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T-MAT (a.k.a. TRAVEL-MAT)  Instantaneous form of travel, so widely used on Earth in the later part of the 21st Century that it had virtually made regular space travel (through rockets and spaceships) extinct.  Prof. Eldred believed the over-reliance on T-Mat was dangerous.  He was proven right when a commando of Ice Warriors took over the Moonbase and tried using T-Mat to spread deadly oxygen-absorbing "Seeds of Death" on Earth.  They were defeated, thanks to the Second Doctor's intervention.  Altough instantaneous teleportation remained in use, it was never relied upon so totally and exclusively (XX).  Also see TELEPORTATION and TOM-TIT.

TA  Planet where the vast argonite mines owned by the Issigri Mining Company were located.  It orbited around the star, Pliny.  It was also space pirate Caven's secret base.  Caven threatened to blow up Ta, which was saved by the Second Doctor (YY).

TABBY  She and Tilda were two old Rezzies who lived in Paradise Towers and secretly fed on the Kangs.  They almost killed Mel.  Tabby was killed by one of Kroganon's robotic devices (7E).
TACANDA  Thal killed by the Daleks at the same time than Temmosus (B).
TACHYON RECREATION GENERATOR (TRG)  Device created by the Argolins.  It used the faster-than-light and time-altering properties of tachyonics.  The Argolins used the TRG to clone Pangol to counteract the sterility of their race.  It was also one of the key attractions of the Leisure Hive.  Pangol planned to use the TRG to create an army of billions of duplicates of himself.  The Fourth Doctor and Hardin reengineered the TRG so that it rejuvenated Mena and Pangol (5N).

TAKIS  One of the employees at Tranquil Repose.  He called on the Daleks from Skaro to stop Davros from completely taking over the mortuary.  After Tranquil Repose's destruction, the Sixth Doctor showed Takis and the other employees how to convert local flowers into protein (6Z).

TALA  Female member of Jackson's crew.  She regenerated, then fought the Oracle in the Underworld alongside the Fourth Doctor and Leela.  After the Quest was over, she returned to Minyos II (4Y).

TALBOT, ANN   She looked exactly like Nyssa of Traken.  She had been George Cranleigh's fiancee but, after he was presumed to be dead in the Amazon, she agreed to marry his younger brother, Charles.  The news of her wedding caused the disfigured George, in reality hidden in Cranleigh Hall, to go mad (6A).

TALKIPHONE  Nickname given by the Kangs to the drink dispensers they used as a means of communication (7E).

TALMAR  Monetary unit used by the Company on Pluto (4W).

TALON  One of the Mondasian Cybermen who invaded the Snowcap Space Tracking Station and fought the First Doctor (DD).

TALOR  Gallifreyan technician who reported the transmission of the Fifth Doctor's bio data to Omega.  He was killed by Hedin (6E).

TALTALIAN, BRUNO  Computer scientist at the British Space Centre.  He was secretly working for General Carrington.  He was killed by a bomb which was meant for the Third Doctor (CCC).

TALTARIAN  Type of air-locks used on Aridius (R).

TANCREDI (CAPTAIN)  Scaroth's alias in Renaissance Italy.  To finance Prof. Kerensky's research, Tancredi forced Leonardo Da Vinci to paint several Mona Lisas, which his future alias, Count Scarlioni could sell on the black market.  Tancredi might also have obtained several Gutenberg Bibles from Germany in 1455 AD (5H).  Also see SCAROTH.

TANDRELL  He and Humker were twins from the UK habitat, selected to serve Drathro because of their intellectual abilities. They thrived on contradiction.  After the Sixth Doctor destroyed Drathro, they escaped to the world outside (7A).

TANE  Young Kaled security captain in the Kaled bunker on Skaro.  He interrogated the Fourth Doctor and his companions (4E).

TANHA  Noblewoman of Manussa and wife of the Federator.  She was Lon's mother, and became distraught when her son fell under the Mara's evil influence (6D).

TANNER  Lord Cranleigh's chauffeur (6A).

TAPESTRY  The Portreeve's tapestry in Castrovalva showed scenes from the past.  In reality, it was the screen behind which the Master kept Adric prisoner (5Z).

TARA  Planet colonized by Earthmen who chose to pattern their lifestyles on 19th Century customs.  The Taran nobility took pride in their scientific and mechanical ignorance, leaving such matters to the "peasants".  The Tarans were master android-makers (5D).

TARAK  Former Tower Guard who became one of the rebel leaders on the Great Vampire's world.  He was killed by Zargo and Camilla after he freed Romana (5P).

TARANIUM  One of the rarest minerals in the Galaxy.  It was found on Uranus.  Mavic Chen delivered a taranium core to the Daleks to power their Time Destructor, but it was stolen by the First Doctor.  It has been speculated that taranium was the key to the Daleks' time corridors (V).  Taranium may be related to Kontron crystals (6Y).

TARDIS  Acronym for Time And Relative Dimension (or Dimensions) In Space.  It was the name given by the Time Lords to their space-time travel capsules.  Susan was the first to mention the name during a conversation with Ian Chesterton and Barbara Wright (A).
 Under normal conditions, a TARDIS looked like a blank, non-descript cabinet with a door.  However, it was immensely larger inside than outside due to its transdimensional nature.  Indeed, the space inside a TARDIS could be manipulated, expanded or reduced, according to the wishes of its owner.  The Doctor was thus once able to jettison his TARDIS' Zero Room (5Z).  This factor apparently caused most weapons to become non-functional inside, although there were some exceptions to the above rule.  A TARDIS was, in theory, virtually invulnerable to outside attacks, although it could be turned invisible, imprisoned in a force field, hijacked from the space-time vortex or otherwise captured (E, Y, N, QQ, 6P, 7D).
 A TARDIS was equipped with multiple defence systems, including the ability to dematerialize and rematerialize after its attacker was gone (HADS) (WW).  A chameleon circuitry enabled it to change its outside appearance, in order to blend in safely with its environment.  Somehow, the TARDIS then acquired certain properties of the object it mimicked, including size and weight, since TARDISes were at times stolen, moved or transported by outside forces (D, LL), even though it was once reported that the Doctor's TARDIS, under Earth gravity conditions, weighed (10x10) power 5 kilos.  In theory, nothing, or no one, could enter a TARDIS without either being invited in, or having a key (a trionic device or an old-fashioned one).  But again, there were exceptions: the Guardians (5A), Sutekh (4G), the Keeper of Traken (5T) and the Mara (6D) were all able to mentally penetrate the Doctor's TARDIS.  The TARDIS was also invaded by a space virus (4T), Biroc (5S) and the Master (5V).
 It has been theorized that a TARDIS was semi-sentient, gifted with rudimentary empathic qualities.  Indeed, the Doctor's TARDIS sometimes appeared to act of its own volition to alert its master to a grave danger, using its "Cloister Bells" (C, 5V, 5Z).  Among the substances a TARDIS needed to run properly are: mercury (B), Zyton-7 (6V) and artron energy (4P).  In order to become fully operational, a TARDIS had to be primed by a Time Lord, whose bodies contained a symbiotic nucleus (the "Rassilon Imprimature") which enabled them to achieve molecular stabilization and a quasi-symbiotic control of the TARDIS (6W).  Among other components which were part of a TARDIS were the time rotor (located at the centre of its control console); a dematerialisation circuit (EEE, RRR); a time vector generator (SS); a quantum accelerator, a temporal limiter and a dynomorphic regenerator (6C).
 The Doctor's TARDIS was an old Type 40 (of which 305 were originally registered by the Time Lords), with isomorphic controls, meaning that, in theory, it could only be operated by the Doctor.  It certainly refused to obey Salamander (PP), Sutekh (4G) and Eldrad (4N), but Adric, Romana and the Master, among others, were able to operate it.  The Doctor's TARDIS was allegedly being repaired on Gallifrey when the Doctor "borrowed" it.  Its chameleon circuit was stuck, leaving its outside shape permanently frozen in the form of a London Police Box -- except for the single time when the Doctor repaired it (6T).  The Doctor's TARDIS' steering mechanism was known to be faulty and behave erratically, although possibly not as often as the Doctor claimed.  When the Time Lords exiled the Doctor to Earth (ZZ), they took away his TARDIS' dematerialisation circuit, but returned it after the Omega crisis (RRR).  To escape from the Black Guardian, the Doctor equipped his TARDIS with a Randomiser (5F), but eventually disposed of it on Argolis (5N).
 Some of the features of the Doctor's TARDIS included: two control rooms, the main one and the wood-panelled secondary one (4M), the Zero Room (5Z), the Cloisters, whose bell served as an alarm system (5V), a swimming pool, a power station disguised as an art gallery (4Z), a large boot cupboard (4M), and various guest rooms.  The Doctor's TARDIS was locked with a trionic device (4P, 4Z).
 TARDISes could be controlled from afar by the Time Lords, who severely restrict their usage and ownership.  The Doctor once lost his TARDIS in a game of backgammon with Kublai Khan (D).  A few TARDISes, however, were stolen by the following renegade Time Lords: the Master (his TARDIS was often disguised as a grandfather clock or a Corinthian column), the Meddling Monk, the War Chief, Salyavin, and the Rani.  The Daleks built crude, taranium-powered time machines, somewhat similar to TARDISes (R, V).  The War Lords operated the so-called TARDIS-like "SIDRATs", but with Time Lord technology stolen by the War Chief (ZZ).  Also see CHAMELEON CIRCUIT.
TARMINSTER  Destination of Rossini's circus (EEE).
TARN  One of the Guards who served the Seers and the Oracle in the Underworld.  He fought the Fourth Doctor and Jackson's Minyans.  He and the Underworld perished in an explosion caused by two fission grenades disguised as the Race Banks, which the Oracle had intended to use to destroy Jackson's ship (4Y).

TARON  One of the Thals sent to Spiridon to stop the Daleks.  He helped the Third Doctor freeze the Daleks' army.  He was romantically attracted to Rebec (SSS).

TARPOK  Member of a Silurian Triad also comprised of Icthar (who had met the Third Doctor in the 20th Century), and Scibus.  In 2084 AD, they reanimated a Sea Devil commando led by Sauvix, which they used to attack Sea Base Four.  Their plan was to launch nuclear missiles to provoke a war between the two blocs, and thus eradicate mankind.  Tarpok died when the Fifth Doctor used deadly hexachromite gas (6L).

TARRANT, JILL  Scientist who accompanied the Earth marine space corps expedition to Exxilon.  Their mission was to bring back parrinium, the antidote to a deadly space plague possibly spread by the Daleks.  She helped the Third Doctor fight the Daleks.  She became romantically attracted to Peter Hamilton (XXX).

TARRON  Chief Enquirer of Millenius.  He accused Ian of Eprin's murder during the First Doctor's quest for the Keys of Marinus (E).

TARTARUS  Black hole into which Bruchner would have steered the Hyperion III, if he had not been stopped by the two Mogarians, Atza and Ortezo (7C).

TASAMBEKER  One of the workers at Tranquil Repose.  Because she was constantly humiliated and spurned by Jobel, Davros was able to manipulate her into murdering him.  She was later killed by one of Davros' White Daleks (6Z).

TAU CETI  Star system of Diplos, homeworld of Cessair, and of Ogros, homeworld of the Ogri (5C).

TAVANNES  Marshall of France and Catherine De Medici's aide.  He was the principal instigator of the St. Batholomew's Day's Massacre.  Tavannes blamed the Abbot of Amboise for his failure to assassinate Admiral de Coligny, and had him executed.  He then used the Abbot's death to stir the Catholics' wrath against the Huguenots (W).

TAVIUS  Slave supervisor of Roman Emperor Nero.  He bought Barbara to be handmaiden to Poppaea.  Tavius and Maximus Pettullian were secret Christians, conspiring to kill Nero (M).

TAYLOR, STEVEN  One of the First Doctor's Companions.  He was a space pilot who had crashed on Mechanus, and been kept prisoner  by the Mechanoids for two years.  Steven fled with the First Doctor and Vicki.  He encountered the Meddling Monk and the Drahvins.  He fought (as Diomedi) during the Trojan War, and faced the Daleks, the Monoids and the Celestial Toymaker.  Before the St. Bartholomew's Day Massacre, Steven saved the life of Anne Chaplet, one of Dodo's ancestors.  Later, he was almost lynched in Tombstone, until he was rescued by Wyatt Earp.  Finally, Steven left the TARDIS to become the leader of the Elders and the Savages (R-AA).

TEAZER (H.M.S.)  Ben Jackson's ship (accoirding to his hat) (BB).
TEEL  Dulcian student sent with Kando, under Balan's supervision, to check the radiation levels on the Island of Death.  He was captured and put to work by the Dominators, and eventually helped the Second Doctor defeat the ruthless aliens (TT).


TEGANA  Tartar warlord of the 13th Century.  He posed as a peace ambassador to Kublai Khan, from rival Mongol leader Noghai.  He tried to kill the Khan, but his efforts were thwarted by the First Doctor, and he perished in the attempt.  Tegana had also tried to steal the TARDIS on behalf of his master (D).

TEKA  Young Anethian princess who was part of the tribute requested by the Nimon, and exacted by the Skonnans from Aneth.  She helped Seth and the Fourth Doctor expose and defeat the Nimon.  She eventually married Seth (5L).

TEKKER  Renis' assistant.  He became the new Maylin of Karfel after his predecessor was killed by the Borad.  He sent the Sixth Doctor to 19th Century Scotland to bring back the Borad's talisman, which Vena had grasped before falling in the Timelash.  When he finally realized the fate the Borad had in store for Karfel, he tried to shoot him, but was killed himself instead (6Y).

TELEKINESIS  The ability to move matter by the power of the mind.  Entities who displayed telekinetic talent included: the Celestial Toymaker (X), the Daemons (JJJ), the Solonian Mutants (NNN), the mutated Spiders of Metebelis 3 and Prof. Clegg (ZZZ), Sutekh the Osirian (4G), the Sisterhood of Karn (4K), the Tesh (4Q), the Mentiads of Zanak (5B), the Xeraphin (6C) and the Gravis (6N).

TELEPATHY  The ability to read minds or emotions.  Telepathic races included: the Voord (E), the Sensorites (G), the Elders (AA), the Nestene (AAA, EEE), the Silurians (BBB), the Daemons (JJJ), the Solonian Mutants (NNN), the mutated Spiders of Metebelis 3 (ZZZ), the Osirians (4G), the Sisterhood of Karn (4K), the Tesh (4Q), the Vardans (4Z), the Guardians of Time (q.v.), the Mentiads of Zanak (5B), the native Alzarians (5R), the Kinda (5Y), the Xeraphin (6C), the Eternals (6H), the Cheetah People (7P) and, to some extent, the Time Lords of Gallifrey (q.v.).
  Individuals or single entities (other than members of the above-listed races) who have exhibited telepathic powers included: the Animus (N), the Celestial Toymaker (X), the Great Intelligence (NN, QQ), Padmasambhava (NN), the Master-Brain of the Land of Fiction (UU), the Mind Parasite (FFF), the Guardian of the Doomsday Weapon (HHH), Kronos (OOO), Prof. Clegg (ZZZ), the Mandragora Helix (4M), Eldrad of Kastria (4N), Xoanon (4Q), the Fendahl (4X), the Seeker of Ribos (5A), the Megara Justice Machines (5C), the Great Vampire (5P), Meglos (5Q), the Keeper of Traken (5T), the Mara (5Y, 6D), Kamelion (6J, 6Q), the Malus (6M), Mestor (6S), the Gods of Ragnarok (7J), Morgaine (7N), Light (7Q) and Fenric (7M) .  Also see HYPNOSIS and MIND POWERS.

TELEPORTATION  Instantaneous transmission of matter from one point to another.  Technological teleportation was first researched at Cambridge by the Master (posing as Prof. Thascales), using the Kronos Crystal as part of the TOM-TIT project (OOO).  It was perfected in the second half of the 21st Century.  Known as T-Mat, it became so widely used that, for a short while, it made regular space travel nearly extinct.  After the Ice Warriors' attack, and their subsequent defeat by the Second Doctor, T-Mat was relegated to a more normal usage (XX).
   Transmat beams were used on the Space Beacon Nerva; these were powered by a pentalion drive (4D).  The Fourth Doctor used them to transport down from the Ark in Space (4C, 4B).  The Empire used transmat technology to teleport from and to Solos (NNN).  In 4000 AD, a more advanced, experimental form of matter transmission, known as Cellular Projection, was used by Froyn and Rhynmal to transport the First Doctor to Mira (V).
 Among other alien races using various technological forms of teleportation were: the Time Lords (q.v.), the Daleks (q.v.), the Keeper of the Conscience of Marinus (E), the War Lords (presumably using stolen Time Lord technology) (ZZ), the Captain of Zanak, who had turned the whole planet into a giant spaceship (5B), the people of Atrios and Zeos (5F), the Nimon (5L) and Mawdryn (6F). Also see FASTER THAN LIGHT.
 Teleportation could also be achieved through mental powers.  Among the entities capable of natural teleportation were the Guardians of Time (q.v.), the Celestial Toymaker (Y), the Master-Brain of the Land of Fiction (UU), the Mind of Evil (FFF), the Daemons (JJJ), Kronos (OOO), the Spiders of Metebelis Three (ZZZ), the Sisterhood of Karn (4K), the Vardans (capable of traveling along wavelengths) (4Z), the Keeper of Traken (5T), the Xeraphin (6C), the Eternals (6H), Light (7Q), Morgaine (7N) and the Cheetah People (7P). The Jacondans' matter transporter left behind a dust-like deposit of Zanium (6S).

TELFORD, THOMAS (1757-1834)  Famous Scottish civil engineer.  He had been invited to a meeting by George Stephenson.  The Master wanted to kidnap him to harness his genius, but was thwarted by the Sixth Doctor (6X).

TELLURIUM  Crystalline substance which was the principal element of the Krotons' composition.  It could be dissolved by sulphuric acid (WW).

TELOS  Originally, Telos was probably a sub-zero, ice planet, since it gave birth to the Cryon race, who could only exist in very low temperatures.  For unknown reasons, Telos' surface temperatures rose dramatically, driving the Cryons underground, where they built giant refrigerated cities.  Later, during the 23rd Century, the Cybermen, who had been driven from their worlds by the Alliance during the First Cyber Wars, conquered Telos, and took control of the Cryons' cities.  They converted them into vast storage facilities for their own kind, in an attempt to heal and preserve their species for future assaults.
 These so-called "Tombs" were discovered and opened by Klieg and Prof. Parry in the 26th Century.  Klieg resurrected the Cybermen, but due to the Second Doctor's intervention, the Tombs were soon closed again (MM).  However, once the Tombs had been opened, either the Cybermen continued to be reactivated, or other Cyber forces drifting in space were summoned to complete the job Klieg had begun.  In any event, the Cybermen reemerged as a serious galactic threat.  But they were again defeated by the Alliance during the Second Cyber Wars, and forced to retrench on Telos.
 Just before the Alliance made a final attack on Telos, the Cybermen stole a time vessel (possibly from the decaying Morok empire) and planned to use it to destroy the Earth and change their own history.  However, the Cryon survivors, who had retreated deep inside the planet, hired space mercenary Lytton to steal the time vessel.  The Sixth Doctor helped a Cryon prisoner, Flast, set up an explosion which destroyed the Cybermen.  The Cryons then retook control of Telos (6T).

TEMMOSUS  Peace-loving leader of the Thals on Skaro who met the First Doctor.  He was killed by the Daleks, in spite of his plea for peace and cooperation between the two races (B).

TEMPLE OF LIGHT  A landmark of Vortis (N).

TEMPORAL LIMITER  TARDIS component exchanged by the Master and the Fifth Doctor (6C).

TEN ZERO ALPHA  Codename of Bret Vyon's expedition to Kembel (V).

TENSA  Ineffective chairman of Dulkis.  He was killed by a Quark when he dared argue with Rago (TT).

TENTH GALAXY  The Fourth Doctor read a book about its origins; he thought it was filled with inaccuracies (5J).


TERESA  Victorian London girl captured by Li H'Sen Chang.  She would have had her life essence drained by Magnus Greel if Leela had not taken her place (4S).

TERILEPTILS  Reptilian warlike aliens.  Three Terileptil outcasts, who had escaped from the Tinclavic Mines of Raaga, were stranded on Earth in 1666 AD.  With the help of an android made up to look like the Grim Reaper, they plotted to use the Black Plague to depopulate our planet.  The Fifth Doctor destroyed them and their plans, causing the Great Fire of London (5X).

TERMINUS  Huge, time-travelling alien space station located at the physical center of the universe.  It was used by Terminus, Inc. as a resting place for the victims of Lazar disease.  The Fifth Doctor discovered that the explosion of one of Terminus' two, unstable engines had been the cause of the Big Bang.  The resulting shockwave had projected the ship billions of year into the future.  With the help of the Garm, the Doctor narrowly averted another explosion, thereby saving the universe.  Nyssa chose to stay on Terminus to help the victims of Lazar disease, and planned to synthesize hydromel, thus freeing the station from Terminus, Inc.'s grip.  With the Vanir's help, Nyssa turned Terminus into a regular hospital (6G).

TERMINUS, INC.  Ruthless multiplanetary corporation which was supposedly offering a cure for Lazar disease.  In reality, they used Terminus as a final home for the Lazars, whom they kept under control with their pain-killing hydromel drug.  When Nyssa synthesized hydromel, Terminus, Inc. lost its control of Terminus (6G).

TERRA ALPHA  Earth colony ruled by Helen A, where people were forced to be happy.  Anyone who was not was deemed to be a "killjoy", was arrested by the Happiness Patrol, and drowned in boiling candy, or delivered to the deadly Kandy Man.  The Seventh Doctor and Ace helped a revolution led by the Drones, which finally overthrew Helen A's regime.  Terra Alpha's natives, the Pipe People, who had been forced to live underground, were again able to share in the freedom of the planet's surface (7L).

TERRA BETA  Terra Alpha's neighbor colony (7L).

TERRA NOVA  Official name of the Ark in Space (4C).

TERRA OMEGA  Another of Terra Alpha's neighbor colony.  It did not share Alpha's deadly, obssessive policies on happiness.  Andrew X's books denouncing Terra Alpha were published on Terra Omega (7L).

TERRADON  The Starliner which crashed on Alzarius originated on Terradon (5R).

TERRADONIANS  The original Terradonians who crashed on Alzarius were killed by the Marshmen.  The Fourth Doctor met humanoids who believed themselves to be Terradonians, but were in reality Alzarian Marshmen who had evolved over four thousand generations (5R).

TERRALL, ARTHUR  Ruth Maxtible's fiance.  He was secretly controlled by the Daleks (LL).

TERRULIAN DIODE BYPASS  Vital component which enabled the Sontarans to recharge themselves with energy.  When Harry removed it from Styre's ship, he caused a reversal of this process, causing Styre to be drained of energy instead (4B).

TERSURUS  Planet where the Master, having reached his twelfth and final regeneration, was hiding when Chancellor Goth found him (4P).

TESH  The Tesh were the descendents of a crashed Earth ship, the Mordee.  Their name was a corruption of the word "Technicians".  The mad computer Xoanon had bred them for psionic powers and manipulated them into an endless war with the Sevateem.  When the Fourth Doctor cured Xoanon, the Tesh, led by Jaleb, were reunited with the Sevateem (4Q).

TESSA  Technician at the Devesham Space Research Station (4J).

TETRAPS  Short for Tetrapyriarbians.  Four-eyed, bat-like aliens from Tetrapyriarbus which the Rani used as her henchmen on Lakertya.  They had rudimentary intelligence and fed on plasma.  After the Rani's defeat at the hands of the Seventh Doctor, the Tetraps' leader, Urak, kidnapped her to take her back to Tetrapyriarbus to help his people (7D).

TETRAPYRIARBUS  Home world of the Tetraps (7D).

THACKERAY, COLIN (SIR)  Head of the World Ecology Bureau.  He helped the Fourth Doctor and Major Beresford of UNIT defeat the Krynoid (4L).

THAESIUM  Substance found on Solos.  It was valuable rocket fuel (NNN).

THALIA  Chancellor of the High Council of the Time Lords of Gallifrey.  She voted to condemn the Fifth Doctor to death when Omega threatened to return to this universe by taking over his body (6E).  She was probably killed later, in the Death Zone, and replaced by Flavia (6K).

THALIRA  Queen of Peladon and daughter of King Peladon.  Because of her young age, she overly relied on the advice of her Chancellor, Ortron.  Eventually, Thalira stood up to Azaxyr and his Ice Warriors.  She helped the Third Doctor save Peladon's trisilicate mines.  She was taken hostage by Eckersley, but was rescued by the real Aggedor (YYY).

THALS  Humanoid race from the planet Skaro, they felt a fierce enmity towards the Kaleds, with whom they shared the planet.  Thals and Kaleds engaged in savage warfare, culminating with the neutronic wars, which destroyed most of Skaro and turned the planet into a radioactive wasteland.  Ultimately, the Thals were able to destroy the Kaleds with a super-rocket, thanks to Davros' betrayal.  They were, however, subsequently exterminated by Davros' first Daleks (4E).
 After the Fourth Doctor entombed the Daleks, the Thal survivors and the so-called "Mutos" (mutants) lived on Skaro's surface and, eventually, evolved into a perfect, peace-loving race of blond humanoids.  When another branch of the Daleks tried to kill them all by engineering a new increase in radiation, the Thals fought and defeated them, with the help of the First Doctor.  But by so doing, the Thals rediscovered their ancestors' warlike ways (B).
 The rest of the Thals' history is mostly unchronicled.  However, it appears likely that the Thals were eventually forced to abandon Skaro, leaving it to the Daleks (K, XXX).  Later, with the Alliance's support, they were able to regain control of Skaro (SSS).  During that time, a Thal commando helped the Third Doctor freeze a Dalek invasion army on planet Spiridon (SSS).
 The ultimate future of the Thals remains unknown.  By the time the Daleks returned to Skaro, the planet appeared to be a deserted, bombed-out wasteland, leading us to the assumption that the Thals were either exterminated, or again forced into exile (5J).

THARA  Selris's son.  He was a young Gond male in love with Vana.  He was afraid of losing her when she was selected to become a "companion" to the Krotons.  He later fought alongside the Second Doctor and helped destroy the Krotons.  He then became the new leader of the Gonds (WW).

THARILS  Race of lion-faced time-sensitives who could time-shift, and therefore travel through the time vortex unaided and unharmed by the time winds.  The Tharils used their powers to build a vast empire and enslave other humanoid races.  However, their slaves built the robotic Gundans to cross the time winds and slay the Tharils on the Day of the Feast.  Their power broken, the Tharils became slaves in turn, their abilities making them invaluable space navigators.  The Tharil leader, Biroc, escaped from privateer Rorvik and, with the help of the Fourth Doctor, crossed the Gateway back into E-Space.  When Rorvik destroyed his own ship, the other Tharils were released.  Romana and K9 Mark II stayed with the Tharils in E-Space to help them free their brethren from slavery (5S).

THASCALES (PROF.)  Alias of the Master at the Newton Research Institute, where he worked on TOM-TIT and the Kronos Crystal (OOO).

THATCHER  A Crusader and supplier of Ben Daheer (P).

THATCHER  UNIT Field-Marshal based in Geneva.  When Major-General Rutlidge tried to prevent UNIT from interfering with the Cybermen Invasion, Brig. Lethbridge-Stewart threatened to go over his head, directly to Thatcher (VV).

THATCHER, MARGARET  Prime Minister of England during the Zygon attack (4F).

THAWN  Controller of the methane refinery built on Delta Magna's third moon.  He secretly conspired with Rohm-Dutt to exterminate the native Swampies, but his plans were exposed by the Fourth Doctor.  When Kroll appeared, he tried launching a rocket which would have wiped out the entire Swampie race.  He was eventually killed by Varlik as he was about to shoot the Doctor (5E).
THEGEROS  Planet visited by Captain Cook (7J).
THERA  Island in the Aegean Sea.  It was the location of ancient Atlantis, destroyed by Kronos (OOO).
THERABENAS  Planet fraudulently sold by galactic con artist Garron (5A).
THERKA  Planet visited by Captain Cook (7J).

THERMODYNAMICS  The Second Law of Thermodynamics was: "Entropy increases".  The Logopolitans discovered that the universe had long ago passed the point of fatal collapse.  To dispose of the entropy, they used block transfer computations to create Charged Vacuum Emboitements to open voids into other universes (5V).

THERON  Argolin leader who started the 20-minute war with the Foamasi.  The Helmet of Theron had become the symbol of Argolis' warlike past (5N).

THESAURIAN EMPIRE  Space power where lead was more valuable than gold (4Z).

THETA SIGMA  According to Drax, it was a nickname used by the Doctor during his years at the Time Lord academy (5F).  The Seventh Doctor mentioned as much to Trevor Sigma (7L).

THINK TANK  British research establishment with both private and Government scientists.  Its director, Miss Winters, and her assistant, Jellicoe, had subverted it into serving the aims of the secret Scientific Reform Society (4A).

THINK TANK  Nickname of the space station where the Foundation for the Study of Advanced Sciences was located.  Skagra stole the electronic mind-transference device known as the Sphere, which he had developed with Caldera, Ia, Santoriv and Thira.  Think Tank was eventually destroyed in an explosion (5M).

THIRA  Famous psychologist whose mind was stolen by Skagra at the Think Tank space station.  He died in the destruction of the station (5M).

THIRD ZONE  Space sector where Space Station J7 was located.  It contained nine planets (6W).

THIRTEEN WORLDS  Dominion ruled by Morgaine (7N).

THOMAS, SMUDGIE  One of Lord Cranleigh's friends (6A).

THOMPSON  Confederate sergeant who believed he was fighting in the American Civil War.  In reality, he was part of the War Games.  He was eventually returned to his proper place in time and space by the Time Lords (ZZ).

THOMSON, MICK  Victim of the Daleks during their 2164 AD Invasion of Earth (K).

THONMI  Khrisong's lieutenant.  He fought the Great Intelligence and its robot Yeti alongside the Second Doctor, and eventually helped Jamie smash the Intelligence's gateway (NN).

THORDON  The Mentors were swelling laser weapons to the Warlords of Thordon (7B).

THOROS-ALPHA  Neighboring planet to Thoros-Beta.  It was inhabited by humanoids who had mostly been enslaved by the Mentors of Thoros-Beta, who used them as their bearers and guards.  Tusa was the leader of the Thoros-Alphans' rebellion on Thoros-Beta.  Yrcanos helped him defeat the Mentors and free his people (7B).

THOROS-BETA  Planet with green skies and pink seas.  It was the homeworld of the reptilian Mentors, who controlled the Galatron Mining Corporation and many other interplanetary businesses.  They sold laser weapons to Thordon and Krontep, which led the Sixth Doctor to Thoros-Beta to investigate.  His mind was affected by Crozier's Cell Discriminator, and he was almost responsible for Peri's death when Crozier tried transferring dying Lord Kiv's mind into her body (7B).

THORPE, RON  Owner of the Devil's End grocery store.  He was cowed into submission by the Master.  He was about to light a fire meant to burn the Third Doctor to death, when Miss Hawthorne stopped him (JJJ).

THOUS  King of Atlantis.  He was first duped by Prof. Zaroff, but eventually listened to the Second Doctor and came to see Zaroff as the madman he was (GG).

THREST  Leader of the Cryons.  She hired Lytton and Griffiths to steal the time vessel hijacked by the Cybermen (6T).

THRIPSTED (PROF.)  Author of Flora and Fauna of the Universe, a book occasionally quoted by the Doctor (4W).

THUNDERBOLT  Missile armed with a warhead of deadly nerve gas.  Captain Yates was responsible for escorting it and dumping it in the ocean.  The Master used prisoners from Stangmoor to hijack it, intending to use it to destroy the World Peace Conference.  It was finally detonated by UNIT (FFF).

THURLEY  Colonel James Skinsale was Thurley's M.P. (4V).