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German covers by Regino Bernad

Le Saint Detective Magazine 1

Le Saint Detective Magazine 2

Le Saint Detective Magazine 3

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The Saint on French Radio

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De Saint (The Dutch Saint)

© 2001 Jean-Marc Lofficier. This article first appeared in a slightly different form in the Summer '94 issue of The Epistle.

Thanks to Ian Dickerson for Research Assist.
Thanks to Dan Bodenheimer, Marcel Bernadac, and Patrick Verdant for additional cover scans.

Three SAINT radio adaptations were broadcast on RADIO-SOTTENS, a Swiss-based, French-language radio channel, as part of the ENIGMES ET AVENTURES (Enigmas & Adventures) anthology show.

The numbering of the stories refers to the Fayard catalog.

Le Saint à Miami
(No. 17) (11 & 15 July 1949) (Adapt: Roland Jay)
Le Saint à Hollywood (incl. in No. 20) (18 & 22 July 1949) (Adapt: Roland Jay)
L'Homme qui ne pouvait pas mourir (incl. in No. 18) (25 & 29 July 1949) (Adapt: Roland Jay)