around Lakertya.  The resulting explosion would have recreated the conditions of the Leptonic Era and produced Helium 2, which would have turned her made-up Brain into a planet-sized Time Manipulator with which she could have recreated the universe.  The Seventh Doctor thwarted her plans by causing the rocket to miss the asteroid (7D).

STRATTON, LINTUS   He and Bates were space pilots who had become prisoners of the Cybermen on Telos.  Their limbs had been replaced by cybernetic parts.  The Cryons arranged for their escape, and plotted for them and Lytton to steal the Cybermen's time vessel.  Instead, they were killed by the Cybermen  (6T).

STRELLA (PRINCESS)  Royal princess of Tara who had been kidnapped by Count Grendel.  He planned to use Romana's remarkable likeness to the Princess to kill Prince Reynart.  She was rescued by the Fourth Doctor and ended up marrying Prince Reynart (5D).

STRICIUM  Planet where the Solarium Panatica art galley was located (5H).
STRIKER  One of the Eternals.  The Fifth Doctor met him while he was in the guise of the captain of an Edwardian space yacht engaged in a planet-spanning space race, the prize of which was Enlightenment (6H).

STUART  An ordinary man from Perivale.  He was kidnapped by the Cheetah People, and later killed by Karra (7P).

STUART, ROBIN  Colin Frazer's friend.  While in Amsterdam, he helped Tegan and the Fifth Doctor find Colin Frazer, who had been kidnapped by Omega (6E).

STUBBS  One of the Marshal's men on Solos.  He and Cotton agreed to help the Third Doctor defend the Solonians.  He was killed by the Marshal (NNN).

STYGGRON  Chief scientist of the Kraals.  He used astronaut Guy Crayford, and human android duplicates, to take over the Devesham Space Research Station.  He then planned to exterminate mankind with a special virus.  His efforts were thwarted by the Fourth Doctor.  He died when he was accidentally splattered with his own virus  (4J).

STYLES, REGINALD (SIR)  British diplomat who planned to hold a peace conference in order to avert a third world war.  Guerillas from a future Earth, where the Daleks had successfully invaded Earth after that very same war had taken place, tried to assassinate Styles, not realizing that it was this very action which would cause the conference to fail and trigger the war.  Fortunately, the Third Doctor was able to save Styles, and the peace conference was successful (KKK).

STYLES  Medical officer who survived the Dalek raid on the space penitentiary where Davros was kept.  She managed to arm the self-destruct system, but was killed by one of Lytton's men (6P).

STYRE  Sontaran field-major who, circa 15,000 AD, performed cruel experiments on captured human colonists on Earth to discover mankind's ability to resist a planned Sontaran invasion.  The Fourth Doctor, Sarah Jane Smith, and Harry Sullivan defeated Styre who, drained of energy, perished (4B).

SUDBURY, JOHN (SIR)  High-ranking British civil servant with C19, a department in charge of the UNIT liaison.  He vouched for the Fifth Doctor after a Concorde disappeared (6C).

SULLIVAN, HARRY  One of the Fourth Doctor's Companions.  He was Surgeon-lieutenant of UNIT.  The Brigadier entrusted the Fourth Doctor to his care just after his regeneration.  Harry helped him and Sarah Jane Smith fight the Scientific Reform Society and Prof. Kettlewell's Giant Robot.  He then accompanied the Doctor and Sarah in the TARDIS, and fought against the Wirrn, the Sontaran Styre, the Cybermen on Voga (at which time the Doctor proclaimed that he was an "imbecile").  He was present when Davros created the Daleks.  After fighting the Zygons, he chose to remain on Earth (4A-4F).  He helped the Doctor again against the Kraals, who had made an android duplicate of him (4J).  The Brigadier later told the Fifth Doctor that Harry had been seconded to NATO, and was involved in a secret operation at Porton Down (6F).

SUMARAN EMPIRE  Interplanetary empire once ruled from Manussa.  It meant "Empire of the Mara" (6D).

SUMMER, CHARLES (SIR)  Chairman of the British Post Office.  He helped the First Doctor defeat WOTAN (BB).

SUMMERS, ROLAND (DR.)  Stangmoor Prison's medical doctor.  Mailer used him to negotiate with Governor Camford.  He also took care of Barnham (FFF).

SUMMERS  Royal Navy petty officer aboard Lieutenant Ridgway's submarine.  He helped fight the Sea Devils (LLL).

SUMMERS  One of Prof. Sorenson's Morestran crew killed on Zeta Minor by the anti-matter creatures (4H).

SUN GODS  Divinities worshipped on Ribos (5A).

SUN TIME  Ribos' 32-year long summer, caused by the planet's elliptical orbit.  The Ribans thought it was a product of the war between the Sun Gods and the Ice Gods (5A).

SUNCATCHER  Orbital device invented by Salamander which harnessed solar energy and beamed it to barren areas of the world, thereby turning them into arable land (PP).

SUNDVIG  One of the ancient vikings who brought Fenric's flask back to England.  One of his modern-day descendents was Captain Sorin (7M).

SUNKILLER  One of Morgaine's titles (7N).

SUNMAKERS  Nickname of the Usurians' Company on Pluto (4W).

SUNNAE  Member of the Macra-dominated space colony (JJ).

SUPER-VOCS  The only kind of robots used aboard the Sandminer who could not only speak, but were advanced enough that they could be classified semi-sentient.  SV7 and the undercover D84 were Super-Vocs (4R).



SUPERVISOR  Officer in charge of the gas mine work shifts on the Macra-dominated space colony (JJ).

SUPREME ALLIANCE  League of ruthless dictators who took over the Earth after Magnus Greel used the Peking Homunculus to murder the Icelandic Alliance Commissioner, and thus set off World War VI.  The Supreme Alliance was overthrown at the Battle of Reykjavik.  Greel, then the Alliance's Minister of Justice, and his Homunculus, fled to 19th Century China in a flawed time travel machine known as the Zigma Experiment (4S).

SUSAN  The Doctor's grandaughter (sometimes called Susan Foreman after the name of the owner of the junkyard where the TARDIS was parked; Ian Chesterton mistakenly assumed it was the Doctor's real name).  While the First Doctor was on Earth on business connected with the Hand of Omega, for a short time, Susan became a student at the Coal Hill School.  There, she met teachers Ian Chesterton and Barbara Wright who, curious about her patchwork knowledge, followed her into the TARDIS.  Together, they met cavemen, the Daleks, Marco Polo, the Aztecs, the Sensorites and were temporarily miniaturized to ant-size.  Susan then fell in love with Dalek fighter David Campbell during the Daleks' 2164 AD Invasion of Earth.  She would have left him, but the First Doctor, convinced that she would be better off with David, locked her out of the TARDIS (A-K).  Susan remained in the 21st Century and presumably married David.  Later, she was used by Borusa as a pawn in the Game of Rassilon.  She teamed up with the First Doctor and, together with the Doctor's other incarnations and various Companions, helped thwart the megalomaniacal Time Lord's plans for immortality (6K).

SUSPENDED ANIMATION  Men used suspended animation to preserve their bodies, either during interstellar travel, such as in the case of the Ark (X), or over a long period of time, such as the ten thousand years which followed the solar flares (4C).  Tranquil Repose was a mortuary dedicated to the preservation of dying millionaires and politicians (6Z).  Suspended animation techniques were also used to control prisoners such as Davros (6P).  Alien races used suspended animation for very much the same reasons.  The Chameleons (KK) and Kane (7G) used it on captive humans; the Cybermen (MM, 6T) and the Daleks (SSS) used it to store their armies.  Other entities found in suspended animation included: the Ice Soldiers of Marinus (E), Varga and his Ice Warriors (OO), the Krotons (WW), the Silurians and Sea Devils (BBB, LLL, 6L), the Daemon Azal (JJJ), Davros (5J), the Malus (6M) and the Sleepers from Andromeda (7A).  Also see CRYOGENICS and GENERATION STARSHIPS.

SUTEKH  Evil brother of Horus, the leader of the god-like Osirians, who visited Earth in the days of Ancient Egypt.  He was also known as Set, Satan, Sadok and the Typhonian Beast.  Horus and the other Osirians defeated Sutekh and imprisoned him inside a secret pyramid, trapped inside a force field generated by the Eye of Horus, itself located in the Pyramids of Mars.  Sutekh took over Prof. Scarman's body in an attempt to destroy the Pyramids of Mars.  Thwarted by the Fourth Doctor, he took over the Time Lord's body and used his TARDIS to travel to Mars and destroy the Eye.  But before Sutekh could escape, the Doctor trapped him in an endless time corridor.  According to the Doctor, Sutekh aged seven thousand years in a few second before he died (4G).

SUTTON, GREG  Expert drilling consultant summoned to the Inferno project by Sir Gold.  He became attracted to Petra Williams, and helped the Third Doctor stop Prof. Stahlman.  On a parallel Earth, he was a political prisoner, and perished when the forces unleashed by Inferno destroyed the Earth (DDD).

SV7  Super-Voc robot supervisor aboard the Sandminer.  He fell under Dask's control, and led the other Robots of Death.   He was tricked by the Fourth Doctor into killing Dask, and was destroyed by Uvanov (4R).

SVARTOS  Planet where the trading post of Iceworld was located.  The citizens of Proamon had exiled Kane to Svartos and entrusted the dragonfire crystal to a mechanoid dragon (7G).

SVEN  One of the Viking raiders defeated by Wulnoth's Saxons (S).

SWAMPIES  Green-skinned humanoid natives of Delta Magna.  They had been sent by the humans to live on the planet's third moon, where they became known as "Swampies".  They worshipped Kroll, a gigantic squid-like creature.  The Fourth Doctor and Romana saved them from being exterminated by Thawn (5E).

SWANN  Salamander's Sanctum's chief scientist.  When Swann accidentally learned of~ the lies that Salamander had used to maintain their underground existence, he threatened to expose him, but was murdered by the villain.  However, before he died, Swann had time to reveal the truth to Astrid Ferrier (PP).

SWARM  Another name for the Virus of the Purpose (4T).

SWIFT, JONATHAN (1667-1745)  Irish writer.  The Second Doctor, Jamie and Zoe encountered his creation, the immortal Lemuel Gulliver (from Gulliver's Travels) in the Land of Fiction (UU).

SYLVEST, ARCHIBALD (PROF.)  Father of Romulus and Remus.  He was concerned that the applied power of the twins' mathematical genius could change the universe (6S).

SYLVEST, REMUS   Identical twin of Romulus.  He was the son of Prof. Sylvest and a child prodigy.  He was a mathematical genius who was kidnapped by Azmael at Mestor's behest, to compute the equations necessary to the accomplishment of his insane plan (throwing a planet into Jaconda's sun in order to create an explosion that would spread its eggs throughout the universe).  He and Romulus were rescued by the Sixth Doctor, who returned them to Earth (6S).

SYLVEST, ROMULUS  Identical twin of Remus.  He was the son of Prof. Sylvest and a child prodigy.  He was a mathematical genius who was kidnapped by Azmael at Mestor's behest, to compute the equations necessary to the accomplishment of his insane plan (throwing a planet into Jaconda's sun in order to create an explosion that would spread its eggs throughout the universe).  He and Remus were rescued by the Sixth Doctor, who returned them to Earth (6S).

SYLVIA  Rex Farrel's secretary (EEE).

SYNCH OPERATOR  Human operator linked up with a computer.  He was a necessary element to launch Sea Base Four's missiles.  Maddox had replaced Michaels as its synch operator (6L).

SYNGE  B-grade technician who joined Mandrel's rebels, and helped overthrow the Company on Pluto (4W).

SYSTEM FILES  Name given to the Starliner files which contained the truth about the Terradonians on Alzarius (5R).