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De Saint (The Dutch Saint)

© 2007 Jean-Marc Lofficier. This article first appeared in a slightly different form in the Summer '94 issue of The Epistle.

Thanks to Ian Dickerson for Research Assist.
Thanks to Dan Bodenheimer, Marcel Bernadac, and Patrick Verdant for additional cover scans.

Number in the Fayard "Saint" series.
French Title (Date of first French publication) (English translation of French title) (Original title(s) if/when different) (French reprints - LDP = Livre de Poche).

  • Short Story Titles (if collection) (English translation of French title) (Original title if/when different) (LSDM = Le Saint Detective Magazine followed by the issue number in which the story appeared)

(Plot summary (for "French" novels only))

Le Saint à New York (1938) (The Saint in New York) (rep. LDP 2190, 1967; rep. 10/18 No. 2059, 1989).

L'Héroïque Aventure (1938) (The Heroic Adventure) (Knight Templar/The Avenging Saint) (rep. LDP 2746, 1970).
(Reprinted in Omnibus No. 1)

Les Anges des Ténèbres (1938) (The Angels of Darkness) (The Saint Meets His Match/Angels of Doom/She Was a Lady) (rep. LDP 3121, 1971).

La Justice du Saint (1938) (The Saint's Justice) (Saint Overboard/The Pirate Saint) (rep. LDP 2610, 1969; also serialized in the magazine Story Nos. 281 seq., 1950-51).

Le Saint et les Mauvais Garçons (1939) (The Saint and The Bad Boys) (Alias the Saint) (rep. LDP 2393, 1969).
  • Le Dragon de Bronze (The Brass Dragon) (The Impossible Crime)
  • L'Auberge Mystérieuse aka L'Auberge des Mauvais Garçons (The Mysterious Inn) (The National Debt) (LSDM #92)
  • Le Mort Vivant (The Living Dead) (The Story of a Dead Man)

(Reprinted in Omnibus No. 4)

Le Saint et l'Archiduc (1939) (The Saint and the Archduke) (Getaway) (rep. LDP 2376, 1968).
(Reprinted in Omnibus No. 1)

Le Saint à Londres (1939) (The Saint in London) (The Saint versus Scotland Yard/The Holy Terror) (rep. LDP 2436, 1968; rep. 10/18 No. 2058, 1989).

  • Sommation sans frais (Injunction Without Costs) (The Inland Revenue) (LSDM #82)
  • Un Million de Livres (A Million Pounds) (The Million Pound Day) (LSDM #90)
  • Le Mélancolique Voyage de l'Inspecteur Teal (The Melancholic Journey of Inspector Teal) (The Melancholy Journey of Mr. Teal) (LSDM #80)

(Reprinted in Omnibus No. 5)

Ici le Saint! (1939) (The Saint Here!) (Once More the Saint/The Saint & Mr. Teal) (rep. LDP 3156, 1971).

  • L'Homme qui pouvait faire de l'or (The Man Who Could Make Gold) (The Gold Standard) (First published by Editions Ferenczi in Crime & Police No. 30, 1933; then rep. by Editions Ferenczi in Le Verrou No. 9, 1950, under the title Le Secret du Prof. Quell (The Secret of Prof. Quell)) (LSDM #140-141)
  • Galbraith Stride fut pendu (Galbraith Stride Was Hung) (The Death Penalty) (rep. by Editions Ferenczi in Le Verrou No. 5, 1950 under the title La Tragédie du Louxor (The Luxor Tragedy)). (LSDM #142-143)

(Also see No.9.)
(Reprinted in Omnibus No. 4)

Les Compagnons du Saint (1940) (The Saint's Companions) (Once More the Saint/The Saint & Mr. Teal) & (Enter the Saint) (rep. LDP 3211, 1971).

  • Patricia Holm (The Man from St. Louis) (rep. by Editions Ferenczi in Le Verrou No. 1, 1950 under the title L'Homme de Saint-Louis (The Man from St. Louis)).
  • Roger Conway (The Policeman with Wings) (LSDM #73)
  • Dicky Tremayne (The Lawless Lady) (LSDM #68)

(Also see Nos.8 & 18.)
(Reprinted in Omnibus No. 2)

Le Saint à Ténériffe (1940) (The Saint in Teneriffe) (The Saint Bids Diamonds/Thieves' Picnic) (rep. LDP, 1970; rep. 10/18 No. 2060, 1989).
(Reprinted in Omnibus No. 2)

Le Saint Contre Teal (1941) (The Saint vs. Teal) (The Misfortunes of Mr.Teal/The Saint in London/The Saint in England) (rep. LDP 3255, 1971).

  • Le Saint, Hoppy et le Livre Noir (The Saint, Hoppy and the Black Book) (The Simon Templar Foundation) (LSDM #96)
  • L'Homme qui était mort (The Man Who Was Dead) (The Higher Finance) (LSDM #87)
  • Simon Templar contre le Saint (Simon Templar vs. the Saint) (The Art of Alibi) (LSDM #72)

(Reprinted in Omnibus No. 5)

En Suivant le Saint (1941) (Follow the Saint) (rep. LDP 3390, 1972).

  • Le Thé Miracle (The Miracle Tea) (The Miracle Tea Party) (LSDM #94)
  • Le Millionaire Invisible (The Invisible Millionaire) (LSDM #97)
  • L'Honorable M. Hogsbotham (The Hon. Mr. Hogsbotham) (The Affair of Hogsbotham) (LSDM #74)

(Reprinted in Omnibus No. 6)

Le Saint s'en va t-en guerre (1945) (The Saint Goes To War) (Featuring the Saint) & (The Saint Goes On) (rep. LDP 3318, 1972).

  • Le Saint s'en va t-en guerre (The Saint Goes To War) (The Wonderful War) (LSDM #95)
  • Le Grand Fourgue (The High Fence) (LSDM #84)
  • L'Auberge Mystérieuse (The Mysterious Inn) (Not to be confused with No.5) (The Case of the Frightened Innkeeper) (LSDM #86)

(Also see Nos.18 & 22.)
(Reprinted in Omnibus No. 5)

Le Saint contre le Marché Noir (1946) (The Saint vs. The Black Market) (The Saint on Guard) (rep. LDP 3415, 1972).

  • Le Saint contre le Marché Noir (The Black Market) (LSDM #136-137)
  • Le Saboteur Grillé (The Sizzling Saboteur) (LSDM #138-139)

(Reprinted in Omnibus No. 8)

Le Saint Joue... et Gagne (1946) (The Saint Plays... And Wins) (The Saint Plays With Fire/Prelude for War) (rep. LDP 3463, 1973).
(Reprinted in Omnibus No. 6)

Le Saint contre Mr. Z... (1946) (The Saint vs. Mr. Z...) (The Saint in Action/The Ace of Knaves) (rep. LDP 3348, 1972).

  • Le Saint contre Mr. Z... (The Saint vs. Mr. Z...) (The Beauty Specialist) (LSDM #78)
  • L'Aventure Espagnole (The Spanish Adventure) (The Spanish War) (LSDM #93)
  • La Jeune Fille Blonde (The Young Blonde Girl) (The Unlicensed Victuallers) (LSDM #76)

(Reprinted in Omnibus No. 6)

Le Saint à Miami (1947) (The Saint in Miami) (rep. LDP 4740, 1976).
(Reprinted in Omnibus No. 7)

La Marque du Saint (1947) (The Mark of the Saint) (Enter the Saint) & (Featuring the Saint) (rep. LDP 3287, 1972).

  • Lasserre & Co, Regent Street (The Man Who Was Clever) (LSDM #98)
  • Le Saint contre Francis Lemuel (The Saint vs. Francis Lemuel) (The Logical Adventure) (LSDM #91)
  • L'Homme qui ne pouvait pas mourir (The Man Who Could Not Die) (LSDM #88)

(Also see Nos.9 & 13.)
(Reprinted in Omnibus No. 2)

Mais le Saint troubla la fête (1947) (But the Saint Disturbed the Party) (The Saint Steps In) (rep. LDP 3505, 1973).
(Reprinted in Omnibus No. 7)

Le Saint au Far West (1947) (The Saint in the Far West) (The Saint Goes West) (rep. LDP 3553, 1973).

  • Le Saint au Far West (Arizona) (LSDM #106)
  • Le Saint à Hollywood (Hollywood) (LSDM #127-128)

(Also see No.22.)
(Reprinted in Omnibus No. 7)

Le Saint, Cookie et Cie. (1948) (The Saint, Cookie & Co.) (The Saint Sees It Through) (rep. LDP 3582, 1973).
(Reprinted in Omnibus No. 8)

Le Saint conduit le Bal (1948) (The Saint Leads the Dance) (The Saint Goes On) & (The Saint Goes West) (rep. LDP 3612, 1973).

  • L'insaisissable Mr. Ellshaw (The Elusive Ellshaw) (LSDM #100)
  • Le Saint à Palm Springs (Palm Springs)

(Also see Nos.13 & 20.)
(Reprinted in Omnibus No. 8)

On Demande le Saint (1948) (Call for the Saint) (rep. LDP 3644, 1973).

  • L'Ange Masqué (The Masked Angel) (LSDM #124-125)
  • Le Roi des Mendiants (The King of Beggars) (LSDM #120-121)

Le Saint s'amuse (1949) (The Saint Has Fun) (rep. LDP 3660, 1973).
The Brightest Buccaneer:

  • La Croisière de la Christabel (The Christabel Cruise) (The Unblemished Bootlegger) (LSDM #37)
  • Le Saint et l'Usurier (The Saint and the Usurer) (The Perfect Crime) (LSDM #44)

From The Saint Intervenes:

  • Le Saint et le Financier (The Financier) (The Unfortunate Financier) (LSDM #46)
  • Le Saint et le Colonel (The Colonel) (The Ingenuous Colonel) (LSDM #38)
  • Le Saint joue et perd (The Saint Plays and Loses) (The Treasure of Turk's Lane) (LSDM #50)
  • L'Homme aux Jouets (The Toy Man) (The Man Who Liked Toys) (LSDM #60)
  • La Couronne de Tcherkassie (The Crown of Tcherkassia) (The Prince of Tcherkessia) (LSDM #70)

(The Uncritical Publisher and The Noble Sportsman were not included.)

The Happy Highwayman:

  • Le Saint et la Comtesse (The Countess) (The Charitable Countess) (LSDM #48)
  • Le Testament (The Testament) (The Wicked Cousin) (LSDM #52)
  • Le Saint et les Faiseurs d'Etoiles (The Star Makers) (The Star Producers) (LSDM #54)
  • Le Saint et le Nouveau Riche (The Benevolent Burglary) (LSDM #56)
  • Les Lunettes du Saint (The Saint's Glasses) (The Mug's Game) (LSDM #57)
  • Le Saint et le Profiteur (The Profiteer) (The Well-Meaning Mayor) (LSDM #41)
  • Le Saint et les Fourmis (The Ants) (The Man Who Liked Ants) (LSDM #71)

(Also see Nos.69 & 76.)

Le Saint et les Femmes (1949) (The Saint and Women) (Saint Errant) (rep. LDP 3870, 1974).

  • Iris (The Old Routine) (LSDM #42)
  • Lida (The Foolish Frail) (LSDM #45) (also published in Mystère Magazine No. 26, 1950, under the title Une Soirée au Club Nautique (An Evening at the Boat Club).)
  • Judith (The Naughty Niece) (LSDM #40)
  • Jeannine (The Lovely Sinner) (LASDM #47)
  • Lucia (The Homecoming of Amadeo Urselli) (LSDM #49)
  • Teresa (The Uncertain Widow) (LSDM #51)
  • Luella (The Saint and the Double Badger) (LSDM #53)
  • Aurore (Dawn) (The Darker Drink) (LASDM #55)
  • Emily (The Doodlebug) (also published in Mystère Magazine No. 40, 1951, under the title Le Saint a le filon (The Saint Finds The Gold).)

Quand le Saint s'en mêle (1950) (When the Saint Meddles) (rep. LDP 3895, 1974).

  • De Soja à Textile (From Soja to Textile) (source unknown) (Simon exposes Lyman, a killer who uses an ultrasound musical instrument to commit murder.) (LSDM #113)
  • Au Bord de la tombe (On the Edge of the Grave) (adapted from the Radio Script The Man Who Sang by Maurice Zimm) (Simon helps Fernack arrest gangster Dixon who had secretly killed his associate, Blakely, who had stolen a fortune in US Bonds.) (LSDM #104)
  • La Tête de la Poupée (The Doll's Head) (adapted from the Radio Script Doll with a Broken Head by Les Cratchfield) (Simon finds a Chinese emerald hidden inside a doll.) (LSDM #102)

La Loi du Saint (1951) (The Saint's Law) (rep. LDP 3945, 1974).

  • Le Casier à Bouteilles (The Wine Bottle Rack) (adapted from the radio script Family Gun Play by Michael Cramoy) (Simon exposes the murders of Judge Beaumont, who had hidden the corpse of his last victim in his wine cellar.) (LSDM #108)
  • Le Carillon (The Bells) (adapted from the radio script Rare Painting Smugglers by Michael Cramoy) (Simon defeats Nader, who had killed Kell and Farnear, his partners in an art smuggling ring.) (LSDM #115)
  • Le Tapis Philippin (The Filipino Carpet) (adapted from the radio script Murder for a Buried Treasure by Michael Cramoy) (Simon helps Filipino agent Escobar recover a precious carpet from murderous antique dealer Mrs. Akins.) (LSDM #116)

Le Saint ramène un Héritier (1952) (The Saint Brings Back an Heir) (rep. LDP 3836, 1973).
Three interconnected stories:

  • Une Mission du Saint (The Saint's Mission) (possibly adapted from the radio script Murder on the High Seas by Michael Cramoy?) (Hamilton asks Simon to bring back from India the heir to an enormous forture, one Bodhan Kupchinsky, who turns out to be an old scientist. On board the return ship, Simon foils a plot by Nadia to kill Bodhan and take his place.) (LSDM #118)
  • Le Train des Lions (The Lions Train) (adapted from the radio script Baseball Train Shooting by Michael Cramoy) (Simon and Kupchinsky cross America in a train carrying the Lions Baseball team. Simon unmasks a murderer, banker Whitt.) (LSDM #110)
  • King Olsen (King Olsen) (adapted from the radio script The Steel Ice Murders by Sidney Marshall) (Back in New York, Simon solves the murder of the King of Ball Bearings Olsen. He finds a diamond hidden in a ball bearing and arrests the murderers, Zora and Jesnick.) (LSDM #111)

Le Saint ne veut pas chanter (1952) (The Saint Refuses to Sing) (rep. LDP 3973, 1974).
Three interconnected stories:

  • 1. (adapted from the radio script Baby Adoption Ring Blackmail by Ken Crossin)
  • 2 & 3. (adapted from the radio script Blackmail by Michael Cramoy)

(Simon is framed for murder in connection with a baby adoption center called Sanctuary. He then helps actress Diane Lamour recover her stolen jewels and defeat a blackmailer, the "Stitcher" who threatens to ruin her beauty. Finally, he fights Culver, a crooked magician, and eventually exposes meek banker Bill Anderson as the ring leader of a nationwide gang of blackmailers.)

Le Saint et le Canard Boiteux (1953) (The Saint and the Lame Duck) (rep. LDP 4023, 1974).
Three interconnected stories:

  • 1. (adapted from the radio script The Disappearing Dentist by Michael Cramoy)
  • 2. (adapted from the radio script Tiger by the Tail by Howard Dimsdale)
  • 3. (adapted from the radio script Night Club Story by Margolis & Morheim)

(Marty Kane, manager of a New York night club, The Lame Duck, sends Simon to dentist Dr. Gilbert, which puts him on the trail of missing killer Dutch Foster who has found refuge in a circus.)

Le Saint et la Veuve Noire (1953) (The Saint and the Black Widow) (rep. LDP 4118, 1975).
Three interconnected stories:

  • 1. (adapted from the radio script Hard Money by Michael Cramoy)
  • 2. (adapted from the radio script The Latest Style in Murder by Michael Cramoy)
  • 3. (adapted from the radio script Pearls Before Swine by Michael Cramoy)

(Simon is summoned by Marie Virva to solve the murder of her ex-husband, Paul Henley. He and Marie then run into a gang of killers led by the mysterious Black Widow, who is after Oscar Dole's pearl necklace. After helping old Mrs. Gilbert solve her butler's murder, Simon discovers that the real Black Widow was not the gang leader, Mendoza, but Marie herself.)

Les Anges appellent le Saint (1953) (The Angels Call For the Saint) (rep. LDP 4164, 1975).
Three interconnected stories:

  • 1. (adapted from the radio script Playing with Fire by Howard Dimsdale)
  • 2. (adapted from the radio script The Fence by Howard Dimsdale)
  • 3. (adapted from the radio script Crime Wave by Howard Dimsdale)

(In Los Angeles, Simon fights Dr. Williams and a gang of criminals. He then join forces with trucker Falstaff to defeat Louie's fencing operation. Finally, he exposes the ringleader, Armstrong, the director of a Youth Organization called the Angels, who uses children to commit crimes.)

Le Saint parie sur la mort (1953) (The Saint Bets on Death) (rep. LDP 4183, 1975).
Three interconnected stories:

  • 1. (adapted from the radio script The Saint is Framed by Howard Dimsdale)
  • 2. (adapted from the radio script The Death of a Fighter by Joel Murcott)
  • 3. (adapted from the radio script Jailbreak by Joel Murcott)

(In New York, Simon is framed by Lorraine, the wife of gambler Tom Clark, for her husband's murder. In reality, Clark is still alive under the guise of gangster Steve Masco. The Saint also becomes involved with a crooked fight, and escaped convict Savadel who is looking for revenge.)

Le Saint refuse une Couronne (1954) (The Saint Refuses a Crown) (NYH-T) (rep. LDP 4208, 1975).
(Simon helps Elaine Valdor, heir to the Roldavian throne, to defeat Prince Hugo and financier Lord Bullfish, and regain her throne. He turns down her offer to become her consort.)
(In the original
NYH-T strip, Roldavia is called Valdor.)

Le Saint se bat contre un Fantôme (1954) (The Saint Battles a Phantom) (The Saint Meets a Ghost?) (rep. LDP 4188, 1976).
Three interconnected stories:

  • 1. (adapted from the radio script With No Tomorrow by Ken Crossen)
  • 2. (source unknown?)
  • 3. (adapted from the radio script The Case of the Unkindest Cut by Louis Vittes)

(Drug kingpin Warner Wilson uses the Saint to eliminate his four partners: Lane, Becker, Harlan and Henley, so that all the profits from their traffic will remain his alone. The plot revolves around the Crestview medical facility and Lane's use of Chinese coffins to smuggle drugs.)

Le Saint découvre le Virus 13 (1954) (The Saint Discovers Virus 13) (NYH-T) (The Saint Takes Germs/Intro Greta Morgan) (rep. LDP 4715, 1976).
(The Saint fights nazi scientist Anton Morgan and his wife Greta to prevent the release of the deadly Virus 13. The Saint eventually kills Anton but Greta escapes with the money.)

Le Saint joue avec le feu (1954) (The Saint Plays with Fire) (NYH-T) (rep. LDP 4789, 1976).
(After four American scientists mysteriously disappear, Simon, Patricia and Hoppy discover a scheme by circus operator Candy Gangelin and lion-tamer Otto to ship out the missing scientists. The action takes place in Florida with Sheriff Haskins (from No.17) making an appearance.
(Not the same book as No.15.)

Le Saint contre le Triangle (1955) (The Saint vs. the Triangle) (NYH-T) (rep. LDP 4811, 1976).
(In Nevada, Simon helps Mary Green fight Hal Goss and two other criminals known as the Triangle for the secret of a gold mine she stands to inherit from Mr. Fergus, a dying outlaw and her grandfather's former partner.)

Le Saint au Carnaval de Rio (1955) (The Saint at the Carnival of Rio) (NYH-T) (rep. LDP 4849, 1977).
(Simon, Patricia and Hoppy fights famous forger Magorsky and his associates during the Carnival of Rio.)

Le Saint et le Perroquet Vert (1955) (The Saint and the Green Parakeet) (The Saint's Truth is Under Rain) (rep. LDP 4924, 1977).
Three interconnected stories:

  • 1. (adapted from the radio script The Case of the Lopsided Triangle by Louis Vittes)
  • 2. (source unknown?)
  • 3. (adapted from the radio script The Case of the Indiscreet Parakeet by Louis Vittes)

(Simon defeats Hallister, the head of A.A.A., a Kansas City publisher of crime novels, who blackmails murderers -- among which Joan Brooks who is accused of having killed her husband. A green parrot named Oscar provides a vital clue.)

Le Saint condamne sans appel (1955) (The Saint Condemns Without Appeal) (NYH-T) (rep. LDP 5009, 1977).
(Hamilton uses Simon to defeat Noah S. Banson, the head of the Serpent ring, who is also a foreign spy who plots to set up an enemy base near Pearl Harbor.)

Le Saint choisit la Mort Douce (1955) (The Saint Chooses A Painless Death) (NYH-T) (rep. LDP 5042, 1978).
(Simon outwits D.F. Jakes who offers would-be suicidees a painless death, then arranges for them to regain their taste for life, then threatens to go though with his end of the contract unless they pay him ransom money.)

Le Saint chasse la Blonde (1956) (The Saint Hunts The Blonde) (NYH-T) (rep. LDP 5296, 1979).
(In Los Angeles, Simon encounters Olga Ramos, a.k.a. Greta Morgan, and prevents her from stealing the money that Juan Lobo, a Banana Republic President, is planning to take away before he gets overthrown by his people.)

Le Saint devient Nourrice Sèche (1956) (The Saint Plays Nursemaid) (NYH-T) (rep. LDP 5171, 1978).
(The Saint foils the plans of Big Tony, a gangster who is determined to do everything in his power so that his daughter, Lizza, who ignores his identity, is happy.)

Le Saint en Europe (1956) (The Saint in Europe).

  • Paris: Le Saint relève le défi (The Saint takes on the challenge) (The Covetous Headsman) (LSDM #8)
  • Amsterdam: L'Oeil d'Ange (The Angel's Eye) (LSDM #12)
  • Le Rhin: La Fille du Rhin (The Rhine Maiden) (LSDM #13)
  • Le Tyrol: La Merveilleuse Randonnée (The Marvellous Journey) (The Golden Journey)
  • Lucerne: Le Touriste Assassiné (The Murdered Tourist) (The Loaded Tourist) (LSDM #14)
  • Juan-les-Pins: La Vache Espagnole (The Spanish Cow)
  • Rome: Traduction Libre (Free Translation) (The Latin Touch) (LSDM #9)

Le Saint voit une Soucoupe Volante (1956) (The Saint Meets a Flying Saucer) (NYH-T).
(Simon defeats Dr. Quale who has built a fake flying saucer to extort money from people who believe they have been contacted by an alien named Xot.)

Le Saint devient Pirate (1956) (The Saint Becomes a Pirate) (NYH-T).
(Greta Morgan uses a drug to brainwash the Saint, who then helps her run a pirate ring in the Atlantic. Eventually free of the drug's influence, the Saint then prevents Greta from kidnapping Greek millionaire Kyros Chrysos. Greta escapes.)

Le Saint exige la Tête (1957) (The Saint Requests the Head) (NYH-T).
Three interconnected stories:

  • 1. "Beauty Scam" (The Saint defeats a beauty institute scam in Hollywood.)
  • 2. "Dig Goggles" (Simon exposes a blackmailing newspaper, "Dig", and his crooked owner, Grubb.)
  • 3. "Rex Martin" (Simon discovers the real boss behind these rackets, a crooked Sacramento lawyer named Rex Ficks, and stops heiress Diana Wrenn from marrying him.)

Le Saint suit la mode (1957) (The Saint Follows The Fashion) (NYH-T).
(In England, Simon and Joelle Darcenay defeats fashion designer Valentine who uses hi-fi equipment to simulate an enemy air attack over London in order for him to stage a giant burglary.)

Premier Prix au Saint (1957) (First Prize for the Saint) (NYH-T).
(In New York, Simon defeats forger Spats Lieber who plans to use a phony game show to launder fake US bonds, with the unwitting complicity of actor/host Tag Tower.)

Le Saint aux Antilles (1957) (The Saint in the Antilles) (The Saint on the Spanish Main).

  • Bimini: Le Pêcheur pris à l'hameçon (The Fisherman Caught In His Own Hook) (The Effete Angler) (LSDM #23)
  • Nassau: La Flèche de Dieu (The Arrow of God) (also published in Mystère Magazine No. 50, 1952.)
  • La Jamaïque: Le Commissaire Noir (The Black Commissar) (LSDM #25)
  • Porto-Rico: Tristan, c'est Yseult (Tristan, It's Yseult) (The Unkind Philantropist) (LSDM #1)
  • Les Iles Vierges: Une Chasse au Trésor (Treasure Hunt) (The Old Treasure Story) (LSDM #7)
  • Haïti: J'irai à Sibao (I'll Go To Sibao) (The Questing Tycoon) (LSDM #27)

J'accuse le Saint (1957) (I Accuse the Saint) (NYH-T).
Two interconnected stories:

  • 1. "Chinatown" (In San Francisco, the Saint fights a racket preying on Chinese families.)
  • 2. "Nemo" (In Hollywood, Simon exposes the mastermind, movie producer Joe Nemo, who then tries to frame Simon in a diamond robbery case.)

Greta emballe le Saint (1958) (Greta Wraps Up The Saint) (NYH-T).
(Following Greta's trail, Simon travels to France where he teams up again with Joelle Darcenay (see No.49) to foil gun merchant Horace Dumet, Ivanoff and Greta Morgan's gun smuggling operations in Northern Africa. There, the Saint ends up leading a slave rebellion.)

Plus fort que le Saint (1958) (Stronger than the Saint) (Bet on the Saint) (not to be confused with an alternate version of the same NYH-T story by Fleming Lee).
(In Los Angeles, Prof. Pilby discovers a wonder drug endowing super strength and speed. The Saint defeats gangsters who have their own ideas for its creative use.)

Vive le Saint (1958) (Hurray for the Saint) (NYH-T).
Two interconnected stories:

  • 1. (The Saint fights crime bourgeois Leo Garmish, his lieutenant Halber and the beautiful Midnight over the murder of a journalist in New York.)
  • 2. (Simon disguised as a Maharajah, foils Garmish's attempt to steal from a Riviera Casino; Midnight is revealed to have been working for Fernack.)

(Books Nos. 53 & 54 are explicitedy said to take place between Parts 1 and 2.)

Le Spectre du Saint (1958) (The Saint's Spectre) (NYH-T).
(In California, Hamilton uses Simon to unmasks a foreign spy ring led by Raab, Dancey and Hilda Shane. They throw the Saint in the Ocean, but he escapes. He pretends to be dead and returns to spook them up into surrendering.)

Le Saint autour du monde (1959) (The Saint Around The World).

  • Bermudes: Un Modèle de patience (A Model of Patience) (The Patient Playboy) (LSDM #39)
  • Angleterre: Un Mari de Talent (The Talented Husband) (LSDM #2)
  • France: Chez les Nudistes (With the Nudists) (The Reluctant Nudist) (LSDM #15)
  • Moyen-Orient: Le Saint devient Sourcier (The Saint Becomes A Water Dowser) (The Lovelorn Sheik) (LSDM #43)
  • Malaisie: Une Femme Parfaite (A Perfect Woman) (The Pluperfect Lady) (LSDM #16)
  • Vancouver: Quand le poisson a sa chance (When The Fish Has Its Chance) (The Sporting Chance) (LSDM #10)

Le Saint et le Tyran (1959) (The Saint and the Tyrant) (NYH-T).
(In Escudia, Simon helps rebel leader Dr. Cortes overthrow tyrant Borgaz and his accomplice, Valdinez.)
(In the original NYH-T strip, Escudia is called Escoria.)

L'Enfer attend le Saint (1959) (Hell Awaits the Saint) (NYH-T).
(In Haiti, Simon defeats mad scientist Dr. Zoran whose rejuvenating machine produces brainless zombies.)

Le Saint contre les Cagoules Grises (1959) (The Saint vs. the Grey Hoods) (NYH-T).
(In England, Simon defeats Colonel Graw, the ringleader of a paramilitary gang of thieves, the Grey Hoods, who use infra-red glasses to commit burglaries during foggy nights.)
(In the original NYH-T strip, the Grey Hoods are called the Gray Ghosts.)

Le Saint à Paris (1959) (The Saint in Paris) (NYH-T).
(In Paris, Simon fights Russian spymaster Varon to save beautiful French scientist Marie Latour, while trying to avoid being arrested by Inspector Quercy.)

Sacrifions le Saint (1960) (Let's Sacrifice the Saint) (NYH-T).
(Simon is hired by the Gem Merchants Protective association to fight Inga Rolf, a.k.a. Greta Morgan, and Toff Lyken, who have located a lost Inca tribe in Amazonia, and use local superstitions to steal their treasure of precious emeralds.)

Merci, le Saint! (1960) (Thanks to the Saint).

  • Le Saint n'aime pas les escrocs (The Saint Does Not Like Swindlers) (The Bunco Artists) (LSDM #58)
  • Gibet à Louer (Gallows For Rent) (The Happy Suicide) (LSDM #59)
  • Un Médicament du Tonnerre (The Good Medicine) (LSDM #61)
  • Le Mot Accusateur (The Accusatory Word) (The Unescapable Word) (LSDM #62)
  • Le Gogo Ideal (The Perfect Sucker) (LSDM #63)
  • La Machine Infernale (The Infernal Device) (The Careful Terrorist) (LSDM #64)

Le Saint Prend l'Affut (1960) (The Saint Lies In Wait) (The Saint in Pursuit) (NYH-T) (with Fleming Lee).
(From Lisbon to Switzerland, Simon helps young Vicky Kinian gather her late father's inheritance (he was an OSS agent) and fights Russian spymaster Uzdanov.)
(The French motion picture "adaptation" bears no resemblance to the book.)

A l'eau, le Saint! (1961) (The Saint in the Water) (NYH-T).
(In the Bahamas, Simon fights Garwell and Luzik to help his friend Dan Morrow find an underwater treasure.)

Le Saint au volant (1961) (The Saint Behind the Wheel) (NYH-T).
(In England, the Saint takes part in a cross-country race to protect young automobile engineer Ian Foyle and his fiancée Margaret Westland from her villainous cousin Charles West.)

Pas de Vacances pour le Saint (1961) (No Holidays for the Saint) (Señor Saint).

  • Les Perles de Paix (The Pearls of Peace) (LSDM #66)
  • Escroquerie à la Révolution (The Revolution Racket) (LSDM #65)
  • Une Femme Romanesque (A Romantic Woman) (The Romantic Matron) (LSDM #67)
  • La Grenouille d'Or (The Golden Frog) (LSDM #69)

Le Saint au Bois Dormant (1961) (The Saint in Sleeping Beauty's Castle) (NYH-T).
(In the South of France, the Saint defeats Sir Charles to keeps his niece Wendy living in a fairy tales castle, Château Sorcelou, so that he can have her committed and keep her inheritance.)

Les Atouts du Saint (1962) (The Trumps of the Saint).
The Brighter Buccaneer:

  • Un Mauvais Propriétaire (A Bad Landlord) (The Unpopular Landlord) (LSDM #31)

From The Saint Intervenes:

  • L'Hélicoptère Newdick (The Newdick Helicopter) (LSDM #18)
  • Une Leçon de Conduite (A Driving Lesson) (The Sleepless Knight) (LSDM #20)
  • Une Demoiselle en Détresse (The Damsel in Distress) (LSDM #17)
  • Une Charmante Famille (A Charming Family) (The Loving Brothers) (LSDM #4)
  • Un Placement à Long-Terme (A Long-Term Investment) (The Tall Timber) (LSDM #21)
  • Choc en Retour (Shock in Return) (The Art Photographer) (LSDM #19)
  • Le Saint Devient Alchimiste (The Saint Becomes an Alchemist) (The Mixture as Before) (LSDM #11)

(The Uncritical Publisher and The Noble Sportsman were not included.)

From The Happy Highwayman:

  • L'Homme qui croyait avoir de la chance (The Man Who Believed Himself To Be Lucky) (The Man Who Was Lucky) (LSDM #6)
  • Un Détective à la Coule (A Corrupt Detective) (The Smart Detective) (LSDM #3)

(Also see Nos. 24 & 76.)

Le Saint et Patricia (1962) (The Saint and Patricia) (Meet the Tiger!).
(First published in 1951 by Editions Gallimard under the title
Le Secret de la Vieille Maison (The Secret of the Old House)).
(Reprinted in Omnibus No. 4)

Le Saint au Mexique (1962) (The Saint in Mexico) (NYH-T).
(Hamilton sends Simon to Mexico to uncover Inky Schatz, a forger of fake dollars. There, Simon defeats Mexican bandit El Tigre.)
(Also serialized in a reedited version in
Télé-Moustique No. 2123 seq. 1966)

Le Saint et le Dernier Héros (1962) (The Saint and the Last Hero) (The Saint Closes the Case/The Last Hero).
(First published in the imprint "Detective", No. 33, Editions Gallimard, 1935, reprinted in 1951, also by Editions Gallimard under the title
Le Dernier Héros (The Last Hero)).
(Reprinted in Omnibus No. 1)

Le Saint en Afrique (1963) (The Saint in Africa) (NYH-T).
(In Kanaba, Africa, Simon defeats Dr. Bogan and Weedy to help missionary Dr. Grey. Bogan seeks the secret of a miracle drug known only to the local tribe, the Zikus. Simon eventually becomes the new chief of the Ziskus.)

Le Saint à la Rescousse (1963) (The Saint to the Rescue).

  • Une Femme Aimante (A Loving Wife) (The Ever-Loving Spouse) (LSDM #75)
  • Un Terrain qui rapporte (The Fruitful Land) (LSDM #77)
  • Pair et Impair (Even and Odd) (The Percentage Player) (LSDM #79)
  • Le Marchand d'Eau (The Water Merchant) (LSDM #81)
  • Les Gentes Dames (The Gentle Ladies) (LSDM #83)
  • Le Saint sème le doute (The Saint Sows a Seed of Doubt) (The Element of Doubt) (LSDM #85)

Le Saint retrouve Greta (1963) (The Saint Meets Greta Again) (NYH-T).
(In the South of France, the Saint thwarts a new plot by Greta Morgan, who steals famous paintings and threatens to destroy them unless insurance companies pay her ransom money.)

Encore le Saint! (1964) (Again the Saint!) (The Brighter Buccaneer).

  • Les Travailleurs Intellectuels (The Brain Workers) (LSDM #89)
  • Le Saint s'occupe d'exportation (The Export Trade) (LSDM #22)
  • Le Handicap des Propriétaires (The Owners' Handicap) (LSDM #26)
  • Un Dur de Dur (The Tough Egg) (LSDM #28)
  • Un Curieux Baron (A Curious Baron) (The Bad Baron) (LSDM #29)
  • Le Bouddha de Cuivre (The Brass Buddha) (LSDM #30)
  • Le Saint donne la question (The Saint Uses The Question) (The Appalling Politician) (LSDM #5)
  • Une Escroquerie Nouvelle (The New Swindle) (LSDM #32)
  • Un Baiser de Cinq Mille Livres (The Five Thousand Pound Kiss) (LSDM #33) (also published in Mystère Magazine No. 206, 1965, under the title Le Saint Joue les Galants (The Saint Plays at Being a Playboy).)
  • Le Marchand d'Oseille (The Green Goods Man) (LSDM #34) (also published in Mystère Magazine No. 6, 1948, under the title Gros Profits sans Risques (Bif Progits Without Risks).)
  • Le Talon d'Achille (Achilles' Heel) (The Blind Spot) (LSDM #35)
  • Une Conclusion Inattendue (An Unexpected Conclusion) (The Unusual Ending) (LSDM #36)

(Also see Nos.24 and 69.)

Faites confiance au Saint (1964) (Trust the Saint).

  • Le Précieux Pirate (The Precious Pirate) (The Helpful Pirate) (LSDM #99)
  • Le Gros Gibier (The Bigger Game) (LSDM #101)
  • Une Opération de Propreté (A Cleaning Operation) (The Cleaner Cure) (LSDM #103)
  • Le Réformateur Intempérant (The Intemperate Reformer) (LSDM #105)
  • L'Incurable Cabotin (The Uncured Ham) (LSDM #107)
  • De l'Utilité d'un Monstre (The Convenient Monster) (LSDM #109)

Le Saint au Soleil (1966) (The Saint in the Sun).

  • Cannes: La Meilleure Souricière (The Better Mousetrap) (LSDM #114)
  • St. Tropez: L'Affreux Impressario (The Ugly Impresario) (LSDM #117)
  • England: Un Avare Prodigue (The Prodigal Miser) (LSDM #119)
  • Nassau: Deux Femmes Rapides (The Fast Women) (LSDM #122)
  • Florida: Le Joyeux Croque-Mort (The Jolly Undertaker) (LSDM #123)
  • Lucerne: Le Prisonnier Russe (The Russian Prisoner) (LSDM #126)
  • Provence: L'Héritière sans espoir (The Hopeless Heiress) (LSDM #129)

Omnibus Editions (Les Trois Saints)
Vol. 1 (1955) rep. Nos. 72, 2 & 6
Vol. 2 (1956) rep. Nos. 18, 10 & 9
Vol. 3 (1956) same as Vol. 1
Vol. 4 (1956) rep. Nos. 70, 5 & 8
Vol. 5 (1957) rep. Nos. 7, 11 & 13
Vol. 6 (1957) rep. Nos. 16, 15 & 12
Vol. 7 (1958) rep. Nos. 17, 19 & 20
Vol. 8 (1958) rep. Nos. 22, 14 & 21


Le Noble Sportsman (The Noble Sportsman)
Le Saint Detective Magazine No. 24 (Febr. 1957)

Le Saint et les Prospecteurs (The Saint and the Prospectors)
Le Saint Detective Magazine No. 112 (June 1964)
Bruce Taylor, a Hollywood writer, buys the rights to adapt the tall tales stories that an old prospector/gold miner Old Man Gibbs likes to tell.
Adapted from a NY Herald Tribune strip (September 13th- November 6th, 1954).

Vendetta pour le Saint
(Vendetta for the Saint) (with Harry Harrison).
Le Saint Detective Magazine No. 130-135 (Dec. 1965.-May 1966)
- Serialized in
Télé 7 Jours (1967-68)

Amours, Gadgets et Colonel (Love, Gadgets and Colonel) (The Gadget Lovers) (with John Kruse & Fleming Lee)
Le Saint Detective Magazine No. 151-152 (Sept.-Oct. 1967)


The Uncritical Publisher

Livre de Poche Originals:

LDP 5045.
Le Saint et le Collier des Hapsbourg (1977) (The Saint and the Hapsburg Necklace) (by Christopher Short).

LDP 5362.
Le Saint et les Faussaires (1980) (The Saint and the Forgers) (Catch the Saint) (by Fleming Lee & Norman Worker).

  • Le Marchand de Chefs d'Oeuvre (The Masterpiece Merchant)
  • L'Héritière Amoureuse (The Adoring Socialite)

LDP 5456. Le Saint à la Télévision (1980) (The Saint on TV) (by Fleming Lee & John Kruse).

  • Le Jeu ou la Mort (The Death Game)
  • L'Artiste de la Puissance (The Power Artist) (previously published in Le Saint Detective Magazine No. 153-154 (Nov.-Dec, 1967) as Un Puissant Artiste, translated by M. Michel-Tyl)

LDP 5501. Le Saint se Fache (1981) (The Saint Gets Angry) (The Saint in Trouble) (by Graham Weaver, John Kruse & Terence Feely).

  • Le Professeur Imprudent (The Imprudent Professor)
  • Le Sabbat Rouge (The Red Sabbath) (One Black September)


The Saint Returns (by Fleming Lee, D. R. Motton, Leigh Vance and John Kruse) (except that one of its two stories, The Gadget Lovers, translated by M. Michel-Tyl, was published in Le Saint Detective Magazine Nos. 151-152)

The Saint and the Fiction Makers (by Fleming Lee and John Kruse)

The Saint Abroad (by Fleming Lee and Michael Pertwee)

The Saint in Pursuit (by Fleming Lee and Leslie Charteris) (arguably, since an earlier French version was published as Fayard No. 64)

The Saint and the People Importers (by Fleming Lee and Leslie Charteris)

Send for the Saint (by Peter Bloxsom, John Kruse and Donald James)

The Saint and the Templar Treasure
(by Graham Weaver and Donne Avenell)

Count on the Saint
(by Graham Weaver and Donne Avenell)

Salvage for the Saint
(by Peter Bloxsom and John Kruse)

Capture the Saint (by Burl Barer)

Movie Novelization:

Le Saint (The Saint) (by Burl Barer) (Flammarion/J'ai Lu, 1999)

Original Pastiches:

Le Saint en France" by Thomas Narcejac (in Confidences dans ma Nuit, coll., Athénée, 1946, reprinted as Usurpation d'Identité, credited to Boileau-Narcejac, Hachette, 1980).

This is a collection of literary pastiches -- short stories written in the styles of Simenon, Maurice Leblanc, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, G. K. Chesterton, Pierre Very -- and Leslie Charteris. In the prologue, Narcejac is recovering from his wounds in a WW II hospital and meets Lupin, Maigret, Dr. Watson, Father Brown, the Saint, and Pierre Very (creator of Prosper Lepicq)