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TI  God of Tigella worshipped by the Deons (5Q).

TIBET  The First Doctor landed on the Pamir Plateau and there, met Marco Polo in 1289 AD (D).  The Great Intelligence first attempted to conquer Earth in Tibet in the mid-1930s, using Det-Sen Monastery's High Lama Padmasambhava and its robot Yeti, but was thwarted by the Second Doctor (NN).  During the course of this adventure, the Doctor indicated that he had visited Tibet during the 17th Century.  K'Anpo, a retired Time Lord, had adopted the lifestyle of a Tibetan monk and ran a Tibetan monastery in Mortimer, near London, which was almost taken over by the Spiders of Metebelis 3 (ZZZ).

TIGELLA  Planet located in the Prion planetary system.  Its aggressive vegetation forced its people to live in an underground civilization, powered by the Dodecahedron.  After Meglos stole the Dodecahedron, the Tigellans, led by Deedrix and Caris, reclaimed their planet's surface (5Q).

TIGELLANS  Inhabitants of Tigella.  They were led by Zastor, and divided into the technical Savants and the religious Deons, who worshipped the god Ti and the Dodecahedron (5Q).

TIGILINUS  Emperor Nero's mute slave.  Nero ordered him to drink a poisoned drink.  He obeyed and died (M).

TIGUS  Barren, volcanic world where the First Doctor stopped during his flight from the Daleks when he was trying to stop their Masterplan.  The Meddling Monk tried to strand the Doctor on Tigus by tampering with his TARDIS, but failed (V).

TILDA  She and Tabby were two old Rezzies who lived in Paradise Towers and secretly fed on the Kangs.  They almost killed Mel.  Later, Tilda was killed by one of Kroganon's robotic devices (7E).

TILL  Count Grendel's dwarf manservant (5D).
TIM  Youngster on a Chameleon Tour on his way to Germany (KK).
TIMANOV  Chief Elder of Sarn.  He was a deeply religious man who believed in the god Logar.  The Master used this faith to turn him against the Fifth Doctor.  Timanov would have refused to evacuate the doomed Sarn if he had not mistaken Amyand for Logar (6Q).

TIME ACCELERATION BEAM  Weapon designed and used by the Borad;  it could age a person to death in a matter of seconds (6Y).


TIME BARRIER  Xoanon set up a time barrier to isolate the Tesh from the Sevateem.  It functioned as a force field preventing contact between the two cultures (4Q).


TIME CONTOUR  Type of time corridor used by the Master to hijack a Concorde plane to the Jurassic (6C).

TIME CONTROLLER  Spherical device the Daleks used to control their time corridors.  It was probably powered by a minute quantity of taranium (7H).

TIME CORRIDOR  While striving to defeat the Movellans, the Daleks first discovered the rudiments of time travel.  They began to create time corridors through the space-time vortex.  Towards the end of the 27th Century, the Daleks opened a time corridor with 20th Century London, which they used to trap the Fifth Doctor (6P).  They also used a time corridor to try to prevent Davros' White Daleks from seizing the Hand of Omega (7H).

TIME DAMS  Devices built by Queen Xanxia of Zanak to slow the flow of time to a virtual standstill for her dying body.  They were secretly powered by the energy stolen from the worlds crushed by Zanak.  However, the Fourth Doctor revealed that the time dams' energy needs grew in an exponential fashion, and sooner or later, there wouldn't be enough energy in the universe to prevent Xanxia's original body from dying.  The time dams were eventually blown up by the Fourth Doctor and the Mentiads (5B).

TIME DESTRUCTOR  A weapon designed by the Daleks as part of their Masterplan against Earth.  It was powered by a taranium core.  The Time Destructor could locally reverse, or accelerate, the flow of time.  It was eventually activated by the First Doctor on Kembel.  Its effects killed Sara Kingdom, the Daleks, and eventually all life on Kembel, before the machine self-destructed (V).

TIME EDDY  A freak phenomenon of the space-time vortex.  The Fourth Doctor and Romana were caught up in a time eddy during the Game of Rassilon (6K).

TIMELASH  Time corridor devised by the Borad which linked Karfel to Earth.  It was used as a method of banishment to exile those who rebelled against the Borad.  It was powered by Kontron crystals (6Y).

TIME LOOP  The Time Lords used a time loop to imprison the homeworld of the War Lords (ZZ).  The Third Doctor and the Master teamed up to imprison Axos in a time loop (GGG).  Vorg's Scope used the principles of the time loop (PPP).  The Fifth Planet of the Solar System was placed in a time loop by the Time Lords in an attempt to destroy the Fendahl (4X).  The Fourth Doctor time looped the Vardans' home world after he had tricked them into materializing on Gallifrey (4Z).  He also used a time loop to prevent the Marshal from destroying Zeos (5F).  Meglos of Zolfa-Thura imprisoned the Fourth Doctor in a primitive type of Time Loop called Chronic Hysteresis (5Q).  The Sixth Doctor used Kontron crystals to manufacture short, portable time loops to defeat the Borad (6Y).

TIME LORDS  The Time Lords were the rulers of Gallifrey.  All Time Lords were from Gallifrey, but not all Gallifreyans were Time Lords.  The Time Lords were divided into various colleges, such as Arcalians, Patrexes and Prydonians, each headed by Cardinals.  The Time Lords were ruled by a High Council, which was comprised of a President, a Chancellor, the Cardinals, and various high-ranking officials.  The Castellan was in charge of security, and commanded the Chancellery Guards.  The Celestial Intelligence Agency (CIA) was the covert arm of the High Council, created to secretly safeguard the Time Lords' interests.  The Time Lords' prison planet was Shada (5M).
 Those Time Lords who turned their backs on the benefits of Gallifreyan society were known as Renegades.  The most famous Renegade Time Lords were the Doctor, the Master (q.v.), the Rani (q.v.), the Monk (S, V), the War Chief (ZZ), K'Anpo (ZZZ), Morbius (4K), Drax (5F), Salyavin (5M) and Azmael (6S).  The Shobogans (or Outsiders) were Time Lords who had voluntarily renunced their position on Gallifrey to live outside the Capitol (4Z).
 The Time Lords' physiology included two hearts, a respiratory bypass system, the ability to withstand a greater range of temperature and radiation than men, telepathic powers and, finally, the ability to regenerate their bodies at least twelve times.  On certain occasions, the Time Lords could create a projection of their future selves to help them through their impending regeneration: Cho-Je (ZZZ), the Watcher (5V) and possibly the Valeyard (7A-7C) were such projections.
 At the dawn of a history which spanned millions of years, Omega used his stellar manipulator to create a super-nova which collapsed into a black hole.  Rassilon brought that black hole back to Gallifrey and locked it beneath the Panopticon, where it became known as the Eye of Harmony.  Its virtually inexhaustible supply of energy gave the Time Lords their mastery over time travel.
 Early Time Lord history is shrouded in secrecy.  The Time Lords played irresponsibly with their powers when they created the Death Zone, where creatures scooped from various places in time and space were forced to fight for their amusement.  Eventually, Rassilon closed the Death Zone and banned the Time Scoop (6K).  Still in their active phase, the Time Lords destroyed the Fendahl (4X) and the Great Vampires (5P), after a war so bloody that they forswore violence.  The Time Lords also gave the Minyans more technology than they were able to handle, and were ultimately responsible for the destruction of Minyos (4Y).  This led to the creation of a policy of strict non interference in other races' affairs, except where Time Lord security was involved.
 For example, the Time Lords (or the CIA) banded together against the renegade Morbius (4K) and attempted to curtail dangerous time experiments on Space Station J7 (6W).  They warned the Third Doctor of the Master's arrival on Earth (EEE), and sent him after the Master when it was found that the evil Time Lord had acquired knowledge of the Doomsday Weapon (HHH).  They also used him to secure Peladon's entry in the Federation (MMM), and to help the Solonians achieve their super-human form, possibily in an effort to bring down Earth's Empire (NNN).  The Time Lords sent the Fourth Doctor back in time to prevent the creation of the Daleks (4E), which may have been only one of the many steps it took to ensure their final destruction.  They also sent him to Karn to deal with the Brain of Morbius (4K).
   The early Time Lords created the Matrix, which became the repository of all their knowledge.  Eventually, Rassilon passed away and his body was locked inside the Tomb of Rassilon, in the Death Zone, even though his intelligence lived on (6K).  With the passage of time came maturity, then senility and decadence.  Science was replaced by ritual, knowledge by dogma.
 In more recent history, the Time Lords were alerted by the Second Doctor to the War Lords' plans.  They destroyed the War Lord and time looped his planet.  They judged the Second Doctor, exiled him to Earth and forced him to regenerate (ZZ).  They later pardoned him when he and his two previous incarnations defeated Omega and saved Gallifrey (RRR).  The Fourth Doctor again saved Gallifrey, first from a plot by the Master and Chancellor Goth (4P), then from invasions by the Vardans and the Sontarans (4Z).  The Time Lords threatened to execute the Fifth Doctor when Omega tried to return to our universe by taking over his body (6E).  President Borusa later used the Five Doctors to try to discover the secret of immortality (6K).  Afterwards, a new and corrupt High Council initiated the Ravolox Stratagem, but was exposed by the Sixth Doctor during his Trial, and then deposed (7A-7C).
 The nature of the relationship between the Time Lords and the Guardians of Time is unknown, even though the High Council is obviously aware of the existence of the Guardians (5A).

TIME MANIPULATOR  The Rani plotted to launch a Loyhargil rocket to blow up an asteroid made up of Strange Matter in orbit around Lakertya.  The resulting explosion would have recreated the conditions of the Leptonic Era and produced Helium 2.  This would have turned her made-up Brain into a planet-sized Time Manipulator, with which she could have recreated the universe.  The Seventh Doctor thwarted her plans by causing the rocket to miss the asteroid (7D).

TIME RAM  Two TARDISes occupying exactly the same coordinates in space and time.  The Third Doctor engineered one to release Kronos and destroy the Kronos Crystal (OOO).

TIME RING  Device used by the Time Lords to transport the Fourth Doctor to Skaro for a mission to prevent the Daleks' creation.  Later, it carried him back to Space Beacon Nerva (4E-4D).

TIME ROTOR  Column located at the center of the TARDIS command console.   Its vertical movement indicated that the TARDIS was in motion.

TIME SCANNER  Device created by Dr. Fendelman to study the origins of man.  It created a hole in time, which threatened the stability of the continuum.  It was used by Stael to recreate the Fendahl.  The Fourth Doctor eventually rigged it to create a time implosion which utterly destroyed the Fetch Priory along with the Fendahl Core and the Fendahleen (4X).  The TARDIS is also equipped with a Time Scanner (HH).

TIME SCOOP  Device used by the Time Lords during the Dark Times, to pull creatures from time and space and place them in the Death Zone for their amusement.  It was eventually outlawed by Rassilon.  Borusa used it to pull the Five Doctors and their Companions together for his bid for true immortality (6K).  The Master once duplicated the effects of the Time Scoop with the Kronos Crystal (OOO).  Prof. Whitaker designed a primitive type of Time Scoop to fetch dinosaurs to help Sir Charles Grover's Operation Golden Age (WWW).  The alien Miniscope, outlawed by the Time Lords, was another type of Time Scoop (PPP).

TIME TRAVEL  In the beginning, only the Time Lords and a few powerful cosmic entities and races, were able to travel in time on a regular basis.  These included the two Guardians of Time (5A), Kronos and the Kronavores, who lived in the space-time vortex (OOO), the Celestial Toymaker (Y), the Tharils (who had the ability to travel unaided in the space-time vortex) (5S) and the Eternals, who lived "in eternity" (6H).
 There is evidence that other races or entities had at least theoretical or limited knowledge of time travel.  These included the Daleks (q.v.), the Moroks (Q), the Elders (AA), the Great Intelligence (QQ), the Master-Brain (UU), the Daemons (JJJ), the Miniscope's designers (PPP), the Spiders of Metebelis Three (ZZZ), the Osirians (4G), the Mandragora Helix (which also seemed to inhabit the vortex) (4M), Xoanon (4Q), Queen Xanxia of Zanak (5B), the Zolfa-Thurans (5Q), Monarch of Urbanka (5W), the Xeraphin (6C) and the Borad (6Y).  The Argolins' experiments in tachyonics were a form of time mamipulation (5N).
 Time travel required enormous quantities of power.  The Time Lords were able to obtain such power only after Omega used his stellar manipulator to create a super-nova, which in turn collapsed into a black hole, which Rassilon later brought back to Gallifrey, where it became known as the Eye of Harmony (RRR, 4P).  Rassilon also created the Rassilon Imprimature, a symbiotic print contained within the Time Lords' genes, and somehow connected with their ability to withstand the stress of time travel (6W).
 The secret of time travel was jealously guarded by the Time Lords, who often took drastic steps to protect it.  These included sending the Second Doctor and Jamie to investigate unauthorized time experiments by Kartz and Reimer on Space Station J7 of the Third Zone (6W), and fighting the Sontarans to protect the secrets of time travel (6W, 4Z), even though the Sontarans later developed crude time travel possibilities thanks to their Osmic Projectors (UUU).  The Time Lords also arranged for the outlawing of the Miniscopes, which involved a rudimentary form of time scoop (PPP).  They probably succeeded in preventing the Cybermen from acquiring time travel technology (6T).  They may have contributed to the fall of the Moroks, who used time travel to fill their Space Museum (Q), and to that of the Borad, who had used Kontron crystals to build a time corridor known as the Timelash (6Y).  They certainly stopped the War Lords, who had obtained time travel secrets from a renegade Time Lord (ZZ).
 However, the Time Lords were unable to prevent the determined Daleks (q.v.) from developing time travel.  Dalek time travel became possible when the Daleks found adequate supplies of taranium (V, R).  However, Dalek time travel remained crude by Time Lord standards, and at first relied only on time corridors (6P, 7H).  The fact that the Daleks eventually became extinct, due mostly to the intervention of the Doctor (often manipulated by the Celestial Intervention Agency) may be evidence of Time Lord intervention.
 By 10,000 AD, possibly as a result of the Morbius affair (4K), other species began to engage in attempts to obtain the secret of time travel.  Spies from Andromeda, using Earth as their base, successfully infiltrated the Gallifreyan Matrix, which led the Time Lords to strike back in what became known as the Ravolox Stratagem (7A).  Ultimately, it seems that the Time Lords were unsuccessful in their attempts to prevent other races from discovering time travel, since by the time the Seventh Doctor and Mel met the young Chimeron Queen, Delta, time travel appeared to have become widely accessible throughout the known universe (7F).
 Incidental research into time travel on Earth included: Theodore Maxtible and Edward Waterfield, using mirrors and static electricity (LL); Professor Whitaker's time scoop, for Operation Golden Age (WWW); Magnus Greel, and his Zigma Experiment (4S);  Scaroth the Jagaroth, thanks to Prof. Kerensky's work (5H).

TIME VECTOR GENERATOR  Element of the TARDIS controls.  It needed mercury in its fluid links to function (B).  The Second Doctor used it to boost the Wheel in Space's X-ray laser to defeat the Cybermen (SS).

TIME WINDS  Streams of energy blowing through the time vortex which were deadly to men and machine.  The time-shifting Tharils could phase through the time winds unscathed.  The Fourth Doctor's hand was injured by the time winds, but cured when he stepped through the Gateway into E-space.  K9 Mark II was also damaged by the time winds, and could only function properly in E-Space (5S).

TIMMIN  Morgus' personal assistant.  After Morgus fled to Androzani Minor, she betrayed him to the Praesidium, and became Chairman and Chief Director of the Sirius Conglomerate (6R).

TINCLAVIC MINES  Located on Raaga, it was there that the Terileptils sent their outcasts, after disfiguring them (5X).

TISSUE COMPRESSION ELIMINATOR  The Master's favorite weapon.  It reduced its victim to doll size through matter condensation.  It was said to be a particularly painful death (EEE, 4P, 5V, 6J).  The Master accidentally shrank himself with it, but used the Numismaton Flame to restore himself to full-size (6Q).

TISZA PALACE  Headquarters of Alexander Denes in Budapest (PP).

TITAN  One of Saturn's moons.  At the end of the 50th Century, its refuelling base was invaded by the Virus, and turned into a Hive.  It was eventually destroyed by the Fourth Doctor (4T).

TITAN III  Small, deserted planetoid where Mestor had built his safe house.  Coincidentally, it was also there that the Sixth Doctor wanted to retire after his regeneration (6S).

TITO  One of the soldiers at Snowcap Space Tracking Station.  He was killed by the Mondasian Cybermen (DD).

TLALOC  One of the Aztecs (F).

TLOTOXL  Aztec High Priest of Sacrifice.  Barbara tried to put an end to his gruesome practices, but failed (F).

TOBA  The Dominators' sadistic Probationer.  He and his superior, Rago, were sent to Dulkis to turn the planet into radioactive waste to repower their fleet.  He perished in an explosion caused by their own atomic seeding bomb, which had been removed and placed on board of their ship by the Second Doctor (TT).

TOBERMAN  Kaftan's powerful manservant.  He was captured by the Cybermen on Telos, who replaced his arms with cyber appendages.  Later, shaken by Kaftan's death, Toberman regained his humanity and sacrificed his life to destroy the Cybercontroller (MM).

TOBIAS, HENRY  Editor of Moreton Harwood's ®MDUL¯Echo®MDNM¯.  He was a member of the Cult of Hecate, led by Commander Pollock and Lily Gregson (K9).

TOBY  Strong man hired by Arthur Terrall.  He was killed by the Daleks (LL).

TODD (DR.)  Scientist of the Imperial Earth expedition force to Deva Loka.  The Kinda's attempts to have him mind-meld with them caused him to become mentally unbalanced.  He was cured by the Fifth Doctor with the Kinda's Jhana Box, and helped him defeat the Mara (5Y).

TOKL  One of the Rim Worlds of the 24th Century (7B).

TOLATA  One of Cully's tour party.  She was killed by the Dominators (TT)

TOLIGNY  Councillor to Charles IX, King of France (W).

TOLLMASTER  Alien employee at an hyperstatial tollport who welcomed the Seventh Doctor and Mel as their ten billionth customers -- the prize was a trip to 1959 Disneyland.  He was later shot by Gavrok (7F).

TOLLPORT G715  Hyperspatial tollport where the Seventh Doctor and Ace won a trip to Disneyland and where Delta sneaked aboard Murray's tour bus (7F).

TOLLUND  The eldest of Lady Adrasta's scientists on Chloris.  He was Doran's colleague (5G).

TOM  Stable boy at Jacob Kewper's inn (CC).

TOM  One of the Rani's assistants in 19th Century England.  The Master killed him with his TCE (6X).

TOM-TIT (a.k.a. TRANSMISSION OF MATTER THROUGH INTERSTITIAL TIME)  Teleportation device designed by the Master at the Newton Research Institute.  TOM-TIT unfortunately created disturbances in the time field.  The Master used it to summon Kronos, and duplicate the effects of a time scoop.  It is likely that the TOM-TIT research eventually brought about the creation of T-Mat (OOO).  Also see TELEPORTATION.

TOMAS  Councillor of the Sevateem, and Leela's friend.  He saved her from Neeva's men, and helped the Fourth Doctor and Calib overcome Xoanon (4Q).

TOMB OF RASSILON (a.k.a. THE DARK TOWER)  Edifice located at the center of the Death Zone on Gallifrey.  It was there that Rassilon was said to be entombed.  When President Borusa decided he wanted to rule the Time Lords forever, he needed to gain the secret of true immortality promised by Rassilon, and located in his Tomb.  In order to break through the Tomb of Rassilon, he used the Five Doctors and their companions, pitting them against various threats in the Death Zone.  Rassilon finally gave him the immortality he sought by turning him into a living statue (6K).

TOMBSTONE  Small town in Arizona which had acquired a reputation for lawlesness.  In 1881 AD, it became the location of the famous gunfight at the O.K. Corral between the Earps and the Clantons.  The First Doctor, Steven and Dodo took part in the events leading up to that fight (Z).

TOMMY  Retarded man who lived at K'anpo's Tibetan Monastery.  His mind was restored by the Blue Crystal of Metebelis Three.  He fought alongside the Third Doctor and Sarah against the Spiders (ZZZ).

TONGS  Chinese secret societies.  Under the guise of the god Weng-Chiang, Magnus Greel led the Tong of the Black Scorpion (4S).

TONILA  Aztec crony of Tlotoxl.  He was eventually chosen to replace Autloc (F).

TONKONP EMPIRE  Empire conquered by King Yrcanos of Krontep (7B).

TONY  Strongman at Rossini's International Circus (EEE).

TOOBES MAJOR  Point from which Capt. Briggs' space freighter departed (6B).

TOOS  Uvanov's second in command aboard the Sandminer.  Due to the Fourth Doctor's intervention, she and Uvanov were the only survivors from the attack of the robots of Death (4R).

TOR  Young leader of the Xeron rebellion.  He fought against the Moroks alongside the First Doctor in the Space Museum (Q).

TOR  One of the Savages.  He tried to kill Exorse, but was stopped by Nanina (AA).

TORBIS  Chancellor of Peladon who was in favor of his planet joining the Federation.  He was murdered by Aggedor, who was secretly controlled by Hepesh (MMM).

TORVIN  Former miner, and somewhat dim-witted leader of Chloris's rebels.  He was killed by Karela (5G).

TOTAL SURVIVAL SUIT  Mobile, armored suit employed by the Earth Expedition Force on Deva Loka (5Y).

TOTTERS LANE  Location of I.M. Foreman's junkyard (at No. 76), which the First and Sixth Doctors used as a rematerialisation point.  Galactic mercenary Lytton also used that junkyard as a launching base for a criminal expedition into the sewers of London (A, 6T).  It was also the site of a battle between British soldiers and the Daleks (7H).

TOURISM  The First Doctor visited the top of the Empire State Building, and soon afterwards, a house of Horrors in 1996 Ghana, where he met android versions of Dracula and the Frankenstein Monster (R).  Later, he explored the Moroks' Space Museum on Xeros (Q).  The Third Doctor became trapped in Vorg's outlawed Miniscope (PPP), and was instrumental in destroying the Exxilon's Perfect City, one of the 700 wonders of the Universe (XXX).  The Fourth Doctor fought Magnus Greel in Henry Gordon Jago's theatre in Victorian London (4S) and visited the Leisure Hive, the first of the Leisure Planets (5N).  He also showed the sights of Paris to Romana (5H) and posed as a tourist to outwit Gatherer Hade (4W).  The Seventh Doctor fought the Bannermen at the Welsh holiday camp of Shangri-La (7F), and freed the Psychic Circus from the Gods of Ragnarok's evil influence (7J).  Morton Dill (R) and Lavinia Hackensack (7K) were two American tourists.  Colin Frazer was a tourist in Amsterdam when he was kidnapped by Omega (6E).

TOWER  Abode where Zargo, Camilla and Aukon lived, on the Great Vampire's world.  In reality, it was Hydrax, gutted of its scientific equipment.  The Great Vampire himself lay buried beneath it (5P).

TOY SOLDIERS  Creatures from the Land of Fiction (UU).

TOYMAKER, CELESTIAL  Attired in the dress of a Chinese Mandarin, he was in reality an eternal being of great mental and physical powers who could not be destroyed.  The Toymaker's passion was to lure travelers and force them to play his games -- if they lost, they then became his playthings.  The Toymaker challenged the First Doctor, Steven and Dodo to a series of such deadly games, which they won.  However, the Doctor discovered that, to make the last, winning move in the Toymaker's Trilogic Game, would condemn them all to oblivion.  The Time Lord then outwitted the Toymaker by ordering the move with the Toymaker's voice, thereby enabling the TARDIS to escape while finishing the game (Y).
 [NOTE: According to some accounts, the Sixth Doctor and Peri fought the Toymaker in Blackpool, during which time they discovered that the Toymaker came from another, entirely different universe.]

TRACEY, GEORGE  Resident of Moreton Harwood and manager of Aunt Lavinia's market garden shop.  His family dated back to the Publius Trescus Roman family.  He was a member of the Cult of Hecate, led by Commander Pollock and Lily Gregson (K9).

TRACEY, PETER  Resident of Moreton Harwood and George Tracey's son.  He was a somewhat reluctant member of the Cult of Hecate, led by Commander Pollock and Lily Gregson (K9).

TRACTATORS  Insect-like burrowers which formed a collective intelligence.  Without the guiding will of their leader, they were only mindless animals.  They had great natural powers of gravity control.  The Tractators were universal outcasts, who once attacked Trion.  The Fifth Doctor discovered they had infected the colony of Frontios.  Their leader, the Gravis, had secretly drawn human colonists to Frontios because he needed to use their bodies and minds to power his excavating machines.  He then planned to turn Frontios into a hollow spaceship and roam the universe.  The Doctor used the Gravis' desire for the TARDIS to cut him off from the other Tractators, and thereby render them helpless (6N).

TRACY  A member of UNIT.  He helped the Second Doctor defeat the Cybermen Invasion (VV).

TRAKEN  Located in Mettula Orionsis, the Union of Traken was a multiplanetary confederation held in a state of harmony by the Source, which was controlled by the Keeper.  After the Keeper's dissolution, the Master (disguised as the Melkur) temporarily became the new Keeper.  He planned to use the Source to turn the Union of Traken into an all-conquering force and seize another body for himself.  He was exposed and prevented from remaining Keeper by the Fourth Doctor, Adric, Nyssa and Council Tremas (5T).  The Union of Traken was later destroyed when the Master tampered with Logopolis (5V).

TRANQUIL REPOSE  Notorious galactic mortuary where the bodies of famous and rich people were kept cryogenically frozen.  Tranquil Repose was secretly taken over by Davros (posing as the Great Healer) who used the frozen bodies' heads to grow Daleks loyal to himself, and sold the rest to Kara's protein factory.  After the the Sixth Doctor intervened, Tranquil Repose was blown up by Orcini.  Its personnel turned to refining local flowers into food (6Z).

TRANSDUCTION BARRIERS  Quantum-powered force fields created by Rassilon to protect Gallifrey.  The Fourth Doctor pulled them down to allow the Vardans to materialize so he could unmask them.  Unfortunately, by so doing, he enabled the Sontarans to invade Gallifrey (4Z).

TRANSFERENCE MODULE  Another name for the Kartz-Reimer time cabinet (6W).



TRANTIS  Member of the Dalek Alliance in their Masterplan against Earth.  He was eventually betrayed by Mavic Chen, and killed by the Daleks (T/A, V).

TRANTON, DARCY  Hollywood actor (V).

TRASK  Captain of the ship "Annabelle", which he had stolen from MacKay and was using to transport Gray's slaves to the West Indies.  He was killed in a sword fight with Jamie (FF).

TRAU  Androzani equivalent of Mister (6R).


TRAVELLER FROM BEYOND TIME  Nickname given to the Doctor by the Elders (AA).

TRAVELLERS  Nickname given to the circle of the Stones of Blood.  At various times in history, they were labelled Six, Seven or Nine Travellers, because three of the stones were, in reality, the alien Ogri, servants of Cessair (5C).


TRAVERS, ANNE  Daughter of Prof. Edward Travers, and scientific advisor to the army task force which fought the Great Intelligence in the London underground.  She and her father helped the Second Doctor and Jamie defeat the Yeti (QQ).  She later accompanied her father to the United States (VV).

TRAVERS, BEN  Electrical engineer, and one of the three lighthouse keepers of Fang Rock.  He was one of the first victims of the Rutan (4V).

TRAVERS, EDWARD (PROF.)  British explorer who traveled to Tibet in the mid-1930s, accompanied by his friend Mackay, to solve the mystery of the Yeti.  After Mackay's death, Travers mistrusted the Second Doctor, but eventually joined forces with him to defeat the Great Intelligence and its robot Yeti (NN).  Thirty years later, Travers reactivated one of the Yeti's silver control spheres, which led to the Intelligence's attack on London.  Made scientific advisor (with his daughter, Anne) to the army task force which fought the Intelligence in the London underground, Travers again joined forces with the Second Doctor and Colonel Lethbridge-Stewart to thwart the evil cosmic entity's plans (QQ).  When the Doctor tried recontacting him soon afterwards, prior to the Cybermen invasion, he was told by Isobel Watkins that Travers and his daughter had gone to spend a year in the United States (VV).

TRAVERS  Commodore of the Hyperion III space liner.  The Doctor had met him before in an unrecorded adventure.  He helped the Sixth Doctor save his ship from the black hole of Tartarus, defeat a hijack attempt by Rudge, and destroy the Vervoids (7C).

TRAVIS  One of Dr. Lawrence's technicians at the Wenley Moor atomic research station.  He was killed by the Silurians when they took over the nuclear reactor (BBB).
TRAVIS  Brendan Richards' school friend (K9).
TREE OF LIFE  Name given by the Trogs to the Underworld's tunnel system (4Y).

TREFUSIS (MRS.)  Another alias used by the alien Cessair of Diplos (5C).

TREMAS  One of the five Consuls of Traken.  He was married to Kassia and was the father of Nyssa.  He helped the Fourth Doctor expose the villainy of the Melkur, who was revealed to be the Master, and prevented him from remaining Keeper of Traken.  However, just before he left Traken, the Renegade Time Lord seized Tremas and took control of his body (5T).

TRENCHARD, GEORGE  Former British colonel and governor of the prison where the Master was kept.  The evil Time Lord tricked him into believing he was helping unmask the enemy agents sinking ships in the British Channel, whereas they were actually trying to contact the Sea Devils.  When Trenchard realized he'd been fooled, he tried to shoot the Master, but was killed by the Sea Devils who had taken over his prison (LLL).

TRESCUS, PUBLIUS  Roman ancestor of the Traceys of Moreton Harwood (K9).

TREVOR  Commentator at an Oval test match between England and Australia, which was briefly interrupted by the TARDIS's materialization (V).
TREVOR  One of Brendon School pupils (6F).


TRICKSTER  Jester figure who was part of the Kinda rituals, and who used a Doll to mime his fables (5Y).

TRICOPHENYLALDEHYDE  Neural inhibitor used by the Master on Gallifrey to simulate the appearance of his death (4P).

TRILANIC ACTIVATOR  Device used by the Zygons to direct the Skarasen (4F).

TRILOGIC GAME  Game used by the Toymaker to challenge the First Doctor.  The Trilogic Game consisted of ten triangular pieces which formed a pyramid.  The player had to reform the pyramid by transferring all the pieces one at a time and never placing a larger piece upon a smaller one.  The Doctor won in 1023 moves, and made the last move with the Toymaker's voice (Y).

TRION  Turlough's home planet.  It was once attacked by the Tractators (6N).  Trion was ruled by an imperial family, of which Turlough and his brother Malkon were members.  After the revolution, Turlough was exiled to Earth for ten years.  Malkon crashlanded on Sarn, where the new regime sent its political prisoners.  Trion kept agents on many civilized worlds.  (Their agent on Earth was the solicitor who had Turlough sent to Brendon.)  Eventually, the new regime became more lenient.  When Turlough summoned help from Trion to evacuate Sarn, he was pardoned.  He and Malkon returned to Trion as heroes (6Q).

TRIONIC LOCK  Type of lock used on the Doctor's TARDIS (4P, 4Z).  A Trionic Lattice was a pendant-shaped key used by Greel to unlock his Time Cabinet (4S).

TRISILICATE  Mineral vital to the Federation's war effort against Galaxy Five.  It was found in abundance on Peladon (YYY).

TRITIUM  Cessair used tritium crystals to power her wand (5C).

TRIZON FOCUSER  A component of the Inter Minorans' Eradicator (PPP).

TROGS  Descendents of the Minyans who were the slaves of the Oracle in the Underworld.  With the Fourth Doctor's help, a number of Trogs were rescued by Jackson and travelled with him to Minyos II.  The others presumably perished in an explosion caused by two fission grenades disguised as the Race Banks, which the Oracle had intended to use to destroy Jackson's ship (4Y).

TROILUS  Trojan prince and son of King Priam.  He fell in love with Vicki (then known as Cressida).  Troilus and Vicki fled with Aeneas after the fall of Troy (U).

TROJAN WAR  Legendary conflict between the early Greeks and the city of Troy, which took place in the 12th or 13th Century BC.  The Trojan War began after Paris, son of King Priam of Troy, ran off with Helen, wife of Menelaus of Sparta.  Agamemnon, Menelaus's brother, then led a Greek expedition against Troy.  The war lasted 10 years, finally ending after crafty Odysseus prompted the First Doctor to come up with the stratagem of the Trojan Horse (U).

TROPHY ROOM  The Captain of Zanak set up a room where the shrunken remains of the worlds crushed by Zanak were all kept in perfect gravitational alignment.  The Fourth Doctor proclaimed it to be the most brilliant piece of astro-gravitational engineering he had ever seen.  The Captain was secretly planning to use its energy to kill Queen Xanxia.  It was eventually undone by the Doctor, and its contents were used to fill Zanak's hollow core (5B).

TROY  Ancient city of northwestern Anatolia and site of the Trojan War (U).
TRUMPER  One of Brendon School pupils (6F).
TRYST  Professor of interplanetary zoology whose ambition was to catalog every species in the galaxy.  Tryst's expedition on the Volante was comprised of his assistants, Della and Stott.  In order to secure funding for his research, Tryst decided to smuggle the drug vraxoin, which he had discovered could be derived from the essence of the Mandrels, savage monsters from the planet Eden.  Tryst shot Stott, and used his CET machine to capture the Mandrels and hand them to drug smuggler Dymond.  After the Empress crashed into the Hecate, Tryst tried to frame the Fourth Doctor but was eventually exposed by the Time Lord and Stott.  He and Dymond were arrested (5K).


TUAR  Younger brother of Arak on Metebelis Three.  He was hot-headed, and thought Sarah Jane was a spy.  In spite of the Third Doctor's help, he fell back under the Spiders' control, but was freed when the Great One died (ZZZ).

TULLOCH  Small village on the Scottish Coast, not far from Loch Ness.  UNIT was based there during its investigation into the Zygons' attacks (4F).

T'UNGCHI  Chinese emperor whose soldiers captured Greel's Time Cabinet, and who later offered it as a present to Prof. Litefoot's mother (4S).

TUN-HUANG  Way station on the road to Peking (D).

TURLOUGH, VISLOR  One of the Fifth Doctor's Companions.  When the Time Lord met him, Turlough was a schoolboy on Earth at Bendon School.  After a minor car accident, he entered into a pact with the Black Guardian to kill the Doctor.  During their adventure on Terminus, he made several half-hearted attempts, but failed.  Finally, after the encounter with the Eternals, Turlough turned against the Black Guardian and, by throwing the Enlightenment crystal at him, freed himself.  Afterwards, he helped the Doctor fight the Master.  He then met the Doctor's First, Second and Third Incarnations on the Dead Zone of Gallifrey, and helped them defeat Borusa.  Turlough went on to assist the Doctor in his battles against the Silurians and the Sea Devils, the Malus, the Tractators and the Daleks.  Finally, Turlough was revealed to be a political prisoner from Trion sentenced to ten years' exile on Earth.  After another battle against the Master on Sarn, Trion's prison planet, Turlough found that his exile had been rescinded.  He returned to his homeworld with his newly-found brother, Malkon.  As a Trion political prisoner, Turlough had been tattoed with the Misos Triangle (6F-6Q)

TURNER, JIMMY  UNIT Captain who assisted Brig. Lethbridge-Stewart during the Cybermen Invasion.  He fell in love with Isobel Watkins (VV).
TURNER  One of Brendon School pupils (6F).
TUROC  One of Varga's Ice Warrior crew who was brought back to life in 3000 AD.  He was killed in an ice avalanche while chasing Victoria (OO).

TUSA  Leader of the Thoros-Alphans' rebellion on Thoros-Beta.  He decided to team up with King Yrcanos.  Together, with the Time Lords' secret help, they killed Kiv, Sil and Crozier.  Afterwards, Tusa probably led his now-freed people back to their world (7B).

TUTHMOS  Egyptian builder of pyramids working for Khepren.  He was killed by the Daleks (V).

TWELVE GALAXIES  Sector of Space where Svartos was located (7G).

TWIN SUNS  Name of a Foamasi clan (5N).

TWO-LEGS  Name given by the Spiders of Metebelis 3 to the humans (ZZZ).

TYHEER  Karfelon rebel.  He was banished through the Timelash (6Y).

TYLER, CARL  Strong-willed man who led Dortmun's resistance fighters.  He fought alongside the First Doctor during the 2164 AD Dalek Invasion of Earth (K).

TYLER (DR.)  Cosmic ray researcher at Wessex University.  He helped the Three Doctors fight Omega (RRR).

TYLER, JACK  Martha Tyler's son.  He helped the Fourth Doctor and Leela fight the Fendahleen (4X).

TYLER, MARTHA  Old woman who was the white witch of the village of Fetchborough and knew all the ancient rituals.  She and her son, Jack, helped the Fourth Doctor and Leela fight the Fendahleen.  She provided the rock salt which was used to kill a Fendahleen (4X).

TYLOS, MILREN  Young Alzarian Outler.  He was killed by the Marshmen while helping save Rysik (5R).

TYPE 40  Name of the model of the Doctor's TARDIS.  Three hundred and five were originally registered by the Time Lords.  As more advanced models were built, all Type 40s were eventually deregistered, except for the Doctor's (4P).

TYPHONIAN BEAST  Another of Sutekh's names (4G).

TYRANNOSAURUS REX  The Rani kept a Tyrannosaurus embryo in her TARDIS (6X).
TYRER, A.S.T.  One of Skagra's Think Tank colleagues (5M).
TYRUM  Chief Councillor of the Vogans.  He was terrified that the remains of his planet would be found by the Cybermen, and strongly disapproved of Vorus's plan.  He shot Vorus when the Guardian fired his rocket (4D).

TYSSAN  Starship engineer serving with Earth's deep space fleet.  He was captured by the Daleks, and taken to Skaro to become part of the slave labor force looking for Davros.  Tyssan helped the Fourth Doctor defeat both the Daleks and the Movellans.  He later took a captive Davros back to Earth (5J).

TYTHONIANS  Inhabitants of Tythonus.  The Tythonians were very advanced aliens who looked like giant, greenish blobs.   The Tythonians were almost entirely composed of brain tissue, and communicated through their skins, or through a shield-shaped device which enabled them to use another person's larynx.  Some Tythonians, like Erato, had the ability to secrete a metallic substance, and could weave their own egg-shaped spaceships (5G).

TYTHONUS  Planet rich in metals, but poor in chlorophyll, a substance vital to the Tythonianans' reproduction.  The Tythonians sent an ambassador, Erato, to Chloris to offer to trade chlorophyll for metal.  To preserve her power, Lady Adrasta kept him imprisoned in the mines for fifteen years.  The Fourth Doctor and Romana eventually discovered Erato's true nature, and exposed Adrasta's duplicity.  But the Tythonians had already diverted a Neutron Star and aimed it to collide with Chloris' suns to avenge the kidnapping of their ambassador.  The Doctor and Erato teamed up to save Chloris (5G).