by Jean-Marc Lofficier

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German covers by Regino Bernad

Le Saint Detective Magazine 1

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The Saint on French Radio

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De Saint (The Dutch Saint)

© 2001 Jean-Marc Lofficier. This article first appeared in a slightly different form in the Summer '94 issue of The Epistle.

Thanks to Ian Dickerson for Research Assist.
Thanks to Dan Bodenheimer, Marcel Bernadac, and Patrick Verdant for additional cover scans.

The success of the Saint books even encouraged Fayard in 1948 to start publishing French editions of the Nero Wolfe (a.k.a. "L'Homme aux Orchidées" -- The Orchid Man) novels by Rex Stout, and John Creasey's The Toff, rechristened The Prince. Before the war, Fayard had also published five New Adventures of Raffles by Barry Perown. Later, in the 1950s, they would release a French edition of The Saint Detective Magazine as well. They also published three new Fantômas books by Marcel Allain.

It is interesting to observe that Fayard deliberately copied the design of its famous
Saint covers, using the haloed stick figure designed and trademarked by Leslie Charteris, in order to attract readers to its other series: the Nero Wolfe covers featured a rotund, orchid-bearing, stick figure, while those of the Prince bore a top-hat-wearing, monocled one. Considering Charteris' well-documented attempts to protect his trademark, it is remarkable that no attempts were made to stop Fayard from doing this.

In any event, and in spite of this clever bit of cover design, the
Nero Wolfe and Prince series failed to attract the same, huge following than that of the Saint books. They were abandoned in 1950, after more than twenty Nero Wolfes and fourteen Princes had been published. (It is also possible that Fayard simply lost the rights to publish them.)

Meanwhile, Fayard, having by then run out of original Leslie Charteris'
Saint stories, embarked on an aggressive program to manufacture their own. From then on, the Saint would become, and remain until its own discontinuation in 1966, Fayard's premier crime/adventure series.


1 - L'homme aux Orchidées
2 - Ici, Radio New-York
3 - La bande élastique
4 - La sauce Zingara
5 - Les compagnons de la peur
6 - La cassette rouge
7 - Meurtre au vestiaire
8 - Double piège
9 - Trop de femmes
10 - Sept millions de dollars
11 - La voix du mort
12 - La seconde confession
13 - Ca arrive dans les meilleures familles
14 - Les orchidées noires
15 - Un roman a tué...
16 - Je vous regarderai mourir
17 - Trois femmes et un homme
18 - Deux portes sur la mort
19 - Les araignées d'or
20 - Dans la plus stricte intimité
21 - La Montagne Noire

Nero Wolfe No.1
(First Version)

Nero Wolfe No.1
(Second Version)

Nero Wolfe No.2

Nero Wolfe No.3
(cover by Bellus)

Nero Wolfe No.4

Nero Wolfe No.5

Nero Wolfe No.6

Nero Wolfe No.7

Nero Wolfe No.8

Nero Wolfe No.9

Nero Wolfe No.10

Nero Wolfe No.11

Nero Wolfe No.12

Nero Wolfe No.13

Nero Wolfe No.14

Nero Wolfe No.15

Nero Wolfe No. 16

Nero Wolfe No. 17

Nero Wolfe No.18

Nero Wolfe No.19

Nero Wolfe No.20


Nero Wolfe No.21



1 - Le Prince entre dans le bain
2 - Le Prince et la dame en noir
3 - Le Prince en uniforme
4 - Le Prince contre le marteau
5 - Le Prince contre Scotland Yard
6 - Le Prince en croisière
7 - Le Prince en perte de vitesse
8 - Le Prince et les barbus
9 - Le Prince découvre les Champs-Elysées
10 - Le Prince hors-la-loi
11 - Le Prince sonne l'hallali
12 - Le Prince joue avec Casque d'Or
13 - Le Prince, l'amour et les diamants
14 - Le Prince et les vestes rouges

Toff No. 1

Toff No. 2

Toff No. 3

Toff No. 4

Toff No.5

Toff No.6

Toff No. 7

Toff No. 8

Toff No. 9

Toff No. 10

Toff No. 11

Toff No. 12

Toff No. 13

Toff No. 14 



1. Fantômas Joue et Gagne (1947)
2. Fantômas Rencontre l'Amour (1947)
3. Fantômas Vole des Blondes (1948)

Fantômas No. 1

Fantômas No. 2

Fantômas No. 3